It’s a big, big week in football.
Yesterday’s CAS ruling has set the cat among the pigeons, and signals the start of a fresh power struggle for control of sections of the world’s game.
Those in Nyon were already unliked by essentially their boss FIFA who wanted a global Champions league aka Club World Cup, but Europe just isn’t interested essentially.
Now City have tossed FFP out the window for everyone, and it was already on shaky ground because of Covid-19.
It’s a fustercluck and there will be much public posturing, but ultimately imo this is a fight that needs to happen, at some stage and there’s no time like the present.
Especially after that ruling and with empty stadiums, plus maybe the clubs smell blood with the governing body on one knee.


Football needs a direction and it needs a level of trust in those running the game, There hasn’t been either for a long time and self interest rules the roost. FFP was fundamentally unable to change the games pre existing hierarchy, but it has helped owners stop losing as much money after investment.
There is office after office and suit after suit out there, all making a living from the game, but yet there’s very little that could be considered real progress with regards to ending the .
predictability factor of the “galacticos” hovering up leagues and big cups into eternity.


Of course UEFA won’t go quietly into the night, and will have immediately started finishing the detailed plans for a revamped competition, which will be cosmetic as the real action will be in the fine print, and that’s probably where the next big row will be birthed.
I expect terms such as “Act in good faith” to be axed, much too vague for the modern world of boundary pushers backed up by legal beagles who just love the money and shadiness in football, with new specifics introduced.
If these specifics indicate or appear to be any further stepping on clubs toes, especially the biggest one’s, then no doubt the whisper of Superleague will start doing the rounds again.
This was always going to be a long term battle with the current format and rights having been sold until 2024, but it will affect us and the next generation a lot, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.


Something that’s also usually worth keeping an eye on are FA cup semi finals, now of course in what is one of the worlds iconic stadiums, Wembley arena. The best battle can on occasion be both sets of fans trying to out-sing each other, a lovely innocent fact about the neutral venue for a big game. Our old left back will more than likely be on display against very stiff opposition, but then is this not the sort of occasion and quality of player that sold him the move? Of course it is.
The more ex-Celts shine down there, and a hat tip to Stuart Armstrong for scoring at Old Trafford to continue to show his quality, the stronger the hand we can play in any future negotiations, so let’s hope the bhoy gives a good account of himself.
Good luck Kieran.


But it’s a really, really big week for one obvious reason.
Here we go, Ten in a row !
After what feels like forever this week will finally see the Hoops run out again, and the final leg of the ten begin in earnest.
There’s been much angst, change, and water under the bridge since we last saw our team take the field of play, but at last, at long long last, the campaign of campaigns will begin and with it the lockdown will have become a little bit more tolerable for us all.
The tradition of attending may not be there again, yet, but the simple knowledge and tingle of “were back” will enlighten many a heart and give a feeling of order to frustrated and perplexed Tims everywhere on God’s green and white earth.
Watch the spring return to many a step, the wee bit of extra joy in many a voice, and the mood generally turn to enthusiasm all around.


I’m going to stick my neck out here and say we actually won the off season battle this time instead of the usual trouncing. The new strip and kit are a winner, the training centre is top notch, victorious in the battle of the season books, did not get embroiled in the civil war, manager isn’t under pressure in the press or meeting potential suitors in public in a move designed to flex some muscle and get some breathing space, and all this despite a rocky start with the renewals forms issue, so well done all around.
To make it a win beyond question perhaps some contract renewals for key players just before the season proper begins and a couple of positions strengthened, not least between the sticks.


On the field of play I regard these two run outs as nothing more than building fitness up, maybe trying a formation, but our French lads will not want to be walked over on their home soil no matter what.
As far as Griff goes I’m going to treat it like potential transfers and say when there’s something concrete we will address then for you could spend your life speculating, apologies to speculators but that’s not us.
One must imagine the Klimala Odsonne partnership spearheading the attack for a while now, which is exciting in that no one at all knows what to expect, but it’s also dangerous in that no one at all knows what to expect. This is where the management team could really earn their coin.
He could feel like a new signing if he hits the ground running, and if he wants to be a (cult) hero then that’s exactly what he needs to do. Now that would be exciting.


