Deliver the men for the ten

While the footballing department is out of action, all eyes turn to the off field business of strengthening the team, something everyone wants to see happen. Our club of choice is the biggest in the land capacity wise, and has by far the bigger global fanbase, plus the faithful are world renowned. All the above also add up to the biggest bank balance, as it should, so with the support on edge and rivals rubbing hands, it’s the perfect time to play our strongest card and flex the financial muscle.
Open the piggy bank and bring in quality.


I say strongest card for a reason as in theory the financial advantage should see us buying from a pool our opponents can’t afford which means, on paper at least, a better standard of player than the rest. At the moment we are relying on individual talents to shine and win the game for us, so buying the best should keep that success rolling.
That’s why some quality now, to help gain momentum and take first spot, may be vital to our chances of retaining the title again.


The keeper was a statement signing. Elly is an International with experience of the biggest league in the world, has pace and skill, ticks all the boxes on paper.
The squad doesn’t need more filling out and the very last thing some of our talented youth need is their route to the team blocked by a player who cost more so is more fashionable.
The first team could do with a breath of fresh air, it perks up the entire squad plus puts some on alert knowing their spot is about to go.
A few quality players right now is the very best thing the PLC could produce.


Barkas and El Hamed were the last two that stepped straight into the team, so we aren’t signing first team ready players a lot, but it’s not beyond us to pull a couple out of the hat, after all they are out there.
It depends who you are talking to but the general feeling seems to be a defender (preferably left sided) and a striker. A midfielder would be strange considering how many names we have in the nix for 2 or 3 spots, unless we have a departure of course.
I thought young Luca Connell was excellent when given a chance btw, and as mentioned would hate to see his route to the team blocked. Then there’s Soro, who looks tidy.
But Lenny is loyal to his midfield warriors, so it’s hard to see why there.


The wings? It would give Jamesy a boot up the arse is a common claim, but we have Wee Dembele, plus Mikey Johnson could play there, and that’s where Connell shone from for his 45 minutes of fame. The left see’s Elly and Mikey duel for that spot, maybe Christie as back up as I’m not going to mention Shved, so I think the gaffer will see that side as covered.
It’s up front and at the back looks like the priority.
Left back may well have a slot that needs filling, so centre back, left back, striker and replace the outs like for like and the chase for the title is genuinely on.


The numerous transfers misses we have had in recent years do give cause for concern of course, we can only hope we have done substantial homework on our incomings as the last thing the Virtual fanbase need is another Braffheid.
With things as important as they are, plus the less than ideal start to our campaign, these next signings will be magnified and scrutinized beyond belief, and are walking into big pressure despite empty arena’s.
Getting them right is essential. Reputations are on the line, for the wrong ones at this time won’t be forgiven.
Lets see the suits earn their coin, deliver the men for the ten!


The above is by Mahe.

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noun: déjà vu

“a feeling of having already experienced the present situation”

I fear we are about to be massively disappointed on the transfer front.

In general :

The shutdown/ lockdown which gave us the longest pre season in my lifetime seems to have left us in turmoil.

Weak direction, weak management, weak discipline. At every level we have been found wanting. We are already under pressure. Euro match looming with a very dark shadow hanging over us. Possibility of facing an 11 point deficit with 3 matches in hand.

In horse racing terms our main have rivals the bit between their teeth and the match officials and authorities have their whips drawn.

Good teams who are well managed can overcome that handicap. There’s already enough evidence after just a couple of games for us, and a match more for others, that we need to up our game significantly. That’s with signings, performance and discipline.

The fans have done what they can. Stepped up and handed over their cash.

The likes of Boli and LG have failed us.

If DD and PL are not sitting down now planning the purchases to strengthen this team, the 10 ain’t happening. Will they be? I doubt it. See my opening comment.


Morning all. This virus ain’t going away. I see football stopped quite soon. Too many selfish bastards mixing, travelling, pubs crowded. You can’t reason with stupid.
All talk of transfers, team strengthening is moot, IMO. Closed down before December.


