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Big day tomorrow as we make our return to league football after an enforced two week break. I always enjoyed a trip to Tannadice,even if I didn’t enjoy the result all the time,but as yet we have no concrete evidence of any efforts being successful at getting the fans back where they belong,which is at the game. I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies in that we are at least able to play,and to watch it on TV. I’ll be perched on a settee in Essex with my fingers crossed,because one thing is certain,and that is that we can’t afford another display like our one against Kilmarnock.


In fact,I think we need to make sure that we never have a display as bad as that one again-ever! Let’s hope that the players are suitably chastened by that experience,and that they come out with all guns blazing.


One player who looks unlikely to figure for us is Tom Rogic,with rumours that he is for the off. Some reports link him with a move to Qatar while others are suggesting he could be gone in a swap deal for Shane Duffy. It may be a tad harsh to say that we never saw the best of him-after all,he was outstanding in our Invincibles season-but there’s little doubt that he could have offered us more,and more often. His time with us has been largely blighted by niggling injuries,plus of course his frequent forays on international business with Australia,and really a player of his undoubted quality should have been a mainstay in the first team for the last five years or so. Instead he has been frustrated by injuries and we have too often been frustrated by his displays.


That he is being touted as a target for a Qatari club or as a makeweight in a swap deal for a centre half,and valued at a paltry £4m should be a source of shame for him. He should be getting priced at around £20m,a player as talented as he is. That he isn’t is simply down to himself,and any new contract with the buying club will reflect the price paid for him. He might want to think about that,and I hope that Ollie Ntcham gets the message too,that to get a decent contract it has to be earned.


One player who did manage to negotiate a decent contract on his departure is Kieran Tierney when he joined Arsenal. Okay,he isn’t on the mega-wages of Aubameyang but a year’s wages would cover Rogic’s transfer fee and with a few quid left over. We were all disappointed when he left,of course,though the move was heavily trailed on here from about April that year,but is that really any reason for some idiot Celtic fans to scrawl Judas on the walls of his house?


That’s the kind of behaviour which is usually the preserve of the worse elements of hunnery and I’m seriously disappointed that some of our fans thought it was an appropriate response. Let’s face it,the physical abuse he endured over three seasons at least was bloody criminal and would have seriously endangered his future career with us. The club didn’t seem to be making any effort to prevent this,and the only obvious way to stop it was to leave.


He left with my gratitude,and I believe the gratitude of most of us,and while I have no real interest in the progress of anyone who leaves us,I still wish him well,personally and professionally. He will be facing opponents down there who abide by the rules,and with referees who enforce them. If anyone is looking to attach blame here,they should look no further than the licensed thuggery permitted up here against our players.


On a lighter note,it seems that the huns are revolting-no,really! The news that their premium product kit is a pile of pish should come as no surprise to anyone who was paying attention,the new kit supplier Castore clearly isn’t equipped for large scale manufacture in a short time frame,and to be fair,the huns seem to have been buying the stuff in their droves. Some jerseys have turned up with branding misaligned or wrongly spelt,or with symbols missing. And it’s not cheap either,despite giving every impression of so being. Still,we always wanted the stars on their jerseys stripped and in the lack of any will in Scottish football to do so,we will have to accept this backdoor way of doing it.


But back to The Hoooooops,and I hope we start with two up front tomorrow. I can’t see it,mind,but it’s high time we changed our formation about a bit. When teams know how we are going to line up,and can make a pretty good guess at the personnel involved,it puts us at an immediate disadvantage. It’s time for Neil Lennon to change things around a bit more,keep the opposition guessing. I mean,we are all getting fed up with the team sheet being leaked hours before the match-and the club should be taking steps to find the mole,it’s been going on for years!-but most of us can hazard a guess at the line-up anyway.


Time for a bit of adventure,Neil. Try it,you might like it!



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Morning Bobby
The match at Tannadice presents the opportunity to determine if the previous away debacle was merely a bad day at the office. I’m particularly curious to see how the opposition set up against us. Another 2 lines of four across the back? If so, it’ll be a test of our managers tactical nous. Will we have a plan B?
I think our wide players including the full backs will be critical if United do indeed line up in a similar style to Killie. If we can’t go through them then we need to get around them. I’m reminded of my favourite ever line from one of my favourite tv series of yesteryear. Dads army. No, not the one “ Don’t tell him Pike”. I’m thinking of the one where Wilson and Captain Mainwaring are
discussing the Maginot line.