There’s usually someone who shines in preseason giving the manager pleasant selection headaches, and ideally it would be the player rumoured to be our Captains long term replacement, Soro. We have been linked with another Israeli but this one has been here long enough so now it’s time to start the career in earnest. Kouassi couldn’t cut it, Rogic unfancied, Ncham isn’t long term, Calmac needs an anchor player for freedom, so it stands to logic it’s time to start blooding him with the aim of accessing on the park.
One problem there is our Captain seems the type of player that needs to be always playing to keep the physique ticking over, and sitting out every third game or so may not suit at this time of his career or this campaign.
Decisions like that are why the management team get the big bucks.


A quick check of the betting market at this point shows us at 1 / 2 and our rivals at 7 / 4 which is quite a difference indeed from those who seldom get much wrong. The Celtic facing media personalities are already piling the pressure on those who wish to stop us, and the timing plus appearance of those dinner photos can hardly give inspiration to all involved that no matter what their manager will be here fighting their corner for the entire campaign even if it should end in defeat.


Speaking of betting, if I had to take bets which organisation did not try to cut corners when it came to providing digital content, and which one was less likely to suffer a blackout during times of peak usage, I know which club I would have more faith in. It’s gotta be said that the VST’s have the potential to go very wrong being untested live at scale, but again there are professionals at our club who do tend to get what they want done, so any failure of system should be very temporary. But still, it’s the one campaign that no one will want to miss a minute of, and that we will probably write about ad nauseum no matter what, a flawless match delivery system will take many a mind off the fact they aren’t in the usual seat witnessing history live in the flesh.


This Thursday after what feels an eternity the mighty Glasgow Celtic run out again.
History begins and the march for ten starts.
Bring it on and let’s do this.


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Much to ponder in that leader today. The underlying tone of the message though is one of positivity . Let’s hope we gather some momentum straight from kick off. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach Christmas with some breathing space.

That 1/2 v 7/4 you refer to? I’d like to think by the time Santa descends down my chimney that the odds have changed to 1/5 and 8/1.

I’m currently preparing for the season as well as I can. I’ve increased my blood pressure dosage from 100mg to 150mg.
Generally , approaching Christmas, I tell the family not to purchase me underwear or socks for Christmas presents. I feel though that if the league is nip and tuck in December, a few pairs of boxers might be appropriate. Hopefully pampers will not be added to that list.

The year we stopped the 10, i was on holiday with the wife and another couple. On the day of the St J match, my mate who is a Rangers fan, wanted to go for a drink in the afternoon. I told him I was going to bed at kick off, and did not want bothered until the game was over.

I lay under the covers. Couldn’t sleep of course. I lay there clock watching. Every minute was like an hour.

Not long before time up, my door was getting thumped. Mate outside shouting “ you can come out now ya daft big ****** . Yez have won it”

I opened the door and told him he’d better not be jesting me. He assured me he wasn’t.

The relief that day, and the joy, were indescribable. You’ll all know what I mean.

I wouldn’t want another final day like that one ever again though.

Heard a wee story the Ipox Bar in Benidorm, closed permanently and got a €6k fine, for having a party on the 12th,not complying with Covid 19 guidelines. Shame….


Bada, friends walked past the shitehole on Sunday said they were fighting amongst themselves. What a surprise.

Scottish Transfer Window open from today until 5th August

5th October…



Great stuff,mate. The longest march begins with but a simple step. We can see the finishing line now,we can smell the blood of our enemies-and it smells of our victory and their doom.

Re Klimala,if you look at his videoed,watch where he makes his runs from. He either starts centrally or on the right. A perfect foil for I Wanna,who does the same from the left. And like Eddy,he seems to be very difficult to dispossess,despite lacking the size and presence.

If,as reported,he has bulked up by nearly a stone as well,that pair will absolutely terrify defences. I’m looking forward to it already!!!



