Isn’t it ironic?

This week should see us crowned again as determined by the bigwigs in a meeting that actually came up with the closest thing we have seen to answers so far . Its incumbent upon us all to wait eagerly until the fat lady sings and then begin the analysis, especially after hearing some leagues are going down the null and void route. Our governing bodies were always going to take their queue from the top table, hide behind daddies legs, and it looks like its time to man up and make the announcement that will invoke a fresh round of fury.
Wednesday or Friday should see the season conclude at last. Its not one we are likely to forget anytime soon.


As we attempt to navigate these strange times we keep hearing or realising that the entire planet has been given a real dose of perspective, and theres always some who will make humour out of even the worst of situations. Whats making me smile though is the delicious sense of irony that is becoming more and more unescapable both in this virus hit globe, and the national sport of the best wee bigoted country in the world.


Isn’t it ironic that here we have the Ibrox men threatening the governing bodies with a dossier ! My sides almost split reading this. There’s a room full of evidence against them but they’ve a dossier. The most ironic thing is plenty of that dossier is likely to be true, aye theres probably evidence galore there of malarkey. However it was all to help facilitate and aid them !
The ultimate irony?


And then theres the governing bodies themselves who were motoring along nicely and having somehow got Putrid Petrie into position and it looked to be another generation of jobs for the boys allied with the best way to stop Timmy is a strong team in light blue mindset.
And kaboom just like that their entire setup has imploded from under them, exposing any cracks in the system and their ineptitude.
In this situation pre virus they and their lackeys would deflect some ill will towards their favourite punching bag. Uproar left, right, and centre in the domestic game and not a Celtic conspiracy anywhere in sight. Oh the irony that we can watch and smile as they tear each other apart.


And hey, you want irony. Just look at the Dundee chairman who was so conflicted by his personal allegiance to the team he supports and his professional allegiance to his paycheck and liberty that he sent a yes AND a no vote.
I mean this one,,, call the Guinness book of Records folks because this one deserves to be in there under irony.
You couldn’t script that.
You will believe he is still employed, for the moment.


The sport may well find itself begging for fans, one huge irony surely as in general it couldn’t give a stuff about them, only their wallet is coveted. The closed stadium route is just not for me and here in the States we already have precedent with LeBron saying if the basketball decides to opt for that then he’s looking at early retirement as it doesn’t appeal to him one bit.
Cant get up for it without the fans, or words to that effect.
If basketball’s biggest name is willing to walk away on this one, it’s that important to him, perhaps its worth asking would the beautiful game lose a name or ten if introduced?
Have players themselves been consulted because Ive never heard anything but bad reports of behind closed door games. If faced with that or a comfortable retirement now without the sour ending how many would succumb to the latter. I know I would.
I recall in the not too distant past a fear that some rocket would penetrate the field of play and a player (or manager) would be the victim of an attack, around the time Robbie Savage was confronted during play I believe.
Talk then was that if policing and searches around games weren’t stepped up then some footballers may choose to walk away fearing harm. They were going to leave the sport because of the fans! Now some have said they will leave their sport if no fans !
The f#@king irony of it !


And then the previously funny-ish situation re clubs dying. ‘Yer clubs deid pal’ was acceptable when liquidation was such a rare event but if some do fold here it’s not funny at all. To have managed fine for over a hundred years and fall to an invisible foe would be a travesty unworthy of mocking full stop.
There will be a fine line to tread when it comes to establishments going under, but we must not allow one certain passing away to be filed under ‘ The Virus Years’ for future generations.
File that one under ‘Death by Hubris’ please and keep the two lists separate.
Two death lists eh.
If someone had told you that 15 years ago what would you have said?
If someone had told you that one team wished they were on the other death list how would you have looked at them?
Wouldn’t it be ironic if the one club that totally ignores its previous death (with the help of the everyone in the game shamefully) see all that hard work undone by a bug?
‘Bat Upsets Bears’ the headline will read !


