Magic, not Moolah

England’s footballing break does not come at a good time for us at all it must be said.
As we commence, they sit down to reinforce, putting some hearts in mouths and distractions galore out there, all because they still have more cash than almost all others.
While me and you know the special season is underway, others wont care, therefore we wont be getting left alone anytime soon to settle down for the season undisturbed.


I would love to think that when the season starts that is who we are going into the campaign with but the footballing world doesn’t feel that way. As pointed out by my partner in crime yesterday there is a long way to go of this window and thus possible angst when its not needed. The increasing speculation surrounding our striking positions does little to ease those of a nervous disposition, but it must also have the level heads raising eyebrows.


Our strikers won us the league last season as we did not have the meanest defence, which means they are an extra important element of the team, however it is an area that is not problem free. The duo that delivered the last title has not been reformed due to forced change, which has given number three choice an opportunity to stake a claim to be the number two.
And Paddy is looking like he fancies grabbing Leighs spot up top, but many would fancy Griff to raise his game and scrap for it, all good there.
Number four choice looks like heading out on loan and probably forever gone, a punt too far but wages freed for another backup.
Number one is under contract for another two years, so on paper I suppose we look OK.


But the rumoured names and prices bring big concerns.
Ajeti on loan with an option to buy next year makes sense, as a blind man could see we definitely will not have our main striker next summer no matter what happens. He will have served his apprenticeship by then and will rightfully be showcasing those skills at a very high level no doubt. Plus try before you buy is a nice policy, we should attempt it whenever possible to mitigate risk.
But he must play alongside Odsonne and not replace him this season.


Fletcher makes sense in that hes free and would want to be onboard for this season knowing exactly how big it is, but doesnt make sense as Bayos replacement. Would a 33 year old who has probably done well out of the game want to sit on the bench week in week out considering he made 30 appearances last season? Celtic fan or not I don’t think so. Tells me if he signs he thinks he gets games.


Toney at anywhere near the prices being thrown around only makes sense under one circumstance, he’s our new main man. At 24 years of age he is about to enter his prime, is used to playing week in week out, and has ambition hence the preferred Brentford EPL move.
This lad is not going to fancy warning any bench anywhere, he joins us he is playing and intends using us as a stepping stone within a few years.
And that is very very worrying. A official move for Toney, allied with the experienced veteran coming in, would be the clear signal Odsonne intends to depart or is in negotiations, and today I’ve seen many realise that and its implications.


Heading into the legendary ten quest with a new strikeforce or more specifically without Odsonne would be considered absolute folly by everyone, the biggest gamble yet from our board. A possibly suicidal move on the PLCs behalf.
As BMCUWP mentions our PLC have form for moving on players with two years left, and it must be said that’s standard across the football world so it see’s little complaint normally.
But this one is very different.


This is our best player and title deliverer. Our diamond. Under contract.
The sporting argument for retaining one more season even if less fee should win out here, no question about it, perhaps winning that ten would shift merchandise galore and successfully cement another season of full price take up whether attendance allowed or not thus helping replace some of that ‘lost’ cash.
The fans that paid up at full price to show support to their great love, they certainly dont expect to see our main man cashed in on during a crucial season, not after squad trimming, not with so much at stake.
The players, they see the talisman walk into the sunset just when he’s needed do you think they will be happy and not only that, perform above and beyond for the season no problem?
They will be pissed and the band should stay together, it’s needed now more than ever.
Lenny, he might not be perfect but he’s ours, he doesnt deserve this, not one bit he doesnt.


The PLC aren’t blind to supporter feelings but they can and have played head in the sand while their strategy has been bearing fruit, which is their prerogative. Footballing success and financial success have been accomplished hand in hand, which is a credit, but it must never be forgotten that we are first and foremost a football club that sets out for success on behalf of itself and its fanbase.
In this most special of seasons the manager needs all his tools at his disposal.
Selling his biggest at this time would be a slap in the face to us all.


