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Later today,we will find out whether the rest of Scottish football believes-in numbers sufficient to carry the vote-that the SPFL have been guilty of bullying and coercion in relation to the Good Friday vote to bring the season to a premature but inevitable close. I don’t know why they are bothering to have a vote on it as they have already been found guilty by the people who really matter. 

Rangers have spoken,and so that is that. Don the black cap.

If you recall,the Ibrox entity voiced disquiet over the vote almost immediately,raising some serious allegations and demanding the immediate suspension of the top three members of the SPFL executive,pending further investigation. Quite rightly,the SPFL refused this demand on the simple grounds that any allegations were far too vague to act upon,and were required in full and in writing in any case. 

“No smoke without fire” declared the Scottish media and quite incredibly demanded the removal of the three executives-regardless of the obvious fact that no evidence had yet been presented,nor the allegations themselves clarified! And even when Rangers did finally release a NINETEEN PAGE dossier to back up their claims,claims which were little more than dae whit we tell yeez,we ur the people,still the clamour for their removal grew from those voices and keyboards. 

Well,I’m all for having a powerful Fourth Estate. And one which isn’t afraid to speak truth to power,to hold all the other pillars of state to account. There are many prizes available worldwide for investigative journalism,be it Pulitzer,TRACE,Rule of Law Award,you name it and there’s a prize for it. Our intrepid cadre of journos won’t be bothering any nominating committees though-as even the most cursory of investigations would have dismissed the entirety of Rangers claims as fanciful and vengeful,intent only on serving their own self-interest. 

Now,we can’t really blame them for that. It may well be that they simply didn’t know where to begin,how to unearth the truth at the base of the whole affair. It may be that,especially given the short period of time they had to read such an enormous and detailed body of work as a NINETEEN PAGE dossier,they simply missed some important points. If only there was someone around who could put the whole issue into words that they could easily understand. Underlining the important parts,and maybe with some of those bullet point thingies. Even they couldn’t cock it up to such a disastrous and career-credibility threatening extent. 

Could they?

Well,aye. Because in 2014,they were provided with all of that and more with regard to the fraudulent application for a European licence three years previously by none other than…


Now,don’t jump too hastily to any conclusions here. Of course it isn’t the same Rangers that are making the current allegations. That would be just incredible,and ridiculous. No,it’s a DIFFERENT Rangers completely-if you wish to sue them for past infractions,that is. When it comes to playing out of the same stadium in front of the same fans and in the same colours,it’s the SAME Rangers. As it is when it comes to having won 114 trophies in only eight years-most of which were awarded by Neil Doncaster,the very same one that they want rid of!

AULDHEID,for it was he,provided leading members of the Scottish media with all of the details in this case,laying out in plain language for them all to read what exactly transpired in 2011. Those same intrepid journalists who are clamouring now for an investigation into the square root of sod all totally ignored the information into a major sporting scandal. Because it didn’t suit their agenda. It laid bare the lies and deceit of their beloved Rangers,the very Rangers that they are prepared to bat for now.  In the name of integrity. 

As ever,we owe a huge debt to AULDHEID. His timing for the release of this information couldn’t have been better. Because it lays bare the naked bias of everyone involved. 

They aren’t interested in the truth. They aren’t interested in integrity. They aren’t even that interested in their own professional reputation. Their only role is to serve,and to forward the case of Rangers. 

Scotland’s Shame has more shameful bedfellows. This is not news. But let’s remember who they are and what they are whenever they attempt to influence the course of the game up here. They are NOT journalists. They are fans with a typewriter. 
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On SFM blog Auldheid put a link to James Forrest piece on the Celticblog. It surprised me by stating this…

“It is amazing to me that we’re in a position where we now have to defend that man.[Neil Doncaster]

Yet this is precisely the position Sevco and its media toadies have us in today, where Doncaster looks like the victim of a smear job simply for doing his job. That we are now having to offer aid and comfort to a guy who’s head I would have happily mounted on a spike outside Celtic Park every day for the past eight years is almost beyond belief.

This in my opinion is very wrong, not only did Neil Doncaster fail to do his job properly but he seemed blissfully unaware of his roles and responsibilities while taking his cack handed approach.

