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The great and the good sat in judgement yesterday on The Great Question Of Our Times. WTF to do with the rest of the 2019/20 football season. The collection of Great Panjandrums were faced with one Almighty Conundrum,namely that in the great scheme of things,football truly isn’t a matter of life and death. It really is much less important than that. 

UEFA then decided on the only feasible way forward for them. That their flagship competitions,The Champions League and The Europa League,would be played to a finish in August. And that everyone else was free to do as they saw fit with their own domestic competitions,but that any decision made would be subject to UEFA standards on sporting integrity and fairness. 

What an abrogation of responsibility this is! I’m all right,Jack and the rest of you had better do the right thing because we will be watching? This is not leadership,not by any standard. People are dying,the experts are clueless on a way out of it,politicians-many of whom will be held to account for their role in underplaying the seriousness of the outbreak and in underfunding treatment and contingency planning-are wringing their hands in despair as all their best laid plans go agley. 

And UEFA concern themselves solely with their major source of income  by pretending that everything in the garden will be rosy in about six weeks so that players can go back to a full pre-season in order to play out some baubles for one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet. Fuxake,you couldn’t make that up. 

Six weeks ago,when I first wrote about the shutdown facing the game,I suggested that we could be good to go again by the middle of May,which would see the season out for the end of June. That UEFA should postpone the Euros till next year or even 2022 and put the beginning of next season on hold till around mid-August. During the intervening period,I’ve obviously became more realistic about the prospects of finishing the season,though I still hold out hopes that the SFA will play the remaining three games of the 2019/20 Scottish Cup. Forlorn hopes admittedly,but heyho. But that’s just me,it’s the type of guy I am. An optimist when it’s possible to be,but a pragmatist when reality boots me in the baws. 

Football has had a right good kick in the baws recently,that’s for sure. And there will be more to come as a result. 

I was listening to an interview with Daniel Comolli a couple of days ago. He has wide experience in the game,most notably as Director of Football at Spurs and Liverpool amongst others. He reckoned that the next two currently-sanctioned transfer windows will see only three English clubs able to make any significant signings. Most notably,he pointed out that Chelsea-the club which more than any other,turbocharged the money-go-round in the game-will not be one of them. They are fortunate,he said,in having such a well-run and well-stocked Academy,and they will make full use of it. Others,he reckons,are not nearly so fortunate. He used the example of Burnley,whose chairman told us over a month ago that he expected the club to lose well over £50m as a result of this closedown. That figure is likely to have increased with events since. How will Burnley-and a great many others!-finance such a loss?

The obvious one is to cut back on transfer expenditure. Burnley are actually one of the better run clubs in the EPL,and their wage bill reflects that. Sean Dyche said two years ago that no player at the club was on more than £40k per week,so I doubt that any will be on more than £50k per week now. And their spend on transfers is not that great. Yet they say they will lose in excess of £50m? That’s 40% of TV money-inflated turnover,give or take. And as I said,they are one of the better run clubs. 

What then of some of the clubs who have really speculated to accumulate,the ones who quite rightly decided that the path to never ending riches lay by ensuring that their club was equipped with the players and managers who would keep them on the EPL gravy train for ever more? Or,indeed,who spent more than they could afford to lose on a quest to get into the EPL from their launchpad in The Championship? Comolli reckons that the next few years will see a lot of lesser talented players taking home considerably less from their next contracts,and that agents will have to become much more realistic in their dealings on behalf of their players. Squad numbers will also be reduced dramatically in the next five years or so as clubs try every weapon in their armoury simply to survive and get their heads above water again. Not all will succeed. 

Football will survive but it will be a hugely different game from that seen in the first two decades of the century. A belated and much-needed cold blast of reality will see to that. It could be the best thing that’s ever happened to the game,though it will take a long while for the benefits to be clear. 
Meanwhile back at the ranch,what does yesterday’s “decision” mean for the game in Scotland? Well,fair play to the SPFL. It was their question which actually prompted UEFA to wash their hands of the domestic affairs of member countries! And,fair play again,the SPFL had clearly decided earlier than most that the season was most unlikely to be played to a conclusion. They have now been given the all-clear to declare the season over in the top league in much the same way that they have already done in the lower leagues. 

