Payday Weekend-To Buy Or Not To Buy?


For those of us lucky enough to still be employed-or at the very least furloughed-this will be Payday Weekend. Bringing with it the usual questions,the biggest of which-as always!-is 

How to make it last till the next payday!

If you are a Celtic Season Ticket holder,there’s a better than evens chance that you also have a big decision to make,involving a serious outlay before the month is even out. Ticket deadline day is June 30 or Tuesday as all bar around 55,000 lucky people call it. Normally there wouldn’t be a decision to make. Deadline Day instructions drop through-or into-the letterbox,and the lucky fan coughs up in return for his or her seat at Celtic Park. But these are far from normal times,and there are many of those 55,000 who have a decision to make,even at this late stage. 

This pandemic has been a disaster for everyone. It has affected us all,and there can be no denying that. Even by official figures,at least 60,000 people have lost their lives from it. The figure is probably higher,simply through statistical analysis of death rates compared to the relevant periods in previous years. A lot more than that have already lost their jobs,and the unemployment figures in,say,a year from now,will be horrific. Most furloughed workers will have lost around 7% of their annual income already,with no guarantees of a bright future for the vast majority of us. 

That 7% on an average wage of c£28k is around £2,000. Or three times the cost of the standard ticket. 

As I said,decisions will have to be made. And that’s without throwing into the mix a few other problems,mainly to do with a swelling discontent with our board and their dealings with,and attitude towards,the fans. 

MAHE mentioned some on Thursday. Let’s start with the refund policy from last season. The terms and conditions of sale left Celtic with no option but to offer a refund for the unused portion of the book. I would suggest that they seriously broke the spirit of that in the manner in which it was offered. A statement on a website. An instruction to print out a form-at a time when few people have access to the office printer! Fill it in and put it in an envelope,attach a stamp. Another few things that the advance of technology has removed from most people’s kitchen drawers. 

And wait for a cheque. A what? I honestly can’t remember the last time I received a cheque. That was ripping the piss. On its own,that would be enough for me to question whether I really wanted to continue to buy that ticket-a purchase which for many will be the biggest “single ticket” item they buy all year!

Oh,and don’t forget this wee cracker. The terms and conditions have changed. If you think it was difficult to get a refund this season,let’s hope you never try to get one in the future!

But there are deeper issues that have been causing significant unrest amongst sections of the support,and for some while. There’s the willingness of the club to divulge supporter personal data to the police. The contrasting unwillingness to defend the spurious charges over the years from UEFA,the preference being to blame sections of the fanbase on a divide and conquer strategy,though certain elements like The Green Brigade should also shoulder their share of the blame for some of the above. There’s the profit-over-football mentality,which has seen too many seasons of backsliding on the pitch and in our European coefficient. 

There’s a £3m bonus-and that’s on top of a £1m salary package practically every year for over a decade. Good timing,Peter. How about undermining our most successful manager since Jock Stein? I wasn’t happy at BR leaving,none of us were. I reckon having a de facto Director of Football,one who sits on his hands all summer,might be a reason for it though. 

The worst of course was the entire Resolution 12 soap opera. Celtic led these guys a merry dance for six years,promising that they would act on all their hard work and evidence. Time after time they were asked for just that little bit more,another i dotted,another t crossed. Or expensive legal justification of the information provided. Celtic cost these guys a FIVE FIGURE SUM,and that doesn’t include the amount of time and effort they put in. And Celtic…


Because they knew about their own part in facilitating all of the events and they didn’t want it to come out. But it did,with the publication of a mail on these very pages which proved it. And all of a sudden,the perceived focus of the resolution has somehow changed as a result to holding the Celtic board to account when all along it has been about holding the SFA to account,even via the offered route of taking it to UEFA. Bloody hell…

Aye,there’s a few reasons to say sod it. I know a good few people who have chucked it over the years. I’ve always tried to talk them out of it,and many times I’ve succeeded. Any time a fan gives up his ticket,the club couldn’t give a damn. There’s always someone else who will take it up. It’s like a peashooter against a battleship. But not now. 

If you want to make the club realise how important you,as a Season Ticket holder,is to the club,you have the ideal time to do it. Even with cost-cutting and furlough,etc,the club is looking at around £4m losses every month since the start of March. NOW your continued contribution matters! Now is the time to hit them where it hurts,to show your anger at their clear contempt for us over the years. And their full-price season ticket with no refund available despite not being able to attend. Surely a breach of Sale of Goods Act,by the way. 
You’ll never have a better chance. 

