That Was The Weekend That Was


Due to unforeseen circumstances such as signing a useless twat last season who manages to encompass the deficiencies of all three of Dorothy’s companions in The Wizard Of Oz-no heart,no brain,no courage-we were deprived once again of watching our heroes in action at the weekend. It wasn’t without its moments though,as both the megabucks Manc clubs met their comeuppance,and we finally saw the dying embers of the great Barcelona side,who lit up much of the last decade for us all,snuffed out in the most ruthless of fashions. 

8-2,8-bloody-2!!! It’s kind of reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch,except that one with Michael Palin was funny. Watching Bayern absolutely destroy Barcelona wasn’t,not really. It was pitiful,an abject humiliation. Yet,less than a year ago,I watched that Bayern side beat Spurs in London by 7-2,so anyone doing their homework should have known that going into a game like that against such opponents,and playing a defence which was as much use as a chocolate fireguard,was likely not to end well. 

And so it proved. 

We all love The Beautiful Game,we all love our silky skills. Sometimes,such as this,we need a reminder that victories are achieved just as much,if not more,by a solid rearguard as by our talismanic front men. I think the last time that Barcelona had a decent defender was when Carlos Puyol was there,and he was best known for his last-ditch interceptions and throwing his body on the line. There’s yer Barcelona failings laid bare,no defensive structure for years because they didn’t think they needed to bother with that kind of stuff,it was beneath them. 

Recent shocking results in Europe-some thrashings in the later stages in The Champions League from such as PSG,Liverpool and Juventus-suggest that they don’t need a Pocchetino,they need a George Graham. Which is sad,but thems the breaks. 

And anyway,I don’t remember much sympathy from them after they scudded us a few times,so hell mend them…

Meanwhile,back at the ranch and in the absence of a George Graham ourselves,we need a centre back who scares the opposition shitless,and does the same to his defensive colleagues-in the right way,of course. I still hold out hope for Shane Duffy,and I can’t wait for him to arrive. I recall I Wanna saying that he enjoyed being at Celtic,and that the French players already there were making it easier for him. That his English was improving-its probably better than mine!-but he still found some of the Scottish lads difficult to understand,particularly during a match. 

Wait till he hears a Derry accent,that’ll be fun!!!

I think £5m will get him,but I’m a tad concerned that two other Brighton centre backs,Dunk and Webster,are being talked about as big money targets. First,that might get them used to levering their assets,secondly it might mean that they decide to keep him. This one won’t happen tomorrow,and I’m sure we will have other targets just in case. But we definitely need a commanding figure in there,and the sooner the better. 

Up front,the Toney from Peterborough stuff won’t go away,but unless his bosses stop shouting their mouths off,I can’t see us doing business on it. An obnoxious duo are Fry and MacDoughnut,just made for each other. My thinking is that we have no intention of dealing with that club now,and will deal with the player and his agent prior to a pre-contract in January. Frankly,I think that’s how I would deal with them too. I’m not a great fan of the company of people who diss me behind my back,and after a parting gift,usually take nothing more to do with them. A pre-contract can be Celtic’s parting gift to Dumb and Dumber,teach them some manners. 

Elsewhere,it seems that our noxious neighbours have failed again in their decade long task to record four wins in a row at the start of a league season,and their boss still can’t top his personal best of four in a row ever. Quel dommage. I could weep,but my sides haven’t recovered from earlier,particularly when I Timterloped onto the dark side and saw fuses popping everywhere. Who knew football could be such fun,especially a no score bore draw? Truly the gift that just can’t stop giving. 

Cheered me up no end,nearly as much as all the English teams getting a doing in Portugal this week. England’s oldest ally? With friends like that…


Above article by BMCUWP. Back to the football soon,but there’s still time to send us your thoughts for Article of the Day. Mail MAHE

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Morning Bobby
Excellent read.
Barcelona turnover was north of €800m last year . What’s that in auld money? £725m or so. Yet the cry was no defender.
With that sort of revenue you’d think it has to be as you say. A mindset that defenders are not of much importance if you can score a load at the other end. Spend your dough on the best frontmen yer money can buy.

