What Kettling?

They may as well have said that for the crap that they have tried to force upon the public almost defies belief in the modern age. When everyone and their dog has a phone with camera, the audacity to just brush off and lie about events that are recorded for eternity is an all too uncommon new low for Scottish society.


Fans Against Criminalisation were not slow in pointing out the differing statements that have emerged regarding the incidents, another sadly all too common event.
One said “We identified a group as football risk supporters, who we believed posed a threat to public safety. We spoke with this group and, at their request, escorted them to the Gallowgate are of the city where they dispersed”
Yet another states “The risk, as we saw on June 20th, was that a small number would try to exploit legitimate protest – and thats what we saw.
A group of football risk supporters, in that case the Green Brigade, wouldn’t engage with the liaison officers on site.”



Two cops two different tales surprise surprise,
The terms used do throw up some questions such as why are the GB considered a threat to public safety. Please forgive me but should that type of term might have some avoiding the area altogether fearing trouble and should be reserved for those with a proven track record of violence upon the public when together.
Its seems very excessive to me, and could well be slander in a neutral courthouse.


Football risk supporters although vague at least I can see some sort of justification for considering there have been flares in their area for instance and we also know lateral movement was called unsafe, they are two examples where that phrase could be justified.
But those examples are in a football setting, in a stadium with rules and regulations that every visitor accepts upon entry. To be labelled a risk for gathering outside a stadium, again seems very excessive and should be backed up with evidence as its not a charge to be joked at.


Those in the area that day write publicly that the Police clearly expected trouble that day but did not get it and upon having gathered in numbers and having a clear target decided to act regardless of violence, and this despite the fact that amongst those kettled where many a lay person and some whom it was simply unsuitable for such as priests and the sick and young, which has been recorded.
This pish poor cover-up only serves to enhance the feeling that the moves that day were political in nature, and very much unjustified, especially in terms of Covid-19.


“Terms such as kettling are deeply unhelpful as that is not a tactic we use” said one of the liars above, despite offering any alternative to what their tactics should are referred to by the training manuals.
Its a technique that seems to be on the rise across the globe unfortunately.
It was met with outrage in the United States when used against those protesting the death of George Floyd at kettlers hands, and there are incredible reports of some being kettled in London for up to eight hours which almost beggars belief. That’s a breach of basic human rights, and I defy anyone to tell me that would not get seriously uncomfortable, or embarrassing.
It could cause trauma as the report below shows.




Its disgusting.
This tactic needs to be dragged through the courts and challenged time and time again until history, just like the OBaF act.
If others nations ban it, the better the case.
Anyone wants your vote in the next election, there’s the start of their mandate to gaining it.


The above is by Mahe. Pensmiths apply within sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Another excellent post.

Sharing it far and wide.

I’m rarely in disagreement with you to be fair. In fact, maybe I never have been ?

It’s that BMCUW one we need to watch ???

The kettling approach to peaceful human rights demonstrators needs explained in front of an objective jury. So that won’t be happening any time soon.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns
Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Do not forget Steven Craven.



Mario B
So sorry to read back and view your post regarding your poor health condition. I really hope your treatment helps you and doesn’t detract from your quality of life. Please come on here for the craic and distraction from your troubles. If you are in the Glasgow area and need any help or support, please let me know and I would be happy to assist you. Even to have a chat about things. Stay as strong and healthy as possible Mario and hopefully your spirits up. God bless you and watch over you. Take care.


Good read this morning as usual from you. Police Scotland tactics a fortnight ago were disgraceful and very dangerous. All of us in George Square were observing safe social distancing rules. This was disrupted by the actions of the cops. Absolutely madness their behaviour, putting peaceful law abiding citizens in danger by the kettling practice. Insane and very dangerous in the current climate of this virus. I have no doubt the order for the dispersal of the peaceful crowd came from a senior source. Until that point the duty cops were very friendly and sympathetic towards all assembled in the square. A sad and dangerous end to a very peaceful protest. Crazy.


