Dumbarton Rock-Tom McAdam

Tom McAdam made his name as a striker with Dumbarton and Dundee Utd and signed for Celtic for £60,000 in Sept 1977.

Tom had been a boyhood Rangers fan, but had no hesitation in signing for Celtic when the chance arose.
He is quoted as saying ,”Wee Jim was doing his head in, he didn’t hate Jim McLean at all, he was a great manager, there is no argument. But he was doing my nerves in”.

Jim called Tom in and told him Celtic were interested, Tom said he couldn’t get to Glasgow quick enough to speak to Mr Stein, who picked him up at Queen St.

Jim told Tom that he wouldn’t be getting any money from United when you go, so Tom gave up his percentage of the fee to sign for Celtic.

By the time Tom signed for Celtic, he had already scored 7 times against us, so the fans knew him well!

At the start of his Celtic career, Tom scored a respectable 25 goals between Sept 1977 and Dec 1978. Then at the start of ’79 winter struck hard-no under soil heating in those days-and by the time football resumed, Billy McNeill had decided to play George McCluskey ahead of Tom.

Then, as so often happens, in players careers, fate intervened. With 4 games left of the 78/79 season, Celtic had a defensive crisis, so Big Billy experimented by playing Tom at central half, partly because his options were so limited, with all the injuries.

Celtic won their last 4 fixtures of the season and won the league in their last game, defeating Rangers 4.2, in the famous, 10 men won the league game, with Tom playing his part in defence.

I love an article that allows me to give that game a mention, for those of us lucky enough to witness it, what an incredible evening it was, never to be forgotten.

Tom’s place at the back was cemented and he would play there for the rest of his career.

An interesting/incredible stat is that Tom was Celtic ‘s top league scorer in that season 1978/79 with 7, yes seven, goals.

The following season Tom had an impressive season as sweeper, mainly playing behind Roddy McDonald, but had the misfortune to miss the Scottish Cup final victory in 1980 against Rangers, through suspension. In those days league bookings, if you broke through the threshold, could mean you could be suspended for cup ties and Tom had been booked a full 14 days earlier against Partick, in a decision that bitterly disappointed him, meaning he missed the final. Hmmmm.

Tom developed a good partnership with Roy Aitken, the next season, and played his part as Celtic won the league in 1981 and 1982.

It was during this period that Tom would play against his brother Colin, with Tom coming out on top, the majority of the time.

Tom had a wonderful scoring record against Rangers scoring 7 times , in 7 different games, against them, between Nov 77 and May 83.
I’m sure he enjoyed mentioning that to his brother, every now and then.

Tom gives great credit to his brother Colin and is on record as saying it was Colin who got him into professional football.

Colin had been playing with Dumbarton in 1970 and said to them, why don’t you go and look at my wee brother, he scores lots of goals. A scout went to watch Tom the following week and saw Tom score 8 for Weir’s Pumps in a 12.1 victory.
Tom was signed on the spot at aged 15. 

Funnily enough Colin went the opposite way of Tom, in that he started as a centre half and ended up as a striker. 

In 1985 Tom was still our centre half and played his part in Celtic ‘s 2.1 victory over Dundee United in the 100th Scottish Cup final.

In season 1985/86 Tom finally lost his place in the team, mainly to Derek Whyte as David Hay looked to youth, and in Feb 1986, after nearly 9 years with Celtic, he was given a free transfer.

Tom made 354 appearances and scored 48 goals, winning 3 League titles and 1 Scottish and 1 League Cup winners medals.

Tom was never capped for Scotland, but he did play at a time when Scotland, actually did have outstanding defenders.

He returned to Parkhead in 1993 when he became a coach. He once again, stepped up to the mark to assist Frank Connor, when Frank briefly became interim manager, between the departure of Liam Brady and the arrival of Lou Macari.

They were unbeaten in that time and perhaps, with hindsight,Celtic should have left them in charge!!

Tom is fondly remembered by the majority of the Celtic support, he was modest and unassuming, but could always be counted upon when Celtic needed him.

As ever, many thanks to The Wonderful Celtic Wiki.

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Great stuff,mate!

Tom McAdam had a thankless task when he signed-because he was meant to make up for the loss of Dalglish to Liverpool! And it’s worth remembering too that we were bloody rubbish in the season that we signed him,and while a lot of that was down to the loss of Dalglish plus long-term injuries to the likes of Pat Stanton and Danny McGrain and others like Alfie Conn and Tommy Burns also succumbing to the curse,it certainly couldn’t be laid at Tom’s door.