And yet,your timing couldn’t be worse. Because your position of comparative strength comes at a time of potential serious weakness for the club. And although it is because of the pandemic,it isn’t for the reasons that you think. My opinion of Peter Lawwell is well known,it hasn’t altered since I made my first appearance on CQN in 2008-and that only gave me a chance to put into print what I said in public with family and friends. But I’ve always tried to be fair,and I’ve congratulated him when he does something that pleases me. In fact,I’m on record that if he’d stick to what he knows,I wouldn’t have a problem. And one thing I can be sure of is that he renewed the Business Interruption Insurance policy,same as he always has. 

It pays to be insured when you are a club like Celtic,one which is loathed and despised by a certain section of society,and for non-footballing reasons. And it certainly pays to have Business Interruption Insurance at the moment! 

So why are the club fretting,why not just claim?

Because virtually all such claims have been denied! The problem is so bad,in fact,that the Financial Conduct Authority is taking the situation to court,and there are a number of “Class Action” cases on the matter scheduled too. As soon as a decision is reached,Celtic can put their claim in. If the courts find against the insurance companies,of course. 

Yet this is where it gets complicated,and for Celtic,very dangerous. You see,if the insurance companies have to pay out to all their claimants-they can’t! They don’t have the money,and may well be forced into bankruptcy. And that brings a particular danger to Celtic. If their insurer goes bust,they will no longer be able to act on behalf of the club in relation to claims that have already been made or are about to go to court,ones which the insurance company has already agreed falls within the cover. Any such claims are robustly defended by the insurance company-with Celtic not even allowed to comment on them without prior approval as to do so would risk a breach of the insurance cover. 

Defending cases in court can easilycost around £300,000 but the insurance companies can usually claim costs against the losing plaintiff. That would leave Celtic having to do the same thing,every time,and hope that each judge is so understanding on the issue of costs. Because it isn’t a given that costs are awarded,it is at the discretion of the presiding judge. 

Even worse than the possibility of no costs being awarded is the fly in the ointment. What if there is NEVER any possibility of costs being awarded? Celtic could face a series of unsuccessful claims which have no legal grounds for success where the pursuing legal teams give up only their time to pursue that claim on a no-win,no fee basis. Cost to lawyers and claimant virtually zero. Cost to Celtic,£300k PLUS-EVERY TIME!

And that is a likely result of changes to the law on litigation currently being scheduled in the Scottish Parliament,on course for approval later this year. 

The successful defence of any such claims could easily cost the club an eight figure sum in legal fees alone,and with cash resources and income being severely depleted as a result  of the coronavirus crisis issues,it is easy to see why some commentators have suggested that it may be necessary for the club to go into the red to meet the financial challenges of the next few years-something which will be completely new territory for us in our recent history. 
And something that would be increasingly likely if there is any mass boycott of season tickets at this time. 

Now is not the time to show the board who holds the purse strings,it isn’t the time for a show of strength. It’s the time for a show of unity-despite many of us having reservations about other issues,and wanting to bring about changes in the way that things are done,and from the way that they have been done in the past. 

“Now is the time to come to the aid of the party!” 

Don’t buy your ticket based on what I’ve said. Check everythingout-I wouldn’t be crying wolf here-and make your mind up after that. But get your skates on!
Above article is by BMCUWP,with a lot of professional input from others who have my grateful thanks. 

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June 27, 2020 6:02 am

NAPSTERS,follow the link,please.

Last round of this season’s competition,so ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BEFORE NOON,the time of the first race. Prizes for the top three overall,remember.

June 27, 2020 6:03 am

New Naps Competition

Starts on July 4,with a slightly different format and some VERY GENEROUS PRIZE MONEY,courtesy of…a generous benefactor!!!

Selections from UK and Ireland meetings ONLY on the applicable Saturday. A non-runner can be replaced with a selection on the Sunday.

ALL selections must be entered before the first race of the day.

Points will be decided as before. An imaginary £1 stake,and winnings credited to your running total.

Competition will run for forty weeks-which means,I think that it ends on April 10-Grand National Day.

After 20 weeks,the entrants will split into two groups,Premier League and Championship,based on standings at that stage.

Prizes are as follows.

Premier League Winner-£100
Runner up-£50

Championship Winner-£30
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Additionally,there will be separate competitions for The Cheltenham Festival and for The Grand National Meeting,each with a first prize of £30.

And the Brucie Bonus of an extra £50 will be available for the spawny git who manages the treble!

