Celtic ? Why not ?

The name of Celtic Football Club is known all over the world. There are lots of big names in football who have added to the long list of people with only good things of which to speak of Celtic. As fans we understand exactly why Messi said “It is the best atmosphere in Europe and we all want to experience that again.” Or why Xavi said “When you step out at Celtic Park, the atmosphere they create for their team is incredible. It doesn’t matter how many big games you’ve played in, walking out into that atmosphere is always intense.” Or even native Scot, Archie MacPherson’s thoughts that “Celtic enjoys a greater community spirit than any other club in the world.” The list of famous football people who have complimented our Club is extraordinary, especially so when you consider it is so long since we were a top team at the height of our success…Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Seedorf, Mourinho, Ferguson, Kahn, Maldini, Platini, Eto, Pique, Frank De Boer, Puyol, Ranieri. Just look at some of the names in there. World Players of the Year, Champion’s League Winners, World Class players and managers. Guys who have been all over the world with football and have seen the lot. And they all hold a special thought for the Famous Glasgow Celtic. 


So, you might be asking yourself ‘Where is this leading?’ Well, since the lockdown we’ve been reading about ex-players and legends, what they mean to us, how career paths and decisions are defined, how reputations are viewed decades after careers have ended and it got me thinking about other Clubs’ legends who’ve come to us. Players who have been held in the highest regard not just at Club level but across fitba. Players who – not always but sometimes – are at the tail end of their career but still able to play a bit and perhaps hopefully raise the level of the team while they’re here topping up an already bulging pension pot!


I’m not sure how this trend started as it’s far removed from the business model so vigorously pursued by Peter and the Board but we went for it, and sometimes in a huge way – think Gravesen, Roy and Robbie Keane, Ljungberg, Juninho, Wright – big, big names! World Cup winner, Champion’s League Winners, Premiership Winners, FA Cup, Cup Winner’s Cup. It’s an impressive list but did any of these players actually do what was expected of them at Parkhead? Or were they there to sell jerseys and tickets? Both Robbie and Roy were exceptional and exciting signings. They came to us for different reasons but both were welcomed with open arms and high expectations. Roy Keane had literally seen it, done it and had the t-shirt – but still wanted a piece of the Parkhead action “I wouldn’t have called it a dream but I’d always liked Celtic. And the Irish connection would have been on the back of my mind. I felt a bit of loyalty to them. This decision was a purely selfish one. I just wanted to play for Glasgow Celtic. Celtic is a special club.” His time was a mix of good and bad. He won at Ibrox and picked up a League Cup medal but had a string of niggling injuries which interrupted his Celtic career. Robbie at age 29, on the other hand, had the kind of goals to game ratio that justified the huge transfer fees which had been spent on him before coming to us. A total of 16 goals in 19 games had the wee man pistol-firing his way through Scottish fitba in an all too short – for me – love affair! On an estimated £65k a week, like Craig Bellamy a few years previously, he was just too expensive to make it permanent. He returned to Spurs who sent him on loan to West Ham before he ended up in the USA for another 5 years with LA Galaxy! It’s clear though Celtic means something to him “Just walking out on to Celtic Park and putting on that green and white jersey, well, from start to finish the experience for me was great. I enjoyed every minute of it.” So did we, Robbie, so did we!!


Ian Wright is another huge name in British fitba. It is rumoured his contract at Arsenal allowed him to match the top earner at the Club! So no matter who they signed Wrighty was always scoring big and earning big! This is a man who was late to the professional game but worth every penny Arsenal ever spent on him. A natural goalscorer who consistently scored for fun in an Arsenal career which netted over 320 goals in 620 games. But his short term at Celtic was a real disappointment by comparison. He was a man at the wrong end of his career and offered us very little at a time when Henrik was out long-term with a broken leg. His time with us offered no glimpse of the player he had been in his prime and there was a perceived lack of effort which was not appreciated by the fans. His spell with us should have allowed the Celtic support a look at a fine player in his twilight but unfortunately his ambivalence was all too apparent and Celtic supporters will not stand for that!


