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Nice to have us back in action last night! An unforgivable pun,I know. Obviously I didn’t see much of the match,but the players looked fit and sharp. Eddy made a warming return to his homeland with a brilliantly taken finish to score the opener,only to find that some over officious twerp with a VAR monitor saw a bawhair sticking out past the last defender. Time to get a Brazilian,big man. 

Better still,time for the officials to remember that VAR is there to assist,and only in clear and obvious errors. It is not there to overrule in cases like this. The rules need to be clarified,for as it stands,the system is an unworkable shambles. 

Patrick Klimala scored his first goal for the club,and while it won’t be shown on any of his highlights reels,it was an example of a player hungry for a goal and who refused to give up a lost cause. We can always do with players like that!

It was also pleasant to see the entire team-on both sides,btw-show their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It is utterly appalling that the country which considers itself to be the leader of the free world needs to be reminded of that simple fact. They can issue condemnations of human rights abuses in various other states throughout the world,yet need to be publicly reminded of those three simple words. The recent murderous violations of the rights of so many of their citizens will surely prove to be a tipping point,although as we know,too many will carry on as usual in their own bigoted way. 

At least in this case,they have a President who leads by example.

Back to the football,and reports overnight suggest that Leigh Griffiths may have placed his jaiket on a shoogly peg by coming back in the condition that he has done. It seems to have come as no surprise to Neil Lennon,who said that he had refused to undertake much of the lockdown training programme due to injury. Now,I can’t say for sure that Leigh was telling porkies-ouch!-about having an injury but it can’t be that easy to injure yourself in a bloody lockdown. 

He’s not just let himself,the club and the fans down this time. He has probably pushed the envelope once too often and may well find himself being ushered out the door. Certainly he is going to find it very difficult indeed to get back into the good books,never mind back into the squad. 

You’re going to have to get a grip,Leigh. At 29 years of age,you should be looking at a good five or six years left of your career. You know damn fine well that you’ll never play for a bigger or better club than us. Don’t f…..g blow it. 

Our pre-season tournament continues with games against Lyon and PSG before we return for an intensive ten day schedule to lead us into our first league match on the opening weekend of August. So some decent opposition to sharpen us up. But bloody hell,430pm on a Sunday? That’s stupid o’clock! 

Still,it will be worth the wait. These withdrawal symptoms are bloody murder. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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We should all remember George Connolly, being gifted as a footballer doesn’t mean you cannot suffer from physical or mental lapses. The Club does have a duty to accomodate , and as far as we know they have been helping Leigh, lets hope he can get through this trying time and get back to work, just like others in the workplace be they Joiners,Managers,Teachers,Truckers etc
The best thing we as fans can do is encourage him to follow professional advice.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Morning fholks. Forgive me Mahe for being off point as usual !

Timbhoy2, BMCUW did indeed text me to answer you; please accept my apologies for the delay.

I don’t if you’ve had answers…i expect plenty of the kind folk here did…but in case not,….

You can join Permier Sports in a few ways.
Either way you join, you aren’t committed to more than a one off £10.00 payment.

If you join on their website, you can watch online in HD, and then cancel if you don’t want another month of it.
Alternatively, if you’re on virgin media, like me, you can join for the same price, and record all the games!…..

But, to cancel the tenner a month subscription, you need to phone virgin media.

I expect the same applies with sky, who I wouldn’t touch with a fucking barge pole.

To be fair to Premier Sports, they always have a Celtic game a week at this point of the season, qualifiers, friendlies, and cup games. I’d give them my tenner before going anywhere near Sky.

Hope that helps, Sir. To summarise, if you’ve got Virgin Media, do it through them, tenner a month, if not, online. NEVER through Sky.
If you have BT, then I’d apply the Virgin Media Rule.

Hope that helps sir.

