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Told you all yesterday that this was gonna be my shortest article ever. Still raging at that display.


First I have to confess that I couldn’t watch the game live, having some stuff I needed to deal with at my mums, so I was already aware of the result before I decided to watch the match. Actually I wasn’t going to watch it at all, but was up most of the night so it gave me something to do.
Given I knew the result and having read the SC comments prior to watching, I was perhaps watching with my mind already made up that we were utter garbage, but I did try to take an objective view of things.

That proved difficult.

That was dire. Turgid.

Lacking invention, lacking flair, lacking creativity and overall, I’d say a 1 out of 10 performance. When you can’t determine who was our worst player, then it shows you just how bad it was.

No point in moaning about the pitch. It’s unfit for purpose in my opinion but we’ve been there before. We knew the challenge we faced and it’s up to the manager and players to come up with a system / performance to counter the plastic pitch.

We never came close to doing that.

The keeper can be excused I feel. Debut. No chance with the spot kick though encouraging that he read it well. Just too firmly struck to offer him a chance of keeping it out.

I truly don’t think another player in the side merits anywhere close to pass marks. They can be joined in that assessment by the management team.

Kilmarnock never changed their system. 2 lines of defence. It was obvious our system was woefully inadequate in attempting to breach their defence, yet nothing was changed to any great effect.

Julienne. My word. How bad was that. Not for the first time he was roughed up badly and had no answers. I said after watching him in his first few games he was a £1/2 m player . He made me eat my words with a few sterling performances shortly after, but he’s doing his best to revert me back to my original assessment. He’s not going to do v certain types of opposition. He’s our main man at the back though. That is a big worry. His partner in crime was no better. Ajer. Woeful positioning several times. The full backs? I’ve said recently they are good attacking players but limited defensively. Sadly yesterday the proved that against a stubborn packed rearguard, they ain’t that good offensively.

The entire midfield were deplorable. Brownie, Christie… ach .. all of them. Square square back, square square back.

Eddie? Little to nothing to work with but didn’t cover himself in glory with the crumbs that he did have.

Subs made no difference. Ntcham in particular fitted in very well to what had gone beforehand. Equally ineffective.

That’s as bad as I’ve seen. The malaise was evident right throughout the team for the entirety of the match.

Was it just a bad day at the office? I sincerely hope so but fear not. Others ( managers) watching that yesterday will be no doubt adopting their system to repeat the dose at every opportunity.

Neil Lennon’s after match opinion that the players were lacking a little bit of fitness? Not buying it.

Only positive was the one point gained having played so badly. The next few games will be an opportunity got us to see if it was indeed a glitch, or, something more worrying.

A thing of beauty

Hmm, seems like bmcuwp decided to put in as much effort as our team.
Good comments twists, as you say you had the benefit of hindsight so could see the flaws but in fairness this whole blog saw the flaws. The fact our management team didn’t is the worry.
Hun loving criminals,
You are right to defend Brown, he deserves your support, I understand that but he was poor yesterday and contributes nothing going forward. We were playing a team that were sitting in, pumping the long ball over the top to a willing runner. Having brown in that situation is wasting an opportunity to play a more attacking player. Cal Mac can sit there and tidy up leaving christie and ntcham to move the defence around and find the final pass. You say Brown was getting the ball wide. Kilmarnock delivered the verdict on Brown yesterday. They were quite happy to let him have the ball. That says it all for me. It needs strong management for neil to pick the side that will win the game. If that means dropping the club captain then he needs to show the cajones to do that.
As for Griffiths. It’s getting quite tiresome now. A club investigation is the latest distraction. Celtic have been more than fair with him. My understanding was the club could have got rid of him, terminated his contract if after 9 months he wasn’t fit to play. We didn’t and I was proud of the club for that but at what point do we say we can’t do this anymore. Are we just going to keep paying him for flashes of a few weeks here and there. If so, then we need to get another striker in ASAP because what we’ve got is not going to be enough to carry Leigh for another 6 months.
This the ten at stake here. Everyone at the club needs to be focussed on it. I include peter Lawwell in that. Get some money spent on proper first team players, no more projects. You do your job and let others do theirs. I am incensed we are doing this pre season brinkmanship again. Sickening. I get that we only dropped two points etc etc but we should be battering teams like that if we invested properly in the best players we can afford instead of throwing a load of shite at the wall and seeing what sticks. Succession planning? Our club just don’t do it. Anywhere. As evidenced in the dressing room AND the boardroom.


