The off field clash of our times

Well there’s no sport on but there’s one hell of a scrap going down we can all sit back and watch. It’s clear to see the outcome will affect us in some way or other so it’s best to keep a close eye on this one. Stay tuned though because the drama is coming thick and fast in this civil war.


Threats against directors, threats by directors, multiple cease and desist orders, lost votes, changed votes, emergency meetings, threats of lawsuits, , , and this week will bring more, much more. In fact this week has the potential to define the next phase of the game altogether for supporters, clubs, and players.
This scrap is momentous.


The list of shame above will let you know our club isn’t involved as those actions are most unCeltic-like, but with Caley weighing in now, plus Budge threatening legals when they go down it’s became a multi club affair, with numerous allegations and names dragged into this.


The reputational damage is huge, which ‘helps’ keep the value of the league and clubs low. It won’t help in persuading future signings or getting good souls to take up non playing positions. No news is good news as far as the national sport goes but can you recall a nice peaceful, progressive phase for the game in recent memory?
No news is a thing of the past, at some stage that’s gotta stop.
Why not now while there’s no other distractions?


If the matter was the usual incompetency I’m sure it could be brotherly resolved but as has been admitted a line has been crossed.
It took the ruling bodies themselves to be threatened but at least it’s crossed, no going back now. Great and about time.


I’m sure we all expect this resolution to not get the votes on Tuesday, and its at that stage the Spiffle simply must act for the good of the game. For threatening that crossed the line is the charge of bringing the game into disrepute enough?
Most leagues would look at points or bans for the folk involved.
There will be much kicking and screaming but the Hampdump mob must stand tough and tall on this one if the game is to take the path towards normalcy.


If it does ends up being fines dished out things get very sensitive as could there a worse time to be asked for vital funds? But what else to do? Would large fines tip some over the edge this potentially leaving clubs fates in Hampden hands?
I assume they would be filed under football debts so must be paid, however the big trouble there is should a certain club tip over the edge again, that’s another brick in the already huge wall that any potential new owner/operators must face.
In the current climate who would want a loss making business with baggage galore that needs a serious injection of funds?
And that business cannot offer it’s primary product that sustains it on top of that for the foreseeable future!
And then what will Sky say as the contract is said to stipulate 4 Old Firm games a year?
That money which clubs will see as essential is threatened right now, bringing the whole game to the precipice.
There’s dilemmas and twists no matter where you look.
The game stands on a knife edge here.
The rabbit hole might go deep, but justice MUST be served. Strap yerselves in.


The above is by Mahe. If you fancy flinging us something for the front page it would be gratefully published and debated.

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Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc

Must order in some popcorn ?

All excited now you have set the week up brilliantly Mahe. ?

So here is the essentials to add to your shopping list SentinelCelts.

1. Popcorn ? Spfl slasher horror ?

2. Bottle of Bubbly ? 9 in a row Champions ?

3. Jelly & ice cream ?? You never know ??

Afghan melon - formerly Cplchlc


I think your right about the cheech n chong video you posted on the last thread ??

I am not having the other Dutch band even if it is correct, that howlin keyboard player is just no right ??
Have a safe & happy day folks ?


Hi Mahe,

Excellent piece, Scottish Football eating itself is the best spectator experience Football has to offer at the moment.

My wish was for a M.A.D.* outcome when Rangers went for the SPFL executive, even though the dossier was more cap gun than nuclear device the Rangers do not seem to be as isolated as some would hope.

The SPFL executive’s position looks to be more and more untenable and that can only be good for the game.

Neil Doncaster has been in position for more than a decade and no one can give you an example of how he’s took the Scottish leagues in general and premier league in particular forward.

We now know that his secret five way agreement had the support of everyone from Campbell Ogilvie to Peter Lawwell, yet the supporters hate it, it’s everything that football is not.

He stopped the SFA inquiry into Rangers EBTs etc, announcing that the SPL would hold it’s own Commission, that Commission was delayed until Rangers were reconstituted under dubious circumstances, then the secret five way agreement was fixed. It was then that the LNS Commission sat, of course any outcomes and any “punishments” that were set against Rangers were agreed in these secret enclaves, the Commission therefore had to come to predetermined findings and was manipulated to bring in conclusions in sync with the secret agreements.

Of course Rangers know all about how this works, they and their placemen were at the heart of it.

