Normally,the headline of our match report would read a simple Dundee Utd 0-1 Celtic,and there would be much celebration. But a lot of Saturday’s match was also about what is wrong-clearly wrong,tolerated and encouraged-in the Scottish game.


Dundee United set themselves up at home to hit a stronger team on the break,and I certainly have no problem with that. When they had the ball,they used it effectively,and certainly looked as if they wanted a sniff on goal on the few occasions they got one. In fact,we even got the opportunity to see if our new keeper could save a shot-which he did,and held it too.


Job done. Next stage is to see how good he is at crosses.


But a Dundee United team designed to hit us on the break also had some devious secret weapons in their locker,which I’ll cover in turn. In my usual haphazard style. And the first one is the haphazard way we performed on Saturday,so playing into their hands.


Ok,it wasn’t as bad as Kilmarnock. But for eighty minutes,did any of you really see us scoring? Yes,there were some worldies from the keeper-from Ryan Christie in particular-but Christie had a dreadful game apart from those few shots on target. Wee clue is when he skied it so badly,that he chastised himself with the classic FUXAKE.


Ryan,we’ve all done that. Ask your boss what yer role is in the team,and then you might know who you’re expected to pass to,instead of beating yourself up about a shit shot,when in actual fact you were about the only person who actually managed to get the odd one away.


And at least two of them,hard lines. But you need to know where you play in that team,because I reckon Ollie thought he was playing there too!


Which left gaps.


Broonie was everywhere he should be in the second half,and everywhere except where he should be in the first half. WTF? The experience he has,that’s a shocker.




Which leaves Mo. Excuse me,son. This is a team game. I’ll say no more. Be grateful.


I’m leaving the defence alone on this,because pretty much so did the opposition,but I will make a point that when Nir Bitton is the best of them,I reckon the others need to have a good look at themselves.


Which leaves me with the The Wonderful Edouard. I Wanna,and a player with everything in his locker. The strength,the skill,the guile to unlock a defence no matter who it is from receiving the ball forty yards out,or four yards out. But there’s not a hell of a lot he can do against four defenders who swarm around him the second they even get the sniff that he is the target for a pass. The one chance,a half chance,he nearly burst the net. Hit the post,and nearest he got at that stage.


Eddy needs support,Neil. This team and this league,and probably most of European football,now demands two up front. Whether it be 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 or even 5-3-2 with wingbacks,none can be done with a 1. Too easy to negate.


And too easy to target,and hit. Eddy wasn’t the only player wearing our colours to suffer on Saturday from some industrial challenges,but he certainly got the worst of them. It’s an automatic yellow to ignore the opponent in front of you and go right through him and yet Dallas continually allowed it,often without as much as a free kick. Cheating bastert.


Now,I heavily trailed this problem in an article last week,that I was seriously pissed off about the revelation that some fans had left some vile calling cards near Kieran Tierney’s house. Anyone who watched the treatment handed out to our players yesterday,Eddy in particular,or in fact in every game we’ve ever watched will know what the headline of the article is all about. It’s what drove Kieran away from the club that he loves,and the fear that his career would be ended by a thug given permission to maim by a cunt with a whistle,and I make no apologies for that. Not after Saturday.


Those basterts,no matter who they play for,can kick us at will,guaranteed the first yellow will be to a Celtic player for an innocuous and probably first foul,and keep on doing it. So Eddy got kicked all day,Broonie got booked for a comment to the ref after we scored. My sister texted me right afterwards,I hope he said GIRUY,Dallas,ya wee hun bastard. And I hope he did say that. But it won’t matter to him. He did his best,nearly deprived us of points,still managed to ensure some walking wounded on the bus home.


Job done,near enough. And a grand,including expenses.


The game in Scotland is screwed while the likes of that is allowed any element of control,much less a whistle. He earned more than every Dundee Utd player for his shift-think about that. He actually gets paid a fortune to be a cheating wee bastert and encourage people to injure others!


But what’s the point in us getting het up about it? The club seem fine about it,they’ve never put in a word of complaint. Lenny thought we were magnificent. Etc,etc


I thought we were pish,I thought we got kicked off the park,I thought there were at least enough multiple offences to warrant two red cards and one which was a red on its own. But if the club are fine about it,I suppose it’s back to good old Doctor Pangloss.


No,not Doctor Vengloss. It was a bloody pleasure to watch his team.



Above article by a thoroughly pissed off BMCUWP who is absolutely delighted that our Swiss Yeti came off the bench and won the game for us almost immediately. Who knew that playing two up front would make such a difference?