Compare and contrast that to Rick Parry of the EFL. The man who has and is continuing to do the work, the hard work. Leading the English Leagues, looking to protect the Clubs, looking for consensus, bringing the Clubs with him. Not rushing through a ballot until everything is in place and the consequences known.

He may encounter fall out, he may not get what all the Clubs want, he may not get what he wants from the EPL but it’s not through lack of trying, it’s not through lack of leadership, it won’t be through lack of solidarity.

No – Neil Doncaster is a man of short cuts and expedience, he most certainly is not doing his job. Unless of course one of his KPIs are… start a civil war!!

Stay Safe

Hail Hail


Bateen Bhoy

From CQN
Some of you may be aware that we are running a number of fund-raising initiatives shortly, one of which will be a very special Last Man Standing competition.
We have finalised all details now and a mail will be sent out this weekend to all those who have been kind enough to indicate an interest in participating. We plan to kick the competition off next weekend, with a round of games on Saturday 16 May.
If you would like to participate, or want to find out more, drop us a mail to
If you have already let us know that you intend to participate, you will receive a mail this evening with all relevant details, and of course, the fixtures for round 1.
The main beneficiary from this competition will be Strathcarron Hospice, in support of our friend HamiltonTim’s ‘Just Giving’ page.
If you’re looking for something to focus on while you’re staying at home during lockdown, please consider playing. ?
Round 1 Fixtures have just been released……

Bateen Bhoy,



I’m broadly in agreement with you on this. Doncaster’s tenure has been woeful. And in particular,his method of making a decision then working backwards until he has reached the correct question!

However,I’m on his side in this one. He and the huns can punch themselves silly as far as I am concerned. My enemy’s enemy is rarely my friend,it just means that I’ll have one less enemy to deal with it once they have finished with each other. I’ll haud the jaikits!!!


Doncaster may be CEO but he very much does the clubs’ bidding. He implemented what they wanted, including resurrecting der hun. Celtic have been compliant. Most of the other clubs want der Hun to stay alive. The scraps from the bigot pound table must be substantial or is the hatred towards Celtic strong enough to make them lemmings?

bada bing1

Story in the Record,saying, Gardiner had a 2nd Resolution ready when the 1st one that got defeated, to null and void the season, which would have cost ICT £175,000.As we read last week, Gardiner is in for the Sevco chief exec job,anyone but Celtic…….all the pieces are coming together now…..

Twists n Turns

Been exchanging emails with members of Sturgeon’s cabinet. It’s the most frustrating process.
Some serious aspects and I guess some less serious.
Trying to get some logical answers. Politicians should go on mastermind.

Specialised subject:

How not to answer a question.


Which generic answer to give to a question.

If any of you need to know anything now about the logic behind the decisions being taken I’m now expertly positioned to inform you.

Answers given to me can be lengthy but I’ve paraphrased them to keep them easy for you.

Answers I’ll be giving to all questions will be either be:

1. I’m following current guidelines

2. It’s a valid question which will I’ll be happy to give further consideration at the appropriate time.

3. The numbers can be very confusing due to the situation constantly changing.

If you counter number 3 by saying “ I’ve already been issued with 2 significantly different numbers by the same government department which I can assure you are both significantly different to the numbers which were issued to your government by the appropriate registrars , can you explain why they’ve been inflated so much?”

I’ll be responding with “ as I previously stated , it’s very confusing”

Drive ye round the fkn twist so it wid.

Twists n Turns

The banks are doing very well out of this crisis.

I’d a call a week ago from mine.

Again, I’ll paraphrase.

“ Hey Twisty, did you know the bounce back loan scheme is up and running. You need any money?”

Yes, but I’ve only been trading less than a year, so my annual accounts only reflect sales from September to year end. ( my financial year runs Jan to Dec)

“ You don’t need any accounts. No credit checks being done. Just tick the boxes to say you weren’t in financial difficulties pre Covid”

I might consider taking £25k

“ oh you can apply for much more”

Yeah it’s gotta be paid back. ( this is a loan you see not an advance in the event some people don’t know the difference ?)

“ yes but only 2.5% interest”

I sat yesterday trying to predict if and when we started trading again, what the repayment would like like. How would it impact my monthly outgoings. Had to guesstimate obviously, as no one can predict the market at present.