They will not prevaricate over this for any length of time. They have already been put on notice by the Scottish government that football,even behind closed doors,will not be permitted. Depending on which side of the bed she got out of that morning,this ban is planned till November or September. I think. Celtic will be declared champions and the European entries will be announced too,based on current placings. I noticed that Cormack,the new Chief Executive of Aberdeen,raised the banner of integrity in any declarations. I feel he is protecting the interests of his employers,the new US-based owners of the club. His comments are aimed at the SPFL/SFA and relate,I believe,to the concept of FFP and the award of European placings. We have nothing to worry about from his comments. Rangers,on the other hand,might be advised to pass the plate round for more lawyers fees. 

Above article by BMCUWP. Usual rules apply for anyone wanting to write an Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe,get your name in lights!

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Stunning song,especially when you know the story behind it. Dylan wrote a lot of songs about love,but I think he only wrote two love songs.

This is one of them. And in it,he explains to us that he wrote the other one for her too!



Good article Mick. The delusions of the huns enter hyperdrive. I’ll be glad when they are gone- soon I hope.



Reminder for tomorrow night’s quiz. Changing the theme as we do,tomorrow will be based around Trivial Pursuits. As there are six subjects in that game,there will be six rounds in tomorrow’s quiz.

Starting at 8pm BST,with six rounds of FOUR questions from each topic,that should see the new SC Champion declared around 930pm.

I hope you will join us,as it’s only a bit of fun. Not much of it about at the moment.



One of the questions from last weekend’s quiz asked which 80s current affairs programme had an excerpt from this track as it’s theme.

Have a listen to an 18-minute live extravaganza of the Weekend World theme!


Ffs I bought that album nearly 50years ago. ?



Aye,mate. But even when we think we’ve got rid of them,back they come. Like the bad smell that they are,stinking the place out.

What’s this wi the working malarkey? I didn’t realise things had got that bad. Still,when the pubs are shut,you need to fill your time somehow. I must admit to being grateful for mine as it at least gets me out. And,as I’m working at night,I can indulge in my new hobby without being arrested.

Stopping at a different pub every night to gaze longingly through the windows…



He released it around the same time that I discovered music. Well,when I lowered Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 onto my turntable for the first time.

I worked back from there with Highway 61 Revisited,etc,so it would have been around four or five years before I got round to buying the newer stuff. So,aye. Forty years. Wonder where they went.

Still,at least I can remember them better than last week so I must have been doing something right!




Just realised you were talking about Nantucket Sleighride,not the one that PUFFPUFF put up on the previous article!



There might be a thirty minute version of it on your sidebar,from their live in Japan Twin Peaks album. Stock up with stimulants of your choice before listening,and if you think the bass and lead guitars are duelling up a treat by halfway,wait till you hear the battle at the end!

Enjoy yer shift. My postie has been on strike lately,I reckon.

Twists n Turns

Morning all
Hope everyone is fine and well on another gloriously sunny day . ( well it will be when the clouds burn back)

I went for a stroll yesterday through some beautiful countryside. Followed the path of a stream for a good few miles.

I was very surprised that there were so few people around. You’re allowed exercise so where exactly are people who are exercising going for it? Found it odd.

Very peaceful.

Back in the real world I’ve had no work came in this week. Orders have dried up. Will it recover? Well perhaps, perhaps not.

How long could we survive? Hmmm. Maybe one quarter. Maybe longer if my USA partners decide to invest more, but they’re obviously in the same position in Missouri so who knows.

Got me thinking though. Looking at the lovely countryside yesterday, would it be such a bad thing if I’d to call it a day? I mean I’m in the last furlong of my working career anyway and had planned to quit again in the next year or so.

I’d need to curtail some plans I had for retirement but I’d survive just fine. That stunning countryside is free.

Of course that’s ok for me at nearly 62. Younger folks still in the throes of the rat race can’t adopt the same approach.

If you’re stuck in the house at the minute, get yer self out and about if you’ve got a nice area nearby. Take advantage of the time. ( not encouraging anyone to break the lockdown advice, but you are allowed a bit exercise time)

Quality time is something a lot of us don’t get. I guess it depends on your definition of ‘ quality time’ , but there are some beautiful and peaceful places around us. We just need to lift our heads above the iPhone screen to take advantage of it.

Stay safe folks… and stay as active as you can. ?



I read an article yesterday in the NY Times which got me thinking about how well prepared your Average Joe is for a major and unforeseen shock. Then got a text from my sis which also got me working the oul’ grey matter. An article combining both immediately came to mind,but it isn’t one that I can quite write off the top of my head. Even today’s took bloody ages because of the number of references in it which needed checking. And itto be done today anyway as it is current-who knows what will change later today or over the weekend?