Time you wised up,Neil. You canny win a pissing competition on who is the bigger Celtic fan and think that makes you a good manager. It’s time to prove it.

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Nothing like getting off your chest Sir.
I watched it in silence so the wee one wouldn’t realise what was going on. It was apparent even then that Connelly was taking liberties, to put it mildly.
Our shape or lack of was also apparent.
Why only one up top is clearly the burning question, and will Lenny give it the nod now and be proactive or wait until defeat to say this isn’t working?
The Hungarians are said to be quality, would attacking them not make more sense than a target man to be surrounded? I think it would.
We have a knack of showing up for the bigger games under Neil, which bodes well.
Wednesday is huge.
I cannae wait.

Hail Hail


There ain’t a single word I disagree with in that article Bobby. I couldn’t watch the game live, family stuff took over my Saturday. Of course I was edgy as I kept checking the update on FlashScore.
20 mins or so 0-0.
30 mins 0-0
HT 0-0.

55 mins 0-0, then my desperation increases to every couple minutes.

“Grandad- why are you always looking at your phone?”

I was actually playing dentist and patient with my grand daughter. She was pretending to extract my tooth. She said I wouldn’t feel pain as she was going to put a special magic wristband on me which nullified all pain.

It was my hair I was pulling out though.

My relief when the goal went in was the same I’m sure most of you felt. I can tell you it’s a much better pain reliever than any wristband regardless of its magical powers.

When I did manage to watch the game, I knew we’d won so there was no anxiety involved. Just chill. Watch the game and enjoy.

The fact I didn’t enjoy it, is down to everything you’ve written above Bobby. The match, the tactics, but most of all the performance of Dallas and the lack of comment from Celtic, re the referee performance.

I though that maybe Sunday will see a reaction.

Nothing. The article before the match was “ 3 points”

That was indeed all we can take from that match. The deafening silence is sickening.

Mick – you can certainly excuse yourself from the following:

We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Boaby I love you.
Great piece of writing sir.
Ya unrepentant fenian bassa


Song for Son of Satan.
The durty wee orange bastard that he is.


“1. Would supporters sacrifice 10iar for regime change at Celtic and with it a new approach to addressing the issues that constrain us?
2. Even if we win 10iar but fail to qualify for the CL, would supporters want regime change?

3 Do enough gaf?”

1, A small percentage would but the ten is much more important than the regime to most so no.
2, No again as winning the ten would be seen as justifying this regimes strategy and their positions in the vast majorities eyes.
Hitting the ten would also force many to admit they called it wrong, that although we didn’t approve of what we perceived to be a flawed plan and/or decisions taken along the journey (like Lenny returning) it will have delivered a huge prize for the fans. Humble pie will be eaten.
This not to detract from issues such as Res12.
3, I don’t think so. Not enough of the match going support anyway. Looks like about 80 to 90 percent just want the football, and only the football.
Expats may look at board actions more, but have less impact through that distance.
Events of the last decade or so have shown that ultimately rules and regulations can be bent without the masses getting vexed as long as the show goes on.
However, the show going on meant having a few pints with your mates then attending in your regular seat,,if that is out the window, and there’s no ten happening, perhaps more folk will ask a few questions about why certain things like bad referees or FFP are never mentioned.

With a recession and mass unemployment for the foreseeable future I would say our current lot had a great run, but it’s a good time for them to ease on out the door.
Last of the Summer Wine.

Hail Hail


Song for both my sons and both my daughters favourite ever Celtic player.
If it wisnae for Danny McGrain, this guy would be my favourite ever Celtic player too.


Henrik Larsson is the only man outwith my family that myself and my four children all love equally as much.
Jesus Christ a close second.
The Magnificent Seven.


Song for BMCUW.
Up there with the best songs ever written.
Classical music taught in good schools like Saint Thomas Aquinas Jordanhill Glasgow.
My granddaughter is being taught to play this in Saint Tams. God bless the Scottish Catholic education system.
Rhiannon loves it as much as me her grampa, I am 55, Rhiannon is 13. So proud to hear her play this on a left handed guitar.


