Peter Lawwell – J’accuse !



We’ve come a long way since the heady heights of Seville,have we not? Yet someone born at the start of that journey has only just reached the age where he or she can order a drink,so it isn’t that long ago,not really. My niece was already at primary school,and she still hasn’t completed her education,so definitely not that long ago. Heady days,when we scared the living daylights out of the very best in Europe-and why was that? Because we belonged on the same stage,that’s why.


No team scared us,and certainly not at home. And if our record away from home wasn’t quite as impressive,teams frequently had to resort to “the dark arts” to get the better of us. For instance,Turin and Seville itself.


Life since then as a Hoooopster hasn’t always been so rosy. Yes,I know fine well what we won that famous Year of Seville,and that we’ve won much more since-domestically,at least-but teams feared us then. We would get freaky bad results,but more often than not we absolutely destroyed the opposition. More often than not,they couldn’t lay a glove on us,and didn’t have a clue where to start with it.


And now this. Not only do teams not fear us anymore,they bliddy fancy their chances against us. And particularly in Europe,our results prove that. We’ve gone from Fortress Parkhead to offering teams the freedom of it. And not overnight either,I might add.


A decade ago we were throwing away three leagues in a row against,admittedly,a financially doped hunnery and all without a complaint about that or the “strange” issue of “honest mistakes”. Does anyone think Dallas would have lost his job through complaints from Celtic? He didn’t over Dougiegate,it was the poor patsy linesman,Steve Craven,who carried the can for that. No,Celtic ignored it like they ignored everything. It took Phil Mac to push that one.


And don’t start me on Resolution 12. Don’t start me on replacing Henrik with Henri Kamara-aw,ffs!-and that on loan too. Or dumping the high earners way too soon,the treatment of Bobo which left Gordon Strachan having to play Caldwell and McManus instead. Like Martin O’Neill,Gordon left with three titles in his locker. Both of their own accord,how strange.


Or the refusal to say a word while Tony Mowbray’s teams were getting kicked off the park,all but ruining the career of a fine man and at that time,a proven manager. A hard bloke who had suffered some dreadful blows in his life,but was left without support from his superiors.


We can run through the Neil Lennon years,of a refusal to renew Scott Brown’s contract when his first one ran out. Or the forced departure of Samaras and Ledley amongst many others. The forced departures too of Lenny’s assistants,Thommo and Mjallby,and the enforced placement of Ronny Deila as assistant. Which led to Lenny calling it a day and the assistant taking the top job long before he was ready-and clearly without the necessary understanding of the strange ways of Scottish football.


Or the backing of the aforementioned superiors,bar actually shoehorning him into the job. At which he tried manfully,winning both titles he contested,but it was a job too far and a job too early for him.


Which leads us to the Brendan Rodgers era. And on the back of a legendary Invincible Treble in the year of our 50th Anniversary of Lisbon,BR went into the close season knowing exactly who he wanted-and needed!-to improve the team. Aye,Brendan. Didn’t take you long to discover who was boss,as it wasn’t just the players who went on holiday for the close season. And when the same happened again the following year-despite qualifying again for the group stages of The Champions League-he quite rightly decided he’d had enough. Aye,I was pissed off at the timing-check the archives for 26/02/2019 for an article titled Snakes and Adders-but I don’t blame him for leaving. I’ll never forgive him for the timing of it though.


Which brings us to the return of The Prodigal Son. The legend who is Neil Lennon,available and hired to push us over the line. He completed The Treble Treble to go with his three titles already,both as player and as manager. Against the wishes of some of us,he got the job full time. But he,as ever,hasn’t received the backing from his superiors.


One in particular.


The fella who joined us soon after Seville,and soon manoeuvred himself into The Big Panjandrum at Celtic Park. Who micromanages every single aspect of the running of the club to the extent that if he got run over by a bus tomorrow,the club would probably grind to a halt-because nobody else is allowed any responsibility. The fella who thinks he knows better than the footballing professionals and long ago promoted himself to de facto Director of Football,with every decision on contracts or signings at his whim.


