More Than Just A Club?


MAHE certainly set the tone for yesterday with a rallying cry of an article,and I’ve rarely seen so many different topics being discussed afterwards. There was one underlying theme in common though,and that is that the natives-certainly on this site-are restless. 

In no order at all,neither importance nor chronology,it was asked by TWISTSNTURNS why supporters are being asked to cough up for their season tickets when this season hasn’t even been declared yet,and while there are huge question marks about the validity of that ticket anyway. No-one knows when or even if next season will begin,nor how many season ticket holders will be allowed to attend. But we do know the reason why the ticket money is so important-because the players still have to be paid!

That’s right. We don’t know what we are buying a ticket for at the moment,many of us are struggling physically and/or financially at the moment,and almost all of us have an uncertain future. But cough up,the players-many of whom earn in a week what the average Pinter earns in a year-have to be paid. Of course,that’s really down to the vagaries of the contract system,but clubs and players could do with some realism here. Or a boot in the baws as a wake up call. 

We then moved onto a list from BADABING of Sevco crimes and misdemeanours,faux pas and fuck-ups. It was lengthy,aye,but I’m sure he only scratched the surface! But in doing so,he highlighted the failure of Celtic Plc to act in the best interests of the club in reaction to these,or even in defence of the fans who were being accused of everything under the sun,up to and including the attempted murder of El Gordo. 

ATHINGOFBEAUTY and AFGHANMELON were quick to highlight this,and they were ably assisted by some surgical strikes from AULDHEID. That we have been badly let down by our board over the last decade,particularly in terms of ensuring that the governance of the game is all that it should be. They have been silent for far too long and on far too many occasions,of which the 5WA agreement to shoehorn the huns back into the game,and the subsequent shuffling of feet after the LNS fiasco are but two. 

Now,I think you are all aware that I maintain that going to watch our club,paying into the coffers,is not evidence that anyone who does so supports the board and their behaviour in our name. But even I’m beginning to question the wisdom of doing so when there is no appetite from them to ensure that regulations and sanctions are applied when appropriate,when there is no action from them to defend the reputation of the fans when they are scandalously and unfairly attacked in the media and no attempt to redress this by demanding an apology and retraction or simply banning them outright. And when the CEO blatantly lies TWICE to shareholders at the AGM without as much as a shrug of the shoulders,you really have to ask how long this can continue without some form of backlash. 

Given the evidence of the above,that they have no shame and don’t even think they are doing wrong by us in the first place,I’d reckon that we are in for a lot more of it in the years to come. Rumours that the huns have somehow cleared the hurdle for a European licence for next year do little to salve my misgivings,and I note that some other bloggers are latching onto a suggestion I made a couple of weeks back that the huns are going to try for a penalty-free administration process to be offered to clubs during the current crisis. 

There will be more shoulders being shrugged in the inner sanctums at Celtic Park over these matters,the explanation will be offered on their behalf that none of it concerns Celtic anyway. Well,of course it concerns Celtic! And it sure as hell concerns our fans!! We are watching yet more dirty work at the crossroads and we are condoning it by our silence. Worse,by saying nothing we are giving it the green light. 

More than just a club? Better believe it. They’re a cabal of crooks taking their seat at the top of the cartel which has ruined the game in this country. They are playing a dangerous game,and they are gambling the future of the club,alienating the fans by cosying up to people who despise us. And them,I might add,which shows you just how bloody stupid the board are. 

If you know your history? I’d start by giving them a lesson from 1994. 

Above article by BMCUWP. Always on the lookout for your thoughts and opinions,folks-and if you’d like to see them as Article of the Day,mail MAHE.

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Margaret McGill

Damn right Bobby!

Dharma Bam


Twists n Turns

You’ll not be surprised to learn I’m in agreement with the sentiment.

Reading back earlier, I noticed Auldheid’s post amongst a number of others and similarly , I concur with his thoughts too. I’ll get around to responding later.

I’ll tell you what had crossed my mind yesterday as I drove to work. I was dwelling on our earlier interchanges on here, and was thinking about the up and coming SPFL meeting, and in particular, the ‘evidence’ that’s about to be presented. I’m convinced there’s little to nothing, as I think many of us are. We will find out soon enough. From Rangers’ point of view however, it’s job done. They’ve played a blinder in conning their own yet again.