Anyway. Should have been 2-1 to the Tic.
No complaints from me, except execute the board ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

the wishes of the board !!!
Sorry. ..stupid android phones.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM and UBER ,BOBBY, good summarisation of the game, i took my green tinted specs aff this morning and watched it again, we still dilly dally in front of goal, and the defence looks shaky without big fraser, and BTW there was nothing wrong with that goal of eddys, with or without my green tinted specs?

Noel Skytrot

At last, having the opportunity to see the team playing all my withdrawals are gone and i’m sue its the same for all the rest of the Jungles on here. Eddies goal, it was on. Performance, nowt special, but helps us get up to speed for the season of all seasons, I cannot fecking wait for this to start. Good to see the players respecting the BLM movement. Speaking of that, I read the Sevco official tweet for when their players engaged in the knee gesture and some of the replies made me grateful i’ve not been brought up to support the huns, they’re an absolute abomination, I know not all Sevco fans are of this mindset, but if you’ve time check it out to see what I mean. I wonder if the Sevco cheerleaders have them down for winning everything after they beat Lyon last night, the Scottish press never learn.

Griffiths, he needs to have a quick turnaround of this situation or he will be shunted out the door.


Morning all
Decent run out for the team, with many players getting some game time. We completely dominated for the first 30 minutes, and should have been well ahead by then. Nothing wrong with Eddie’s goal that I could see, whether not being in an offside position, or having been played by a defender last. Shooting boots a bit rusty, but very pleased with the pressing from Klimala for his goal. Central defence needs work – it was ever so – and the Nice goal was a case in point. Powder puff attempted tackle from Jullien, and MIA from Ajer. Good to see youngsters on the field, thought Henderson, Welsh and Robertson acquitted themselves well. Karamoko looked a little lost.
Hope Griff gets the message.
Onwards and upwards.

Rolling Stone

Great to see us back playing again. Thought on the game:

-Both left backs played well. I think Boli showed last night why he should be the starting wing back, although LB position still up for grabs.

Young guns looked good, although Dembele has a lot of maturing to do still. Soro and Klimala had tidy starts. Would like to see Klimala and Eddy play together.

-Tactics and formation are still an issue. Looking suspect at the back is not solely indicative of a poor defence; it’s a manifestation of how we play as a team. The midfield structure and position discipline is all over the place at times and leaves us exposed.

Next time you watch us play, look for the space between the back 4 and midfield, it’s cavernous at times and partly because Broony (for some strange reason) now has carte blanche to close down players in the opposition half- he was the furthest forward midfielder multiple times yesterday which makes no sense as he is almost 35 and doesn’t have the legs to play that kind of game.

If you have ever watched any analysis from ex-pros, they time and again refer to the space between back 4 and midfield as being where the danger is. A ball to break the line to a striker dropping deep or winger coming inside and you have the full team running towards their goal.

-Two lefties don’t make it right. Playing McGregor and Christie, with Eddy dropping to the left as he does, means we have a left side dominance and neuters JF/Frimpong on the right. That’s why Taylor and ME were having so much of the play. As an aside, ME took a bit of time to get up to speed last season and I wonder if he will need the same again this year.

The only way to get over the imbalance in the team is to swap in Ntcham for one of Christie or Broony. It is clear as day that it should be Broony, but not a chance Neil will do it which i think is a big mistake. I’m not trying to be overly hard on Broony, but he is almost 35. Other Celtic greats were phased out of the starting line up towards the end of their career (McStay, Lambert, Boyd etc) and it should be happening with Broony as well.

-Squad. We definitely need players in. GK and CB it goes without saying. An injury to Julian and we are choosing Ajer (who despite his talent is still raw in many respects) and a make shift (Bitton/Elhamed) or junior (Welsh) CB.

Another FB may be required as cover and I think we definitely need another winger. JF needs competition. I don’t think Shved has travelled with the team so he is as good as gone. One the left we have ME and MJ. Has MJ travelled to France? He seems perpetually injured, so I don’t think we can rely on him.