The fella who manoeuvred our two best managers since Jock out of the door,hands over fan details to the police but won’t stand up for the club or the fans in the face of thuggery and cheating on and off the pitch. A man,in other words,who knows when to choose his battles and won’t take anyone on simply for the benefit of the people who turn up every week.


Someone who has no compunction about throwing managers under the bus,sells their best players,expects them to qualify for Europe with any old dross he gives them.


A man,in other words,who knows how to earn a bonus and has no compunction about how he does it. Who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.


Particularly not the values that we,the fans,associate with our famous club.


Peter Lawwell-J’accuse!




Above article by BMCUWP

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Good morning Bobby great article




TWISTS NAPS COMPETITION-follow the link and ignore the date on it.


Through listening to my dad I have always had a mistrust of the Board I go back to the 50s If one of our players got a red card (sent off) the club would also fine them or make them sit out a club game ,they held our players to a higher standard I don’t remember any other club doing that. Remember Ferguson and McGregor what they did on that Scotland bench, did Rangers fine them? Not a peep
The way they treated Jock The greatest manager we ever had was diabolical. I have never trusted the suits
Resolution 12 guys deserve our support they did not fail they are just the start of the phase of the fans saying enough is enough. 3 months ago I wrote to JPTayylor told him if the resolutioners start a crowd fund to take things further I will canCel my Celtic tv and send the monthly amount to them He wrote back and said the Board will not change it’s position.
The Resolutioners were very smart guys but they were only a few ,we have hundreds if not thousands more just like them the ball has not stopped rolling I have faith in the support
Another thing the support have been going on about some of the players not being of Celtic class I will not name the players except one Bollie ,it did not take the support long to figure out he did not have what it takes to be a Celtic player, most of the support have not taken coaching courses but the have played and watched countless games, by past practice they have become expert in their evaluation of a players skill. The club should be monitoring fan sites they could learn something that is in the businesses best interest, wake up

You guys are doing a great job with these daily headers keep it up


Morning all & Packy.

Peter Lawwell? Most people when they retire would like to look back on their working days with a warm glow. Satisfied that they worked hard, tried their best and were by and large successful.
How will PL feel about his custodianship of Celtic?

i suspect the only thing that will spring to his mind is the fact he retired as a millionaire. So therefore he was a success. The fact that he will be hated for his history as CEO by millions of fans will mean nothing to him. In fact he might take a secret delight in it!

Peter Lawwell aka Shylock or Ebeneezer Scrooge. Fame at last!

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM , BOBBY, brilliant post agree with all of that, if mr lawwell were to leave today i think we would all celebrate, he thinks he can do what he wants, in fact he is doing what he wants, go now peter your time is up🙏

Noel Skytrot

Good article Bobby.

Sadly Celtic is seen as nothing more than a business and Lawwell and others will act accordingly to sustain that business. I was angry after that display the other night but there needs to be a clear the air and decks meeting if necessary, Lennon will have to have a chat with the squad and try to sort this out. I suspect that’ll happen and we’ll get back to business. Surely the ‘custodians’ know what’s at stake for this season.

big packy

JIM, brilliant ebenezer scrouge, suits him to a tee😍

Noel Skytrot

I see the fish wrapper glitterati have half the team handing in transfer requests, its ramping up. Some supporters don’t help matters on social media with their ‘ I got a text’ or, ‘my da was talking to a players relative’ give it a rest.


Noel, I’m quite sure our board know what is at stake this season but they will look at it with mixed feelings, not like you or I. Sevco have a ‘going concern’ hanging over them. Us getting the ten could be a final straw for them & their support. I wonder what PL & DD would like to happen if the truth be told.

big packy

JIM, will e-mail you later today, aff oot 👍

Noel Skytrot

Jim the Tim, I wonder if there’s some indifference by those who aren’t Celtic or footballing orientated that sit on the board, money, power and prestige is all they yearn for whilst we sit feeling real pain when things go wrong. They probably don’t have the emotional investment all of us do. I wish to feck I never did so at times.


You forgot to mention he is also an out and out liar, eg, asked at 2019 AGM if he had seen 5 way agreement, he said no, subsequently leaked emails prove otherwise, said he would move on Res12 when evidence put forward, and no doubt there’s more.



