Celtic 5-1 Hamilton Accies


Strange wee day yesterday as we unfurled our ninth flag after winning the title yesterday,and none of us were there to watch it! Normal service of course for the likes of myself,who simply sauntered down to the pub to watch it,but there would have been sixty thousand there in normal circumstances. Still,we all know the score by now,and we can only hope that the good old days come back sometime soon. 

In one respect at least,it was just like the old days. I Wanna had his shooting boots on,and started the season like he finished the previous one. Nothing spectacular about him yesterday,but he calmly picked up another matchball for his hat trick. He was 3/1 to score the first goal yesterday. He probably won’t be that price very often in future. Maybe the bookies had been listening to a dumb schmuck from Tarbolton who told everyone that he reckoned that Eddy’s pre-season body language suggested that he didn’t look interested. 

Body language,Boydy? Stick to learning English,son. There’s a hat trick for you,from a man who simply terrorises defences by his mere presence. 

Of course,this was far from a one-man show. Greg Taylor marauded the attacking positions in his left sided role,laying on the first two goals on a plate. Frimpers went past players like they weren’t there-unless they managed to clean him out,as happened a few times. And he even managed to get a goal at last! Jamesie was clearly intent on adding to his tally for the club. He is currently stuck on the magic number of 88 for the club and hasn’t quite achieved twenty a season yet. While he didn’t add to that yesterday,it might be worth a punt on him to get the twenty this season. He certainly looked up for it.

Our Massif Central of Jullien and Ajer spent more time peppering the Accies goalkeeper with shots and header than they did defending ours at the other end-Jullien in particular can count himself unlucky,with some good saves by Fulton and another effort clattering off the post-and really the rest of the team were doing what they do. Tidying up,keeping an eye on things,probing and creating the openings. 

Having said that,Hamilton showed early on that they weren’t just there to make up the numbers. They had a couple of early attempts,and Scott Bain took full advantage to remind our new Greek star who it was that had the gloves at the moment. Mission accomplished for him as he put in a solid if unspectacular performance. Certainly did nothing wrong,and we will know he can be relied on when needed. 

But to the goals…

Frimpers charged inside and central before being sent sprawling as he laid it off to Eddy. A touch and left to Taylor who took a touch himself before coolly squaring it for the onrushing Eddy for the easiest of tap ins. A simple goal,aye,but perfect in the execution as the final cross was inch-perfect in a tight area. One nil,and order up the beer. 

The second one was similar,with Frimpers again laying it inside and seeing it spread wide to Taylor. Again,he played a superb pass across the face of the goal,taking out the defenders and the keeper. This time though,Jeremie hadn’t been cleaned out and was allowed to continue his run and get on the end of the final ball for his first goal for the club. Certainly no more than he deserves since we first saw him ten months ago. What a find! Suffice to say that he celebrated it in his usual exuberant fashion!!!

Having said that,Hamilton weren’t too pleased-and so they showed a few minutes later with another foray up the park. This time,from a soft free kick,they swung it to the far side of the area before Scott Martin swung a boot at it from the edge of the area. A couple of deflections from CalMac and Jullien gave Bain no chance. It was 2-1 at half-time but there was no panic and only one winner,that’s for sure. 

And two quick goals from Eddy after the break would soon calm the nerves. 

The first one came from a superb pass up the right touchline from Ryan. Jamesie ran on to it,looked up and first time across goal to you guessed it,an onrushing Eddy for another finish that he made look easy. Absolutely clinical. It’s the mark of a good striker to make goals like this look like a piece of cake. We all know that it isn’t. We should all be delighted to have him,and let’s hope he can find a pen soon for that new deal. The hat trick was a tad different though,Christie bursting into the right of the box before seeing his shot parried out by the Accies keeper. And straight into the path of-aye,an onrushing I Wanna,who tapped it home. Not once for his goals yesterday did he require more than the touch to finish. Like I said,clinical. 