Anyhow, I decided it would be advisable to take £25k to ease the cash flow for the next quarter.

Online I go.

I kid you not, less than 3 mins after I logged in, approved. £25k. No “ can you afford to repay this type of due diligence” just have the money.

Of course being government backed, the banks are keen to lend.

When all this is over the over some people will go under. That’ll be another huge stress on the economy.

The government will need billions to repay the banks.


You are so correct about the banks.
They cannot lose.
The loan, they offered you is now 100% guaranteed by the Gov, at the start it was 80% but banks complained.
Therefore banks get money from source at 0.1% and offer it to businesses at 2.5.
If business defaults Gov pays them back everything loaned, if not banks make a killing on repayments at 2.5%.
Easy money for them.


Repost from yesterday,which due to work/sleep schedule I was unable to reply to.


Helen’s funeral is at 10.00 Sacred Heart Kildrum Cumbernauld on Tuesday-there will be a link, to watch the service, on Facebook.
The just giving page, set up in her memory, for Strathcarron Hospice has raised an incredible £16,742.
If you add gift aid then it’s 20,000.
Just amazing.

May 11, 2020 9:23 pm

bada bing1

The huns know that they can’t stop 10 in a row on the park,they are trying to get into positions of power off the park now,to do all they can to stop it that way,suspensions, referees onside,difficult away fixtures after European games……

bada bing1

I know most of the above ☝️is standard practice,but to use a Tory phrase, it will be ‘ramped up’.


Morning Bobby, as I mentioned to you a few days ago I contacted BBC Scotland by text (80295) whilst Sportsound was broadcasting. I have used this text messaging service before on several programmes and had a few comments read out, including Tam Cowan. This is what I sent:
” Tom English has just said there is ‘unprecedented’ anger with the SPFL/SPL over these current incidents. He is WRONG. There was, and still is, much more anger about how they behaved over the 5 Way Agreement and the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission. Especially, but not exclusively, by Celtic fans.”

I followed that up very quickly with another text to the production folk “I bet you don’t read that out and ask Tom English for a response”. Like a wee challenge to them!

Unsurprisingly it was not read out.

To me the BBC are the worst offenders, they are supposed to be neutral and don’t have capitalist business influencers breathing down their necks.

Twists n Turns


I watched Big Packy’s conversation on here last night.

I was thinking:

Hmmm. Poor guy has decided to go down. Business gone. No fault of his or his wife.

Now. Some unscrupulous person might now decide. Fffff it

I’ll have £25k please at 2.5%. He meets the criteria. Not a new business. Not in financial trouble pre Covid.

Bank the £25k. Reopen the business when permitted.
If it goes under in a few months? Unfortunate, but as I keep hearing, tough. Government lack of a plan has seen this lockdown extended. They can pick up the tab.

Not saying Big Packy will read this and go to Joan and say “ hey, know what, you’ve put a lifetime of graft into this business. You’re not losing it for fk all. Take 25% of last year turnover as a loan”

No I’m not saying Big Packy will do that. ?


The strange thing is there is the huge fall out with T’Rangers and BBC Scotland sports dept. They don’t broadcast their live games on radio nor set foot in Ibrox. You would think human nature being as it is, they might have a bit of a chip on their shoulders regarding sevco. But no, from the start they have been very sympathetic towards the Ibrox cause! There must be much staunchness amongst the heid high yins at Pacific Quay.

Mind you, what can you expect from a local branch of the BBC that produces rubbish like River City!

bada bing1

JTT- rumour has it,if English batted for the huns here,thems and the BBC would bury the hatchet, kind of makes sense if you’ve heard him in the last fortnight

Awe Naw

Bada Bing,

They are all battling for their jobs and livelihood. Michael Stewart, Davie Provan, Roddy Forsyth, Tom English, Kris Commons, Tom English.

The fact that they are battling so hard and making an absolute arse of themselves. I don’t think you could muster an O grade between them and I include the so called sports journalists in this

The only sports commentator who hasn´t embarrassed himself in this is Bill Leckie — AMAZING HUH ?