Sometimes the stars collide and along comes an opportunity too good to pass up. So if someone offered you a youthful 29 year old Brazilian who’d been part of the previous World Cup winning squad to play for your team you’d be crazy to knock them back. So of course, when we got the opportunity to sign Juninho Paulista, to be fair a footballing nomad, we took it. As is the case with the other players in this article Juninho was a top quality player but his meagre 1 goal from 14 appearances is not what we’d expected from such a talented individual. His preferred position as attacking midfielder was occupied by Stan Petrov and in Martin O’Neill’s teams few players of Juninho’s stature were considered for such important roles. “It was a shame it didn’t work for me there, because Celtic is such a great club.” His one season was enough for him and it was enough for us too, and he continued on his travels, returning home to Brazil. 


I was largely unaware of Thomas Gravesen, I knew the name, I knew he played for Everton but as an unfashionable Premiership team I took little interest. And of course he signed for Real Madrid which was big news at the time although the fee was small at only £2.5m. A change of manager at Real put him on the transfer list and he ended up at Celtic for a fee of about £2m. There was an excitement about us signing a player from Real Madrid. Of course you’d expect that but what we didn’t expect was the headless chicken that is Gravesen! This guy had no positional sense AT ALL. Man, this guy could run all day, actually did run all day, he covered every blade of grass chasing balls into areas he should never have been for balls that were never his, unbelievable that you sign a high profile player from Real who has no structure to his game. He was at Parkhead for 2 seasons but again, as is the pattern in this article, played fewer games than you’d hope or expect. Gravesen was another big name who faltered on the Celtic Park stage. “I chose to join a fantastic club in Celtic and I don’t regret that at all.” He was not a bad player, actually he was a very good player, but without discipline in his game he was worthless to our style under Wee Gordon. He left with our best wishes but we’d had no tangible contribution from him. 


The final big name player is of course Freddie Ljungberg. I loved Freddie with Arsenal. He was an excellent striker making blind runs into space, onto wee balls in from Pires or Denis, superb! He captained the Swedish National side. He was a Calvin Klein boxers model feck’s sake, he had the lot! He played for Arsenal for 9 seasons then wandered the footballing world looking for football happiness that never came. From Arsenal to West Ham then America for a few years. Celtic took him on trial (!) for a week and then gave him a contract. What another great signing by Celtic…Freddie Ljungberg, Premiership Winner with Arsenal, TWICE! FA Cup Winner with Arsenal, THREE TIMES! What’s not to like? Well, everything really. Illness delayed his debut and Beram Kayal’s return from a knee injury further limited his chances. Freddie donned the Hoops just more than a handful of times and of course, in this recurring theme, produced little of the stuff we’d hoped to see. 


In trying to get a handle on how to approach this subject I was tempted to look at each players’ individual contribution to each campaign they competed in, or look at individual performances that typified their style of play but the article would have been a statistical nightmare so I decided to concentrate on the success or otherwise of the policy of signing them. It was the bigger picture I wanted to write about. 


It’s an impressive list of players. All had previously made a significant contribution to their clubs or their national team or both. We are fortunate to be able attract players of this stature but I don’t want to see them if they can’t contribute. We have long criticized the policy of signing ‘project’ players. But this type of signing must be considered a worse policy. It would be better to remember Roy Keane as the snarling enforcer for Man U or the Republic, or Freddie making a late run onto a Pires cross across the face of the goal, or Gravesen running about like a madman leaving spaces and holes for anybody other than us! 

Although if Virgil is looking for a pension top up…… 


By Mc Caff. Hail Hail Everybody, please Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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Outstanding article,and not in the least controversial as it is all true!!!

I remember Ian Wright particularly well,and for one particular reason. We tried to sign him in 1990,nearly a decade before he joined us!

