The Motivator vs The Rest

Its starting to look that way.
Its taken one game but already some familiar complaints about the team have resurfaced, and this from people who are delighted to see action return, but now just cant not speak up about what is seen to be a glaring deficiency in our set up, the shape and roles within it.
I blogged I would take these games as fitness only, maybe a bit of shop window, but not judge the results. I will stick to that, but it’s hard to ignore the concern expressed.


It’s fair to say that Lenny is a motivator rather than a tactician, no one could claim anything but I believe, which is at the crux of our tactical issues. The man at the top read the game so very well, it’s ironic the fans are calling out for a modern day clone. The Scot and Calmac axis has brought comment after comment on how they don’t utilise space correctly leaving huge gaps, and they aren’t playing a conventional deep lying mop up man plus a good passer with scope to move forward, but we seen either allowed to support the attack resulting up the Captain being caught upfield out of possession and behind the play, so therefore out of the picture as his 35 year old legs aren’t sprinting back to much effect.
Why he doesn’t sit and stay 15 to 20 yards in front of the defence to provide a final midfield layer of protection is beyond most, but must be laid at the managers door.


The defence could do with it, as its light on numbers plus has a kid who cant eradicate one consistent flaw in his game, which even if the manager has attempted to coach out of him keeps returning plus we can’t afford to take him out of the side for extra sessions as we are light on bodies. I’m with my partner in crime here thinking what exactly are people seeing that warrants the rumoured continental mega bid, and if he wasn’t absolutely needed I would probably endorse cashing in on the young Viking.


So we head into crucial ten season flawed aye, but it’s not all doom and gloom.
For starters we are primarily concerned with the title this year, and over the course of the 38 games the best squad, if motivated enough, should bring home the bacon, and Lenny has done that for us numerous times.
Having the best players in the league, fired up, has been a winner for us so far and remains to be bested.
That’s not to say that’s a pure winning formula we should stick with, as Celtic by Numbers has shown our rivals are closing in on the field of play so it doesn’t keep us ahead of the game but leaves us vulnerable to be caught.


But the motivator has a new card to play, and quite a card it is.
You don’t need me to tell you but you must imagine him wanting that ten worse than anything else yet, urging the players to cement their names in the boulevard of Celtic fame by taking this one, ramming it into them time and time again that all those other titles were merely the build up to this one, this one that we must and cannot drop.
Its a card there to be exploited and I fully expect the manager to do so.


Those calling for the Captain to sit out many a game this year may not get their wish. I recall Elvis explaining that he needed to slowly come up to speed then play and continue to play in order for his physique to handle it. He couldn’t just slot in and out as needed, and everytime he stopped playing, getting back up to shape was a little bit harder.
I suspect our Captain may fall into this category and asking him to become bit part would not get the best out of him in what may be his ultimate campaign.
I also suspect Lenny has to much admiration and respect for him to drop in the season of seasons, for if anyone deserves to be there its the skipper.
Its a conundrum, ask him to give it all one (last?) more time or blood the future?
I think its the former, we will hang the lot on his shoulders once again.
Its not only Lenny that could go down a legend this year.


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Noel Skytrot

I’m sure NL will notice the space between the back and middle lines and come up with something to nullify any threat of any opposition teams players trying to exploit this. Lennon knows exactly what’s at stake this season and so do the players. I suspect we will be a juggernaut and blow the opposition away. There’s far too much at stake for fannying around.

Braogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan

Good Morning.

Earlier this week there was a post about Celtic monitoring any potential shake up on The European Football front, and a couple of weeks ago we were told that such was the potential financial crisis among football clubs in England that an invitation for Celtic to join the English league was nearer than ever.

Whether you would agree with either or these moves, or to any change with would see Celtic play outwith Scotland, what can’t be ignored is that “the business” of football is now one which is attracting serious money people who are willing to invest with a view to making money.