Anyway,I can see an article in midweek which should,with luck,combine the two subjects. It’s a lot easier when the words flow faster than I can type them but it isn’t always the case! Meantime,I hope the work situation improves-I would be hasty to use you as an economic barometer,but if your company is open for business in an industry which is largely open for business,it doesn’t bode well for the economy for you to be on fumes. It might be worth revisiting the question of your business rates,rent,etc,which you tried to address-to no avail-at the start of this. Strong possibility,I reckon,that some hardntaskmasters are smelling the coffee recently.

Meantime,keeping smelling the fresh air. I’m about a kilometre from J16 of the M4 and the sound of silence is stunning. Air quality commensurately improved too.


Mick, I do a few hours a week in the main sorting centre in Springburn since I retired. Easy work and money for kerry oot and US racing. ?

Twists n Turns

Re your articles, it’s pretty obvious you spend a fair bit of time constructing them. There’s definitely a best selling football book in Mahe and your good self.

I suspect you cannot be fully concentrating on the road when you’re making yer way around Wiltshire and the surrounding areas!! In auto pilot I suspect ?.

I’m definitely up for yer quiz this week. Last week I was so under the weather I just couldn’t get motivated.

I was bored the other night so registered and took an IQ test online. Quite enjoyed it actually. I always knew I was a genius , I just thought I’d get confirmation ?

Made me think of running an IQ type question test on here. Not to return an IQ score of course, just a straight 20 question along the lines of “ next number in the sequence “ type questions.

That’ll sort the googlers oot and expose the huns ?

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, great article as usual bobby, just let them crown us champions and be done with it?



Thanks,bud! My concentration-at the risk of jinxing it!-is pretty high,unlike my colleague who badly damaged two vans a fortnight ago on a personal badger cull. You don’t want to hit one of them,it’s like hitting a block of wood. That’s been stuck down wi Hard As Nails!

I usually just figure out the topic for writing about in the morning. Go with the flow,wi a bit of googling for reference. Not as much hard work as you might think,and to be honest,it’s really quite enjoyable most times. The one I’ve got fermenting away for the next few days might be more difficult. It will take some work-and that means that it won’t be as good as it could be. Loses the spontaneity. One or two other roadblocks on it too-like how to combine satire and disaster. Still,God loves a trier…

big packy

TWISTY your post @ 7-22 we are in the same boat, the council have told us because of the size of the salon, we will have to put screens up to protect the staff from the customers and vice versa, more feckin money plus 5 girls is too much in the shop at once, so what the feck are you supposed to do, make 2 girls redundant or have them do alternate days, we have people phoning us by the minutes saying their dogs are a mess please help, there is nothing we can do to help them other than give advice about brushing the dog, to keep the coat free from knots, which we have been doing, we were going to sell up in a years time when joan turns 64 ,this might force our hand, stay safe buddy?

Twists n Turns

I know you’ve probably investigated all of this but have you taken advantage of the help that you do qualify for?

Have you furloughed the girls?

Scottish government giving £10k to all small businesses. Are England doing similar?

I don’t qualify as RV ( rateable value) of my property is too high, at £80k pa , but you’re probably ok. Worth looking.

You can defer VAT payments to next year too.

There is a lot you can look at to see if you qualify.

Selling up? Again, only a suggestion but have you thought of franchising your business?

big packy

TWISTY, thanks for your reply, yes the girls are furloughed and we get the same as the Scottish government ,regarding franchising the business, never thought of that, will look into it ,thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated?


Morning all and Packy, Forecast – 18 degrees, Sunny with a slight breeze. Thank goodness the weather has been kind to us during this time.


I’ve been trying to follow President Trump’s health advice but, when I went to the shops this morning, they had run out of Toilet Duck and Dettol, due to the panic buying. Anybody got any spare Brasso?

Quiz question for tonight- What does “you know what” stand for in the following context:-

“Pointing to his head, Mr Trump went on: “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.”


We read and hear on a daily basis that the answer to everything is to play behind closed doors. I just can’t see it being possible. I read a few days ago that a televised game behind closed doors would involve a minimum of 300 people inside the stadium.

Players especially are in close contact throughout.
Everyone involved during a run of games would need to be tested on a daily basis. Are these testing kits not needed much more elsewhere? Would all the folk involved be happy to go home every night to their loved ones?

I think it’s not on until we have a vaccine. Sorry folks!


Good morning!

Hope you are all well on this beautiful sunshiny day!

