Furlough Furlough.

The biggest mistake that Sevco made this week was not putting their Managing Director on furlough. Judge Lionel Persey branded Stewart Robertson a “Rangers Mouthpiece” in the High Court last July. The reputation of the club would have been better served by asking their overworked groundsmen to represent them at the SPFL, Board of Management meeting.

The back of the fag packet resolutions that made their embarrassing way backwards and forwards between Ibrox and Hampden will only serve to exacerbate the anguish of the Sevco support and spread a contagion of confusion throughout the Scottish game.

Sevco’s failure to grasp the delicacy of the situation was baffling. As the Prime Minister fought for his life in Intensive Care, Scottish football was drawn into a cringworthy display of half baked self interest.

While the Scottish public self isolated in their homes. The vulnerable worried about their  futures. Employees and employers anxiously contemplated their livelihoods. Health workers and members of the Armed Forces fought to save lives. Shop workers, transport workers and police officers kept services going.

Disparate groups have come together. Conflicts dropped. Wrangling over Brexit was put on the long finger. Britain has united in an impressive, almost war-like sense of purpose.

Every commentator of the Scottish game has known for weeks that Celtic are Champions in waiting. Pundits, journalists, bloggers even coaches and players all know the destination of the title. Their comments are saved for posterity.

Football like every industry is in a state of flux. Every club and their staff face an uncertain future. Few businesses can cope for long with no money coming in. This is a matter of life or death for many clubs.

Aleksander Ceferin UEFA President, has now conceded that this season is unlikely to be played to a finish.”However if it could not be played it would be necessary to announce the results in some way.” Belgian Virologist and advisor to the Belgian FA, Marc Van Ranst told the Belgian Times on Easter Sunday…

“UEFA asked me if their CEO could contact me…I am going to tell him it’s time to stop the competitions.”

Van Ranst also rejects closed door games due to complications with Social Distancing and couldn’t give any indication when competitive football should restart.

Against this backdrop a proposal was put before Scottish clubs. It would have brought a measure of certainty to the game and released much needed funds to cash starved clubs.

Sacrifices would have to be made. Relegation for some before it was mathematically certain and the early completion of the season.

Celtic would lose out on their historic Quadruple Treble and the chance to win Nine in a Row in front of their support. The title will probably be awarded to Celtic on a points per game basis. That’s not what the club wanted. This was a necessary sacrifice given the unfolding crisis. Pundits with a self-confessed Sevco bias have already signaled their belief that an asterisk should be placed before such a title.

Celtic had much to lose by a yes vote. Prudence, careful budgeting and impressive onfield performances, put Celtic in the position of not needing emergency cash. Celtic’s decision making was based on the difficult reality we find ourselves in.

Celtic’s league and financial position isn’t a fluke. It’s the product of careful governance.

For Sevco, it would have guaranteed second place and desperately needed funds. Their posturing wasn’t just cynically unpatriotic it’s also short sighted.

The reality is that we face a number of weeks of lockdown. Past pandemics have shown a tendency toward second and third waves. We are in uncharted waters, anxiety levels are on a high and nobody really knows what the next few weeks will bring.

The World Health Organisation expects that clusters of infection will breakout after the relaxation of isolation. This could see areas of the country isolated while testing, tracing and isolation processes are conducted.

Not an ideal background to finish a league programme.

Football needed clarity not the chaotic thinking that bedevils Sevco. The Board at Ibrox thrive on chaos. It’s necessary to distract their support from the their limitations and broken promises.

This was the opportunity for Sevco to step up and display leadership and maturity. They failed miserably and have misled their own supporters badly.

Sevco’s statement on the 8th of April arrogantly concluded with an unsettling tone, “In the meantime we expect clubs to support our member’s resolution.”

The days of expectancy and calling the shots are over. They are the epitome of a bully. Sevco’s scheme was to secure funding and avoid the ignominy of 9 in a Row. Kicking the can down the road would have bought time to sell tickets and manipulate a scenario where the season would be voided.