As soon as they discovered it was probable that Celtic would be awarded the title, which would almost certainly discourage many of their fans from renewing, their board launched into “ we hate Celtic, fenian b******” mode. They didn’t even have to mention Celtic to do it! All smoke and mirrors, and thinly veiled comments with the goal being to move season books. Creating the siege mentality.

The gullibillies were on board.

The antithesis of the Celtic board.

So your article this morning captured the area my thoughts had turned to yesterday.

We need to hijack part of another huns song and have our “cabal of crooks” sing it loudly at the start of every board meeting .It’s very apt .


Well it certainly feels like that.




I don’t know why the huns even bother with the likes of Traynor or the DUP fella. They cost money,but their cheerleaders in the media do the job for free! Surely the job of a journalist is to listen,investigate,report. Not simply to repeat?

I’ve no problem with football journalists supporting a certain team. It would be a strange thing indeed if any of them didn’t have a favourite team. But down here,I honestly couldn’t tell you who the likes of David Conn or Martin Samuel or Henry Winter support. Because they all do their job as professionals,and keep the cheerleading for their personal time.

Even Carragher and Neville who clearly favour their own can discuss them dispassionately,as football men rather than fans with a microphone.

Then you have our board who have clearly arrived at the conclusion that they will not be allowed to exit Scottish football to a promised land anytime soon,and that only Celtic v Rangers means anything to the outside world. So in order to protect their income stream they have to protect both parts of that equation. Even if it means keeping the huns alive by foul means or fouler. Turning a blind eye to the EBTs as they happened-which cost us five titles and the CL money that went with it,all in the interests of a vibrant competitor to drive minimal TV income by comparison. Declining to follow up LNS and 5WA because the huns needed to believe they were still the same club. Ach,I could forgive all that cos they’re a bunch of money grabbing basterts and we all know it,but refusing to fight our corner while we are being showered with all sorts of shite from them?


Times have moved on from Murray saying that “for every fiver they spend,we will spend a tenner” Our mantra now is that for every fiver they spend,we will make sure they are still around to do so.

Twists n Turns


Maybe he’s eyeing the St Johnstone job!

Twists n Turns

I’m hearing that Rangers are delaying the release of their ‘dossier’ as it’s not ‘ready’ ( pun intended)

If true- you can draw your own conclusions

Twists n Turns

For clarity

That’s what the Times are reporting.

Not the Tims….. the timEs

Twists n Turns

It’s behind a paywall – but here’s what I was able to see

Rangers will delay the release of their evidence into alleged wrongdoing by the SPFL hierarchy. The Ibrox club was due to circulate a dossier to the other 41 clubs today in support of its call for an independent probe. The clubs are scheduled to vote on the issue at an extraordinary general meeting next Tuesday.

If there is not 75 per cent support in each of the top two divisions, and the same backing over the bottom two combined, there will be no mandate for an investigation under SPFL rules.

Rangers intend to continue working on their documents and will finalise how they are presented before releasing them over the next 48 hours.

Twists n Turns

Here’s the rest
The 12 Premiership clubs will hold their second conference call meeting in six days today. The Rangers issue is not expected to be up for discussion but clubs will give further consideration to how and when to conclude the league.

Last month’s controversial vote not only decided the three lower divisions but it empowered the SPFL board to vote on a similar conclusion to the top flight which would crown Celtic, relegate Hearts — unless there is reconstruction — and release final placement payments.

All the Premiership clubs are now being consulted on that. Most are prepared to end the season now while three or four are still prepared to wait. A decision will be required before a Uefa deadline on May 25.


If anyone is interested,Brian Clough is my favourite non-Celtic manager. The Damned United is still available on BBC iplayer for two weeks. Brilliant film,best football dramatisation IMO.

I know it upset his family,sometimes I can understand why. But if anyone has still not seen it,here’s your chance.



