Henrik – his greatest goal?


Since the days of The Lisbon Lions,we have been blessed to witness some great talents wearing those revered and iconic Green and White Hoops. Such as Connolly,Dalglish,McGrain,Stanton,Aitken,McClair,Burns,McStay maintained the standards through the next two decades. And the last twenty five years have given us more talents since,in the shape of Lubo,Naka,Petrov,Sutton and on to the more recent I Wanna,Moussa and Broonie. You could name many more who deserve to be on that list and I doubt that I would quibble.


The greatest of them all,certainly in the new era post-1994,was and is Henrik Larsson. That might be the least controversial comment I’ve ever made on here! I could wax lyrical about him all day,but that is an article for another day. And we are blessed with the wordsmiths to contribute just that to the site.


But what was his greatest goal? His most memorable one,certainly,is THAT audacious chip in The Demolition Derby in August,2000. And we are spoiled for choice,given that he scored an astonishing 242 times for us.


Hat tricks in cup finals even came easy to this man,and he scored some stoatirs against Kilmarnock in the League Cup Final of 2001 (Apparently he only played eleven times for us in seven League Cup campaigns,something that I find strange. Maybe wiki at it again.)


Another two that stick in my mind are a diving header against Kilmarnock,also at Hampden,where he was about eight yards out and eight yards wide and running away,diving away,from the goal. It flew in anyway,which beggars belief. His calmness personified in Boavista to put us through to Seville. There are too many to list,but the more I think about the subject the more I think-I’ve got to mention that one!


His greatest goal,for me,was his first that famous night in Seville. Now,I’ll be honest here and tell you that I have only ever watched that game since. But I’ve watched his two goals many times. Each was a peach! For the second,a straightforward header from a corner-but there was nothing straightforward about the way he gave his marker the slip to find so much space to plant the ball just where he wanted it.


And there was certainly nothing straightforward about planting the ball just where he wanted it for his first. Watch it again. (And again!) He looks up,sees Didi Agathe on the right with time and space to cross it. Now,much as I loved him in The Hoops,Didi’s crossing wasn’t always done with pinpoint accuracy. This was no different,even if better than some!


When it arrived at a playable height,it was about five yards beyond the post and two yards out. And with the keeper standing on his line,and a player fiercely challenging him,I doubt that there’s a player on the planet that would fancy his chances from there,particularly as again he was running slightly away from the goal.


Henrik rises to meet it. He hovers in the air as he watches the trajectory of the ball. He knows where the keeper is. He knows the only place to put it to beat him,to score the goal. It will be his 200th for Celtic too. This is his chance,but he is already airborne and knows there will be a challenge coming to push him off the ball while he is in mid-air.


And come,it does. But somehow he holds his position regardless and lowers his head onto the ball to give it the gentle nudge,and in EXACTLY the right direction,to effect a lob over the keeper,across his line and just inside the far post.


How he bliddy did it,I still to this day have no idea. I remain convinced that it truly was his greatest goal for us,which required such technique that it could only ever be scored by a top top player playing at the top of his game. Others may think differently,and I expect many of you will,but I’ll say it again-I have never watched that game since and have no intentions of doing so.

But I could watch that goal all day. Every day. And I will never tire of it.


Above article by BMCUWP. This writing lark is dead easy. Go on,give it a try. Bugger all else to do,so this is your chance. Drop us a line,give us your thoughts,have Article of the Day all to yourself. Mail Mahe


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Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

Night ASWGL ?
Your a star.HH?Ynwa ?

Margaret McGill

Sometimes in the scientific world when you get lost in all the empirical data and there is no applicable theory and you keep chasing your tail in an ever spiraling circle of doubt you need to go back to basics.
Hun cunts and Hun loving money cunts it’s really not that difficult to figure out

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc


The king of kings !

Great article !
Henke’s goal in Seville you speak of i saw it live too cannae bring myself to this day to watch it.

I can however still close my eyes & see it.
In my minds vision it is playing like Pele’s goal escape to victory slow mo style.

I gret when he gret in his last game like a big f-in wean.

Thanks for the memory & memories my King?

Margaret McGill

Henriks greatest goal ( not in terms of beauty or hunnery ) was against Boavista



The Boavista goal got a high rating too!

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

Well it’s that time in the morning folks.

I would play Robbie Robertson, somewhere down the crazy river for you but i am useless with this mobile, Cest la vie.

Goodnighty morning from me thank you all for the reading, links, magic wee jokes additions, back & forth the lot. The respect between you all is amazing to witness.

Mostly you & yours stay safe & healthy, god bless & goodnight.?Ynwa?



Jealous of anyone who was there,mate. What an occasion. God,if we had won we would have drank the whole of Spain dry! As it is,we gave that a go anaw.


Some party last night,lads. Any more of that and Sturgeon will double the minimum pricing!

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

Boavista goal.

I still have the scars from the friction burns on my knees as i slid across the carpet, sore as f !!