My granddaughter Rhiannon loves your wee lassie Fi from the videos I have shown her.
Rhiannon is learning to play this on guitar.
Bet you wee Fi would love it to be played for her.
From Glasgow to California with love xx

Noel Skytrot

I had a conversation with a guy who was using a service my place of employment offers and during the conversation the chat turned to football and his beloved Clydebank and junior football and his time refereeing in those leagues. Seeing an opportunity I asked him did he have any interactions with those who refereed at the very top and he stated that he had came across every referee you could name. I further asked him that did he think that refs are biased against Celtic and without any thought he answered yes. He stated that its not as blatant as it once was due to their being more scrutiny on them. I asked him was it true about them having masonic links and he said not all are, but many are in the “craft” he said that the only decent official he had came across in 23 years of refereeing was a guy Stephen Delaney, I don’t know if he was a referee or an official. I asked him why he only refereed in the junior’s and he honestly admitted that he hadn’t put enough effort in and before pulling his chair back he said to me, look at the form i’ve just filled in, look at my surname, I looked and the guy had what you would term an Irish surname, gave a wry smile then left the room. I had no reason to doubt what the man was saying was untrue and it made me wonder if the accusations against them do have substance. Thinking back on some of the refereeing performances we’ve endured and Dallas’s shenanigans at the weekend certainly add some weight to what the individual was talking about.

Noel Skytrot

my wee barra has just started at St Tam’s. Couldn’t get her into the Gaelic school and I wasn’t sending het to Knightswood. Lol

Noel Skytrot

I just noticed the title of this post, lol’d at that.

Noel Skytrot

Talking of GIRUY, big shout out to the prick that is Neymar…giruy.


Am away to get a coupla hours kip.
Insomnia is a bastard affliction.


I’ve no doubt that there are a significant number of referees in this country who are bigots. Sectarian. Anti Celtic.
Why wouldn’t there be? They are brought up in it, and can advance their careers by playing the game.

I’ll tell ye why I’m so certain they’re at it.

If it were ME who was a referee, I’d be doing the same . Stopping the hun at every opportunity. I’m aware it’s cheating and I’m aware it’s wrong. Regardless, I’d undoubtedly go into every match involving us or them with an agenda.

The difference of course is that it’s unlikely I’d make it out of the lower leagues.

Can any Celtic diehard say honestly that if refereeing a match v them that their decisions wouldn’t be influenced by their love of the hoops and their despise of the hun?


Neymar in tears at the end was a wonderful sight.


She will be in my granddaughters year.
Rhiannon Monaghan from Saint Ninians Knightswood. Copper red hair and loves the Celtic. Hope they become friends. Rhiannon loves everyone, and everyone loves her.


Stephen Delaney is my cousins son.
Small world.
Stephen is a Celtic season ticket holder.
Tiochfaidh ar la

Noel Skytrot

In all honesty, most people would probably be the same in terms of tribal leanings, but talking to the aforementioned it was more than just footballing affiliation. Yes, sir it was brilliant to see that greeting faced prick suffer.


I hope you get some rest bud. I’m affected off and on by insomnia. I appreciate the torment it can bring.
For me sleeping is an issue when my mind is working overtime on one thing or another.
Normally work related. When family health issues rear up, and the older we get, the more we see it, sleep deprivation can be at its worst.
One reason I’ll be calling it a day, in respect of work, in March 21.

It’s ironic eh:

Some folks can’t get a job causing them sleepless nights and stress.

Some are in jobs and can’t sleep due to the stress work brings.

Happiest folks I’ve ever met are window cleaners. Probably a message in there!

Noel Skytrot

I’ve not a clue who this person is nor the other names the guy mentioned or what they have to do with officiating, but i’m positive that was the name he relayed to me.


Definitely more than football


Hate of the Catholic Church

Bred into them.

The one thing I can say for sure is there would be no religious undertone to my biased refereeing!! They could field 11 popes and play the girl guides under 8 side. They’d still lose 😁


Work calls.




Neymar is a wee prick. A diving, cheating hun like bastard. Was glad to see him greeting tonight. My historical fiver on Bayern München to win the Champions league at 8/1 has nothing to do with it. Collecting £45 today is half of what I get a week on Universal credit. Almost impossible to survive on. Have started using my local food bank, that I used to donate to. Hard times for many folk.


Dallas jnr… the great Jock Stein said to that other bastard Syme ‘ Yir faither would be proud of ye’.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, bobby great post bet you feel better after that, every word true,cap doffed pal.H.H. dallas is a chip off the old block, just like his father a cheating hun bassa,, sorry bastard👍


Morning all & Packy.

Nail on the head Bobby.

Who referees the referees?

