Bitter Hearts Bleed

I must admit I really feel for Dundee United, Cove Rangers, and Raith Rovers.
The statement yesterday from the Tangerines was a real eye opener into just what that trio are facing right now, all at the behest of one bitter woman.
It also pointed out that the matter could blow up and affect all clubs under the umbrella such are the possible’s, which therefore drags me and you into this.


We recently read how Scotland has the most fans through the turnstile in Europe, and although in Covid times, the financial support shown to clubs by their faithful has been exceptional, which we will touch on closer to season beginning when numbers are a little clearer.
But now we are reading of a crowdfunding campaign aimed at paying a clubs specific legal bill, which is the first I’ve heard of such in the domestic setup I must admit.


Firstly, I’m stunned, staggered, and embarrassed that these clubs are incurring serious legal costs merely for the ‘crime’ of getting a decision in a majority vote.
Would anyone reading throw a hissyfit if they lost a vote on the blog? Of course not but make no mistake we are seeing the equivalent in football.
I’m not a legal mind by any means but a few questions spring to mind such as why is the loser not saddled with the legal bill, and or why aren’t the SFA providing legal counsel on behalf of their member clubs?
In terms of having an external appeals body, it also forces me to ask is this avenue completely necessary when some will take any serious enough offence to every and any avenue possible simply to draw out time, use opponents legal funds, maybe get an alternative narrative out there to fans with typewriters? Why possibly is a simple members majority vote insufficient?
I understand an appeals process for a disciplinary body for example, but when members hold a vote that should be the end of the line for due process.


Second, the idea of fans crowdfunding legal avenues. On this occasion the direction and specifics have been decided by the club, but that’s this time. This allows for a reciprocal relationship where perhaps the directors go after the fans biggest issue next time, or perhaps even some percentage of shareholding is handed over in exchange for settling the bill, say by a fans group. This was refused at United, which may be understandable considering the not huge amount, but that doesn’t mean another club may be amenable to it especially some smaller ones. I like the idea of crowdfunding as the more weapons fans have in their arsenal the better when it comes to trying to sway their club. And governing bodies.


Finally the amount itself, circa 150k.
I’m not judging anyone here but it does seem a bit small for an SOS and now that it’s out in the open that amount of shortfall can be seriously damaging I dont think it will help the image of Scottish football one bit.
Reaching out for such a figure also makes me ask why not a director loan, and if they aren’t capable of coming up with such an amount is there no league emergency fund or a finance company willing to offer reasonable terms?
Of course the owner could raise this money, he hardly seems short of a few bob, so this is essentially passing the bowl around the rest of the league and dragging fans into it is pretty cheap. The other top flight clubs may not appreciate the public pressure but then perhaps they didn’t respond so well behind the scenes and need this public plea and fan awareness to push the issue as all are possibly involved. Who knows but its done and out there now.


So should our club or fans get involved?
I expect the clubs shall come up with some sort of helping hand, but one wonders how much is in the tank as far as fans go. They shouldn’t ever be maxed out, and at this stage should be thanked for their phenomenal help, so the clubs stepping up would be the proper thing to do in my eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised at some fan contribution though as the social fabric of the nation elicits strong feelings, meaning there will always be some who insist on getting involved in their life’s pastime if there’s an opportunity for involvement.


The Terror’s made the smart decision ignoring others in favour of Mickey Mellon, the Paisley man is at a good age and shows promise. They may have stolen a march on others in taking a chance on him, and he deserves the best possible start he can get as it would be nice to see the team cement itself in the division, hopefully at the expense of a plastic pitch club, so I really hope these legal issues don’t affect morale or squad budget.


As for Budge, can she do anymore to make her club hated?
Knowing a rich mate with money to throw around, a photo op with Sturgeon, and a decent size stadium are all well and good but yet she must go down as one of the worst owner operators in the sport ever at this stage. I used to really look forward to the visits there but now I’m really hoping karma bites them on the ass and they fluff up the attempt to shoot straight back up, hopefully eat a bit of humble pie.
Slaughtering them in one or two cups would feel very nice at this stage considering their hamfisted attempts to push through their own agenda under the guise of reform for the benefit of all.
There’s only one benefit for all top flight clubs and fans here, and that’s being spared the face that would sour milk, something I would gladly crowdfund to continue indefinitely.


