2020 Vision-Part One


I think it’s fair to say that we will remember 2020-and not for being the year when we completed our second-and both legitimate!-Nine In A Row,or even Doing The “Unprecedented” Quadtreble. Unprecedented,eh. Remember the fawning of the press at the feet of Sir Walter of Cardigan as he and his team of hired tax-dodging mercenaries went for a unprecedented quadruple?

Aye. Conveniently forgetting that Jock and The Lisbon Lions had already done that over forty years earlier,but with The Big Cup and even threw The Glasgow Cup into the mix. And I’m willing to bet that the reserves did their own clean sweep that year too. You can never trust the media,not in Scotland at least. It’s not that they play to their own rules,with their own agenda. It’s just that they’re a bunch of lying basterts. 

If they told me that the sun was shining,I’d pack an umbrella. And if they printed that news in The Sun,I’d stay in the house-just in case. 

That’s why I wasn’t particularly bothered when I read of the record-busting kit deal that they signed with Castore. Firstly,we all know that Mike Ashley has them tied up in a legal straitjacket. Second,Castore doesn’t have the distribution network required to do that side on their own,and thirdly-they don’t have the kind of money being bandied about. 

Now,I’ll be honest here. I’m none the wiser about this whole affair because we only have rumours and hearsay to rely on. Scuttlebutt,as it’s known. 100% more reliable than anything you will read or hear in the Scottish media though. And the situation comedy that is a Sevco Retail Deal has gone from all the happy announcements of the engagement of the lucky couple to pre-orders and floating casino-style declarations of a £250k refit of the Loudon Tavern,sorry that should be Sevco Superstore. 

Etc,etc,you will have read them too. 

And then Ashley torpedoed them with his own announcement. That the Sevconians can buy their tat EXCLUSIVELY from his stores. Mainly House of Fraser this time,as that chain can command a premium price. Sometimes. 

Oh,hell hath no fury like a hun who’s just seen Mike Ashley piss on his chips!!!

The latest in this stand-off seems to be that Castore have hinted at Ashley involvement. Ashley and Castore have removed Sevco gear from ALL websites and it looks likely that no kit will be available anywhere. I do hope this will not be the case,and that the poor souls can find something to hide their man-boobs during the summer. (Shudders…)

Another example of the perfidious media we have up here is Radio Clyde. I really don’t know where to start with that mob. Admittedly they employed Jim Delahunt and Gerry McCullough,so they aren’t as bad as some in their employment practices-both of them went to the same school as me and my sisters-but their football coverage generally over the years has shown the usual “selective” agenda. Their phone-ins are even worse,so bad in fact that they cannot be parodied. But they surpassed themselves when they announced yesterday that season ticket holders at Celtic Park would NOT be allowed to watch our opening game nor the hun game on the virtual ST as these games were being exclusively picked up by Sky. 

Funny,that. Celtic specifically told us that the virtual ST would cover ALL matches normally available on the ST. Now people who know my opinion of those who run our club might expect me to go on a rant about them being a bunch of lying cheating chancers. But since its Radio Clyde who are pretty much calling them a bunch of lying cheating chancers,I’m gonna take a flier here on just who the lying cheating chancers are. 

For once,I’m confident that they are not at Celtic Park. 

Now,I’m the first to admit that this whole Covid-crisis has been a bliddy disaster for anyone who wants to write or comment about Scottish football. It can’t be easy to fill a two-hour show every night with the square root of sod all. Especially when your only talent is the “withering” put-down to someone as you cut him off and deny him the right of reply. Blinkin’ flip,it’s not easy finding a thousand or so words every few days,so I DO sympathise. But you know,MAHE and I-and virtually EVERY blogger-does a bit of work to fill the gaps. Some research. Some brainstorming. Some panicky phone calls to check on a few facts-or otherwise! 

We certainly don’t just come out with a pile of shite just to play to a demographic,and to piss off “the enemy”. They should be ashamed,but they will be proud. The smirk is the giveaway. 

Aye,2020 vision. If someone had told me what 2020 was gonna be like,I think I’d just have fast-forwarded it a bit. It’s been a disaster so far,and IMO you ain’t seen nothing yet. We’ve got enough to be pissed off about without being blatantly lied to as well. 


