The Man from D̶e̶l̶ ̶M̶o̶n̶t̶e̶ Dundee says Yes!

Yesterday seen our club of choice put both hands on the trophy and we await the nod to formally lift it. The big decision came back with a thumbs up to ratify the deal and begin the kerfuffle that to be fair needs to happen. Hell will break loose and a head or two might roll, a club might die again due to financial mismanagement again, but at the end of the day there was only one team that could have been given the league trophy full stop, however much that might upset some.


We weren’t getting beaten on the field of play, and now we wont be beaten off it, so ultimately justice will be served as far as we are concerned. Our rivals have been unable to string two domestic wins together yet this decade, they hadnt a hope in hell of catching us. At Christmas after THAT win many would have said otherwise but they blew it bigtime, with Lenny coming onto a winning formula at our relaxed but top notch winter training camp while they had a second rate holiday without star striker which lead to a finger pointing fest and even different aircraft seating zones.


We should all be glad this horlicks of a situation the governing bodies have created is coming to a close fairly soon, after the big big meeting of the biggest on the 23rd I believe. We all knew they were incompetent but they have shown it to the entire world now, have made an enemy of the nations second biggest club, and have put the worst people in the entire footballing setup in charge of the group looking at reconstruction! Never interrupt your enemy eh. And its certainly not the case that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, not with these clowns. 


One gets the feeling the Dee chairman just knew this was his moment to get his name out there in the annals of Scottish footballing history. In fairness, his vote does have the potential to become seismic, and perhaps held the power of life and death over some clubs by releasing vital funds. His lengthy ‘defender of the game’ statement even took a dig at the games many conspiracy theorists, which is kind of ironic as he has unwittingly unleashed a wave of his own.


Yes the bears aren’t happy, they were totally convinced that Stevie would hand Lenny his head on a platter, with dignity of course, but this is seen as a Timmy plot. We even own the lawyer apparently. The calls for an independent inquiry into this, that and everything will grow into hysteria, and we will no doubt hear plenty of Asterisk talk.


The governing bodies have left themselves wide open with their confusing process, and will be the perfect deflector shield for the Ibrox boardroom and Stevie himself will always cling to THAT victory and will probably stick his chest out and claim to the world that ‘I never lost a full league to Neil Lennon!’. 


I find it hilarious and somewhat reassuring that they couldn’t muster the votes they needed in what they believed was their own back garden. The papers will still claim they are top dogs of course even though we have the proof otherwise.


A major fall out between Hampdump and Ibrox had to happen someday, and it was always going to be about money or European entry, or both. One day corporate laws were actually going to need adhering to, and then personal allegiances ( and nipple and knee pledges ) would clash with fiduciary duties leaving someone high and dry screaming. This scrap really needs to happen for the entire game to move on, not just a skirmish but a full on dog fight. Theres no time like the present, theres no distractions in the way of international jaunts or cup finals, there is zero excuse plus the nation is watching. 

If another death is the price, so be it. 

If it cleans out both buildings, even better.


We take this opportunity to officially congratulate Cove Rangers, Raith Rovers, and Dundee United for their successful campaigns and look forward to Tannadice trips once again in the future. The above is by Mahe. As usual the email address is for any guest contributions.

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Wickedly tongue in cheek,and bang on the money with the facts too. Throw in the huns stewing and wanting revenge to the mix,along with the incompetence of the SPFL and I’d say that you surpassed yourself with a class act of an article!

Which is my long-winded way of saying that I wish I’d said that!!!


Repost from last night by AULDHEID,which raises some interesting questions.
I thought this I posted on CQN in response to latest blog worth repeating here.

The SFA will know by now the state of The Rangers accounts as they had to have them by 31st March to decide on granting a UEFA licence. In 2011 that happened on 19 April.

Now whilst club licensing is a confidential matter, do SFA not have a duty of care to SPFL to inform them of the financial position at Ibrox lest a loan masks insolvency with a 15pt deduction that makes Celtic uncatchable even if The Rangers given 3 pts for their game in hand?

If the SFA have the accounts have The Rangers submitted them to Company House authorities policing insolvency in business to ensure that CV19 is not used to mask a business continuing to trade whilst insolvent?

Are the SPFL asking the SFA what the position is and should member clubs including Celtic not be demanding that in unprecedented times total transparency is required of SFA to arrive at a solution that is consistent with the rules and common sense as far as is possible?

For me The Rangers are lucky they continue to exist and its perhaps time they were told that and how Celtic helped them by accepting the 5 Way, not pushing Res12 and not challenging LNS at all when they were given evidence to do that in 2014 but did nothing and where the CQN championed Judicial Review seeking clarity never picked up either?

We will never get a better chance to wipe the historical slate clean than now exists, it just requires honesty, something those running Scottish football scoffs supporters for seeking.


Reminder to all that there’s a MUSIC QUIZ here on Saturday from 8pm. Four rounds of five questions,fifteen minutes apart. Winning cyberpint awarded just after 9pm.