I’ll tell what I find comforting from the weekend. Despite the aforementioned turnover, Barca have debts of over €800m.

Bayern? Debt free. No big investors. 80% of the club owned by the fans.
Mahe produced an article on here not too long ago talking about fan owned clubs.
I remember commenting at the time on it. Would DD sell up and if he did, what would it cost, and could the fans afford to buy it ?

I also remember musing over whether it could be a successful model. I think the weekend events have went a long way to answering my questions.


Good Morning Bobby! Twisty up on cue…
Time for DD to pony up a la Robbie and Roy.

I fair enjoyed the European results, and the spluttering, stuttering commentators with their smug superiority guff shoved back up their jacksies.
Oh, and Bayern were absolutely awesome.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

If there’s one thing as good as a pint or three with family before a game it’s going to golf on Mondays when the Govan Works X1 trip up yet again. Where’s my green and white top(s)…..Happy Monday’s!?
Watched last 25 mins and if that was them upping their game as per Boyd K would have enjoyed the earlier efforts.
On to our European game and once again short of competitive games,though this time thanks to Ballsitgoli and not pre-season.
Let’s hope for a start for the new 10 and a few pints,not 10, to celebrate in the CSC …..if we get in this time?
‘ I like Monday’s… well ones like this one.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, bobby good post, I agree with twisty lets get mr desmomd out,he has no Interest in the club, and get the fans in, if bayern can do it we can do it?


Morning all and Packy

big packy

JIM, love that song and video, cheered me up, in what is a horrible wet morning here, thanks for that?

big packy

well if im going to get soaked taking the dugs oot, i might as well get soaked now rather than wait till later, when its forecast thunderstorms and torrential rain.


Morning bhoys
Predictor league has been updated.
Got your email but no info on the tv package you got..
Came off golf course yesterday pissed off at how bad I was but that soon changed when I heard the hun score,beautiful Sunday lol..


I’ll mail it on my break. Was waiting to check if you’d got my mail ok ?



Noel Skytrot

It appears to be the end of a footballing empire over at FC Barcelona, but they didn’t half give the footballing world some amazing games to watch. Some have argued that the teams of the last decade deserve the mantle of greatest club in modern football ever, i’m not to sure of that, though they were fantastic to watch from 2010 onwards, not forgetting that remarkable night at CP when they had their peak team out and we still won, memories.

Onto William, they were shouting their mouths off again, the press were the usual cheerleaders as they blew their blue trumpets and look what happened, they never, ever learn. Gerrard is a dud.


This is a Scandal and a warning on what can happen to clubs that are the whim of an owner:- (from the BBC)

“Wigan Athletic’s owner enquired about putting them into administration before he had even completed his takeover.

Hong Kong-based Au Yeung Wai Kay spoke to insolvency practitioners Begbies Traynor about the prospect on 23 June.

Gerald Krasner, who is leading the Latics’ attempts to find a buyer, was alerted to the situation the following day given its seriousness.

It was also on 24 June that Kay told the English Football League he had bought a 51% stake in the club.

The written reasons for the failure of Wigan’s appeal against a 12-point deduction for the club going into administration were made public by the EFL on Monday.

As a result of the deduction, Wigan dropped to 23rd in the Championship and have been relegated to League One, with administrators being forced to sell a number of players in order to meet wages for June and July.

Hopes that a new buyer would be confirmed by 31 July proved to be unfounded. The administrators have put a 31 August deadline on the present process, heightening fears that the club will go bust.

A number of potential purchasers remain in talks with the administrators but with Wigan scheduled to play an Carabao Cup first-round tie on 5 September, clarity is required over the future funding of the club.”



An amazing and cautionary tale. I spoke about it a day or two after the final round of matches last month. Seems that the new owner,who is a big-hitter in SE Asian betting circles bought the club with the precise intention of getting them relegated so that he could win a bet!

I think the EFL need to take a good look at themselves here,with particular emphasis on their definition of who is fit and proper to own a club. In fact,as the stadium buyback schemes at Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday have also shown,there may be a question mark over the fitness of the EFL to regulate at all.


