Celtic supporters should be asked to fork out season ticket money under current circumstances?

Absolutely not.
Firstly there’s the obvious matter of what next season because where I’m sitting it ain’t happening (by government decree more than likely) until there’s a vaccine.
Then there’s the possibility of social distancing being introduced at stadiums which might work fine when selling seats for a one off concert but not when it comes to season books.
The two are incompatible imo.
If social distancing comes into play the club and others must introduce general sales only as anything else would be simply unjust. A ballot of season tickets wouldn’t be fair, the same faces seeing the team without change would not wash at all.
At that stage any season ticket monies paid must be refunded.
It makes a lot of sense then right now to keep a hold of your wedge until there is some clarity for sports as the landscape is very fluid and looks as if it will continue to be so.


Comrade McCaff asserts we must retain the financial advantage which was built up legitimately and does give us the option to blow the competition out of the water, but I would remind the honourable gentleman that our coffers were often the source of everything from head scratching, wild speculation, and not a little mistrust.
‘The sweetener’ designed to push through a sale at a fantastic share price seemed to be the most commonly held theory, and I don’t like to entertain the thought of what or who approx 50 million in cash would have brought through the door.
Using up those funds to keep the club from going under is probably about the one way of spending it all the support would agree on, and if by using it up it actually helps keep the next Charlie Green from the door then all the better.
The fact the support are totally in the blue about why their club are/were gathering such vast sums is unbecoming and unimpressive, but transparency is not something we will ever associate with the collection of suits that unfortunately inhabit positions at our club.
For far too long now.


On the 27th of November I seen a room full of pure, proper Tims who wanted their club to go one direction, the path of right, truth and justice, get voted down by men who don’t have the best interests of the club or Scottish football at heart. One lied plain and simple that day.
That meeting was the final confirmation that what we are seeing is not a team of the people at all, that phrase cannot be used when the masses wish one direction and see their wish denied.
The fans have been reduced to customers full stop.
Customers pick and choose, and may or may not return.
It’s the latter in my own case.


Sometime during March I woke up to an email from what used to be a football club but is now just a corporate entity that typifies this regime. The renew email had our Captains face in a yell but adorned in green white and gold.
You will have your own interpretation of what exactly that means or speaks to, and I’ll gladly share mine. The Alba based Tims are seeing their heartstrings played upon, with most having some heritage across the water. And the Irish Tims are being called to partake.
While my nations flag is stuck in the middle, a pawn to give the semblance of cause !
Yet what cause?
The league that we are being asked to cross the water and spend all day around usually is an absolute shambles that I have no doubt is the worst league in Europe, and may well go under here. I’ll certainly shed no tears.
Theres no cause but profit these days, thats been clear for a long time, so lets just cut the pretence otherwise.
All the gimmick advertising in the world wont stop the downward trend of numbers travelling for the games, only a healthy, vibrant, well run league will entice the next generation.
That’s them lost then.


However this pandemic has thrown the most unexpected of lifelines to the entire footballing setup, though the chips are still falling fast and the future unclear. The club needs you like never before, your wallet that is, and the steady stream of local punters is threatened which will strike horror into some. As mentioned we had seen proven in November that the common Celtic fan has zero power at the club, well there’s never been a better opportunity to change that once and for all. Change in the domestic game is so very badly needed, and isnt coming about naturally, therefore it must be forced.
Starve those who covet nothing but your money out.
Give them nothing but your contempt, that’s all they deserve and unlike their obscene wages, its been very well earned.


The above is by Mahe and as usual the front page is all yours to call it straight anytime.
Just mail it to us at sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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That’s an excellent article,and your viewpoint is argued so well that I’m gonna find it difficult to justify mine. And with respect,I’m not gonna do so just now,not after a busy week and a couple of beers,and a busy day too ahead.

Need some zeds. My reply can wait twelve hours or so. Fuxake,I’ve still got tonight’s quiz to compile as well! 8pm tonight,folks. QUIZ TIME!!!