Great to see you back posting sir. Your contributions here have been missed. Hope you stick around and share in the craic and discussions. Thanks for sharing those videos. They really highlight what we have always been up against, and still are, in this strange wee country.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Howdy Garry, many, many thanks. I’m trying to restrict myself as I tend to rabbit on a lot of pish when allowed to. And most here are too kind to say, shut the f up for a minute!….. that’s a fact.

Hope Mario is okay, I haven’t read back ?

Hate hearing about our good crowd suffering.

Whatever it is Mario, I’m genuinely thinking of you now, and worrying.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Ffs, just read back.

Mario, fella. Don’t give up. Fight it with all your life. In the meantime, don’t forget the love here for ye ffs. ❤

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

I’ll keep posting these videos, in hope that something can be changed in the future, but also for ole Mario to be entertained by….. one of my favourite fellow moonhowlers (a serious compliment btw!!!)


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Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

The Maestro and Danny created these players…..discuss….1000 words.

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I wouldn’t write off Forster not coming back just yet,it’s possibly an opening gambit on negotiations. Southampton, who by all accounts have money troubles and are up for sale, are obliged to pay FF £7 million for next 2 seasons, without getting anything out of him.From what ican see both clubs and the player want the same outcome, Southampton will need to pay him off,or pay a big chunk of his wages for 2 years,hopefully a deal can be done.

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Apols, heres the final link ##www.youtube.com/watch?v=44TaBekk9kB##



Must admit,I’ve had better shifts in my time than last night. Heyho…

Delighted to see the welcome return of Uber. Sometimes when someone doesn’t post for a while,I’ll contact them to see if they’re ok. Other times,I reckon might be best not to,people I’ve known for long enough like Uber.

I was right too-as usual(!) He took three months off to painstakingly compile some cracking videos that prove one thing more than anything.

That we can never be paranoid enough!

Welcome back,big fella. Don’t forget the Naps competition. A generous benefactor is weighing in for some serious sponsorship!

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Cheers BMCUW.
I learned last time to avoid horse racing, as Twists heavies are out looking for me for that 1 quid.
I’ve just spent the last 6 months trying to legitimise hand trains for you btw….while also campaigning for free WD40 and hand sanitizer for every cart !! I’m a union man at heart ?


It’s definitely a problem as we grow older that the ceremonies we attend change. The type of card we send changes from congratulations to commiserations.

When I was in my teens and twenties,I absolutely hated getting dragged out to weddings. Continued into my thirties too,with christenings etc now thrown into the mix.

Ach,I think most of you know what I mean. I miss those days now. They were a damn sight more pleasurable than dealing with the news yesterday of losing another friend,hootenannier,Celt and above all husband and father.

Stevie,ye were a belter. A pleasure to know,and God you made me laugh a few times.

Actually,that last bit should get you a free pass at The Pearly Gates. Hope they’ve got wifi in the queue…

R I P Stevie.



Kidding and joking aside,I hardly ever spend any of my five weeks in Swindon. All spent in Scotland,admittedly with the occasional overseas trip for my Dad and me,or a terrific visit to Belfast with my sisters-where I found my inner scone lover.

Avoca,highly recommended.

If I can’t get decently priced transport to Scotland,I’ll pull the remaining four weeks into the following two years. Surely my holiday time is to get away from Swindon,innit? You’ve been there-what did I suggest we do for the day? Imagine four weeks of it. And without the excuse of having to go home because I’m working later?

I wouldn’t last a long weekend,mate. Lovely place to live,aye. And I’ll leave it at that!

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

I thought Swindon was great. Don’t be ungrateful…..loads of places to escape to….?

Mick et al,re the Naps Competition, is there an easier way to collate the tips for Twists? It’s probably a pain in the arse,going through pages of posts to gather info,just a thought….