“ Cpt. George Mainwaring : I could have sworn that they would never break through the Maginot line.
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : Quite right sir, they didn’t.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : I thought so. I’m a pretty good judge of these matters you know Wilson.
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : They went round the side.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : I see… they what!
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : They went round the side.
Cpt. George Mainwaring : That’s a typical shabby Nazi trick, you see the sort of people we’re up against Wilson.
Sgt. Arthur Wilson : Most unreliable sir.”

On the KT thing. I often wonder. Was that really a Celtic supporter? Hmmmm. I don’t know for sure. An absolute disgrace for sure, but definitely a Celtic man?

Maybe Captain Mainwaring would suggest “ a typical shabby hun trick”

Ain’t tempting fate with a prediction in the United match. Any win will suffice .

Cosy Corner Bhoy

As Twists says ‘Any win will do ‘.
As for a plan B… maybe ring the changes at 67 minutes instead of 70! Though even that might be beyond Neil.
Mrs CCB’s birthday on Saturday so just as well ATOB and PaddysMaw are going to CSC so I will be ‘allowed ‘ also.
Was never too confident on winning there in the long past (See BMCUWP article!! ) , but , more upbeat about that nowadays.
COYBIG…. a day early.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Jeezo…..faster than a bolt of lightning this posting😁😁.


Morning all.
Incredible to think that the Champions League Final between Bayern & PSG will be the first between reigning League champions this century!
22 years since the last one.


Enjoy the celebrations. Hopefully the bhoys will not put a dampener on yer weekend.

Aye this fast response posting thing is messing with my morning schedule. No refresh refresh refresh needed , so I’ve got spare time on my hands now. That’s the problem with Bobby and Mahe. No consideration. They don’t think. 😬

I must say , the Castore thread on FF is comedy gold. Gotta be the worst quality gear ever sold to the most gullible souls ever. Priceless.

When my kids were young I never seemed to have a spare 2 bob. A pal of mine gave me a cash n carry card for some warehouse just over the Kingston bridge. Tradestown rings a bell but I might be wrong on that? Anyhow, I’d never been in there. You had to buy £50 minimum though.
I used to get kids t shirts shorts socks underwear in there. £50?? I could fill the boot for £50. The quality? Well, questionable I think would be a fair assessment. Or so I thought. Looking at those Rangers tops and hats etc on FF, has made me upgrade the aforementioned stuff I bought in that warehouse to ‘ Top Drawer’. 😁


It’s hilarious, if anyone wants a good laugh, read it.
Your memory serves you well Tradeston, a few cash and carry places.
Although!!! very close to Ibrox, Twists.
Were you killing two birds with the one stone? 😉



You got mail btw…..


Jimmy NP
That Castore thread is well into double numbers on pages now.

See when I was a nipper, I won an Enid Blyton book at school. It was a fantastic read. I read it cover to cover. Couldn’t get to the next chapter quick enough.

That Castore thread has taken me back. Can’t wait for the next page. The hats. 😂😂. Every time I see a picture of the hat I’m creased. Surely no fekker has a head that shape?? Even amongst huns there can’t be a head shaped like that?

The school jumpers with the Rangers logo stitched on 😂😂. Stitched on? Stitched up more like .

I was kinda low last week. Many health issues in the family as well as my tortured stomach. Still fretting over the Rugby Park fiasco too.

Then my mum got released from hospital, my elderly uncle picked up a bit, the hoops knocked in 6 and I thought things are looking up. What else can go right?

Along come Castore. 😂😂.

Sore stomach?? Whit sore stomach 😁



Glad to hear that health is picking up all round,though it’s a disgrace that your own is not being dealt with. They say laughter is the best medicine,and Castore are sure doing their bit for you!



Aye,and it was a long drive back home in them days. It got worse after 1980-Dundee United upped their game just as the government stopped us from drowning our sorrows on the bus back!


Agree with everything in the article. Now that KT has been bullied away from Celtic to preserve his healthI hope we have learned a lesson and protect Miley and young Dembele
I was at a game in Seattle a preseason friendly sponsored by Nike Celtic v Man Utd in the second half a young Man U player did a bad foul on one of the Celtic players . About ten minutes later big Sutton flattened him I always remember Roy Keane laughing as the kid picked himself up THat was a pro sticking up for his team mate And teaching the young guy a lesson. We don’t need 5 guys running over to surround the culprit jawing at him wait your turn and give him a sore message about messing with us



I remember Chris Sutton also bitch-slapped Beckham! Could definitely do with someone like that these days.


I also remember Arteta starting to control a game against us. I pointed it out to my mates and suggested that someone needs to show him who’s boss. About a minute later,Sutton hit him with a right dull one,hard but fair.