One thing I will say though-and I’ve mentioned it before. If social distancing rules remain in place,it will NOT be a stadium holding around 7,000 instead of 60,000. Average seat size is 43-45cm at Celtic Park. To maintain a 2m distance means five empty seats in every direction.

So only one seat in six occupied. In every direction! That’s 1 in 36. By my reckoning,capacity drops to 1670. I’m just glad Fergus didn’t settle on a capacity of 60,840!

Essentially,social distancing makes the sale of season tickets unworkable. But I’ll get back to you after some kip,the family zoomer call and the weekly Red Cross run to my pal. Still need to buy his beer,as it wasn’t available in the five sites I tried on Thursday. Hope I don’t have to give him some of mine as a substitute!


Good morning all from downtown Govanhill. Good article Mahe. I don’t usually comment on the board of CFC but they are not looking after the people who matter- the fans.



How’s the tunnelling work into The Star Bar?


Went on to the Laurieston, better beer and jukebox. ?


BRRB How are ye son? I’m pissed off with this lock down. Even worse, no football. At least we have got this.
If you only had a few bob, what would you play on the juke box? 3 songs. 1 celtic.



Shine on,you crazy diamond-Pink Floyd. Or Echoes.

The End-The Doors

Johnson’s Motor Car-The Dubliners. Personal reasons!




I think we all are getting a bit stir crazy,and I could murder a pint as you know.

Fortunately,it’s not just us. I got sent this the other day,after Varadkar had basically told Ireland that the pubs are shut till Thursday at the earliest. That’s a Thursday in August!



Packy, hello?

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM,, MAHE, no is the answer, till we find out the basic facts? you just don’t give money till you find out what type of product you are getting HH. for all sentinel celts I told you jimthetim went to larkhall high school ,check out his post @1-26?

Twists n Turns

Superb article and it won’t be a surprise to you to learn that I’m on board with your sentiments.

I choose the word sentiment carefully and deliberately, as that was / is a large part of any counter arguments that are and will be put forward.

McCaff demonstrated that in his well constructed support of the headlined motion yesterday. I’m sure ATOB would take a similar viewpoint to McCaff, and when truth be told, I can’t deny the sentimental / emotional card is one I’ve played myself over a number of years.

The problem for me now though is that this current pandemic confirmed something for me that I never wanted to believe. This Celtic is no longer the Celtic that I fell head over heels for, starting as an 8/9 year old around 1967. This Celtic isn’t the charitable, ‘more than just a club’ institution that Brother Walfrid brought to Glasgow. No sir.

Charity is well down the priority list. It is now a business. First and foremost. What’s more galling is that it’s a business which is controlled by 2 men, whom even in these most hardened times, are still being driven by greed and a blatant lack of concern for its most faithful servants.

McCaff referred to the premise that by collecting more money from the support, despite many of that support wondering if they’ll have a job soon, indeed many will have lost their jobs already, and when this crisis subsides, and many more will have to find the means to meet financial commitments way above their current level, that this collected money will give us the opportunity to race away from our only challengers? I’m sorry but if you know your history, you’ll recognise that is simply not going to happen.

That same opportunity to accelerate beyond the reach of the rest has been presented to us before now. Proper corporate governance would see us arguing at the moment to be crowned 17 in a row champions.

Seville initially gave us the chance. £100m or so turnover.

10 years later not only did the wheels come off the chasing car, the engine blew up. It was over. Or so we thought.

The reality proved somewhat different. A corrupt footballing body ably assisted by a Celtic supported 5 way agreement, and out of the wreckers yard emerged a new car, with a new body engine and wheels, but despite the new parts, engine et al, retained the ‘same mileage’.

We helped rebuild them. I wanted them dead and buried. Celtic ensured that wouldn’t happen.

Now? The final straw. They’ve become the antithesis of Robin Hood. They want our money to distribute to the rich, themselves included. They’ve managed to use that emotional attachment we all have to manipulate for themselves.