I think this is an outstanding post. And an outstanding point. GARRY makes another one,which is that it was a peaceful demonstration which was targeted,and not the bullyboy thugs who opposed it. That the police enforced upon those demonstrators conditions that if they had chosen to do so themselves-like a couple of them celebrating a birthday with a party amongst friends-would have seen them issued with fines.

Police Scotland has been out of control for over a decade now,if you include the predecessors. Of course,there have long been examples of that,from long ago. And since,and not just Police Scotland.

But here’s a thought. Few of you have met my Mum,but I think most of you can guess exactly what she is like from our descriptions of her. Very much a product of her times when it comes to authority. Which she did her best to pass on to-or impress on-us. And that would have worked if the police had held up their side of the bargain.

None of our family have a police record,so this isn’t a personal crusade. We’ve all seen them behaving in ways which has undermined our trust-and their authority.

And when even my 78yo Mum has long lost faith in them,I’d say that Police Scotland and Scottish Government have a huge problem.

That they may no longer be “Policing by Consent”

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Just stumbled onto footage of Huge Gallas being assaulted by a coin, which was his excuse to award a hun penalty.

I’ll never tire of firing burning coins at that wanker’s napper when I view him from a tier above in Hell.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM and UBER, great to have you back uber, you have been badly missed, not by me, by jim ? only joking pal ?



We traditionally put the Naps on the tail end of the previous day article. But you’re right.

Every Friday morning-starting tomorrow if I remember!-we will put up a dedicated Naps article. It means running two at the same time,so what?

Hopefully it should be possible to just refresh each Naps article each week so that there is a forty week chart of me making an arse of it,like The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire.

Only shorter,I hope.

We will try that,and thanks for the suggestion!




Hell,he will be hollering for mercy!

So just shit on him if he’s in the tier below you…

Give me some warning of your intended departure,I know of a few pubs where the Guinness has a brown head like gravy. That should get you started.


Thanks bud, though it’s not too bad to be honest. ( If you mean on a Saturday)

If it’s the entrants for this year, yes I might’ve missed a few .

Was hoping to attract a few more to the site, new faces.

Can I just add, if anyone joins just for the naps and contributes fekk all to the general debate, that’s what they’ll be getting paid if they win.

Feck all.

It’ll all go to a charity of Bobby/ Mahe’s choosing.

Jist sayin’ like. ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Mahe should have been a life long Tim.
Driven out by a hun media.
Discuss. 1000 words


Morning all and Packy.
Packy you and I must have a mental connection, I was just typing when your post came up!

So good to have you back buddy. Packy and I have mourned your ‘passing’ many times 🙂
As usual you have expressed the feelings of the site bang on. Same as Mahe’s article.

All I need to make my day is for Weefra to come on and say hello.

MarioB prayers said for you pal.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Aye. Am already queuing for those gravy headed guiness and lagers ffs ?

I hear BP is serving them ?

Ffs, imagine trying to take you two into the poshest seats at Lawell Park – I do hope you’ll behave yersells ?

big packy

well well thats a turn up for the books, the glesca polis telling fibs, nah dont believe it for a minute??

big packy

JIM, yes ill echo that regards mario ?



Aye,you have to abide by the spirit of the rules. Good point.

I’ll mail Raymac while I remember. He’s not been keeping too well lately,so it might cheer him up if he knows he’s not gonna see me for a while yet.

I reckon he likes them scones at Avoca too,sees me as competition…

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JimtheTim, you big gigantasauris whitburnis rex, I’m a subtle guy. I’ll pass, go, pass, go, then put 2 hunner in the parking zone, then pass, go, and pass and go. Kind of guy I am. Especially with your giant noggin staring down on me ??

Between you and me, I know you didn’t take that train because it wasnt long enough for you to stretch yer giant jambees. ?

big packy

UBER discount for you, dont know about that bobby fella though ???