At the time,I was living in Streatham which is on the A23 into Croydon,a couple of miles away. So naturally,I went to Plough Lane-occasionally!-to watch Wimbledon instead. But there were a few Palace fans around,and they had been enthusing all season about their chances of staying up,particularly with the scoring partnership of Wright and Bright. Wright had scored about 30 goals as they won promotion the previous season,but only around a dozen in their first season back.

It was enough,as they stayed up quite comfortably. So,when I read in The Sunday People that we were being linked with him,I was seriously keen. But the board clearly thought otherwise,because it didn’t happen. And it wasn’t just because of the reported £600k fee either. We splashed out £650k a few weeks later.

On Martin Hayes. Who had previously been lined up to join Brentford for £80k.

And played SEVEN games for us in three years of purgatory. For the fans watching,that is.

Make you weep.


Auldheid @ 4:01 pm,

“On the subject of reduced crowds at CP and STs I’ve posted this on SFM.

Too radical?

Big Pink

Re selling STs and attending. I put something on the following lines, including changing broadcast rules that UEFA subsequently have done, to Celtic TV week before last and whilst there are other factors or approaches being considered they are beefing up the CTV hardware.

I know too that the NBA in the US are looking at delivery by TV as a precursor to physical attendance.

The solution is make home games watchable on Celtic TV to ST holders & to non ST holders at same price ppv or subscription at ST price level.

UEFA have dropped 3 to 5 blackout rule & the rule not to broadcast in UK can similarly be dropped. Spread the load across the support base

The last point is one I’ve made based on CTV overseas subscription costs which is a snap as it covers all league/cup games at 1/3 cost of an ST for half the games.

Self testing is the answer to isolation so players would be subject to that at regular periods as a matter of course and I wouldn’t be surprised if, subject to building the capacity, it was a regular feature of life until a vaccine emerges. There is money to be made there so filthy capitalists will be making kits instead of kilts.

Taking the idea to possibly absurd levels (where we may have gone in Jack and Victor style conversation), you could also provide a link to Just Eat and order pie and bovril from your armchair.

What underpins all of this is adopting the long spoon approach and if the lesson from that is not being learned now, it never will.

We are all in this together and are experiencing the birth pains of a whole new world where hopefully long spoon thinking will become the default or we are going back to a bleak future.”

This is very interesting, maybe too radical but your inventive thinking is just what is called upon for football in these troubled times. Yet is there a more staid commercial enterprise than Scottish Football?

The football industry is notorious for it’s poor business practices…

A Warren Buffett Quote – “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

This comes from the “a high tide lifts all boats” analogy, in good financial times all companies benefit…

Buffet was warning if such circumstances are reversed a multitude of issues may be hiding.

The fact is though, we are talking about the football industry and most assume, most are swimming naked.

The tide is definitely on it’s way out and exposure is the word…

Where is Celtic in all of this??

Well they reacted quickest, the first to get the call out for renewal of STs, among the first to furlough employees. While announcing the closing down their shops they made everyone aware the on-line business was still open for business.

If supporters want to financially assist the Club they can still contribute but will it be viable and what are the consequences?

Well interestingly enough the Scottish Clubs are getting a much easier ride than their English counter-parts. Liverpool having to reverse a decision to furlough as Matt Hancock tries to shame “wealthy” footballers into taking cuts to save their Clubs.

A far as I can see this moral outrage has been lacking in Scotland, almost certainly as a result of the Scottish public knowing that their national game faces an existential crisis.

Your analogy of the long spoon seems more apt than ever. Yet most Celtic supporters think we are immune, more secure than other clubs, why?

Unless Celtic PLC start thinking like you’re thinking and create a viable business plan for next season we will be seriously hit:

– Celtic may have to pay season ticket money back for this season

– If attendance for next season is severely curtailed as seems likely, they may well have sold more season tickets than can be accommodated already

– Celtic may find sponsorship deals even the new Adidas one, depending on Ts&Cs, much reduced

– The money from the European, SFA and SPFL prize pots will be severely reduced this season

– The impact on Celtic in revenue terms will be much higher than for any other club in Scotland.

But we’re a brilliantly run club financially aren’t we!?

