Memory Lane – Harald

“ Stopping Rangers doing ten in a row and winning the title on the same day is probably never going to happen again. It was the most memorable day of my career. “ Harald

“If he had tucked them away then I think he would still be here and be a great hero because he is a really, really good player.” Henke


Im less than enthusiastic about following the daily internal bickering of those who aren’t doing a very good job at all within the domestic setup, plus with the big international head honcho’s having a meeting today to thrash out the date of their next meeting more or less, theres not much to report on anyhow. Sport will be waiting on medical advice, who are thinking of a lot more serious things than sport, to take their lead.
Im of the opinion this will take a while and we ain’t seeing footie until late summer.
Plenty of time then to ramble down memory lane.


When choosing the candidates for this series, as its becoming now, one usually has a good grasp on the general feeling regarding the subject ( one blip aside ) and how such a man might be regarded a little later down the line. Of course a popular figure will more likely draw more response, no doubt some seeing a few extra paragraphs as a reward for all the hard work in the Hoops. And it is by the way.
Todays figure I dont think will be judged unpopular or not a nice guy by anyone,, but with regards to his ability and rating him as a player its probably the first time I am truly stumped what kind of legacy he left. If anything I consider him overrated but it honestly wouldn’t be surprised to read the opposite in many comments.


I recall hearing the tale big Wim wanted a striker and approached the board to talk turkey only to be informed they already had someone for him. In the board’s defence if that yarn holds some truth you can see why they would have been seduced by the highlight reel and felt they were onto something. Their opinion on the player that emerged would be interesting.
2.3 million isnt the biggest fee but its far from the smallest either. He actually scored in a Rosenborg win over Real Madrid before hopping on the plane from Norway to sign up, just to heap a little more expectation on those shoulders. To come in half way through a must win, absolutely must win, season is hard enough for anyone Im sure you would agree.


He was brought in to play alongside Henke, and only later would many know just how fortunate you truly were in that case. A pure team player he was unselfish to a fault, and on paper this either could or should have went on to become a dream pairing. The workhorse with the vision and pass to match feeding the edge of the shoulder whippet to tear away with Olympic quality pace and half scare the goalie to death.
That happened often enough, but not with the preferred result, or perhaps it just felt that way. Yet our ex striking legend claims he was one of the best he played with, and he’s a man I take at his word, thus the enigma around Harald just deepens.


That first season, well half season, he played 21 times scoring 10.
To many eyes a one in two ratio for a striker is satisfactory but those facts don’t really tell the whole story . My father was firmly ensconced in the Jock every home game giving me the lowdown, raised eyebrows and a soft shake of the head with how many chances he had blown.
So when I hear he bagged all four against Killie and Im looking forward to giving out a bit of a ribbing only to be told ‘Scored four and missed four’ !
Without that four those stats wouldn’t be easy to pass off as fine, especially as Henriks partner.


There’s one more obvious reason why he seems to have gotten pass marks for that year. He scored the clincher that stopped their ten which will always be his claim to fame. But even at that the keeper still gets a hand to it despite being clean through with the entire goal at his mercy, and not many in that crowd would have stuck the mortgage on him burying it.
One of the first things old Martin Tyler says when the ball hits the net is he’s been much maligned this season. Hardly the fans fault.
Still, many will probably be thinking of that goal when looking back at his spell with us, and probably see the fee as entirely worth it to stop them. It was to me.


I must hold my hands up and state Im not the biggest fan of his style of striker for a few reasons. I’ve rarely if ever seen a player that had both the explosive pace and a great finish, so Harald is far from the exception, and I just dont think we are the club to carry that player.
The pitches up north tend to be on the not so great side which means ruts and divots galore, hardly conducive to the through and one touch finish.
Then we have the linesmen who we later found out couldn’t keep up with a less pacey Robbie Keane, although I was working my socks off at the time and not sure if this was much of an issue for Harald then.
And then there’s the misses.
When clean through a goal is expected and every miss is amplified more than normal plus it really gives the opposition and its fans some hope, and a jeers target.
You’ll recall Gordon attempted this experiment and abandoned it after half a season in the shape of Kenny Miller who on his last appearance was put through 7 times in a row and failed to score with any. That cost Gordon his clipboard and Kenny his Celtic career.
Many managers just won’t tolerate a striker taking consistently more than two chances to score and will forgo pace if it means a higher chance to goal ratio.
Harald, its fair to say, wouldn’t be every manager’s cup of tea and I could never see him working out for Martin O’Neill for instance. The fact he was jettisoned immediately suggests our ex gaffer felt the same.