I don’t know who did the assessment on Elyounoussi but for any team to pay millions for him is criminal The whole time he was on I was thinking he is taking the place of one of our young guys. I would like to see Frimpong moved up and play two guys up front

the way Julien played last week he is a better Center forward than a center half

And with 5 subs available Lennon could have rocked the team by showing some urgency in the last 15-20 mins the game was crying for a change of tactic and pace


By the way sometimes saying nothing is more effective than a long ramble
Good Decision BMCUWP

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Cyber space devoured first effort hence…….Test!

Celtic Champs Elect

The goalkeeper is the only one with pass marks.

We were dreadful and with 15 to go Lenny should have brought on Karamoko Dembele who can beat players for fun and he was the kid who could have wings the game

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, well it doesnt get any better the morning after, was hoping it was a bad dream and we won 6-0, but it wasnt to be, ATOB and TWISTY have said what i was giong to say, but better?

Noel Skytrot

For fuck sake is how my faither aptly described yesterday’s performance. In my opinion, when teams sit in and get physical we struggle as Livingston ably demonstrated last year, we need some steel in the squad for these type of games.

I know we’ve a lot riding on this season but reading some comments on social media is embarrassing, we’re two games in. FFS as my faither states. Lol

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Said after game …burnt mince…today ,that’s complimentary! Slops..( sloppy ). NFL couldn’t manage 3 subs so 5 must be giving him headaches!!
Worst of all ….. Golf day equals earache day for me. ‘ You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth ‘….Let’s hope I’m not in the rough 50 % of the game today??.


Yesterday started well for me. My best ever round of golf. I had 6 par putts. Only sunk one, on the last, which ironically was the longest of them all.

Now, to add some context, it’s only a par 3 and I’m shite.

Holes are only , on average, 170 yds I’d say. Most are 190 ish and there are 2 short ones at 130 and about 140 I think.

So I wasn’t tearing up trees but upped my handicap from shite to a bit shite.

I was buzzing though.

Then the remainder of the day and Celtic conspired to wipe the smile from my face.

Good luck today !


Another good draw
Should Celtic beat KR Reykjavík in QR1, we would face either Ferencvaros (Hungary) or Djurgardens IF (Sweden) in QR2.

Home draw, but subject to restrictions could be moved to a neutral location.

Game will be played on 25th/26th August.


Poor, poor game yesterday. Difficult to find a player who managed to reach 50% of his potential. After a good start v Hamilton, we have blinked first in this league race. Thankfully, there’s a long way to go.

There will be more bad days on the road to our attempt at 10iar. The trick, as always, will be to keep them to a minimum. Or, at least , to a smaller number than our nearest competitor, whoever that will be.

Definitely need at least one CB.



That is a pretty fair summing up of the performance. The word awful is one I used more and more as the game progressed.

The two full backs were as ineffective this week as they were effective last, so how could NFL know that and drop them?

He could have subbed both Frimpong and Elyanoussi at half time and ironically when Bolingoli came on he put more crosses in than Taylor managed over 80 minutes, but would his early appearance have been welcomed because he is apt to make a serious mistake?

Klimala for Elyanoussi was a change I thought would happen at half time.

So some blame NFL points in there but also reasons why the team that beat Hamilton took the field (bar the goalie).

We have never played well at Rugby Park on an artificial surface. The 6 0 gubbing to win the title in 2012 was on grass. All games on that artificial surface, win lose or draw have been poor in performance terms. Yesterday it was rugby played at the well named Rugby Park with a lot of our passing backwards or square and Killie using the up and under Garry Owen to good effect.

Didnt NFL abandon our usual style last season in the game Brown sclaffed the winner?

My experience from my youth and watching my technically talented lad play over 10 years tells me a good surface improves performance.

From the black ash at the improperly named Glasgow Green to the well tended grass pitches , public and private in London in 1966 my game, that depended on good ball control and speed as a fish supper would eat me in a tackle, improved greatly for the simple reason controlling the ball was easier and I had space.

Whilst not true, that 20 minutes into my first game at Acton Town I yelled at our manager the game needed another ball for the rest, but it could have been because of the time quick control afforded me by the grass surface to evade tackles.

Someone commented yesterday about Christie needing 5 touches on the ball at one point. On that surface a touch that keeps a ball under control on grass can see it run out of control. The time taken to have a second touch is enough time for a hard working defender to close down space.

That is why I have a fear of losing points at Rugby Patk because the surface negates some of the technical advantage our players have (and some Killie lads have it too especially when moving the ball fast) and it simply cannot be ignored as a factor affecting performance given the way Celtic normally play.

I bet if you asked the players privately for their views on artificial surface they would say they hate it and that too has an impact on attitude on the day.

If Killie play the same game v all visitors to Rugby Park other clubs will drop points.