Well getting out of the blocks quickly for next seasons preparations seemed smart financially but selling advanced tickets with so much uncertainty doesn’t seem quite so shrewd now.

As I’ve oft said the great “cost control” at Celtic is a myth. It costs us £7million per month to operate, we can’t make money unless we get champions league &/or make a significant profit on player sales.

We’ve had no champions league for a couple seasons now and there is no guarantee we will have it next season, there may well still be restrictions on foreign travel when/if the season starts – that could well mean the UCL qualifiers aren’t played.

If could mean the UCL goes ahead in cut down format later in the season, if so, you can bet it is the clubs that are (or will be) already qualified (mainly from the big 5 leagues) that will be taking part, not Celtic.

We may still have some money to come in – from Lyon, certainly Arsenal will owe us a few bob but after that what? Selling Eduardo at a cut price may help little but consider this…

£7m per month is totally unsustainable for Celtic.

Half those costs are wages, now even with the furlough and no match day costs, the players and executives and key personnel have to be paid as well as the contribution to furloughed staff (at least 20% of their wage).

March saw little income and this may go through to the end of August… that’s six month. Even if we reduce the outgoings to say £5m per month during that time it is £30m out and little coming in. We could see our warchest decimated by the time “normal” football returns.

On the optimistic side for Celtic, clubs will eventually be coming out of the covid-19 darkness, bleary eyed into a totally different landscape. A restructuring will certainly be on the cards if the big clubs want to continue in the manner they’ve become accustomed too, an invite to England or a revised European superleague could be on the cards for Celtic.

Meanwhile Celtic have to stop peddling STs and merchandise in the conventional way and look for a radical business continuity plan as you suggest.

I would certainly be interested in a ppv ST and for me 3 o’clock Saturday football, televised, is a must for Scottish football.

Aff Oot…

Hail Hail

Wow, where did my post disappear to?


Great writing McCaff don’t know if it’s your first , but hope to read more from you
On one of my trips home I was at the Celtic end behind the left hand post,the ball went out of play a couple of yards from the corner flag. Eyal Berkovitch went over to fetch the ball and take the shy one of the Celtic supporters was giving him Lalldy, he even put his hand in his pocket and took out a pound note and was waving it at him. I couldn’t hear what he was yelling but his blood pressure was off the scale. Berkovitch was embarrassed and shaken,that was one fan who wasn’t enamoured with a big name signing
Goodnight Timland from the Colonies

big packy

MORNING ALL, brilliant post mcaff, we are a massiive club with the best supporters in the world, if only the plc matched our ambitions, all those players you mentioned from gravesen to Ljungberg, the 2 keanes, ian wright etc, should have been proud to wear that shirt ,all I ever wanted to do growing up in glenboig was to play for celtic, unfortunately it never happened, so I say to those players, you don’t know how lucky you are.HH.


McCaff, that’s a terrific article – you have a gift! I am concerned for Mahe not having Bobby to share the workload at the moment. I hope this is temporary. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we, and I include myself, take them both for granted. I hope others will step up and contribute articles to help out and give us their insights and opinions. Come back soon Bobby in full flight. Good to see Awe Naw & Mags.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the superb article. We are putting together a rich catalogue of features on players and events that were missed during the pre Covid-19 days.


I’ve watched our share price drop for months to a low of 90p and stabalise to about £1 in recent days.(below).

Much depends on how the peak plays out and the preparations for a possible second and third wave of SARs-CoV-2 and possible mutation of the virus. That’ll involve a different landscape than what we’ve been accustomed to.

Season Tickets for PPV?

How would that affect Sky/BT? Do they not already have the 4 games that really matter?

Nicola Sturgeon has already voiced concerns about closed door games being screened and people congregating to watch?

It’s likely, even if the pubs remain closed that SB Holders will view the games in small groups. Take families and friends for example. It’s probable that the three/four SB Holders will watch together (if allowed). Why buy three or four SB’s?