The current Sentinel Celts Quiz Champion is JIMTHETIM53 and he’s been dining out on it ever since. So to speak,obviously. As before,it’s intended to entertain more than to be a bastert,and I got 20/20 on it!

Mind you,I’m setting the questions this time…

Seriously,I didn’t have to google any of them,so all of the answers are achievable,I think.

After that,I expect that the usual suspects will settle down for a zoomer house party,reminiscing of days of yore and daft boayishness. Wi any luck,McCAFF Jr will be on. He’s clearly the brains of the operation and at least McCAFF will know what he’s doing at the time!!!

Twists n Turns

Just listening to Clyde 1 scoreboard. Then I had a read at a few footy sites.

I’ve decided I want the league finished. I’m gonna be rich.

The huns are gonna beat us twice

Win their game on hand

Celtic will them drop points in 2 more matches

The huns will win every game

So: get these games played. 33/1 can be gotten on the huns winning the league??

Fill yer boots.

In fact this could be the cash windfall the huns needed.

£1m down on the huns to win the title. Sorted.

Twists n Turns


Music quiz.

I’ve been cramming. All the relevant bands.

I know the birthdays of every Bay City Roller.

Does anyone else in this quiz know where Joe Dolce was born? Naw. I didn’t think so.

Which song contains the lyrics “ shake pineapples?”. 1 point in the bank.

All the Eurovision entries from Mary hopkin and Dana to the most recent entry.

Jim the Tim will be sweating when he sees the revision I’ve been undertaking.

Yer quiz could be a one horse race. I am that horse….



Well,that’s the Agadoo and Brotherhood of Man questions f…d,then.



I’ve waited twenty years to tell that joke.


Twists n Turns

SHADDUP YE FACE! por cierto

Twists n Turns

Por Cierto

Clearly a man with impeccable music taste. I hope yer not entering the quiz…. could be a threat to me.

Today I’m revising on more modern stuff. The superstar bands since about 1990

Girls aloud
Little mix

Pretty sure I’ve not left any stone unturned with that list ?

big packy

great article as usual mahe, so we are champions elect once again? music quiz, you ghuys would not know a good musician if you fell over him ,you have not got a clue about music, and if that ghuy jimthetim53 can win the music quiz, there is hope for all of us, put that in yer pipe and smoke it?

Twists n Turns

You’ll be eating humble pie when I waltz off with the trophy on Saturday night. I’m putting the hours in.

Here’s one for ye?

Q. What’s the difference between God and a drummer?

A. God doesn’t think he’s a drummer.




I don’t think I’m giving much away by hinting that your supergroups post-1990 might perhaps just maybe a waste of your time.

big packy

TWISTY, good one? the prize is mine no problem. in fact im off to spend the winnings now ??

Twists n Turns

Ffs. Now ye tell me.

So you’ve gone high brow?

Spice Girls


Methinks it could be more in line with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sandy Shaw & Cilla type of quiz por cierto

big packy

BRRB, I got some links sausages yesterday, that dare I say it were nearly, but not quite as good as skwerr, the queue at aldi and asda was a mile long, I went to my local spar, and they had everything no restrictions, seen these sausages, potters they were called, from a local butchers gorgeous?



I’m really shocked that these names just trip off your tongue. I had to google some of them.

The Secret Life of TWISTSNTURNS,you just never know with some people.


Things you never thought you’d hear kids say…

Maw,can I go back to school? PLEASE?!!!!



Getting warmer. But not exclusively,of course. It’s not really specialised,more scattergun.

Like most of my thought processes.



You might have been cheaper going to the butchers then!

Awe Naw

I was on facebook this morning and there was a post from The Token Tim. He is in Bangkok and he posted two pictures of him on the roof of a hotel. The same pic and location separated by two months apart. The clarity on the second newest photo compared to the first due to lock down and reduced pollution is very noticeable indeed. A few commented that they were surprised that he could get there. Knowing what the man does for a job and how vital it is l wasn´t that surprised. What I was surprised about was his comment about you´d be amazed by the number of flights still on the go. My wife works at FFM airport I live under the flight path. FFM airport is DEAD.

Check this out

From what I can garner nobody is being checked or quarantined at Heathrow. Considering the citizens of the UK seems more concerned if your neighbour has popped out to buy some toilet roll instead seems disproportionate. The UK seems to be governed by self serving publicity stunts these days.

Still stay safe boys and girls. Long way to go on this one yet.

big packy

BOBBY, queue was too big?



I saw some before and after type photos of some of the bigger cities under lockdown. Delhi,for instance.

Well,the difference was night and day. Simple as that.

Best wishes to D next time you cyberchat. You’d think with all this globetrotting he does,that he’d have the ability to manage a decent curry. Seems not. Heyho…

Btw,I still think that he won the lottery a few years ago and made up the stuff about the job so he could have a great time!



