We have the Player of the Year podium to come plus a season review so today is merely about saying,
Congrats bhoys.
We should and will hand out credit where its due, all part of calling it straight, and today that means a big hat tip to all involved but especially the key personnel that helped us hold on to our title, a grip which looked to be slipping at one point.
That point was some time ago, many games ago, and right now counts for absolutely nothing.
The trophy is exactly where it belongs and dont let anyone tell you otherwise full stop.


Heading into this season the bookies didnt have much between ourselves and Stevies squad, assembled at no little cost as always seems to happen somehow over there.
Lenny wasnt everyones choice theres no point in denying, and with the applications apparently unopened we would never know the choice, although my own preference Slaven Bilic had went public with his desire to be given the reigns.
Seeing Brendans team over the finish line and a cup final win seemed the minimum Lenny could throw his hat in the ring with, turns out it was the clincher.
Some smelt blood with open rumours and posts of Yes! on rival social media, which usually sets the nervous in the support off.


Thats a support that had been split over how much a revamp our squad needed, and when Peter spoke publicly about not a major overhaul the eyebrows where raised, along with the years old suspicions of dabbling where unqualified.
The wonderful gift of hindsight now shows us that our policy paid off, whether correct or lucky is your own prerogative but it brought home the bacon so once again a hit tip to the club.
Neil is clearly a believer in a settled team which is hard to argue with, but when one looks at the team of players we barely touched to get over the line the depth in our squad really shows.
Theres an eleven would take points most weeks with a good bench on hand yet unmentioned also.
We are guilty of heading into next season and any qualifiers well prepared, with ready, experienced, in-house replacements for the two starters we don’t own. This takes the pressure off even though we are likely to be looking for fresh blood in goal and left wing. Deserves a well done as it feels we are never ready for our big early games.


Something I’m sure we are all grate for for, during this short yet sweet season, is the level of professionalism that been evident, especially during what is still an ugly off season.
Christmas was the time for level heads, planning and assessment.
Whilst one manager yelled into the camera for dramatic effect, the other took the lessons onboard.
One clubs break was planned and executed perfectly and we emerged with a new game plan and bonded squad despite weather.
Despite the yell, our rivals war camp sowed the seeds of their defeat. A lesson in inexperience for you can bet your bottom dollar Neil can and does draw upon the knowledge of deep you must dig to win the league title.
He emerged from the break with renewed faith in a duo up front, and a new plan to outscore the rest.
The entire key to the plan was a fit, raring, legally in the right place Griff.
It’s right there that Lenny worked his magic, knew what was needed, pulled the correct strings and had the lad primed to be unleashed to help deliver another title.
His head was exactly where it needed to be, in the game.
Well done Neil and all in the background.


I’m sure I speak for us all when I also say well done for staying silent and dignified during the recent civil war that happened to explode in our midst. Staying on the sidelines was not only smart but needed.
It takes experience to know when to shut it, and when to speak on issues.
Empty vessels make the most noise and all that.
Not much noise from our vessel recently, good and well played.
Let that war play out as a bystander only. Anything else would be a media dream.


Finally, the fans. Yourselves. All of you.
There and always there again. Got behind the gaffer once appointed whether popular choice or not, again no gtf when he fell to Cluj, nor Copenhagen. Nor in the Christmas defeat.
That trust was well repaid by our post break form, clearly title winning stuff.
The virus has brought out a sense of comradery and community in folk, blogs somewhere to turn to, full of talkative locked down Tims making the best of the situation.
The incredible sum raised in memory of Helen ( RIP ) once again shows this truly is a family.
That’s special.
That continues and hopefully always will.
Well done all, sincerely.


The above is by Mahe. Anything to add to proceedings simply mail it to

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For all Tims on here who have had disagreements. A message delivered by a good Celtic man.


Superb, Mahe. A great read just to end my Nightshift! The blog was a real joy today, as expected, but every Sentinel Celt added to it and at a time when we are unable to share our joys with our usual Celtic family members and mates and game-goers the sense of community was evident! Mahe and BMCUWP, you deserve every plaudit you receive. Hail Hail !!