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Apologies for the delayed article. Later finish than usual. Plus there’s not a lot to talk about,so it takes a bit longer to write these at the moment!



12-10pm is the time of the first race on Saturday folks. That’ll be the deadline for entries.

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Celtic moved fairly quickly yesterday evening to dispel the lies being peddled on Clyde. I’m pleased they did. I hope they’ve contacted Clyde for both an explanation and to demand a public apology.

A thing of beauty

Bmcuwp, certainly not easy puttin together an article at the moment, especially as we are in the middle of our close season dithering. There are mitigating circumstances though but to be 3 weeks away from the season starting an only having one keeper is cause for great concern.
From last night. You say you see no problem with referring to a manager of the ibrox mob by his first name. Firstly in that case, his name is Steven, not Stevie and by that same token I assume that you enjoy referring to the cardigan clad bigot as Walter, just as they do. Next thing you’ll be telling me what a player Craig Beattie was ??



The dithering is Part Two!


Hmmm. You got me thinking there? I’ll betcha any time your mum referred to your bro as ‘Michael’ it was only ever when he’d got in her bad books? ?

Telling me off was a rare occurrence for my mum, but as she always referred to me by my Sunday name, I’d know if I was in bother if she used my middle name too! Then added my surname for good measure. “ J*** J***** R**** come here to me”

Yep- three name usage was a sure sign of trouble ?


Ach better go. Got Plains to get to then back again.



My family still call me by my Sunday name-always!

That’s probably because I’ve always given them reason to be in the bad books,right enough.


Considering your location, have you heard any whispers about the Gerrard to Bristol City rumours? Seemingly he met BC chairman Jon Lansdown in Clifton last night for dinner and photographed with the restaurant chef.
I hope the rumours are unfounded and Gerrard remains at Ibrox, as they may replace him with a better manager like Tommy Wright. If I was in Gerrard’s position though, I would move to Bristol. He must realise that his managerial reputation will be in tatters after 3 years of winning no trophies. I reckon that if he stays in Glasgow that he will be sacked by Christmas. Would prefer Slippy Gee to be here for 10 in a row and Celtic’s 5th treble in a row. ???



I’ll have a look at tonight’s Bristol Post when I’m up in Oxford. Our lot print that,and a lot of other stuff too.

To be honest,Bristol City won’t do anything for him-unless he gets them promoted with two years of mid-table security. However,staying with Rangers won’t do him any good either if he gets the sack.

Rock and a hard place.

Noel Skytrot


it’s probably Alex ‘nosferatu’ Rae spreading rumours on Clyde SSB about the streaming and viewing nonsense, he’s got previous.

Most of the papers here run with controversial headlines around us and William as they need to sell papers or gather those clicks.

The huns are Scotland’s establishment club and always will be no matter how successful we are and it kills them all, absolutely kills them. Long may it continue.



Probably correct,but Clyde should sack him in that case for undermining what’s left,of their credibility.

And the station manager should be called in by Bauer and asked to explain why people like him are allowed to blatantly lie over the air,push their own agenda-and get paid for it!

They can use that as a warm up for Talksport and Fat Sally. Disgraceful stuff from far too many outlets for it to be a coincidence.


Good man M.
I personally wouldn’t fancy being in Gerrard’s position, when the hun hordes realise that 10 in a row is a shoe in before the clocks go back in Autumn, which I predict will be the case, as long as we sign a quality goalie and left sided centre half. Be a safer option in the relative tranquillity of the South West of England.


Bobby I read yesterday that the Mirror group is shedding 500 jobs. I wonder if it will affect the top rated sports journalists in Glasgow!


Packy, Wakey wakey! The day shift has begun.



Newspaper industry has suffered badly from this crisis,same as it did in 2008. A newspaper is a discretionary spend,and while it used to be a couple of bob,it now adds up to the thick end of a tenner to buy one Tuesday to Friday,and two over the weekend.

Choices have to be made. Easy cuts are obvious ones. And especially when the entire industry put their product online for free. I couldn’t believe it when I found that out.

Some companies operate a paywall now. NONE has ever done so successfully. So,to your question. You will see a large increase in articles in the Record,Mirror,Express,Star which have a PA byline.