The above is by Mahe. As usual pensmiths and match observers please send any help to

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A thing of beauty

Good article mahe,
When I read the reports this morning that Fletcher was signing I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It felt a bit like we were getting trolled as of course the headlines are alongside their new signings. Now I know these boys have had injuries but they look decent to me. Roofe has played regularly in the championship and the other guy has a good scoring record. Meanwhile we seem to be mucking around with 33 year old free agents and players that cannot decide whether they want to come and play for us. Ffs, if Eddie is going to leave we better have superior quality than Ajeti and Toney lined up. One hasn’t played at any decent level and one hasn’t played for nearly a season. Put that scenario along side an unreliable Griffiths and we are handicapping ourselves to far too great an extent. I know you say neil doesn’t deserve this and I agree but when he took the job we knew he was neutered and this proves it. He should be screaming from the roof tops if we are replacing Eddie with the option listed.


Morning all & Packy.
Mahe, It doesn’t bear thinking about losing French Eddy in this season. If DD & PL sell him now I will never forgive them. It will prove to me that they are obsessed with the old firm concept. Ten in a row might not be good for that. In their opinion.


To be honest I’m past worrying about the Eddie situation at CP. There are goals aplenty throughout our side. If he does go, I’m sure , nah certain, we will bring in another to replace him. Whether it’s Toney, Nmecha, or someone else, alongside Griff and Klimala, it’s not my biggest concern. None of that is to undermine Eddie’s ability or undoubted contribution. . Goals has not been an issue for Celtic for as far back as I can remember.


Wtf is going on with the defensive planning?

Every year without fail, we go into the season worried that quality sides will expose our rearguard and every year it happens.

Why can’t the guys who see this year in year out address it??

We need 2 defenders . We need them for this season, more than any other. I’m no football tactical expert, but I’ll tell you this, you don’t need to be to see we need to strengthen at the back.

Whether folks want to believe it or not, the huns have built the strongest 11 that we have seen since their reincarnation 7 years ago.

They’ll be scoring more goals this season than they have in that 7 years. Their defence looks stronger. The 4 games v them will be pivotal this year. They won’t be dropping the same silly points as last season or the one before.

Am I panicking? No. Am I worried ? You better believe I am. Actually, maybe I am panicking. I’m also sick of the blind spot our people seem to have re what constitutes a defence.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, mahe good article as usual, but the thought of french eddy getting replaced by steven fletcher frightens me to death, steven as a back up maybe, he is a free agent and knows the scottish game, but for gods sake we are going for something historical here, which may not ever be beaten, if the board cant see that and decide to cash in on eddy, the pitchforks will be out, and i will be carrying one of them,H.H.

big packy

HI JIM ,the blog seems to be loading ok this morning?

big packy

TWISTY, yes agree about the defence ?

big packy

TWISTY, you got mail ?


Hopefully someone is working on it but everything we hear seems to be re forwards.

big packy

TWISTY, lets hope so ?


Id be happy to see two or three from our young squad to break through this year, but it’s unfair to throw them in at the deep end this of all seasons. We must accept that we can’t hold onto ANY player if he wants to go. We also don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes.
What have we promised/ agreed to with Eddy? Does he fancy being here for the ten?
What’s the real situation re Kris? I’m sure he fancies the ten.
I’ve got to accept our standing in today’s world.
I’m feeling almost the same as when King Kenny left. I rate Oddsone that highly.
It’s worse now because at least we had Kenny for 7 years in the 1st team.
It shouldn’t concern us who Sevco sign. It’s what we do that’s the key, and we’re all a bit nervous because it’s out of Celtic’s control. And, with good reason, we don’t trust the board.
I just hope that we get to the end of the window with a squad fit for the job ahead.