There will be no consideration for the poor supporter who simply can’t find £600 at the end of May. There will be thinly veiled threats alluding to the ‘waiting list’. Don’t hand over your money and regardless if you’ve had a seat for 20 years or more, they won’t give you a second thought.

Most galling of all? Remember where that money is going. It’s going to the richest in our society. The poorest Celtic supporter will be cast aside.

More than just a club? Don’t make me laugh.

bada bing1

Jimthetim. Jumping Jack flash, voodoo child and let the people sing.


Bada, we shall soon be reading about attacks on critics of sevco. And their families and property.

Fairhill bhoy

Mahe- morning ghuys.As much as like McCaff’s idea of Celtic the best and identify more with it I have to agree with you on not renewing at this time.At least not till we have a clearer vision of what kind of season we’re going to get.I have no doubt I will go back and forth as I read everyone’s opinions.
Jtt53-We seen blood brothers in the Edinburgh Playhouse a few years ago.Brilliant show.

bada bing1

BRRB- Jim Spence was hounded out his job by threats from the Gang,no support from BBC Scotland, or his colleagues. Compare the support the girl got from fellow journalists(quite rightly),after passing comment on Trump,on BBC Breakfast.


Bada, yes I recall both incidents. I fear that as the huns disintegrate, more violence shall follow. It’s their mindset.


Morning all.
Sevco have giving up on statements.
They have released a video, instead, seriously, on their official site.
Bennett, one of their directors.
8 minutes of absolute moonhowling.
9 has destroyed them.
It starts with them saying SPFL couldn’t find Dundee vote,but read Sevco statement in minutes, that tells you how bad it is.
They are clearly targeting the lowest common denominator, Trumpesque.

bada bing1
big packy

JIM, aff oot dug walking catch u later

Twists n Turns

Was playing the first round of a quiz league I’m in this morning. No idea who the person is I was playing. Just see a username.

You only get 5 seconds to answer

First question – how many points is the green ball worth in snooker

Me 3
Opponent 9!

Second question- which year was Leonardo Da Vinci born

Me 1490 ( wrong) – however it’s nearest wins

Opponent – 1956.

I thought, “ I think I’ve a chance here” ?


Packy, its me



Packy, that’s for you and Twisty

bada bing1


This is brilliant Bhoys

A thing of beauty

I am labouring today so not got time to compose a proper reply to Mahe, but I will do in good time.
Quick question for JNP.
My daughter and I had a cycle to castle Semple yesterday and saw some very different birds. The one most puzzling was the seagull that looked like it had dipped its face in chocolate. What type of bird was that? I said to my daughter I’d ask you. Thanks in advance

Twists n Turns

My missus absolutely loves that song.


Twisty, I hope you do too. This is a song for people with a heart. And you have one.


Even better would be if your mum liked it as well. Too much to hope for?
Play it to her Twisty. Tell her I was thinking about her. Not praying for her she doesnt need that. Just being joined in companionship.


Brilliant ????


Hi JtT

Thanks for that video. I saw Blood Brothers in Glasgow with Bernie Nolan (RIP) as Mrs Johnstone. She was incredible, I’ll never forget her heart and soul performance. But that song was made for our Ms Dickson! Ta again


Senga, thank God you came on. This song breaks my heart. Saw it 4 times, always with a Nolan sister! You are so right, Barbara Dickson was the best.
I don’t like Dunfermline FC. But the town & its people are OK! Queen St. Margaret of Scotland! And Ms Dickson.


Packy has deserted me again.
Aff away

Fairhill bhoy

BADA-I think Jim spence has been hoping for this for a long time


I know what you mean Jim. I’m not a musical theatre fan i was dragged along by my ex (who is) but it was an incredible experience, I felt drained at the end, greeting my eyes out and my stomach in knots at the end.

If memory serves me right, Willy Russell wrote the Mrs Johnstone role specifically for Barbara Dickson, I’m away to check that!


Jim, my memory is pish, she was in original cast apparently according to Wiki


Good morning All!