Huns playing the Mr Micawber hand,that “something will turn up”

Might have served them better to observe his other famous quote…

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”


Missed yesterday’s post but reading yours BCMCUWrP just convinced me I have to go back and start reading. I always remember as a young guy my dad preaching about Robert Kelly standing up to the League about the Irish Flag at Celtic Park. He did it because it was the right thing to do and that’s how I have always thought about Celtic we do the things we do because it’s right. My dad wasn’t a big fan of Robert Kelly but he gave him his due in flaggate. I pay for CTV it doesn’t cost me as much as a season ticket and I have not logged in since the last game. I had not thought of cancelling during this Covid scenario as I feel it’s my way of helping support Celtic. But if they are not holding up what I consider to be Celtic ideals I will have to give serious thought to withdrawing my support and that will hurt especially when I think of my dad and his values of supporting Celtic

Twists n Turns


Mind you, I’m getting to the stage myself whereby I need business soon. My trousers are now so thin that if I have a penny in my back pocket and sit down, I can tell if it’s heads or tails…..

Twists n Turns


Good post and a position I suspect a number of others are now ready to adopt.


Good morning all from Govanhill, the San Tropez of Glasgow.



Little doubt that Bob Kelly made a lot of mistakes in his tenure. But he got the two big ones right.

Standing up for the flag-if you’ll pardon the expression!-and allowing Jock total control.

Probably the two most important decisions during his tenure,one which cemented our heritage and the other which cemented our place in history. Not bad,all things considered!



St Tropez? You got topless burdz up there now? Jeez,Glasgow’s got really cosmopolitan since I left.

big packy

MORNING ALLand JIM, great post bobby and all true, wont comment further, what was that saying, I hate them because they make me hate them or something like that, you get called a fenian bassa that many times, you start to believe it?? what was that story, think it was john McPhail or billy McPhail, coming out the tunnel at ibrox, and someone calls him a fenian bassa, he shouts to one of the players, that guy just called me a fenian bassa, the player said aye he called me the same, john or billy says aye but you are wan??



My mates back home call me everything under the sun-and they get it back too,and would expect no less from me. As for the FB? It’s UFB,if you don’t mind. That pisses them off somewhat!

My Dad absolutely hates being called an FB though. Seriously. Not acceptable in his company.

Por Cierto

GLASGOW? Changed beyond all recognition, we have topless GUYS up here now, por cierto.

Por Cierto

I used to buy in the Glasgow Fruit Market, some people in there thought my name was FB, I was called it that often!

big packy

BOBBY yes, forgot the U ? you know I always agree with you on most things, but on football managers although I love cloughie ,my next favourite after jock is bill Shankly ,born in glenbuck Ayrshire, not glenboig Lanarkshire, unfortunately? he took over Liverpool when they were in the English second division, brought them up to the first, won 3 league championships and the UEFA cup, and started the process, for bob paisley to go on and dominate Europe ,must be something in the Ayrshire air?

bada bing1

Alex Rae,the thinking hun’s Derek Johnstone…

big packy

there was a programme on tv a while back, about jock stein, bill Shankly, and matt busby, made by one of the mcillvaney brothers, cant remember the name of it, but it was a brilliant documentary, all brought up in mining areas, and all one a European trophy ,sadly will never happen again.

big packy

POR CIERTO, know the feeling?


Don’t think I would want to see anyone topless around here. Including me.?


The message bears constant repetition, and is not any less important for all that. It is crucial that the Celtic Board is held to account by us, its own fans, most of all. How else can we expect that others will do ‘the right thing’ if our Board fails to fulfil its statutory governance responsibilities to our own shareholders/fans, however small their stake in the club might be. A day of reckoning is nigh, and the next AGM will be a barometer of where we are heading. I sincerely hope we come through that event with the correct direction of travel. The alternative is a dark, miserable state which will lead to self immolation. All imo of course.
Keep safe everyone.



Topless guys? You got a new job as the tourism minister?


bada bing1

A pal told me a few weeks ago,Castore didn’t produce xxl sizes and bigger, as they only wanted fit looking people wearing their brand,might be some issues now…..



I reckon that the next AGM will be interesting. Too much has come out since.

bada bing1

It’s obvious Sevco have nothing, the delaying tactic is they are waiting for the inevitable title at Celtic Park, then come out with this dossier pish,to try and get the last punch in.


bada bing1

A pal told me a few weeks ago,Castore didn’t produce xxl sizes and bigger, as they only wanted fit looking people wearing their brand,might be some issues now…..