Just watched Scott Brown on Sky Sports this morning … on the week we reflected on the anniversary of the passing away of Billy McNeill, it was a very articulated Scott who answered all the questions in the manner of a true captain … the want to finish the games , leading Celtic to 9 in a row first and foremost and how the team focused in Dubai winter break to ensure we left the Huns in the dust at the start of the year…

Well done Broony! \o/

BMCUWP… you’re only a few junctions down the M4 from me … I’m not far off Junction 7 … it’s amazing to see blue skies with very few planes in the sky … definitely a day for a nice walk



Maidenhead/Taplow area? I was over there about twenty months ago,meeting RWE from CQN and his family. They’d rented a smashing wee cottage in stockbroker belt. Great wee day,if a bit of a hike. Well worth it,of course.

Might be a plan for a dayooooot in Wimbledon CSC when we finally get the fitba’ back if yer up for it. Always a joy in that place.




The thing that gets me about Trump is how his devotees brook no criticism. Usually with guff like-“Well,he speaks the words that I would”

“You know what?” sums up the total of their brain process,bit it puts a “post tortoise”-thanks,ANDERSD-in charge of,well,you know what.

bada bing1

Thank fk B&Q is open, can get disinfectant to inject the family, and keep us all safe ?



a wee bit further towards London …. lovely Slough!

It’s certainly changed over the years! My wife is from here and swears since we got together she’s seen more folk wearing hoops shirts all over Berkshire!

Wimbledon a good shout! Fingers crossed we get a positive outcome from the vaccine trials and a return to some form of normality.


Bada Bing 1
Trump obviously comes from hun stock through his Scottish mammy.
His constant ridiculous utterances with no basis in fact is exactly the same behavior as his Scottish hun brethren.
They are all from the bitter orange tree.

Billy Bhoy

Greetings from a sunny Milton Of Campsie. It’s nice to finally get a calm sunny day without that bloody stiff breeze!
I’m sitting in my back garden catching up on yesterday’s posts and am absolutely gobsmacked at all the red robin posts.
My mother-in-law passed away 5 years ago. I had a weird experience a few days after her funeral. I was hanging out a washing and became aware of a bird chirping away in my garden. I looked up and saw a red robin sitting on my garden fence. This was a common occurrence but not the noisy chirping. The next thing it flew across the garden and perched on the whirlygig. Now, this I thought was amazing! I stood looking at it for a few moments and was then compelled to start talking to it.
“Would you like a wee bit of bread? Aye? OK just wait there” . I started to walk towards the house and we I climbed the stairs at my back door I looked back and was amazed to see the robin bouncing up the steps behind me!
I went inside and told my wife who said ” Oh, that ‘ll be my mum”. We went back outside with some bread to find the robin waiting patiently on the top step.
For two years after this whenever I went outside i would start whistling and the robin would often appear.
I could sit down on the grass with some bread spread on the ground and it would hop right over to me and eat away. It seemed almost like a pet.

At the time I didn’t think.too deeply about any of this but you guys have got me wondering now.

Billy Bhoy


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, hi billy bhoy, yes its bloomin weird, frightened me to be honest, but I swear to god it happened, your story has a robin involved as well I see, some things are hard to explain?

Sol Kitts

After listening to the latest ramblings from the “leader of the free world ?”, why do I keep thinking of the old wire brush and Dettol joke? ?


Afternoon all from Costa Renfrew where the sun is shining and the coffee’s free-flowing….there’s a hole in the bottom of ma travel mug! 😉
Another good article BMCUWP. I think keeping busy with work must be inspirational, I feel my head has gone to sleep, I can’t get inspired about anything at the moment! The point about FFP in Scotland, and it ONLY applies to The Rangers is an interesting one! The Rangers supporters already hate us first and foremost and Aberdeen a distant second but if Aberdeen decide to force the SFA/SPFL’s hands on this….stand back and watch the touchpaper……. I’m looking forward to that forework display!!


Greetings cairde . Sorry for the rather long post but some things are just worth remembering. If you’re not interested in Irish history or politics just scroll on by. Thanks for the indulgence.

Éirí Amach na Cásca
The Easter Rising
Dublin 24th April 1916
104 yeas ago Irish patriots mounted an armed insurrection in Dublin against the British occupation of Ireland. The ‘Rising’ lasted for 6 days. Overwhelmingly outnumbered and hopelessly outgunned 1200 ‘rebels’ in Dublin took on the might of an empire with an estimated 16,000 British troops and 1000 RIC sent to crush the rebellion. To the astonishment of the British ‘The Army of the Irish Republic’ (The IRA, an amalgam of members of The Irish Volunteers, The Irish Citizens Army, Hibernian rifles, Cumann na mBan and Na Finna Eireann) fought with such bravery and tenacity it forced them, the British, to deploy artillery to bombard ‘rebel’ positions destroying large parts of the centre of Dublin in the process of reducing the insurgents strongholds.