He gave his all for us that year,even getting a boot in the bollocks from the Hibs keeper as we went down 4-0 at Easter Road. Typically,the whistled-up mason waved play on.

Billy simply didn’t rate him up front,and he looked to be on his way out. Then all of a sudden,he’s our first-choice centre-half-richly merited too-for six seasons. Funny old game,eh?


I had intended to cover the decision by the SPFL to call an EGM in two weeks time,but to be honest,I’m so bloody confused by all of this that an article would have been a waste of time for us all!

Just WTF is going on here? It looks to me like a classic stitch-up shakedown,headlined as an attack on SPFL office bearers,but with the intent of shafting us,the true targets. Time for a united front from the support,I feel. And I expect we will get that. And strangely enough,I’m actually confident that the board will fight our corner on this,and let them know in no uncertain terms that not awarding us the title will not be acceptable.

And since I think the huns know that,what then is their real motive?

How about this for horse trading? The reconstruction alternatives being considered are favouring 14-10-10-10,with two new additions. As it is a short-term proposal,a season or two before reverting to the status quo,there’s a bloody good chance that two or more established lower league clubs could drop through the trapdoor.

As a result,they aren’t interested and want a 14-14-14 set up. They have the votes to stop 14-10-10-10 but not the votes to achieve 14-14-14. But they might get them on a quid pro quo basis,and in exchange for what? Well,in exchange for exactly what Celtic will have to accept in order to get this season’s title.

No punishment for administration events over the next two years.

Personally,I hope the SPFL throw the whole lot of them out,along with any spurious allegations. I’d be suing for defamation anaw and sending a dossier of my own to the SFA asking what the rules are on bringing the game into disrepute.

Chancing cheating basterts have wrecked the game up here for the last century or so,its time that somebody manned up and fired back.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, JNP, brilliant article, unfortunately never seen tom mcadam I was down here banging shit out of a set of drums? as for the Scottish football authorities, a feckin shower of orange, bigoted, anti catholic, freemason,load of basturts, I could go on, but because of the blood pressure will leave it there..GOD BLESS GLASGOW CELTIC HH.

Awe Naw

It´s hard to sell ST for anyone at the moment never mind Sevco.
Sevco desperately want to play those games (see Livingston).
Unfortunately it’s not within footballs powers to resume the games.
That is all that is going on here.


JNP Love the article, always great for me reading about former players. I remember watching Tom especially his games against his brother Colin’s team (cannae remember their name) Tom was very well liked and fondly thought of. He adapted well to a sort of role that big Sutty did well in later. Anyone who scores 7 in 7 games against them is awrite in my book Cheers?

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the article. I’ve fond memories of Tam too, modest and unassuming seem to sum him up. I’ll have a look back at his time with us today.

“It has always been Rangers’ intention to produce our evidence at the appropriate time. The evidence will be provided to all member clubs well in advance of a general meeting to approve an independent investigation.”

Bluff has now been called. Where’s the evidence?

I expect two weeks of hype from the media, innuendo and defamation.

Expect something along the lines of…

“…The evidence that Rangers hold is of such a sensitive nature that it would be prejudicial to an independent enquiry to make it public at this time.
Rangers are also mindful of innocent third parties who might become the subject of undue attention upon publication.
Our dossier will be made only be made available to a duly elected independent enquiry.”

…. (or fishing expedition.)

What will they be like when it’s 15 in a Row?

Billy Bhoy

Great article on big Tam. Well done!
I can’t be the only one who was genuinely surprised at the amount of goals he scored.

I think I’m right in saying that on his last day at Celtic Park he was invited up to the Boardroom for a wee cuppa and was overwhelmed to be presented with a cheque for £30,000. As he commented on the papers “They didn’t have to do that!”


JNP- I had always remembered that figure of 7 goals and wondered how the total was so low in a year where we won the league. I just checked on Celtic Wiki there and they suggest that Tom was JOINT top score in the league alongside Andy Lynch who also got 7. Tom seems to be top scorer due to the fact he got 6 LC goals whereas Andy only got 3 LC and 2 SC goals.

In order our Top Scorers were:-

G. McCluskey-8
Alfie Conn -7
Aitken, Doyle & Lennox- 6
Conroy, Glavin- 5
Provan, Burns- 4
McDonald, McLeod-3
McGrain, Edvaldsonn, Davidson and O.G.’s – 2

Non- scorers- Fillipi, Sneddon, Casey, Mackie, Joe Craig & Wilson- the last 2 having played only 1 or 2 appearances before being transferred early on.