Should have added; we know that Sevco and the suits will use ANY rule or process to thwart the ten. Celtic must ensure they don’t fall any distance behind Sevco because, for certain, they’ll be awarded the league if at all possible, citing this year as a precedent.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, mahe i tend to agree with twisty if pedro gets his cheque book out i will personally fly over to california with a load of ulster fry for you? how many times have we been let down in the transfer market, when we should be miles ahead of that mob from govan,we live in hope.H,H,

big packy

GER57, its the same down here in cheshire, the pubs are packed mostly 18 to 35s to be honest, but they think they are immune because they are young, it does not work like that im afraid.H,H,


Sorry to be on such a downer, but here’s more.
We are headed for mass unemployment; unnecessarily IMO, but defo happening unless the govt does a U-turn on the economy. Football clubs will not be high on the priorities for govt help. How long before a few go bust? What state are the finances of Scottish clubs? Can anything be done to help? What’s being done elsewhere by football associations and governments? Any lessons for us?


Big Packy
Young adults seem to be spreaders of the virus, many of them asymptomatic and they only get a milder reaction if they show symptoms. They mix with older and more vulnerable folk, causing danger to the whole community. Crazy!!
It doesn’t help if supposed role models blatantly flout the rules.
I’m not going near a pub for a while yet.

big packy

GER57? aff oot dugwalking catch yeez later

Noel Skytrot

Rumours abound regarding the possibility of Shane Duffy coming in on loan, he’s just the type of player we need at the back, is a decent player, takes no shit and knows the drill Celtic wise, get it done Lawwell.


Bang on. I’m sick and fed up at the lack of a government plan that will protect the elderly and the members of the community with underlying symptoms.

That said, as you allude to, other fkn idiots seem to have no respect for the rules which have been put in place . The punishments are not severe enough. It does not matter whether you agree with them or not, for now, abide by them until we have a more effective solution br means of immunity or whatever.

One of the biggest racecourses in the UK recently spent a fortune preparing for a big meeting. All social distancing measures taken.

Stopped at the last minute on government advice. Meantime, can’t move in pubs, supermarkets, beaches etc etc.

Where is the logic in all of this.

Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Re the economy. Yep . Again, stumbling from one catastrophe to another.

Noel Skytrot

GER57, I work most days in my place of employment trying to keep the client group and myself safe, if only people could experience the shit i’ve got to go through most days to prevent Covid spreading, their blase attitudes would change.

Noel Skytrot

Twisty, methinks they’re going for the herding option with the contagion.


Morning all and Packy.
I popped into my local for half an hour yesterday on my way back from the post office. There was only one punter in and the barmaid. It was the same last time I was in. The most I’ve seen in the pub since re-opening was about 10 or 12, well spread out. Mind you my local is typically middle aged and it’s the afternoons.
The pubs which are crowded out with young ones – I blame the owners. Young ones do as young ones do. It needs control.



Ulster fry,that rare Scouse delicacy! Absolutely love it,but there are so many additives in it that it actually gives me a headache. Haven’t had it for about twenty years,and probably about twenty years before that too,but my mate back home got his Scouse missus to bring some back for me one time.

Now that I come to think about it,one of my acquaintances in town goes up there quite a lot. I’ll need to butter her up,get her to bring some back next time she’s home.



Was discussing that yesterday with a couple of the lads. We reckon we will be lucky to make it through October. Short of a vaccine,it’s a shitshow


Bobby, used to love Ulster Fry when I was a youngster but that was probably before all the additives! haven’t saw it in years.



To be fair to the only four pubs I’ve been in since the pubs reopened six weeks ago,rules are strictly enforced in them all. Of course,I can’t speak for during the evenings,but I see no reason why that should change. All four are quite strict on evening security even in normal times.

One of them only does table service-never thought I’d see the day,a click of the fingers and a cry of “Serving wench!” The other three,only one person at a time allowed at each till and distance strictly enforced while queuing.


My mum is 88 shortly. She’s been ill recently. Concerningly so.

At the weekend she was rushed into the Royal in Edinburgh. Obviously I wanted to see her. They informed me that I could go through to see her for 30 minutes if I booked an appointment. Not long I appreciate, but, I was grateful for the 30 mins. The problem was that after I visited her, no one else can. It has to be only me. Again, I could understand why, though it caused me a headache trying to fit work in, and get through to the hospital for my short appointment of 30 minutes.

As it transpired they called me to cancel my arranged visit. They had put some elderly patients in the ward beside my mum, for shielding purposes.

