Best I had ever seen

The best goal scorer I have seen at Celtic recently was Henrik Larsson, until then i kept remembering someone that graced Celtic park, and who I thought was the best striker I had ever seen in the hoops, the guy came broke records, and seemed to just always know where the goal was, and couldn’t stop scoring, at times I thought I’d never see anyone like that again.


Of course I had favourite players throughout the years Jimmy Johnstone, Tommy Burns, Paul McStay, to name but a few, but this guy, relatively unknown to me, just seemed to appear in the 70’s and bring a goal fest much like Henrik would repeat later, the likes of which I had certainly not witnessed before.


Dixie deans was signed for Celtic, by Jock Stein in 1971 from Motherwell, and it was widely thought Dixie was too rash a character for Celtic, as he had discipline issues, and was at the time of his signing, serving a six match ban. Jock however had a way with people and could spot a striker. Dixie’s behaviour improved immensely. Dixie wasn’t a big forward at only a fraction taller than Jinky or Buzzbomb. Dixie however was a tough player with great strength and I never seen him shirk a tackle. Scoring on his debut in a 5-1 win at Firhill, the Celtic fans almost immediately took to him. his lack of height never stopped him scoring headers either.



Dixie played alongside some greats at Celtic, among them, McNeill, Johnstone, Dalglish, Callaghan, Hood, and spent 5 years at Celtic until 1976, and during this time he scored 125 goals in 186 games, and set quite a few scoring records. In his first season he scored 27 goals (more than a goal a game). In his second season he scored 32 times, 33 the following season, while storming on to eight-in-a-row. Dixie also scored 2 goals to complete eight-in-a-row against hibs at Easter Rd, Kenny getting the other in a 3-0 win.


The six goals he scored in an 8-0 demolition of Partick Thistle in the 1973-74 season is a post-war record for a single game. Maybe not so surprising when you consider the jags goalie on that day was Alan Rough, to be fair roughie saved a few that day, it was the closest anyone had ever come to Jimmy McGrory’s record of eight goals in one game.


Dixie is the only player in Scottish fitbaw history to score a hat trick in two major cup finals, 1972 Scottish Cup Final and the 1974 Scottish League Cup Final, both against Hibernian, he was at the time christened “The hammer of the hibs” having scored 19 times against them in 14 games.


The League cup final on 26 October 1974 between Celtic and Hibernian was rather special in that a player from both sides each scored a hat trick. Both Joe Harper and Dixie scoring for their teams. Celtic ran out eventual winners with the score at 6-3 quite a cup final with 9 goals eh ? Incidentally he had scored a hat trick against Hibs eight days earlier in the league when Celtic won 5-0.


Dixie was once asked why he always did so well against Hibs, while playing for the hoops, and he joked “Coz i hated their colours !”


Cup final hat tricks are kind of special if you look at the few former Celts who have achieved them.


Jimmy Quinn, against Rangers 1904 Scottish Cup.
Billy Mc Phail against Rangers in 1957-58 League Cup.
Bobby Lennox against Hibernian in 1968-69 League Cup.
Dixie Deans against Hibernian in 1972 Scottish Cup.
Dixie Deans against Hibernian in 1974-75 League Cup.
Henrik Larsson against Kilmarnock 2000-01 League Cup.

To do it once is quite something, to do it twice though is bloody astonishing.


The lowest point in Dixies Celtic career came in the 1971–72 European Cup, when Celtic were again paired with Inter Milan, who they had beaten in the 1967 Final. The two legs produced no goals and went to penalties. Dixie missed his, and Inter scored all of their penalties and went to the final against Ajax.


Dixie’s penalty miss (like Paul Mc Stay’s penalty miss) was soon forgiven as the fans quickly realised how dejected he was, and he continued to score in the next games, his commitment to Celtic was so absolute, that in one game against St Johnstone in 1976 he lost two of his teeth during the game, and unlike any sane person rather than go off, he just spat them out and played on.


Injuries struck Dixie in 74-75 and in his last season with Celtic 1976 Dixie’s Celtic appearances became less, this was around the time of a downturn in Celtic’s history, Jock’s car accident, and although his appearances dwindled he still scored vital goals including the last minute winner against Boavista in the European Cup Winners Cup.