Up front, hope to see some of Bayo and more of Klimala this tournament. Should hopefully be enough with Eddy to see us through. LG a write off. Going for 10IAR and this is how he starts the year? He will be lucky if he is match fit for end of August.


Was a good workout last night. Thought we were excellent in first half hour, especially down left side where Taylor and Elyounoussi played very well. Still look a bit vulnerable in defensive midfield and Centre back areas. Room for improvement tactically in this area. Ajer is not the answer in there. I actually think his best position is right back. Looks like we have some promising youngsters chapping the door. Need another goalie soon.


Another snippet from Fergus McCann v David Murray by Stephen O Donnell to be published 27 July.

This one is about Fergus showing he was already looking to invest in 1989 which I wasn’t aware of.

To provide context the EGM referred to was on 30 March 1992 following which The Board circled the wagons against attempts led by David Low to buy up shares.

“In the days running up to the EGM, the press had
introduced the Scottish footballing public to Fergus McCann,
dispatching their intrepid reporters out to doorstep the Canadian
businessman at his hotel in Glasgow and splashing their profiles
across the tabloid back pages. McCann, it was revealed, had
his own plans for the future of Celtic, which involved injecting
£17m of new capital into the club – £5m from fans who would
take up shares in a rights issue, £5m from outside investors
and £7m of his own money through a separate company called
Celtic’s Future plc. It was a similar package to what McCann
had offered back in April 1989, where minutes from Celtic board
meetings at the time state: ‘Proposals put forward by Fergus
McCann to provide finance for various capital expenditures …
were unanimously rejected by the Directors’; and then again in
August of the same year: ‘Mr McCann’s latest proposals were
discussed and it was hoped that this was a final discussion on
the subject. Latest proposals were rejected by Directors.”

fan-a -tic

Rolling Stone
(-Tactics and formation are still an issue. Looking suspect at the back is not solely indicative of a poor defence; it’s a manifestation of how we play as a team. The midfield structure and position discipline is all over the place at times and leaves us exposed.)
I have been saying this for a few seasons.
Rodgers payed the price for it in Europe.
Neither Brown or McGregor have the positional senses for the position they play and have never had the coaching to teach them the role properly.
For me the biggest issue is the lack of coaching in what to do without the ball.
It has been the same under the last three coaches and a big reason decent European sides have had an easy time scoring goals against us.
Their goal last night was almost a carbon copy of Kent’s goal at Celtic park on December 29th.
They had ball on their right side and easily moved it forward to left with no visible central midfielder from Celtic in sight.Brown was actually chasing and following ball on left which left Kent unmarked.
We spend a lot of our energy unnecessarily chasing due to our lack of team structure and players being unclear in their role.
Yesterday we played pretty football at times but with no end product.
The midfield threat only came from Christie as Brown ran around a lot and McGregor contrived to be invisible.
I saw a program on tv about a company who provide a stat system to a host of Bundesliga teams.
They use some overhead cameras and can build a detailed map of every players position on the field 100% of the time.
I’m pretty sure our snapshot would look like a lot of strange clusters on the wrong side of the ball.


Good morning Troops,
TGIF is all I’m saying although father in law due to help with home repairs.
Decking board closest to house was lifted (broke in process) and there’s rot at the deck siding interface due to debris collection and poor design.
Siding patched or replaced in areas this weekend.

Spoke to a Yank who told me no fans in stadium he ain’t watching. I kinda feel the same way.

Didn’t see game so cannae comment but heard we took the knee which is great.

Hail Hail


Last night was a decent run out for first game back. I prefer to say that our players genuflected. ?

Puff puff

Your opinion on Joe Hart Garry ..Will read on tea in couple of hours

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM , MAHE, you did not miss a lot to be honest, first 30 minutes we scored a good goal only to have it chalked off, we were the better side, then we let them come at us, our young polish bhoy scored a good equaliser, albeit by a mistake by their goalkeeper,, but he was onto it in a flash, as garry would say forza polska ? hope you are well H.H.