On the 29th of April Patrick Pearse issued the orders to surrender. The British hastily arranged military courts and tried and convicted the captured Irish republican prisoners. 14 men were executed by firing squad between 3rd and 12th of May in Dublin with one other being shot in Cork. Many others, including Mick Collins, were imprisoned in camps such as Frongoch in Wales. ‘Sir’ Rodger Casment was the last rebel to be executed, after being convicted of treason he was hanged in Pentonville prison August 1916.

Albeit seemingly quixotic in nature and, initially, with little support amongst the Irish population ‘the rising’ succeeded in reawakening the desire for freedom In the Irish people in so much that in the general election of Dec 1918 Sinn Fein won the overwhelming majority of Irish seats having run a campaign promising not to take their seats in the British Parliament. The 1st woman elected to the house of Commons being Constance Gore Booth (The Countess Markievicz).She was elected as MP for Dublin St Patrick’s. Markievicz had been sentenced to death for actively participating in the rising, the sentence being commuted due to her gender.
The inaugural meeting of the 1st Dáil Eireann was held on 21 January 1919 and its first act was to ratify the 1916 proclamation and a declaration of Independence was made. On the same day the 1st shots of the War of independence (The Tan war) were fired when the IRA attacked members of the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) guarding an explosive shipment in Co Tipperary.

“Life springs from death; and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations” Patrick Pearse

“Believing that the British Government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and never can have any right in Ireland, the presence, in any one generation of Irishmen, of even a respectable minority, ready to die to affirm that truth, makes that Government for ever a usurpation and a crime against human progress.
I personally thank God that I have lived to see the day when thousands of Irish men and boys, and hundreds of Irish women and girls, were ready to affirm that truth, and to attest it with their lives if need be”


…and for anyone looking for something on TV, I came across Goliath on Amazon last night. Billy Bob Thornton plays a boozy lawyer who takes on the big boys. There’s 3 series and I’m halfway through S1 and it’s excellent!

Sol Kitts

If Aberdeen force the SFA to follow the FFP rules and prevent Sevco taking a European place which they don’t qualify for, then our board should hang their heads in shame at having sat on their hands when Oldco stole a Champions League place from us, despite being given all the evidence they needed.
I really hope that the Dons push this, and do it publicly, not only for themselves, but also to shine a bright spotlight on PL for not having the backbone to take the right path.


How do you pay for players wages with no income coming in?

That is the challenge all clubs face so I’ll repost an old NTV article about players wages.

Evolution Soccer – Revolution Soccer.

“The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That’s how I see football, that’s how I see life.” Bill Shankley. Liverpool FC.

Football has experienced a curious phenomenon over the last ten years. Neither the fans nor the clubs can be considered the owners of the game. If we define ownership as the ability to dictate terms then it becomes self evident. The world’s best players and those who hang on to their coat tails now run the show and it filters down to the lower levels. These people are football’s new owners.

How has this happened for it would be impossible in normal business? It happened because the player’s paymasters, the support, set no price on their desire for glory and success. The paymasters have become the slaves of glory and football is paying the ultimate cost.

Along with the desire for glory at any price is the working man’s thinking that a player, like any working man, has the right to negotiate as high a reward for his labour as he can. As a left leaning Glaswegian who has had to strike for improved conditions in normal business, I subscribe to that notion and paid my dues to defend that right. However football is not like normal business. In normal business if a worker negotiates a wage that makes the company uncompetitive because the rise exceeds the income it will generate, that company will eventually go out of business. Thus a reality wage ceiling is in place. This is a good thing because it means the company can continue to offer employment to all its workers and continue to serve its customers.

However in recent football history the influx of TV and sugar daddy money has enabled a wage to be offered that goes way beyond the business’s ability to sustain, but unlike normal business, clubs do not, by and large, go out of business. They find ways of reforming and carry on, but at a cost to those players not in the top earning bracket, or to the workers in companies who served them. It has meant smaller squads, fewer players able to earn.

It is a curious socialist philosophy that supports a player’s right to get as much as he can from the game, but ignores the consequences for his fellow players/workers without whom there would be no game.