Well said,that man. Little doubt that there was unrest in the camp at Neil’s appointment,regardless of the quality of other potential candidates. Also at the usual transfer window indolence,waiting till very late in the day to say the least. Not to mention the unkind treatment of Sinky,who IMO deserved much better-even if he was driving me nuts at times like Sami used to do.


Getting Griff back on song was,I think,instrumental in our storming second half of the season,climaxed by a hat trick in what would be our last game of the season. But there was much much more,and the form of Forster through to Eddy was the difference. Because EVERYONE stepped up when it mattered most.

Don’t let the huns kid you on. This title was was indeed won on the pitch. And the seven weeks of matches post-Christmas have probably f….d with their heads so much that it has given us a huge boost for next season too!

Hail hail,heroes all!!!



It’s you guys who make the blog,mate. We just provide the platform and leave you all to it!



DIFFERENTCLASS,MIKEINTORONTO and anyone else having a break from the site.

Get yer arse back on here,we’re in celebration mode!


Great read Mahe. Was thinking of the players who contributed to our 9 in a row achievement but no longer at the club. A few I thought of are Mikel Lustig, Kieran Tierney, Stefan Johansen, Stuart Armstrong, Scott Sinclair, Moussa Dembele, Virgil Van Dyke, Victor Wanyama. Sure there are a few more celebrating this great history making feat.
Here we go to 10 in a row.


To keep the party going.



Fuxake,man. Well,if you can put up the bloody awful Kool and the Gang,I’m gonna have to counter wi Abba. Never thought I’d say that!


Two great pop songs fae oor childhood. Prefer yours though. Think it was ABBA’s best because of Agnetha’s vocal and that piano. A sad but beautiful song. Agnetha’s face at the end of that video is heartbreaking. She must be in her 70s now.



FFM/UBER used to post The Day Before You Came,winding me up about my perennial problems wi trains. Agnetha never looked better!


Hope this song by a good Celtic man, restores some of my credibility, after Kool and the Gang ??


For Times Like These



Cred’s back wi a bang,oul’ mucker!!!

I hit the sidebar after it,btw…



Yer on a roll!

Here’s another from our early twenties. Killing Joke.


Seems M&S are selling hand sanitiser for £11.50 a bottle. 500ml.

Via Top Tip.

It’s cheaper and more effective to use vodka. Simply pour over your hands strategically placed over a glass of Coke. Sit back and relax.


Off to dreamland zzzzzzzzz


An’ if you know your history…

You’ve got another huge milestone to chalk up.

Absolutely brilliant Celtic, thanks to the all the players, managers, coaches and backroom staff that made it possible… awesome job!!

For me this Championship doesn’t feel at all tainted, the fact that we were neck and neck at the new year and all but the most bitterest of rivals agree it was hugely deserved and there was only one winner. The points difference, the goal difference amassed in three months was phenomenal.

Far from tainted, this feels like a new…

Nine In A Row!!

Stay Safe

Hail Hail


Brilliant post Mahe!

Towards the end of your post, you have echoed the great Jock Stein … football without fans… And definitely there are a multitude of players who have contributed to the 9IAR … after Henke I didn’t think I’d love another Swede but PC Lustig for me was superb!

Garry – some cracking tunes! Primal Scream… going back to my late teens with that one!

One for the Huns hurting:

(Miss you Dolores ?)



My wife is a primary school teacher … school asked the teachers and LSAs via survey if they were happy to return to School … the majority was a resounding NO … the parents have voted also … over 70% said they would NOT allow kids to return.

Gove and the other idiots in Govt need to listen to the schools… we are not over this pandemic … online schooling is not ideal but it is working.

There was a documentary on C4 on how South Korea handled the covid19 outbreak … the comparison to UK is astonishing… UK ignores advice from Asia on how to deal with infections… Boris dismissed it all as a Chinese problem… utter wank!

