The Lost Ten – Part 3


The rollercoaster years of the eighties really kicked off with this one. I mentioned in Part One that we had lost five titles which we should have won,but somehow contrived to win others much against the odds. This was one of them. The previous season,we had looked all over the winners by New Year. Not so,as a few months would infuriatingly prove to be the case. This season,as also two years previously,we had looked out of the running at that stage-and won it. Fitba’,eh?


If you were a gambling man in those days,it sure paid to bet counter-intuitively when it came to Celtic.


The Celtic board learned from their lesson of not investing the previous close season and announced that they were paying £1m in ground improvements. Not that the fans noticed much-a bit of polyfilla in the barriers and some yellow lines painted on the steps in The Jungle. A total waste of money which would have been better invested in the team-I mean,who’s gonna park their motor in The Jungle? I think that we signed Willie Garner later in the year,and that was it. I won’t comment on him,btw. Not fair.


So,with the same team as the previous season,there were only two ways that we would start this one. Either we would burst out of the traps desperate to undo the failings of the end of the last one,or those failings would continue. Guess which one we got? 1980 was shaping up to be a miserable year for the Celtic support,and for the players too. Aside from the abuse they got for their performances,there weren’t very many win bonuses. I’m surprised there weren’t some house repossessions.


It started off okay,to be fair. A couple of middling wins against Morton and Killie and a 6-0 battering of some Hungarian mob. Then came the huns at Celtic Park. And we battered them,only hell and ref Eddie Pringle knows why we weren’t about five up at half-time. But we weren’t and it was only in the middle of the second half that a screamer from Murdo put us in front. A wee masonic distress signal from Pringle ensured that the linesman put his flag up against Frank McGarvey who was hardly interfering with play. It was such an utterly pish decision that the MSM laughed at us for weeks under the pretence of debating the issues. Salt was rubbed into the wounds when Alec Miller of all people managed to put the ball past Pat Bonnar via a deflection off the Sputnik satellite. I’d have sacked him on the spot,saved us having to listen to him eating soup these last few years.


It was two points dropped,but it wasn’t a four-pointer in those days against the huns. It only helped in their fight against relegation and ridicule. That would have to wait a few decades. They were grudged anyway,mind!


Again,it was Aberdeen that we knew we had to beat and we hadn’t done that in over a year despite five attempts.


A wee trip to Annfield to play Stirling Albion in the league cup should sort things,blow away a few cobwebs. Turned out well-they played like Liverpool and handed us our dinner. Sure,we put them out in the second leg but we got the same treatment from some Romanian students as Timosoara Poly ended our European ambitions for another season.


Six months earlier we had hammered Real Madrid 2-0,ffs. This is gonna be a long season and it’s only September…


Things improved in October with further progress in The League Cup and four straight league victories and we were pleased to see Charlie Nicholas bursting onto the scene too. And then November heralded in a Halloween Hangover…


We were cuffed in a League Cup semi replay by Dundee Utd. Hammered in the league by the huns and,worse,Aberdeen. Contrived to lose at home to St Mirren-a result,if I remember correctly,that cost Jim Clunie his job. Presumably their owner had an accumulator on. December saw us record three successive victories but a crushing 4-1 defeat to Aberdeen-yet again!-undid all that good work. At the New Year,we had 28 points from 20 games,the same total as we had the previous season from a game less-but back then Aberdeen were ten points behind. This time,they were well in front.


It was time for the afterburners. We needed them. The results from then on in were a turnaround of Lazarus proportions. Admittedly, Dundee United knocked us out of a second cup in a semi-final replay,but that aside,whoever we faced in those late winter and spring months of 1981 knew they were going home empty handed. Nine in a row-league wins,that is,were achieved against First Airdrie before Aberdeen-aye,them again!-put a stop to our quest for ten by drawing 1-1.