A good analogy is in order here. Modern football is like a description of a scene from hell where a visitor looks into one room and sees an emaciated group around a table on which is set a large pot full of stew. They cannot eat because their arms have been set straight at the elbow and elongated so that they cannot get a spoon in their mouths. It is a miserable place. Then the visitor goes upstairs and enters a similar room with occupants similarly handicapped, but where everyone is well fed and contented. “How can this be?” he asks his guide. “Well downstairs all their energies are spent in the nigh impossible task of feeding their insatiable hunger, whilst up here they simply feed each other.”

The thankless job of managing the downstairs room falls to the custodians of clubs, but their hands are tied by the players’ real paymasters, the support, demanding the custodians throw more food into the room, rather than teach the occupants the benefit of feeding each other for the good of all.

Not all players and agents are greedy men, John Kennedy’s magnificent gesture to give his testimonial money to famine relief is a demonstration of this, and there are other players who also carry out charitable acts. However, overall, it is players who exploit the support using the support’s desire for success to demand from custodians wages that starve lower reaches of the game. There is more than enough finance to satisfy both players and supporters needs, it just needs to be distributed more equitably.

Hopefully this phenomenon will end when the unconscious paymasters – the support, who should be the owners, waken up and realise that they are being exploited, not by the custodians of clubs, but by their fellow workers the players. When this realisation finally dawns about who currently owns football a consensual wage ceiling might emerge to allow football to again become the people’s game. There is no natural ceiling to ensure wealth generation is preserved or that the wealth created is more fairly distributed. One must be created.

At some point the age old class struggle of exploited worker versus owner will be repeated, except the battle will be between a more aware and responsible support and the new owners of soccer, the players.

These are not to be confused with the players of the past, fellow workers of their time exploited by then club owners. Players like Bobby Evans, Willie Fernie, Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Murdoch etc. These guys and their fellow professionals were working men all their playing lives.

Those days, however, have gone.

Edit; or have they?

Twists n Turns

Billy bhoy

I posted on here a long time ago that my mum
is a bird lady. Makes scrambled eggs for them ! There’s a robin actually taps on my mums back door and waits on her coming out.

I’ll need to relate some of the stories that have appeared on here to her. She’ll love them.

The Gombeen Man

Fine read today BMCUWP’S.

You mention the courts. Two High Court Judges have highlighted Sevco’s penchant for litigation. It usually doesn’t end very well for them but I suppose it creates a distraction for the loyal while they have their wallets emptied.

Maybe the prospect of a hallow pyrrhic victory on a technicality or loophole is some kind of a compensation for a club that has forgotten that the primary objective of a professional club is success on the field of play. That doesn’t always have to be winning. Often football does so much more, even in the jaws of defeat.

Sevco have no grasp of the intricacies of the beauty of the game and are the epitome of the sore loser, the one that cannae take it. Humility is a quality that’s beyond their ken.

During this hiatus, I thought I’d try to reflect on Sevco’s Season.

Morales’s motor, Morales’s gestures, Morelos AWOL, Translatergate. The 12 year who was made to carry the can. Jabba’s assault, Jabba’s jotters. Jabba’s Orange successor. The £7m man, Ryan Kent’s gun gesture. The interim accounts. What happened in Dubai? Post Winter Break form. Tynecastle misery, Hamilton at Ibrox. Stevie’s interviews. Playing Leverkusen as the pandemic closed in. No trophies. No kit sponsorship. Memorial Walls Case, Sports Direct Case…and Sevco’s stance on sporting integrity.

Meanwhile the great and the good of the Scottish media only point their twisted finger at the SPFL’s attempt to release funds to struggling clubs?

The media’s failings are just part of a clandestine attempt to undermine the stability of the game and save Sevco from further humiliation.

It’s a circus.

Gregory Campbell, I hear is valiantly representing his constituency and projecting his pain by placing a motion before Parliament demanding an independent enquiry.

Not an enquiry into the funding of the Junta at Ibrox. Or the debts, or Club 1872, Mr King or Mr Blair’s contracts or conflicts of interest. Not the same club myth or Davy Murray’s, EBT’s or dodgy UEFA licences. The same  Mr Campbell it would appear is completely happy with the conduct of the suits at Ibrox and is in full denial mode. It’s textbook denial and deflection. That never works. I suppose it might distract the Ibrox Loyal for a while?