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The olde Book of Isaiah is incredible.




Excellent stuff,mate. I’m at a loss too as to why the promoted teams have to be represented. Surely the case is by the relegated teams against the decision of the SPFL. So it’s the SPFL who should be represented as they defend their decision.

One thing about Scottish fitba,it sure works in mysterious ways!

Re Mellon,while I wish him and his new club well,I don’t think he has a very good record at all. Take Fleetwood out of his CV and there is very little there to brag about. And that includes another relegation in the season just “finished”


Speaking of Fleetwood and the season just “finished”…

Congratulations to Wycombe Wanderers-and to their most famous fan,CHAIRBHOY!!!-on making it through to Wembley for the Thames Valley Play-Off against Oxford.

Won’t be anyone in Swindon cheering on Oxford for that one,that’s for sure…


I much prefer his brother Jack’s stuff,but R I P Charlie Daniels.


Morning Mick / Mahe
Mahe I agree with Mick. Excellent article.
There should be another vote, to expel them from the leagues. Wishful thinking I know.

Talking about leagues. I really need to keep up with current events. Pre season I stuck on 3 x doubles and a treble on WBA , Portsmouth and Plymouth to win their respective leagues.

WBA still with a vg shout, the other 2 whilst a lesser obvious chance, certainly not out of it.

I noticed the bet has disappeared from my “ open bets”

Confused? Yes I was. A quick scan of the tables and I’m thinking I’ve still got a definite chance of a double.

Bit of research reveals what I’m missing! Didn’t realise they’d decided to have play offs and close the lower 2 leagues. As I say, must keep up!

Ho hum.


And here’s a much better take on a similar legend. By Scott Walker,written by Scott Engel and heavily referencing the classic Max Von Sydow film. It is also highly reminiscent of a rattling Spaghetti Western score,of the type which made Morricone a legend.

How strange that all four have died within the last year.



This raises a very good point again. The walk a mile in my shoes question. Even the best of intentions can often be misdirected by well-meaning people sympathetic to the aims of oppressed minorities. I’ve been caught out myself in similar ways,and my objections of “That’s not what I meant!” were easily countered by “Yes,but that’s what you said!”

THEBARCAMOLE would frequently caution against what he called casual racism. And he was right. But…

Is it wise to continually pick up on semantics and pedantry regarding comments made by people who are actually on your side? I suspect this may end up as an own goal from BLM in the long run.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM great article mahe, but that point about scotland having the most fans through the turnstiles in europe astounds me, apart from a few clubs who get a few thousand through the gates, excluding us and them, look at stenhousemuir against stirling albion, 200 people including the cleaners.H,H.


Whilst it wasn’t the crime of the century, I felt that Crag Levein’s pathetic decision to grow the grass long at Tynecastle, to thwart Celtic’s style of play, showed him to be small minded and desperate. He made a fool of himself and Hearts. A proper CEO would have reigned him in and told him to behave himself. But CL could do no wrong in Ms. Budge’s eyes it would seem. Boy did she learn her lesson! Reminds me of Walter Smith’s? decision to re-draw the lines at ibrox to minimise the playing area of the pitch for Celtic visits. Pathetic.
There is only one motive from Ms. Budge. Ego. She fecked up at her club and this is a distraction to point the blame elsewhere.

And I couldn’t agree more about the plastic pitches, I hope the 3 of them get relegated. Although my first choice would be to outlaw them for all 42 clubs in the SPFL. When you see the decent grass pitches around the country from clubs with a fraction of the budget of Livi., Hamilton and Kilmarnock it makes you wonder why. Lazy and incompetent Boards I would suggest.


Morning Packy. I agree with you about the very poor attendances at some clubs. Most people seem to agree that 42 ‘professional’ clubs in Scotland is far too much for a country of it’s size. Some of these clubs should really be in the juniors!

big packy

morning jim, got a funny feeling you dont like mrs budge and the famous hertz? did you know the famous hertz was my second team growing up in lanarkshire, straight up the A8 and i was in tynecastle, ach memories,BTW that was not a true story??

big packy

what are you doing today jim ??