So when Doncaster and McKenzie went about their business of fixing a vote for ending the 2019/20 Leagues in Scotland for this season, Rangers knew exactly what was coming down the pike, they quickly and amateurishly tried to rush through a counter proposal but were totally out manoeuvred and embarrassed.

The thing is, many Clubs were, for different reasons, against the SPFL’s proposals. Instead of looking for consensus messrs Doncaster & McKenzie returned to type, decided what outcome THEY wanted and set about manipulating and manufacturing a process to get themselves there.

It was this process that has incensed many. They didn’t care, they got their way.

When they got a much more forceful backlash than they expected, they again returned to type, (carrot and stick) divide and rule with disinformation, fear and threats and the sop of reconstruction.

Of course, they were dealing with folk who are not so easily intimidated and set up and ran the sop, like they were setting up and running a sop. Adding insult to injury for Clubs like Hearts and Partick Thistle, who really had better things to do with their time than be sent on a wild goose chase by Doncaster.

We now have one unholy mess and the main architect and Don, who has brought nothing to Scottish Football in a decade, while piling up a fair coin and his consigliere the legal “brains” they hide behind at every juncture should sling their hook.

Scottish Football Clubs need to find top quality leadership and vision to replace them… and pronto!!!

Stay Safe

Hail Hail

And be alert, the world needs more lerts… strufff

* Mutually Assured Destruction!!


Bateen Bhoy

From CQN
Some of you may be aware that we are running a number of fund-raising initiatives shortly, one of which will be a very special Last Man Standing competition.
We have finalised all details now and a mail will be sent out this weekend to all those who have been kind enough to indicate an interest in participating. We plan to kick the competition off next weekend, with a round of games on Saturday 16 May.
If you would like to participate, or want to find out more, drop us a mail to
If you have already let us know that you intend to participate, you will receive a mail this evening with all relevant details, and of course, the fixtures for round 1.
The main beneficiary from this competition will be Strathcarron Hospice, in support of our friend HamiltonTim’s ‘Just Giving’ page.
If you’re looking for something to focus on while you’re staying at home during lockdown, please consider playing. ?
Round 1 Fixtures have just been released……

Bateen Bhoy,

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, MAHE great post as usual, lets hope we get crowned champions PDQ,.got 2 dogs today, that will give us 80 quid, but it is an 80 quid we badly need at the moment? catch u all later.HH



If there are no punishments or sanctions available against misbehaviour,corruption and all points in between,then there is very little chance of preventing it. It would be very unfair to fine a club for the actions of its office bearers,and totally wrong to institute a points deduction for it.

Certainly not for a first offence!

So any punishment should,in the first instance,be taken against the offending individual(s)

However,it is a straightforward enough process to contact any club in question and ask if actions or statements by one of its office bearers has the majority/unanimous support of its board of directors. And to make it clear in either case that repeated infractions will see punishment visited upon that club.

No governing authority can be treated as a punchbag by its members,no matter how important they think themselves to be. This has gone on now for a month,and the game has much more important things to consider than the hurt feelings of a couple of snowflakes,all of whom have been dealt with more robustly in their business careers by now.

As for Park,stop us on the pitch. Stop us by legal means. But your efforts to prevent our ninth title have done you no favours whatsoever. Personally or professionally. And that goes for everything you have said,done or been party to in the last five years. But throwing your weight behind this smear campaign is your worst decision yet.

Twists n Turns

The irony in all of this is that the huns are right. Doncaster et al are not fit for governing our game, as the years of neglecting the huns rule breaking would testify to.

Vulchers only ever turn to cannibalism when there is a scarcity of food.



I totally agree that Doncaster has long outlived his usefulness in his role. He was appointed AFTER his best-before date,IMO. But his removal should be by due process and based on his general incompetence,NOT on the demands of one club which is breathing its last anyway,and simply wants to take the rest of us down with them.

Doncaster is doubtless guilty of a lot of things-I wonder where to start with that?-but he should not be hung out to dry at the behest of his current accusers.

Twists n Turns

Not disagreeing bud, I’m simply pointing out the irony that it’s the huns that are the ones attempting to dethrone him.

Gratitude eh? ?


Morning all, I hope this finds everyone in fine form and staying safe. Mahe, great stuff again and as Afghan Sniffer says it sets us up for another interesting week.
Here’s a wee music article to take your mind off the fitba for 5 minutes.