Good enough for them. Canny ejikait pork


Was discussing our goalie situation with my son last night. We are an injury to Bain away from a disaster, God forbid. We are just over a fortnight away from competitive fitba resuming. Negligence not to address this goalkeeping situation.


Watched Damien Duff interview with Si Ferry, interested to hear his views on John Kennedy, seems he’s rated very very highly within the game. One for the watching, Nice one.



That is pretty much the basis of the article I have planned for tomorrow. Which suggests that I do forward planning better than some at our club.


Not so much with Celts in Sydney where he was just Peter Lawwell’s spy in the coaching set up , it seems

The I Am brigade, never forget that petec is nothing, the I Am sh!t pisses me off a lot. Especially now.

Brendan ASKED for a Sporting Rivalry. I hope so. If that happens. Amazing.

God Bless Every Celt and others.

fan-a -tic

Very honest and pragmatic interview form Norwich’s Webber.
One part stood out above all his remarks.
(We’ve had 460 odd appearances from Academy players in the last three years. Prior to that, it took 12 years to do that. What a step forward.)
We could learn something from this guy.

fan-a -tic

Bada Bing 1
Window of opportunity?
Or slowly deflating balloon?
Based on history i wonder which one the gambler would bet on?

Celtic is Fundamentally Good.

That is Truth.

These are End Times. Be very aware.

My name is my Name. Dinnae mess with it too much.

Family is under attack.

Bottom line.

big packy

PETEC, ktf buddy?


For Gods sake you guys will give yourselves a heart attack worrying about transfers.
When have we ever been proactive in anything so relax for the next twelve weeks.?

big packy

a wee story as its quiet on here, think ive told it before, i went to all the games at parkhead leading up to the big cup final, now came the day 25th of may 1967, i was feckin biting my nails all day, was i nervous you bet i was nervous, this was the european cup final and my team were in it, I was just so glad i could watch it live on tv, not many live games on tv back then, you know when that nervousness stopped, when they got that penalty against the run of play, I knew then this was our cup, you could see the players were up for it, and the mighty inter milan were not going to stand in their way, when big tam scored, my dad and my uncle packy had me on their shoulders dancing, i wouldnt mind but i was 47 at the time? no i was fourteen, then when stevie hit the winner i swear i went to school the next day with broken ribs, where my dad and uncle packy nearly squeezed me to death, another true story ?


Interesting Article Mahe…

It is a pivotal week for us. In the week the transfer window opens you seem to suggest a striker or replacement for Broony will not be bought in.

Of course it’s got next to impossible to predict Celtic transfer windows and this is the most difficult one yet. It depends on who we sell.

As usual, all high value players will have a price on their head and our activity will centre around that.

Speaking of betting, if I had to take bets which organisation did not try to cut corners when it came to providing digital content, and which one was less likely to suffer a blackout during times of peak usage, I know which club I would have more faith in. It’s gotta be said that the VST’s have the potential to go very wrong being untested live at scale, but again there are professionals at our club who do tend to get what they want done, so any failure of system should be very temporary. But still, it’s the one campaign that no one will want to miss a minute of, and that we will probably write about ad nauseum no matter what, a flawless match delivery system will take many a mind off the fact they aren’t in the usual seat witnessing history live in the flesh.

I’m being a bit thick here but I don’t understand your meaning regarding “cutting corners”.

Celtic teaming up with Sunset+ Vine bodes well but I have no faith in Celtic PLC’s ability to deliver a professional platform. Celtic don’t have a COO and it manifests itself often in defective delivery, most recently in the Adidas launch.

The way the VST is percieved is of course crucial, if it is a success then a future model of football tv delivery can be envisaged. Celtic with 150,000 VSTs would be nice.

It was interesting when the rumour of no old firm games on the VST arose.

I didn’t believe it for a minute, the raison d’etre for our season ticket model is the Rangers games.

But fholk were incensed at the thought of it. Now I would be very surprised if any attendance at Celtic Park was above 10k this year. So who gets the tickets to attend the matches and more important who gets the tickets to attend the Rangers match?