Frustrating but perfectly understandable. All throughout, the hospital staff were very understanding, kept me fully informed, and were happy passing my messages to my mum to let her know I’d phoned.

What did surprise me was on Tuesday they let her come home so I went to get her. Shambolic . Outside of the wards there was no control whatsoever. No social distancing, little evidence of face masks being worn, and it honestly seemed to be a free for all.

Is it even possible to maintain the protocols? I’m not sure. One guy at a reception desk had a sign up which said “ please wear a mask before speaking to me”. I had mine on. He didn’t!! Whit the??????

Anyhow I’m not moaning as such merely emphasising how shambolic it seems to be.

To the staff looking after my mum? Top drawer . Until they lost her for 20 minutes on the day I went to get her ?


We had all sorts of fright scenarios that affected our mood towards 10iar.

DD & PL would ensure we won’t get the 10

Scottish refs will ensure we won’t get the 10

The SFA and SPFL will ensure we won’t get the 10

But nobody predicted a fringe left back making a short trip to Spain would jeopardise the 10.

Truth is stranger than fiction.


Sounds hellish Twisty. Good to hear she’s home. Tell her I send my love & best wishes.


Shane Duffy would be an excellent signing for us. Exactly what we need in defence. Go get the big Derry Bhoy.


Good start this morning by Kyren Wilson. Anthony McGill not woke up yet.



Glad to hear that your Mum is out of hospital,mate. All crossable things crossed!


Garry, I knew it wasn’t always going to be so easy throughout a 33 frame match.



To be fair,most of us reckoned that DD and PL would be more keen than anyone to get The Ten,certainly those that I speak to. Because if we don’t,and their actions or otherwise can be held responsible,there will be no place to hide.

But Boli,bloody hell. Who goes to Spain for one bloody night? And as for the stories that he was talking to an interested club,I’m not having that. Players have agents for such things.


Turning into a great match.



Jim. Thanks. I’ll tell her.


Just heard on the news:

A lorry carrying snooker equipment has crashed on the M8. The driver is under a rest and the cues go back for miles


Two flukes in one frame for Anthony.
Lady luck on his side.


No Garry It’s my prayers! 🙂

Twisty LOL 🙂 Good one!

Noel Skytrot

Twisty, I hope yer wee ma is in good form and that she stays healthy.


7-5 to Anthony McGill heading into mid session interval. Great match.

Noel Skytrot

Garry, if we get him in there will be no fannying around if the opposition want to go down the physical route with him, it’s long overdue.


It also helps that he is a huge Celtic supporter from Derry. He gets us! ????


Shane Patrick Michael Duffy is a great name for a Celtic player.
At 28 years old, he is in his prime.
Would love this signing to happen. ????


Celtic PLC Business Plan 20/21

Sell 55,000 season tickets to mugs who wont actually be able to games anytime soon – box ticked
Promote Adidas deal and sell tens of thousands adidas tat to mugs which they cant wear going to see their team – box ticked
Reduce squad/wage bill – box ticked
Leave no stone unturned to get TIAR – Whit’s TIAR?


Wonderful, emotional tribute to John Higgins there. Well done BBC ?


Was nearly crying myself there Garry.


Celtic have completed the signing of striker Albian Ajeti. 4 year contract. He joins from West Ham in a £5m deal.


Albian Ajeti has completed his signing to Celtic. £5 million, 4 year contract. Buzzing about this signing.?
Shane Duffy next please.


Rudi Vata and the Albanian President will be delighted with this signing. Mon the AA! ?


Great news about Ajeti. I was looking at his stats yesterday and he has the ring of a successful striker.


Reporting on Sky that Ajeti has taken a significant pay cut in order to sign for Celtic and be reunited with his mate Moi Elyounoussi. His assists man at Basel.

bada bing1

Seems Ajeti was on 50k a week at West Ham, cracking record with Basel, a good team in a good league. Griffiths or Eddy’s replacement?


Maybe Ajeti likes the idea of winning trophies over a few extra £k per week. Not all footballers are greedy.
Hope he scores a barraload.


Surely Bayo’s replacement. Reckon he will leapfrog Griffiths and Klimala to become Edouard’s partner.


Very Pertinent Leader Mahe,

The numerous transfers misses we have had in recent years do give cause for concern of course, we can only hope we have done substantial homework on our incomings as the last thing the Virtual fanbase need is another Braffheid.