Twists n Turns

At school, quite often ye would get the whisper that there was gonna be a ‘square go’ at dinner time.

Problem was, it rarely was a square go. In a school of 1300 it inevitably turned into a free for all.

Who to back? If a pal or family member was involved, no brainier.

If not, who did you dislike?

Dislike both?

Who did you dislike the most?

In this scenario:

Dislike Doncaster
Hate Huns

= decision made. Mon Neil – get intae him ?

bada bing1

Oh and by the way….I didn’t mean go back to work today,it was actually Wednesday I meant…..


BMCUWP @ 8:43 am,

“If there are no punishments or sanctions available against misbehaviour,corruption and all points in between, then there is very little chance of preventing it. It would be very unfair to fine a club for the actions of its office bearers,and totally wrong to institute a points deduction for it.

That’s an interesting point and one Rangers tried to establish in the SFA JPDT against Craig Whyte (better known as the… who are these people fiasco). Of course Rangers thought Craig Whyte should carry the can and the buck should stop with him but Rangers were infamously punished and fined. The panel found…

…He submitted that applying the law as set out in that case to the facts of the present complaints on a balance of probabilities resulted in liability being established against “Rangers FC for the acts of its director Craig Whyte who was the “directing mind and will” of the company during the period in question in relation to the alleged breaches. He submitted that where a rule imposed a strict liability on a company to comply with it (in the absence of establishing a defence contained within the rules) any failure to comply constituted a breach of the rule by the company, and the particular circumstances of that breach could only be reflected in the sanction which fell to be imposed.

Therefore it’s the Clumpany that is responsible.

Personally – outwith the alleged libel between Parks and The Don and his Consigliere, which you would feel is personal allegations and the individuals may sue each other in a court – I can’t see what the SPFL could charge Rangers with. The dossier might be a shopping list of relatively minor misdemeanours but none the less it is a fact that the SPFL’s Corporate governance is appalling.

The way the SPFL went about it’s business in regards these events with it’s usual nonchalant imposition of rules and regulations, it may be the normal course of business for the Don et al, but the culture of the organisation stinks and fact is Rangers petty strikes do highlight this – the SPFL’s Corporate governance was an open goal.

The more serious allegations that don’t appear in the document have now been echoed by other Clubs. For example ICT says it will testify as far as bullying and threats go… No, I can’t see the SPFL going after the member Clubs, even though they are quite frankly brilliant at making up pish in the rules, regulations and punishment department.

Interesting wee dig from Keith Jackson this morning…

…It certainly underlines the depth of their concern over the governance of the SPFL and suggests too that this whole rammy really is about something more than just stopping Celtic from being awarded with a ninth successive league crown without actually winning it on the pitch.

They can’t help themselves, where did our Points come from, where did our awesome goals scored column come from!?

When we are awarded our ninth league Championship in a row, it will, like every other one of those wins be a true reflection of what Lenny and the bhoys did on the pitch!!

Stay Safe

Hail Hail



I can proudly claim to be one of the first aficionados of U2 in mainland UK!

Sauntered home,17yo,after a quiet-!-night in the pub,late spring 1981. My Dad was on nightshift so the rules were simple. Let my Mum know that was me back-she would be in bed by then-make her a coffee while she judged my level of intake,hope that I’d got away with it. We’ve all been there in our own way,nothing new.

There’s a concert on BBC2 if you want to watch it. Stiff Little Fingers. I know you like them. Aw,cheers Mum! I’ll do that. Let me know if you need a refill.

Guess who was the support act?

I was gobsmacked!!!

Up to Glasgow the next Saturday to look for their stuff,got BOY and a 12″ 4 track single. Still got them. Pity they’ve not still got “it”. But I can forgive them for that,because for many a year,they WERE “it”

Thanks,Paul. And the rest of the lads. Nearly “FORTY” years I’ve been listening to you,and,BOY,it’s been a pleasure.



The Gratitude Deficit,as I headed an article last week. The huns work to the maxim of

Never do anyone a favour as they will view it as a disservice to yourself,and to be exploited.

Most people work to the opposite maxim,you scratch my back,etc. That’s how society works. The huns are sociopaths.

Down with this kind of thing!




Very interesting considerations. I think that the Craig Whyte situation was different,inasmuch as he was the owner of RFC at the time,and not simply an office bearer.