Right goodnight ✌??

Mike in Toronto

For me, the chip in the 6-2 game was his best.

His diving header for Sweden at the 2004 euros was up there as well.. but partly because of the occasion


Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

Bmcuwp, Seville

Just when i thought i was out they drag me back in !

I cried again on the way in as i approached the turnstiles, my wee Granda from heaven whispered in my ear. ❤??

Right am off ?

Goodnight Celts ?✌



Happy to say I have the LP! None of yer new-fangled CD or streaming stuff in 1982.




Aye,the chip. Sweet. But watch the goal in the final for the technique from a near impossible position. And to lob the keeper with a header,to get the pace absolutely perfect as well as the direction.




Both Seville goals.



Currently on my fave station,Thunder Road.


Mike in Toronto


great goals… just that day still stings a bit, so I tend to move them down the list ….

Not sure I agree with this list (especially number 1), but still fun to watch


There’s a few typos in there which I can’t get into admin to edit. Most are harmless,but about halfway down…

“His greatest goal,for me,was his first that famous night in Seville. Now,I’ll be honest here and tell you that I have only ever watched that game since.” should read “His greatest goal,for me,was his first that famous night in Seville. Now,I’ll be honest here and tell you that I have only ever watched that game once”

Makes a bit more sense!



Looked like he made it difficult for No 1 because he didn’t want to use his left foot!

Anyway,this clip used to be really easy to find. Now,not so much. I certainly couldn’t find it yesterday morning when I was writing the article!!!

All of Henrik’s 242 goals. Just to set you up for the weekend,and some sweet dreams for when you hit your scratcher.


Noel Synon

Marvellous story some player

Twists n Turns

Just checked my Euromillions ticket from last night. Hee haw. Bitterly disappointed. I really needed that £40m . I had a cunning plan you see, but it’ll need to wait. I was gonna bail every championship and league one and two club oot the grubber.

Would’ve been happy to then lend, interest free, a few bob to every club in the SPL bar two. Not that I wasn’t going to help the other two. I’m not that nasty. I just had a different deal in mind for them.

Loans of up to £10m at 50% apr, secured on the stadium, and training grounds of both. Repayable over 12 months. Take it or leave it.

Hey ho . I’ll wait another few days on the next draw.


Another great article the group is doing a great job of this blog. That clip is the first time I have watched anything to do with Seville since that night. The fans were brilliant in and out of the stadium. And every time I have seen Mourinho from that day has me scunnered. Could you imagine a Jjock Stein team player falling like he had been shot it was a disgrace to sporting integrity. Henrik deserves all the accolades he gets , I would put him on a par with Wayne Gretzky as a shinning example to all young athletes if they are looking to a roll model

Twists n Turns

The tic

Similar to yourself. Never watched it again. I was lucky enough to be at that match and that was the last time I seen a ball kicked in it.

Woke up the day after the match angry at Porto players, and the referee, and Jose M, I’ve never changed my opinion of Mourinho to this day. Cheated and dived their way to the cup imo. Referee was either conned or paid.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, apologies im late, just been reading the night shift, brilliant stuff? bobby for me that chip against thems and the goals in Seville, I can watch again and again?

The Hills have eyes

Yip, that was my favourite goal of his
In off the back post
Absolutely stunning goal

big packy

no offence to big rab, but if fraser forster had been in goal in Seville, we would have won that game.OMO.HH


Morning all.
I had an irritating morning, trying to sort internet, obviously sorted now.
I wonder if it was McCaff that done it. ?


Thanks for article.
Any article about Henrik brings back a shitload of happy memories.


I notice Gordon Marshall was mentioned during the nightshift, with another negative story about Celtic from 20 years ago.
If Judas is top of those who should never worn the hoops, then Marshall, for me is right beneath him.


Apologies for not contributing much to the blog but I do enjoy reading the posts. No prizes for guessing my favourite goal by Henrik. I concede that the Seville goal was technically superb but it is bittersweet. I have never watched the Seville game again, as it is too painful.

bada bing1


The pair of pricks that are Gordon Smith and Dougie Donnelly


Henrikschip Welcome! 🙂

sorry, got the spelling wrong first attempt!


Great read again BOBBY!

One of my favourite Henke goals was the sclaff from close in against Liverpool in the first leg at CP. I think he was just back after injury.
Then Big John in the second leg, what a build up, what a strike, my fave Euro goal, excluding ’67!
But that’s another story.

A thing of beauty

There is definitely something wrong with me. I enjoyed watching Henrik, he was superb in all aspects of the game but he is not even in my top 5 favourite Celtic players. I appreciate all he did and how long he stayed and I love that he went on to prove himself elsewhere but I preferred the evil genius that was Chris Sutton.
As for my favourite goal from Henrik, I loved the half volley on the spin against Klos at Celtic park. They thought they were getting a draw then bang, goal out of nowhere. Also I watched the header in Seville again this morning. Bmcuwp is correct, that was sublime.
Right second half of the kitchen cleaning today. A midden it was, a midden. If my mother wasn’t having to socially distance she’d be down here booting my bottom as we speak.