He had won three league winners medals, two Scottish Cup medals, a League Cup winners medal and like most great Celtic players a bloody disgraceful only two caps for Scotland. And ‘they’ say we’re paranoid !


Why he was never signed by Rangers remained a bit of a mystery for years, as the Rangers scout Jimmy Smith had watched him consistently, as he had scored 60 goals in a season with Neilston juniors, but Smith decided Dixie was too small to be a professional footballer, this decision would later come back to bite Smith in the ass. In a reserve game later Dixie played for Motherwell against a Rangers second string and scored two goals, and Scott Symon the Rangers manager asked his scout Jimmy “Isn’t that the guy from Neilson you looked at, he looks good, why did we not sign him ?” Dixie himself believes the real reason was his Mother was a catholic, and Rangers then still had a sectarian signing policy.


There were rumours that he was a rangers fan because of his religion but Dixie say’s that’s all nonsense. “I did go to St Mirren games when i was younger and I suppose they were my team, but I had never been to Ibrox, until i played against them with Motherwell in 1967”. Some sources claim Dixie worked at the Evening Times newspaper, possibly before full time football.


Dixie left Celtic in 1976 for Luton Town, and later moved to Australia, to Adelaide City, where he became the top goal scorer, and won the Australian Cup, Dixie is still regarded as something of a hero there with Adelaide fans.


Whilst in Australia, he met reggae musician Bob Marley, during a training session, who asked him, “Are you the Dixie Deans that used to play for Celtic ?” Apparently Bob and his son were fanatical Celtic supporters, and could even recite the 67 European Cup Team (big packy must have taught him, another true story). Dixie says he had no idea who Bob Marley was at the time, but stated Bob wasn’t too bad a player, when he joined in the training session.


The final words comes from the man himself – John Kelly “Dixie” Deans: Curiously, I never scored for Celtic against Rangers. The nearest I came was one strike that was given as an own goal. In another game, John Greig handled a shot on the line for a penalty. Thanks, Greigy. But I have no reason at all to complain about the way it worked out. I’m a Celtic man through and through and joined a wonderful club with the best fans in the world. (this part from celtic wiki).


The above is by ASWGL. Should you fancy flinging in an article yourself about whatever tickles yer fancy as usual the address is

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April 30, 2020 4:58 am

Dixie Deans was my favourite striker after I saw him score a hattrick in my first ever cup final I was taken to in 1972 v Hibs. I was heartbroken when he left Celtic, but a guy in a different position became my favourite Celtic player. Danny McGrain took over from Dixie as my favourite player. It took me a while till another Celtic striker would be my favourite player. That was Frank McAvennie. In all my years of watching Celtic, my three favourite forwards have been Deans, McAvennie and Larsson. All from different eras, but how I would have loved to see them play together, alongside Robert Nesta Marley in the Hoops. Thanks ASWGL. Really enjoyed that article. ?????

April 30, 2020 5:47 am


Great stuff,and you’re damn right that Dixie was some scorer for us. Funny enough,I don’t remember too many headers from him,but that header in his second cup final hat trick has always stuck with me.

Only a totally instinctive striker would have put the head into that wayward bullet from Jinky!

Sadly his fitness and form both went at the same time,and at a time when it was every man to the pumps at Celtic. But what a five years we got out of him.

Maybe COSYCORNERBHOY will tell us a wee story about him-but I think that ones embargoed till everyone concerned is dead!!!

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 8:18 am

Morning all

Great read this morning ASWGL

Always a pleasure to reminded of Celtic greats . I was at both the cup finals referred to. I was also at the ‘penalty’ match.

Almost given up second guessing on this fiasco re the huns’ evidence. Do they have something explosive? I’m guessing not, but ‘ guessing’ very much the key word.

Struck me though:

Unlike a lot of Celtic minded bhoys and Ghirls, I’m not a fan of Phil McG. I find 99% of his ‘ inside knowledge’ prove to be no more than a damp squib and very little of what he predicts comes to fruition.

His oft repeated “ some would say blah blah blah, yes some would say but of course I couldn’t possibly comment” is overplayed and suggests he knows as much as you and I, but as I say, it struck me earlier that if he indeed does have a mole inside Ibrox, I’m assuming said mole isn’t providing him with the info this time around?

Why would that be?