That however would be splitting hairs,and highlights,if anything,your overriding point. That SPFL processes are open to abuse. No way to run a railroad.

The SPFL as is,is not fit for purpose. It was thrown together in haste to prevent,quite probably,action being taken against either the SPL,the Scottish League-or both. It needs reformed,inasmuch as its Articles of Association and entire legal entity needs to be redrawn. I’m not in favour of throwing the baby out with the bathwater-canny get the wee buggers down the plughole,for starters!-but the current state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue.

Rangers have probably done us all a favour here,in fact,by showing us all how dysfunctional that organisation is. And if you can be shown up by that lot to be dysfunctional…


Morning all and Packy.

Cheers Mahe, Who knows what this week will bring! I love and hate in equal measure all this carry on just now. Thank goodness that by and large Celtic are not part of it.

Chairbhoy certainly gives food for thought. I have found myself very grudgingly being on the side of the SPFL in this bun fight, probably because of my feelings towards the Ibrox club. But at the same time Doncaster & his legal side kick are rotten to the core. Maybe if it gets rid of them it could be the silver lining. With any luck we will also be rid of THEM through another liquidation.



THAT is where I went wrong!

I shouldn’t have tried to force them down the plughole,I should have flung them in a liquidiser first!!!


Bobby, LOL.
Food for thought
Bun fight

It all makes sense! 🙂


Packy, I see the Hairdressers and barbers in England could be re-opened in July. Surely dog grooming would fit into that category? Although I think it will be with restrictions. Like distancing. However you use an appointment system? And use room dividers, £58.


Just listening to the news there re the lockdown.


As I work six nights a week-and driving,at that-I’ve got to be careful with my alcohol intake. Touch wood,so far so good. Saturday is,natch,an exception. No work that night. That’s my cue for a swally wi the troops in Swindon,or a trip to London for similar wi my nephew Paddy.

Or a weekend chez SOLKITTS,his smashin’ missus and well,everything else that goes wi pals of long standing and enjoying a rather nice bottle in grand company after a Celtic game on TV and a warm-up sesh!

Etc,you get the drift.

And you’ll also get the drift that I can only really get blootert on my birthday when it falls on a Saturday.

Yep. You guessed it. And it’s a big one too.

My Heinz.

Awe Naw

Park abused and threatened Doncaster on the phone. something the SPFL has kept secret There is a reason that Park was to be kept in the background. Parks of Hamilton as a viable business is what is on the line for Park. As Rod Stewart found out while crossing this family

The scorch the earth policy is a well chosen policy it helps;

1) Sell Sevco season Tickets
2) Extrapolate time lines on debts due
3) Trash the reputation of the SPFL
4) Increase the chances of other clubs having to choose admin
5) 4 helps Sevco get an Admin amnesty
6) which is part of 1 is really is a desperate need for Sevco to include the name Lawwell or Celtic in their communiques

As has been speculated the billy boy tactics may be due to fiduciary concerns with regards FFP but I thought the SFA were the final arbiter for a UEFA license. Have the SPFL prevented it from getting that far hence this seek and destroy policy ? I don´t believe so. A leopard doesn´t change it´s spots. If they have something the SPFL has kept secret

It was no coincidence that MON was on the radio and brought up Jim Traynor yesterday. Celtic fully informed and influencing , guiding , hopefully dictating what the fuck is going to happen. Possibly through BT execs reminding them of the small print on the TV contract something the SPFL has kept secret so BT have a lot of skin in this decision yet. 10 m quids worth of skin. Sky looking at another hun journey possibly and for the second time of asking at the start of a new TV contract. Coincidence ? where have you bhoys been ? Contract would need renegotiated. Sky might walk away. BT get to cover the hun journey 2

even Champagne Kris Commons has done an about turn and is backing the huns. Well if you work for the Daily Mail/Sky you need to do as your told.

Anne Budge was due to hand over her shareholding to Hearts fans for 2.5m in the next few weeks. Could this be why she has been seen walking about looking like someone frontally lobotomized ?