I hadn’t thought that Danny had scored 2 goals in the same season.

bada bing1

Always liked Tom McAdam,good team player,reliable, I think he might have scored 9 v the huns, the record stood for years,I think Henrik was the guy who overtook it.


Thanks for all the kind comments, genuinely appreciated.
That’s for puting all the goals up, joining the dots for me, so to speak.
It’s fascinating for me that 7 League goals and 13 overall, were top, in a season we won the league.


Bada. 12.39.
I think you are correct about Tom holding record for games against Rangers.
I thought it was Charlie who overtook him and wasn’t sure if it was post war.
I couldn’t find confirmation whilst doing the research, so left it out.
Does anyone else out there know for sure?

A thing of beauty

Great news.
I’ve finally seen one of JNP’s birds. This morning a wood pigeon was in the back garden. All that running and walking yesterday and I could’ve just opened the back blinds. Raging!!


I would be surprised if you don’t get a Robin and a Wren, in your garden too.

Mike in Toronto

Too much time on my hands … came across this on YouTube …. 7 most political football clubs … in a move that will anger some, please others, and surprise others, Celtic didn’t make the cut….


French Prime Minister just declared no professional sport until September, so league over in France for this season. Assuming PSG will now be declared champions.


Sorry to digress from the excellent leader which I enjoyed. Always liked Tom.

Yesterday I suggested that, whilst CV19 has caused significant problems, it also represented an opportunity to change the game by being innovative. To the sound of one hand clapping I also hinted that I was aware of a process for doing this. Briefly, here it is.
The answer lies in Ireland(Eire) which has faced a variety of challenges to its Economy over the decades. Ireland’s Economy owed a lot to low corporate taxes attracting foreign multinationals to the island as a means of entering the EU markets. However, in the early 2000’s the EU was expanding to include countries like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic…all of which had studied Ireland’s success and were prepared to use the same formula, plus their labour costs were lower. Ireland needed to innovate its way out of this more competitive situation. How could they deal with the new reality of other countries using the “Irish formula” to compete for the benefits of multinationals?

They used a process that had been tried in Australia and Japan but with limited success. However, Ireland learned from their errors and produced a master class of how this process could work. First they divided their economy into eight sectors and formed separate committees for each. These committees consisted of reps from the firms in the sector, government reps, and some tame academics with an interest in the sector. Each committee also included a journalist who would report on what was happening in the committee—Open and Transparent!

The process is complex but in summary it consisted of identifying the important forces that shaped the sector/industry. These main factors were used to construct scenarios of what the future may look like. Usually, only three scenarios were constructed. Note: there is no attempt to predict the future. Then the committee looked at each scenario separately and assumed that it was what would evolve in the future. Now to the meat and potatoes, they considered what would they have to do now in order to take full advantage of the situation. They repeated this for each of the scenarios.

At the end, each committee had three sets of suggested actions . Finally, the committee examined their three sets of actions, looking for overlap. Actions that were common across all three sets were deemed to be essential items that had to form part of the strategy for innovation. This is called future proofing…no matter which future evolves, these actions are relevant.
Finally, the results for all eight committees were pooled and future proofed, providing a national strategy for Ireland’s continuing prosperity.

This process could be applied at the national association level, filtering up to UEFA and/or FIFA. Alternatively, it could merely be used by a single association, such as the SFA/SPFL.

Have I used this? Yep, I ran one for a BioTech sector.

So, if you think there is merit in this, who do I(we) speak to so that it happens? There is more to it than above and I would be happy to discuss it more fully offline.

P.S. this is not a promo to earn me cash. I would work on expenses only.


Mike in Toronto


An excellent summary of the Irish situation. I have not read an explanation that was as clear as yours. Thanks

Where I’m not sure is the willingness of those in power in Scottishnfootball to share it. Scottish football is a small, tightly controlled, but self perpetuating, enterprise that doesn’t really have to account to anyone. Even when dealing with political overlords (e.g., the shame game) they seem to be reading from the same script. And when dealing with those below ( fans), brand loyalty is a given even if the product is harmful (in contrast look at how the Audi myth devastated that brand for years, and it wasn’t even true).

Unless there are changes in the people running the game, there won’t be real change to the game. And the only people who can force that kind of change are the fans. And the only way they can force that kind of change is By refusing to pay for the same old shit

Will Celtic fans continue to put brand loyalty ahead of the good of society, or even their own good?



I had a chair in Irish Business Studies so I spent years studying Irish innovation and drinking Guiness.

The process is called Foresight and is a requirement for each country joining the EU. They must carry out a national foresight study as a condition of entry.