So that’s £300 to play for next season,which is more than the SFA have managed to get in sponsorship for the Scottish Cup. Might be worth investing in Timeform,I reckon…

PS-there will also be a Royal Ascot competition. Prizes as follows…

1st…..£30free bet
2nd…£15 free bet
3rd……£5 free bet

June 27, 2020 6:33 am

Good morning Mick. I am now one of they unlucky bassas that is now unemployed due to Covid19. This Universal credit system is a feckin nightmare. Would go to a foodbank but they don’t supply beers. There should be an alky bank for folk like me who like a few beers. Thankfully I am into horticulture and grow my own weed. Got your dig yesterday about Ajax v Celtic game. All I will say for now is, it was one of the best nights of my life in Amsterdam. Charlie Nicholas scored one of the best goals of his life, and sub George McCluskey sent me higher than the Amsterdam marijuana I was smoking in the Olympic stadium that wonderful night. My man of the match was Graeme Sinclair. Graeme who, some may ask. He seriously marked the great Johan Cruyff out the game. Biggest surprise was when Cruyff got subbed and Sinky never followed him into the Ajax dugout. First time he was more than an inch away from him all night. The Dumbarton lad had the game of his life. I had the night of my life and I was only 17. Will not talk about the lovely African lady I visited in the windie that night ?

June 27, 2020 7:02 am

Morning Garry.
Sorry to hear about your job, pal.
Yes, Universal Credit is difficult.
I hope you find another job, soon.
Have you been to sleep, yet?
Or just up, early.

June 27, 2020 7:03 am

Morning all

Bloody hell Mick, that article has came from left field!

To the point up until the sentence “ you’ll never have a better chance” you had me running to the shed for my pitchfork. I had flashbacks to me parading through Glasgow in the 80’s screaming “Maggie Maggie Maggie -OUT OUT OUT”.

Then I read on and at the end I’d loosened my grip on the pitchfork.

I’m very much like you. Not in respect of intelligence or literary ability I hasten to add, but in respect of my lack of respect for this board. I’d like to see them removed. In respect of Celtic, and my love for the club, I’d also think we are very much brothers. Brothers in a family of millions. The family is very much divided at present. Mahe presented a very powerful piece earlier in the week with which it was impossible to argue. You
now present a very similar view of the custodians but a different opinion on renewal.

I’ve long wanted to administer a kick in the proverbial’s to this Celtic board, figuratively speaking. I’ve never however wanted to see the club suffer, and wouldn’t want to be party to anything that impacts on the chance of success, and therein lies a real dilemma for many as the last few days of renewal loom.

Your information on legal costs is something I didn’t know, and adds another level of importance. I won’t be checking it out to determine its accuracy. Knowing you, if you’ve written it, you’ve researched it.

You’ll have made some think with this article Mick. I get the feeling you might need a flak jacket and a hard hat for a day or two, but again, you’d have known that when you put pen to paper on this.

What do I personally think? I think you’ve proven what you’ve always said. Despite the many misgivings you harbour on the custodians of Celtic, you want nothing to interfere with the continuity and success for the club. That is another thing we definitely have in common.

I congratulate you on a great, if controversial, article.

June 27, 2020 7:06 am

Yes, remiss of me.
A fabulous read.
We have renewed our one ticket.

June 27, 2020 7:09 am

Ffs . That’s awful.

Listen bud , you’ll not starve or go short of a beer . I can guarantee it. I’ll be keeping in touch with you ( I’ll try to get an addy for you with your permission) and together, in the words of the song, “ we can work it out”

The Celtic family won’t let one of their own down. Trust me, I’m good to my word. Don’t be worrying. ?

June 27, 2020 7:19 am






June 27, 2020 7:21 am

Naps Table
Twists + £21.75
Bada £9.00
JNP +£6.85
BP +£1.95
Mahe -£5.00
ATOB -£6.50
Gordon -£8.34
Jim The Tim -£11.12
Chalmersbhoy -£12.00
Bobby -£14.28
1 Tim Malloy- £17.67
TET -£17.75
CCE -£18.27
TGM -£23.52
CCB. -£27.50
RayMac -£27.63

June 27, 2020 8:07 am

A reminder of the Naps prize money today:

1st – £75
2nd – £50
3rd – £25

A further reminder that I’m not in the running for a prize so plenty in with a shout of the 3 prizes. ( that sounds fkn arrogant but you know what I mean – just trying to make sure everyone knows you don’t need to topple my score to win the top prize)

Cash or free bets to the winners. Makes no odds to me.

I’ll also add this:

I’ll make a donation to a charity of Bobby’s choosing on behalf of the winners, so, no need for the winners to donate all or part of their winnings. It’s all yours ?

Cosy Corner Bhoy
June 27, 2020 8:36 am

BMCUWP : Well,well, I could’ve written that myself ?. Well no really, just thought it myself!!
As already said, a thought-provoking article on a major topic for all on here.
Even for those financially protected, decisions still have to be made as ‘ The Product’ we’re buying doesn’t state the same thing on the tin as before and is more expensive than previous! ( That’s what they get for charging £666…..Sup wi’ the Devil at your peril! ).
I’ve already renewed as I like my wee visits to the Creighton but if I thought for one minute the Board alone would bear the consequences I’d do the opposite. I don’t so I didn’t.
Again well written article but ‘ Stand by to repel ‘Boarders’ in more ways than one’!