The best for last though, our club of choice. Its practically everywhere you look.
First there’s the news that the Dons may seek to have FFP enforced on der Huns. Its hard to tell if our board members spat their coffee out and seen the dollar signs disappearing and gasped Nooooo,,,
Or perhaps they raised a rye smile and said get ready for the heat of the klan northerners.
Its likely they have completely missed the irony that it will take someone else to clear up the mess they are so willing to ignore yet get paid well to handle, maybe its all in the company’s best interests and we should trust them.


Its more than ironic that myself and others who have yelled ‘ Empty the Park ‘ in the past are finally getting their wish, out of the blue given a massive helping hand in that request.
And now its here, it doesn’t make one iota of difference because all are forced into the same boat.
The gravy train we cursed has finally ground to a halt, but we never thought all trains would stop and the station would be empty. Be careful what you wish for I guess.


My own little head scratcher are the pitches. For instance the Huns scream finish the season yet ripped their pitch up? Urmm, something missing there ?
But wait don’t laugh, because on the other hand guess who’s lawn care expenses are a hell of lot cheaper than ours right now ! Unwittingly outsmarted?
Who woulda thunk it, financially punished the most for having the best pitch in the league and they have no effing pitch and we cant laugh about it oh !!!
The bleeding irony guv’nor.


As for our suits I confess this is one time when I would love to pick their brains.
Is Peter eyeing up the bank account and having palpitations at the thought of no more top ups or worse yet, might have to dip into it? Terrible to blow your savings on not what it was saved up for, whatever that is.
Look at it from the stadium size point of view. Should minimum mandatory spacing restrictions come into play, and realistically all signs are pointing that direction, then we are looking at a much restricted attendance. In which case we will be paying for the upkeep of the nations biggest stadium, without all the benefits of being the biggest.
There will be no ten thousand extra season tickets sold than any rival either, the gap will be negligible. Theres a great leveller without them lifting a finger.
I will let you decide if thats ironic.


One massive dollop of irony is the fact our ten that couldn’t be derailed on the field now has serious wobbles off the field, and for once there’s no masonic conspiracy.
A bat has our 10 in doubt and I’m not talking Bruce Wayne here.
Ps as a boy I had the Lions on the wall and a Batman hanging in the window, talk about a personal conflict of interests.
A huge percentage of the faithful fans who will have seen every league since Walters players they couldn’t afford eventually nabbed a title, might be forced to miss the special season.
If there was one season out of the ten you wouldn’t want to miss, it doesn’t take a genius to figure its the history maker. But to be denied the pride and joy of your chosen vantage point over the field of play after having witnessed the first 8 and a half years of the campaign will be very hard for some, and excruciating for others.
I can only say for once I’m glad that there’s nothing sinister at play, what an indictment of the national sport and the fiasco it had become.


And as for our suits after they navigated the AGM and the demands for Res12 justice, surely they would have thought themselves home and dry seeing as most of the support simply will not stop attending even if shown solid proof of cheating, but yet just like that their plans are stopped in their tracks. A hotel , a cafe, perhaps the Barrowfield renovation are all in doubt, immediately placed on hold, and that’s the transparent plan’s.
Their own gravy train has halted, and the wages that should never have been offered in a backwater must be readjusted to the current and future climate. Surely a streamlining of sorts must be on the agenda if a major drop of income materializes.
Young Desmond just may not fancy that backwater or even the entire sport any longer now its landscape has drastically changed.
Change was the last thing our PLC wanted and by embracing the Old Firm and what they know it showed, yet change is upon us and must be confronted ready or not.
Out of the blue and from China but not some mystery investor who noticed us while scouting Alfredo for around the same price as our entire club.
Is it not ironic that once El Buffalo decides not to go to China , it comes to him?


Some other notables are Budge getting on the reconstruction group,, the mother of all ironies?
And then there’s Valencia being forced to remove the bat from their clubs crest after almost a century of using it,, talk about timing and surely the head honchos at DC comics can see a hint of irony in that they just spent an absolute fortune to secure the image rights of probably the world’s most loathed species right now.
Its all about perspective folks.
Because finally what is 100% ironic, is that there’s nowhere to be, you’re not leaving the house, and essentially we are doing nothing, but yet none of us will ever forget these days.


The above is by Mahe. We will be seeking volunteers to help write the player of the season awards. apply within.