What is of key importance to any investor is not how many titles a club has, what league a club plays in or who the star striker may be. No what is important has been described in the following terms;

“We look for companies that have an excellent business, brilliant management and a solid and healthy balance sheet,”

That being so, as a club run under a PLC structure, and attracting ever better deals with the likes of Adidas and other commercial partners, you have to ask is the writing, as opposed to the graffiti, on the wall for Celtic?


Extremely interesting. You’d think that indeed, Celtic, may well tick all the boxes to give them a realistic opportunity of an invite to any such set up.


Morning all, I hope this finds you all in good fettle!
Although the criticisms of the formation and the individuals within it are probably correct I feel that after one pre-season game we have been too quick to judge.
Some of the possession play, and at pace, in the first 30 minutes of the game was a joy to watch. If perhaps we’d had Griff available and been able to play 2 up top we may have put the game to bed by halftime!
We all know Lennon’s limitations as a coach, we all understand that Broonie is in the twilight of his career but when Rodgers left I felt that these two men, living legends at Celtic, would be the ones to deliver 10! The Rangers have improved, granted, but Celtic should have enough still to sort them out over the piece!
After one game I think a lot of the negativity is knee-jerk!
Keep The Faith!!

Sky Sports News now carrying a story of a black US politician, and civil rights leader who has died,WTF has it got to do with sport?


McCaff, Hiya buddy, hope you’re well.
Just one wee correction if I may, The comments were not a kneejerk reaction to one game. These observations were made often and by several posters throughout last season, the game against Nice only acted as a reminder!

Mahe, I agree that maybe this season might not be the best time to start reducing Broonie’s game time and interrupting his ‘rhythm’. But as soon as the title is won or finished I will remind you! 🙂


Your first paragraph sums up perfectly, what Thursday and today’s game are about. Glorified fitness and training sessions. Would like to see Klimala start with Edouard tonight. Think this will be our frontline to start the season. Give them some practice together. Would start Soro too this evening with Broony rested.

A concern for me,was both full backs being caught too far forward a few times,exposing the CBs,and forcing them to go wide to cover them,leaving gaps at the back everywhere.

Tonight’s game also live on Celtic TV


JtT…Hi Jim, all good here thanks, how are you? You’ve made the point that I was trying to make! We learned nothing from the game on Thursday that we didn’t already know, over the course of the season to come I reckon Celtic still have the best players and the strongest squad even allowing for weaknesses in individuals and coaching. Are you pubbing it today, it looks like a nice day for a few beers in the beer garden!?


BadaBingBadaBoom! I agree with you about the full backs and would go further and say neither Taylor nor Bolingoli are good enough to play the modern fb role. Back to the drawing board in the left side of the park.


Hi Garry, how’s things with you mate…the last I checked in you were checking out with a couple of broads!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Yeah, probably time to give Klimala a start, allowing us to go back to 2 up front. See what the wee guy is really made of!!


All good here thanks. Hopefully the same, south of the Clyde. Aye, had a crackin wee TRNSMT night last Saturday. Still up at 5am Sunday. Lassies leading me astray. Enjoyed my first pint in 2020 in Chandlers Clydebank during the week. Good wee day oot, with the rebel tunes playing. ??


McCaff, Fair point!
I wasn’t planning in going out today but you have planted the seeds! If not, keep an eye on the naps this afternoon & some telly, then the Celtic game tonight. It will be good to see Moussa again, he said of Celtic to his club’s website:

“It’s a big club in Europe, with fans all over the world. I still support them myself.”

Once the game starts however I don’t expect any favours! 🙂


All well here Garry, thanks! I sorted the garden last week for a mini festival and bbq for my wee girl and her pals…turned out a cracking wee night with a 20litre of free Moretti that my nephew got from a pub in the town! Result!! Heading to Durham today to pick up the new dug!!! I’ve given the kids ample opportunities to call off the deal but they’re insisting we go!!! 😉 🙂 🙂


McCaff, you’ve got to promise that you post a photo of the wee pup when you get a chance. There’s a lot of dog lovers on here including my big pal Packy who would like to see it! 🙂


Keep your eyes peeled for Dominic Cummings ?