None of that dismisses the criticisms made of players as invalid, particularly the need for a no nonsense CB alongside Julien, but on the day the surface helped Kiliie more to perform to their best than it helped Celtic.


I am not depressed by that performance. I am looking at videos of my grandchildren laughing and playing in pastures far from where I live.

I am not depressed because I see a different me in my wedding photos.

I am not depressed because I can stare up at the sky and wonder about the Great Oneness that we all have.

Football? What football? I am not depressed.

My life is good.



In season’s context it was as people have said only one game.
But was that performance?
We had been dire in our preseason warm up’s with the exception of youngsters putting on a good show against Hibs.
People said it will change when the season starts.
The opening day win was interesting as when we played positive front foot football we were potent and good but for large swathe’s of that game we were turgid and reverted to our sideways and backwards
We have players who can be skillful and creative but far to often settle for the safe and easy play.
There seems to be a lack of mental fortitude in our squad.


Still ragin but….


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, look its performances like yesterday that may see us miss out on the 10, we need to focus on what is at stake here, just think about it for a minute, a feat that IMHO will never be beaten, the board need to get their act together and give lenny the money he needs to strengthen the team, how many of you in all honesty, think rainjurs would not have won that game, we need to beef up,H,H.

big packy

JIM, you watching snooker??

Billy Bhoy

The most worrying thing about yesterday was the utter lack of a plan B. I saw no tactical change after half time to change our set up.

At the goal, Julian complained that the ball had gone out of play for a shy to us but thereafter completely lost his concentration and composure. That’s not good enough.

It’s clear that we are crying out for a Bobo at the back and a Sutton up top. Failure to get that type of player means, for me, we can forget Europe.

Which probably means that we can forget Europe!


To return to reality but only for a moment. We have had two games in the season….one was won convincingly, one was a draw. Briefly, reviewing coaching decisions during these games we see the following. In Game 1 five subs are available but the first sub appears after 70 minutes, despite Celtic being in complete control of the game, 3 more arrive after 86 minutes. The reason? The first team need more minutes on the pitch. Yes, but do they need an injury at this stage of the season.

Game 2 when it is known in advance that Killie will play defensively and rely on the break, we start with 4231, not 352 or even 433. The first half shows no chances are created from open play…..the only chances are from set pieces. The response from the coaching team at the start of the second half is switch Forrest to tye left and tell everyone to try harder. At this point what is the team shape, especially in midfield and forward? Brown is struggling with the pace of the game and is easily turned; Calmac is lost in space trying to cover for Brown and make up for the inept Elyanoussi and Christie; Edouard is starved and forced to retreat to try to get the ball. In addition, both Elyanoussi and Christie ate given free roles to wander all across the forward line….in other words no position. By this time, Ajer and Julien are faring better against Killie’s one threat Kabamba so their threat is greatly reduced. The game is crying out for a switch of tactics that would a) provide forward support for Edouard and b) create more(some) chances. After 66 minutes, i.e., half way through the second half a light bulb goes on and Klimala appears and the ineffective Frimpong is replaced by El Hamed. After that it is desperation with Bolingoli thrown on in the last few minutes to try some crosses into the box. Oh, I forgot, Brown stayed on until the 80th minute before being replaced by Ntcham, who did at the least introduce some urgency into our play. Poor Klimala…….he stayed up hoping for long balls to run onto but none came. Ultimately, he with Edouard, was to be found back in midfield trying to get the ball.

It is too early to draw a conclusion on how the season will progress but the evidence is mounting on the reality of our situation. Cluj, Copenhagen and the two games vs Sevco together with the season so far define the coach. He is an average SPL coach, blessed with superior resources to any other club in the league. Nine times out of ten that is enough to win against SPL opposition. However, when the opposition have a plan and execute it properly, it is a toss up whether Celtic can adjust to deal with it.

This is where we are so get used to it.


big packy

REBUS67, hi pal i agree with everything you said apart from the last sentence, we should not have to get used to it, we pay the best wages in scotland by a mile, we should expect better from our players,.hope you are well.H.H.


Bobby/ Mahe
You aware of any blog issues?

Thought it odd that Bada hadn’t posted on the naps , or been around.

Mailed him. He says the blog has been down for days. I’ve let him know it’s ok here, but clearly he can’t get on? Any problems you’re awAre of?

??? Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Sorry Rebus i don’t agree he is an average spfl coach that is a cheap shot imo.
I await the reaction from Celtic on Wednesday ??✌



News-and not good news either!-to me,mate. Thanks for the info,I’ll try to think of a solution for him.


