Scotland’s Shame

Its not obesity and drugs despite what the fella who ruins football clubs said, though they are true problems indeed.
Last night it was very easy to witness Scotland’s Shame live in the flesh if you wanted, just head downtown and chances are they will find you.
And judge and jury you on the spot also.
Regrettably the scenes witnessed last night and last week will surprise no one, a terrible indictment. They’ve been long in the making, should have been nipped in the bud at the start but became emboldened by the complicit silence of the media and prior governments.
Its bubbled over, the cat is out of the bag, and a response is called for, a substantial one.
Well I hope wee Jimmy Krankie likes a scrap for she’s got one on her hands now.


The fact that many politicians are speaking up on this is encouraging, and last night seen strong words from a few in senior positions, which is exactly where they need to be if they do intend to truly tackle the issue.
Do they intend to?
Seems to me Nicola was eyeing up a very strong run at independence again and Westministers buffons were just adding fuel to her fire, yet here we have this huge domestic issue unwittingly thrust into the spotlight. If she wants to show she would be a good and fair leader to a freshly freed nation she had the virus and now the yobs problems to handle,,a pass mark on both would be priceless for her future political career.
“Racist thugs“ & “Face the full force of the law if they break the law” is the type of talk needed, but only if backed by intent.
Humza being Justice Minister may well be a Godsend for her, just the type of partner in crime needed to try and deliver the legislation needed to deal with this.
For lets be clear that’s what’s going to be needed here from their side.


As of now there have been 6 arrests for minor public order offences, totally embarrassing, which forces one to ask are the cops hands tied or are they just sympathetic? If standing downtown in a huge mob drinking, arms spread wide repeating Rule Britannia, threatening and kicking anyone and everyone in your path that looks like they dont agree with you is not only legal and kosher but going to become the new normal, well Houston we have a problem here.
Peaceful rallies can no longer be held without attack.
Any considered remotely left wing gets attacked.
Its up to those politicians that talked the talk to now walk the walk and come up with an alternative to clashes that will only increase in number and violence.
And then make sure its vigorously enforced.


The media have stooped to new lows on this and just will not paint the scum for what they are, why is that? They cant say it of course but it’s because that’s their last main demographic out there causing misery and threatening law and order. Money trumps truth there, we all know that. Nearly everyone public will avoid asking it out loud but perhaps they are fans of the most right wing team in the country and/or members of the Orange Order?
The Chelsea fans cant get the blame as there was no bus convoy crossing borders, its apparent this was locals only with no travelling support.
The link may be called Timmy paranoia but at some stage someone in authority will have to make the connection in public,, it will take a brave soul but anything else would be merely sweeping the dirt under the carpet.
Tackling the racist right wing thugs must include cracking down on their enablers and their infrastructure.


And there in lies the rub.
This is a huge can of worms, which will pit Gov against some politicians, many Police, Orange Order, RFC , SMSM, NDL, and a huge swath of the populace. They are the known knowns and then throw in the unknowns such as the masonic brotherhood, Ulster Loyalists, bent judges, sympathetic juries, actual Chelsea / Linfield fans who want a fight,, probably a few more.
Its not a scrap anyone is guaranteed to win.
Those who pick their battles would avoid this one.


But yet ultimately, it has to happen.
Wee Nicola can fight to push through real policy change at the very top hopefully but that also needs to be matched at grassroots level, that’s you and your family and friends by the way.
Everyone must play a part here if there is to be real change.
People and nations all over the globe are having to face up to what they actually are, stand for and represent. This clash has found its way to yours and mine doorstep, and its not going away.
Because this one needs sorted and dealt with, there’s no time like the present, and Tims love a good cause.
Let the team fight their battles and make history on the park, and let us all do the same off it.


The above is by Mahe. Your doctor would tell you that writing is therapeutic and encourage you to get it all off your chest sometimes. Should you heed that advice we could publish your ramblings?
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Terrific article,MAHE. Strong stuff indeed,and we have been far too slow to react to that lot with their supremacy and entitlement. The country caved to the threat of civil disorder in 2011/12 and it only emboldened them

Sadly,it’s not only Scotland’s Shame. Nor even centred in police brutality in the US. With masterly timing,this article is the main online feature in The Guardian.

To understand the full monstrosity of this case,read it right through. Unbelievable.

And the video of the arrest is even worse.