So our bhoy entered his second season in fairly neutral territory, not wrote off yet, and a new management team arrives after Wim decides that board aint for me.
The travelled and respected by many Dr. Jo and company gave him 34 appearances during that season, a fair crack of the whip Im sure you would agree. They were repaid with a scant 8 goals which is in no way shape or form good enough for a leader of the line at the domestic Champions. In addition to this the fans soon had a new favourite son up top with a completely different style who had waltzed in and gelled with the dreadlocked one much better than Harald had. He had stolen the show at Ibrox and was clearly now a favourite of the boss, fans, and squad.
Lubo was the writing on the wall for Mr Brattback.


In one very unusual job switch the man himself now flies as a commercial pilot out of Trondheim, imagine hearing ‘This is Captain Brattback speaking !’.
He has spoken very very warmly of his time among us and was infact the record scorer in the Norweigan league until recently with a very respectable 166 total goals in three separate spells with what seems his true love, Rosenborg.
But every rose has its thorn and he just had to come back and bite us on the bum twice when our sides met in 2001, which again just adds to the mystique considering that was a formidable Martin team then.


I guess its fair to say we got a good deal out of him overall with a crucial priceless goal, a medium fee and a small fee recouped. Nothing ventured, nothing gained rings true on this occasion.
The fact he really only found his scoring boots whilst at home, still works and resides there today, tell’s me he’s just not made for travel and truly home is where the heart is in this case.
There’s many a man of the same persuasion out there and I wouldn’t be too quick to judge as it takes every type of person to make the world go round as the old song says.
He pulled on that shirt and lived the dream, and well he knows it, leaves us with a league winners medal that money couldn’t buy. I cant rate him near the top of the best strikers list but he certainly wouldn’t be at the bottom, and he does have the endorsement of a true legend to frame on the wall alongside that precious medal.
Harald my bhoy, thanks for the memories.


The above is by Mahe. Composing an article for ‘that sports blog’ is actually a valid waste of time in these circumstances and may actually make you seem sophisticated. Or just get you out of their way for a while. Help us help you.

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big packy

TROONBHOY, apologies if ive upset her, did not mean too, but that was a true story, I swear it, take care bruv?tell your missus big packy says hi?


The complete opposite mate
I know it’s true,witnessed by myself.

big packy

TROONBHOY, was not going to mention this in case I got ridiculed ,but I will tell you, this is on my mothers life, I was posting on here this morning to TWISTY, I suddenly heard a noise at the French doors at the back of me, could not make out what it was, I opened the French doors and a little robin flew off; make of that what you will.KTF

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Troonbhoy- I know where you are,a couple of good pals live there.


Is one named gary?

Margaret McGill

Kuppla questions based on what Calton heard

Doesnt the government have to approve such a decision?
There will be no gate receipts so what is the motivation? TV money? avoidance of refunds?
sporting integrity? 🙂
Is Ibrox even playable?
Aberdeen dont want to lose out on European money being 4th one point behind Motherwell so they’ll bitch if its called. The huns dont want 9iar thats their motivation and Hearts dont want relegated.
Hamilton will want to avoid a play-off so they wont mind if its called so I see it 9-3 SPL with Euro slots to Celtic, Rangers. Motherwell. I think if the SPFL submit that to UEFA it would probably be accepted.

Just saw that the Scottish economy has contracted 12%

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Don’t think so,I know Jack who lives in first house as you turn in to the drive,and Davie the mobile tyre guy


He stays,as u go down hill 2nd house rhs

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Sounds like next door to Jack…


Did u go to ST.andrews or St.brides hs
If you.are from ek at that age.


Don’t know his neighbours names only to say hi to

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Troonbhoy- no mate,from east end,moved to Burnside, Kings Park, been up here since 2003,I’m behind Morrisons near the old farmhouse.

A thing of beauty

Missed the game that stopped the ten. I was on a train back to London with my husband as the game kicked off. No internet in those days, no mobiles, I didn’t even have a radio. I was also 5 months pregnant so no drink to calm my nerves. Unquestionably the most nervous I’ve ever been about a Celtic game. I didn’t get confirmation till I came off the train but I had a fair idea it wasn’t going their way by the face of the raging hun with the earphones on who was sat about 20 yards up the carriage. Sometimes I think I love their pain more than my joy. I am a bad wummin. Anyway all’s well that ends well. Back to home base, call to bmcuwp and great great joy for many a long week.
As has been mentioned by others, Harald was not suited to Celtic like so many before and after him. My favourite example of this was probably Sammy. Tremendous with space to run into but nae use when the opposition has ten men behind the ball. So nae use full stop.
Marspapa if you’re looking in, thank you for the kind words about my dad. He’d drive you crazy at times but I long for the day I can get annoyed at him for trying to sneak in another quick pint when he thinks I’m no looking!!