There is a lot of areas where discontent could arise, a shabby virtual match day experience will not be tolerated.

Hail Hail



As mentioned Im going positive for the season. I dont think Im a glass half empty guy but I naturally like to see all bases covered.
I happen to think we will have a keeper and defender in, and although every year we cry for them to be involved with pre season friendlies its clearly not happening.

Regarding the VST, it has the potential to go wrong, it simply must be said.
CTV had numerous issues and the fact that the new service was publicly pointed out to be a step up in quality kinda says it all.
Ctv will do essentially, which is pretty demeaning to its faithful.

The new service has a more polished production team yes, but it hasnt been tested live yet in the expected numbers.
The ideal time to do this,, this Thursday and Saturday.
But money got the nod, and these games wont be shown or the first tests, which is disappointing yes, and also pushes the can a bit down the road regards how is it going to handle the load on the day.

Of course the expected figures are known and factored into to any bandwidth equation, but they would have been on CTV also. We as a club are probably washing our hands of this in so much as we simply hire a reputable company to do it. I agree with this no problem, but its not that company that will take the flack should there be issues, as much as the PLC may want to deflect and point out that they merely outsourced, they are the bottom line.

If fans lose feeds you can expect a tsunami of grief and rage being poured forth, plus demands for refunds being echoed. Everyone involved must know the importance of what is at stake here, the system better be foolproof.
I would have had that thing tested to the moon and back before curtain raiser.
A successful season of VST should also encourage some boardroom chat on opening up that avenue.

I think others will cut corners when it comes to VST but not us, at least I hope not.
Others will go for CTV quality, we went a rung higher. Thats what I was getting at.
I hope it doesnt become a feature of discussion, but it could be.
Thats all I am saying.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

Hearts and Partick hit with an SFA Notice of Complaint for disputing a football matter in Court.

Did the zombies not go to court in 2012 to have their transfer ban overturned? I thought they did, and were successful, which might be the difference.

Although, as I recall, the SFA decided not to appeal that ruling, (which I thought they should have), so I thought it was all part of the stitch up: “we tried to discipline them, but the courts (where we didnt try hard) ruled against us”.*

Could be wrong, but that is my recollection of the top of my head … generally, I assume that anything done in Scottish footballl, including by Celtic, is not done unless it is to benefit Rangers. So, that clearly colours my opinions… but, having said that, I aint been too wrong about that for the last decade.


Couple months after I suggest it the clubs call for a commissioner.

No worries. Mit throw the hat into the ring pls 😉
Now that would be exciting.


The new Celtic State of Mind podcast with David Low is interesting if anyone has a spare hour


You and Donald Findlay on the same wavelength.?
Who would have thought it? The world moves in mysterious ways.?


I think the issue in 2012 was that the punishment imposed was not within the stipulated punishment that could be applied according to Articles of Association.



Everybody knows that FFP was only ever a few limited edition Rolex’s away from being whatever outcome Rolex City were hoping for…


Wigan 7 Hull 0 at Half Time.
No sending offs, no penalties.
Looked a tight game before kick off.
Wigan, were just a shade of odds on.


Evening all, another feel good article Mahe, can’t wait for the football to start and see more of this.


Mahe @ 5:25 pm,

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m not sure what the production company offers in terms of the whole package.

They are the company that does BT and it is them that provide the commentators, pundits etc. I’m not sure they are a media service provider.

So who does the Over-the-top media service?

Of course having just signed a new broadcast deal the VST may have to wait but appetites will be whetted…

I remember suggesting many years ago Scottish Football go down the subscription based media service route.

We could have stolen a march on the “big leagues” who got so much money from the main broadcasters that an internet based service was just not feasible financially for them.

It was my opinion then, the pittance we got from the broadcasters made it very feasible in Scotland. The value adds and direct marketing would have had huge (in Scottish terms) potential.

Missed a trick there. Again.

Do you remember Kojo recommending investing in an unknown company called Netflix – must have been over ten years ago.

