The close season battle must go on

The door revolves quicker in uncertain times, well it certainly feels that way to me.
Im sure every last one of us understands changes are called for during these crazy times and that has lead to those out of contract becoming the most at risk despite previous assurances an offer would be made.
Its just business and everyone across the land is conducting their own cost cutting exercises, our club of choice is no exception despite being the top dog on a major mission.
Its never the name you do want to hear but one wonders just how far exactly the cull could go?
How far does it need to go?
And does that align with what we need as a team to take the tenth title?


Its zero surprise Craig is going, not one bit.
Being asked to take a pay cut isn’t nice, just ask Mikel Lustig, and a certain amount of pride will kick in. The Swede had the added bonus of still playing while negotiating, and still couldn’t get same terms again, so that leaves Craig with no hope of one more year extension please.
Having joined on a free he has proven good business, and would have been on a nice wedge for sure, but once you’re not playing you cant expect the same pay grade.
Squad money when squad player is only fair and the nature of the beast.


So the big man looks to be heading home, of course for more than we offered, but again that should surprise no one. For starters the big man will play, not squad money but starter wage.
Theres a strong character about to go into the Tynecastle dressing room, a man who can offer advice and command a bit of respect having actually collected a haul of medals to back up the talk.
And they’ve probably just found a future coach.
I think it will be a good move for both parties and along with Robbie returning would cement them as firm favourites for the bounceback, which will have been anticipated when planning our former stoppers wage packet. Budge might just have done something right for once.
Thanks for the memories Craig but when we meet again expect no mercy.


Of course this does put us in the position of having no playing goalie on the books, but we will have freed up quite a bit of salary recently with Jozo, Craig, Kouassi departing and the loans ending. There’s only one keeper for us and this special campaign, should we opt for one signing only then it better be Lurch as far as I’m concerned. The centre of defence has two regulars and two absolute reserves at the moment so we aren’t tip top, but the Great Wall gives them such a platform.
I really hope Lenny pushes for this one as its not the right season for a new name or to put the existing stopper we have under contract back between the sticks.
Getting this one right will have a huge bearing where that title sits this time next year.


Wee Strachan was a surprise though.
I didnt even realise his son was in the game, and ironically had joined Fergies lad.
It would be easy to sit here and say its a jobs for the boys etc but as we are seeing cost cutting elsewhere that doesnt stack up and its not as if the lad isnt from a football family. At 41 he is at a good age to bond with the young modern player as Duffer was said to, and basically offers continuation of the winning formula Neil has hit upon.
Some would like an older head to challenge the manager at times, such as Calmac at left back, but our young management team did come up with season winning tactics on the winter break under pressure. They should have some credit in the bank, and I cant imagine them bringing the wrong man onboard at this important juncture.
Welcome Gavin.


We usually lose the close season battle every year which exposes the weak at heart, and it only makes winning on the field all the more sweeter. This historic campaign has not started well first with the terrible irony of no fans seeing history along with ruined income stream plans, further cemented by ill received board decisions.
Normally a few signings would boost morale but normal times these ain’t.
Thursday we will look more at the ramifications of our income drop for all involved.


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Aye,the close season cup…

It’s becoming a bit like the League Cup was for us in the 70s,80s and 90s. And I didn’t much care about that either. I’m not sure we are in the race anymore for Fraser. If it’s true that one of the top clubs wants him as their No 2,I think Southampton will take that route-and the money.

He will simply have to agree with that,or stay where he is. Harsh,but true. I think we will go for the St Mirren keeper,Hladky,who is available on a free. And if Scott Bain can get back to the form he showed when he first got his chance with us,I’d have to be happy with that.


Bobby I think our guy has had enough of numbers other than one. He loves it there.
I really hope he is our priority.
Bain would be a huge risk.

Hail Hail



If he’s under contract and Southampton get an offer which Celtic cannot or will not match,then we are not gonna get him. However much he wants to join us. That’s just the facts of it.


Cannot disagree with any of the sentiment expressed in your article. I do however still feel the absentee landlord should be stepping up to the plate here. A club, HIS CLUB remember, needs a bail out . Where better to get it from than a man with assets of 2 billion?

I’m sure many would say billionaires don’t get to be billionaires by adopting a scatter cash approach, but even a loan of £25m should be very manageable for a club with the turnover of Celtic.

The fact he’s choosing not to assist, and given the fact it’s highly improbable no other benefactor is unlikely to step forward, puts the club in a precarious financial position.

That leaves one main revenue stream . 50,000 season ticket holders and their £30m + . Never has it been more needed. Will it be forthcoming?? What happens if it isn’t?

That’s a worry. Puts many a season ticket holder and ex season ticket holder in a quandary. Some will stump up. Some won’t. ALL should be concerned.


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And the Brucie Bonus of an extra £50 will be available for the spawny git who manages the treble!

So that’s £300 to play for next season,which is more than the SFA have managed to get in sponsorship for the Scottish Cup. Might be worth investing in Timeform,I reckon…


Btw I’m acutely aware that many supporters will not be able to buy a ticket this year for financial reasons. Deferred mortgages, bank loans, car repayments etc take priority.