Highlights programmes on terrestrial TV? Many might settle for that? Closed Door games against average Scottish clubs isn’t an exciting prospect. Many go to the games to meet pals, have a drink. Is a closed door game against Motherwell the same ‘customer experience?’ Radio coverage, blogs, possible streaming?

The prospect of income streams drying up.

How do we cut costs and bring revenue in?

A deferred wages scheme? Top players running contracts down against a radically downsized transfer market?

Player Trading revenue drastically reduced.

Release players? Pay up contracts? Redundancies?

Share Issue?

Directors Loans/Debt for Equity?

Relaxation of FFP?

Borrow from the bank?

If you upscale Celtic’s situation against the context of the broader economy the implications are stark.

It’s a numbers game.

They’ll be praying for a vaccine and a reliable antibody test.

If not we might hear echoes of the ghost of Charles Trevelyan very soon.



Morning all!
Thanks for the comments so far.
Thetic…I’ve written a couple of articles before…they obviously didn’t leave an impression 🙁 😉
Chairbhoy and Auldheid…really interesting stuff and well delivered. The longer the fear continues the harder the solutions become to find. The only certainty is Celtic are far, far better placed than anyone to deal with it…but if everything round about is falling on it’s arse where does the game go?
KevJungle…I’ve no idea!! Did you put it in the recycling bin by mistake!? 🙂
Big Jim Packy… Morning, Big JIm, how are you and the good lady this morning, well I hope!
BMCUWP..Bobby, get yourself back on here with your articles, mate. A week’s too long without one of your reads!

I’ve got work at 9 guys so gotta split, have a good day all. HH


Morning Jim, I hope you’re well this morning! Hear hear re BMCUWP!!

Cheers! And good comments re ppv! There’s a real conundrum around life at the moment, how long does this crap continue…and you are more aware than most of the issues that have arisen from it! Keep you and yours safe, the fitba will be sorted one way or t’other! HH


As tempting as it is to sit and shoot the bull….I’m away to work. Catch up later!!


McCaff, I wondered where you disappeared to last night. Now we know why! I thought poor Afghan was going to be on his todd and Fairhill Bhoy was unlucky when he appeared. I was too tired to stay up. But reading back the nightshift turned out fine.

There was a funny post by Afghan in case anybody missed it:

Afghan melon – formerly Cplchlc

I have worn a hole in the lino practicing awe day,
inventing new moves.??
I like to call the first new move the – “Dutch hoe”
you’ll dig it ?
My second is called the – “Woof Woof” apparently that’s the sound a bit of 4×2 makes as someone attempts to decapitate you whilst riding your bike through Easterhoose of an evening.
There is a lot of ducking & body popping involved. (Quite technical not one for the novice)
Finally i will perform the – “Big Packy n Jim shuffle” as i like to call it.
It’s a classic combo !
Intricate steps to a mostly drum n bass beat ?
Once again i hope know one is harmed by this mostly pish production, in fact total p. ??

The Gombeen Man

I suppose we could always apply to join the Belarus FA?

Come to think of it we might have Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Man City and PSG for company.


I lurked without comment last night as I knew once I got involved it’s hard to walk away…I feel like it’s a Samaritan exercise to keep these guys sane and free from harm!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Friends are allowed to have disagreements,mate. Even serious ones. Never treat a disagreement as a death-if there was enough between you to form the friendship,then there’s much more than would be required to break it.

The fact that MAHE and I have many similar opinions AND some opposing opinions should see the site continue to go from strength to strength. As it always has. Trolls will do their best,we just need to refine and redefine how we deal with them.

Panic not,Jim.


Bobby, someone said on here recently that a troll’s mission is to divide and conquer. That rat did his best. He did divide to a certain extent but he didn’t conquer.


Good to hear ????



All good questions,and difficult ones for any Plc. We are already seeing administrators being called in to some of the biggest brands in the UK.

I think it’s a case-and I don’t want to oversimplify this,as practically everyone will have more knowledge about high finance than I do!-of doing what needs to be done under FIFA/UEFA/SFA/SPFL rules re this season and next,and count the tills next summer.