It mattered not a jot. We simply kicked on again,winning our next four league games-including a satisfying defeat of hunnery at Ibrox-before wrapping up the title at Tannadice. Aye,the same ground where our title ambitions had crashed and burned the year before. You get a warm glow from that kind of juxtaposition if I’m honest. Or GIRUY,to put it another way. Glum Jum had told us before the match that we wouldn’t be winning the title on his patch and reminded us via the MSM of certain recent results involving the two clubs. There’s a lot to admire about Jim McLean. There’s a lot not to.


And we got a bit of revenge too on St Mirren by humping them 7-0. Which I kinda enjoyed. I’m sure Jim Clunie did too.


Our stats for the January to May section of the season were an unbelievable W13,D2,L1 and of the four points dropped,three came in our last two matches when the players were already mentally on holiday. It was well deserved,and the fans weren’t too bothered. We were on holiday with them and once again it was a great time to be a Tim. The anger and despair of the previous year had evaporated and surely a bright new dawn beckoned. Seven points clear at the end of the season and happy daze were here again.


But still that niggling doubt remained amongst many of us. We still couldn’t seem to beat Aberdeen,at least on the day. It was a dragon that we knew we had to slay if we wanted our success to be anything but short lived. But sod it,we can worry about tomorrow’s problems when tomorrow comes. Right now,it’s party time! But that might have been just me-I turned 18 in the summer and every day was a party anyway. That’s how you live life at that age,every day is another day to enjoy and tomorrow never comes.


But it does. And tomorrow has Aberdeen written all over it. Or am I just worrying about nothing? Sure,they raise their game against us and we haven’t beaten them in nine attempts,but they were lucky last year and miles behind us this season.


Right? Well,Part Four will be on soon. Meantime,party time.



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That’s a terrific idea,and a great offer too. If I somehow manage a podium,I’ll put the Saturday bet on entirely for charity. That should give the man upstairs a bit of a quandary-He seems to be very disapproving of my gambling this last big while.

A thing of beauty

Just a quick post before my morning exercise.
I hope to see you at a game one day. That would be lovely.
I get the idea of why he cuts inside but that’s not what he’s supposed to do ALL the time. When he cuts inside he can pass to the full back, hence why tierney was such good foil for Sinclair but it was also because Sinclair used him. Also a lot of the time he cuts inside and shoots. Forrest cuts inside, like you say it’s what they’re told to do but he finds a pass a lot of the time. Elyanoussi would get a 5/10 for his overall contribution for me. Not enough to be shelling it the kind of money Southampton want.
Bmcuwp will read back at lunchtime. Duty calls.

The kettling technique, must have been expunged from the polis training manual.




Doon like a Setterday coupon…



I’ll probably do tomorrow’s article on loan players,but I have to agree with you on Elyonoussi. He’s a lovely player to watch on the ball,but ultimately to little effect too often.

I wasn’t overenamoured really with Paddy Roberts either,and for pretty much the same reason.


Good Morning all.
Really good to read these reminisces of the 80s – and 90s for that matter. During that timeframe, I was living outside of Scotland and so didn’t attend many matches then. Naturally, I followed the team as ever, but it’s not quite the same as being there.

I’m in the Garry camp of liking Elyounoussi, I think he is a class player with excellent technical skills. It was very unfortunate that he got injured when he had just got into his stride. Whether or not we sign him permanently remains to be seen.


Good Morning Britain travel reporter was live from Gatwick departure lounge and on plane to Glasgow, saying the 2 metre rule was non existent, was then compared to bars/restaurants…….absolute joke



I had limited attendance in 80-81 and 86-87,but otherwise was there for most of the ten years that the series covers. Work got in the way,same as yourself. The thing about the decade is that we usually played great football,I mean really great,a pleasure to watch.

And far too often got our pocket picked! We simply left our backline exposed too often. Defence wasn’t viewed by the board as a priority,but all the fans could tell you that it bloody well was!

Here’s an example. In the first nine years,I’m pretty sure that the most we paid for a defender was £50k for Willie Garner. I could be wrong,don’t think so.