South Korea : Over 11,000 Infections; over 9000 recoveries; just over 200 deaths… aside a little spike last week, entire country is almost back to normal although it’s compulsory to wear face mask in public.

The Torys have no regard to the population… so those who voted Boris and Brexit … you reap what you sow… going it alone will not help you!

big packy

HARVEY, brilliant post?, this end piece is worth noting, The Torys have no regard to the population… so those who voted Boris and Brexit … you reap what you sow… going it alone will not help you!? AFF OOT DUGS TO WALK

bada bing1

NL on the Football Show on SS now,repeated through the day



We both live in traditionally blue-collar towns,yet have Tory MPs everywhere. I just don’t get that,I really don’t.

Hopefully some sense prevails with schools at least. For everyone’s sake. I can see the point,argued by Tony Blair for instance last night,that it is disadvantaged kids who are suffering most. Nutrition and education are things they get at school,not so much at home. But neither will be of much use if they are carrying the virus home-or into the schools to infect pupils,teachers and dinner ladies!

On the hoof reactions are never wise in any crisis. Nor are soundbites and lies. Sadly,our governments have long excelled in them.

bada bing1

All that’s missing is the Mission Impossible music…

Awe Naw

Celtic players that will never don the hoops again in a competitive match

For sure (IMHO)


Strong Possibility


Leaving 17 first team players in the squad

of the 5 we have out on loan I don`t see any of them being in a first team position.

Will we buy anyone this summer transfer window ?

bada bing1

Received this morning from someone who chooses to retain anonymity:

Dear Men, Gather round and pay close attention. We are in severe danger.
We are now allowed out to play golf, great news BUT
on the basis that all clubhouses are closed
It is imperative that you do not go straight home after your round! You MUST sit in your car for at least two hours afterwards! If we let them work out that it only takes three and a half hours we are screwed forever more! Remember that it is an absolute fact that any round of golf takes at least six hours and don’t let the side down. Take a few beers with you when you go, then when you drive back home, park up out of sight of the house and have a beer, take a nap, check your mail on your phone, have another beer and another nap AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES RETURN HOME IN LESS THAN SIX HOURS! You owe it to your fellow men, don’t let the side down, we are in this together.
Preserve your man time, stay sane, drink beer, save your marriage ! We owe it to our loved ones


(Not coming to any venue near you)

Fat Sally: Celtic didn’t win the league…. but no one was gonna catch them…. ?

Jim Jeffries: Hearts don’t deserve to be relegated… but they deserve to be bottom…?

Uncle EBT Fester Rae: It’s a tainted title… ?

Tom fae Washington DC ( on Clyde SSB): Celtic did not win 9 in a row cos the Rangers were not there for the first 5… ?

OH MY DAYS!!! ???



I forgot to reply to your post re Candy Bar, Bar Buddha etc. They were pubs we would drink in after Celtic midweek games, along with O’Neills music room and Finnegan’s Wake!


Sorry to deviate from the rightful celebrations of a great achievement but I feel the need to vent. As I go round our local supermarket, I see many changes due to CV19. One of these is staff being used exclusively to sanitise carts, surfaces and shoppers. One staff member spends his days wiping down surfaces within the store, around the freezers, the shelves, even some products fingered by customers. What would he and others be paid? Minimum wage? Very likely!

Which brings me to my real point, inequity within Society. One likely fallout from CV19 is that greater awareness and importance will be given to clean workplaces, retail stores, LT homes, and hospitals. Science will play a part in this….through UV light, anti-microbial surfaces and human hygiene measures. And yet, spare a thought for the poor cleaners who toil away for little pay and reward. Their importance in containing the pandemic is very clear and yet they are paid a fraction of what nurses and doctors receive. Without effective cleaning, much of the efforts of the medical professionals will be in vain. It is time, actually past time, to elevate the status of this function to at least a trade if not more. Just ask a teacher, or a returning shop owner how important they think this activity is for the future of their enterprise.