Twists n Turns


I was working in Oxford when that Liverpool tie took place. Quite a few Liverpool fans in the company who had been digging at me for some time re what they would do to us. You know the stuff. SPL shite v the best league in the world. Truth be told I kinda suspected they would turn us over so I played our chances down.

The second leg I was shot through with nerves. I spent the 90 mins parading up and down the street, checking in intermittently for the result.

I can’t tell you how happy I was when we beat them.

The following morning I was at the shops at dark o clock. Every paper I could buy, I bought. Into work 2 hours early. I covered the entire office block with pictures cut out the papers.

Special consideration to the desk of every scouser who had been shooting their mouth.

We played 5’s every week. I turned up for the next session in full hoops regalia. I commentated my way through the 1 hour, with HAARRRTSSSON getting roared every time a goal went in.

To say they were peeved would be understating it.

Luvvly ?

Twists n Turns



Definitely something wrong with you ?

Bobby – get her sorted out. Blasphemy on the blog

( Mind you – I liked Stuart Slater. There weren’t many who agreed with me though?)



I remember the pre match press.
Scottish papers highlighting how good the ‘pool were, blah blahl blah.

I must admit I wasn’t over confident for the second leg, but did watch it in the pub.

Big John’s strike is my favourite European goal outside of ’67.

What a GIRFUT that was.

Hope you are good!


Great read again BOBBY!

One of my favourite Henke goals was the sclaff from close in against Liverpool in the first leg at CP. I think he was just back after injury.
One of mine too mate,from my seat in upper ,North stand when the king kneed this in I ended up three rows down …which was good as it’s only five from the edge :O)



One of my best ever memories!
I love putting the English in their place!


Mike in Toronto

No apology needed, with so much history behind Res12 now, it is hard to keep track.

I just wanted to put the record back on track.


It is what it is with evidence to show the truth that combats the lies.


I watched Larsson’s last game v Dundee Utd on BBC Scotland last night.

It was a good game of itself and after the last quarter where he scored with a header and a shot from a sublime touch, I had a tear in my eye knowing the loss of someone who had provided so much pleasure.

He wasnt silky like Lubo or Naka but he knew where to be and when to be there. The height he could climb to head the ball suggests he had wings at his ankles.

He ran with balance and a grace that was part of his being that made Celtic the perfect home for him.


‘But what about sporting integrity? Whatever happened to that?’ Kris Boyd. Now they want to talk about sporting integrity. Absolutely shameless. ???

Fairhill bhoy

BMCUWP-I thought his 50th goal of the season at ibrocks in the 3:0 game was a cracker to.So many to choose from.
Weefra isn’t that far from me really .
Great night/morning on here ?
Well played guys???


BMCUWP…The greatest of them all,certainly in the new era post-1994,was and is Henrik Larsson. That might be the least controversial comment I’ve ever made on here!
ATOB… I enjoyed watching Henrik, he was superb in all aspects of the game but he is not even in my top 5 favourite Celtic players.

ATOB, fitba is subjective and we are all entitled to our opinions. Now you’ve got me desperate to know who your Top 5 are!!


Afternoon all
I hope this beautiful Easter Saturday finds you and yours well and healthy.
I had a long lie after the night shift last night….some great tunes,great craic and lots of good people on last night. Happy to be involved tbh! HH


What’s not to like about a Larsson article, nice one bobby ?
I have 242 favourite larsson goals, so too long a list.
I never thought i’d see anyone at Celtic come close to Dixie Deans for goal scoring, and along comes this wee Swedish guy, boy was i ever wrong. Thank you Henrik ? ?


Another easy read that stimulates the brain! Henrik is the King at Parkheid for our generation (20-somethings!! 😉 🙂 ) If you ask me about goals he scored the immediate recollection is the chip against Klos. But for supreme determination and skill of a winner you can look no further than his two in Seville!! It’s been said a million times but there’s no way that guy deserved to be in the losing team that day. Thankfully for him, and us, he was able to prove at Barca and Man U that he was as good as we knew he was. I just love the guy!!!
Cheers Bobby!!


I think I posted this before but I remember Gus MacPherson tried to do Henke 2 or 3 times in a game, studs up! Larsson read it every time…on the final attempt the wee man just dropped his studs onto MacPherson’s shin and showed him who was boss! After the game MacPherson was greeting about the challenge and how surprised he was that a player like Larsson could be dirty like that!! Wee bluenose fecker!!


Seville was hard, i felt for Henrik that day, if ever anyone deserved something, he did.
Was good to hear (though little consolation) later on that The Special one, got a face full from Alan Thompson.

bada bing1

McCaff- Henrik buttoned that wee nomark Dodds at CP one day,when we played Dundee United, ball was miles away,and laid him out like a carpet,like all the greats,he could handle himself.

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