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

BP, cheers, kind sir.
Token banked , and waiting to spring on you when you least expect it….like a Dallas red card…..?‍♂️



A 250ml glass of wine is a third of a bottle. And about 50% more alcohol than a pint of Guinness.

I think the main reason I prefer pints is because my bladder lets me know when I’ve had enough. It was a slow learner,mind…


Uber, remember that day in January when we visited the Counting House in Glasgow, along with Bobby and young Senga?
i didn’t realise Bobby was on a reconnaissance mission to George Square for the Green Brigade!

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Off to my scratcher, good Fholks.

It just got dark here in north Lanarkshire…rumour has it that wee JimtheTim just stood up .
Last time that happened, wee Senga had to drag me out of the way of the Tsunamis, and the BBC issued a weather warning, while BMCUW just grimaced as he knew it was another push train home…..

6 foot 16 ffs ? I literally had to FOLD you into the taxi Jim……???

Ya big beautiful giant.


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


I drink my posh wine by the pint ?‍♂️

Means i only drink 20 pints a week…

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Chat soon Fholks. ❤



That was a fantastic day-and naw,I’m not gonna do a link to a song.

Just one of those days,who will I see if I can drag along that haven’t met each other? That I think will click? It’s a weekday,that counts a lot of people out. It counted a lot of people in too,but a lot of people?

Couldn’t see that working for any of us.

So JIMTHETIM53 SENGA UBER and me. Worse than the Lavender Hill Mob. Probably still barred.


Bobby, I promise I’m staying off the wine at the next hoot. Pints of Heavy for me!



I was bequeathed some posh wine by an old friend about eight years ago. His family don’t drink-but he did! I’d nip round to see him on occasion with a bottle of plonk,he would pour it out for us and I’d be congratulating myself on getting some really nice stuff for a fiver!

Then I found out he was pouring his own collection-from his days at The Defence Academy,just outside Swindon-and I was a tad miffed.

Haw,Don. Bang out of order,son.

Mick,I’m on my way out. I don’t want to just drink that on my own. I love it when you come round,I know you enjoy it.

Aye,Don. Because I’d brought a bloody £5 bottle of plonk round for you and when I tasted it,I was delighted-for you! I thought,if I’m enjoying this,so too,I hope,will Don. And aye,of course I’m enjoying it.

All that time drinking great wines,I’m congratulating myself on buying a rather presentable plonk for a fiver…

Bloody hell.

So I ended up with a smaller collection than I should have-Don and I had drunk most of it,he lasted longer than he thought he would. I gave most of the good stuff away to people who mattered-1982 Chateauneufdepape or 1988 Margaux or 1975 Port,etc. People who would appreciate it more than I would. My parents’ pals exclaimed that they’d never had wine as old as the one they were presented with-without a hint about it. And they know a bit.

And I also got all of my £5 bottles of plonk back! I enjoyed the plonk,and I think Don would have done too. I know others enjoyed the good stuff-as had I!-and that would have made him happy too.

It’s people like that who make life worthwhile,UBER. We all know what we are up against in life. But we don’t need to play to their standards. Play to our own-while holding the aces of playing well beyond theirs. And with standards like theirs,I think we are on an easy wicket.

big packy

JIM, didnt know you were nearly 7 foot tall, dont stand next to me at the bar, ill be up to your knees ffs?? aff oot dugwalking catch u later


Good morning all from Govanhill. I reckon Ashley is personally trying to sink HMS sevco. Never cross a vindictive billionaire. ?


I think Uber is slightly exaggerating the height of JTT53, who is similar height to me of around a foot short of 7 foot. However, he reminds me of a famous drummer. Slim Jim Phantom, tall slim and handsome. Don’t think oor Jim has ever been married to Britt Ekland though. He definitely has good rhythm though as he proved at the last Hootenanny, up dancing with myself and a couple of the ladies present.


Here is JTT53 drumming on bin lids ??



Good to see the Sane FFM Bach.

Music Maestro please.

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