Celtic 3 – 0 Motherwell



Normal service was resumed today with a comfortable victory over Motherwell. I say comfortable,but it was anything but for most of the first half as we huffed and puffed to no avail. Can we put it down to a European hangover from Wednesday night or was it down to the baffling team selection from Neil Lennon? I think it was probably a mixture of both,along with the nagging feeling that maybe we aren’t actually that good.


The team lined up from the start exactly as it had on Wednesday night,which led to some considerable-and understandable-angst amongst the support. That’s right,Ryan Christie as our sole striker,a role which he proved the other night to be wholly unsuited for. And so it proved throughout that first half.


The first goal when it came was a peach though,with CalMac driving forward from deep inside his own half before laying off perfectly to James Forrest. Although the keeper was perfectly positioned when Jamesie picked the ball up,he noticed the keeper shift too close to his near post,and promptly drilled it into the far corner. A sublime finish from a man who can be anything he wants to be,and how I wish he would want it more often.


The second half saw that rare thing from Neil Lennon,an early substitution with Mo Elyounoussi being hooked at half time in favour of Patryk Klimala. This of course led to a change in the formation as well,with Ryan dropping back into a more familiar midfield role. The more familiar feel to things paid dividends,with Motherwell pretty much dropping out of it,even if chances were still thin on the ground. The Polish Paddy missed a couple of good chances,but his running was causing the opposition no end of bother as they couldn’t quite get to grips with his marking,and one of them came from a low cross into the six yard box by Greg Taylor who continues to both impress and frustrate at the same time.


It was the last contribution of the day from Taylor,who was shortly replaced by Frimpers around the hour mark,with Albian Ajeti coming on ten minutes later for Olivier Ntcham. The latter was a strange decision as Broonie had picked up an early yellow card and was probably the more obvious candidate-but we weren’t bothered too much.


Kris Ajer,who was one of our better players on the day,drove forward similarly to CalMac earlier,this time finding The Yeti in acres of space when the centre half stepped out to tackle. He took his time to turn,admittedly,but soon dispatched it to make it two nil.


It would soon get better for us as Christopher Jullien broke up Motherwell possession deep in his own half and hared up the pitch to get on to the end of the final ball from Frimpers,again with Klimala pulling the defence all over the place. For someone who doesn’t appear to have a left foot,he planted it from the edge of the area into the far corner. Sure caught me by surprise,that one!


So,like I said,a comfortable win-but not a comfortable performance for much of the time. We have two weeks now without a match,which we will hopefully use to finalise our dealings in the transfer market. We really need to know which players Neil will have available to him for the rest of the season,because whether we like it or not,this season is now all about the title and The Perfect Ten. We all know the areas which need strengthened,but at the moment we are guessing on the incoming players and the departures. Get it sorted,Celtic. No point in fannying around,is there?


If I was going to award a Man of the Match for this one,it would be CalMac. Klimala would have pushed him for it if he had finished those chances better,but his performance impressed me regardless. Hopefully the goals will come,because he has been showing up well when he gets a chance.



Above article by BMCUWP. Remember,international fortnight means that we may be struggling to write about the club for a while. There is no better time than this to send us your thoughts for Article of the Day. Mail it to MAHE



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Noel Skytrot

All very lacklustre in the first half until Forrest scored, about time. McGregor and Christie were outstanding and though Carson saved Klimala’s one on one I thought he made a difference, his running, movement and link up play stretched Motherwell. If he gets a run he might start to ramp it up. Still room for improvement in the team as a collective.


Morning all.

Naps update.

2 reselections ran yesterday due to non runners on the Saturday but no joy with those.

Saturday saw 3 winners.
Craig saw his selection oblige at 9/2. That shoots Craig up the table and he’s sitting comfortably in the top half. He was joined in the winners enclosure by Jimmy Not Paul who capped off a great weekend with an 11/4 shot. Added to his accurate score predictions, it was quite a weekend for him. Big Packy did what he does with remarkable consistency and threw in a winning favourite. ( 11/10)

Couple of place points gathered by Mahe and VP were the only other gains.

Well done to all 3 winners.

Updated Table

1 RayMac £36.33. (2.5)
2 The Real McCoy £8.00. (5.5)
3 Leftclicktic £4.00. (4.93)
4 Craig 76. £2.50 (2.13)
5 Big Packy £0.23 (0)
6 Bada -£1.00. (4.63)
7 Jimmy NP -£1.25. (0.63)
8 Celtic Champs -£2.50 (1.83)
9 Vogue Punter -£4.00. ( 4.68)
10 Chalmersbhoy -£4.00. (2.38)
11 Calton Tongues -£4.00. (0.75)
12 Jim the Tim -£4.27. ( 0)
13 BMCUW -£5.00. ( 3.75)
14 Gordon -£6.90. ( 1.63)
15 Garry -£6.90. ( 1.16)
16 Twisty -£9.00. ( 10.5)
17 Mahe -£9.00. (4.13)
18 AS67 -£9.00. ( 3.26)
19 Valleybhoy -£9.00. ( 2.25)
20 Mea Culpa -£9.00. ( 0.63)
21 Big Railroad B. -£9.00. ( 0.40)
22 Cosy Corner B -£9.00. (0)


Relieved, I thought we were in for another long day. I would love to see Ajer playing in Broonies position, and if Neil insists on playing Broonie play him at left back and tell him don’t cross the halfway line. I am not saying Broonie is not a good player I just think Ajer would Now be better in that position
And if Broonie keeps picking up yellows he will not be playing Anyway
Watch his card count the men in black will make sure he does not play against Sevco
two more weeks of withdrawals watching Scotland is like watching paint dry, they always nearly make it


Good report on the match, Mahe. Thanks.
Frimpers made a big difference when he came on. His pace and direct running scares defenders. We don’t have that same speed on the left wing. Greg can put a good ball in ok, but he very rarely can face a man up and beat him on the outside. Frimpers had three men covering. If there was any chance of him breaking, down he came. No messing. Not all fouls given, and only one card when there should have been three. Jeremie is an important player this season.