June 27, 2020 8:54 am


Can’t believe you needed help with that fine article :0)

Garry sorry to hear of your woes with UC , I’ve been off since mid March relying on Gov Grant
and slightly embarrassed to say my first thoughts were my season book …fekn eejit .

All the best to everyone in these strange times.hh

June 27, 2020 8:57 am

JNP &Twisty
I am a man of limited means and I have a strong family around me. My 4 weans look after their da. If you hear of any jobs going in the Glasgow area that would be great thanks. Got sorted with UC payment thanks. Been tough couple of months but I am a survivor. Thanks for concern and support lads. Appreciate it.
God bless.

June 27, 2020 8:59 am

Bloody hell.
Another suffering from this situation. You self employed bud?

June 27, 2020 9:03 am

Great to hear the bhoys are looking after their oul da. ?
Unfortunately I’ve no contacts in the Glasgow area that can help you. Under different circumstances my son might’ve been able to help ( airport) but as you’ll know they’re struggling big time and have had major redundancies on their hands.

Hopefully someone can step up for you.

June 27, 2020 9:05 am

Just been on the phone to your bhoy for last 90 minutes. Was saying to him to pass on my love to you. Was in my Ryan’s company on Thursday. His first question was how is Pat and Mick fae Kilwinning? He thinks the world of you both. Still tells his pals about his first time at an Ireland match in Dublin was with Pat and Mick fae Kilwinning. His pals think he is havering ?

June 27, 2020 9:05 am

Thinking of you pal. Good luck on the job front.

June 27, 2020 9:09 am

Thanks pal. Very thoughtful. Much appreciated. Many in my situation. Will try employment agencies when we get back to near normality. You are a good man. God bless you.

June 27, 2020 9:12 am

Things will pick up. Thanks pal. Appreciate your support. Things could be worse. I could be an unemployed hun. ?

June 27, 2020 9:13 am

Now there is a good deal of food for thought. Very worrying on legal costs front. Would there not be a cost also to the plaintiff regardless of whether it is no win no fee, e.g. time and resource? And, would it be permitted to bring a case forward where there are no legal grounds for success? No knowledge or expertise either way on my part, only postulating scenarios. Very worrying all the same.

June 27, 2020 9:25 am

Hope things pick up for you B.
My bro in law drives a private hire taxi. He cannot see a future in it for him. Almost desolate just now. Very tough times for thousands of us. Pray things pick up.

June 27, 2020 9:33 am


Yes self employed mate, I’m fine the missus has one those magic purses..’where the fek did you get fae’? ( fae is not her name)

Birthday money sorted out season book and a bevvy when the pubs open ,hopefully won’t be too
long before we see the Celts and friends again. hh Thanks.

June 27, 2020 9:49 am

Your wee family are a Godsend to you.
I will listen out for any jobs going.

June 27, 2020 9:51 am

Good on yer missus! I’ll give ye £100 for that magic purse?

Some folks are better with money than others that’s for sure!

A year or so ago I was sitting with my mum in law. All her life she worked in a hospital. Not a well paid job by any means. She was a humble domestic.

Her late husband was initially in the army, then he worked in the BMC ( British Leyland) . Again, not a very well paid position , but steady.

Anyway, as we were chatting a year ago, she knew she was very ill, and was talking over her will with me. She’d everything in order ( or so she thought, but that’s another story – fkn lawyers?) but I was astonished at her relative wealth v her income over the years.

I said to her I’d no idea how she’d manage to accumulate so much. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t one for spending elaborate amounts, but she did live a fairly active life and went on holidays, they’d had a nice car, had a caravan etc, so not a miser by any means.

She said to me “ I’ll tell you why I’ve got money”

She explained that when my father in law left the army, he had no job, and she wasn’t working.

She said they had practically fekk all. She had to beg and borrow to make ends meet. She said they had sleepless nights, then they both found a job, and she decided at that point “ I’m never going to be skint again.”

She said they both worked every hour they could and she saved whatever she could every month. 40 years they did that for. Putting a bit away every month, however small.

I understand the reasoning. I do however still contemplate, did they need to save just as much? Should they have seen and gone more in the time they had here?

I guess we are all different.

June 27, 2020 9:54 am


Your brother in law is correct ,the games a bogey taxiing . I fear for the private hire boys there’s no
protection in car.

I’m taking no chances working,don’t want to risk the wifes health .

Hope we are fit for next Hoot and you are in work .

Take care.hh

June 27, 2020 10:23 am

Aye, John was struggling before Covid19 outbreak. Getting too old to work 100 hours a week to make ends meet. He is 59. Says it is a young man’s game. Now with social distancing and no barrier in his car for protection, he feels goosed. Sad.

