Bail out ? F#!k Off !

And thats exactly what I would say to every professional football club, no matter the nation, no matter the size. Its about time the game got a huge dose of reality and now its here with the gravy train grinding to a halt the pleas from those who were aboard for help in continuing the ride will become a cacophony in the coming weeks and months.
But the answer must be no.


Grab a common man off the street right now this instant and get him to list some areas of public life that need improved and chances are he could list them all, thats how neglected they have become.
Public parks
Public transportation
The Police service
The unemployment benefits system
The entire education system
The energy grid
The broadband network
And many many many more all have suffered cut after cut or just been pushed to the back of the line for someone else to deal with at a later date.
All of the above are in need of public funding like never before, yet the game has its hands out.


And then the mother of all causes, our precious National Health Service, has just seen itself unwittingly thrust into the spotlight, its lack of ready to use equipment nothing less than a national scandal, the system itself having to rely on those the masses voted to be rid of in the main ( foreigners). It needs rebuilt, restaffed, and its rate of pay must be updated to reflect its importance to society. It should be at the head of any queue for public funds and I doubt there is one soul that disagrees, yet football has its hand out?


Look at the very top, FIFA, bent as a two bob note yet billions in reserves. Should ‘daddy’ not be first on the list when going around with the hand out?
Next you have UEFA, see above only they have stood idly by as the game restructured into superclubs and the rest, despite the fact there was a respected man of the people in Platini at the helm. Another joke of an organisation that deserves ripping up and started again.


Just below we have Sky and BT who may as well own football for all the ordering about they do. They are the reason fans cant sit down and choose games and flights at the start of the season, and that extends to the biggest league and all. So they can take some responsibility if they are going to be calling the shots and reaping the benefits. Financial responsibility that is.
Why not ask them for a bailout? Or even some cash up front to be withheld from future years payments?
Murdoch is one of the world’s richest, yet you want taxpayers’ money?
You would swear it was free, I guess it may as well be to some people. If he wants the gravy train to continue he can provide the gravy.
BT group ditto. Sign a fresh long long term tv rights deal with them and distribute the funding immediately? Theres one option for starters.


And then below that you have the clubs themselves who are asking and maybe expecting bailed out. Most big clubs make money now, not the other way around, so one must ask why they cant take a hit one year or maybe two, and then let the profits resume?
I thought thats how businesses work?
Are all those profits gone and if so perhaps borrow against future profits, but dont ask for free money when you have been making bank for years living the good life?


There are certainly many very rich owners in the sport, are they not going to dip their hands in their pockets at all during this crisis? If not what is the point in having wealthy owners if under no circumstances will they dip into their own fortune should their club need it as a matter of life and death? Do they even see the irony in having the hand out for public funds?
Why have them at all if their cash makes zero difference because as we have seen with the Glazers you dont even need to spend your own money to buy a club, just stick the debt on the club?
Speaking of owners will the British taxpayer be bailing out state owned clubs which would be close to the ultimate irony.Hammers fans might actually prefer their club to go under if thats what it takes to get rid of their terrible trio of hated owners.


As for the cash itself surely everyone must understand that its just going to be impossible to pay full blown wages after a while, so what exactly is the taxpayer being asked to fund?
To keep up the current level of wages indefinitely is just a non starter, so where and how would the clubs actually spend cash if granted?
Rates will be suspended I imagine, with groundskeeping and skeleton staff the only essentials as far as I can see.
Giving out a pot of gold to all clubs isnt a magic fix for the sport, it should be a non starter.
Give it to the causes that need it most, nothing else.
The rich fatcats with their hands out need them cut off and not filled.
Never thought I would say it but well done the virus, for you’ve wobbled the corrupt game like none before you could.
Give them nothing and lets see how much these owners care about the clubs they decided to become custodians of.
Its a win win as in they help you have true owners well done.
If they let it die, then let the people take it back.


The above is by Mahe.

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I concur!



