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Looks like it’s going to be a long day.



The perfect start


Ha maybe not.

Well done Frimpong who took another wallop in the build up.



Well done, Frimpong, indeed!!


Captain having a mare.



Spoke too soon about Frimpong.?


Defence is shocking so far

bada bing1

1 minute added,guy was down for about 3…and a sub on

Two early passes for Taylor to run onto …

Two early and nice crosses by Taylor played behind the defenders for Edouard and FrImpong to Run onto…

Two nice goals.

Rest of the time … sideways, or into players who are marked, and facing away from goal …

Zero goals.

So, we Know they can play smart, effective football. But too often they choose the safe pass…

There Should be a policy … more than five sideways or backwards passes a game, you get fined a week’s wages and dropped for the next game

If more than four players In a game get fined, then the coaching staff get fined a weeks wages.


A few relocation requests, to Celtic SLO, on Twitter, as their partners, who don’t normally attend, are annoying them. ?


Excellent, let’s do some real damage to the goal difference now.
Hope Eddy gets a hat trick.



How was that for ye?


Another great goal … another lovely early Ball for Forrest to use his speed to run onto … lovely Quick cross by Forrest … led Edouard beautifully


And right on Q.
Eddy gets his hat trick.


Lovely. Beautiful in its simplicity.

If I’m NFL, I’m taking OE off now, or there will be several bids for him on NFL’s desk by the game is over … and maybe step on his foot so he doesn’t pass a medical for a few weeks

woo hoo xsqeeze my posts the tic playing at the moment in time..
my first go at stella for a year..and thinking of bhoys that have left us..

ffs im sorry about the double dunt



Yes I would take Edouard, McGregor and Forrest off.
Was it Twists who was going to bet Edouard and 6-1?



A few are on Eddy and 4.1 Skybet boosted it from 25/1 to 40/1 before k.o.
Not me, though.

@peeps..emdae lookin at the goal by hamilton…..jeez


Paddy comes on at make a it 5.

Great run and sublime finish by Klimala


When Celtic keep it simple – pass and move – they are fun to watch.

Credit to Couhty, they Actually tried to play,but we’re just beaten by a faster, fitter, more skillful team


Really good opening day, well done Bhoys.


Excellent performance and result. Good movement by both the midfield and the forwards.

The icing on the cake was the run and shot for Klimala’s goal…..superb.

Only negatives that I could see were Julien and Ajer need to sort out how to deal with high, hopeful balls into the area, especially when up against a physical CF. The other is easily fixed why wait until 5 minutes from time to bring on three subs? Did NL forget that he can use 5? More should have been on with 20 minutes to play. What is the thinking, or is it no thounking?

Questions? Will Frimpong learn to defend? Will Taylor develop more puff?



“Good game , good game”. Decent performance but, imho, unless we work on the defensive part of our game more better teams will cause our defence a few problems. Good to see our new ‘Paddy’ get on the score sheet with a well taken goal.



Loved it today- but a long way to go.

They got a good result too- so we better keep marching on.



Not at all happy with that. Pretty annoyed actually.
5 goals?? Why not 6? Surely 6 had to be the target? It’s lax. It’s selfish. Goal difference could be critical, so why not take 3 defenders off and put more attacking players on??
Why wasn’t Lenny on the touch line screaming like a madman for the players to get forward.? All that fancy dan passing?

Just get it in the box ffs. Go route 1.

Neil has to take the responsibility for that shambles. I hope the board are holding an emergency meeting to consider his position.

Can’t believe they’ve left me feeling like this after just one game.

Pyoor ragin’ so ah am.

Right- away for some dinner.

Oh. How did YOUR bets go?

Eh? Mine? How did mine go? I’ll tell ye since yer askin’

I bet:

Eddie first goal and Celtic to win 6-1.

£2 to win £265.01p.


Well done bhoys. Great start.


Oh, and had it been 6-1, see this “ enter name and e – mail addy” every time, I’d be thinking “ I say old bhoy it’s a little inconvenient “



Cmon get if sorted out ffs. I’m now until this is fixed. ?

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, yes we are still around, well i hope so i spoke to him 10 minutes ago? good result, but the lions would have taken 8 off that mob, not that im biased towards the lions? ASWGL and AFGHAN, thanks for your kind thoughts, as arnold schwarzenegger said, we will be back?


Agree that we need to stiffen up at the back. Our attacking qualities will see off most opposition but not all perhaps. Europe would be a challenge for sure.

Good to be able to reflect on the opportunities for improvement following a convincing victory.


Hard luck

Packy, Speaking of Lisbon, BBC ScotlaNd recently ran a poll to determine Scotland’s greatest sporting moment.. ‘67 was picked half of the voters, with Murray’s Wimbledon win a distant second. No one else got more than 10 per cent of the vote. The zombies will not be happy

big packy

MIKE, that will do me if the zombies are not happy, will sleep soundly tonight? luv to you and seamus ?

does anyone reply?

big packy

JAYHAWK, been meaning to welcome you to the blog, we keep missing each other, anyway welcome, think you have spoken to my better half?

@ the big man hope you and j doing ok thanks for the welcome

big packy


will talk to you later..been in bands since i was 15 you will know them my friend x



We usually do,but we can’t be on 24/7 for every post

For instance,some of us were in a pub 400 miles away,and had to get a disabled friend home after that.

Plus point the drunk ones in theright direction!


That is something you will have to get used to, no reply to your posts.
It happens to us all, just the way the blog works at times.
Big Packy is your best bet for a response, when he’s on.


Don’t listen to BMCUW, he’s the worse for responding.?



Bugger,at least I know where my diary went to.

The first game in our quest in our battle for10 in a row,,,please exsqees my spelling
i will come back next july the 11th .and and scream and dance with you all..god willing…
at the sellic team


Fairhill Bhoy hasn’t been on for a while, have you heard from him?
I miss his wind ups?

A thing of beauty

So unlucky with the bet. I said to CCB you’d be raging.
Don’t get offended about no replies, it happens. Even to me!!! Not one person has recommended a decent bike for me ??
To the game. I agree with MIT. When we play quickly, teams like Hamilton can’t live with us. I also agree with Rebus and oglach that our centre half’s need to defend high punts a lot better. I don’t think they won two headers in our box all day. Two imposing big guys who are a bit feart in my opinion.
Also I realise that brown will take time to get up to speed but he was not at his best today. Gave away a stupid free kick, which led to the high punt into our box, then lost the header. He could’ve got a hattrick if the deflection had then went in off him instead of julienne.
What’s the script with Griffiths? From what BBJ was saying, he was not at the game today. Surely he should’ve been doing the training with the other squad players at the end of the game?
Finally, just having a good laugh with Mr ATOB. He loves all that space shit and is watching the space mission return. He was showing me how poor the camera work is and comparing it to the moon landing and them returning. He was not impressed when I explained that was because it was all shot in a studio in California. ??

bada bing1

A hat trick for Edson Oddward according to the lassie in skysports . when did we sign him

bada bing1

Excellent performance, high tempo throughout, NL must have wanted guys to get minutes into their legs,otherwise could have put some subs on after an hour, Klimala’s movement and finish was really good.