June 27, 2020 10:28 am

Excellent Articles This Week On SC – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter…

Mahe, 1Member1Vote and now this BMCUWP’s -Awesome stuff!!

It is undoubtedly a tough decision for many faced with backing this Board.

Why would you?

Yet you make a very eloquent argument for doing just that. Dissuading good fholk from renewing must be tantamount to treason such is the peril our Club find itself in, the worst case scenario unthinkable.

Yet there is a counter argument as you’ve stated yourself, one aspect of such was never truly discussed.

…”How about undermining our most successful manager since Jock Stein? I wasn’t happy at BR leaving,none of us were. I reckon having a de facto Director of Football, one who sits on his hands all summer,might be a reason for it though.”

Emotions ran very high when the shock of Brendan’s midday flit hit… rat and snake were the nicest things some could say of the man who brought a level of success and professionalism last seen in Jocks era.


Did big Pedro manage to undermine an obvious world class manager to the level his hero status and achievements were all but forgotten and he went straight through zero status to the bowels of hades. That’d be some doing wouldn’t it!?

Well the plan went into full action exactly two years ago…

There was something that alerted me on etim’s diary. It was a curious piece they were mocking a “Rangers blogger”, a blogger in the style of Johnjames or Philmac who seemed to have his angles, seemed to have his sources but was controversial.

“Something else we need to worry about…how about this for nonsense ?
From Davies Left Peg, perhaps one of the more , er, imaginative of the Ibrox bloggers..

On a pleasant June Summer’s evening recently, a meeting took place between a few individuals in Max’s Italian Restaurant, Oxford Street, Southampton. Directly next door to the Grapes Bar. At this rendezvous were two representatives from the 2nd most successful club in Scotland. Alongside were people from Southampton Football Club and a few others. I am in possession of the names of all involved but due to a promise, I will not reveal them.

Despite claims of how wealthy Glasgow’s Irish/Catalonian/Palestinian football club is, it would appear beneath the surface all is not well. This meeting was arranged with one sole purpose and that was to help Celtic raise money. Seems strange a cash rich business would be desperate to bolster their coffers? Many Celtic players were discussed and offered up for sale. It would appear the constant made up stories such as “Craig Gordon to Chelsea” or “Dembele for £35 Million” or “Manchester United Inquire About Tierney” have come back to bite them on the arse. There are no offers and as valued players approach the final year in their contract, there’s desperation in the air.

The money men at the Republican sympathisers seem to be getting very twitchy indeed. Could it be that an entire rebuild of the stadium is required? Or perhaps a large cash settlement for the club’s involvement in the abuse of children for knowingly allowing a peadophile ring to exist at the club? What we can say with certainty is that whilst their fans have been concentrating on the World’s Most Successful Club, things are clearly going unnoticed within the Leaning Tower of Porkheid.

The result of this meeting was essentially an agreement to become Southampton’s feeder club. As of now, the Saints get first pick of any Celtic player. Celtic offered numerous first team players, only one met the standard required by Southampton. Another player was discussed as a possibility in the January transfer window. Despite the hard sell of Moussa Dembele at a knock down rate, the deal was a non starter. Amusingly, it is 100% certain that Southampton stated their interest in Alfredo Morelos. Unfortunately, according to the Southampton representatives,

“Dave King stated that he would never do business with them”.

The reasoning behind that statement is unknown as the details were not revealed. What we know to be factually correct is that the Celtic representatives left the meeting disappointed at the outcome; only one player sold at a fire sale price when the target was to extract many millions from the only club to have shown any interest.

A Celtic squad player, Stuart Armstrong, is the only one who came up to scratch, and all they would pay is a maximum £7m with add ons.

This guy knows a crisis when he sees one…

He later asks why “Celtic bloggers ” haven;t picked up on this story, and again, maybe he should take his time, and try to work it out…”

Quote Ends…

Now this thing bugged me in June 2018 and I couldn’t put my finger on it, sure I could accept it as nonsense, it was after all dripping with hunguffery.

Yet it had an air of truth in it didn’t it.!?

Ok, maybe it was just me but eight months later on we had Brendan doung his flit. The bile that was to come his way was totally unprecedented. Although Celtic themselves offered official statements, professional and full of gratitude.

Many of the Celtic commentators were being briefed by “Celtic Insiders”.

We had many such revelations, Alison McConnell of the SMSM was first to confirm BR’s departure, first to confirm Lenny’s return and then ramped up the Brendan Fraudgers campaign.

It was everywhere, from the China~crisis internet rumour to Celtic Underground’s podcast.

Now something always bugged me about the BR and his coaching team going to China and taking Dembele fable.

Was it the tapping up? No, it must have been a weekly event..