You are correct, the process requires commitment of those involved. If the powers that do not commit to implementing the findings, there is no point in doing it.

Having put it out there somebody may pick up the idea.


big packy

AFERNOON ALL and JIM and WEEFRA? good post there rebus, are we all waiting for the 12th, of may I mean? MIKE IN TORONTO, lets see what happens then? I have a dream that the sfa will come clean and apologise for over 100 years of religious bigotry, I have a dream that the sfa will come clean, and award celtic the title, and apologise for all the titles they cheated us out of,HH.


great article,i was in canada when tom played, very good insight on his career.

i think sky will have to rubber stamp any changes in the spl.

big packy

sorry for the double post?


Henrik scored 11 against the huns
Big John Hartson was the closest to Tom with 8 against them

Mike in Toronto


I may be mistaken, but I thought it was a term of the TV contract that there be 4 OF games per season. I would imagine any future broadcaster would want the same, and the league will be desperate for any exposure it can get.

In reality, this wouldn’t be a problem with a 14 team league with a 6/8 split, but theoretically, guaranteeing a top six finish for Celtic and Rangers is problematic.

Awe Naw

Following the SPFL, directors written resolution, which was passed with a large majority of SPFL clubs, we now need reconciliation and contrition from all parties if we are to safeguard the future of Scottish football.

“We face huge challenges to ensure we can get the new season up and running on target and safely for all involved, and it is vital that all stakeholders collaborate and engage meaningfully with the Joint Response Group’s task force working groups, pooling our knowledge, experience and resources for the greater good.

“As SPFL directors, we have volunteered our time freely, in uniquely difficult and challenging circumstances and have participated on a fully-functional SPFL board, which we believe has operated in an entirely fair and even-handed manner. We have each put our own self-interests behind us, to do what is best for Scottish football but have had to endure our professionalism and integrity as well as our compliance with our legal duties to the company being openly called into question in recent weeks.

“All of the SPFL board meetings have been conducted in a fair and even manner, with everyone being able to voice their opinion and fully digest the many and varied issues that we have had to consider in forming our decision making.

“In an attempt to reduce its own costs, ultimately for the benefit of all 42-member clubs, the SPFL furloughed several staff and a number of the executives voluntarily took salary cuts. As a result, only an executive team of five remain to administer and manage the on-going business of the organisation as well as planning for the end of the current season and for season 2020/21

“Their workload has been extremely onerous, managing a huge number of additional tasks – liaising with the SFA, medical officers, the government, UEFA, other league bodies, our commercial partners and clubs.

“As a consequence, has everything been done perfectly and has it always been fully communicated? Of course it has not, and this is a point we have already raised to ensure the organisation is future- proofed for subsequent boards after we stand down. Indeed, at our request, the SPFL chairman will be issuing a comprehensive Q&A document within the week, addressing many of the claims or questions that have been put into the public domain.

“We trust that this will give you, the members whom we have been appointed to represent, the same high level of comfort each of us has in the actions of the SPFL executive team.

“We are unaware of any impropriety or any disregard for appropriate qualities of corporate governance. If Rangers Football Club has a dossier of evidence which shows anything to the contrary, then we would repeat the call for it to be brought forward immediately, because we, as club representative directors, have a clear duty to interrogate any allegations of misconduct or the like which it contains.

“The SPFL board is dealing with a fast-moving set of circumstances, with a skeleton staff trying hard to prioritise matters. It’s an unenviable job, and we are sure the many fair-minded people in Scottish football fully understand this.

“All of the executive team retain our full support and admiration. Further recrimination and division will only decrease our chances of playing football matches in Scotland any time soon.

“The players, fans and officials deserve our best collective efforts. At a time when thousands of people in our communities are dying of Covid-19, Scottish football needs to reflect and consider how this looks to the outside world.

“In keeping with SPFL Rules, we will now have a general meeting on 12 May, when clubs will have the chance to either support or reject the resolution requisitioned by Heart of Midlothian, Rangers and Stranraer. We live in a democracy and the SPFL articles are clear – if 75 per cent of the clubs in the Premiership, as well as 75 per cent of the clubs in the Championship and 75% of the clubs in Leagues One and Two vote that we should spend our executives‘ time on matters other than Seasons 2019/20 & 2020/21, and clubs’ money on lawyers’ fees, then we will.

“But if the resolution fails to gain the support of enough members and the requisitioners nonetheless continue on their current course, the cost to our game will be incalculable.”