Bateen Bhoy

Would just like to say a massive Thank You to BMCUWP and MAHE for supporting our Last Man Standing competition through their promotion on these pages. Very kind, and it has already boosted the numbers of those taking part, and helped raise the amount of our donation to our chosen beneficiary.
Thank You both ???
I may not owe you a beer Mick, but I’m gonna buy you one all the same ?



It’s our pleasure,mate. Only too happy to help,and your timing is sadly moving.

Helen is a loss to us all,everyone who knew her,everyone she chiselled money out of as she led the crusades for all those causes which were close to our hearts.

She is obviously a greater loss to those so much closer to her,and while she is being laid to rest today,she will never be forgotten. I’m proud simply to have known her,and I don’t think I’m the only one.

R I P and HH


Bada, That would not surprise me. Amazing the grubby wee deals they come up with in their universe!

I was speaking to Sol Kitts last night about referees declaring their club allegiances. I am almost minded to say the same thing about BBC pundits. Not quite wear a badge on your sleeve but BBC Scotland need to balance out their punditry on shows. Off The Ball managed it – St. Johnstone & Motherwell supporters hosting. But Sportsound? Deary me! It’s almost obligatory to have been an EBT recipient.

Here’s a wee C&P from Auldheid on TSFM earlier this morning.

“I listened to a Sportsound podcast last week where every guest and host had connections to The Rangers, pushing an agenda for reasons that are still unclear. I still don’t know what dog The Rangers have in the fight.”


Stenhousemuir Chairman, Iain McMenemy who will be voting in favour of an independent investigation at today’s SPFL EGM, is also the Advisor to the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland.
A right wee cabel, eh folks.

As ever you are on the money, in more ways than one, in sure many will do as you have highlighted.


Remembering one of Scotland’s finest.

James Connolly – Séamas Ó Conghaile
Born 5 June 1868 Cowgate Edinburgh, Executed by firing squad 12 May 1916 Dublin.


They lit a fire within their land that long was ashes cold,
With splendid dreams they made it glow, threw in their hearts of gold.
They saw thy slowly paling cheek and knew thy failing breath,
They bade thee live once more, Kathleen, who was so nigh to death.
And who dare quench the sacred fire, and who dare give them blame,
Since he who draws too near the glow shall break into a flame?
They lit a beacon in their land, built of the souls of men,
To make thee warm once more, Kathleen, to bid thee live again.

Dora Sigerson Shorter



Packy, missing in action. Got a lot of things to attend to probably. Wee soul.

bada bing1

The bigger picture is the huns have lost their control of the SPFL,Murray’s bribes are no more, they have little influence or credibility, the voting process was a joke,but we can’t show the huns any light here,its possible ownership of other clubs is not as orange/Masonic is it was ,the SFA is still riddled with it,and they are a different matter.Imo


I believe King is on record as saying that European participation was a necessity in their forward planning.
The sole purpose of this planning/operation WATP was to put Timmy back in it’s place.
This plan was approved by authorities in the best wee country as it was a clear admission that they had no intentions of adhering to FFP guidelines.
Their cheating is still failing them and the pandemic has altered the landscape.
This to me fits the notion that they may have been refused a European license and without one their business model/existence is clearly in peril.
Hence their scorched earth approach in trying to destroy the entire Scottish football landscape.
Will this be the wake up call for the best wee country that sevco are a cancerous blot and their demise would be of benefit if Scotland wants to shed it’s sectarian past and join the modern world?
Wont hold my breath but one can dream.

bada bing1

Furlough scheme extended till October


Just a wee thought. ‘IF’ the Scots Gov allows football to restart in the near future just how do Celtic manage to get their squad back together and in good shape in time for the restart, a good few of the squad having returned home to foreign shores! New quarantine restrictions being introduced such as 14 day self isolation for those entering UK etc and just exactly how do you get to Scotland when there are few if any flights? Bit of a cluster feck ain’t it?


Afternoon all, I hope you’re well.

I run my wee guy’s U15s team. We are being instructed by the SYFA who are being directed by the SFA. The instructions so far seem to be that when the return to fitba is announced the players will return for 4 weeks of training and 2 weeks of conditioning. So if the lockdown was suspended today it would be 6 weeks before the first game.