Notify of


Found a clip from the beginning of Billy Connolly’s TIYL appearance,so if you play it there’s a good chance more of it may be on your sidebar.

Also,if you have Amazon Prime it seems to be available from there for some reason. Obviously I can’t access it,but here are the links.


And I think this is his first appearance on Parkinson.


And,a longer clip from an early concert.


Top of the morning to ye all from Govanhill.


Smashing Article,MAHE. One which nails a lot of the uncertainty facing us now and in the immediate future. I actually have the guts of tomorrow’s article written,but as it covers many of the same points you raise,it will be rewritten a tad!

There are three big big talking points from your article. The first is obviously the destination of the title for the current season. It is quite clear that season 2019-20 is over,finito,kaput. Awarding it to the team who would have won it under normal circumstances is,sadly,not a given. I expect that the board will have been planning their reaction to any decision which denies us the title.

I do not think that they will express a simple comment of being surprised on this,as they have done with previous decisions. The problem is that if the title is not awarded,the season declared null and void,I don’t see what the board can do to reverse that. Bugger of a position to be in.

The second one is regarding playing behind closed doors,or with a reduced capacity. Everyone I’ve read on this subject,bloggers or journalists,seems to think that social distancing requirements will mean that only one seat in four can be occupied,or one in nine. That depends on whether they think that the gap between fans should be one empty seat in each direction,or two.

I’ve got news for them,and for everyone here too. I’ve had a look at the seats available,within UEFA guidelines,from one of the biggest suppliers. Hell knows,we’ve all complained about how cramped and uncomfortable it is in a full stadium. Here’s why…

That means that only one seat in six can be occupied-in each direction!!! So the capacity of Celtic Park will be reduced to 1,650. That’s a tiny number,and a huge problem.

The third problem may be the biggest of all. It is in two parts. Now,we all know that the novelty of all this has long worn off. We all want a return to normality. I’m fed up already of all this garbage about a new normal-that is not normality,and what I’m referring to is getting things back to how we were in,say,February. When will that be-because no business or enterprise can plan for the future until they know when that future begins.

Nor what that future actually holds-the second part of this particular piece of the puzzle. When everything has finally settled down,everyone-who still has a job!-is back working the same way as before,pubs,shops and supermarkets see people jostling to pay for their purchases,and football is ready to accept all and sundry-how many teams will still be around?

We all loathe the corporate side of the game,the monetisation of a harmless Saturday diversion. But this will have proven more than any other event in the history of the game that football is a business and that all of its members-the clubs-are businesses too.

How many clubs will still be around to provide a competition? And how many people will still be able to afford to turn up and watch it,or even to pay a subscription to watch it on TV?

This is an existential crisis for The Beautiful Game,MAHE. Make no mistake.



Howzitgaun,oul’ son?

Ffs,do not ask me that question back. Thank goodness Boris is back at work. I expect the virus to pack its bags-as he promised it would two months ago!-give up and go home.


I’m fine mate. The virus is over why don’t ye go home? Sounds familiar. ?

Twists n Turns

I’ve got a feeling Nicola Sturgeon won’t follow Boris’ back to work schedule anyway. If he chooses for example May 25th ( random date ?), I suspect she will add a month.
Every time she speaks now I find she does so in extremely ‘ glass 3/4 empty’ mode.

I’ve never been so disillusioned with politicians and at 61 and having lived through the Thatcher era that lets you know just how low/frustrated I’m feeling.

When this situation subsides, and I deliberately chose not to say ‘ when this ends’ because the damage caused will never end, life will never be the same in my opinion.
There seems to be no mention of the mental health issues this is causing, and will continue to cause, long after the lockdown ends.

I’m at that age whereby I’ll manage regardless of how bad it gets. Tens of millions will not .

There are people all around me becoming increasingly frantic with worry. It has to be the same all over.

Reaching the stage now whereby I really couldn’t care whether there’s a ball ever kicked again. In some respects, if it meant the end of the huns, then actually, some good will have come out of this disaster.

I believe S.C. intends to become a charity orientated site as it grows. Gonna be no shortage of cases needing help . Gonna need fkn deep pockets bud.