Afternoon all from a drizzly Renfrew!
I hope this finds you all well and evading the Disease!! It’s been a quiet couple of days on the SC!
JNP – Good read this morning, I didn’t appreciate he’d played so many games for us! And no a bad scoring record from the back…I wonder what the split was from striker and centre back!
Big Jim Packy – how’s the missus and the dugs, and yersel of course?
JtT – I don’t think I’ve sen you post the last couple of days…how’s things with you?


During the lockdown we’ve been walking down by the Clyde at Braehead close to Renfrew Ferry. There’s swans and ducks on the Clyde regularly, as well as a few big fat wood pigeons about, but I’ve also seen a pair of black and white birds with yellow/orange beaks, about the size of a pigeon…any ideas?


None of them are the kinda burdz I want to see when I’m out for my daily exercise, of course!! 😉


Good afternoon all

Big packy hope you and.Jim are well. JNP great article, a great read. A big drizzly here in Strathaven but the fields are loving it, getting really green. HH


Are these birds on the water?
The most obvious black and white bird with a yellow beak is a Magpie.



big = bit

big packy

MCAFF was gloomy and fed up till I seen your post,? we are ok pal, hope you are too?


25 goals as a striker.


Thanks for Henrik info, 11 goals.
Wee Fra.
Always good to see you posting



Oyster catchers???

Awe Naw

BTW anyone who thinks that King and Jabba are not on the scene hasn´t been paying attention

big packy

WEEFRA, nice to see you on?, torrential rain here in Cheshire, will keep asking where is JIM till he gets on here?


Awe naw
Jabbas cloven goods prints all over the DUO charade at the weekend.imho


Good = hoof


Rebus – excellent explanation of the Irish Foresight model but way above my pay grade tbh!!

My thoughts are that a return to a more development-focussed approach to the structure of the game is what is required. While we all get caught up in the arguments and discussions about the corporate/financial issues surrounding our game the basic tenets of the game are forgotten.
We ie Scottish football have a dismal modern record for producing quality players, and any we do produce tend to move on before we see the best of them here. We limit the development of our own homegrown players by buying from abroad, our youth football set up is poorly supported with no real drip-down effect from the Pro-Youth set up favoured by the Professional clubs. The facilities our boys play and train on are substandard, the youth leagues are run by well intentioned volunteers who adhere to an SYFA Constitution which is a direct copy of the SFA Constitution which is a Committee Man’s Wet Dream!!
Celtic have had a decent Academy for a number of years but how many players have actually made it really successfully, obviously we have McGeady, Forrest, Tierney, perhaps Maloney. We have turned a coin on quite a few other players over the years which helps with the running of the Academy, but are we able to say we are getting it right?



Hi “P” hope your well., and, of course the wee mhan. Brilliant you got to face time your mum a couple of days ago.


I really enjoy posting on here, but, although I’m not always posting, but always lurking. ????HH


Big Jim Packy
I’m good mate, had a late night last night, up til 5 again which is a feature of the lockdown!! I watched an Amazon series Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt about a wee lawyer taking on a big law firm….one for Mike In TVLawyerland!!

JNP – Definitely not a maggie, there’s thousands of them about Renfrew. This is bigger than a maggie and the markings seem to be black across the head and shoulders to the wing tips then a band of white across the saddle to the wing tips then a black tail. Unusual looking wee bird for me!!
Of course, the lesser spotted wee dark haired one in the pale blue shorts continues to elude me…I wonder if she spotted me first!!!! DOH! 😉 🙁 🙁


So McAdam could very well be our highest scoring Centre Back after Cesar!!


Yes it was a big bonus to see mam,all good here.
Hope this finds you and the boss well :)))

big packy

wee quiz question, what hostelry in san fransisco bay, did al Capone spend more than a few nights?


Wee Fra. Could well be correct.
Oyster Catchers, they used to be prominently coastal birds, but now are moving inland.
There’s a pair near me.
When I was up in the Gairloch they were breeding on the shingle beach.


Weefra and JNP
Just goggled and oystercatchers seem to be favourite, they’re certainly the only thing that looks like the pair that I saw! On the BBC Wildlife pages they look like they’re more at home on a more open waterway but maybe the cleaner Clyde, due to lockdown, is bringing them inshore a bit!!


Big Jim Packy
Was it The Oystercatcher Bar and Bistro? 🙂 🙂 🙂



We are both well at the moment, thank you. During this most awful of times, we never take health or life for granted. Take care big chap. HH



Yes, we have them on the burn that flows through the field opposite the cottage. Swallows are in great numbers now. ???HH

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