With things as important as they are, plus the less than ideal start to our campaign, these next signings will be magnified and scrutinized beyond belief, and are walking into big pressure despite empty arena’s.

Getting them right is essential. Reputations are on the line, for the wrong ones at this time won’t be forgiven.
Lets see the suits earn their coin, deliver the men for the ten!

If you take out the conspiratorial think of MiT et al – that we were allowed the nine as a kinda thanks for our assistance in the re-incarnation of Rangers but that the Tenth was always earmarked for Rangers and the return of old firm duality.

Those like me, who think we were just spending enough to keep us ahead of Rangers yet keep the old firm pounds rolling in, believed that was an unambitious and risky strategy.

It has been said this was mitigated by our plan b or as you state “play our strongest card and flex the financial muscle.”

Now this has concerned me for a number of reasons, firstly would be the fact that Celtic peers are not in Scotland but in Europe and we should be aiming to put our finest possible team out and best those Clubs.

Secondly is, will it work? There was always a possibility of Rangers improving and a mishap befalling Celtic. This we thought was more likely to be an injury to key players such as OE rather than a rush of blood to the head by Bolingoli. None the less, it was a clear and present danger.

So we throw money at it, but does that work?

Well Celtic have been wallowing in mediocrity for quite some time, for most of the nine we have won the league at a canter.

We were fed a lot of myth and legend in that time…

Every penny brought in goes back in the Club

We target UCL qualification every season

We are one of the best run Clubs in Europe etc etc

One you may have forgot, our first class European wide scouting network and our state of the art database we use to find prospective players… well what happened to that, did John Park take his rolodex and pda with him?

The fact is, we are not very good at finding, integrating and developing players.

We thought when we signed Julien, El Hamed and Bolingoli and brought Bauer on loan we had bought players to go straight into the first team defence. It was supposed to be backing of Lenny and a show of intent. The reality is very mixed, we certainly have dropped significantly since BR’s time and remember he was looking to bring in 2 or 3 defenders to strengthen.

We have the same people in place making the decisions… even if we spend over £20M (and remember we’re almost half way there already) can this squad be significantly improved?

Will the funds be spent wisely, will the players bed in.

For the first time in nine years the pressure will be on Celtic to catch up, to win every game, bringing new players in under that scenario is a whole different ball-game.

For me it’s not as simple as getting the cheque book out and winning the league our financial muscle and real expertise lie in the PLC, our football department is the poor relation.

The challenge is there for all to see, are we seeing a golden era of Celtic football Club or is it all myth.

Hail Hail


Brilliant performance and morning session from Kyren Wilson. Now 8 frames apiece going into tonight’s session. Great match to watch.


Garry, disappointed. However it’s only half time and a draw. Anthony should come out this evening and think of it as a new match.


Yes Jim. First to 9 now. Hopefully our 9 in a row inspires Anthony. ?

Mike in Toronto


My ‘conspiracy theory, isn’t quite as described.

The agreement was not that we would get 9. The tacit agreement was that Celtic would do nothing to insist that rules (e.g., liquidation rules, or deduction of points for fielding improperly registered players) be enforced, so that Rangers could continue.

Rangers would never have agreed to give us 9 titles. It was other clubs who screwed up the Old Firm plan, and instead of Rangers dying (which, legally, should have happened), or demoted for one season (the Old Firm plan), they were ‘demoted’ to the bottom tier). So that handed Celtic a few unexpected titles. Then Rangers made a pig’s ass of their return, which handed Celtic a few more titles.

So, we ended up with 9. But That was never the plan. But now that we are there, the crooks that run the clubs will do whatever they think is best for their pocketbooks. And what I have said Is that 10 would be bad financially for the Old Firm. So our club will do what is best for their pocketbook

Do you seriously think that DD – who has repeatedly been caught giving “loans” to politicians, and/or refurbishing their yachts -would be above dodgy dealings in football?

And …. (phew… deep breath), given that I called Celtic’s inactions correctly (I said that Celtic would do nothing about Res 12, and after they had run out the limitation period, would vote it away), I wouldn’t call that a theory. What I said would happen, did happen. That ain’t a theory. That’s a fact

Rant over???

But the rest, you are pretty much bang on

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