Regarding main post – I think the problem is the fans who don’t really care about the board as long as there is a winning team on the park …. trebles galore on route to 10IAR … therefore they are willing to part with their cash to buy season tickets … I’m not even sure some of them understand the implications of the current pandemic whereby we may not have a full stadium of supporters til possibly 2021!!!

Totally agree with Mahe and others who expressed that money in the bank should be used first to assist the Celtic FC employees … the rainy day is a tsunami and we are not clearly out of the danger as yet. The ethos of the club has been sold for corporate business which does not care for the fans.

As much as I would love Celtic to achieve 10 IAR, the board’s failures with dealing with matters of the following:
refereeing decisions against us;
Media attacks on us;
…. this has left a bitter taste and contempt for this incompetent board.

I have not given one pound since 2013 … the last time I bought a Celtic shirt direct from the club … I used to have ONE Membership but stopped renewing as family came first before trips to Glasgow….

Celtic …more than a club? … even I don’t buy that anymore.


3 songs for my jukebox:

U2 – Where the Streets have no name

Don Henley – Boys of Summer

Celtic fans at Hampden – YNWA


Afternoon all, Mahe you’re being too sensible, it’ll never catch on. I’m in the Harvey camp haven’t been to Paradise for a wee while either, (almost my silver anniversary).

The Maestro was worth saying thank you to.

HH ☘

Sol Kitts

That wasn’t a seagull, it was a milk chocolate penguin ??. Ah’ll get ma coat…..


Mahe (and others)
I thoroughly enjoyed your article. And I absolutely understand your point of view along with the others on your side of this debate. I do understand the implications of the pandemic and the threat of only partly opening the stadium. I also get it that the Board are not everyone’s cup of me ( mine included). Every argument brought forward by the NAY camp , except Twists recognition of my sentimental argument, has failed to understand the deep regard I hold for the Club and the Team and the fact that I am willing to pay for something to which is as yet unclear. I did not advocate everyone doing the same, my point specifically said if you are able to. But regardless of all of that I expect Celtic to a) play football at some point in the coming months b) play in a stadium open in some way to supporters c) refund or credit any monies due to supporters as a result of this crisis. If the above comes to pass I’ll be back in my seat with my boy alongside me and in a few months time this will hopefully be nothing but a bad memory. Insults to intelligence reduce the debate and argument to a slagging match and don’t do the site justice!! HH


Excellent summary Mahe. I agree entirely, but, but, my heartstrings are weak. What to do? It will take an overwhelming majority of season ticket holders to withhold their cash to work. I do, sincerely, hope that is the outcome.
Mossies out..!


https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52574455 On this day: When Celtic stopped 10-in-a-row ?


Under no circumstances should the Celtic support be asked to pay for a season tickets until such time as Scottish football has a coherent ‘way forward’ plan. If the corporate entity, which the club now is, finds that it is struggling financially then those who have profited most should bear the burden of propping up the ‘club’ until normal service has been resumed.

For instance a sum of £30 million divided between major shareholders would have little, if any, financial impact on them.

Celtic PLC 2 largest share holders

DD worth an estimated $2.1 billion. A man who bought the most expensive house in the history of the Irish state for €58 million – he plans to demolish it.
Nick Train, co-founder of investment fund Lindsell Train, second largest share holder at Celtic, a man in control of an equity fund with an estimated worth of £5.8bn

Not one thin dime CSC


ATOB. 11.05.
Google, black headed gull.
That’s exactly what they look like.


Today would have been great day to have won the Quadruple Treble ????

Mike in Toronto

These guys are probably familiar to many you, but I only heard this recently, and really liked this kid’s voice

big packy

JIM im back told you I was taking the dugs oot, just going to get a shower im soaked in sweat, just before I go I will leave you with this thought, brother walfrid started the club to feed the hungry and the poor of the east end of Glasgow, not to make footballers millionaires, if this crisis maybe can do one thing, bring the game back to the working man, aff for a shower be back shortly.


Uncle Tom English doing his Grandmaster’s bidding on RS.

Fairhill bhoy

Gordon64-we would’ve still been sitting in The beechwood trying to squeeze another ??

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