Having failed to coerce Scottish football to support their bailout scam, the latest defamatory statement, undermines the credibility of the game and potentially risks Sevco’s membership in the SPFL.

Failure on the field and at executive level at Ibrox are the culprits, not a well intentioned rescue package to safeguard Scottish football. It’s Sevco’s fault their second not the SPFL Executive.

The antics of their predecessor and the endless ongoing litigation involving Sevco has undermined the integrity of the game. The reputations of decent professionals has also been damaged, attempting to clean up the mess at Ibrox.

With the benefit of hindsight it’s possible that a few senior executives may well privately concede that things should have been done differently with regard to Rangers and Sevco.

The decision makers at Ibrox have learned nothing. Broken contracts, broken promises, legal disputes and court rooms are are the way of life for the recidivists the Blue Room.

They are are the architects of their own downfall.

This is another ugly chapter in the short ignominious life of Sevco.

Their timing is impeccable.

*As an aside…

The first title won by Rangers was in 1889/90 Dumbarton and Rangers finished joint top on 29 points.

Dumbarton had a superior goal difference of 7.

A playoff was held at Cathkin and finished 2-2.

The title was awarded jointly to both clubs.

Surely that’s an Asterisk? *****

(Celtic were docked 4 points for fielding ineligible players and finished third by 8 points).


The above is by The Gombeen Man. Should you fancy typing something up for dissection yourself the email as usual is sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Fairhill Bhoy

TGM-you’re first sentence had me ?brilliant ?

Puff puff
Fairhill Bhoy

Where are you ??

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Check this song out Mcaff or any else that loves great music … a little sad but brilliant

Fairhill Bhoy

Puff puff- brilliant but like you said happy sad?

Fairhill Bhoy

Right my bedtime.Jeso I don’t know how yous do it every night.sleep well ?


Sevco’s problem is that they think they are Rangers of 20 odd years ago. Those days have gone. Every club in Scotland hates Sevco, but they kid on that they don’t care. The truth is, they do care, but hate their place in Scottish society today. Wish to feck that Sevco die like their predecessors Rangers did. Scottish society and fitba would be all the better without the Ibrox poison. Great article Gombeen Man. ?


Think that BJ was faking his Covid19 illness.
Like the future king did too. No buying it.


Great chat folks. This song tells us what it is all about. Don’t believe the shite.

Puff puff

Gombeen man . Great read and o so right

Mike in Toronto


We were talking about TTH at dinner tonight. I found out tonight They had asked Liam’s wife (she is well known) to be in one of their videos.

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Brilliant mit post the video in the future please it would interest me ..

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Sun down in the Paris of the prairies ..
What a line … you get it only if you have been or lived in that part of the world


Puff Daddy
Check this out…very interesting back story to the song

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Yes Mcaff I have just read .. I do remember a couple of Documentaries back in the day

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Got to sleep now troops .. night night Tim’s


SolKitt an extremely difficult time for you and family truly awful. I was thinking last week how I would deal with that scenario with my mum.
MIT do not know your health situation hope all goes well. I had op 5 yrs ago to remove tumor all ok. felt Shitty tail end last year had op start Feb removed more from bowel.
Also have other issues with lungs. seen Oncologist 2 wks ago to discuss, I said I just wanted honesty no pussyfooting as had been happening previously with other oncologists. I asked expectancy 1 to 2 yrs no probs. Nothing in life is guaranteed, could walk out tomorrow anything could happen, such is life, there are people all over this world who are in a worse situation than I.

By the way watched doc on bbc scotland, klansmen about Scots that went to America started ku klux klan, guess who started it the ancestors of the current Klan playing out of the midden in Govan. Not too bad a prog.


Good Night guys.
Sleep Well and Keep Well! Much love to all. HH


BTW 1490 comments on the last article…..can you comment to help it reach 1500!?



Bloody hell,mate. You’re taking that a bit better than I think I could!