Auldheid did a great article a couple of years ago about the problem with refereeing in Scotland. He suggested some possible remedies. Including the partial separation from the SFA. Ways to ensure integrity, accountability and appraisal.
One thing is for sure the current set up stinks!

big packy

HEY i was here before you😎


A minute! LOL 🙂

Cosy Corner Bhoy

As I mentioned after the game, swearing at a television which is about twenty yards away must be a form of madness but the answer is in BMCUWP’s headline. The most annoying bit is you know as soon as you see him it’s going to happen.
I hope he cried all over his grand.
Son of Dallas…. you lost AGAIN😁😁😁

big packy

JIM, I remember big tiny wharton and syme and mcluskey, dallas is only following orders from above, the referees in scotland always have been orange masonic bassas.

big packy

still beat you by a minute😎


Wouldn’t it be a laugh if the managers were to mark the referee’s performance on a scale of 1-10 the next day? And these cumulative points went towards the ref’s season end appraisal? His appraisal would determine his position for the next season in terms of fixture levels and pay grade.


Morning bhoys
Score predictor has been updated
Welcome aboard BAD.plenty time to catch up..

big packy

yes jim good idea👍


The beauty of it Packy is that the ref. would need to impress both managers! ie. Be fair and competent.


Wow,that was some read back last night! Well done,fellas. A great laugh,and a musical ejikaishun into the bargain.

big packy

JIM ,even the few tim refs are watched like a hawk, move along timmy, nothing to see hear👍

big packy

BOBBY, I spent an hour this morning reading back, great craic, dont they ever sleep😎😎

big packy

its actually sunny this morning cant believe it and chilly, feels like lanarkshire weather😎

big packy

JIM ,cyber pint if you can guess where im going now😎



Great work on The Predictor competition,mate. Very grateful indeed.

Here’s the table,folks.


The real McCoy 17pts
Twists 16pts
Garry 16pts
Jnp 15pts
McCaff 14pts
Bmcuwp 14pts
Atob 14pts
Craig76 14pts
Vogue punter 14pts
Bada 14pts
Chalmersbhoy 13pts
G64 12pts
Leftclicktic 12pts
Celt champs elect 11pts
Mahe 11pts
Cosy corner bhoy 10pts
B.a.d. 3pts


See the chappie who would trade 10iar for independence is extolling the virtues of a Catholic education – I agree, a Catholic education is something to be proud of, & cherished.

However let me tell you, it will the first thing to go in an indy Scotland.

A Scotland where our enemies will be much bigger fish in a smaller pool – “we are a small country with many demands on our small budget – we cannot afford to run two education systems”. SNP press release in the most unlikely event of indy, or, an indyref.

We have more friends in the UK than we could ever have in a separate Scotland.


Morning all from an over-tired Renfrew Burgher! I hope this finds you all well!
JHB…I disagree with your assessment that Catholic Education/separate schools will be first on the hit list in the event of Independence. A huge percentage of an independence vote will come from the Catholic socialist population, they currently make up a great chunk of the modern Socialist-leaning SNP. The old guard of right wingers have in large been replaced by a party that understands a socialist party is the only way they’ll garner enough support to be successful!



Hardly reassuring when only an estimated 15% of Scots identify as Catholic. The SNP and Socialism – diametrically opposed imho.

PS – As for the SNP and Catholics – dearie me – ” if you know your history” 😁


Oglach, not diametrically opposed anymore. The SNP are the most left-leaning of the major parties in Scotland. They’ve ditched the rw conservatism of the 70s.


Maybe progress is being made. Out of a Cabinet of 12 MSPs there is now one token Catholic for the past 2 years. Michael Matheson. Perhaps Ms. Sturgeon is more anxious about gender balance. 7 women 5 men.


Lets hope the issue of Catholic schools is not a Cabinet decision!


Lets not forget that at the beginning of Catholic State education, the Catholic schools were built and paid for by the Catholic population, they were not gifted by the State. In fact the opposite was true, we handed them over to the State with the proviso of a Catholic element to the life of the schools.

Any reneging on that contract would need to be put forward to the Catholic population in a referendum. IMO.



Lets just disagree on this a chara. None of the ‘major’ Scots political parties have any real socialist leanings despite the SNP throwing in a few populists agendas now and again. The SNP have had the power in law for quite a while to ensure that every person working for a company contracted to provide services to the Government , both nationally and at a local government / council level , can not ’employ’ staff on zero hour contracts. They have steadfastly refused to do so. I know individuals working for companies contracted to a major local authority who are struggling to live on zero hour contracts.
And lest we forget Ian Blackford – the self proclaimed ‘wee crofter’ and champion of the Scots people in Westminster was in fact the man who ran Deutsche Bank’s equity operations in Scotland and Holland. I think you would be hard pressed to find a real Socialist in the upper echelons of the party

Scotland needs an indy minded Socialist party as an alternative to the SNP.

As for forgoing 10IAR for an Indy Scotland — nah, i’m Irish and need to get my priorities right here we go 10IAR (It’s a joke😃 )

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