I agree. Let’s hope we have a squad fit for purpose this season. The purpose has seldom been so important!

big packy


big packy

GER57, yes i was actually living in liverpool when king kenny left, so that made it worse for me?

big packy

JIM is snooker on this early? speak later as,kev would say aff oot


Good Morning all
Much food for thought there Mahe. I will be very disappointed, but not entirely surprised, if Eddie leaves. So many variables in the equation: does he want to go; does he have a release clause; can we guarantee a sufficient bonus for him to stay for one more season; etc etc.
So, what steps need to be taken now? Firstly, we need at least one quality left sided central defender, and possibly another left back too. Next, we should aim for another Moussa/Eddy up and coming type from the French school as a hedge against the inevitable departure of Eddie, whether this season or next. Then, and only then, should we be looking at further back up striker options.
All imo of course.

Cameron Carter-Vickers, 22 year old center back with 8 full U.S. caps, available from Spurs for £2.5M.

Worth a look surely, many good prospects in the US these days.

Hope to get some sun today in Costa del Dundee.

Have a good day y’all.

Still OK with no re-entering details.


Cosy Corner Bhoy

For me it’s a toss-up which is the more urgent or least desirable….Lose Big Eddy or get at least one LEFT footed central defender,and , as we all know what I wanna brings to the party that demonstrates my feeling the other could be our Achilles Heel.
We don’t know if their new signings will improve their team but we know it won’t weaken them.
Either scenario in our case will almost certainly be a disaster!
The obvious is staring the Board in the face….Keep Odsonne for the season AND get the requisite defender(s).
Why would Eddy’s value be less a year from now…more time in the European games, fingers crossed, and even more goals in the SPFL.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Site working grand!



Another name being mentioned is Sebastien Anderssen from Union Berlin. Just turned 29 and has a €4m release clause. Now,granted I’ve never heard of him,but he is now a regular in the Sweden side. And apart from a woeful three seasons after he turned 20,has a record of a goal every 220 minutes,with over 100 in 240 games. And that’s in Sweden and Germany,both of which are far superior leagues to our own.

6’3″ and more known too for his assists. If we can get him,I’d be well chuffed.

I’m not so sure about Toney,though his recent goal tally is astonishing it isn’t at the highest level. But you could have said that about,for instance Gary Hooper and Jamie Vardy too. £6m and add-ons,with a sell-on fee IMO. BUT…

I’d be inclined to ignore anyone who plays for Peterborough while Dumb and Dumber are still having their loudest voice talking pish competition.


That’s it exactly CCB. Do both, keep Eddy and strengthen the defence. And I also don’t believe for a minute that Eddy will be devalued in a year’s time.



Unless we get a left-sided central defender and a strong defensive midfielder in the style of NL himself,we can wave goodbye to Europe and look forward to getting roasted from a well-organised even if rubbish huns.


Sorry Packy, the site wasn’t automatically updating for me earlier on. I thought i was on my own! It’s fine now.


Morning all from a sunny Renfrew as I head out to finish the Mother of all Jobs for the Mother of all Customers!!!

The situation we find ourselves regarding Eddy, Ajer and even Christie if his head is being turned is no different to where we are with the squad on a twice- yearly basis. We are aware our Board have a single purpose, dividends through profit reaped from the success of the signing policy. It has been very profitable for those preference shareholders with significant numbers of shares. This initiative has been managed wonderfully by our Board whilst delivering on the park…so why change what has been so good?
Let’s hope they see it slightly differently this season and buy quality to supplement the squad rather than projects to future-proof the Preference Shareholders’ Dividends.


CCB / Bobby

Hear hear. Or is it here here?

Hear hear


Off to Edinburgh. Hope road is quietish


Twisty, go A71, much better than M8


I was travelling from Seton Sands and there were no issues. Alresdy here. McD. Sausage egg meal.

Hank Marvin!


Hank Marvin!

Just brought back another childhood memory

“ Mum, can I get something to eat, I’m starving”

“ Yer not starving. Don’t say yer starving. Do you know there are people all over the world who ARE starving?”

Jings all I wanted wiz a piece oan jam ?


Twisty, yip, my mother used to say ‘you’re not starving. you’re hungry’!


Exactly that!



Ha,my Aunt Mary said something similar to me once. I replied-naw,Aunt Mary. I’m ALWAYS hungry. Right now,I’m starving!