Packy, I always laugh at Ann Budge’s blunder when they built the new main stand at Tynecastle. She forgot to order the seats! Although from memory I think it was a family member who was in charge of the project, jobs for the boys and all that!

I got loads done yesterday Packy, so a quiet day today I think.

big packy

yes poor mrs budge ?ive got a drum lesson later this bloke garry spends half the lesson asking me to do a drum roll then he stands over me with his I PHONE OR S PHONE ?videoing me, look he keeps saying your arms are hardly moving ,no garry i say its my wrists that are moving?when will i be able to do that he keeps saying, ive nearly said to him, in about 40 years if you practice 24/7 ?



One of the troops mentioned that Ardeer Rec in Stevenston had the largest pitch in Scotland. I was gonna mention that Rugby Park was long renowned for having the best!

It’s a travesty to watch teams trying to play on that stuff that covers their pitch now. Carpets are for houses.


Jtt 53
I think it was Scott Gardiner of ICT who was the individual responsible for the “Standing Area” ( aka known as the nae seats ordered area) when at Hearts.
Karma is a bitch, eh….??

Another excellent, thought-provoking article Mahe ?.



That’s my recollection of it too.

You had one job,etc. Seems he can’t walk OR chew gum at the same time!


I was listening to Sounds of the Seventies overnight. The mellifluous tones of Johnny Walker and some great music. Plus a very good interview with His Rodness. The show is on a Sunday at 3pm,but it is repeated at 3am on a Tuesday.

Reading back,I noticed some comments about having set interests musically,but an open mind. And of course,mentions of a real hero of mine in Gil Scott Heron. I’m pretty much the same,bit I f….g canny stand disco.

Apart from maybe one track. Which I bought straight after I first heard it.

And a couple of years later,I bought the stretch limousine version of it,and I’m just about to fire it up on my hi-fi.

9am is the starting point for music,don’t want to be antisocial.


There’s a poster on SFM (Paddy, believe it or not) I used to speak to, he is a Killie fan. He explained to me that Kilmarnock’s pitch is in use 7 days a week, morning noon and night. Senior team, reserves, the youngsters. On top of that they hire it out for local teams etc. and charge plenty for it. It’s a source of income. They boast about it being a community facility.

Where I live, they built a new high school. And it now has two? full size plastic pitches for the school’s use obviously but also for all local teams use if they want to, and they make a charge. So the local council provides the community facility here.
I think Kilmarnock F.C. called it wrong. Rugby park is a disgrace, as you said Bobby, a carpet.

big packy

hey stop giving killie stick, i remember going to rugby park in the late sixties early seventies, and the killie polis always gave us a warm welcome.,aye that wull be right, and BTW the pies were crap as well,.another true story?


Packy LOL 🙂 That’s the first time I have heard somebody saying that about their pies! I bet you wish you could buy them down in your neck of the woods!

big packy

JIM ,yes id probably kill for a killie pie down here? aff oot dugwalking, catch u later ?


I’m amazed that Hearts are getting away with this. Playing to the gallery whilst causing havoc for many of their fellow member clubs. Most associations would expel such disruptive members.
In the article about financial flimflammery and corruption, BMCUW said these things happen because there are people involved. And people are weak, esp in a competitive situation. True, but I believe we allow the wrong people to get into these positions of influence and power in our, so called, people’s game. Jim Farry ffs. Really?? Twats like that running Scottish football? The clubs allow this to happen.
In any organisation, abuse of many kinds will flourish when there is a lack of vigilance. To ensure a clean game, there must be full transparency re finances, including agents’ fees and full accountability of the clubs on matters like sex abuse, racism, gambling etc.
Do the clubs want a clean game? If not its a bogey.



ATHINGOFBEAUTY will correct me on this if I’m wrong. Killie Pies were like everybody else’s pies. Cheap and nasty. Then Brownings,a bakery from Kilwinning,got involved and behold the Killie Pie!

I think there might have been a court case over ownership a couple of years later,btw.

Brownings shares a location with The Kandy Bar as they are about 50 yards or so from each other on Main Street,Kilwinning.

The Kandy Bar has won numerous industry awards-so has Brownings,btw-so a roll and skwerr or a pie is a particular delight in Kilwinning.

There’s also a greengrocer for anyone who has recently moved into the area and hasn’t quite adjusted to our ways yet.