To be honest,the board were an irrelevance to me when I was growing up. But just before my fourteenth birthday,Kenny Dalglish was sold and I’ve ranted on here often enough about my opinion of the two players who were signed in his place.

Granted,one of them became in time a stalwart for us-but not as the centre forward he was signed as!

So I ranted about this at the start of the 77/78 season to my pals and my Dad’s pals on the way back from another defeat. Along the lines of-what the hell does Jock think he’s playing at?

The explanation I received from one of my Dad’s pals-big Rab McLaughlin IIRC-left me gobsmacked! And the more I thought about it,the more I could see the truth behind it over the years. Viewed them with suspicion ever since,and that’s on a good day! Which was reinforced by the disgraceful way White gleefully sacked Jock at the end of that season.

Time for a new Celts For Change? I’m pretty sure that the season ticket system nowadays precludes the former modus operandi of starving them out,as does the cash balance in the bank. But…



The leaked mail you refer to was first exposed on here in late January. I had been sent a copy of it early in December but the permission to publish couldn’t quite be finalised at the time.

Lawwell just shrugged it off,despite it being against City regulations for an officer of a company to lie to shareholders at an AGM. Yet we snigger at the huns for the lies they swallow?


One of the best run and successful clubs in the world have just become champions of Europe for the sixth time. Who is their equivalent of Peter Lawwell? Karl Heinz Rummenige, who took over from Franz Beckenbauer. Football men who studied business and applied their football and business knowledge to running one of the world’s best clubs. We have an accountant who is mainly interested in the balance sheet and not the team sheet. There lies the difference.

bada bing1

Just noticed Aribo been ‘injured ‘ for a couple of weeks…..rumoured to have been in Spain recently….


Neil backtracking, I guess someone had a word.
Celtic boss Neil Lennon says he doesn’t mind playing those who wish to leave and hopes they can refocus on the season ahead

Says he wants to keep all players at the club and won’t say who wants to go

He says exiting the Champions League doesn’t affect this transfer business !

Big Audio Dynamite

Where Aribo took flight, you won’t read that tonight
That’s the Sevco

Surely that is not true, can’t be our boys in blue
That’s the Sevco

Went to Spain, in a plane, did he come back again?
That’s the Sevco



Hmm,yes. Mysterious injury keeping him out.

As you know,this site has contacts everywhere. We can exclusively reveal that Aribo has a toe injury.

He dropped a bottle of duty-free on it.

bada bing1

Just seen quotes attributed to Eddy’s agent, he’s going nowhere, and staying for the 10

Big Audio Dynamite

Was it a Tic player who dropped a jar of (Hold the) Mayo on his twinkles? Might be wrong but, was it Hedman?


Hellmans??? 😊

bada bing1

Signings to play less than 30 games and loan signings to play less than 15 games during 9 in a row

Mo Bangura
Dylan McGeouch
Badr El Kaddouri
Andre Blackman
Rabiu Ibrahim
Pawel Brozek
Amido Balde
Lubos Kamenar
Lassad Nouioui
Rami Gershon
Victor Noring
Steven Mouyokolo
Derk Boerrigter
Holmbert Fridjohnsson
Jo Inge Berget
Aleksandr Tonev
Mubarak Wakaso
Stefan Scepovic
Saidy Janko
Logan Bailly
Scott Allan
Tyler Blackett
Carlton Cole
Colin Kazim Richards
Dorus De Vries
Kundai Benyu
Marvin Compper
Lewis Morgan
Charly Musonda
Emilio Izaguirre (2nd spell)
Daniel Arzani
Youssouf Mulumbu
Vakoun Bayo
Marian Shved
Andrew Gutman
Manny Perez
Jeremy Toljan
Luca Connell
Hatem Elhamed
Moritz Bauer
Lee O’Connor
Patryk Klimala
Ismaila Soro

43 bodys. . Absolute fuckin shambles


How will PL regard his time at Celtic? Success or failure?

I honestly believe it comes down to what drives you in life. If you’re driven by money and power then I don’t think you care too much as to what damage you cause on the way. I believe that is his primary driver. Him. Money.

Someone told me recently that he was extremely supportive to his staff throughout this Covid crisis and they saw a very different side to him from the perception I hold. Maybe so. Regardless, as for his businessman activities, I can only judge by his actions, and that portrays a self serving individual with little concern for the support.