Twists n Turns

I know Celtic have instructed their foreign players to be in Scotland in 2 weeks time.

It’s a very good point though.

Fitness would play a massive part in any matches that took place behind closed doors or otherwise. We have reputedly got the most advanced team of sports scientists in Scottish football and you’d like to think that would give us an added advantage?

How will the likes of Morelos ‘ shape’ up on his return? Assuming he does return?

Paddy’s maw

Excellent article. Not had a chance to read the comments – I will get to them later

bada bing1

Peter Lawwell is believed to have made a rousing speech during the meeting that has now ended.

As we revealed earlier, Livingston were unsure of which way they were going to go.

And despite Lawwell’s address and other impressive contributions, it’s believed they decided an independent probe must happen.


If an INDEPENDENT Review is decided on it can’t be paid for by TRFC!


So Scottish Turkeys vote for Xmas, allegedly.

bada bing1

GIVEN the continued difficulties caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we are further extending our Season Ticket renewal to Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Billy Bhoy

Bad news Bhoys. The good times are coming to an end – according to Defoe:
The Rangers are apparently still going for 55 – and here are the “reasons” why. ?
For one, Rangers fans are special. They travel everywhere. And then when I look at the coaching staff, the manager and his presence, and the whole team, the club has everything it needs to be successful. Everything, even down to the food we’re eating at the training ground.

If only WE had special fans that travelled everywhere and had a manager… presence!

So, enjoy the 9, that “wuv goat gie’d” (c) Alex Rae – it might just be our last! ?

bada bing1

Radio 5 live saying huns only got 12-14 votes ?


Having read the article i can’t disagree with anything that BMCUWP say’s, it’s all about stopping the 10, while trying to sell more ST’s to the gullible peepul, as i still believe they’ve been told to sling their hook re: a European licence, and now want ND & Co replaced by a more (understanding to their financial cheating) SFA with more power to help their brithers. Playing for time, and pushing for N&V, No penalties and asterisks.

As I’ve said before it’s criminal that Sevco may well have started ND’s downfall, when our PLC should have started that eight years ago.

In times when blogs are also trying to captivate followers, It’s very encouraging to see that even though BMCUWP & Mahe have an independent site/blog, they still retain a friendship and bond with other site members, and are happy to promote their topics from elsewhere ie: Auldheid, Bateen Bhoy, being current examples.

Take a bow guys.

Twists n Turns

I’m hearing 28-14 to the good guys . True? No idea

Twists n Turns

Delighted that Celtic have given that extension. Credit where it’s due. That’ll let a lot of those wishing to purchase a little more time to see how their finances are.

Twists n Turns

Sorry Bada
Just noticed you’d already reported the vote numbers .


So N.Ireland Scotland & Wales have to stay at home.
It’s just like the World Cup finals eh ?

big packy

HI BOYS, big wullie here packys pal, just had a big row with him, I told him he is very lucky that the great protestant people of Scotland let him in all those years ago, ffs we fed and clothed yeez, and then let you play fitba against the great Glasgow rangers, and now you want to take our trophies aff us, well listen the great protestant sfa wont let it happen, dinnae forget we arra peepul need to go, packy has gone to get wee joan, and if you seen the size of her you would be going too aff oot


From BBC
Resolution for independent investigation into SPFL has failed. 13 clubs voted in favour, 27 against and 2 abstentions.

Sevco pumped again. ??


Sevco’s proposal overwhelmingly defeated by more than two to one.
What time is the long, incoherent rambling statement due?
Still gives the churnalists more to complain about i suppose.
Imagine they had been this zealous in 2012 when real corruption was evident?


SPFL Rangers resolution outcome:

Yes 13 No 27 Abstained 2

Yes vote was 30.9%

Prem 4 yes = 33% ; 8 no = 67%

Champ 1 yes, 9 against.
Lower leagues needed 15; got 8 (40%).


Chris Sutton, on Twitter.
Rangers fail to win… once again


Will Park take it on the chins like a real man with dignity?


big wullie you certainly clothed us, in army gear and sent us oot to fight a war, while you all sat in yer shipyerds yer lips trembling and yir arses shaking in fear of becoming nazi’s. We never jist played the rainjurs we pumped them ?

Bring back big packy ??

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