Intriguing. Hadn’t been aware of the Fergus or David Low attempts prior to the eventual takeover.

Again, your information much appreciated .

Rolling Stone

@fan-a -tic

I agree with a lot of what you say. It’s an issue of coaching. Our players were pressing frequently and losing all shape and leaving us vulnerable to the counter, much like games last year.

I hate to labour the point on Broony but…the highlights of the game are up (see link – Go to 3.06 into the highlights for their goal.

Broony tries to press his man, doesn’t succeed in getting the ball and gets done with a 1-2 (Frimpong tries but fails to get his foot in). The Nice player is then running into acres of space, where Broony should be or at least be matching his run, with only the 2 CBs directly ahead of him. By the time Jullian can front up the Nice striker he is in the box and Jullian is reticent to put his foot in for fear of a tackle. Ajer inexplicably goes to ground.

Still, by the time the ball hits the net Broony is just getting back into picture- notice Callum was able to get back and at least supply some pressure.

The goal is a result of two issues:

1. Constant pressing when we should be dropping off and maintaining shape. We lost out on both occasions in trying to nick the ball away.

2. Broony not having the legs to do the role he is being asked. If he is to play as a deep lying, defensive midfielder, he has to sit and protect the back 4, not get caught up the pitch. Look at the space between midfield and defence! Yet people refuse to acknowledge that Broony is not the player he once was (he’s almost 35 so no shame in that).

It’s kamikaze stuff to continue with this approach, but I fear we will and we are heading for a CL exit. I only hope that doesn’t precipitate any big names leaving. ETims (I think) were running a story that Eddy is waiting to see if we are in CL before signing a new deal and we know Celtic don’t let players get to the last year of their contract (Eddy currently has 2 years left).

I stated earlier that the season may be decided in the transfer window and it still may play out that way.


Joe Hart 5 years ago was a decent keeper. The current day Joe Hart does not seem the same goalie. In saying that, if anyone can get him back on track, then it is Dumbarton bhoy Stevie Woods.


Hi all.
The wonderful Dolores doing a great cover, live.



As a youngster Fergus was described as “a very cheeky upstart”. Seems to have had a personal skills issue. Reminds me of Doc Martin. 🙂

big packy

JIM, are you about?


B.P Here’s one for you.
A great song, many say Oasis were influenced greatly by The Beatles, but I hear a lot of this band, in Oasis, the fact they covered one of their songs, persuaded me, even more, that this band were an influence on Oasis.
What do you think of the drumming, I’m saying high level.


Afternoon all and Packy.

It’s well spoken about our problems in the midfield tactically. Broonie being a culprit. But to me the problem is, what are the instructions from Lenny? Are there any? At his stage in his career, Broonie should be starting to be a cameo player. And even at that, mainly out of respect for his captaincy.
if he were replaced tomorrow what would change? Who knows. With Lenny’s reliance on individual’s ability rather than a game plan.

big packy

HI JNP, yes slade was one of the bands i grew up with, always liked don powells drumming, he was nearly as good as me???

big packy

HI JIM, have you been in the beer garden today?


Hiya Packy, naw no beer garden, it’s too miserable. Typical Glasgow Fair weather. I finally got a haircut!

big packy

what do you mean hiya bp ,you normally call me packy, less of the big packy stuff, if i told you my height, you would laugh your socks off.?


B.P. 3.23
So the top 3 drummers are.
1. Ginger Baker.
2. Big Packy.
3. Don Powell, in that order.


Packy, as soon as I read it back I edited it and changed it! i don’t know what came over me 🙂 I had just read a post from JNP which said BP.

big packy

JNP in this order

big packy

JIM, i forgive you 3 hail marys, 5 our fathers, and a good act of contrition? what was the haircut like, did they wear a mask while cutting your hair,??