Celtic plc,

What I should have said is that he is an SPL level coach. Look at his coaching performances outside of Celtic. Bolton and Hibs. In the latter he did well to begin with and then their performances tailed off.

Still, your opinion is just as valid as mine, and I realise he did not appoint himself.


bada bing1

Blog had a 404 message from Friday, thought had been cyber bombed,cheers Twists


No worries.

Sorry for confusing you with my mails. I totally misinterpreted your first response and from thereafter it’s just got more bizarre! ?

Mike in Toronto

Is that Rebus on here causing trouble again? No surprise. He bears watching, that one.

Actually, You notice that most of the troublemakers are Expats? Ruffians, the lot of them. At the beginning, I suggested to BMCUWP and Mahe that they ban all foreign based posters. I think I could have convinced BMCUWP, but for some reason, Mahe was a harder sell.


big packy

AFGHAN ,how you doing pal and the wee dug?

big packy

MIKE, remember me and yours truly getting stick on cqn for daring to mention dugs, thank goodness for mick and stevie,?


Afternoon all, I hope this finds everyone well!
‘Sing when we’re winning, we only sing when we’re winning!’
It’s hard work following a successful team, harder even when they fail to live up to your expectations. I always think our reactions to an unexpected loss is worse than any other teams, except mibbe The Rangers’ support.
Of course yesterday’s performance was unexpected and certainly dinted the feel good factor that a lot of us felt after last week’s game. The cynics have had their say, and fair to say it’s always harder to please a cynic!
But what the performance on Sunday showed us was we’re light in numbers and quality if we think we’re gonna walk this League! The shortcomings are too obvious but imo I don’t think we’re half as bad as has been portrayed by the worst of the summaries on here!!
Lenny is not a great tactician, we know this, we have for a while, but I watched 2 and a half seasons of sideways and backwards fitba from Rodgers, even during the Invincible season. Lenny will drive this team to the league title, I’m convinced of that. I’m not convinced it’s gonna be pretty every week…and I’m sure we’ll hear all about it when it’s not pretty but Kilmarnock played above themselves yesterday and like Twisty’s golf, we were well below par!
We will improve of that I’m certain, hopefully sooner rather than later!!!

big packy

MCAFF no im not well, still reeling from that performance, i want my money back, i payed a one off subscription of 80 quid for that to sky sports for that rubbish, and it was audio only, thank feck i never seen the pictures.,? ? ? ?


Big Jim Packy, I paid £700 for a virtual season ticket that didn’t even get me that game, and my Virgin Media package on top!!! Count yersel lucky it was only £80!!! ???


Since Kenny won Mahe’s competition.
Here’s a wee interview.
“The board instructed me to go out and get the best, and I think I’ve got the best.” Here’s Bob Paisley in August 1977 discussing his latest singing, Kenny Dalglish

big packy

MCAFF, what can i say, luv to you and the wee dug,, BTW, dont know where jim is, im getting worried.?


I can honestly not remember watching a Celtic team where every outfield player was so poor. Not one got pass marks yesterday. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and put it down to that dreadful pitch. Looking for a huge improvement in Paisley on Wednesday. I pray that yesterday was a one off.


Good to have you back on.
It was a cunning plan by Mick, so that you would miss picking a nap.?


Jim will be watching Clydebank Bhoy Anthony McGill thrashing Kurt Maflin at the Crucible, 6-1 so far.


Someone asked me today, on Twitter, if McGill was a Tim.
I copied and pasted your comments when he won, in the last round.
Thanks, buddy.


Hi Garry, it’s a pity you’re not getting the chance to see your nephew play against us on Wednesday. With the best will in the world, and nothing against Marcus, but I hope the ‘Tic bounce back to life on Wednesday and hammer St Mirren! We need it!


Enjoyed that wee snippet on KK. Ty

bada bing1

Ajeti in Glasgow to complete loan move

bada bing1

JNP- the lengths people go to….

Mike in Toronto



After watching that game, I want my money back too. And I didn’t even pay for it!?


Ajeti in is great, his trickery and guile might help when playing teams like Killie. Two up top putting each other through plus following up the others shots was needed. Griff is usually good against a packed defence.

They flog Eddy there will be hell to pay.
I’d buy Kabamba to replace Boom Boom Bayo. Was impressed with him. Best player on the pitch yesterday.

Hail Hail

big packy

GARRY, cheers was wondering where he was?


7-1 to McGill. His hero is John Higgins, his team is Celtic. McGill plays out of Lucky Break snooker club Clydebank, where he regularly practices with Alan McManus, Stephen Maguire and John Higgins. You never see Larkhall hun Graeme Dott in Clydebank ?

big packy


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