My hotline upstairs seems to be busy these days,but I’ll definitely add you to it.


GARRY. 336

“Nobody likes us,we don’t care”,as they used to sing. Turns out that,like a lot of other things,they didn’t quite think that one through.

Quel dommage.



Brilliant article,old bean. Nails them on every point. We want jelly and ice cream,they want their cake and eat it. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds,as I don’t think many people want to be seen as responsible for their death this time either.

Me,I’d fire the bullets myself. I’d probably get killed in the rush to do it,mind. But not from the people who actually can. And that’s the problem.

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

I think you got 1500 McCaff ????

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

I look forward to reading the article, got to get back to sleep.

Mike in Toronto


Thanks for sharing that. As McCaff was saying earlier, lots of people, including people on here, are going through so much. Hope things turn out okay for you.

Time for my bed. Night, lads.


Excellent article on Peter Green.


Warning:some of the content may appear in the test. That’ll be the first Sentinel Celts Music Quiz,which I’ll be compering on Saturday night.

Four rounds of five questions. But me being a twisted bastert,I’ve thought of a way to ensure that every entrant is still in with a chance going into the last round.

Get the answer correct,score a point. Don’t get the answer correct,lose a point. That’ll sort the men out from the boys. Hopefully,the questions won’t be too obscure,and that a bit like the one on Saturday night from PADDYSMAW,a full 100% is achievable.

Well done to the current holder of the title,JIMTHETIM53 !!!

Twists n Turns

Maaaan. Overslept. Woke up at 6am. First time for a long long time I’ve saw daylight streaming into my bedroom when I opened my eyes .

Will take me to 9am to feel right.

1506 comments on the last thread!! That’s gotta be a record. Well done Mick /Mahe and the poster boys and girls.

Mario B. Difficult time for you bud. Thoughts with you.

The Gombeen man. Good article.

Will we get full clarity on this latest fiasco? Will the journos ask the right questions? Of course not.

Leopards never …..

Twists n Turns

Better be a 70’s round in this music quiz and not all 80’s crap! No rap music. No garage, grunge, hip hop. Now. Where’s ma pipe n slippers ? ?



Believe it or not,today is a Bank Holiday,so your torpitude is excused. I can’t make any guarantees on the content,but hip-hop and rap-get you,btw!- would be low on my list of topics.

Of course,one of my favourite artists is Gil Scott-Heron. AKA the Godfather of rap,due to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. In fact,that’s given me a hint for a question!



As you’re a fan of 70s music,I highly recommend Sounds of the Seventies on R2,Sunday 3-5pm. Replayed at 3-5am tomorrow morning,which might suit you better! Also on BBC Sounds and iplayer.

With the mellifluous tones of the best radio presenter ever. Johnny Walker.

Twists n Turns

Gil S Heron

Now I’m sure someone on CQN a long time ago mentioned him in the same breath as Celtic. Some sorta connection? Haud oan… I’ll need ma pal google……


That also gives me an idea for a question!

Twists n Turns

I listen in to that on occasion. Love the DJ’s from that era. (Stuart Henry was ma fav DJ of all time)

I do popmaster EVERY day. My lad and I have a competition. I’m wAy ahead of him on points. That’s coz there are more stuff from the 60 70’s and early 80’s, than there are modern. I’m absolutely useless from mid 80 on. Won’t be threatening the leaderboard on Sat night. ?

Twists n Turns


GS Heron’s dad?

First black player to play for Celtic?

That true? I guess you already knew that Bobby. Obviously you would. Music and Celtic. Of course you’d know. That’s what I must’ve read on CQN before. I knew there was something.



His Dad played for us in the 50s. But google it,and google good. Fascinating story,and had he been given more of a chance,we would know more about him.

I remember the first time I found that out. I was upstairs listening to GSH album Reflections about 82 when my Dad popped up to ask me if I fancied a pint. He saw the album cover on the floor beside me,picked it up and said-oh,believe it or not,I’m pretty sure his Dad used to play for Celtic.