There WILL be a tipping point,a backlash against this lot. They’re a tiny minority in the great scheme of things,even if their majority support comes from a “well-established” background.

Think back to Cable Street. They are playing with fire-deliberately so,I’ll admit. That never ends well.


All they have is hatred and zero tolerance towards any group of people that are not ‘the peepull’. Thuggery and violence against everything they are opposed to, is all they have left. They see their empire tumbling down about them. They are indeed Scotland’s Shame.


Apparently,David Luiz was only on the pitch last night for TWENTYSIX minutes,but managed to make the difference. Though to be fair,there is an argument for the sublime talent of Silva and de Bruyne-both of which are likely to flourish in the presence of a bomb scare like Spongehead Clubfoot.

Five months ago he had another cameo appearance for,spookily,the same number of minutes. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?

Honestly,he’s worse than our own Raphael. And has managed to accrue over £100m in transfer fees. I mean,he won’t care what I think-minted. But fuxake,what an embarrassment for every manager who signed him.



We’ve said that for years,mate. Our songs are sad ones of remembrance,or joyful ones in celebration of our heroes-and in many cases,our martyrs.

Theirs are exclusively of hate and supremacy.

The authorities,all of them for decades,no party political here,have a lot to answer for. Apply the law to everyone equally,that’s what it’s there for.

The Gombeen Man

As the blind belted out “Britain never never never, shall be slaves.”…The tragic irony is that they have no perception of their own slavery.

Bondage to ego, the false self. Chained to fear, insecurity and violence. So ignorant of their own poverty that they were humiliated by the humility of a few harmless refugees and their supporters.

Most of us are exiled in the ego too. Caught up in the idolatry of possessions, careers and security. Completely controlled by the media and so disconnected and conditioned that we have no conception of reality.

The refugees for all of their lack of external wealth were able to undermine the arrogance of not only the vocal aggression of the mob but also our own disconnection as we quibble about virtual season books and asterisks.

The refugees might not have the keys of a house yet but they have the keys of the kingdom. That’s a freedom the mob and their masters are unlikely ever to see.

Great read Mahe.



I assume that much of that post is aimed at others,not us. I’m not really sure where you are coming from on it.

We all support the concept of asylum,and indeed of immigration,economic or not. I recall giving the singing detective a lecture on the economic and demographic problems that Japan is forecast to suffer by 2050. That was about eight years ago. They haven’t changed. They are forecast to lose a third of their population by 2050,down to 80m,because of their refusal to loosen their immigration policies. This in a country with zero growth for THREE DECADES!

That’s a racist policy,and it will destroy them. Clearly,racial purity is worth more.

But is political purity? Or,really I don’t know what you’re suggesting here. Are you criticising people for trying to improve things for themselves and their families? A lot of people I know were on the engineering blacklist,trying to improve things for themselves and their families. And their colleagues,of course. They wanted better conditions,better money for them and theirs.

But they still wanted careers and security,for everyone. Most of them got it. Some were jailed. Some never worked again. I honestly don’t understand your point,M. We can’t do Year Zero. We can’t take everything from The Man and redistribute it.

We CAN make as much effort as we can to look after ours. Friends and family and those like us. And we shouldn’t feel ashamed at having to play by the system even as we rail against it.


For all our lives, we have witnessed politicians of every party in power, and our police force, treat this bigoted mob with kid gloves. That has done nothing but empower the extreme elements in their ranks. The result of this softly, softly policy has been witnessed on the streets of Glasgow these last few days. On Sunday they attacked a BLM protest group, and last night it was a vulnerable group of refugees and their supporters. If our political leaders and police Scotland do not get a grip of this, it will develop into carnage in this country. I wish to rid Scotland of this scum, for the benefit of my children and grandchildren.


Excellent and prescient article Mahe – thank you.
A very sobering read. A critical time in the (hi)story of Scotland: where are we, and where are we going?


The Gombeen Mhan
A percipient analysis of the current status of our lives (in general) in the Western world. It is important to highlight that we should all practise a constant cycle of self-reflection on our place in the world order, and most of all how lucky we are overall. And, vitally, what we can do to improve the lives of others, rather than focus on issues that are, in the grand scheme of things, not essential.

The Gombeen Man


If we are just to play by the system that’s a vindication of the DD and PL strategy. If that’s the strategy, fair enough.