One of her famous bowls of soup later,sorted.


Bobby, LOL 🙂


I see that Copenhagen are through to the next round of the Europa having defeated their Turkish opposition. We could have ended that tie in Denmark, had we been better at taking our chances. Similarly, in the 1-3 game at Celtic Park, better finishing and we could have beaten Copenhagen, even allowing for the defensive errors from our 3 centre backs. I still get nightmares about Jozo’s mistake for their first goal. Ach well, what could have been.
I am relaxed about us signing Steven Fletcher, if true. As long as it is to replace Bayo. Fletcher would give us something that our other strikers don’t. Great in the air, strong at holding the ball and linking play. Whilst he has never been the most mobile footballer, I think he could be a useful signing as a plan B for breaking down packed defences.
Edouard must stay, however.


McCaff @ 9:24 am,

“We are aware our Board have a single purpose, dividends through profit reaped from the success of the signing policy. It has been very profitable for those preference shareholders with significant numbers of shares. This initiative has been managed wonderfully by our Board whilst delivering on the park…so why change what has been so good?

That’s an interesting take on our signing policy.

My thoughts are very different, of course nothing personal but I disagree with your comment.

Firstly the policy has been a success!?

It hasn’t, the fact is fholk look at the headline figures and assume that… VvD, Fraser Forster, Moussa… even Ki and Kayal… all profitable business right?

Yet they forget Balde, Bangura, Blackman, Boerrigter, etc, etc.

If you look at the money we’ve spent on projects and prospects then it outweighs the totals brought in by the “high value” sales.

It’s not just transfer and loan fees it’s also other precious resources such as wages, coaching and other professionals time, even admin and real estate at Lennoxtown etc, etc, etc…

For instance, imagine these resources were used to seek and develop academy players.

This policy is nothing short of gambling by another name…

It’s like the punter who comes into the pub, waving his wad and boasting of his £2,000 win on the ponies, failing to mention the £4,000 he’s forked out to get it…

Of course the Celtic Board are no mug punters, they’re smart businessmen. The reason they do it is to give the illusion they somehow made the big transfer money, that it’s by rights theirs as it was their nouce that created it.

Total nonsense of course, a zero sum gain, all they have done is to recycle supporters money, to give the effect the money in the bank is their creation.

The dividends are very nice of course but small beer, the real money comes from the cash in hand that sustains value while the real payday is awaited… the Celtic move to a bigger league and a huge bonus for the owners, might never happen but for them, worth the punt surely, considering they are betting with other peoples money.

Secondly, it does not benefit us on the park either, imo.

While our peers across Europe build squads, successive Celtic Managers have had to work with chaos theory…

Which “high value” players in which positions shall we loose, who will be their replacements, will there be replacements? One things for sure, if they are they will be a day late and a do$$ar short.

Lenny MK 1, Ronny D and the B Rodgers couldn’t build and sustain a coherent squad and huge opportunities were missed.

If you want to know what this signing policy looks like, just rewind to the double treble winning squad, a squad of invincibles, a squad that got us UCL football two seasons on the trot, a squad that brought in record turnover, record profits, had record value…

Totally decimated, in quality, value, moral… by this policy. A solid third teir UCL side dragged down to the level of Glasgow’s new kids on the block.

Hail Hail


Cheers for the reply – and bang on the money imo! My post was delivered from a PLC’s viewpoint, I don’t agree with the policy but it has delivered substantial dividends for a long period of time!
Going back to when we first signed VVD, and he was being touted for bigger and better things within 3 or 4 months of arriving, I said to a mate now is the time for Celtic to start building teams rather than selling at the earliest opportunity. VVD stayed for 18 months, which surprised me at the time as there was opportunities to sell in the previous transfer window.
We still haven’t learned any lessons from our buy/sell strategy but someone is doing well out of it…and it’s not the team or the support!!


I totally agree with your post. However, it really annoys me when I read Celtic supporters call Brendan Rodgers a rat, snake, fraud.
Terrible way to talk about our former manager, who gave us so much joy and success. I may be in the minority, but I thank Brendan Rodgers for his time at Celtic.