Hail Hail


Mike in Toronto @ 5:38 pm,

Now I am doing this from memory so stand to be corrected.

The Rangers situation was somewhat different.

Basically what happened was oldco was found guilty in a SFA JPDT, of breaches “second only to match fixing”.

The punishments in statue were so severe that it would have led to either Rangers expulsion or other punishments that would basically have ended the stricken Club.

So they applied different punishment(s) with lesser impact…

“Who were these people?”

The administators D&P, took the SFA to Court, saying that the transfer ban was not one of the stated punishments and that the SFA had acted ultra vires (an Auldheid favourite).

Rangers won the case then died.

The punishments – fines and transfer ban, were then agreed and implemented as part of…

…you guessed it…

The Five way agreement.

Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Finished 8-0. Something is very not right there. Hull were in the relegation zone one point from safety and Wigan are in trouble with a looming 12 point reduction. I cannot get my head round a team being 7-0 down at half time. Disgusting.
Was it today’s podcast that David Lowe is on?


Friesdorfer @ 6:51 pm,

Apologies, just saw your post, that’s my understanding too.

Hail Hail


ATOB. 7.57.
Yes, Wigan v Hull, something not right there.


BTW Mahe…

As mentioned Im going positive for the season.

Does that mean I have to, too.!?:)))

I did try to last season and the football made that easy, however, the edifice of PLC greatness crumbling due to exposure has made it difficult for me.

Looking forward to the football starting again.

Hail Hail


That’s the podcast link


Call it straight pal but I’m thinking put everything but football to the side for this season.
Plenty time for the usual stuff when it’s all over.
Besides, with everyone absorbed in the games slamming the PLC won’t get much traction.
All on same page would be nice.
Shows unity of purpose and understanding on our behalf I think.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Cheers Mahe,
Will give it a listen on the turbo trainer tomorrow.


Mahe @ 6:16 pm,

That’s interesting, could a commisioner do the innovatitive things we’ve talked about, like VSTs and other income schemes.

Of course we’ve always got the same problem in Scottish football – the catch 22.

Clubs and individuals with vested self intrest, voting for a change that will end vested self interest.

Hail Hail



Little chance of a commissioner-style appointment being viable in Scotland. It wouldn’t take long before the position was awarded to a placeman.

As an example,many sports could operate without referees and umpires. Few countries if any have the problems with that that we have.

Mike in Toronto


The Commissioner idea was prevalent in North American sports. It started in baseball to mediate differences between the American and National leagues. But really gained influence after the Chicago Black Sox scandal. Then other sports adopted it.

It worked for a period, but the last actual commissioner (not representing either the players or t he owners, but looking out for the good of the game) was probably baseball’s Fay Vincent. Vincent was a lawyer who worked at the Securities Commission, so not a big Red. but the owners got rid of him 30 years ago because he wasn’t favouring their side enough (including siding with the union when the owners were found to have unlawfully colluded to restrict free agency). And who replaced him as commish? Bud Selig, who was one of the owners! It has been downhill since then.

In all the sports since then, the position of commish in all major NA sports has been Filled by a series of self-interested bag men for the owners, like Bettman in the NHL (who to this day still denies any connection between hits to the head/fighting and CTE brain injuries because the owners are afraid of being sued).

So, the idea of a real commish has largely died off here. That is in spite of having one league, and a relatively strong players unions. It would be much harder To establish in Europe where there is a European body, on top of each national league/association. Would be like herding cats.


I think a Commish would be better but it’s still flawed as one mans view of the rules and his allegiances that will control the sport for his tenure.
A committee would be better.
The Comish should be foreign imo but they won’t go for that.
Fergie n Walter will get championed.
A non football loving lawyer would suit me if it must happen, but a lawyer I’m thinking like the original Commisioner.

Hi bobby ye never let on ye shared the glorious 11th wae my bhoy….
Hope you had a nice day …



They are a great bunch believe me.
Get posting.
Hail Hail

Puff puff

Is jayhawk a hun hawk or just a hawker

Puff puff

Am just glad a thing of beauty didn’t get to read that …poor wee thing