Was it the Dembele angle, well kinda, but then again not really, he was very sought after…

Was it the fact that someone was doing a deal behind the PLC’s back that would have netted them over forty million quid, and these hard boiled businessmen were, shocked, outraged and hurt over such goings on they lost the plot in a manner that would make your average snowflake blush.. mmmmm…. yes it could have been that one.

So, back to Davie’s Left Peg.

Now at that time remember, Celtic “invincibles” had just won a double treble, there was a world cup in the offing and Brendan Rodgers et al seemed to have a clear plan of what was needed to revamp the squad for the UCL qualifications.

They had been working on it before the season finished… offering new contracts… the likes of Rogic
agreed, the likes of Boyata declined.

But things were moving, we were extremely optimistic. We had made a record signing in Odsomme.

Yet the thing is, the Davie’s left peg nonsense…

He predicted that Celtic would be trying to sell players to raise cash, despite the fact BR wanted to keep them

He predicted that Celtic would sell Moussa Dembele at a knock down rate

And by inference, that Celtic wouldn’t be paying for anymore big ticket players

The transfer window that followed was a disaster for Celtic, the McGinn saga, the Boyata saga and the Dembele saga was just the tip of the iceberg as “Rodgers lost the dressing room”.

So, unknown to Brendan Rodgers and his Coaching team, was there a plan all along for Celtic executives to sell all assets. Get money in undermine the manager?

Well, these predictions certainly looked like a joke to us in June 2018, not so much in Sept 2018. Mulumba instead of McGinn… some of these Celtic Execs had a sense of humour to their et tu Brutish behaviour…

Now how could DLP have known of this? How did he get such detail of this meeting?

Well the Director of Football at Southampton FC at that time was a Rangers fan called Ross Wilson. He is now Ibrox sporting Director. Did he talk “in confidence” to the wrong person?

Brendan Rodgers would of course leave Celtic after eight months and two transfer windows where he was undermined. In February 2019 Celtic PLC and Leicester City had negotiated an eye wateringly high record deal, giving Celtic nine million pounds compensation for the bulk of their top coaching staff.

To ensure they weren’t ridiculed for their lack of ambition, they made it look like BR had just up and left after trying to poach all the Celtic coaching staff. They would wait until the die was cast and Brendan Rodger’s credibility had been lowered to that of a rat snake before announcing the real deal to the stock exchange some two weeks later.

Why would the Board work in this manner? Should people of this ilk be representing us, should they have the backing of supporters at this difficult time?

Hail Hail

June 27, 2020 10:54 am

Fascinating post. Absolutely fascinating. As you see it laid out in front of you like that, the dots certainly seem to be connected.

There’s something though that I’ve referred to before in respect of the managerial comings and going’s at CP. Now I’m no board lover, I’ve made that crystal clear on numerous occasions, and the Res 12 stuff that Auldheid has, from a position of expertise and experience, presented in absolutely fine detail is testimony to the types of characters they are, but I still wonder why someone like BR wouldn’t speak out if his name was being dragged through the dirt? The “ fraudgers” label and subsequent attacks on his integrity would surely have seen him speak out? Yet, like others before him, nada. Always the same narrative. “ The board were supportive”

An argument levelled against me has been that he needs to think of his future employment. I don’t buy it. I think defending his “ walking away” would do more good than harm.

Money? Compromise agreements? Again I’d find it difficult to buy that argument. Ronnie? Neil? WGS? All driven my money to such an extent they’d cover up for an interfering board of directors ? All seem to have nothing but good to say.

Yet, your post, as I say, seems to connect a lot of dots.

I just find it difficult to fathom out the logic.

June 27, 2020 11:12 am

Jimmy / Bobby
I was lucky to win the CQN naps competition 3 times. However, but for a fine spirited poster, there would e been no treble.

I was about £3 or something behind on the last day, and the leader , who I genuinely cannot remember who it was, could’ve stymied me by choosing the same as me.

I would’ve been a bit disappointed but accepted it. The chap however, told me he wouldn’t have dreamed of it and chose a short price fav. His lost and mine won at good odds.

I can’t imagine a single SC poster would do any differently. All good eggs.

Bada Bing
June 27, 2020 11:19 am

Twists- I have posted free bet selections on last article mate,thanks

June 27, 2020 11:35 am

I live in Clydebank, my niece and nephew went to school with John McGinn in Clydebank. Every man and his dog in the town knew that John was signing for the team he supported as a bhoy. John was delighted. Brendan Rodgers had visited the McGinn family at their home near me. J McG was about to sign for the only team he ever wanted to play for, similar to my nephew and all their peers at Saint Peter the Apostle Clydebank. Big Celtic man. His dad told everyone that he was about to fulfil his dream. Then when we expected Celtic to announce the signing of John, he was down the M6 to Villa Park. Why? What happened?
The guarantee of first team football at Villa?
I do not believe that. I know that is a bullshit story. We know why John is at Villa. We are being treated for mugs.
Mark Guidi is John’s uncle. He knows the truth of why John never signed for Celtic. Maybe we should ask him? I hoped he might reveal the truth, but has remained quiet. Wonder why???