I’ve mentioned mental health on here before,not to mention the build-up of other serious illnesses which are not being attended to in a timely manner at the moment. Additionally,while I expect a bit of a baby boom in the new year,I’d expect the divorce rate to go through the roof too!

There really is going to be a logjam of social and economic problems resulting from this,and I doubt even the finest politicians and advisors from history would be comfortable or confident in dealing with it. Yet it couldn’t have come at a worse time for most,with only the likes of Merkel,Ardern in NZ,Tsai-sp?-in Taiwan,Chung in S Korea and Trudeau in Canada having inspired any confidence at all. And that may be giving some of them the benefit of the doubt.

This is a time when we have a nadir of talent at the head of governments everywhere,and that they are there is the fault of the people who put them there. Disillusioned with politics? I can only ask what took you so long? (With respect,not as a dig.)

The site has always had the intention of being a site for good causes to be pushed and even to provide funds for a speculation and accumulation enterprise,for example-which didn’t work at all! It is still very much the intention,and we have no problem with the established fundraisers from CQN posting their plans on here to get the donations rolling. I was looking for something this morning when I came back from work-I was pretty sure it would be in amongst a pile of stuff I’d simply thrown in the bottom of a cupboard when I moved in as I was unlikely to need them.

Found an old CQN badge,still in the wee bag-I usually gave mine to family and friends. But I also found,drum roll…


Yes,that is how it is spelt on the flag. A gift from ACGR,and it has been all over the world. It will make an appearance-a comeback,if you like!-at the next Glasgow hoot. And I think we will ask a certain little combo to make a follow-up appearance at the venue. This time,with a whip round for a pre-nominated charity or two

I know how much was raised when Billy No’well appeared about seven years ago,and it was well in excess of what he-and Morrisey,who organised it-expected so they put the extra to,I think,Mary’s Meals or similar. I suspect,like you,that many people are going to find themselves in trouble shortly and that as need increases,the ability of others to meet it will greatly decrease. We are going to need to be very creative and community-minded to do what we can.

And for too many,the desire to help will hit the brick wall of economic reality

Twists n Turns

Thanks for the detailed and considered reply.

Whatever transpires, I’d hope anyone who is in a position to help those less fortunate will answer the call. In fact I know they will.

Tell ye what though, this drama has seen some who are usually on opposite sides of the divide come together. Rangers supporting neighbour just challenged me to a water fight to ease the tensions.

Happy to accept his invite.

Just waiting on the kettle boiling.





I’m probably not best known for praising the DR or its chief football writer. However…


Morning all and Packy. Agreed on Keith Jackson Bobby. A decent article from him this morning. He has summarised Ann Budge very well. As I see it, she is supporting the huns because they are ‘family’ not for any considered opinion. And she is desperate for Hearts to avoid a well deserved relegation.

One other good point regarding the article is KJ managed to avoid dragging Celtic into the bun fight. For a change!

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, very cloudy here in Cheshire, great article as usual mahe, they will make us wait to be crowned champions you watch, was going to go to oulton park today to watch the monster truck driving, its only 15 miles from me, then I realised ffs its Monday not sunday? another true story?

big packy


Well my nightshift is over, and i’ll leave a message for big packy as he reads back.
Check your cat is not sleeping in the bass drum before you start playing it !! ASWGL unfortunately sold my drumkit in 95 after I stopped playing, put it in the local paper it went in about an hour, it was a Slingerland 22inch bass drum, 18 inch zildjiian ride cymbal,a 20 inch paiste crash cymbal, and a pair of 15 inch zildjiian hi hat cymbals THE bees knees?

Twists n Turns

Big Packy
My neighbour got a bit loud over the weekend, nothing too bad, but went on for a good few hours. Both the lads have guitars, one of them electric, so got a bit noisy.

Problem is both the lads are boxers, and one of them is vvg. So taking them on in a boxing match ain’t likely to end very well for me, though partly my own fault as I gave one of them the gloves and pads.?

So, what’s a man to do?

Cunning plan.

I spoke to the dad yesterday and told him, another session as noisy as that and I’ll be reciprocating by buying a set of drums.