By this time,Forrest was getting a tad miffed about not scoring yet,and he would have had a couple had the keeper not pulled off some fine saves. And not just from him either-he denied Christie and Mo too,as well as stopping wee Frimpers who clearly fancied a hat-trick of his own! But in truth,the job was done. Largely one way traffic as the game petered out. Ollie had already been on the pitch for about twenty minutes before a late triple change saw the introduction of our new Polish Pele. He didn’t need much time to show his quality,getting on the end of a terrific through pass from Christie. Another first time finish saw him roll the ball across the keeper to the far corner of the net. 

5-1 against opponents who will see their more important games this season as being against teams at the other end of the table. Of course it sounds a bit of a foregone conclusion when I put it like that. But we were impressive yesterday nonetheless. And no more so than the fact that all of our goals were a one touch finish,and usually from an equally swift build up. Very seldom did any of our players dwell on the ball yesterday,always having an eye on moving the ball on as soon as they received it. I know I moan sometimes about a perceived lack of coaching in some areas,particularly about the gaps between the defence and midfield,and our tendency to be beaten too quickly on the break,but there has clearly been some work done on the pass and move,take and pass aspects of our play. Watch it again if you get time. It’s difficult to be too impressed by a performance against Hamilton Accies-and I mean them no disrespect when I say that-but there were certainly a lot of positives yesterday. 

Not least that it means that I get the chance to be a happy bunny on a Monday. And that’s good enough for me!!!

Man of the Match for me was the hat trick hero. Honourable mentions to our two wide boys from Ayrshire. 


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Good morning all again from Govanhill. ?

Good performance from the bhoys yesterday with some great performances . Must admit I was a bit puzzled to see frimpong in the right back role with elhammed fit ,I like the big guy ,got a bit of hardness about him which we need , but the wee man did very well . Our football was very good and hopefully will get better as the season progresses . Not going to mention eddy,s performance as I couldn’t do the big man justice , what a player . Over all a great start to what I hope will be a memorable season although we will get harder games no doubt , still a bit cautious about our twin towers though , a quality buy in there wouldn’t go amiss, still in our rightful place at the top of the pile ,but after watching there game v dons and the strange decisions continually being awarded to newco , I would say things won’t always go our way , i believe the impact on this special season by the mibs will be significant . Anyway just my thoughts . HH



Morning,young fella,from a Sunny Swindon. Looks like the area is gearing up for some oppressive summer weather. Day indoors for me as I catch up on some chores.



IMO,the big Talking point about Saturday was the performance from Madden. No attempt whatsoever to hide his allegiance. Prime example being the yellow card against the Dons defender for daring to be in the vicinity of Kent when he took a dive-right in front of the linesman,btw.

As for the red card,while Consodine can have no complaints about it,I think we know it would only have merited a quiet word had it been a hun doing it. They will certainly have a part to play this year.

Watch too for unusual red cards in games which don’t involve us or them. Particularly against teams playing the huns the following week.


Mick, chores??. Fry up, hoover flat, clean bathroom, bookies, Star Bar. It’s a burden but I get through it.

Correct bobby , Clancy,s gave us a hint that there participation in the outcome has been discussed . I watched at the end of the newco match when the scouser was leaving the pitch as he passed 4th official McLean , McLean had a big smile on his face . We had a purge on madden a few years ago calling out his hun allegiance ,we shouldn’t forget just what we are up against .


Very good summary of the match that I agree with almost 100%. Great start to the campaign. I still have slight concerns about our defence and our defending as a team. Whilst I was delighted with Greg Taylor’s two first half assists, I was concerned about his defending and lack of pace and stamina. Delighted for Odsonne Edouard with his hat trick and Patryk Klimala for his Robert Lewandowski like finish. One small correction to the article. This was Jeremie Frimpong’s 3rd goal for Celtic. He scored at Pittodrie and at Celtic Park against Hibs last year. Overall a great start to the season.
MOTM Odsonne Edouard with Jeremie Frimpong and Ryan Christie not far behind.


Good morning all

Delighted with the performance yesterday with better things to come, based on NFLs pre match comments regarding fitness.

Also delighted with the snippets ive seen from Klimala. He seems like a more reliable LG. Hopefully a sign of things to come

bada bing1

Re the subs yesterday, Neil said before the game that 3 practice games wasn’t enough, so I understand why he didn’t change the team earlier.

big packy

JOHN HUME rest in peace, you and a few others, stood up for the nationalist population in northern ireland, when it mattered,?