Sammy definitely split the support but I was firmly in the YES camp! I agree he was a hot/cold player but he had strength pace skill and could score…I also thought he was left our of a few games he should have played in. The biggest disappointment was in a wee article one day when he said his favourite film was 4 Weddings and a Funeral ( or something equally inane!!). There’ll be an article on here about Sammy one day, I’m sure!!



is there anyway that Aberdeen can and should get the euro spot due to the financial irregularities by the Huns … they were already £10m down as going concern…. fucking joke and if inept SFA grant licence etc!

bada bing1

Watching the nightly Trump comedy show ‘very close to a vaccine…’ is the latest one


I mix white spirit vinegar and about one tenth washing up liquid to spray the weeds on pathway.
It works far better than weedkiller.


Auldheid, to be clear, do you mean eventually management by a committee of fans acting on fan resolutions?
Not if that wouldn’t work no. I’m not tied to suggesting an actual form but I am interested in folk’s views of not what wouldn’t work but what would.

Its the thinking about it bit I am interested in and then what flows from it.

If we want accountability in governance civil or football then we need to introduce what brings it and what stops it, otherwise we end up with DT and BJ elected as result of others spoon feeding us what they think.

As a starter Malmo have an interesting model and my point is that if Scottish clubs need to survive but do not have football for 6 months, what else can they sell to entice fans to keep them going, Membership? What might have been unthinkable to DD pre CV19 might become more thinkable now and I addressed the Tweet to David Low who became CST President precisely because share holdings is his interest but is it the best model for Celtic who are a community club like Malmo with a bigger support?

Ownership and finances
Malmö FF made the transition from an amateur club to fully professional in the late 1970s under the leadership of club chairman Eric Persson.[70] The club is an open member association, and the annual general meeting is the highest policy-making body where each member has one vote, therefore no shares are issued. The meeting approves the accounts, votes to elect the chairman and the board, and decides on incoming motions. During the successful 2010’s era Håkan Jeppsson was the chairman after taking over after Bengt Madsen in 2010, prior to his sudden death in 2018. The club’s legal status means that any interest claims are made to the club and not to the board of directors or club members. Daily operations are run by a managing director who liaises with the chairman.[71]

With an equity of 497 million SEK the club is the richest football club in Sweden as of 2019. The turnover for 2018 was 343 million SEK.[72] The highest transfer fee received by Malmö FF for a player was 86.2 million SEK (€8.7 million at that time) for Zlatan Ibrahimović who was sold to Ajax in 2001. At the time, this was the highest transfer fee ever paid to a Swedish football club.[73]

The main sponsors of Malmö FF are Volkswagen, Elitfönster AB, Intersport, Imtech, JMS Mediasystem, Mercedes-Benz, SOVA and Svenska Spel.[74] The club also had a naming rights deal with Swedbank regarding the name of Eleda Stadion between 2007 and 2017 when it was called Swedbank Stadion.


Fan-A-Tic, Thanks for that tip. I looked up weedkilling solutions for paths and driveways about a month ago and I noticed a lot of folk recommending Vinegar & soap. Also some solutions with bleach. I thought I would initially attack it with a hoe because there was a build up of soil, moss and weeds in the corners and sides. That’s all clear now. So the first sign of weeds etc and the vinegar will be used!

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The walls have ears ..hehehe
You out there ya wee bam .

Margaret McGill

Good point
I guess if SPLF/SFA implement their own rules and adhere to sporting integrity for the first time in their existence then Aberdeen would be in and the Huns out.


Morning all, hope this finds u safe and well
Stolen from Shuggybhoy on t’other channel

The old farmer said,”Well,as i see it,Donald Trump is like a “post tortoise”,not being familiar with the term,the doctor asked him what a”post tortoise”was.

The old farmer said,”When your driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with atortoise balanced on top,thats a post tortoise.The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctorsface so he continued to explain “You know he didnt get up there by himself,he doesnt belong up there,he doesn`t know what to do while hes up there,hes elevated beyond his ability to function,and you just wonder what kind of dumb-ass put him up there to begin with


Ah, memories…Harold Brattbakk…had me pulling out my hair more often than not ?…and a few lost bets ?…but all was forgiven in the end ?..nae wunner he’s now a pilot…plenty of runway to put his plane between the sticks ?

Mike in Toronto

Wouldn’t want to be one of those guys with the flashlights that guides the planes … Harold would probably aim the plane straight at him!


And miss !!

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