If ye can’t ‘beat em’ join em.

If I get a set, I’ll get ye up here to give it yer full rock n roll repertoire.

If that doesn’t work, ye can help me fight em. I’ll sort the mother oot, you can deal with the boxers ?


Morning all from Costa Renfrew! It’s still sunny here but a little bit cooler.


Sorry posting from my phone, big fingers wee buttons!
I hope this finds you all well and in good fettle! JtT – are you well today? You were quiet yesterday!
Big Jim Packy – how’s things with you and wee Joan and the dugs and the wee Robin!!
BMCUWP – the Billy Connolly episode that Puff’s searching for just can’t be found on the Internet! I think it’s been pulled or was never available for whatever reason. It’s a pity as it had footage of his late dad on it!!

Good article from Mahe this morning and looking forward to tomorrow’s as a result! I’ve got to disagree about this morning’s DR article…if KJ had nailed TRFC, specifically Robinson and Park, and nailed Budge then I would be inclined to think ‘Job Done!’ but he left himself wiggle room with the Huns by offering either/or scenarios with every point he made. I’ll agree he has hit the nail on the head but he has tempered it with a wee nod to the guys who don’t like bad news….



About twentyfive years ago,I had the top floor of a three storey Victorian conversion in Sutton. Just me and my gal,smashing. To add to the pleasure,a good pal had half of the bottom floor.

He had some problems with the middle floor. It was divided into nine bedsits-and they shared a letterbox and bathroom facilities on the ground floor with my pal,Des. Tough lad,Des. I wouldn’t mess with him,but as he was out on licence there was little he could do when the group of Nigerian students moved in en-masse above him. Loud banging music,not cleaning facilities-theirs were shared,mine were separate-these were the least of his problems.

They also intercepted his giro at the shared letterbox! I had my own,thankfully. Eventually I suggested that he leave his rear window open a tad,and asked Chris the postman to put Des’ mail there.

Sorted. Until they pissed me off too!

Probably the only thing I can put on here is this. Things were ramping up and then one Sunday up went the volume,just after 11am. Bloody hell,I don’t need that. I had a pleasant wee day wi my girl planned. Summer,sun shining,couple of bottles of wine as we just relaxed outdoors in the back garden.

So I turned my 120W per channel hifi up full blast,probably for the first time ever. Filled the six-disc CD multichanger,put it on random.

Turned all four speakers down to the floor so that the sound was directed exactly where I wanted it to be.

Set the timer for the maximum 99 minutes and pissed off to the pub,grabbing Des on the way. It will always let you in a shade early if they know you,so sorted.

Jeez,Me-hoil,as he always called me. That’s a powerful sound,I’m glad I don’t have to listen to it. But the cops will be onto you for it.

Not a chance of them responding before it switches off,mate. Should be fun when we go home.

It was. They were raging. I sent the girlfriend upstairs out of the way and told them that they had started it. Their call.

And so peace and quiet reigned thereafter. And they cleaned the bloody bathroom too.

Twists n Turns


I’m lucky . My neighbours are actually decent. I think it’s just me getting grumpier.
Also – there’s only so many times you want to hear 7 nation army before it starts to get on yer goat !


Hi McCaff, hope you are well. I’m no big fan of Keef Jackson, but I thought this morning’s article was better than usual. Don’t you think he ‘nails’ Ann Budge here?

“In fact, it’s already quite astonishing that Ann Budge has so willingly hitched Hearts’ wagon to this latest Ibrox salvo given that she herself openly admits to having no idea who is actually being accused or of what.
Effectively, without having any sight of the basis for what is being claimed here, Budge has jabbed an accusatory finger in the direction of the SPFL board in any case. On that board sits Hamilton’s Les Gray who, alongside Budge, is heading up the very reconstruction task force which could yet save Hearts from relegation.
Also, Budge may well have insulted and alienated another board member in Motherwell’s Alan Burrows which hardly seems like a smart move at a moment when Hearts require as much support as they can in order to dodge the drop and all the ruinous financial consequences it would bring.
If she is risking all of this because she truly believes the league is being run by a dishonest board – and it’s a board that she once sat on – then Budge deserves a sainthood when this is all done and the wrongdoers have been exposed.
But if, on the other hand, she is telling the truth and she really does not have the faintest clue as to the contents of the Rangers dossier then she is taking recklessness to a whole new level.
And if that’s the case it’s not a sainthood she needs, it’s a straightjacket.”