Football is a very important industry for the country,and particularly for the government. Think of the income it receives in Income Tax and NI payments from the players and from stadium staff.

Think then too of the VAT collected from gate receipts,merchandising and tv income.

Think also of the VAT received from the tv companies directly,in the form of that VAT charged on subscriptions.

On a local economic level,clubs are big employers and the fans bring a lot of money into that economy. I think Celtic are reckoned to be worth c£150m pa to Glasgow,and that’s just from the fans spending in the hospitality industries!


My suspicion is that clubs will be told that various steps have been taken to assist them,as has been done for other businesses. And that they have the same access to loans as other small businesses. Of course,such rational arguments haven’t stopped the likes of Branson pleading for a bailout.

Easily avoided. You are only eligible for state assistance if your company is fully registered in the UK and fully compliant with its laws. Especially those pertaining to payment of taxes.



Re the NHS,the government was told when it was elected in 2010 that there was a requirement for 4% additional funding year on year simply to keep up with the rising population and costs in technology advances. They have received on average 1%.

Compounded over the ten years since,instead of receiving an overall increase of 49%,it has received around 11%. It is underfunded by 26% since 2010,so it would require spending to be increased by 40% next year just to take it back to where it was when the tories took power.

Social housing,social security,social medicine. Social anything you can think of,slashed by their dogma. Clearly an anti-social party,I suppose social distancing is right up their street.


100% on the money, dare I say. Fucking astounds me how capitalists so readily abandon their principles when they are in trouble. Great article


Agreed Bobby
‘Easily avoided. You are only eligible for state assistance if your company is fully registered in the UK and fully compliant with its laws. Especially those pertaining to payment of taxes.’ Problem is the laws are made for the leeches e.g. your Bransons etc.

Twists n Turns

Abso fffkn lutely.

I was chatting to an SC’er by e mail last night and mentioned the Celtic/ money thing.

I’ve been going around for days thinking “ is it just me?”

Or just me and a handful?

Can’t get my head around the “WE must save the club”

For long and weary we’ve been hearing how Peter the financial genius is prudent with the cash. How he would never spend too much because it could jeopardise the club. How many times did we moan about the under spend transfer window, only to be told “ do you want us to end up like the huns?”

Effectively Peter has been saving for a rainy day.

Well I’ve got news for you Peter. Look out the window. It’s pissing down . In fact theres a tsunami heading straight for you.

What do we have in the bank? Anyone?

Let’s say £30m.

When that £30m is used up I’m quite happy to dig in and help save the club, but only then . Some of that £30m was mine. Some it was yours. Everyone whose paid into the club over the years, it’s theirs.

Spend what we’ve already given you first before you come back for more. I’m not interested in hearing about Peter or the players being heroes or doing their bit by agreeing to “ deferred wages”. That simply means you’re getting paid later. You’re not losing a thin dime.

I’m happy to see the whole shooting match sink beneath the waves unless Celtic use up that £30m nest egg first.

Thanks Mahe. It may not sound like it, but , you’ve cheered me right up!

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM , MAHE, brilliant I concur with twisty, lets bring the beautiful game back to its roots, before the greedy moneymen got involved, the days when players and fans travelled together to games on public transport, not feckin big flashy cars ,get the feckin tories out our boardroom,,another true story?


I agree with you, not something I say every day.
Football clubs are already benefiting from furlough why should they be allocated any more.
Not a chance!!
It already grates with me, that the NHS as a charity is being normalised, it should be properly funded.
I’m not kidding on here, the day after the UK has worse death toll in Europe, one of BBC s main stories is Captain Tom given a gold Blue Peter Badge, it’s like a funny McCaff would do on the nightshift only it’s true.
No further additional funding for football ,most of the 42 clubs have used furlough.

Twists n Turns


Gold blue Peter badge


That’s really cheered up further.

Whit aboot gold green Peter badges for everyone who buys a season book?

big packy

TIM Horton from last night, thanks for your kind words?



Drawn a blank with the Reidy family I’m afraid.