(Now had NL gone for a rugby like approach at Kilmarnock and we lost he would have got the same depth of coaching criticism as praise had we won.)
Don’t get why you responded with this as i never suggested anything like that.
I suggested firing in low crosses to utilize the erratic surface over the aimless floaty rubbish we used.
I t also applies to defenders that it is a difficult surface to control the ball.
No guarantee it would have been better but surely there should have been an alternative coaching directive to the players than the one that clearly didn’t work?

It was a generalisation in a specific post that I could have made clearer, not aimed at you. Sorry.

Funnily enough I was thinking at half time if NL would revert to a more up and under game but he clearly thought possession was going to get a result or feared criticism if going up and under didnt work.

I’m not disputing your low crossing point but in a congested goal mouth I can see why there wasnt more. Taylor had difficulty getting any cross in, high or low because of Killie pressing, helped if 2 touches needed to control the ball on receipt.

Even if it wasnt did players look as if they felt comfortable when taking a pass?
Some of it is in their heads on plastic pitches I reckon.


I watched the highlights of Killie’s weekend game and saw Andy Millen’s boy, a Killie player, get a straight red because his first touch got away from him and he chased after it to make a reckless tackle. It got me wondering whether there were more red cards in games on this unreliable surface caused by players who were surprised at how poor their first touch had suddenly become.

Does anyone have any tats?


Stats- I mean

I am not interested in your body inkings.


Thanks for the cordial reply.
On Taylor or anyone else struggling with blocked crosses it is a product of the laborious build up by our two central figures.
Christie was too busy being a headless chicken to be considered.
But neither Brown or McGregor seem to have any awareness of teammates when receiving a pass.
Both stop the ball look sideways ,take a few unnecessary touches then pass leading to an abundance of slow sideways movement that results in passing to a wideman already covered.
Against Killie i posted about McGregor receiving ball inside their half to right of centre circle,He then ambled horizontally across field taking 5 touches and made short pass to wide man who was covered.
The pitch definitely plays a part in players mindset but at Celtic park the same thing happens often as neither he nor Brown play with their head up enough to have awareness of teammates.
In my opinion this is our major problem as we lack creativity in the vital central area

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, thought the snooker had finished.?

big packy

FAN agree about creativity in the middle of the park, tin hat on?, but is mcgregor and broonie our best midfielders,H.H.

big packy

happy birthday to the late great bobby murdoch, one of the best, if not THE best player i haver ever seen play in a cetic shirt?

big packy

Celtic male voice choir?


Wee bit of bother with the site today. Was not updating automatically earlier on. When I pressed ‘refresh’ 4 new posts came up. And it took two attempts to get on this time. The ‘500’ error message.

big packy

JIM yes? also having problems with the 500 error message.



I’ll have a try at

Jim Brogan,Cesar,Yogi,Jinky,Big Tam,Bertie,Lou,The Brush,Bobby,Davie,TOHG,Lemon,Wispy,George and TC.


Bobby, no nicknames allowed! 🙂 LOL



What pissed me off most last week was the lack of quick passing,which had destroyed Hamilton the previous week. Chalk and cheese performances.

big packy

BOBBY, spot on?

bada bing1


From The Guardian.

“Coutinho is not the first loan player to score against the team that owns him and there is no great shame in that, but if he wins the Champions League with Bayern, Barcelona will reportedly owe Liverpool €5m more. The Champions League victory clause attached to his €120m-plus-€40m move from Anfield – a move that happened six months later than they wanted – did not specify that it had to be for them. If true, they’re effectively paying him to beat them, which would be so very Barcelona somehow; his goals were a suitably pitiful end.”



Sorry,I was channelling my inner Tontine Tim!

big packy

BOBBY, tontine tim has probably forgot more about celtic than we know??



Absolutely,mate. Couldn’t agree more,an encyclopaedic knowledge and incredible recall. Would be terrific company over a few beers,as of course are many others of a similar vintage.

bada bing1

TV info for tomorrow’s game

big packy

BOBBY, dont think south of tunis posts on cqn anymore, another sad loss to the celtic community H.H.