Some would say it’s because there will very shortly be a definitive answer to whether or not they do have anything toxic, and it would prove conclusively whether or not Phil does indeed have a credible source or is no more than a windbag looking for hits to feather his nest from hits on his site?

Some would say.

Me? Of course I couldn’t possibly comment

I prefer reading the much criticised John James tbh.
Then again I’ve always been more of a fan of fact than fiction.

big packy
April 30, 2020 8:39 am

MORNING ALL and JIM, sorry im late just been reading the nightshift, bhoy, can they talk? ASWGL, lovely post there on dixie loved him, always got stuck in, was at that 1972 final against hibs, dixie destroyed them.,HH.

April 30, 2020 9:10 am

Great article ASWGL, thank you for the memories. I was also lucky enough to be at all 3 of those matches, and what a player Dixie was, and played with a smile too, with and without teeth..!

April 30, 2020 9:13 am


I freely admit that I prefer JJ too. Check his site early doors and again before I go out. Daily. I can go weeks without reading other sites-which can be interesting with that level of hindsight! Videocelts and CQN are the only other sites I look at daily,or near enough.

Oh,and e-Tims. That’s a must! Even though Ralph holds ALL my comments for moderation.

Btw,I was at both those finals too,and I still swear Harper’s second was an og from Billy.

April 30, 2020 9:16 am


So you me and TWISTSNTURNS were all at those games. We were probably standing next to each other without realising it. A bit like the 4-2 game at Ibrox in 83-everyone I’ve met since swears they were in the enclosure that day!

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 9:28 am

The 6-3 game with Dixie’s hat trick

I went to that match with a guy called Alex Reidy from Birniehill in Bathgate, on the Bathgate CSC bus. I’m still not sure why I wasn’t on my usual bus. Either I couldn’t get a ticket from the usual bus ( with it being a final and me being a kid) or, Alex, a school friend, just invited me on the Bathgate bus. I’m sure his dad had something to do with that bus.

Anyhow, we were a level below where the cup was being presented and couldn’t see fekk all, being small in a huge crowd, but Alex’s dad was up above us, right where the cup was being presented, and they leaned over and hauled Alex and I up beside them. Quality view for the presentation.

Never seen Alex since I left secondary school, and anytime that cup final is brought up, I think of him. Where is he now? What’s he been up to in the last 47 or so years?
Him and his dad left a great impression on me and a wonderful memory.

I’m sure he had an elder brother , Tam, maybe someone on here will have some knowledge of them? Be great if they did.

Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 9:48 am
Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 10:00 am

The huns were looking for a loan, which they wouldn’t have paid back if Administration happens…

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 10:01 am

From Andrew Smith in the Scotsman
Dear Murdoch, it was with great interest that I read your latest open letter on the circumstances surrounding “the SPFL directors’ written resolution, concerning the completion of Season 2019/20” precipitated by the Covid-19 global health emergency. The format, while exhaustive, begged follow-up questions. Alas, as a consequence of your desire only to deliver such information in the form of tablets of stone from on high, it was not possible to obtain answers to the issues raised by your explanations. Perhaps you could provide clarity on the following.

You would appear to consider any questioning of the governance of the SPFL on recent matters to be “distractions, scapegoating and sideshows [that] are our enemy”.

The dictionary definition of governance is “the action or manner of governing an organisation.” Isn’t it right and proper that the actions and manner of the SPFL should be held up to such scrutiny? Aside from Rangers, those of us troubled by the cack-handedness betrayed by the SPFL over the manner in which the resolution – and the fall-out from it – was managed have not questioned the integrity of those involved, simply their competence. Do you suggest, Murdoch, that we have no right to do so? Perception, it is said, is nine-tenth of reality. Do you believe that the perception surrounding the crafting of the resolution, and the failure of Dundee’s original rejection vote to land initially because it ended up in a quarantine folder, creates a good look for the governing body? Wouldn’t it actually be remiss of us to consider otherwise than all this was dealt with poorly? The inability to recognise this was the case in your latest open letter – in all but the most glib terms – can hardly reflect well on the SPFL board.

You say that you have been “provided with no evidence whatsoever that any club has been bullied or coerced” and that since 81 per cent of clubs “voted in favour of the directors’ written resolution, you [the clubs] have given a clear endorsement of the board’s position”.