See,that’s the huns for you. Can’t be bothered wi much more than skim-reading a contract. Obviously thought they’d cracked it as Castore only wanted fat looking people.



I heard they have irrefutable evidence of a dodgy sponsorship deal being offered as a sweetener to Dundee. With our fingerprints all over it.

Could be a game changer…

Por Cierto


:))))))))))))))))))) por cierto


Morning all and Packy. What a disappointment, the chart topping dossier is being held back until Thursday.
I was all excited like back in the sixties when the latest Beatles record was about to be unleashed on the radio airwaves. I’d rush out to but a copy and be all over it for days.
Oh well, Thursday it is! I’m sure it will be worth waiting for 🙂


When I think about it the huns missed a trick there. They should have published a printed edition of The Dossier and sold it throughout Scotland & beyond. Profits could have went to a good charity like Club 1872 or even the Celtic Foundation.

Fairhill bhoy

TnT-some of the comments on that tweet are very good ?

Billy Bhoy

Bobby,I have yet to decide what I’m going to do regarding my Season Ticket. I was already of the opinion that there may not be any SPFL games to attend until August 21 on the assumption that there won’t be a vaccine available until then.
This belief was backed up at Midnight on Saturday on Sky News when they interviewed a Professor from Kings Cross Hospital in London. He was asked, as an Arsenal fan, when he expected to next sit in the Emirates with 60,000 Arsenal fans. His reply? “Not in the next 12 months – maybe in the next 24!”

Yet, currently we have the EPL desperately trying to re-start their season! How the hell do you social distance in a 6 man defensive wall???

So, I am holding off meantime. I note the renewal date was pushed back from 1/5 to 31/5. I expect this to continually slide throughout the summer to see how things unfold. Maybe The Donald is right and, like a miracle, we will wake up on 1/7 and it will just have disappeared!

A lot of football clubs seem to be banking on this. Banking in both senses of the word!

Different Class

Well is it a smoking gun or a water pistol?


May God shine you Bobby Sands.R.I.P.
39th anniversary

I could not agree more, sevco might be the most evil club to ever play the game but they stand up for their supporters, our board are a disgrace, I stopped buying any Celtic merchandise for my grandkids after the 5 way agreement, liewell knew the contents but lied to the supporters when questioned, I think to a large extent we supporters get what we deserve by our reluctance to go after those that treat us like idiots, we are the problem, we are simply to soft9


Oglach Roibeárd Gearóid Ó Seachnasaigh
9 March 1954 – 5 May 1981

“They won’t break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart”


Good topic Bobby. Two sides to this debate, the way ‘them’ and the SMSM bring out weapons-grade stupid statements on an almost weekly basis, the get out is, if we honourable chaps in the PLC responded to every one them (see bada’s list from yesterday) there would be no time left to supervise the laying of heated driveways. Leaving ‘thems’ statements unchallenged allows the hatred that sells ST’s to build up, and the mugs (sorry punters) who accept our stance on this, just keep buying into this old firm bullshit, knew it before i decided to stop going to games. Know it still.

McCaff et all, no apologies necessary I started it as a bit of fun with me using your name, and it was all a bit of banter, I’m the one who’s responsible, (make that irresponsible), sorry packy ?


Afternoon All,

After the Statements will cometh the begging….



Can we not hire the sevco negotiator of the strips contract?
He has proven to be the bestest ever.
Small company borrows 7-5 million to expand.
Brilliant sevco negotiator then manages to convince them that a 5 year 20 million pounds contract is a brilliant idea.
Despite the fact the sevco have been in numerous court battles with Kit suppliers and sports distributor for the last 5 years.
It has been allover the Scottish media so definitely true.
Guys a proven winner.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM , ASWGL@ 12-55 don’t be silly, nothing to be sorry for ,luv ya to bits?? just back from dugwalking ,going for a shower will be back shortly?

Mike in Toronto

Mike in Toronto

Good morning

bada bing1

MIT- He was brilliant in Hart to Hart….

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