We are,by membership of one or the other,bound by the rules of them all. If it’s closed doors,there’s yer matchday income. If it’s streaming at a tenner a go,there’s a little back. If it’s null and void,there’s yer refunds.

And if it’s reduced income from next season too due to a truncated season,there’s yer apocalypse. That’s why I’ll stand by something I said about three weeks ago,that I think UEFA will put the Euros back to 2022.

Qatar is six months later,and that is no longer a certainty either. It too,might have to be delayed.



Had to laugh at some of the craic late on last night when I got in. Brilliant stuff,so well played folks!

Jee-zoh,we all need a laugh at the moment.


That was a fine read.
As Mick says, not controversial but true.
Thank You.

big packy

BOBBY, good to see you on, talking about theA23 ,once got lost coming out of London 2AM, ended up for some reason in Brixton on theA23 scary stuff?

The Gombeen Man


Good to see you posting.

At least we’ve a downsized at the helm (well downsize the quality of the team and upside the bonus).

Who knows?

Short term pain. The economy will recover and duly capsize again.

Main thing is keeping safe and let Pedro earn his Trevelyan’s corn.

I can remember pundits saying that the EPL bubble shows no signs of bursting. Mother Nature had other ideas.

I’ve sympathy for Liverpool.

So close to actually lifting the Title. In their circumstances to actually win it infront if their support would have been special.

Maybe there’s something in that curse?

Till later.


Seems the huns have ripped up their pitch.

Presumably planning to sell it as a souvenir.

Either way,no plans there to finish their matches,is there?


Hadn’t heard this tune in years, it was on the radio earlier. I love it.
I dedicate it to Packy, I love the drums on it, Afghan, cause he loves dancing and MIT since Frank Mills is Canadian.


Believe it or not that wee tune has got 2 and a quarter million hits on youtube! I must have good taste!


Morning all. Mc Caff great bit of writing, and well delivered, certainly food for though on signings policy, probably only Robbie and Craig would gain pass marks in my own opinion, the others not so. Don’t be slipping any discs with all that flooring you have to lay to-day, you’re partnered with Afghan cougar melon head in the SC dance-off.
Good to see you on Bobby, hope you’re saving up some nice articles ?

The Gombeen Man

Sevco tearing up their pitch? They’ve been tearing up the rule book for years?

It’s a bad example given the directives about essential work. No doubt they’ve been given a nod and a wink.

“As such we would advise that all business premises, sites and attractions not required by law to close should close now unless:

essential to the health and welfare of the country during this crisis (as defined below); or
supporting (or being repurposed to support) essential services; or
wider public health, health and safety or other considerations apply and require a facility or service to continue to operate or a specific period of time for a safe shutdown process to be completed; and
apart from in exceptional circumstances critical to lives and safety, capable of working in a way which is fully consistent with established social distancing advice.”

…Or Rangers are planning an Insolvency Event and want to rip off a contractor before capsizing


Believe it or not that wee tune has got 2 and a quarter million hits on youtube! I must have good taste!
Or ,you’ve played it 2 and a quarter million times since lock down :O)


I must say I’m leaning more towards vogue’s reason for it’s hit count


I didn’t say vogue was wrong!


From The New York Post.
At least 51 patients diagnosed as having fully recovered from the coronavirus in South Korea have tested positive a second time after leaving quarantine, according to officials.

The patients from Daegu all tested positive in a “relatively short time” after they were given the all-clear from their initial infections, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said, according to the government-funded Yonhap News Agency.


JNP, that’s bad news. I was hoping that recovery would entail immunity.


Yes, so was i.
That’s why I posted that.
We have a lot to learn about this virus.
Hopefully someone, much smarter than me, will find a cure.
I think life is going to be different for a while.


I think all eyes will be firmly fixed on Wuhan now that they ended their 11week lockdown, the downside being that China are not known for honest reports to outsiders


Makes me wonder if there is any immunity at all! Doesn’t bear thinking about without a vaccine.