Aren’t you entirely, and possibly deliberately, missing the point here, Murdoch? Many of us said on the Wednesday, 10 April, when details of the resolution to end the season for Championship, League One and League Two clubs were announced, as the only means to deliver prize money “to clubs that were literally on their knees” and to prevent “possibly dozens of them going to the wall,” that this, in itself, was tantamount to coercion?

However, much you may petition this was the case, the Hobson’s choice with which you presented clubs was not the only course of action available. You could have run reconstruction proposals in tandem with plans to abridge the season and so avoided a whole heap distractions and sideshows. You say it is “correct” “there was a link between fee payments being made and the League placings being finalised. That is because the basis for fee payments to clubs is set out in the SPFL’s Articles and is entirely based on League placings. To suggest that this was the SPFL Board creating “undue influence” is therefore entirely wide of the mark.

Is it “wide of the mark” to suggest that you could have altered those Articles? It states in the rules that the season requires a number of games to be played for league placings to be determined, but the resolution abrogated that requirement. You can’t pretend that certain rules could not be changed, Murdoch, when others were to serve the situation.

You describe the suggestion that clubs could have voted to receive their prize money as loans as “a red herring”. “It is difficult to see how the making of loans to multiple clubs could have been authorised legitimately by the Board while fulfilling simultaneously their duties as Directors to the Company. In the current, extremely challenging circumstances, with clubs facing huge financial difficulties, lending money to potentially every senior club in the country was never a realistic, or timely, solution. Each club seeking a loan would need to be subject to a due diligence examination of its ability to repay, the viability of whatever security was being offered, and what interest should be sought based on each club’s individual profile.”

You cite the case of Gretna. “[A] a loan had been made to Gretna (in administration), to enable it to complete its SPL fixtures at the end of a season [2007-08]. The club was ultimately liquidated; the loan was never fully repaid; and all of the other clubs lost fee payments as a result. This demonstrates the fundamental problems with loans to clubs.”

Again, either deliberately or otherwise, this obscures certain facts. The clubs who stated that paying prizemoney need not be contingent on terminating the season, petitioned for prizemoney simply to be advanced on the basis of potential league position. It was money they would be due simply being paid two months earlier; it wasn’t monies loaned that would ultimately require repayment. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster, right, stated at the start of the coronavirus crisis that the organisation does not hold a reserve. Loans/advances did not require an SPFL reserve.

On the Gretna case, once more there is the sin of omission. The club were forwarded the £250,000 they would have been due for finishing the season in bottom place in order to complete their fixtures. They were also given the £150,000 parachute payment for the following season. This was not repaid because by then the club had gone out of business. However, there are no parachute payments in the Scottish lower tiers, so this was not an issue.

You make much of the Deloitte independent investigation into what happened on the evening of 10 April. The investigation centred around Dundee’s ‘reject’ ballot that would have caused the resolution to fail not being received when sent at 4.48pm and, by the time it was discovered in the SPFL’s e-mail quarantine system four hours later, the Dens Park club had by then decided not to cast it. Deloitte found “no evidence of any improper behaviour or impropriety”.

The pity is that it was not within Deloitte’s remit to investigate for incompetency because, surely, they would have unearthed that on a breathtaking scale. Why, as is standard in so many organisations, were clubs not provided an immediate acknowledgement of receipt on sending their vote. On the independent investigation itself, how was it that a process designed to demonstrate transparency was shrouded in secrecy with no club or stakeholder aware it was taking place until its findings were released?

You justify going public with the incomplete poll on 10 April shortly after the 5pm “requested” cut-off point for casting votes as follows. “Imagine the furore if we’d refused to give any update on how voting had gone. I know that the League’s PR team received numerous calls from journalists in the minutes after 5pm, desperate for an update on the voting. If we hadn’t published those numbers, we would have been accused of unwarranted secrecy. We were simply being open and transparent.”

This is truly rich from your goodself, Murdoch. How many request for interviews from journalists have you rejected since you took up the position of chairman of the SPFL in July 2017? Does failing to face up to the media – your domain of employment for 40 years – fit with this unbeknownst desire to be “open and transparent”. And, incidentally, I was told by a member of the league’s PR team on Thurday, 9 April, that the outcome of the vote would be released sometime the following midweek.

