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Afaak. 14.30 York



JNP…..You got a tip ? :O)


V.P, no, the name of the horse, is what I usually say when the race is finished. ( Or close enough)
Seriously, though, it was listed as an eyecatcher in the Racing Post after the Hunt Cup and it’s drawn one and racing post says a low draw is best, so at 20/1, I thought give it a bash. Need a loud one to try and catch Ray.
That’s the logic, buddy.



Best of luck mate.

craig 76

Al Muffrih 15.40 York
Good luck all


Jimmynot Paul
Hate to back against you but Gosden/Detorri at 10/1
Harrovian 14.30 york


Fill your boots.
Believe it or not, I wasn’t a million miles away from taking your selection.
I like Johnny G, in the handicaps.
He runs horses in handicaps, next thing they are Group 1 winners, always worth keeping on the right side of him.
Good luck.


Shine So Bright, 4.00 Newbury—I’ll forget if I leave it until tomorrow.

hi guys lookin forward to the lyon gemme…
@Bobby .been down port patrick with K ,signal was brutal mate sorry for delay in replying..
Just catching up..PUFF i’m not sure whit the sketch is wae the snide comments?
No need my friend ..mabye if you knew me and my recent dealings wae life you would be less vindictive.
i wish you well and hope you enjoy the new season.

@Mahe thoughtful and provocative articles that awaken the subliminal in all of us …
Thank You..

In other news..Met a guy from the sixties recently..absolute gent..
Rainbow Valley ..and their biggest hit..emdae know him??


Owney Madden
4.10 York

Cheers Twists

mahe you on mate?

Puff puff

You on jayhawk

The Real McCoy

Regarding the “absolute gent” you met, can I assume it was Steve Ellis?
Garry posted Everlasting Love by Love Affair last week and I quipped that the instrumental part in the middle sounded like “ a flootbon” ?
Did Steve Ellis mention that he played at Parkhead?
He was in Widowmaker who were on the card in The Who Put The Boot In tour on June 5th 1976 at Celtic Park. Featured The ‘OO , SAHB, Little Feat, The Outlaws, Streetwalkers and Widowmaker. Great day oot??

P.S. horse in the morning when I check non-runners ?


Morning all


12-15 pm is the first race today so ALL entries must be in before that one jumps off.


I’m going to try big Jim Goldie’s raider in the 2-30 pm York:

Euchen Glen is my selection.

( though I’ll be covering Jim’s other runner, Nicholas T too. )

Good luck folks.

4 places in that race today , for competition purposes I mean – you’ll get at least 5 places in that race from the bookies.


Deleted double post.


Table week 2.

1. Raymac £39
2. Craig 76. £4
3. = Calton T. £3
3. = VP. £3
5. The Real M. £ 2
6= Jim the Tim £0.10
6= Garry. £0.10
6= Gordon 64. £0.10

9 Twists. -£2. ( 5.5)
10 Bobby -£2. ( 1.5)
10 Chalmersbhoy -£2 ( 1.5)
12 Jimmy not Paul -£2 ( 0.63)
12 Bada Bing -£2 ( 0.63)
14 – 22 – the field -£2 (0)
Mea Culpa, Big Packy, Valleybhoy, Mahe, CCB, Lefty, CCE, AS67, BRRB



The place points ( in brackets) will only come into play in the result of a tie at the end of week 20 as we look to split into two leagues of 11. Very unlikely they’ll be required. The places will almost certainly be determined by the £ value, but if two or more people are sharing 11 th place on the same £ value, the ( points) will determine the highest position.

Also – Please note – places are rewarded under standard rules
1-4 runners – win only
5-7 runners – 2 places
8-15 runners- 3 places
16 and over ( handicaps) – 4 places

All will be settled at 1/4 odds.


Off golfing. Laterz

Celtic Champs Elect


The Tin Man 4.00 Newbury GLA

big packy

13-55, york, moonlight spirit


Morning all.

My nap…….GARSMAN 12.45 York

good luck.


2.30 York


15.25 Newbury
Vivid Diamond


3.40 York prejudice

Good luck all


Today’s nap. Que Amoro 15.05 York.
Thank you Twisty.

Snow 1915 Curragh


Desert icon 2.30 York

Vivid Diamond 3.25 Newbury


Desert Icon 14:30 York
thanks for your efforts twisty


from last article

4.00 Newbury Shine So Bright.

Mea Culpa

2.50 Newbury



Unless I’ve overlooked them:

Calton T
The Real McCoy

Still to post their selection .


La Lune Newbury 15.25 ?

The Real McCoy

Today’s nag.
Newbury 4:00 Repartee
Good Luck Everyone ?


From Sunny Belfast:

Iconic Knight 17:55 Haydock



That’s it folks. First race off and running.


Today’s selections and times.
( don’t fret if I’ve got any wrong – I’ll check later)

12-45 VP Garsman
13-55 BP Moonlight S
2-30 Twists Euchen G
JNP Afaak
ValleyB. Harrovian
ChalmersB Harrovian
BRRB Desert Icon
Lefty Desert Icon
2-50 Mea C Huboor
3-05 Garry Que Amoro
3-25 Jim Vivid D
Bada Vivid D
Gordon La lune
3-40 Craig Al Muffrih
AS 67 Prejudice
4-00 Raymac Shine So B
CCE The tin man
The real M. Repartee
4-10 Mahe Owney Madden
17-55 Calton T. Iconic Knight
19-15 CCB Snow


The real McCoy naw never mentioned that mate..We had a laugh about them getting booed off the stage at the Cragburn
..their tapes stuck lol and none of them could play the frikkin instruments…But that boy could sing…

Damn it. Slept in the traps!

@Bobby musta needed mate lol


Go on. Make yer selection. I know you were night shift. Make a selection and take a final written ?

@Twists..Had to laugh.I had one o them there final warning letters once.
Was working in the Kilbarchan Quarry at the time.The original Token Tim
The weeks following big Haralds goal to stop the ten…Dear Mr M….. IT HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION THAT YOU ARE ANTAGONISING THE STAFF…..My crime??wearing too much green….I kid you not…No one to one discussion zilch
went straight for the throat .oh when i think back The feckin pain they musta went thru Ha Ha.


That’s terrible so it is. Intimidating and antagonistic towards poor wee innocents trying to get on with their work. ?

By the way – this is the horse racing thread. Move over to the “ motivator v the rest” one. You’ll get more interaction over there bud?.

Oh Cheers mate


Rules is rules,mate. Thems the breaks.

Casina de Notte 5.00 Newbury