It’ll fail.

The system and we are a part of it marginalises the poor. The loyalists are slaves to an illusion of entitlement, they live in fear.

They are projecting their anger onto the innocent or scapegoats, that’s a tendency of all of us.

As a priest used to tell us on the quiet, “Pray for the f*****s.” (He would mean the Loyalists).

Many Celtic supporters have become so intoxicated by baubles that they’ve lost all connection with truth. That’s not a criticism but I’ve a feeling that our successes are leaving a feeling of emptiness.

Just so conditioned and it’s leading to perpetual dissatisfaction and frustration. That often comes across as venting or moaning..

Not sure what you are getting at with Japan?

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the message, heading out for my daily stagger round the park.



BMCUW, TGM & Friesdorfer
Some great reading bhoys, in following on from Mahe’s excellent leading article. You four are the type of guys, I would want covering my back in a debate or a battle. Great stuff.


Sorry to hear of Vera Lynn’s passing. She lived to a fine old age. Reward for her efforts in raising the spirits of our parents and grandparents during the war. May she RIP.

Police Scotland happy to arrest GB guys at airports, and 6am raids at their homes,for singing songs,yet they will be well aware of who the organisers, and main suspects of the loyalist gangs,who regularly cause mayhem on our streets, 6 arrests? They know they can cause bother as a free hit.


Morning all from the Costa Renfrew. I hope this finds you all as well as can be expected!

TGM….”Many Celtic supporters have become so intoxicated by baubles that they’ve lost all connection with truth. That’s not a criticism but I’ve a feeling that our successes are leaving a feeling of emptiness.”
My personal intoxication with the baubles comes not only from a few years of not winning any, but worse, been cheated out of any! Add to the mix the irrepressible arrogance of the type Mahe writes about today, EXCELLENT article btw Mahe!!, and I feel I have no agenda other than a getitrightf*****upye to the Huns!! 😉



An instrumental by a Glasgow band of Celtic supporters. One of them used to post on CQN.
Hope you are looking in here Stuart.
Scotland’s Shame


Latest faulty recollection from Super Sally:-

“I was at a meeting as Rangers manager involving the SFA and some other characters and the subject of title-stripping came up. I stood up and slammed my papers together.

“There were about 14, 15 people at the meeting and I said, ‘Gentlemen, you’ll have to excuse me because from this moment on I’m taking absolutely no part in this madness’ and I walked out of the room.

“Not only was it a non-starter for me, it was people trying to play to an audience that should never have existed.

“I look back and I tell people, Juventus actually got caught blatantly cheating and they were put down one division for a year. Now I’m not asking people to make comparisons, I’m making a statement of fact.”

Rangers’ use of the EBT scheme played a key role in their financial demise as it led to a tax dispute with HMRC.

But McCoist insists he does not think the club were guilty of cheating. He said: “No I don’t, absolutely not at all.

“A lot of people were making those (EBT) payments at that
 particular time. Now that doesn’t necessarily make it right but I don’t for one minute think that anybody involved at Rangers FC was carrying that out thinking they were cheating – absolutely no w


RIP Vera Lynn.



The point about Japan is that they have been warned against their racial purity immigration policy for decades,but they stick by it. They know what is going to happen,but there isn’t the mood to prevent it.

Most western countries have faced the same problem,which is essentially a problem of declining birth rate. Unless of course,you balance that out with immigration,like we did with Windrush and the influx from India and Pakistan. Turns out that they have a higher birth rate,at least in the first few generations,as women were not really available to the workplace.

No matter which country they arrive from,the pattern was similar. The men did the work. The women looked after the kids. And the girls and boys all went into the workplace.

Sound familiar?

It’s what we did. What our forefathers did,and as we progressed,it led to a declining birth rate,and so it begins again.

The need for immigration. Or migrant labour. The thing that Japan will take to its grave.


Morning bhoys/ghirls
All bets are in apart from bmcuwp.
Good luck with your selections.


Having a hell of a problem here with Coral

Offered me a lousy £2 free bet,but hey,I’m gonna bet with someone today. Clicked on the link,chucked a short Treble on-oh,need to make a deposit. Oh,fine. Today’s £20 is yours.

My £2 treble came off my twenty! So you can guess who wasn’t pleased. Then when I tried to access the free offer again from the original mail-which had all my details,natch-it wiped my account so I could not access my offer-or my £18!