Anyone would think that the games administrators have openly and proudly declared that they have abandoned all pretense at any sense of logic but don’t want that to be assessed or in anyway scrutinized or held responsible for that stance

P.s I canny help the feeling that the SPFL are being made to go through the same hoops as the Resolution 12ers


I didn’t listen to Sportsound but apparently Martin O’Neil was on it. He had a dig at the Daily Record and Jim Traynor. When Celtic went up to Pittodrie and won 3-0, Celtic were ‘lucky’!!! Jim Traynor? that lifelong fan of Third Lanark who went on to work for T’Rangers. LOL.
I couldn’t help thinking that was also a wee fly dig at Chic Young too (the presenter he was speaking to) who is a ‘lifelong’ supporter of St. Mirren. 🙂


Jerry Stiller gone now. Knew nothing about his main career,but he stole the show every time in King of Queens and Seinfeld.

Which ain’t bad.


Following some advice from me oul’ mucker LEFTCLICKTIC,I can now announce that I will celebrate my Heinz on the first appropriate Saturday. My Heinz and a bit,maybe a toast(!).

Although I’ll be nearly 58 by then,at this rate…


There was me thinking it was only your 50th! 🙂



Shoulda gone to specsavers!


I would but they’re only open for emergencies!


You don’t have to be homophobic to find this funny. Awe Naw could not parody this:-

“A top QC is facing a probe over his role in a bitter battle over the control of two gay dating apps.

Andrew Smith, who denies any wrongdoing, will be investigated over a takeover of the sites that involved controversial Rangers administrator David Grier.

Lawyers body The Faculty of Advocates will probe claims that Smith was “inappropriately” involved in a bid to buy up the Bender and Brenda gay dating sites, despite the fact that he was representing people involved in litigation over the online portals.

A court battle erupted in 2013 after two musicians, Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell, fell out with close pal Steven Elliott.

All three had planned to launch Bender and Brenda – similar to the well-known Grindr site – in 2011 via Bender Social Networking Ltd.

But Elliot went his own way and left out Worbey and Farrell to launch the sites.

A senior judge later sided with Elliott, declaring there had never been a formal partnership between the parties, despite a detailed argument put forward by Smith, who was acting for Worbey and Farrell.

After Elliott’s court victory, he became aware a firm called Edgeburn Properties Ltd was trying to buy asset rights to the Bender and Brenda apps, which by then were not operational.

Elliott’s inquiries revealed in 2018 that the directors of that firm were Smith’s brother David and his wife Sally – dean of computing at Napier University – whose specialities include developing apps. Sally resigned her directorship in July 2018.

According to a written complaint by Elliott about Smith to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, David and Sally were acting in partnership with Grier, managing director of Duff and Phelps.

This was the firm brought in to administer Rangers before liquidation of the “oldco” club in 2012. Grier is being represented by Smith in his bid to win a £2million damages settlement against Police Scotland.


Talking about Specsavers, I’m pally with one of the top honchos in the firm but I always pay full whack. Too embarrassed to ask for favours, and he doesn’t offer! Even although he knows I use them. Some bliddy pal!


I missed out the final 2 paragraphs:-

When the commission decided there was grounds for an investigation, Smith appealed to the Court of Session.

But Lord Drummond Young, Lord Pentland and Lord Menzies refused an appeal by Smith against the earlier decision by the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, which sanctioned a full inquiry into his actions.

The opinion of the judges was evidence might suggest Smith – who once stood for election as dean of the Faculty of Advocates – was inappropriately wrapped up in the business affairs of his clients.

The judges, sitting at the Court of Session, insisted three of 14 complex complaints should be looked at.

They said: “There was evidence before the commission which was open to the interpretation that the appellant was personally involved in the business affairs of his clients in a manner and to a degree that would not be usual or perhaps appropriate for an advocate.”

The opinion also makes clear that Smith’s dealings with Grier will also be examined. Grier was accused by Elliott of contacting the liquidator on behalf of Smith in a personal capacity.

A legal spokesman for Smith said it would not be appropriate to comment but added: “Mr Smith considers the complaint is without merit. He is confident that the Faculty of Advocates will find accordingly


Surely the SPFL Executive’s position has become untenable….I agree but other than Doncaster and Mackenzie the remaining members are from the Clubs representing the Clubs. If as has been suggested previously there has been misinformation or omitted information EACH of the Executive holds personal responsibility to make it known and not only to their own Club but to every Club.
Also, when you question what Doncaster has brought to the game it is easily argued that he brought TRFC back from the dead to the financial benefit of the League a la enhanced broadcasters contracts! (Devil’s Advocate, here, in case anyone thinks I’m in agreement with The Huns being here!)