Correct. And I’ve noticed a bit of an upsurge in comments about those Juventus/FFP deals. I think UEFA will do them for it.


Good well researched article Mahe. Considering your location, you understand the crazy politics of Scottish fitba. See the Chairman of Stenhousemuir, Grandmaster of the Orange Order and general gobshite is at it again this morning, in the platform he has been given in The Scotsman and Radio Scotland. Dog whistle stuff.


Different Class
Myself and BIGRAILROADBLUES of this parish, have been known to partake of a Guinness or several in the wee fenian oasis in Kinning Park, The Stanley Bar. Crackin wee pub, decorated in Celtic memorabilia and an excellent pint of the black stuff. Basic facilities, but a good rebs jukebox. ????


Happy Birthday to wee Jamesey.

How did he manage to become 29 already?

ST renewals close at 5pm today.


Do you reckon we will sell out?
I think we will. Wonder if any on the waiting list will get lucky?


There’s more action off the field than on it in the farcial Scottish football arena.
Good to see old Scottish traditions continuing.


Afternoon all! I hope this finds you all well and staying safe! Big Jim Packy and JtT…how are you guys today?
Revelation of the Day – James Forrest is 29?! Wtf – is it just me that feels like an auld uncle today?!!! ???


Good day all

My neighbour had a bad start to the day. He hung out his new rangers top and someone stole his legs



How is it a revelation?
The bhoy was born in ’91. ??


Have you claimed your neebors shoes?
He won’t need them now. ?


Garry, I wasn’t looking at it from a logical point of view, I just still see him as a wee boy, and to be fair he still looks like a wee boy!!! ??


Fan a Tic
An early memory for me was my mammy walking me along Dumbarton Road, from our house in Partick to the steamie in Whiteinch. She used my old pram as the clothes carrier.


Talking of The Rangers tops an article on VideoCelts is saying that Castore and HofF have removed their new top from sale! It’s not available on SD either! That doesn’t seem like a good start to the new deal!!


The biggest revelation today, is someone stole AS67’s hun neebor’s legs. ??


Garry, that story’s straight out of the Book Of Revelations!!! ???


Aye, that Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty used to skin up their doobies ??


jeezo, just seen the new background and thought Neil was in the winners enclosure at the racing at first!


Garry…or Cheech and Chong….


I’ve always had a soft spot for Dun Utd (was in their end for 87 cup final on my 18th birthday). liked them even more when they noised up the huns during liquidation. On the lawyer’s bills, they didn’t have to go to court and their motion failed. If they wanted cash help, they should have sought it beforehand. Other clubs will stay out of funding them in order to be impartial. I’m afraid they are on their own there. Need to work a deal with the lawyers to pay back in instalments.

I like Raith Rovers too. Amazing what they did over the years in the SPL and winning the LC vs us as well.

A bit annoyed at Thistle getting into this, they are set up to survive relegation. A few pals are uptight about this and saying the games could have been played but they and I have not seen the business cases.

i expect the SPFL decisions to hold and the league to start on Aug 2. unless Lord Nimmo Smith gets the arbitration gig?

Garry- I think we will be close to selling out STs today, uncertain times ahead financially for many,but I think the 10 will help folk go the extra mile. I really hope the Club sort out the Virtual ST,for families with more than 1 ST in the same house.


For JTT53. Was hoping to see your photo in this montage Jim.

Noel Skytrot

BMCUWP, Gil Scott Heron is an absolutely outstanding artist, his music is the first thing I listen to every morning on Spotify. The track ‘Alien” about Mexican refugees is dynamite along with many other superb pieces of commentary on social justice.

Mick….the revolution will be live. Lol


For Noel Skytrot


Fan a Tic
An early memory for me was my mammy walking me along Dumbarton Road, from our house in Partick to the steamie in Whiteinch. She used my old pram as the clothes carrier.
Garry no steamie for we Ruglonians…..My Ma used to drag me to launderette up Stonelaw rd.
Tv shop next door ,my wee urchin face looking in windae, ended up Lady in shop inviting me in
every Thurs evening to watch George of the Jungle with juice and biscuits served . Magic!

Noel Skytrot

Cheers, Garry. Rap music had its genesis in this track.

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