In fairness Gregory’s credentials are impeccable. He has proven himself to be an unbiased, asute politician over the years. He told the Derry Journal on New Years Eve 2018,

“On the day when Rangers beat Celtic, Linfield beat Cliftonville and Hearts beat Hibs…I don’t want to hear any cheap or triumphalist point scoring among fans, it’s really unbecoming, they don’t have to do it …….I WILL.'”

No doubt the Speaker will be delighted at the waste of valuable Parliamentary time and Gregory’s priorities during a unprecedented National Emergency.

History and Hansard will remember Mr Campbell’s selfless contribution to the nation during this crisis.

Good to read that TNT has turned the corner and is able to use his expertise to help other business owners. That’ll be increasingly valuable in the months to come.

Fair play to Packy and Joan for picking up the phone to their customers. It’s good that the phone’s ringing.

This will pass.

Enjoy the weekend and let’s hope there’s no more evidence for the paranoid Sevconians to get themselves in a lather over in the Beano or Dandy.

“If it’s in the Private Eye it must be true.”

A thing of beauty

Just back from a lovely cycle in the sunshine with my girl. TNT is right again, exercise is so good for you, especially in this lockdown period. So get yourself s out and about. How about JNP selects three birds per week for us to spot when we are out walking/running/cycling and we’ll see how many we get. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be a twitcher but it’ll give us an interest. Thoughts?
Also fan
I like your reference to trump being just like his hun brethren. Orange, ugly and thick as shit. Yep I can see the link.


Following on my previous on player wages: will sugar daddies with the largest shares hang around if the cost of maintaining share value i.e. players wages, managers wages, CEO wages (he has some exit clause I understand), staff wages, exceeds the return on investment?

That is why I raised the question of a Membership model because the ONLY thing that can be relied on in football and particularly Celtic is that supporters will not want their clubs going to the wall.

So if you cannot sell STs because no game to watch, can you sell SP’s (Solidarity Payments) to keep your club alive in return for some future say in how it is run?

Now Celtic might have enough in reserve if players accept that without an agreed wage cut they may have no or little wages at all, but what of other clubs where community ownership is their survival lifeboat? It is the norm for them.

I referenced Malmo as one model and no doubt there are others but whether The Board like the idea of being accountable or not, desperate times for them might just call for desperate measures.

In short would supporters buy an ST not to watch games but to keep Celtic alive with no conditions or would they want some proper account and say on how their investment is being used?


Sol Kitts

I wonder if he ever got briefed on the SFA/UEFA Licence/Rangers.

Mike in Toronto


I’m sorry if this was discussed previously, but I don’t recall that being the case … i May have missed it. if so, feel free to disregard.

But, otherwise, I think it sort of touches on what you are talking about today …

In January UEFA released its annual financial analysis of the game (based on final numbers for the 2018 seasons).

at 229 million, a Scotland stands 11th in Europe for money made by country. Further, at 43% of revenue, Scottish football is the most reliant on ticket sales in Europe. This is far ahead of any other country, and almost triple the European average of 15%. The number in Scotland has been increasing every year for the last decade.

In 2018, Scotland’s ticket revenue was 98 million, while In comparison, Norway and Denmark were 21 and 14 million respectively.

I have to go back at look at this last number. I am assuming Celtic’s ticket sales have been pretty steady during that time. Rangers May have been improving somewhat during that time. But, at first blush, this would suggests that revenue from other sources is actually going down. Of course, Scotland has a new, more lucrative TV contract for next season …

I need to go through it and properly analyze the numbers, but would expect ticket sales to be most hit by Covid, so Scotland may be most impacted. However, at least in relative terms, in any event, Scotland could stand to get its percentage of revenue bu ticket sales down (hopefully, by increasing other existing revenue streams, as opposed to a drop in ticket sales).


Afternoon all. Another good read BMCUWP

Auldheid, I like the idea of having Supporter orientated consultations, and being part of some decision makings for your ST or donation, but i doubt many from say upwards of 50k supporters who might pay in to this idea, would be adept in financial matters, or be able to do a better job than our current ones do, (That’s not to say the current ones are perfect) far from it in fact.

Having 50k supporters with a voice, could be a total rabble, I wouldn’t be opposed to something such as the benefit of a proxy vote/voice for my investment. Ie: give my vote or voice to say once yearly elected members of The Celtic Trust.


Sol Kitts

Feeding scrambled eggs to birds? Is than not encouraging cannibalism ?? But the big question is, does she also give them squerr? ??