After two hours on live chat,I’ve still not got my money back,and I’m locked out of my account because they don’t recognise my account. That’s the one that took a score earlier.

Bunchacunts. Only one winner here. Won’t be them.



Now you know why!



Sentinal celts is back on Celtic news now this morning. ???? HH

The Gombeen Man


You are missing the point.


Some Celtic supporters are so intoxicated with baubles that they are prepared to pay for a virtual season ticket, aka Pedro’s Shell and Pea game.

A sad state of affairs, especially given the plight of the homeless.

Each to his own.

The Gombeen Man


Keep her lit.
The spirit of Connolly lives on.


TGM…or perhaps intoxicated with their team and have been for decades!

The Gombeen Man


Cheers, me too. Just can’t break the attachment.

Till Later ??


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Mountain Angel. 13.15

Celtic Champs Elect

Sorry guys I meant Mountain Chief :-)))))

See a good catholic boy like me cannot lie. My nap is Mountain Angel In 13.50




Another good article Mahe and I agree it’s good to hear relatively stronger statements from some leading politicians. The sort of scenes we are witnessing in George Square have been happening for years in Europe as fascists became increasing emboldened to attack immigrants, refugees and the left in general. The other similarity is the reluctance of the local police to stop them and in some cases they have actually attacked those under attack. Time will tell whether politicians’ statements lead to more robust action against the fascists but I for one wont be holding my breath. On the continent many left wing groups have decided to enure they are equipped to defend themselves against fascists attacks. Their meetings and other events often are protected by “stewards” who know a thing or two about martial arts or boxing but not in a Bruce Lee sense. These people know how to handle themsleves in a disciplined street fighting sense which usually means the drunken fascists rabble rousers get a sounding beating if they are stupid enough to attack them. A bit like the treatment handed out to that idiot in London at the weekend. They don’t go looking for trouble but know how to handle themselves if trouble finds them. The left in Scotland need to take a leaf out of their books and get themselves booked in to some local kick-boxing classes. Also, they need to leave the bikes somewhere else as not great when trying to defend yourself whilst holding onto your bike. As Trotsky is reputed to have said, “If you cannot convince a fascist, acquaint his head with a pavement”.


(There WILL be a tipping point,a backlash against this lot. They’re a tiny minority in the great scheme of things,even if their majority support comes from a “well-established” background.)
Not convinced.
We saw in Manchester their hatred and violence yet the media airbrushed it in the best wee country and blamed others.
The attacks after Brexit in Glasgow conveniently were ignored to facilitate the best wee country narrative.
The authorities put their hands over eyes and ears and gave off wee sleekit grins.
Violence and intimidation works against ordinary citizens as the Nazi’s/huns have demonstrated.
It becomes even more potent when the police and authorities give tacit approval.
German Nazi’s were not defeated from within and the Scottish huns feel they are in a protected bubble.
So far the Scottish authorities have downplayed the scums behavior.
Are their own feelings to intertwined with their brethren to effect the rule of law?
The English do not give a f#@k about Scotland and will happily watch a nation tear itself asunder.
The fact that it’s being done by fellow flag waving fascist’s will make it all the more acceptable.

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Good pick


bada bing1
Get in there…
Well done big mhan.


Bada & CCE
Nice win bhoys.
BB on fire yesterday and today. 2 belters ?

Celtic Champs Elect

Well done Bada I just seen you had Napped this to. It win pulling trees :-)))


Cheers Bhoys

Italy v Spain BBC2


From the Onion
SIOUX FALLS, SD—Wielding assault rifles and chanting “smarter than the average bear” as they gathered around the cartoon character, heavily armed fans reportedly guarded a statue of Yogi Bear Wednesday

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, vera lynn, rest in peace, MAHE, great read but I will echo what our great and missed friend on here TET used to say, get rid of the orange order in Scotland and you will go a long way to getting rid of racism and bigotry?

pilsbury dough bhoy

Big Packy, just a quick aside from last night. FYI the Alexander hospital in Coatbridge is long gone. it was in Blairhill and the building was converted in to an old people’s home many years ago.

Puff puff

Hey fan was it our yogi bear

big packy

PILSBURY DOUGH BHOY, cheers for the info, to think I went to that hospital to see my brothers when they were first born, now they are, 54 55 and 56, respectively, makes me feel old??

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