What can you and I do now? At the least, acknowledge that cleaners exist. Thank them, talk to them, and maybe give them a gift card for a coffee shop or such.

Rant over,




Wow… those were the days! Candy Bar was Friday night after work! Office candy a plenty! ?

I used to work at Keppie Design, they were just behind Sauchiehall Street … so I’d meet up with my best mate, another Celt, and we’d hit most bars around that area!

If I could go back in time, there was another bar.. FIXX TWO, on street off St George Sq… was another cracking place to meet up during Uni days…

Glasgow nightlife is just a memory… Good times indeed! I’ve not been north of the border since my sister-in-law’s surprise 50th a few years back… Glasgow has changed so much… can’t say whether better or worse but definitely not the same vibe as the late 90s.

I have a good Spanish friend of mine, he’s from Seville and a Betis fan… we used to work together at my last place here in London… we will try and come up to watch Celtic in 20/21… open invite to all to meet up and enjoy a beer!



That’s not a rant but a very good observation of the hard working cleaners who are actually putting themselves at risk… as much as the NHS staff deserve applause, these cleaners deserve the same kind of appreciation… they are there for all of us.

There’s one thing I don’t get with supermarkets … you stand 2m apart waiting in queue to get in but it’s like normal inside with people practically brushing past you! Not to mention the car parking … cars next to one another!!

Social distance my arse!


Well said Rebus.


Mahe you always come up with something positive, the sign of a good blog, yesterday was a great day to be a Tim we live for many more like this to come. Congrats as you say are due to everyone, reading back last nights blog was good too, hun tears are just the icing on a very special cake.


HH ☘??


Lot’s of reminiscing going on. When i was just a wee lad, i remember my Da, telling me to save my pocket money and keep it in a secure box, he had under the stairs. I think i was 15 when i finally figured out it was the f*cking gas meter. ?


Afternoon all and Packy,

I remember the first little steps of the Tories to privatise the NHS was to sub contract the cleaners to private outside firms. It wasn’t long before we heard stories about the worsening remuneration and benefits for the cleaning staff. Standards began to fall because 2 were expected to do the work of 3 etc. Profit before everything. But they were only cleaners! who cared? Also the catering staff/services. Then came the exorbitant cost of agency doctors and nurses. Most of whom were trained using tax payers money. Profit profit profit.

Also private finance initiative. Get firms to build and lease back hospitals with accompanying maintenance services to be paid for – at a profit!


The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced today: On Thursday I will relax the current lockdown measures, for an initial period of two weeks. Rangers fans however, should remain indoors. To avoid a big riddy!


also SkyBar on Bath St heading towards Charing Cross, downstairs on the right hand side…it had a nightclub in Bath St Lane, called Alaska! We went into Alaska one night after a Celtic Euro game, the bouncer refused us entry as it was a private function. The supposed comedian, Phil Kay (?) appeared at the door, he was holding a book launch. ‘Guys! Guys! It’s so good to see you, come in come in!!’ None of us had ever feckin met him before!! We went in anyway and he came over to talk to us, asking if we were enjoying ourselves etc etc. My bro in law just kept calling him Gerry (Sadowitz) for a giggle!!! The poor guy was getting upset and kept correcting my BiL, no it’s Phil! until he got fed up and walked away! Shit comedian, shit party and v probably a shit book!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM,, another true story, when I was driving my route got changed, and I had to do a pick up at a big insurance company in birmigham, now this was 5AM, because I had to deliver the cargo to haywards heath in sussex by 10AM, now the other drivers had warned me about this job, 100 hundred bankers boxes on pallets, you had to take your pallet truck up in the lift, bring the pallets down and handball them into the back of the truck, the security guards would not lift a finger to help you, but I noticed they all had a thick irish brogue, next time I went there I put my celtic top on, when I walked in the guards were going ah he is a celt, god bless martin ,they were shouting, martin o neil was the manager at the time, look they said go and get a coffee out the machine and relax, they all went and loaded me while I drank my coffee, and every time I went there I put my celtic top on, loved that job??


