Democracy crowns us Champions

Yesterday seen something take place that many of us probably forget how fortunate we are to have in the first place.
It cost countless lives to deliver to nations, fought for in almost every corner of the globe, and it should never be taken for granted, ever.
Its constantly tested though, especially recently.
Ridiculously I have three governments that Im not a fan of at all in my life to some degree or other ( North and South of Ireland and USA ) but I have long accepted thats just life.
Sporting governance on paper should be a walk in the park compared to real life affairs, considering theres a rulebook to adhere to and listed punishments for breaches, but the national sport has easily vied with the virus for the headline slots this past couple weeks.
I could ask why but the answer is in the word ‘headline’ , they work to an agenda and theres not a Tim that doesn’t know it.
Upon losing a democratic vote the gentlemanly thing to do is to show grace and congratulate the victor,then give thanks to those who helped you along the ultimately unsuccessful journey.
A well done and any grace was so very lacking. Friends were acknowledged.
Even having lost the last line of their statement gave no thought to that fact, showed zero regard for the fellow members desire to move on, and in fact stated that moving on is impossible even though the clubs wish to.
‘The status quo cannot hold’ after losing displays the mentality that we can decide what holds or not, plus its an affront to the actual democratic vote.
Win and fine, lose and not? Great !
A one club one vote system is the essence of an equal for all process, and should never be abandoned.
Thats one thing Hampden got right I will give them that.
Of course should some clubs still wish a report I have no doubt they would be able to commission one and be invoiced for it also themselves. Not being official might bring problems but you can pay anyone to look into anything, and if that body has some credibility all the better.
Plus there’s fans with keyboards aplenty out there I’m sure would just love to sink their teeth into that impartial file, but with money stopped altogether who is gonna agree to commence an open ended and thus unlimited funds investigation?
It wasn’t about the vote process anyway was it, the SPFL just aren’t playing ball with the Ibrox mob. They are about to play cat and mouse with them though.
Punishment has to happen, and it will begin a fresh round of kicking and wailing.
It could be said for the good of the game it should be a minor slap on the wrist and everyone move on but that spiteful final line probably scuppered that, and possibly makes some form of solid action even more important just to really get the point across.
I would point out that mad dogs do get put down, even in a democracy.
They’ve certainly been acting that way and the next couple weeks should tell if their fans will take up the mantle.
No matter what punishment though, it will go down like a lead balloon and dont discount playing to the gallery with a ‘ they aren’t getting it’ whatever it happens to be while sending someone out the backdoor to sort it all out.
The ultimate spiteful act would be to liquidate and not pay them.
We triple double dare you Parky !!!
Some type of public slap will come soon. It simply must.
As for our club of choice well played I must confess, silence was well the best policy here as they tear each other apart. I note that leagues must be concluded by the 25th of May, but dreaming of seeing the big announcement made that day is wishful thinking and truly would lead to big allegations. You can bet your bottom dollar it aint taking place then. Whatever.
It will be soon but just give us the damn thing that we earned by any metric.
Of course ‘The Virus Title’ will be disputed by many from hereafter, especially those fans with keyboards that ignored a real dossier of evidence not long ago at all like cowards.
Will the same writers and clubs decry the democracy they live in, or they just don’t want it in their sport?
Cake and eat it?
Hypocritical bastards more like.

The above is by Mahe, California’s voice of authority on Scottish Football.
Title celebrations due soon. If you fancy writing anything for the site we would be more than happy to publish and dissect.

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