June 27, 2020 11:54 am

Mailed you screenshot bud. The very best of Irish mate. I’ll be rooting for ya!!

Bada Bing
June 27, 2020 12:01 pm

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A thing of beauty
June 27, 2020 12:09 pm

Excellent article bmcuwp giving the other side of the coin as regards renewing our season books. Times are tough for a lot of families right now and a season book is no longer affordable. That’s the reality for some and for that I am sad. Others choosing not to renew at this time are making a choice and that is entirely up to them. In my opinion the only reason why any of us are renewing just now is because of emotion. Nothing else, purely a connection with our club that means we cannot stand by and see it suffer – no matter who is on the board.
Which brings me round to what I’ve always said about people who can no longer for geographical reasons attend games. Or even when they are able to, choose not to. They have lost their emotional connection to the club. Memories are wonderful thing but can only sustain you so long. When you know you’ll make new memories every week, that’s hard to give up. Connections with family and friends, people who’ve become friends because you’ve sat next to them for so long. That’s Celtic.
Now these are unprecedented times and I have been doing my dinger about us not having business interruption insurance. I said I felt Peter Lawwell was derelict in his duty. If bmcuwp is correct, I was wrong and I apologise for that. If there are reasons we won’t get paid out then that is not the fault of the board and certainly is not the fault of the club so we have to get behind them and ensure we are best placed to make it to ten in a row. Make no mistake, we are hated in this country and no one except us wants it to be ten in a row. We are going to need every penny we can get to build a squad that can bring this home in the face of a fully ramped up Anyone But Celtic media campaign.
I was listening to John Collins on the bbc podcast. He was so interesting and spoke about what he expects from modern players. It was fascinating but that’s not my point. My point is that arch hun kenny McIntyre asked him who was the best he played alongside for Scotland. He named the imperious Paul mcstay and also waxed lyrical about current ibrox coach Gary McAllister and ex ibrox manager Stuart McCall, neither of whom btw, could lace Paul’s boots. But that wasn’t enough for McIntyre. What about Barry Ferguson. I was on my static bike at the time and can honestly say I nearly fell off. He’s already named two players with ibrox connections but it still wasn’t enough. John, being a gentleman gave Ferguson some praise when he should’ve told the hun twat to STFU and remember he is supposed to be impartial. That’s what we’re up against.
I can see how the dots are getting joined but I think Davie’s left peg is not so much a nod to davie copper, more a homage to pish stained david leggatt. I think the board did undermine BR and if the reason for that is to hoard money to compensate the victims of Torbett et al then no Celtic fan I know would have a problem with that. What we also have to bear in mind though is that the football running costs jumped massively when BR was here. Was that sustainable for a club playing in the SPL. Probably not. If we had kept a lid on things till the end of the season and BR moved on everyone would have accepted it. The manner in which he left, the timing of it meant rat and snake was inevitable. Listening to him even now saying how much he loves Celtic is sickening to me.

June 27, 2020 12:43 pm

Get aff the fence ?

Excellent and passionate post.

I read CCB earlier.

Shoot from the hip you winklepickers eh!! Widnae want yez ganging up oan me ?

Bada Bing
June 27, 2020 12:43 pm
June 27, 2020 12:44 pm

I think your nap is a non runner.

June 27, 2020 12:47 pm

You don’t get to be racist and Irish

June 27, 2020 12:52 pm

I got an email from HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE’S daughter, below.

Thank you so so much for your message. It really touched all of us!

We’re loving hearing about all the love the Celtic family have for our dad.

Thank you to everyone for keeping us in your prayers it really means a lot.

Sionainn x

Our posts to a stricken friend means so much.

Thank you!

June 27, 2020 12:55 pm

Thanks for sharing that.

June 27, 2020 12:56 pm


Criminal. Absolutely disgusting.

June 27, 2020 12:56 pm

As Twists, says thanks for sharing.
Very humbling.

The Gombeen Man
June 27, 2020 1:39 pm

Hozier sings from Croke Park to remember the Irish victims of Covid-19.

June 27, 2020 1:41 pm

Twisty @ 10:54 am,

Garry @ 11:35 am,

Yes, it was a very strange few months. My feelings were that Brendan Rodgers had become far too influential for some at Celtic.