Here’s another one. Who were the two players that David Hay wanted in 1984-?-but Jack McGinn famously told him he’d have to pay for them himself?

Stevie Clarke and Joe McLaughlin.

What a difference a £500k Mick McCarthy made,though we could have signed him for a fraction of that three years earlier.



IMO,they need to just say take yer chances.


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Philvis-style Thumbs-up!!

Chalmersbhoy- I’m in, well done mate HH


Wee bit of trivia about Billy McNeill leaving in 1983 and coming back in 1987.

His last signing in 1983 was Brian McClair. Brian was also the first player sold while he was manager in 1987.

Signed and sold by the same manager,top scorer for the four years he was there,never scored a goal under him!


Billy signed Mick McCarthy twice. Once from Barnsley,£150k I think,for Man City and then £500k for us.

Quiz is back on Saturday!

SPFL confirms no reconstruction of leagues for next season. Current structure retained.


Afternoon all, good reading today Bobby, I have said before that today’s young Celtic supporters have it lucky, with a team that win everything domestically, when you think of some of the sh*t we’ve watched *sigh*, now if Neil had a bit of European swagger it couldn’t get much better, oh well we live in hope.

Bobby as an aside I downloaded an image of the site to my computer, before, the updates got screwed, I will dig around and see if I can find any lost Articles.


Bada I don’t think i’ll miss the Jam Tarts next season, they were shockingly bad and deserve the drop, mind you they were good for humping the huns now and then. Oh well.

ASWGL- good for pumping the huns now and then, I would have given 14 teams a chance…

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, need some advice, as you know im the drum expert, jimthetim is the trumpet expert, jnp is the bird expert, garry is the music expert, twisty is the horse expert, and was going to say mcaff is the floor laying expert, but I will leave that one? now who is the apple tree expert, have been walking past these trees everyday since the lockdown, then noticed this morning, small apples on them, could you eat them now, or wait till they get bigger?


Afternoon all
Chalmers bhoy

Great stuff bud. TYVM , looking forward to it.


I’m no expert Packy but I would say wait. I would guess they will be hard and sour at this stage.

big packy

JIM, yes I thought that, come on give us your rosary story?


So Hearts are hugely disappointed that there is a lack of kinship in Scottish football. Whereas they operate with integrity and for the good of Scottish football.
Is this the same club who deliberately grew their grass too long to downgrade the quality of play? They were a laughing stock for that. Desperately pathetic. Just like the quality of their football which is why they are in this situation now. They would almost certainly have went down had the season been fulfilled.

big packy

JIM, hearts are bigger bigots than their govan cousins, to be honest ive felt more hate in tynecastle sometimes, than I did in ibrox,,another true story?

big packy

wee choon as south of tunis used to say


Packy, used to enjoy reading South of Tunis talking about his locality, same with the Exiled Tim. Hope they are both well.

big packy

JIM, yes miss them, in fact would like to put a shout out to the exiled tim, if hopefully he is lurking, K know your wife was not well ,could you let us know how you both are, just a simple post of ok will do, if not god bless you anyway pal, you have been missed ,take care,.luv ya to bits?


Packy I forgot about TET’s wife being seriously ill. God bless her.

big packy

JIM, yes im hoping and praying she is ok, I did e-mail him a while back, but got no reply, but with his wife being ill its understandable, lets hope he might have a lurk on here, and see how much he is missed?


Afternoon all, Big Jim Packy see those apples, I’d keep a big pile of them in yer dugwalking jaiket and use them as ammo if somebody tries to steal yer dugs again!! ???

big packy

HI MCAFF, nice to see you posting, how is the best floor layer in glesca???


Big Jim Packy, all good here pal. How are you today? Pass on my love to your lovely missus, and the dugs!


I’ve not seen Afghani Mani posing for a couple of days…hey Pa Lurkin are you alright, mate?

big packy

MCAFF, ok here pal thanks ,yes have not seen afghan posting lately, hope he is lurking and comes on now. AGHAN MELONS get on here PDQ?