Aye right,thinks I. Went down to the pub,and my Dad says to my Uncle Jim-do you remember that black fella played wi us in the fifties,Gil Heron? Fast as,hammer of a shot,we signed him after a tour in America?

Oh aye,why?

Oh,his boy’s a “pop star” now.

As I nearly dropped my pint!!!



I don’t think it would be fair for me to ask questions where I’ve had to google the answers myself. I’ll do my best to cover as many years as possible,and I do know stuff from way before I started even listening to music,but one may have to play to the demographic,if you know what I mean!

Though McCAFF’s lad,showing a maturity beyond his years and holding out more than a hint of bedevilment and spilling the beans on his old man,started posting last night. If he wins,I’m chucking it!!!


This hadn’t occurred to me,though it should as my main phone is a 14yo Nokia. Most user friendly phone ever,only needs charged once a week,and still on the original battery. I use my iPhone almost exclusively as a hotspot for my broadband connection. It’s actually cheaper-by a long way.

A lot of people don’t have broadband access,except via public libraries. Which are closed. And these people,generally on the edge of existence-think gig economy or cash in hand manual labour-before this crisis,cannot access claims for benefits as a result. Additionally,there are now so many claims that it is inevitable that processing them as slowly even as normally the case will be impossible.

You don’t have to read the entire article her. Just the first few paragraphs.


Twists n Turns


Googling in quizzes. Pointless.

Which actually I’d rather be…. pointless I mean. You either know or you don’t. I made a point ( pardon the pun) of rattling my answers in very quickly on Saturday. Wanted to show I wisnae cheating ?. I see Awe Naw was doing the same. It’s a Whitburn thing ya see. Whit ye get is what ye see. Which isnae pretty?.

I must confess though..x I did “ cheat” for one question. Which…. I got wrong!!!

Missus sitting next me. She says “ how did ye do in round one?
“ 2 I didn’t know. Nursery rhymes “

What were they? She knew them all ( or so she thought)

Anyway – in another round I’m rattling my answers out as I’m typing. I murmur… “ hmmm I think that’s the famous 5”

“ what’s that question” she says

I tell her.

“ Secret 7 isn’t it” she offers.

Oh is it? Ok I’ll put that in. Ta

Fekking wrong !!!!

Eejit. I could’ve been a contender !!



Asking the missus? That’s low!

Ask her if she wants to have a go on her own on Saturday. As you’re firing in the answers pdq,she will have a good thirty seconds left for hers. I’ve heard about your typing skills!

Btw,re AWENAW. Still PMSL about his Irvine Welsh answer to who wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

I hope Irvine takes up that suggestion.


Good morning all from the Govanhill roadhouse blues. Great article GBM. Joe McHugh certainly nailed that twat Mitchell on Video Celts yesterday. Superb piece.


Or TGM even. ?

big packy

MORNING ALL,and JIM,,great bit of writing there TGM ,cap doffed?

big packy

MORNING bigroadhouseblues.oops sorry bigrailroadblues? blue sky here at the moment but still no skwerr?


Good morning BP. All ready to do battle with the frying pan. ?

big packy

went to govanhill once it was closed, thank feck for that??

big packy

BRRB, im on a seafood diet ,when I see food I eat it WELL I thought it was funny??


BP I’m on a light diet. Turns light I start eating. ?. Ah’ll get ma coat.?



Very brave of you to post that.

I will pray for your needs and intentions.

Take care!


Govanhill is the cultural hub of the known universe. Haruuumph!


Morning all.
Twists, the first person of colour, to play for Celtic, to the best of my knowledge, is this guy.

Mohammed Salim. 1904 – 5 November 1980) was an Indian footballer from Calcutta (now Kolkata, West Bengal), which at the time was part of the British Raj. Salim was best known for his role in the fabled 1930s Mohammedan SC team which claimed five successive Calcutta Football League titles. He also became the first player from the Indian sub-continent to play for a European club, Celtic FC.

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