Drug trials usually take years.


I think they don’t like rushing trials after Thalidomide in the 50s/60s. Problem was the drug was fine with the recipient it was their offspring who suffered the side effects.


Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is for many Americans the most familiar source for information on the coronavirus disease (due to his numerous appearances at government press conferences and cable television news reports), told Congress that he felt it was unlikely anyone could become reinfected by the virus: “We haven’t formally proved it, but … if this acts like any other virus, once you recover, you won’t get reinfected.”

While this topic is an area that requires additional study, medical professionals still caution that “The things to worry about are at the other end of the illness” — that the primary focus should still be on limiting the outbreak by trying to ensure that symptomatic and undiagnosed persons are not exposing themselves to, and potentially infecting, others.


What’s your thoughts?
Who is more likely to be correct?
Koreans or USA doc?


I looked This guy up, he said this on TV too.
Talking about coronavirus.
“This is not a major threat for the people in United States, and this is not something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about” – Dr. Fauci to @gregkellyusa, Jan 21, 2020


Well changing the subject, my other plan for the better weather is to paint my fence and hut. I last did it 3 years ago but now the fence is covered in moss. The council painted the back fence about the same time and it is perfect. I wonder what kind of paint they used?


And no it’s not my ‘face and butt’ before any of you start 🙂

bada bing1

Wee Nicola got the new away tap oan

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM, nice piano tune that jim, but what about my drumming?


Remember to leave some of the moss for the starlings nests.
Good afternoon.
How are you and Joan?
What chores do you have the poor soul doing today?

big packy

piano players were always on tv shows in the sixties and seventies, joe piano Henderson bobby crush, russ Conway mrs mills

big packy

HI JNP, giving her a rest today, once she has painted the fence and creosoted the shed ffs she is 62?? how are you today


SPFL clubs are to vote on a resolution recommending the termination of the 2019/20 season in the Ladbrokes Championship, Ladbrokes League 1 and Ladbrokes League 2, with final season placings determined by points per game in league matches played to date by each club.

The resolution also recommends that matches in the Ladbrokes Premiership remain postponed for the time being, to give the best possible opportunity for the remaining 2019/20 fixtures to be played.

However, if the SPFL Board determines that the remaining Premiership matches cannot be played, the Ladbrokes Premiership would also be terminated, with final season placings determined on the same basis.


Maybe, Joan could help Jim with his shed, too.
I’m fine, thank you.

big packy

JNP, ill go and ask her?


Fauci is another so called expert with a remit to say what his master desires.
Serving a government where people come a distant second to commerce his original . utterances were predictable
Expert is a label now attached to anyone who the media give a platform to speak.
Political experts, military experts, medical experts and nutritional experts are wheeled out on a constant basis yet with this abundance of knowledge no solutions are ever found?
Like the word heroes it is totally devalued in my opinion.
It’s amazing that this virus has succeeded in defeating a tsunami of experts.
My wife’s immediate family consists of 4 doctor’s and 2 surgeon’s and for the most part their expert opinion since the Wuhan lockdown is pure guesswork.
When i first heard about the outbreak in Wuhan in November and asked their opinion they totally dismissed it as being trivial.
That the Doctor’s on the frontline have vastly different opinions than most of those presented as experts by a corporate media is no surprise.
At one time the word expert or hero carried weight and substance but the exploitation of both by agenda driven media has devalued them in my opinion.
After 9/11 every policeman in the USA was given mythical heroic status and the subsequent result was they believed themselves to be above the law and their disdain for the notion to serve and protect proliferated.
There is zero trust in the police here for a huge percentage of the population which is understandable considering how they have abused their position since being given heroic status by the public.
We should be more careful with the labels we use.
It reminds me of the time when Tam Dalyell was thrown out by the speaker of parliament.
He had called a member of the opposition a pompous ass of a politician.
When the speaker demanded he withdraw the accusation he immediately apologized and replied you are right sir i withdraw the word politician.

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