Up here for thinking,eh?

big packy

BOBBY, did I ever tell you the story when I won mastermind??

Awe Naw

big packy


big packy

AWE NAW, brilliant??

Awe Naw

big packy

Naw you should have said “I´ve started so I´ll finish” 🙂



Naw,but I’ll believe you if you can tell me the name of the taxi driver who won it forty years ago.

Nae googling. The guy did The Knowledge AND Mastermind without googling!

Awe Naw

London Cabbie I can picture the face he became a national celebrity. He then done a TV program about Chimneys. Name I cant get. let me dwell on it

Sid somebody ?

big packy

AWE NAW ? BOBBY haven’t a clue, awe naw will know?



You might be getting confused with Fred Dibnah. His programmes were excellent,though I’d have strangled the bastert if I’d been stuck behind him in one of his traction engines.


Mick/awe naw

Fred housego… was the ‘fred’ that reminded me.





That’ll be in the test,btw!

big packy

BOBBY, loved his accent? think he was from Bolton, used to deliver to an old mill there across from boltons old ground,.can you name it??

Twists n Turns

Awe Naw

I commented to my kids recently that the levels of pollution would have reduced astronomically since this lockdown. One of the positives to be taken from it, for sure.

On the flights.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s busiest airport and the numbers of flights coming and going in and out of there have been cut to minuscule levels.
Glasgow similarly.

Both my twins work in aviation management. One in Glasgow one in Edinburgh. They’ve got a skeleton staff ( airside) of less than 4 every day now, from pre virus numbers of around 120 plus.

Not sure of the overall numbers in London. I guess with more varied routes, they’re not being hit just as badly though the numbers will certainly be significantly down.

One of the issues furloughed workers in aviation are facing is that the government money isn’t coming through fast enough. So the employers have furloughed them but don’t have the money in the bank to pay them. One of my sons is furloughed but isn’t getting paid. So unless the owners cough up from their pockets ( and no doubt significant bank balances from years of dividends) the scenario is grim for everyone from check in staff and baggage handlers to the higher management teams.

The senior guys, chief executive’s and directors will no doubt be fine.


Bloody hell,BP. I thought you were asking for the name of the old mill! I’m thinking,WTF?

Burnton Park? Rings a bell.

big packy

BOBBY bingo nearly? burnden park



On aviation. There are 94,000 people employed in Crawley. Nearest town to Gatwick.

53,000 of them are at risk.

Frightening. And the latest estimate is for the industry-not including manufacturers-to lose over $300bn in revenue.

Twists n Turns

Burnden I believe.


That would have been good enough if I was on Mastermind,I reckon.


I know we don’t normally discuss things like knighthoods on here,but if that old fella disnae get one in the next list,there’s somebody cheating.

£11m? Well done,auld yin.


Outstanding, can I steal this ?

“ One day corporate laws were actually going to need adhering to, and then personal allegiances ( and nipple and knee pledges ) would clash with fiduciary duties leaving someone high and dry screaming.”


Rabbit goes into a village pub and orders a pint and a pork pie. Sinks the pint and scoffs down the pie,then leaves.

This goes on for a few nights until the barman asks him why he is in the village? He says he is an expert on church restorations and is repairing the local church. The barman congratulates him on his excellent English,orders up the usual,and they both carry on as before.

Later that week a circus sets up in the village and the owner comes in for a drink. The barman is excited to tell him about the English speaking rabbit,so the circus owner leaves a business card suggesting a talking rabbit would be a great sideshow at the circus.

A few days later the rabbit walks into the bar and orders a pint and a pie. The barman tellis him he may have a lucrative business opportunity for him working in the circus. The rabbit looks puzzled and asks…

“Wait a minute. Is that the circus with a big canvas tent?”

“Yes” says the barman “and it’s here in town right now”.

The rabbit looks puzzled and asks…

“Why would a circus need a fucking bricklayer?”



Been meaning to welcome you to the site,but I always miss you! So,welcome. And I doubt if Mahe will enforce copyright on it.

Might be different if he could fit it on to a t-shirt,mind. Cracking line.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe that was an uplifting read. The gift that keeps on giving.

Billy McNeill’s grandson, Matthew (Matt) McCombe is being laid to rest today. Thoughts and prayers with the family and friends.



Hail Hail!

Just read about the knuckledragger who’s going to boycott away games and concerts at Hampden… ?

Caller on radio call in …..

Was funny to see one of our Bhoys come up with:


I’m almost spat out my cornflakes with my sides bursting!

Can we get one done as a response from Beyonce>>>>>


The Gombeen Man


At least they’ve got the 12th to look forward to… Oh wait.

#10 in a Row

The Gombeen Man

When Beyonce hears of the injustice she’ll boycott Hampden and play her gig on the majestic slopes of Ibrox.

“We expect all clubs to support our members in our resolution.”

Blessed are those with no expectations for they will never be disappointed.”

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