B.P. 3.35.


Packy, I was watching Tipping Point yesterday and a woman was asked ‘Keith Richards was a member of which 1960s group?’
She answered – The Stone Roses! I laughed. Mind you she was in her twenties!


Aye the auld geezer was wearing a face mask whilst cutting my hair. Didn’t prevent me having to listen to all his drivel!

big packy

JIM, these young twenty year olds makes me so jealous?


JTT53 @3:15pm
Agree 100%

big packy

JIM, that was so funny, the auld geezer makes me feel young?


Really looking forward to the game with LYON and to see Moussa’s interaction with the Celtic squad. It would be even better if our fans were in attendance. I can imagine a bit of of banter back and forth!


Fergus? An upstart?

Can’t say that I’m surprised to be honest. He certainly came across as a man who was unwavering in his beliefs that his way was the right way. I don’t think he’d be one for seeking second opinions!

big packy

JIM, yes same here, if we dont beat lyon 3-0 i wlll be like a bear with a sore a—e, I watched their game last night, thought lyon were playing their reserve team.

Mike in Toronto


Agree. Too many coaches take the easy way out: get good players, and then just ‘let them go play’ … but the game has passed that style of coaching by….. Or they think that, if they copy Barcelona’s formation, the team will play like Barcelona… and not many teams have (or have ever had) an base like xavi/iniesta and busquet … so, not sure that trying to copy them is a good practice … seems like setting players up to fail.

There are teams where you can tell, just from watching them…. Simeone’s teams, for example…, where they are coached to play as a unit… they have a plan in mind, so when one player moves, others shift into space, or to cover …. they are taught what the coach expects from them….Simeone’s teams can be dirty, and can be great to watch.. but can also be quite dour … but, you always know that he has a plan, and that the players know it … good or bad ….

I dont really get that sense from Celtic …. there are times when there has been a discernable change in formation … for example, after last xmas, we switched from a sort of 4231, and moved to a 2 up front … but too often we play like 3 mini teams within a team…the back four are one unit .. the mids another, and then the forwards …but they aren’t co-ordinated …

going forward, I would like to see Soros get a run out in Brown’s role (or at least, what I have thought of as Brown’s role … defensive/holding mid… because neither Cal Mac or RC are doing that … although SB sits very deep sometimes, but other times chases men all over the pitch ….)

I think we have 4 very good mids … Ntcham, and MacGregor are, I think, the two best passers of the ball, and you always want guys who can pass …but might be too similar to play together (?) … on their day, both can be the best footballer at the club …but they both have a tendency to fade out of games too often … Christie gives drive from the middle of the park …and, from the little I have seen, Soros, he seeems like he could be the defensive mid we have been needing … … each have strenghts, but each have weaknesses .. just not sure about how best to use them …

I was lucky enough to meet Fergus in hospitality at CP a couple of years ago, and thanked him for what he had done for our Club. He was very warm and friendly, asking after my family, not the ogre painted by the SMSM,he still had his sense of humour, and knew the price of a pound…’ jeez,the hotel prices in town have fair went up….’


bada bing1
I was lucky enough to meet Fergus in hospitality at CP

Awe FFS! There he goes again :O/

VP- I can do a list if it helps??


bada bing1
VP- I can do a list if it helps??
Naw ! yir awright :O)

Me n big G gon’t doon vogue the morra .

big packy

VOGEPUNTER, can i come to, my local taxi firm apec taxis, said they would take me up to glasgow and back for 800 notes, is that a bargain??


Big Packy

I’ve not drove my taxi for 4 months …….I’m on my way to pick you up.:O)


V.P. and Bada.
That conversion about Fergus made me laugh, well seeing you are pals.
Thanks ghuys.

big packy

VOGUEPUNTER, cheers pal ,will give you double tariff.??

VP- I might take a trip down tomorrow ?

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