No surprise and timing no surprise either.
I really feel for all the guys who put so much effort in.
STV News
19 May 2020 3:45 pm
The Scottish FA has dropped charges against Rangers over alleged irregularities in paperwork which allowed them to compete in the 2011/12 Champions League.

It had been considering legal action in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland, but has now effectively killed off any prospect of disciplinary action over the long-running issue.

The saga began when “contradictions” were found between information in Rangers’ application for a licence to play in UEFA’s premier club tournament and testimony given during the fraud trial of former owner Craig Whyte.

Rangers claimed in the application they had no tax debts – which must be declared to qualify for a licence – but former directors said in court that the club knew they had an overdue bill.

The Scottish FA brought charges against the club, but due to the ‘five-way agreement’, which allowed Rangers to play in the Scottish Football League after liquidation in 2012, any dispute between the parties has to be heard by the specialist sports court.

An SFA-convened independent panel upheld that jurisdiction agreement 18 months ago, with the governing body sent away to consider its next steps.

After a lengthy internal review and receiving legal advice, the Hampden board has now decided to drop the charges rather than fight a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

The club were originally charged under the 2011/12 rulebook, which only allowed for a standard fine of £5,000 for breaking the rules, or a top end fine of £10,000 in extreme circumstances.

The Scottish FA hierarchy felt the costs of pursuing the case in Lausanne, which could run to six figures, were prohibitive to a charge that would merit only a maximum £10,000 fine. The board were also advised that the prospects of victory at CAS were not high.

A brief statement on the Scottish FA website read: “A Judicial Panel convened to consider a Notice of Complaint raised against Rangers FC in 2018 – in relation to alleged new evidence regarding representations received prior to the awarding of a European licence for season 2011/12 – determined at a preliminary hearing that it did not have jurisdiction to determine the matter.

“Instead, it concluded that jurisdiction lay with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“Following consideration of the implications of such a referral, including legal opinion, it was the board’s unanimous position that this matter should not be referred to CAS.

“The Scottish FA now considers the matter to be closed.”

European football’s governing body UEFA is unable to investigate issues more than five years old, meaning the decision has effectively brought the issue to an end.

Whyte was cleared of taking over the Ibrox club by fraud following a seven-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow in 2017.



No real surprise considering the funny handshake brigade at SFA …

However, can the SFA overlook the Newco accounts this time round? Especially as no accounts were forwarded in time?!

On one hand I want the bastards docked points and in administration… the other hand would be humiliation in Europe with lesser squad as they surely will have to cut costs due to this pandemic and that fact that we may have games behind closed doors…

The future was, is, will always be… GREEN & WHITE! ?


Aye after about 18months delay the timing is no coincidence. A pure appeasement to the huns.


Re Res 12.

Aye the oul hide the bad news in amongst the good news. Not that the overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters gave a flying fig about Res 12 anyway. Now my cynical ‘inner self’ is telling me that this is a peace offering to Sevco made with the full knowledge of our own custodians.

Full of admiration for the Res 12 bhoys. YNWA



Did that place, Alaska, have a previous name? … I’ll have to go to google maps to get my memory of the streets! And the bars!

Fury Murray’s behind St Enoch Centre was a good club… no full of pretentious wankers like the Tunnel and Archaos… ( this will jog the memory for any of you that were out and about mid to late 90s! ) …


Whats the betting there is no ‘disrepute’ charges from the SFA against TRFC either for their accusations recently.


I agree totally with your post.
Our custodians would have known, well in advance.
As for some of our support, already Twitter has things like so what, who gives a fig and that’s from Celtic fans.


Hot favourite.
Let’s all move on will be the mantra.


6 positive virus tests across 3 clubs in the Premier league.
Even IF it gets started, the resumption of the league campaign will never last for long. This will become a frequent occurance until it is abandoned.

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