I do not buy that on the subs. Professional athletes should be able to handle 15-20 minutes in a game that is already won. NL risked Eddie and SB when it was not necessary. It is poor game management, pure and simple. Nor is it the first time!

I enjoy your posts updating all of us on happenings.

Just my opinion,


bada bing1

Rebus- I said same yesterday, at 4-1,take Eddy and Broonie off,put Soro and Klimala on,I think Neil reckons some of our first 11 need more minutes just now. HH

bada bing1

Football Show daily 5-7,Paul Cooney hosting,wee moaning Bawwy on too


bada bing1

Celtic misfit Vakoun Bayo is close to a move to Toulouse, according to a French report.

The Ivorian joined the Hoops in the summer of 2018 but has managed just eight Premiership appearances, scoring twice.

St Mirren have been linked with a loan move for him but Toulouse-based newspaper La Depeche du Midi reports he’s close to a move to France.

Christopher Jullien’s old club were relegated when the Ligue 1 season ended early, and are looking for more attacking options.

The newspaper states that Toulouse are close to an agreement with Celtic.


If Kent’s red card from France was sent to SFA he would not have been on the Park on Saturday
I hope our Pole can get more game time he had a great header and a goal in his 8 mins on the park he looks very determined and all reports say he worked really hard in the shutdown

big packy

looks like neil lennons coat is on a shugly peg, but hey we can get steven gerrard next season when he fails to stop us getting 10 in a row, i dont know why i love scousers but i do???


Not too sure about the rights and wrongs of this. On balance,I’d say he had it coming.



He looks like the type who won’t give defenders a minutes peace. Chases everything down.

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Yesterday’s Celtic state of mind podcast reaction to the Hamilton game is worth a listen.
Especially as one of the guy’s imo shed a bit of light on the Griff situation during lockdown & the possibility Lenny is protecting the wee man.

I feel the guy from St Rochs is spot on & it is as clear as mud what the script with Griff is for outsiders.HH?✌



One rule for them,etc.


Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

A lot of rumours about the Griff situation since it first arose. Most on a similar theme and none of them good.


The guy singing the billy boys looked stoned out his mind. Could hardly get the words out.

The guy who ‘ attacks’ him? Did he actually land a punch?

One as bad as the other for me.

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

What a goal scoring record Griff has, i knew it was good but it’s even better than i thought.
Oh the bhoy has problems bmcuwp no doubt & most of it his own creation.
I just hope he has a chance in the Celtic last chance saloon so to speak.

I watched the wee man in the cup final or semi before his move from hibs to Wolves against us, he had an ankle injury but still gave it his all.

As i watched him i thought we have missed a trick there that bhoy is a talent. I was delighted to see him in the hoops within a couple of years. Hopefully he has a chance again & grabs it ?✌?


Good start to the season.
Some nice fast passing football interspersed with a lot of square balls and some poor defending.
Bain looks to be short on confidence.Was not at fault for goal but one save when he palmed ball over bar was very catchable.
Since Neil has arrived his confidence has dipped.
He now seems rooted to his line and does not command his area.
His distribution which was one of his positives has disappeared.He seems to be unsure and has zero awareness of teammates.Barkas arrival will not help his self belief and he will revert to his back up role soon.
Frimpong was excellent and his defensive positioning will improve with more experience.
Julien is a very good shot blocker .
Ajer is a poor defender and has a head like a thrupenny bit.Amount of times he gets his head to ball from our corners to knock it out of play is bewildering.
Taylor has faced unfair criticism but will win critics over if he continues yesterdays form.
As both full backs are small in stature they would be better served at defending corners at the edge of the box where their pace would be an asset.We also need to change our posture from defending the corner to attacking the ball.If Julien and Ajer can win headers in opponents box why do they fail to do so defending our own?Their goal was a direct result of our passive defending.
Browns timing was a mile off yesterday and he took himself out of play to often so ended up chasing a lot which is not advisable for a veteran.
McGregor had some very good moments but still plays to many square balls .
Christie had some very good moments but needs to be coached on his positioning.He still wastes to much energy running around/chasing aimlessly
Elynoussi was quiet but had some neat touches.I often fell if we moved the ball forward quicker he would really benefit.
JF is a conundrum, facing forward he is truly brilliant as his run and assist for Ed’s goal so ably demonstrated.Then why the F he stays rooted to the touchline facing his own goal so only leaves a sideways or backwards pass and negates his pace is truly baffling?
Ed has a footballers brain and instinct.We will struggle to replace if he leaves especially with a cheap replacement.
Ntcham should be starting.
Klimala is raw but knows how to attack space.If our midfielders can make quick forward passes like yesterday he will thrive.