My son’s mate is a football journalist with the Scottish Sun. He is worried about his position, although most of his work is not with print media, but online journalism. He get’s no sympathy from my son and the rest of his mates, who slag him for being a Celtic season ticket holder working for the Sun. ?


Slippy’s gonnae get the sack.
We’ll have won the league before the clocks go back. ???


I have to admit that It’s BBC Scotland’s football coverage that annoys me most. As a broadcaster funded by most households of all shades it should not have such bias as might be expected from the print media. Denial of Ranger’s death, full of EBT recipients and the odd Celtic leaning soup taker doesn’t make for a good mix.


Garry I’m getting worried about you! Is Slippy not a term of endearment? A fond nick-name?


Ties in rather nicely with our series about The Lost Ten. So hardly forgotten.

Grab a few tinnies and prepare for a long read.



Hahaha. I do love the tune Born Slippy, so you may have a point.
The two on Radio Scotland I can’t listen to are the two Irishmen, Tom English and Pat Bonner.
My two favourites were the East Coast broadcasters, Jim Spence and Michael Stewart.
Both who have been treated abysmally by BBC Scotland. Wonder why???


Can’t agree with you more about Stewart & Spence terrific guys. Also Willie Miller is very straight down the middle. Knowledgeable and honest.

Love Born Slippy! Thanks 🙂


Aye, Willie Miller is good to listen to.
Although born a Brigton bluenose, he has certainly shed the West Coast baggage. A fine player too in an excellent Aberdeen team.


I love bouncing about my living room of a morning listening to Born Slippy. It motivates me, and helps me face the day ahead. As does this banging tune.


A thing of beauty

Absolutely no way will Gerrard go to Bristol City, his massive ego will not allow that. He will hope we implode and he can lift the title. I agree he’s gambling with his career as he will be deemed a failure if he goes three years without a league title up here. But he’ll not drop down to Bristol City levels. There are better clubs in the championship or lower EPL that he will feel need his services if he jumps ship from the Victorian lavvy. I think his biggest problem in management may be his ego and how he rates himself. Kyle laugh at me was in the papers this week saying he couldn’t perform for Gerrard as he felt too nervous and when he did well there was no praise. He was terrified of letting him down. I think this is where a lot of top players have problems going into management. They cannot accept players can’t do what they did and don’t
Know how to coach them as everything came naturally to them. But such is their ego it cannot be seen to be a reflection on them hence the flinging them
Under the bus.
Bit if a ramble as I should be working but you get the gist I’m sure. Btw less of the slippy, our co host likes him to be called Stevie ?


Born Slippy
Born to be alive
Born this way
Born Free
Born to love you
Born to be wild
Born in the USA


BMCUWP- What we read in newspapers is often hard to swallow.

Sometimes, though, you really wonder if Irony is truly dead, as in :-

The Ayn Rand Institute was among the recipients of funds under the Paycheck Protection Programme in the USA. They applied for and received a government loan, and even gave their spurious reasons for doing so:-

“We view the loan not as a handout but as partial restitution for government injustices………….If as proponents of freedom we refrained from applying and instead watched as the money went only to statists…….”

So much for pulling yourselves up by your own bootstraps- they’ve gone all socialist now and seem to be also in favour of a Reparations standpoint.

Aye right- Atlas Shrugged? In embarrasment


Given the lack of action on the pitch, and the agenda driven newspeak in the media, the idea of reminiscing, just random contributions, or on a particular theme, from a Celtic perspective is surely more appealing. I read BMCUWs memories of the 1980s with agonising agreement.
Maybe some buoys and Ghirls have a story or two from back in the day that remains vivid in their memories.
In the meantime, how’s this for a suggestion? Restore the League Cup sections for all teams with Celtic and Sevco in the same section,two teams to qualify. Two lower league teams could have games v Celtic and Sevco.
Sixteen team top league; 30 game season. Four of the current top league teams would lose a home game v each of the Glasgow sides. Is that such a big loss to them? The TV cash could be distributed more evenly.There would be probably 5 Glasgow derbies for TV, could be 7, including Scottish Cup and latter stages of LC. Both League and LC are run by SPFL, so it could be done.
Would there be a glut of meaningless games towards end of season? Not necessarily. A decent playoff set up could ensure competitive games till season’s end.
Celtic could use the competition to give game time to squad players and youngsters.
Any thoughts?