Awe Naw
As much as I would love it I’ll be astonished if anyone at the SFA/SPFL has big enough baws to deny TRFC a Euro Licence. There may be a hope that an Admin events takes the problem out of their hands but I doubt they would be brave enough to attempt to prohibit them. And who could blame them in the best wee bigoted country in the world….thinkng of Lenny’s viable devices and a whole catalogue of incidents designed to at least threaten but actually with much much worse potential!!
I wasn’t aware of the timescale for Budge’s shareholding transfer but that would explain her anxiousness to get the best possible deal for her team. Completely understandable, but feck them, they don’t deserve anything from this season.

The whole situation is a viper’s nest! I’ll be honest and say I’m glad Celtic didn’t get, publicly, involved in the crap too early, it could really be a shitstorm if we had!!


Here’s another bit of fun for any big kids out there….

Awe Naw


yeah I completely agree

Awe Naw

So the SPFL has 25m quid of prize money to divvy out in a normal season 19/20

The second and first divisions have received their monies

Leaving 20m to be divvied out so

1st Position £3.35 million 13.40%
2nd Position £2.4 million 9.60%
3rd Position £2.06 million 8.25%
4th Position £1.81 million 7.25%
5th Position £1.68 million 6.75%
6th Position £1.56 million 6.25%
7th Position £1.43 million 5.75%
8th Position £1.37 million 5.50%
9th Position £1.31 million 5.25%
10th Position £1.25 million 5.00%
11th Position £1.18 million 4.75%
12th Position £1.12 million 4.50%

But if the SPFL cannot be completed then it leaves only 10m to be divvied out so divide the above sums by two

Clearly if the lower league clubs had not been protected by the SPFL then they would not have received full prize money. As Robertson was on the SPFL board he was privy to the 10m penalty clause. I presume he voted against it. Or did the lower leagues only receive a fraction of the prize money ?


Good statement from Dunfermline chairman.
Really calls out the hun Gardiner at Inverness, saying bullying has come from him and he was supporting null and void.
Now, why doesn’t that surprise me?

bada bing1

if /when the Club offers refunds, I would be happy for a % to be kept to help keep staff employed during this time.


Not a fan of tabloid broadcasts and particularly not a fan of Piers Morgan but Andrew Bridgen MP is seriously out of his depth here…


Mahe as usual plenty of food for thought, you guys can turn out a good header, thanks. ?

Possibly if it was anyone other than Sevco who released the dossier, for example Partick Thistle, I’m sure we would all be more than a little sympathetic to their case, and some of us would likely be saying “Well done, now let’s take the basturts to task starting from 2011” and actually be backing the Jags, but because it’s Sevco biting the hand that fed them way back, we are not.

Realistically no-one outside of Scotland gives a shit about our petty in house squabbling, Doncaster has done little to nothing to enhance our wee game up here in his 10year or whatever reign, lately he gives us Sky who have basically shown their ineptitude (morelos interview, and a host of EBT football *cough* analysts) bigoted fukkars who don’t do us any favours anyway, and their television coverage is best described as shyte.

Let’s face it we all know that it’s way past time that Doncaster was told to empty his locker, and that’s what Sevco are hoping for. I doubt many of us would chip in to ND’s going away whip round thank-you card anyway.

What is criminal is, it looks like it will take a club we can’t stand to start that particular ball rolling, when our club should have started it in 2012.

bada bing1


Piers Morgan a Marmite guy,but during this crisis, he has been doing the work of an opposition party, as we don’t have one.He has been in about these liars for weeks now,this morning he told Raab to ‘ grow a pair ‘,and come on the programme.


Good afternoon all from Govanhill sur le pont. Scott Gardiner, a corrupt, lying, degenerate hun criminal. Does that cover it?


BRRB,, That just about covers it. He will probably get Doncaster’s job!


Afternoon BRRB how are you coping without your usual Star bar fun days ?
I hope you aren’t having to resort to drinking nail polish and hair laquer that you shoplifted out of poundstretchers. ?


ASWGL, don’t give him ideas!


jtt true, i may be cited for coercion and bullying.


Twists n Turns

Kris Commons trying to stoop to the same level as Nicholas and Walker I see.

Backing huns call for investigation.

Little tosser


ASWGL and what’s wrong with that??

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