That window he wanted four quality signings… A left back .to improve on Lustig, a central defender to replace Boyata and McGinn in midfield and EO whom the deal was done the season before – and no sales of quality first team regulars. That was it, the rest was moving squad players on. And we had a recipe for real success. Although the financial results hadn’t been announced at that time, the Board must have realised we were on the road to record revenue and record profits.

So why was the reality a total mess of a window?

The fact is a lot of what happened was predicted by many. I myself did on CQN. When I suggested in January 2019 that BR would move on and if he wasn’t backed, if he got a decent offer before the end of the season he’d be off… the same fholk that predicted I was totally wrong were the same fholk that told me I couldn’t have possibly known.

As stated… the dots were all there and going in a clear direction.

Now you can argue the Board were doing the best for the Club long term, you could argue that it needs this level of ruthlessness and determination to survive in a cut throat business. I wouldn’t agree but there is that argument there.

What is totally unacceptable is the duplicitious way they operate.

Telling the supporters every penny made goes back into the Club

Putting the kibosh on the McGinn deal then blaming Rod Petrie

Screwing up the transfer window and blaming Brendan Rodgers

Projecting themselves as philanthropists while exacting huge bonuses from the Club

Serveral years ago I jumped to big Pedro’s defence after reading an article on CQN, he was “attacked” by the Sunday Mail…

…The ‘paper suggested Peter Lawwell is “Driven, obsessively controlling, politically statute, manipulative.  A master of the dark arts.  There’s nothing he won’t do to get Celtic [PLC] what they want.  No-one he won’t attempt to control to get it”.

Seemed harsh…

Well, at the time…

Sorry to hear your news Garry, it’s been a tough few years for you but you are made of strong stuff. I remember your insights on the McGinn transfer on CQN… I remember some mocking rather than ask themselves the hard questions… the same poeple who laugh at the gullibillies ironically enough.

Sure things will improve…

A thing of beauty @ 12:09 pm,

Great comment…

The thing for me is I’ve worked with poeple like Brendan Rodgers in a totally unrelated industry. The lingustics and attitude that has been imported from the states is often a total contrast to the gritty, no-nonsense west of Scotland approach – a unique, refreshing and direct approach to the spoken truth:)))

I took his words with a pinch of salt but was still glad he came. Others seemed to take in every word spoken.

Of course I can hardly have a go at the Board speaking with forked tongue, then giving BR a bye, but I always thought I understood him and his motivations. It’s took me ten years to work out the Board.

The fact is you simply can’t work with people in the Celtic Boardroom if; call it trust, or honour amongst theives but once that’s gone these guys will bury you without a thought. Getting out of dodge as quickly and amicably as possible is then the name of the game.

He gave them nine million reasons to smooth it over… not one penny of compensation went back into improving our managerial or coaching set up.

As far as Brendan Rodgers sending the footballing costs soaring this is another Board myth.

If you calculate the players salaries and multiply them together you will find that it doesn’t come anywhere near our circa 85 million in costs, a fraction in fact. Yet the costs for our light show was significant.

Also some additional costs for the players were due to UCL bonus payments, more than covered by UCL participation.

Now why after BR left and there were no UCL bonuses to be paid was the costs just as high?

As BMCUWP stated t’uther day, big Perdo’s cost controlling is a myth.

Did he manage to bring costs down when he first arrived? Yes… but he also brought revenue down.

Celtic were a 75(?) Million turnover company when he arrived. He soon got us down to a 50(?) Million turnover. Wiping a third off our revenue.

Surly the genius is to reduce costs and increase revenue. It’s a bit trickier though.

DLP is of course, like so many other bloggers a blowhard, it doesn’t change the fact that he predicted events that Celtic bloggers didn’t see coming.

You may believe that the Board is working on the best of motives but when I see a “Celtic Supporter” take tens of millions out of the Club while doing what he did to the res12 ghuys.!?

As Bob Marley once said… if you want to know who benefits follow the money…

Hail Hail

June 27, 2020 1:46 pm

Some excellent posts already today in a week of truly exceptional leaders, including Mahe’s masterpiece. Take a bow all concerned.?HH ?????

June 27, 2020 2:00 pm

BMCUWP Chairbhoy
Both of you gentlemen are on fire this morning.

June 27, 2020 2:35 pm


I wrote this article when BR left. Fair to say you and I are on the same page.

As we are on a number of things. MAHE posted a link overnight to an article in The Sun,which said that Celtic’s accounts showed that player wages had exploded to £59m under BR.

Celtic’s accounts show no such thing. They lack the transparency to do that. Another example of briefing against BR. Yet it seems to be accepted wisdom. There’s truth in this propaganda game,right enough. But only if the truth is in getting people to believe it.

Bada Bing
June 27, 2020 2:45 pm

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Michael Thomas
June 27, 2020 2:55 pm

Another amazing article, Thank’s !!!

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