I’m away up to the co-op. I’ve got £19 in my rewards account, since 1st Jan. Thats the new name for the old Co-op ‘Divi’.

big packy

JIM, bring me back something nice ,? in our village when I was young, yes I was young once?we had the coop, next to it the butchers, and then the newsagents, now the butchers shop had sawdust on the floor, I kid you not, remember it well, that’s when you could get proper mince for your tatties, and proper skwerr sausage, yes those were the days,,

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

McCaff ?
B P ?

SentinelCelts hope you & yours are all safe & well ?

I took a wee break as i didn’t want to express my anger with Celtic & the latest insanity.
I listened to the Homebhoys podcast a couple of weeks ago they had one of the Celtic greats on ? No not a player, one of the guys who runs the Kano foundation, i wasn’t nor would anyone be impressed with Celtic.
Anyway i listened to the latest podcast & the Celtic VST was brought up & how it may effect the Kano foundation.
What a shower Celtic are f-in hun lovin criminals.
So as i said i thought better of coming on & slaughtering the C U next Tuesday’s as i don’t like too & get absolutely no pleasure in doing so.
Honestly they have no clue & deserve chased.

big packy

AFGHAN, nice to see you posting pal, feel your pain, hope you and the dug are ok, that’s the main thing ,feck the plc?


Afghani Mani…I’m glad you’re well mate, good to see you on! I hope you and your charges are doing alright, other than this Cellic pish which is causing no amount of frustration among the support!!


Good to see you back posting.
The Kano Foundation, outstanding the work they do.
Have I understood this properly, are Celtic expecting a charitable organisation to still buy all their season tickets, at full price.
23 Adult, 134 Children, here’s part of their mission statement.

Our mission is to treat youngsters, regardless of background and circumstance, to a day out at Celtic Park. Since season 2010/2011 we have given a modern day ‘lift over the turnstile’ to over 9000 children varying from boys and girls football teams to local youth clubs and young people with special needs.

We are fully self-funded and rely on the generosity of the Celtic Fans.

We provide the tickets to allow your party (up to 134 children under 13 + 23adult helpers) into the stadium. Tickets are distributed on a 1 adult to 6 children ratio.

Children MUST be 13yrs or under.
All children attending will receive a goodie bag containing a KANO scarf, crisps, juice and a chocolate bar.

The only cost incurred by your group will be getting to and from the stadium but we are ‘linking-up’ with Celtic Supporters’ Buses across the UK to try and assist with transporting the groups.

All trustees and volunteers give up their time for free, and work on a rota system to cover approx 2-3 games each per season. They have all completed full PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checks.

The last I heard, they were still trying to negotiate with Celtic, about a discount, because of Covid 19, has anyone heard any outcome?

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Everything is great gents thank you kindly for asking.?
Yes McCaff only the nonsense going on is a constant or niggling pain.

If DD’s bhoy is looking in ??
Here mate go & tap your ole man £20m that’s like me tapping a grand.
Stick it in the kitty for these times & show your a true Celt like the majority of foot soldiers & not a money hungry greedy Bassa ??


Hello and good day to all.
Thanks, I will give that a bash.

big packy

noticed weefra on the other day, if your lurking weefra hope you are well ,sent my buddy jim to the coop 4 hours ago, for half an ounce of golden virginia and a packet of licorice cigarette papers, ffs where does that bhoy get to.???


You know what Jim’s like, talking to and eyeing up the talent.
That’s why his fence is always needing painted. ?

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals


Total cost for the adults & kids of the kano foundation.

Over 10,000 mostly underprivileged children they have brought through Parkheads gates over the years.
They feed them give them gifts scarves etc
& obviously take them to the game.
Celtic contribute sweet fa ?

Mike in Toronto


Hard and sour? Sounds more like an Orange tree than an apple tree.

big packy

JNP, you know him as well???

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