For those who can afford one, they’re gonna be torn emotionally. I speak from personal experience in saying that, though that same emotional tug of war will currently be being played out across a large % of our support.



Big Fraser doesn’t have to go anywhere unless he choses to do so. The club can’t force him to leave regardless of how much money another team offer them, happens all the time. Now supposing Fraser wants to join Celtic and makes it clear to Southampton that he will not consider a move elsewhere. Contracts work both ways. Remember our Bobo?



Of course they can’t force him to move. I said that in my first post. He either goes where they have accepted an offer from,or he stays put. But he can’t force them to accept a lower offer-even though he still has £8m left on his contract with them.

With Bobo,PL wanted him out. Bobo rightly refused to leave. Result was that Celtic ended up out of pocket with a weakened defence by paying him but not playing him. But we didn’t get an offer that suited Bobo,and Southampton may not get an offer that suits Fraser.



Oh,nearly forgot.

Also a Royal Ascot Competition Tuesday to Friday

1st-£30 free bet on Saturday
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It’s Payday Weekend coming up,and the deadline for Season Tickets is next Tuesday. Celtic will be hoping that many of the uncommitted-to-date are just scraping their cash together from that,the weans piggy banks,down the back of the sofa,whatever,to cough up. The weekend article is scheduled to be on that very topic.


Good Morning all

Uncertain times for us all. Welcome to Gavin Strachan, hope his connection with John Kennedy bears fruit.

Acknowledging what has been said here already about Fraser Forster, another factor for consideration is that both his current club and Fraser may have to take a realistic approach in that if a move to an EPL big 4 club as (possibly at best) a second stringer is declined, and no return is to be realised, then Southampton may, may, have no alternative but to accept an offer from Celtic. It would then be down to Fraser himself whether he is prepared to roll with the wage available from Celtic. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, therefore planning must include other options, e.g. the ex-St Mirren keeper.

Whatever happens, it will not be straightforward as per usual Celtic arrangements.



Just think
If !!! Craig Gordon was earning £20k a week as our back up keeper last year, not playing a league game
This alleged 80% drop
Takes his new deal on offer to £4K a week, as a back up keeper
Thanks and goodbye Craig

I hope the stuff in the rags, is not coming from Craig Gordon. Been an outstanding player for us, he must know Neil will bring back FF,or sign someone else. Surely he can’t expect anywhere near he’s on,to sit on the bench, I guarantee our offer will be more than Hearts or St Mirren are offering him.


I think that we should do all we can to get La Gran Muralla signed up. I must admit to not being that impressed with the Saint Mirren goalie Hladky. I think that an in form Scott Bain is the better goalie. Not the Scott Bain that bombed against Cluj though. Would be happy with Fraser Forster and Bain for the season.

Celtic have donated the 50k from James Anderson, to the Celtic Foundation, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock have done similar.


That’s a nice gesture

FF,was I’ll with depression, when he wasn’t playing at Southampton, and the way he was treated. There will be no chance of him going to Chelsea to sit on the bench IMO.Try and cut a deal with Southampton to get him on a permanent deal,they could give him a pay off,or pay some of his salary. He loves it here,and wants to stay.If we can’t get him,The Holy Goalie is out of contract at Bournemouth……



I think offering someone a new contract on a 20% reduction is an insult. To actually only offer that 20% in total is an insult. If true,I don’t blame him for leaving.

Here’s another scenario. I don’t think we have a hope of signing Fraser,though I hope to be wrong. If I’m right,that would mean that Celtic were expecting Craig to re-sign on 10% of the wages apparently agreed for Fraser.

Would you take those kinds of insults in your job?

Times are hard,that is obvious. I don’t dispute that. But you have to treat employees with respect. Especially ones who may well become,once again,a very important employee. The last thing I want is a disgruntled goalkeeper,especially one with no natural allegiance to us.

I’m not suggesting for one second that a proper professional like Craig Gordon might make the occasional unforced error-David de Gea didn’t throw the ball into the net the other night,these things happen!-but I bloody would.

He has served us exceptionally well. He deserves the respect that he has earned.


Morning all, I hope this finds you well!
FF is a no brainer for everyone except PL! As we stated time and again they run us as a business. Signing FF is the best bit of business they could do this year of all years! It’s their duty!
Re ST uptake… perhaps the fact there’s no holiday travel travel will allow some supporters to pay for their season ticket. I know people have been spending on home and garden improvements during the lockdown, maybe the ST is more affordable than usual this year. And, as Bobby pointed out it is a Pay Day renewal date, not by accident.
And finally as I pointed out last week there is a Loan Facility available to the Club should they require it, I think for up to£30m, DD would insist on a draw on that before gifting or low-rate loaning the Club, imo!



I think Fraser’s problems were brought on mainly by his injuries,resultant loss of England place,break up with long-term partner.

Our main hope is his drop to third or fourth choice by successive managers at Southampton,and that huge contract with them. Anyway,time will tell…



There are also government-backed loan schemes which are available to all companies with full up-to-date accounts. At interest rates nearly as low as what Sevco have managed to win in eight years.