Twists n Turns

Not long back myself. Walked to a quiet spot at the stream and enjoyed a mini picnic then walked a couple of miles . Just leisurely stroll.
Saw an aeroplane which was unusual for me at this time. Planes going to Edi airport come towards my house just before turning East. So if outside I usually see one every 15 minutes or so. Hardly see any now.

Watched the tadpoles at the stream.

All that was missing from my childhood was a net and a jar to put some in.

Something else made me think this morning. I was out delivering some groceries to Fauldhouse. On the way back, I saw a poor fella walking towards Whitburn. I know of him from my childhood. He used to hang around the town looking for a few bob from anyone who would oblige. Despite being told at the time that I was a mug as he drank and gambled the money, I still gave him £1 when I seen him. Now that was 40 plus years ago.

When my wife’s mum was ill in hospital last year , I was down at the hospital shop getting a few things for her. I was at the elevator waiting to go back up to her ward and a voice from behind me says “ Mr R, how are you?”

I turns to see a face I vaguely recognised but it took a few seconds to register who it was. It was him. (Awe Naw and Mags will definitely know this chap- DW)

“Bloody hell long time no see D. What you in here for?”

He rattled of a whole list of ailments and tbh he looked on death’s doorstep. He’s got mental health issues too for sure. Anyway I chatted to him for 10 minutes or so. He kept apologising for not remembering my Christian name! Not see him in all those years yet he still remembered me. Half an hour later I’m walking back to my car with my wife and I see D wandering towards the car park. Dressing gown and slippers on!

Went over to him and kinda ushered him back to reception. I gave him some cash before I left. I felt really sad leaving him that day.

This morning he was on the opposite side of the road from me and walking away from his home town towards the direction I live. What I noticed though was the absolute effort he was having to make to breathe. Throwing his head violently backwards as he walked and gasping for breath.

I’m not sure that the chap should be out and about. Looks like he needs to be cared for somewhere , by someone, but is very much on his own. I don’t suppose social distancing is gonna help him either. Him and how many others I wonder?

The thing is, most people see him, most from Whitburn know him, but I think they just give him a wide berth as he used to be a bit of a nuisance. Very sad really.

If I see him out and about again I’m definitely gonna try and find out where he’s living and who is looking after him.

Twists n Turns

Sol K

I actually thought she was making it for me. I said to her “ mum I told you I don’t want anything to eat!”

It’s for the birds she replies

I told her they won’t eat that surely?

Ha. Not half. Gone in seconds. She’s got more bird feeders than the Garden centre. Tubs and tubs of nuts , fruit, seeds, you name it.


MIT Auldheid
You would both be a tad optimistic that the authorities are anything other than a reactionary bunch to keep their favorites alive.
Club licensing would only be read to find loopholes to allow the huns to cheat.
Im sure you more than most realise how fraught with danger and difficult fan ownership would be.
Reading a few Celtic blogs is a decent barometer of how United the support are.
The defiance and contentious nature of our fans would require a leader with the wisdom of Solomon to get a consensus on anything.


The NTV article resonates and is valid but because fitba is fitba it is has never been subject to the same rules as other walks of life or employment. Therefore the ethics of socialism we would expect society and fellow left-leaning Celtic supporters to uphold are simply disregarded. Everyone has their own way of supporting or following their club, too. Some are stay at home and subscribe to PPV broadcasters, others are pub-goers and there are then the CP attendees who pay either ST monies or occasionally attend league/cup/euro games.
The root of the monstrous wages doesn’t lie with the man in the street, it lies in the power of the broadcasters, the marketing capabilities of the broadcaster, their ability to make us want! The ability to be a part of something better, something bigger, we are induced into a FOMO, a FEAR OF MISSING OUT! This marketing taps into our emotions and can be hard to resist. It’s ridiculously effective and like the major movie stars and pop stars if the man above is getting a lot more than you then you want a bigger cut and then the guy behind you sees what you’re getting and he wants a bigger cut and so on and so on.
How do you break the cycle, well you get a Chinese Government plot to attack the world with a deadly virus ( sorry, Mahe and BMCUWP, just being flippant) and you get the man in the street to take stock of what is important! Then you might be back on the road to a sort of socialism that allows the big clubs to operate a model that is sustainable!
Sorry, reading this back it’s a wee bit rambling but the point remains!

big packy

a couple of points, the leader of the free world, telling us to inject some disinfectant into your body to get rid of covid -19, aye that will work a treat Donald, hope you got your brains from your American father and not yer guid Scottish mother? would I buy a season ticket to keep celtic afloat, id buy a feckin dozen if they got rid of the tory board? another true story?

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