You say “in the weeks and months to come when all this is over, I’ve no doubt that people will see we did the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.” With precious little prospect of any football, even behind closed doors, before September, perhaps history will be a kind judge over the actions of the SPFL board. Placing to one side the dubious motives of Rangers in this entire scenario, though, do you seriously not believe there was a better way, or that what has unfolded in the past month does not call for an overhaul of the SPFL’s internal processes?

April 30, 2020 10:10 am


Reidy isn’t the most common name on the planet,so hopefully someone looking in will know someone who knows someone who,oh you get the drift.

I mean,in our short existence,you and MAGS have exchanged memories,AWE NAW has found his former flatmate’s long lost best pal and McCAFF is being terrorised by his former boss! And that’s only the ones off the top of my head.

Fingers crossed.


April 30, 2020 10:15 am

Killer question from Jacko to Doncaster in the DR today. See if you can figure out just why being so stupid as to ask it lays his motives bare.

Drum roll…

KJ: Given the extent of damage done to your relationship with Rangers do you agree your position is untenable?

Stuff like this,and the GTF response from the BBC about shamelessly having that Ulster bigot on their flagship show really make a Friday article a piece of piss.


April 30, 2020 10:17 am


Reading one of your links drew my attention to this by Tam. Scroll down below the line a bit to Rangers Radio.

I blame kafflik skules,me.

April 30, 2020 10:27 am

Oh, Dixie, Dixie; Dixie, Dixie, Dixie, Dixie, Dixie Deans.
I was at both of the cup finals v Hibs and the EC semi v Inter Milan. I was halfway back in the Rangers end that night and nearly caught Dixie’s penalty.
I also saw lots of Dixie at Motherwell, where he was indeed a firebrand. He was sent off a few times, for retaliation or mouthing off at referees. But he defo knew where the goal was. Deceptively strong and decent in the air. He lived the dream and did himself and Celtic proud.
Did we not get a penalty in the game after the Inter disappointment and the jungle were shouting for Dixie to take it? He was instantly forgiven by the fans.

Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 10:32 am

Peter Purves fae Blue Peter was on Good Morning Britain….he’s 81 ffs,looks great for his age

April 30, 2020 10:41 am

I dunno why Johnjames gets such praise on here. The man has maybe seen the light in terms of his support for the team out of Ibrox but his sleekit digs at Celtic turn me right off. His initial blogs were very pro Rangers and he did try to defend some of their points. Tbf he has always called out their bigotry.
I thought he looked at his readership, saw that hardly any huns were keen on what he had to say and so he altered tack to appeal to his readers.
And, I dislike his perpetual begging for money. Not for me, I’m afraid.

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 10:58 am

I don’t think JJ does get much “ praise” on here? In fact when I posted my preference for him over Phil I did so in the knowledge I’d be in a very small minority.

As for his chirping at Celtic, I think it’s generally Neil Lennon’s and/or Peter Lawells shortcomings ( in his opinion) that he writes about.

On THAT particular matter, there will be plenty on here who agree.

The money thing? Yes, I kinda agree though having no insight into how he is set financially, I’d reserve judgement. Maybe the fella is struggling to meet his outgoings?

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 11:00 am

I meant to add:

There was a period of time when JJ’s articles made me think he was heading for some sort of breakdown. The money thing. Sounded desperate. Another reason I try to hold off on harsh judgement.

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 11:20 am

True. Someone out there might just know Alex . As ya say – fingers Xd

April 30, 2020 11:36 am

Morning All.
I used to think the same about JJ what’s this money appeal all about, i’m pretty sure (unless i read it wrong) the other day, he said his Internet had been cut off, maybe he is in a bad financial way.

Crisis tip: If you’re planning to split up with your wife, make sure her bags are packed and her taxi is booked for 8pm on a Thursday, so it looks like the whole street is glad to see the back of her. ?

April 30, 2020 11:39 am


A thoroughly enjoyable read. You have a gift for that type of article!

As I read it I could see Dixie’s face emitting a toothless grin!

TnT, I agree with you re Phil Mac. i only go there occasionally now for the same reasons as you.


April 30, 2020 11:45 am


That is kwalityman!!!

April 30, 2020 11:56 am

Been out doing a bit of ESSENTIAL shopping. Beer supplies for my pal. Disabled,letter telling him to stay indoors for twelve weeks. Blah blah,told you it before. I’ve got to order coils for his vapes now as well,as those outlets are closed.