Yes,things don’t look good. That man knew his football-and his music! I hope the problem is with his device,or maybe just having a break,but sadly I think we all fear the worst.

big packy




A Rangers fan is arrested after Celtic’s second goal in their 2-0 win over their old rivals in September 1970. This affords a great view of old main stand, press box, and wee enclosure at Parkhead. I reckon you’d have to be 60 now to have vivid memories of that old structure.

9:13 pm · 12 Aug 2020· ,, I was at this game but thats not me being arrested,Conversation



A Rangers fan is arrested after Celtic’s second goal in their 2-0 win over their old rivals in September 1970. This affords a great view of old main stand, press box, and wee enclosure at Parkhead. I reckon you’d have to be 60 now to have vivid memories of that old structure.

9:13 pm · 12 Aug 2020·

Mike in Toronto

Do I have this right?

Since they are in the CL route, If Celtic lose any of the CL qualifiers, they would get parachuted into the EL (where we would start in the EL would depend on when we lose in the CL ..e.g., if we lost in the first CL qualifier, we would go into the second EL qualifier, and if we lost in the 2nd CL qualifier, we would go into the 3rd EL qualifier?

So, we would have to lost 2 games to be out of Europe this season?

Does no one have SoT’s contact information to give him a call? As some have said, his absence is a loss to the blog.


Hi all.
‘re Europe, however, my understanding is, if knocked out of Champions League, then you are only seeded for one qualifer, in Europa, so earlier you are knocked out, the harder it is to qualify for group stages of Europa.
I believe Paul 67, tried to contact SOT by e.mail but it bounced.
He was given another mail but although this one didn’t bounce back, there was no reply



Premier Sports would normally have my family fizzing. Another subscription. But they cocked it up for the French friendlies and they decided to head to Irvine No1 CSC,few minutes drive away.

Result? No subscription and most of the family can have a few drinks. Whoopy-do.



I think that is correct.

Re South of Tunis,I believe that he hadn’t kept his mail address info up to date on CQN. As a result,mails sent by PAUL67 or by people who had his original addy were returned by Postmaster,which usually means that the addy is defunct. Which is good news in a way,as if they were not returned and not replied to,that would be an even bigger concern.




Last line of your post is disturbing indeed. I was holding out for a better resolution,sadly might be waiting in vain.


With regards SOT who knows, he has previously not posted during close season etc but this is much longer.
Hopefully some good news will turn up.
His knowledge of music is simply fantastic.


Afternoon all, I hope this finds everyone well…especially Mike In TVLawyerland!!!!



MIKEINTORONTO has an alibi,an alias and connections. Careful,oul’son…


Gerrard is a dud? I am not sure that I agree with that but equally I am not sure I disagree! A fiture in Politics awaits me, so it seems.

I do not think results put of Ibrox are purely determined by Gerrard. He has a management team of McAlister and Beale. Beale has some good experience at Liverpool and Sao Paolo in Brazil, but his strength is in developing players. McA has been around the block a few times without setting the heather on fire in any job for an extended period of time, but he is experienced. In fact, Beale has stated in an interview that Gerrard is a big picture man and likes to leave detail to others. If Gerrard sticks to the”the big picture” then there is a chance that Sevco will be managed relatively well. If on the other hand, he sees himself as a tactical genius who can turn matches around when they are going badly, then I see problems ahead for them.

It is a smart manager who knows when to delegate. Is Gerrard that smart or will his ego get in the way? One poor result vs Livy will not determine that just as one poor result at Rugby Park will not define NL’s prowess this season.



BMCUWP…but has he got a conscience?…… 🙂 🙂 🙂



He’s got a cunning disguise,beats a conscience any day of the week!

Anyway,have you not been paying attention when he occasionally mentions his background? All that time in seminaries etc won’t have been wasted.


Evening all, Nice leader BMCUW. ?

Still having major problems accessing the site, and posts, Mahe should contact the hosters, every server has an file called “error.log” they only need to quickly browse it to see what is causing the 500 errors.

Should be an easy fix for any competent engineer.


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