No free kick,and Arteta just drifted out the game after that.


When you order a top that came from a school shop
That’s Castore.
When you’ve paid 60 pound and no strip can be found
That’s Castore
When your shorts should be blue but they sent white to you
That’s Castore
When your e-mails get blanked and you’re not even thanked
That’s Castoreeee!

And you thought the banter years would end …😜


Good wee read sir. When fit, Tom Rogic is the most skilful, talented player in our squad. I really wish our sports science and fitness team could get him consistently fit and available for selection every week. I would prefer we keep him. Great player. He could do with a Barry Robson type enforcer/protector beside him in this Celtic midfield. BR and big Sutton are the last two like this we have had. Sometimes I think that our team are too nice.
Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Tannadice was always one of my favourite away trips. Have seen some cracking games up there, including two midweek league winning games. Have always had a soft spot for Dundee United, I like their fans and the city of Dundee. Hopefully Celtic show no mercy tomorrow night though. Would like Micky Mellon to do well for them after tomorrow. A good Tim fae Paisley is MM.


BMCUWP “I remember Chris Sutton also bitch-slapped beckham”
Was that Giggs testimonial?
I was there,a great night.


Oooops morning all


Kieran Tierney is an uber Tim, and Celtic through and through. If I was offered the chance to move to a bigger club,for quadruple wages, and my club realises £25m for my transfer, there’s no doubt I would go. KTs family is now financially secure for life. All this hatred and talk of treachery is Hun like behaviour.
Celtic fans do not begrudge ANY player leaving to better themselves. KT, imo, didn’t play silly buggers over his transfer, so what’s the beef?
Yes, the Killie game was poor, but come on. When we stopped the ten, we LOST the first two league games. Sevco have signed a couple of third rate strikers and some on here are wetting themselves. Get real, bhoys and ghirls; we turn up in games, we win. End of. Europe is different. Quality teams do punish defensive errors more harshly than at home and that is expected. Look at the no of goals we score from opponents’ lapses, Euro matches included. Yes we defo need to reinforce the squad but the window is open for another seven weeks or so, plenty time to assess what we need, and then hit the market. I’ll bet we are already in talks re some transfers. No point in broadcasting any details just so our friends in the media can do their utmost to scupper any deal. Maybe that’s why we use favoured agents instead of the local billy boys like McMurdo.
I really love the so called experts who’ve never kicked a ball highlighting weaknesses in certain players, he’s a sick note or he’s PLs favourite. All total bs. It’s our right as fans to moan and criticise,and it’s all about opinions, but let’s keep the criticisms real. E.g. Playing James Forrest is like starting a man short. Ridiculous talk. Mind you, I remember a night at Firhill, a few weeks before Lisbon. We won 4-1, Steve Chalmers scoring 3, yet a guy next to me was calling Stevie all sorts for a couple of misplaced passes.
We need to get rid of this entitlement idea. There is no crisis if we draw an away game on a plastic pitch to Kilmarnock. Yes have a go at the players on the day, but realise we all have off days. It’s when we have two or three in a row that we need to worry. Under Lenny, that hasn’t happened yet. We seem to bounce back after a disappointment; that’s a sign of good ream spirit.
I feel positive about this season, esp if we don’t lose any more of our stars before the window closes.


The Tic – Bobby

Aye – a few, let’s say players who may not be blessed with talent at the top level, but, who can substitute with a level of aggressiveness that would compensate somewhat, would be most welcome.
I’m not suggesting I want a team of Terry Hurlocks, his aggressiveness was no doubt borne out of being such an ugly bastard.

A kinda Johnny Cash “ boy named Sue” type of conditioning.

(Has Bobo not got a son playing fitba yet? )

Pernod and lager type maniacs called for. Why Pernod and lager? I’ve seen what that concoction can do to a man. In my younger days I could be out drinking from midday to midnight. Back then, lager only. I was always compos mentis though. I could wake up after a full day session and recall every detail from the previous day.
For reasons that are irrelevant, I started on the Pernod and lager. Geez. I became a different person. Was like the hulk when someone said something I took exception to.

In fact the reason I stopped the Pernod was after a Saturday night out. I’d hit the Pernod and lager, and I knew the night had ended in bother , just not how much bother. I walked into the pub on the Sunday and one of my friends at the bar was standing and he said to the barman, “ gimme a pint and you’d better give Twisty one of those “ who the fff are you looking at things”

I said to him “ wasn’t that bad was it?”

“ Oh it was J, it was really bad”

Never touched it again.