Anyway,his tipple of choice is John Smiths. Wouldn’t be mine. I stocked up on Magners at £9 for 18,his was £15 for 18. I saw a wee cheapie though,and bought a four pack for him as a present. Morrison’s own brand bitter. 2% which isn’t much lower than his preference anyway.

Can’t wait to see his wee face. It will light up the room with ire and fire. WTF is this sh…? Chuck it in the fridge,Paul. Then an hour in the freezer to chill the arse off it. You’ll be surprised what you can drink next Friday as you wait for my weekly delivery on the Saturday.


April 30, 2020 11:56 am

In a bar room in Govan
Across from the Debt Dome
He ordered a drink on the slate
His eyes looked quite wonky
So I walked on over to ask how he got in that state
When the drink finally hit him, he said:
‘That’s me quittin’. Ah’ve finally stoapt livin’ oan dreams’
‘Ah’m sick o’ the laughter an’ here ever after’
‘Ah’ll just let that fat clown Park pye fur the team’

In the mirror I saw him
And I closely watched him
I thought how he looked like a hun
He came up to the stranger, sat down beside him
His arse must have weighed half a ton
His six chins were wobbling
He looked like a zombie
For a minute I thought he was dead
But he started shaking, his hun heart was breaking
He turned to the stranger and said:

‘Ye picked a fine time tae leave us, Dave King’
‘Wi’ a squad full o’ duds an’ a twat managin’
‘We’ve had some bad times, got aff wi’ some crimes’
‘But this time we’re really done in’
‘Ye picked a fine time tae leave us, Dave King’.

After I left them, I pished myself laughing
I thought how they both seemed so thick
The near-bankrupt mug Park and penniless crook King
Who had to buy players on tick
They came up with some beauties
Like bids from the Chinese
They must have thought we’d lost our minds
But the bullshit Dave sold them
And the lies that he told them
Kept coming back time after time.

(As sung by the late Brenny Rodgers).

April 30, 2020 12:01 pm

Oh,the four pack was 90p. I was nearly tempted to buy two.

Reminded me of our oul’ pal UBER,who used to post as FFM on CQN and blamed his nocturnal misadventures on ASDA Smartprice cider.

Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 12:14 pm

PSG declared champions

April 30, 2020 12:40 pm

Asterisk the Gaul

April 30, 2020 12:41 pm


Blinkin’ flip. And people have the cheek to complain about my questions on a Saturday night?!!!

Managed 36/51. As >70% is rated first class honours,I am now the proud holder of a first class degree in anorak.

Eat my dust…

April 30, 2020 12:43 pm


How apt. The Gauls were only ever scared of the sky falling on them.

April 30, 2020 1:06 pm

big packy, i meant to ask you, did ye like your special mention ? ?

April 30, 2020 1:19 pm


Know Tam Reidy and the older sisters (worked beside them in the dim and distant past).Also knew the father. He went on the bus run by my Grandfather which as you know covered whitburn, bathgate and one or two members from Harthill (I know I know) and Armadale . Haven’t heard anything about the family in years and unfortunately i am shielding at present therefore can’t get out and about. I do know a “younger guy” with links to Birniehill and will enquire on your behalf.

April 30, 2020 1:30 pm


Good man! I’ll mail that to TWISTSNTURNS in case he misses it.

Hope the lockdown isn’t too bad for you-what you say isn’t inspiring!-and that you and yours are bearing up.

Bearing up? Aye,that’s the limits of our ambitions,eh?

April 30, 2020 1:33 pm

I enjoyed reading both JJ and Phil but got bored with both tbh. JJ is an extortionist, I contributed when he passed the hat roon fur the driver but he failed to deliver passwords to articles as he’d promised. I pulled him on this and got a like it or lump it reply!!

Great read today!

Dixie Deans Superstar!
Walks like a wummin and he wears a bra!
The bra’s too big, he wears a wig!
An that’s why they call him a sexy pig!!

Aaaah…the memories of youth!! 😉

April 30, 2020 1:37 pm

Just been sent this by a right good guy who will not post on this site but turns up at the hoots. Bastert.