JtT…it’s a wee non-photogenic Govan dug!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Aye It’s a Govan trait! LOL 🙂


Nice tune, Garry, that’ll be in my head for the next 8 hours I imagine!! Cheers!


Ooooochaaa!! Jim, harsh, very harsh!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Off dug shopping, catch up later. Have a good day y’all!!


Packy, I’m assuming you’re having a busy Saturday as per usual, catch you later pal.

This is not going to sit well with some of my fellow celts , but looking back on the last few sevco games imho we are taking them on with less than 11 men on our side . We have players picked who unfortunately don’t have the stomach for the game . I am sure more than myself have noted it ,yet every game against them they are still in the side . I made a statement the other day on here that sevco intimidate some of our players , the scouser has identified the culprits , we all agree that we have better players , so what’s the difference , the difference is just that, they are tougher than us , Kent ,arfield , Flanagan , Morelos ,all having an off the ball swing at our captain , a thing they wouldn’t have dared do a couple of years ago , I was lucky I was brought up watching the super lions . A team who would relish an up and coming derby game ,and against a better side than the one playing out of Ibrox now . No hiders in that team . Then onto the seville team ,no hiders in that team either , yes we have the better players , nice tidy wee tanner baw players , but on certain occasions you need get into them types in your team and that’s one thing sadly lacking in our team and has been for a number of years now . But just st my opinion lads


I’m sure it won’t sit well with some, as you say. It’s your opinion though and you’re every bit as entitled to it as anyone else.
For what it’s worth I agree with the overriding point in your assessment that we do get bullied to a certain extent.
We need to win the middle of the pitch v them, and they’re starting to look hungrier than us in that department.



Unless I’ve overlooked it , just Bobby to select his nap.

Gordon64 Tennent’s lager DedicaTed to you ?

fan-a -tic

It’s not the players or motivation that gives cause for concern.



Really delighted to see Leeds United back in the EPL. I think that Bielsa is an excellent coach/manager. If he is backed by his board at Elland Road, I can see Leeds doing very well this season. Hope it doesn’t include Odsonne Edouard. Bielsa fancies him a lot.


Another thought-provoking article Mahe ??
Not surprised to see Garry on early doors with the Leeds news foremost ????
Take it there will not be a quiz this evening due to clash with Celtic match on TV?
Roasting here in Costa del Dundee (atm)…
Have a great day all.

Oops been posting on the last Article page….. I really need to pay attention.Cheers Twists…


No problem. Saturdays get a wee bit confusing for newcomers . I blame admin. Bobby n Mahe. ?


Poignant in the week they lost one of their greatest servants. Jack Charlton rip.

Great tune Mahe….First thoughts were ….Groovin on a Sunday afternoon same lovely feel.Rascals.

Haffey McKay Kennedy Crerand McNeil Clark Gallagher Fernie Hughes Chalmers and …………?
Fill in the blank wae one of my alltime favs….


jayhawk, just a guess! John Divers?

Not even sure if he played in that squad, just thinking of names I can remember from that era.

Cozy Corner Bhoy would have a right good go at that if he was on.



Just had 1st pint of Guinness in St Matthews. ????


I just looked up John Divers. Did you know he scored the first goal of our first nine in a row? away against Dundee Utd in 1965


Say hello to Paula from me please. If she is working? Macanbeatha’s wife.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, been clearing the loft out, got a skip delivered this morning, ffs it was nearly full at midday, and we have got it for a week, found about a dozen pairs of drumsticks up there, but no drums, so if anybody has a slingerland drum kit they dont want??


Packy, that’s not an easy job – clearing a loft out! I remember helping to do it after my da passed away and we were emptying the house. Back breaking. (my da was a hoarder)

@Jimthetim53 good guess mate but naw lol

big packy

JIM dont talk to me about hoarders ,wee joan is the worlds no1 ? i found an old yamaha digital piano up there, joan used to practice on, and you know what its got built in drums, they sound s—e but i can use them for my pupils, only drawback playing drums with your fingers on a keyboard aint easy?


Packy, do you want to know you’re nap result?

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big packy


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