Anyone who is prepared to mislead and indeed lie to the Res 12 campaigners in the manner which he reportedly did, has no sense of decency. This wasn’t just the failure of res 12, who knows what impact it had on the personal lives of the campaigners. Their families? How were they affected by the lies after being told he was going to do one thing but did another?

If I’ve had a bad day at the office, my wife can tell immediately I get home.

I still think he will walk this next summer. There’s a shitstorm around the corner re the boys club stuff. Is he the type to hang around and steer the club? I’d suggest not. Self preservation will kick in.

I’ll be glad to see the back of him. I suspect most will.

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, 😆 VG! Can’t believe I missed an open goal!


Lenny claims that Celtic exiting the Champions League doesn’t affect this transfer business. Well that is true in one respect Lenny because it isn’t your business is it? Otherwise you wouldn’t have a squad full of projects and flotsam and jetsam players bought without the approval of the management team.


Bada Bing that is some list!


Twisty, well said. He may well have been supportive of those working directly with him, makes sense to do so. But I remember a stramash about workers at the lower end of the heap a few years ago. Something to do with paying them the min. wage and or zero hours contracts?

His handling of Res.12 is only one of many failures from the EBT years to the continuity myth. His silence has been profound. Or is it complicity?


Did the incident happen in Menorca? 😜


Did it involve The Duke of Richeliu?


How much has that cost us in transfer fees and salaries?
Money pished down the drain. 😔


The Peter Principle is a concept in management which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “level of incompetence”: employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.

The Real McCoy

Good Morning on this Friday afternoon 😎
I had to excuse myself from my pub company on Sunday afternoon after an “ out of character “ ? RANT about Son of Dallas.
Don’t get me started again.
In fact yer right Bobby. Keep exposing the Mibbery. 🍀

Mike in Toronto

after this week, I am more confused than ever (is the possible? I hear some of you say).

I haven’t made any secret of the fan that I didn’t rate NFL as. a manager.

I view managing as having two components: brining in players (recruiting) and then putting out the most effective eleven (coaching).

My view has been that I think he has done well at recruiting, but doesn’t know what to do with players when he gets them.

But this week has made me question that.

Refusing to play Ajreti or Klimala seemed to be a ‘fuck you’ to his bosses; a ‘I’m going to show the world that the problem is that you you aren’t getting me the players I want’ so I have to try crazy things again’

If true, then it suggests that NFL is less involved in transfers than I have suspected.

But, if the stories on here this week are true, and he isn’t overly involved in training either….

what the fucik is he doing?



You can add Artjeti + Turbull to your list…


Jack Henry


I thought that I would feel much better after two days of ruminating about the Hungarian czerdas, but no, the disappointment is too deep. Yes, it will pass because the last couple of years have taught me that health and family are much more important. That perspective will cause my emotions to settle down shortly. What hurts is that it should not have happened, not that it did happen. When we played PSG in the pre-season, I had no thought that we would get a result. The final outcome was expected. However, as with the results against Cluj, Copenhagen, the result on Wednesday should not have happened. Maybe one of those three debacles could have happened but not all three.

However, all of this is in the past now. What of the future? If there is any professionalism in the club, then NL’s term is over. There are too many strikes against him. In addition to Ferencvaros this season, there are the games against Killie and DU to be considered. In addition, there is the day(s) off, placing blame on the players, the poor formations and the poor use of substitutes. Very few managers earn the tenures enjoyed by Wenger and Ferguson…..eventually results catch up with them, sooner rather than later.

Rumours suggest that JK met with PL after the match. If this is true, then options are being considered. I suspect that the issue is whether to find an alternative now, or let NL continue on to the end of the season, provided results do not fall off the cliff. Internally, the coaching staff is ill equipped to replace Lennon. So, it is either find a readily available manager, or wait until the end of the season. I suspect that there has been little forward planning w.r.t a new manager, so either DD or PL has a contact that they can quickly recruit, a la Lennon, or it is the same old porridge until season end.