Well-Known Member
Today at 11:42 AM
I won’t recognise PSG’s tainted title

I replied-Fuxake,they play in red white and blue! They should be out celebrating!!!

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 1:38 pm


That’s brilliant bud. If you find anything out about them let me know please. Very much appreciated.

Hmmm. Well that answers my question on the bus! I must’ve been on my usual bus, yer granddad’s bus, but got on at Bathgate that day with Alex and his dad.

Yer grandad was an absolute gentleman by the way but I don’t need to tell you that I’m sure. Indeed, yer dad and uncles too. Salt of the earth.

Twists n Turns
April 30, 2020 1:40 pm

That’s not good. Take yer dough then renege. Not good at all.

Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 1:49 pm

Gregory Campbell on La Francais Sportsoundez tonight

April 30, 2020 1:54 pm

My wife has been drinking a lot more since lockdown began, i mentioned it to her, and explained there is sometimes a denial stage by the person when they are told they are drinking too much, and she said “No there isn’t” ?‍♂️

April 30, 2020 2:06 pm

A forensic set of questions and points by Adam Smith.

I’m in 2 minds. He was very hostile on Res12, questioning its motivation which for me was reform of governance at Hampden.

I think he may have changed his mind, but given his interest in Res12 etc it would be good if he were to comment on that and LNS to broaden the scope of any investigation.

His point about internal structure and process at SPFL s spot on in that the same weaknesses imo apply within Celtic.

It is ok doing the right thing and I think the SPFL did, but if you do the right thing wrongly you undermine the underlying reason for doing it.

I remember telling one of my younger line managers this to his then annoyance but I also remember him learning from his experience I was right and he became a more than able successor.

In an environment when motivations start from the off of being suspicious, it is important to do the right thing in the right way.

That of course applies to “Rangers” whom if they had thought about their motivation would not have accused ND and McKenzie of wrong doing but questioned the process and asked for a review of that.

But they didnt which is why SPFL are able to question ” Rangers” motivation..

There is no doubt in my mind football governance in Scotland needs a complete overhaul, both in terms of clearer definition of the roles and responsibilities of both SFA and SPFL, with a customer (SPFL) provider of services (SFA) construct, but also good internal management arrangements that allows things that need to be done to get done, rather than kicked down the road of expediency.

I’m all for an investigation but on a lessons learned not blaming basis and covering everything from 2011 to date.

It would be expensive but money worth spending.

April 30, 2020 2:15 pm

…more than once!! I agree we shouldn’t judge if we don’t have the full details of the guy’s circumstances but if the appeal was met by an individual and the terms of the appeal are subsequently changed the it’s a racket imo!! I did query it and was offered a partial refund less his PayPal costs which I declined, his need is clearly greater than mine!

Bada Bing
April 30, 2020 2:19 pm
April 30, 2020 2:31 pm

ASWGL, a quality read about clearly a quality player. Again would love to speak to the oul fella about him. Sounds a cracker though way before my time.
The time and effort taken to compose that piece is very appreciated cheers.

JJ over Phil for myself also.
Another stunning day in paradise here.
Hail Hail

April 30, 2020 2:32 pm

Oh there will be a quiz of sorts ready for 8pm Troon time on Saturday.

April 30, 2020 2:32 pm

The Oasis song sounds 25 years old, not 15 as was stated in the BBC article. Not a fan of it tbh…it sounds a bit too dated!!

The Gombeen Man
April 30, 2020 2:34 pm


Are you asking folk to use this liminal space or bardo to consider their own complicity in the ongoing corruption?

Is it okay to win at the cost of the truth? Does the purchase of a SB just make the individual a slave to the corruption?

I don’t know if the wider population are ready individually and collectively to face their own conflicts. If that’s the case the ongoing external turmoil will continue until there is a recognition that it’s rooted within.

Sevco’s motivation is undoubtedly self serving and there is probably plenty of pain ahead on all sides until reality prevails.

The problem is finding the faith to let go. If we don’t we’re usually forced to despite the protestations of the false self.

Arriving at humility can be a painful but the different perspective from that grounding is liberating.

In reality, a title or asterisk is only an issue for the ego.

As you say the motivation is key.

Thanks ASWGL for another fine article

April 30, 2020 2:38 pm

…and what if you get all of that and just want to go to the fitba as you always have. Does it have to be existential…can it no just be fun?