Fine summary,especially this bit.

“Julien and Ajer can win headers in opponents box why do they fail to do so defending our own?“

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Fan a tic

My apologies for my post the other week to you especially, it lacked subtlety in fact it was poor sir.
I did apologise on here a couple of days later as it didn’t sit right with me within hours.
Please accept my apologies, i actually always read your contributions & respect your views i was out of order. Sorry ?HH✌

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Ajeti keen on Celtic move after all ? Latest click bait ? According to the msm we are signing two players for every position, 8 out the door 22 incoming ??


Celtic plc
No worries??


Celtic plc hlc
Been hearing that Toulouse are wanting Bayo, seemingly Neil Lennon was in conversation with the representative of Ajeti yesterday. Ajeti’s best spell in football, and his most prolific scoring season, was with Moi Elyounoussi beside him at Basel. Maybe Elyounoussi being at Celtic could attract Ajeti here.
Would like to see Edouard and Klimala being played as a front two together. Think it would work well.

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Hi Garry hope you are safe & well mi amigo ??
I like to see a player with my own eyes & having not seen him i can’t comment on Ajeti. I have heard he has a bit about him & would be a quality addition ?

I have been impressed immensely by Klimala’s work rate his obvious hunger to improve his attributes, conditioning strength etc is there for all to see. I like him ?

His strength burst of pace determination & finish got the loudest cheer in here a right handful no quiet shift for defences. I hope he continues to impress & grow.HH?✌

bada bing1

Turnbull starts for Motherwell


Celtic plc hlc
All good here mate.
Hopefully the same with you.
Like yourself, I have never seen Ajeti play. Have only seen Barkas play twice, both games against us, but I hope to see him start for us soon. Thought Scott Bain looked to be lacking in confidence yesterday.

A thing of beauty

Great summary. No surprise to hear I agree with almost every word!! Good to have you back.
It is indeed depressing when we find ourselves getting priced out of moves by Brentford but that is how it is. We are only a big club to our own supporters. To everyone else we are Micky mouse. It hurts but it’s how it is. That’s why I have no real complaints about Ajeti pissing about with this move. Very few players will have us as first choice. Bloody annoying but that’s the reality. As little as five years ago, maybe less I wouldn’t have wanted to sign anyone who wouldn’t walk over broken glass to get here. Now. I just accept we are hamstrung by our geography and that’s it.
Still having to fill out the details field when trying to post. No wonder it’s quiet!! Sort it out chaps.


RemoRseful 67.
And that’s it done. Cluj beat Craiova to win the Romanian league – 3 in a row for them now.

That’s all the spots in the qualifiers filled.


Score predictor
Results are on predictor page.
Will turn into league format next week.

Sort this signing in


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Mahe 1pt.
No bad going for 1st week!

Other posters can still join for next week’s round of games(last chance).
Please post your predictions before 1st game.



Log in problem is a bloody nuisance but I can’t access the settings.


Your letting the family down…


Thank you.
Cracking wee tune for you pal. One of my favourites. Peace and Love bro



Was listening to this album earlier.
Godfather of Punk



I really hope my good friend Margaret McGill is lurking.
This song for you bro.
How to introduce yourself. Genius.



What a final song for Jim.



My favourite song for months when I was a wean. Think this is beautiful classical music fae a punk band.


Mike in Toronto


One of my favourite debut albums. He wrote, produced, recorded it by himself On a four track tape in his house.


Last song by the best band still going.
GNGB SentinelCelts



Song for Mike in Toronto
Just for justice bro.
Cracking wee tune for you


Mike in Toronto

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