Guy i spoke with obviously knew them but, like me, hadn’t heard anything for quite some time.

Once my 12 weeks are up (and the rest methinks) and I’m out and about will ask around.

Stay safe folks.


Was out with the dogs last night, walking around the path at kildean (Stirling) around the edge of the river forth, anyway I was watching a Herron, and come across a guy with binoculars, stated he was watching a Golden eyed reed warbler ?? Is that not just a mallard duck ??


Norrie M.
There is a duck called a Golden Eye.
It’s usually a winter migrant, but some do stay and nest maybe a couple of hundred.
The males head is similar to a Mallard but guess what…. it has a Golden eye. ?
There is a bird too, called a Reed Warbler, just slightly smaller than a sparrow but they shouldn’t be around your neck of the woods.


Twists 8.20.
I like that and it works because of our CEO name, clever for this time, although it’s the middle of the day for you. ?

big packy

might be wrong here, my grandfather had greyhounds when I was nipper, and he used to take me on the fields with him to let the greyhounds have a run, sometimes he would find little blue eggs in the long grass, and he would take them home and cook them, is that possible or am I getting mixed up as usual?


Three Celtic football anniversaries, today.
50 years ago, we lost the big cup final, to Feynoord.
48 years ago, a man who was highlighted by ASWGL, Oh Dixie, Dixie,
scored a hat trick as we thumped Hibs 6.1 in The Scottish Cup Final.
1967, Jinky scores a double at Ibrox to win the title for Celtic.

Jim Norton

Morning all and Packy 🙂
What next! Elton John & The Rolling Stones etc. getting government hand outs cause they cant perform live?



big packy

MORNING MR NORTON. welcome to the blog?


Aye draw attention to my mistake!

big packy

OOPS, sorry jim?


I was trying to keep it a secret that I played Bishop Brennan in Father Ted!

big packy

KNEW, I had seen your face before?


Angela Merkel slams the brakes on the Bundesliga – German football ‘cannot return until all teams have completed two weeks of quarantine’… putting its restart back to at May 22 at the earliest

Awe Naw

Football and Government are linked through corruption. That´s the universal axiom

We can moan about Murray Park being 50% financed by government grants but the restoration of the East End and surrounding area of Celtic Park and us getting The Common Wealth games was hush hush money for the 5WA. The PLC getting their cake and eating it. Sevco and free money that the CWG brought. I fail to see where the free money benefited us

90% of pundits for Scottish football were EBT beneficiaries (BT excepted) (License paying BBC the most guilty)

I understand why the Daily Hun and The Daily Rangers pander to this element their own survival depends on it. The Scotsman and BBC sportsound not so much but it is still very evident.

Clearly Scottish football is entirely in the throes of the masonic orange Lodge (Celtic PLC included). That extends to the SMSM and BBC Scotland and the SNP government

Rangers were not saved and millions spent on them due to some kind of neanderthal rigid belief system. They were saved because they are a cash cow. A 150 year old cash cow

But if you are still buying the newspapers and paying your BBC License and buying EPL priced ST for four Saturday afternoon matches per year you really should shut the fuck up – Boo Fucking Hoo 🙂

You make your bed you lie in it.

Why Can’t Celtic TV ,broadcasts all Celtic’s home and away games,think about the income it would generate ,also SKY BT Sports ,BBC would have to pay our club for the highlights .I Have said all along that football supposed to the working mans game ,but soon as money took over and corrupt organisations like UEFA,FIFA,and SKY SPORTS ,and Some Football Clubs the days off the ordinary fan was over ie paying over the odds to watch there team on the Television or going to watch,I’ve said fans could stop it tomorrow if all of us said enoughs enough and just stop going ,and stop watching live football on the TV,and pay at the gate ,and another thing being ripped off with Football Tops,so it being a working mans game who has been took to the cleaners with these Spivs who have made a good living out off it ,We all should get together and say The Gravy Train is over.