John Higgins just had a maximum break at the Crucible. First time since 2012 when it was Stephen Hendry. that alone wins him £55,000 !


McCaff @ 11:22 am,

Ah! Right, well from the PLC perspective you are bang-on. For them it has served it’s purpose well. Recycling the supporters cash into a large stash in the bank while maintaining enough quality on the Park to keep us competitive in the “old firm” battle and give us some jaunts in Europe.

It has maintained share value while minimising risk and sustaining the “old firm” cash cow. Win Win for them.

Garry @ 11:23 am,

Apologies Garry, it was tongue in cheek, sarcasm, obviously not that clear. I have rectified it.

Brendan Rodgers may not be perfect but I hold him in the highest regard.

Hail Hail

alive and kicking. good health to all


Thank you sir. Your post surprised me a bit.
Your revised post reads much better to me, and I can now agree with you 100% ??

on this beautiful sunny day


Mario B
Great to see you on. Hope your health isn’t too bad. You are in my prayers.



Also agree about buying/selling… if we concentrate on VvD and Odsonne type players, where you pay more money out for a young player with known potential, yet can come in and be first team players in a relatively short period of time and after a few seasons of winning trophies and European experience they can move on for a profit.

Cheers Garry, thought if you didn’t get it few would:))

Hail Hail


Do you believe?


Garry, thanks, apt tune. Just call me chemical brother, rattling with aw the meds. doing ok, just knackered at times. Oot. take care all.



Mike in Toronto

Two types of Celtic fans…

Of course, just off screen is a third character … dressed in a sharp suit, saying, ‘about to die, eh? Have you renewed your season ticket, yet? They are non-refundable, you know. And have you thought about leaving money to Celtic in your will?…’


It has been said that a week is a long time in Politics. That is nothing compared to football. A few days seems to be enough to cause seismic shifts in people’s thinking.

We won 5-1 in the first game of the season. At times, performance was excellent. Previously, many reserve and fringe players performed well vs Hibs and Ross County. And here we are, sweating after Sevco blow their budget on two question mark players.

The transfer window runs until October. That is another 2 months when most clubs will run further into the red. Consequently, the best deals will happen in September, not August. In the meantime, we have a squad more than good enough to handle the domestic scene until the question mark of Sevco.

Fletcher was a punt to replace Bayo. It works or it doesn’t. It does not affect the first team choices, only squad depth.

I am slow on the uptake but on Sunday, I saw the problem with Ajer in defence. His one footedness severely limits his options. He passes across goal to Julien because he favours his right……can be dangerous but does limit forward progress. More importantly, players go past on his left, causing him to either tackle weakly or go to ground in an attempt to get the ball. With Bolingoli as support, it will be a disaster! Taylor is improving but he will have to get back to assist Ajer as well as develop his attacking abilities…..tough year ahead for him.

Random thoughts on a sunny day, free of Tornado warnings. Four of these babies touched down nearby a few days ago.



I will leave Celtic some money in my will.

I was working in St Louis. Some American guys took me out for dinner. One of them wanted some water. He told the passing waitress to bring him some.

Maybe 10 minutes or so later, he had to ask again. It eventually arrived. Then he had another issue . For the life of me I don’t remember exactly what, but he wasn’t enamoured with the service.

When the bill arrived, he insisted on covering it.

As we were leaving he went his pocket and took out 1c. He put it on the table.

When we got outside I asked him why he’d put a one cent piece on the table? I wondered if it was some mid west custom that I was unaware of?

He said it was something some to reflect the fact you were unhappy with the service!

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, I’m giving PL a mention in my will. ?

I’ve actually written my will.

“First of all I’d like to mention my wife.

Hi M, yer gettin’ nowt”


Hi all.
From the Evening Express.
An Aberdeen player has tested positive for coronavirus, putting Saturday’s Premiership meeting with St Johnstone at McDiarmid Park under threat.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, as jim is watching snooker, i might have to tell myself some true stories??

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