Garry I hope you are right.

Nothing comes Easy in this Life.

Praise the Almighty we have Lenny in the Hottest seat.


What recent Celtic coaches have you enjoyed our football under?
Lennon 1st time -uninspiring except for the few odd moments like Barca and individual performances from certain players.
Lennon on return-fairly flat to end season and then a good spell at start of season with attacking football but still too reliant on individuals for result.
Rodgers-Season 1 was excellent but pretty boring football thereafter.
Mowbray-couldn’t get my head out from under the covers.
Deila-kept waiting to see style of football promised?
Strachan-hated our style of football.
O’Neil- a motivator who had the characters to produce good football .Most enjoyable.

Yer hard to please fan.:)

That’s coolio.

I think we have played some Cracking fitba since Lenny came Bach.

Here is the mix I’m listening too, the noo….



Have been hearing very positive comments regarding Patryck Klimala. He has returned to Lennoxtown fit and sharp in training. He has gained 3.5kg in muscle and bulked up physically in the lay off. High hopes that he achieves the potential he possesses, this season. He is held in very high regard in Poland.
Polish legend Boniek, the current Polish FA President, reckons that with application, Paddy could reach the ability levels of Robert Lewandowski. ???


You could be correct regarding Slippy Gee.
As the great Robert Nesta Marley said, “Time alone will tell.”

Great news Garry about our Polish striker.????????????


Here’s hoping. Big season ahead for Soro and Paddy Klimala. Think Broony may be used sparingly this season. Expect to see Soro feature against some of our lesser opposition domestically.

I apologise for being doom and Gloomy Garry.

We have such an array of Talent.

Kevin Saundersons mix is Guid. I have stopped it howevaaaaaah.

Celtic – True

Love is the Law.

God Bless the olde dear.

Noone deserves to spend eternity with the bad wan.


Soro is gonnae be Massive.


You are not coming across to me as doom and gloom. In fact the opposite. No Apologies needed. ?✊?


Good morning on this fine Woodens days.

You lot still talking about a piece of leather and 22 legs? Tsk tsk.
Bobby is very correct we won’t forget this year in a hurry.

I see research for articles is mentioned and that’s co incidence as for an upcoming article I was wondering if some posters would let us know what trend was around when you were young and did you get into it?
Thanks in advance anyone.

For the record, breakdancing is my answer.
In a shellsuit of course.

Back after coffee and shower.
Up the rebels

Sevco back in for Kamberi?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, been one horrible day, the wife came down the stairs this morning sobbing her heart out, my first thought was oh no its her mother, she is 90 and on oxygen 24/7, thankfully no, she had just found out on facebook would you believe, her cousin had died in liverpool, nobody in her cousins family had bothered to tell her, her and her cousin were only 2 months apart in age, both 63, as kids they went to wales every year on holiday together, she even moved up here to cheshire to be near one another,,sadly 15 years ago her husband left her for a younger woman that devastated her, then 5 years later her youngest son died,,she had to sell up and move back to liverpool ,she was living in a small bedsit in toxteth in liverpool, she shut herself off from the world, the wife used to send her some money once a month, but we knew where it was going, 60 cigarettes a day and a bottle of vodka, but we have not sent any money since the lockdown as our own finances have been tight, she was found dead early this morning alone in her bedsit, rather sad really, now joan is beside herself with grief, because she did not send any money since march, sorry if ive bored you , rest in peace, janet kelly 1957- 2020


???? The banter years continue.

My friends in Celtic.
Don’t post that often now, however my horse” Out of Breath” runs in the 3.40 at Ripon this afternoon.
He’s fit, well and primed. The trainer is confident and Ben Curtis rides
Our money has been invested…….Doors to automatic!
Hail Hail and Good Luck.


Very sad. Janet is at peace now though.
May she rest in peace.

big packy

GARRY, cheers pal.


Mea C.

Good to see you here.



Janet is home Big Packy.

We are ALL going there soon.

I know Noah lived a longer Life than most but do not be troubled.


Condolences to Joan BP. At least her cousin is at rest now.
Thoughts and prayers with you both.

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