Twists n Turns

Awe Naw

Canny really argue with that.

Awe Naw

1 – I made over 100 appearances for my country.

2 – I won league titles in 3 different countries.

3 – I was nominated in the PFA Team of the Year on one occasion.

4 – I scored 6 league goals in my second season in professional football. The highest of my career.

5 – I am in two countries football hall of fame.

6 – I have won the premier league, the champions league and a major international trophy.

Who am I? ?

I don’t know the answer

Fairhill bhoy

Awe naw-I had to google the answer.Would never have got it ?
Hope you’re well mate?

Awe Naw

Fairhill bhoy

spill the beans then ?

bada bing1

Lauren Blanc?



I was at those games.

5 of us in a Ford Corsair drove to Milan, went to the cup final with a girl friend I nearly married and was in the hun end at Ibrox, til we got rumbled.

Great memories, thanks!

Fairhill bhoy

Awe naw -Peter Schmeichel ?

bada bing1

Patrice Evra?

Awe Naw

Fairhill bhoy

Seemingly no

Awe Naw


Evra = 81 caps

Schmeichel – 6 Goals in first season I have to google

Awe Naw


schmeichel … you might be on to something .. I let you know

bada bing1

Robert Pires?

Awe Naw


thanks brother

I look like a genius on this whatsapp group Schmeichel


Bang on Mahe, fsck them, if our Govt want to give out money give it to those who actually ‘need’ it

We live in times when governments fail society in general, where it should not be left to the ordinary man in the street, to keep bailing out the less fortunate, but governments continue to fail in providing for the people who are most in need.

I often wonder if the ordinary man or woman, just stopped giving to charities, would it then make the government sit up and take notice ? I mean surely we are subsidising their failures at least to some extent, to provide for the needy.

I notice that one of the first things a newly elected Government do when taking power is give themselves a rise, i mean they’re hardly in the door and it’s crucial they reward themselves with even more money, and that’s before they’ve even done anything to make a difference. Then the less fortunate depend on charitable organisation’s such as the Celtic Foundation, or Marys meals to make up for their shortfall in the distribution of state funds.

The NHS will be forgotten after we get through this pandemic, bet your house on that !


Well said Mahe.

One source of income is supporters. Not at ST level but at affordability level either one off contribution or standing order.
However they must know what they are contributing to and if Celtic were to go to the support at large to help with mothballing then the price they would have to pay is coming clean.
Not a penny until they do and promise to give supporters a meaningful voice.
I think I’ve already mentioned that. 🙂

Fairhill bhoy


bada bing1

CELTIC have snapped up prolific 16-year-old Aussie youngster Stefan Nikolic, according to reports from Down Under.

The World Game website claims that the teenager – who comes from the same management company as established Parkhead star Rom Rogic – will jet over to Glasgow as soon as travel restrictions are lifted after the coronavirus crisis.

Fairhill bhoy

Mana -absolutely spot on

Fairhill bhoy

mahe-obviously ?
Garden time ?

Twists n Turns

Need to get 2 debating teams on here.

The motion

Celtic supporters should be asked to fork out season ticket money under current circumstances.

2 teams

I’m baggsing Auldheid – Awe Naw – Mahe and Mags as my 4 speakers.

( not sure where Mick sits on this)

Awe Naw you’ll be first up when I get an opponent for you who is willing to debate v my team.

Cmon – who is brave enough?

Normal debating rules apply.

First affirmative?

The Gombeen Man

Good article Mahe,

Football is a modern day opiate of the people. That’s why the establishment are so keen on it’s survival.
With too much time on our hands the penny might drop and a few home truths might begin to dawn on folk.
Keep them distracted with Sevco’s neurosis and they won’t be looking for PPE or a fair share in society.



Afternoon all…
Mahe an excellent synopsis of current events.
Twists….feck me…who’s gonna be brave enough to be bitch-slapped by that angry mob? No me…I’m out!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Twisty, I’d like to speak against that motion but I don’t want to be the leader.

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