Morning Jim, all good here cheers!
This wee para just annoyed as I think if you’re on the TRFC side of the argument, and they and The Rangers are in a very small minority here, this buys him his Get Out Of Jail Free card…this is what the tabloids do well in Scotland. They shaft us at every opportunity and when they have a wee opportunity to balance the scales with a pop at The Rangers they just step back from the precipice….
“If any of this is even remotely close to the truth then Rangers – along with backers Hearts and Stranraer – will have positioned themselves so far on the right side of this argument that there will be plenty room left for the rest of us to stand full square behind them.
In fact, they will be owed a great debt of gratitude from all of us who care passionately about our football if it is proven that the game in this country is indeed bent.”

bada bing1

D’you think wee Naisy would sign for us!!? 😉 🙂 🙂

bada bing1

McCaff- ???


It’s no right picking on a tired old man ye know!! ?? ?

bada bing1

McCaff- he’s only 34….?


Afternoon all, Mahe a very good detailed article, loved it. ?
Twists water fight ?



Strictly speaking this is of no direct relevance to Celtic, but on this day 6 years ago, Stevie G slipped…



McCaff what Billy Connolly show are you after ?

big packy

HI MCAFF, all good here thanks? TWISTY, im too old fur that fighting lark, but ill hoad yer jaiket??


McCaff there’s a huge Billy Connolly bumper pack on zooqle of all his stuff It’s 75Gb and has most of his concerts/tv shows/movies/documentaries but if you use a torrent program you can usually de-select what you dont want, and just get what you need.

Twists n Turns



I’m ok for £8 of it if you could see me ok for the rest ?


Puff D was looking for the This Is Your Life Billy Connolly from about 1980/81. He’s mentioned it a few times over a couple of weekends and I’ve searched for it but it doesn’t seem to be available. There are only very short clips of it. His late dad appeared on it so he is keen to get a hold of it.


I’ll have a look at that later and see if I can get it. Cheers mate


Doesn’t mention that show in the files list, but maybe worth mentioning it to him, in case it’s in extras or something.

bada bing1

Didn’t take Blojo long to hijack a 99 year old man’s efforts…an absolute clown


In a series of tweets yesterday Roger Mitchell set out why “Rangers” are an unattractive proposition for any investor hoping they might get a return on investment.

One of his key finding was “Rangers” do not stand FOR anything.

That prompted this article

which begins with The BBC and DUP on Sportsound but scroll down for the elephant in the room –

What do “Rangers” stand for?

It is one that should get much more prominence but those who should ask know the answer is repugnant.



If Carlsberg did irony eh?

On DD baling out that was the thought behind suggesting now is an opportunity to invest in a Membership scheme. I’ll see if I can dig out the original idea.

On football continuing I think that it is in the interest of UEFA, Sky etc, Leagues, Associations to spread the wealth that could be generated over games in a closely controlled environment like New Zealand or Germany subscribed to by a global population hooked on streaming to keep clubs in mothballs until the coast is clear.

If all premier clubs in Scotland could establish conditions where Covid19 could not be transmitted easily or at all in big soapy bubble stadiums.(I couldnt resist stretching my point) to allow enough attendees to provide atmosphere, then the games could be viewed at same cost to attendees on Club TV.

What is for sure is if football does not adopt and adapt the long spoon model it will starve itself to death. The threat of death is usually a strong incentive to act to avoid it if possible.

bada bing1

Auldheid- Campbell on Shortbread, was Jabba production IMO,he’s never far from Sevco propaganda, even though he’s off the payroll.


61 years ago today,the condensed version of hunskelping.

Piling on the agony and putting on the style version.


You’re bang on Bobby. Beautiful way to win a treble ???

Twists n Turns

Yer 10 years oot, but a skelpin’ jist the same…


From CQN on the support from clubs for an independent investigation.