So,if you borrow £30m on it,you pay it back at APR of SSR,or Sevco Success Rate.

Over eight years.

Or as we Tims know it,the square root of fuck all. Trebles all round.


Thanks for that link. Great tribute for a great cause.
Loved this wonderful female voice. Sadly gone too soon. Dolores O’Riordan rip ?


BMCUWP, Bobby my real point is there are resources available from a variety of sources, the responsibility of the Board is to ensure the existence of the Club/Company. The responsibility for it doesn’t wholly rest with the support. Tbh it’s a moot point as I’d expect the Board will be exploring every possible revenue stream with a view to ensuring an history-making 10 is delivered… hopefully!!



I know. But I’d rather take a government backed loan at 1% or less than pay the spivs 6%. And that’s what they’re used to getting at the moment.

And that is set up as the equivalent of a perpetual bond. 6% in perpetuity.



Could sure sing a bit. Sadly missed.


Aye, she was definitely my kind of female. Fancied her from the first time I saw The Cranberries perform Linger. Her voice and looks. Was really upset when I heard the tragic news of her drowning.


If FF signs then no need for another goalie as we have some good young keepers coming through and they need to be shown there is a pathway to first team.
I think Bain was unlucky in losing his place and is good enough to be a number 1.



I’ve got no doubt that Scott Bain is good enough,I said that earlier on the page. Needs to get back to the quality he showed when he first broke through.

But he isn’t Fraser. He never will be,it’s just that %age,and we have seen that so often in the past.

Who won Rangers their nine? Was it McCoist and co,or was it Goram? Who won two European Cups for Forest? Was it Larry Lloyd or Peter Shilton?

Who made a complete c..t of it on Friday? Was it Rashford or de Gea?

How much confidence did the Celtic defence have in goalkeepers from the mid-seventies until Artur Boruc when they’re openly describing them at supporters dos as Rentagoal?

I Wanna didn’t win The League Cup by coming on and getting fouled after an hour. Big Jullien didn’t win it by scoring. Much as I love them,their £16m and ~£50k wages,the man who won that is Fraser.

We need to think about this. How much will a 20-30 goals striker cost?

What if we can keep out 20-30 at the other end? For a fraction of that?


There is no doubt FF steals us games with spectacular shot stopping.
He is second to none at such and his value was really shown on the European stage especially in two legs against Lazio.
However he is not without flaws.
He does not control his area and is poor at crosses while his distribution is awful.
We concede a lot of possession due to above.



I’m in total,agreement. Scott Bain was excellent for us when he first stepped in

But Neil Lennon hardly played him! Lost confidence in his keeper,simple as that.


Excellent point. How many more trophies would we have won from mid 70s on, if we had Boruc and Forster instead of Latchford and Bonner?

FAN-A-TIC- I think Bain is a good shop stopper, as is the St Mirren GK,but I think they lack height and stature.HH


Hi all.
Thank you to the mystery benefactor,for their outstanding generosity, for the new tipping competition, which, I think, starts on Derby and Oaks day.



I don’t think the mystery benefactor is too much of a mystery. I just forgot to ask him if he was ok with me mentioning who he was!

That MAY be rectified later,and meanwhile we can all guess. And get the same answer.




My guess of the mystery benefactor is Jim the Tim. ?

A thing of beauty

Schools back in full time in August. The importance of this cannot be measured.


Anyone heard the Ryan Fraser to Celtic rumour?
My son and my mate have just messaged me to say it is happening. Free transfer.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,all this talk of goalkeepers, i have heard on the grapevine big frank is homesick in oz, and wants to come hame, and dont forget he takes penalty kicks??

big packy

JIM you got mail

big packy

another record i bought ?


Afternoon all & Packy.

It’s not me Garry. My money’s on Twisty but Chalmserbhoy stepped in with another good compo recently so who knows. Both are generous.


How’s things Packy? Nothing to report here I’m afraid. Who’s the Frank in OZ you are talking about?

big packy

afternoon jim, sent you an e-mail ,just bin it ,was just wondering where you were, jim would you believe garry,no not our garry, wants me to teach him music by john miles, ffs one of the hardest songs he could have picked,,7/8 for goodness sake, but if that is what he wants so be it, ive told him he must practice different time signatures,,wish me luck? jim, frank haffey took a penalty against airdrie at parkhead ,we were winning 9-0, poor frank missed it?


Packy I vaguely remember Frank Haffey when i was a kid. I thought that was who you meant. I didn’t know about the missed penalty! I looked him up on Wiki there. Apparently when he finished up as a footballer he became a cabaret singer 🙂

Loved John Miles – Music was my first love.


I thought with you being our top tipster at Ascot, you must have won a fortune ??

big packy

JIM,are you up for a wee musicians story


Garry, I’d never been on that Pick channel before until you mentioned it. Man U versus Sheffield U on tomorrow at 5pm. And on Thursday 5.30pm Burnley (again) V Watford.


Go for it Packy.

Puff puff

Can’t open the link to the song BP , I’m guessing it was a Julie Andrews album ?????

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