There are significant risks associated with sticking rather than twisting. Firstly, little will change in terms of tactics and, secondly, it seems that several players have lost faith in the manager. Add to that the fact that teams now know how to play against us…….shut up shop, pack the middle of the defence, and hit on the break. Let Celtic play down the wings and cross the ball in to the packed centre…… fact, the same technique that Neil used to defeat Barca…….oh, the irony!

Finding a quick replacement is also a risky proposition. Deila and NL’s second term are good examples of that. Would GS or MON come back for a season? If it had not been the 10iar season, they might have, but why should they risk their reputations at this stage of their careers?

Nope, unless NL really accepts responsibility for the goulash, PL will continue with the same coaching team until season end. The end of this season was always going to end in a massive cull anyway.


Mike in Toronto


Shocked and appalled… never had you down as a male chauvinist Piggie ….”the dame coaching team” 🙂

Seriously, if what you say is true, and JK met with PL after the game, I think there is the answer… JK will be promoted if NFL departs…

Mike in Toronto

oops …did I misread that? sordid you edit it?


Where is everyone?

J’accuse BMCUWP 😁



That’s weird, no comments showing.

Make a comment (looks stupid now), refresh and everything appears!

Roll on 4pm and Bar 67 🍺🍺


After Sunday’s match there’s an international break coming up which makes it a good time to sack Lennon and bring in a replacement. This morning’s humiliating reversal of Wednesday’s post-match comments underlines the fact that the guy is currently a shambolic mess. I don’t wish to sound cruel but he just doesn’t seem to be at the races at the moment and there are no signs, he will be, anytime soon. Who would I replace him with? I’m guessing we wouldn’t be overrun with top quality candidates who possess the tactical nous that Lennon so badly lacks so we would be looking at lower-rung candidates but with a decent managerial record and a good reputation in the football world. It would also help if they know the Scottish game as they would need to hit the floor running. That being the case, I’d give Alex Neil’s agent a call. Plan B, maybe Jack Ross. Either, would be better than Lennon. We simply cannot take the chance of the huns winning the league this season.


Well said sir.
Unfortunately he is just an employee.
His employer probably will only care when his profit line is severely affected in the negative sense.
He is not at all qualified for his emperor role and i am not sure he’s even a great accountant.
His recruitment of coaches and players is hardly brilliant with a few high priced sales glossing over his frequent blunders and his criteria will always be based on simple arithmetic which does not account for the complexity of building a football team.
Lennon will probably be the fall guy as the cowardly liar shirks responsibility when suits.
Watching Lennon do the same is chilling as eventually it will permeate the entire staff.
If those who earn the most refuse to accept blame why should anyone else?
There is a sickness at what should be a very healthy club and lancing a boil will not cure our ills.
The ownership needs to change before we can become a proper football club again.



I edited it! There is nothing like a dame… the musical says.

I think JK would be a poor appointment. PL likes him where he is…….his eyes and ears.



Good morning troops.
Thank f%#k it’s Friday.
Well said Bobby.

Was just thinking I hope the Gombeen man and his daughter are okay. Long time no hear.

Wonder what was said at training today between the group and the gaffer? How relations are. That is encouraging from Odsonnes agent, looks like he is staying.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM absolutely p—-ing it down here in cheshire, thats 4 soakings this week, i blame peter lawwell ,another true story 😎

big packy

ive got over it now, well you have to or just sit and mopes, lets get the 10 and sicken them bassas from govan, maybe a good wee run in the europa, you never knowH,H,

big packy

M6BHOY, from last night, i now your junction, was going down there about 15 years ago with a delivery to st chads parade in birmigham had done this delivery loads of times, come off at JCT6 then straight thru to st chads parade, this night got to JCT7 all traffic was getting moved onto 7 because there had been an accident at 6 ,well this was the middle of winter, and 5 in the morning ,and pitch black, and no sat nav 😎 eventually found my way, but definitely the long way round.H.H.


As i have often stated our youth players seem better versed in modern football tactics than our first team.
The Jk and Lawwell meeting that supposedly happened is a worry.
What questions where asked?
If Lennon is removed then his replacement needs to be considered as part of a strategy for the entire football department.
The singular approach to management is stifling our growth and negatively impacting youth development forcing us to buy overpriced duds.

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