Paul 67

One of the reasons given to Res12 requisitioners by Peter Lawwell (and Canalamar can confirm) is that all the other SPFL Clubs were too busy in a weekly fight for financial survival to ever want to support Celtic in getting an investigation into 2011 UEFA licence (pre CW trial that made it impossible for SFA to ignore) so the chances now, when the existence of all other clubs is perilous to say the least, of getting support for an investigation is zilch.

So just what are Rangers playing at? One thing for sure, it’s not ridding the game of the same corruption they have been beneficiaries of since first side letter to ebt issued under Campbell Ogilvies tenure in 2000.

Corruption that Celtic failed to address in 2013 using Res12 and even more so since on LNS , that has come back to bite us on the ass.

It’s an oldie but I hear Connie Francis singing “Whose Sorry Now”

The sad truth is the governance, which Celtic are part of, is corrupt and corruptable under the current opaque construct and some form of real accountability via transparency to supporters is required and now is an opportunity to achieve it.

Time Celtic did the right thing and come clean on the 5 Way Agreement and why they accepted it.


Interesting times, indeed. Clearly, the game needs to change, or, perhaps, will have change forced upon it. However, in the Scottish game can we have innovation without innovators? Well perhaps the adage come the day, come the “man” may apply. Let us hope so.

In my final years of working, I studied innovation. There are many ways that it can occur. One is by looking at other sectors and observing what happened there. Take cinemas, for example, when TV became mainstream, it was predicted that it would kill going out to the cinema. In fact, it did hit the cinema sector hard, but it survived by adapting. There are fewer cinemas now but those that are there are bigger and they show one film rather than the main feature, followed by a second feature. Ancillary services have also expanded and changed. You can have luxury seating, a variety of food services and other retail such as sports wear. In some cinemas you can have alcohol delivered to your seat. The point is this sector was faced with the natural law…….Adapt or Die! It choose to adapt.

Our game is at that point now. Instead of fretting over if or when normal service can resume, this is an opportunity to affect change for the betterment of the game. One answer may lie in and around streaming but by whom and by which means is the rub.

A few short decades ago who would have thought that we all could “talk” to one another this way! The future can be bright, it just has to be grasped.

I have an idea of how that can happen but I need to think it through, either that or I wish to tease!


The Gombeen Man

Good article Mahe.

The plot thickens.

I sensed a note of desperation in the Sevco ramblings yesterday.

Given their acknowledgement of the perilous financial situation facing many clubs, surely as a goodwill gesture Sevco could have offered to fund the independent enquiry into the explosive dossier that Douglas Park is sitting on?

On the 11th of April Mr Park told us of the “whistleblower”. On the 18th he demanded a copy of the SPFL’s policy on “whistleblowers.”

Normally whistleblowers are workers within an organisation and are provided with certain protections in qualified circumstances.

Has Mr Park been made aware of what constitutes a whistleblower? Does he know what the qualified circumstances are for the protection of a whistleblower?…

…An allegation of bullying isn’t one.

Is an ‘worker’ at the SPFL breaching confidentiality?

If no such ‘worker’ exists, why use the term whistleblower in two statements?

Or is Mr Park sitting on uncorroborated heresay from Sevco friendly sources, who aren’t designated workers for the SPFL?

Has he checked the veracity of what he has been told?

Or is he just throwing Scottish football under his bus to try and manipulate a null and void declaration? And thereby engineer a changing of the guard at the SPFL and install Sevco friendly stooges?

I hope Mr Park is getting a second opinion on whatever Mr Blair tells him. Steven Gerrard has a better record in the dugout than the “untruthful” James Blair. (Lord Persey see SDI case).

Anyway, I see BBC Scotland entertained you all at the weekend by bringing over one of the big guns from Derry.

Who’s next? Mad Dog?


Wife just been video called by one of the carers in my mams carehome,1st I have seen and spoke to my mam in 7 weeks.
Happy day CSC

The Gombeen Man


I think the Sevco strategy has a form of innovation in mind. A retrospective innovation.
Create as much chaos as possible and engineer a future more to their liking.