Couldn’t think of any reason I’d consider such a concoction nowadays, however, just before the players leave the dressing room to face those fekkers in their new Castore school jerseys, I’d give every Celtic player 2 Pernod and lagers. That’d do the trick I reckon. 😁

Sol Kitts

When you want decent kit
And you end up with shit
That’s Castore 😎


Sol Kitts

That’s a wee bit unfair bud….. to shit.

Sol Kitts

You know your kit’s a rag
When the best bit’s the bag
That’s Castore


Danny, Twisty, LOL 🙂 🙂


Wait till they find out that their Klub is fully involved in the merch scam. 😯

Sol Kitts

Pensioner gives her opinion on Sevco’s new kit 😂😂



That’s what I always say about Primark.


That is a bit unfair.
Primark has better quality garments than Castore. 😜


🎵 It’s just a black school jumper with the labels frayed and torn
By the careless whisk of many a Turkish breeze…
An old school top that’s so battle-stained and worn
And stretches almost threadbare at the sleeves….🎵😁😎😂🍀


A (School) uniform so simple in its style.


Just reading a tragic story there about Stevie ( bhoy) Cairns from Bonnyrigg.
Had a secret heart transplant as he didn’t want his wife worrying about him. Tragically his new heart stopped working and he passed away.

Dreadfully sad.

bada bing1
bada bing1

NL confirms interest in Duffy…..unusual to comment in these situations….

bada bing1

Stolen from Twitter ‘we are the pupils…’😁😁

bada bing1

Good to see the sentences,for the 3 bastards,who murdered Andrew Harper,are to be reviewed.


Ye just can’t help but sing that rather than read it 😁

Paddy’s Maw

Loving the Castore jingles!! Keep them coming. Was on FF myself the other day after reading here about their complaints – oh my aching sides!!!


Best of luck to a ‘true’ Celtic legend as he takes up his new post with Barca, Henke Larsson. Whilst at Celtic FC ‘Ghod’ turned down numerous moves to join more lucrative leagues and we had him for the best of his career. Henke loves us as we ‘worship’ him. He ‘blubbed’ and we ‘blubbed’ when he left – at least i did, much to my wife’s’ absolute astonishment.
Now all the fuss about the ‘alleged’ animosity some have shown to KT for leaving. Well being football that sometimes happens if you constantly badge kiss and swear undying allegiance to a club and then leave as soon as an EPL team flashes the cash. Now I wish the boy no ill and hope he does well in Englandshire but – Celtic legend – nah.


Ah go on then, a wee treat Henke scoring goals – even against us 🙄- Useless fact of the day. Henrik Larsson scored more goals against Celtic than Rangers / Sevco striking ‘legends’ Boyd and Morelos combined LOL

Mike in Toronto


KT worked hard in what was an unsafe Work environment, and now works in a job, commensurate with his skill level, where he is supported, and appreciated, and Which guarantees he can support his family. And he made the club a tidy profit when he left.

Celtic did nothing to support him (or any of the players) when they were cheated and/or kicked black and blue.

The fans also sat back and did nothing while their club and the players were cheated on and off the pitch.

And yet the fans think KT owes them something?!

Between the club, the fans and KT, he is the only one who came out of this episode with any integrity.

bada bing1

Well done to McDonald for calling them out



Mostly disagree with you apart from the ‘lack of protection’. But it’s the same lack of protection that Jinky, Henke and all our legends knew all about yet strangely they got on with it, as for our being cheated – well it has been going on just about as long as we have been in existence.
KT was an extremely wealthy young man before he left Celtic. How much money do you need to support your family – £millions, tens of millions?????
I, for one, don’t believe Tierney owes Celtic or it’s support a damn thing. But at the same time he shouldn’t be whining about an element of the support being let down by his moving after all his cheer leading and badge kissing.

PS as for integrity – A Celtic supporter who knows how the Scots media use every negative comment to support their anti Celtic agenda would not have spoken about ‘alleged’ Judas slogans or social media posts. An example of how to handle this – Henke – every time he is back in Scotland he is asked about Celtic fans booing him when he returned with Barca – he laughs it off.



Give them their dues,they sure know how to cheer us up during some difficult times.



Largely agree,though the fans were going ballistic about his treatment.



Lucky sod! See if you can guess the only time I’ve been to Old Trafford.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, on the tierney debate, last time i looked he played for arsenal, when they leave celtic, they leave me end of story👍

big packy

ASWGL, thanks for your kind words yesterday, all true of course.😍😍😍 BTW ghuys ASWGL went to st augustines, same school as me ,but was a year above, so that makes him the same age as my buddy jim, 2 auld geezers together😍

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