Just for once I’m glad for the international break as it will give the team more time to work on set-pieces. For a team that gets more corners than most, the team should be turning more of these into goals just like when Martin O’Neil was manager though I suspect it was his coaching team that worked on these on the training ground. Saw the BBC highlights and how good it was to see a striker really put his boot through the ball for his goal the way Ajeti did. Hooper was the last striker to do this for Celtic. As my old PE teacher used to say, if you’re going to miss, miss hard.


Morning bhoys
Score predictor points and league standings have been updated..


Toney signs for Brentford in 5 year deal.


Very impressive stuff from JIMMYNOTPAUL in The Predictor Competition.

Noel Skytrot

My da phoned me there to say that according to the Daily Radar, Shane Duffy will sign for Celtic tomorrow.

Noel Skytrot

Hopefully Duffy comes in, then another left back to be signed.

bada bing1

Barry Douglas rumour….


Shane Duffy and Barry Douglas would be excellent additions to the team. Exactly what we need. 👍

Craig 76

Well done JNP any chance of predicting tomorrow’s euromillions numbers 😃😃😃💶💶💶

The Real McCoy

Trying log in to see comments?
Phenomenal JNP 👏👏👏👏👏



Thank you for the match report, I didn’t see the match but a good second half performance and a few goals banged in will set us up nicely for the International break.

It’s difficult to see how a less productive pre-season or poorer start to the season could have been made.

It’s interesting our view on players, they kinda get set…

I saw the highlights of the first goal, the commentator mentioned Greg Taylor… I watched in astonishment as he ran purposefully up the park, going effortlessly passed his man, making a sublime pass and watched as James scoring a great goal.

Then of course I realised, as it ran again, it wasn’t Greg that had made the run, he had given the ball to Callum at the left back position.

With all due respect Greg could never have made that run and set-up that finish, once I knew it was Calmac it struck me how much we take our better players for granted.

The transfer window has been interesting, two decent players in and no high value sales. I’m not at all sure we will see most of the work done over the next two weeks. If we are getting Shane Duffy then hopefully he’ll be signed up but other comings and goings remain a mystery.

By the time the result of the first old firm derby is known – the window will have slammed shut and we will have played the league leaders, we will know better what condition we are in.

The transfers are taking an age to finalise, which is of course a big Pedro trait. Yet the silence from the Boardroom has been deafening, no projects have been signed and no high value players sold, has big Pedro taken a back seat?

Of course at this stage of the window none of those things in and of themselves indicate a change, also the Board dissappearing when the poop is hitting the fan is certainly par for the course. Maybe it’s just me but the silence seems eerie… e.g. The Bolingoligate affair

It means it’s all been left to Lenny to pontificate on all matters… he really isn’t covering Celtic or himself in glory.

Hail Hail


Of course I forgot to mention Turnbull. A player I hope that is in the Forrest, Calmac, Christie mode… a quality Scottish player that is a long term integral part of the team.

Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

SSN reporting that we have made a loan bid for Duffy with wages still to be agreed. Ffs should this not have been done weeks ago? Our recruitment is utter garbage. Slower then a week in the jail. But there is method in the madness as usual I suspect. What happens is that a player gets mentioned and he’s not really what we need. In Shane’s case he is NOT left sided. But as per usual we drip, drip, drip feed the fans the will he won’t he, we lose an important game, the desperation Ramps up and before you know it, it’s just get him in. Why are we footering about? Bingo we end up with a player who is not the type of player we really need but we are delighted to have him because at last we’ve got the deal done. Jeezo, I was at the stage last season where I was getting annoyed about Scott McKenna not joining. I gave self a good talking to, as my opinion on that boy is well documented but it’s the way we operate. It warps your mindset!!


AToB @ 11:54 am,


I should have put a caveat in my posts that although content with the players coming in, it’s on the basis that our downsizing is a given and our expectations have been well and truly managed.

Hail Hail


If we are able to get Shane Duffy and Barry Douglas signed, then along with Barkas, Turnbull and Ajeti, this would be an excellent transfer window for us, if there are no significant outgoings.
Get us playing 352 with the personnel we have and we are more than good to go.

A thing of beauty

Who is going to play left side of the three?


ATOB Chairbhoy
Don’t be impatient! It’s not easy when your head of recruitment/bean counter uses a chalk slate and abacus.
(It’s difficult to see how a less productive pre-season or poorer start to the season could have been made.)
Football is habitual.
Continuation of the same bad habits and tactics soon entrenches such.
I said at Dundee utd game that this was how we had played all through preseason with exception of when youngsters played against Hibs.
The head in the sand brigade preferred to ridicule rather than look at the clear evidence this was so.
Kilmarnock was not a one off and even our opening day win about 70% of that game we huffed and puffed with sideways and backwards possession.
If players do not follow coaches instructions they usually find themselves out the picture so can only assume what we are seeing is the result of coaching instruction.
I often say we are a reactionary club from the boardroom to the football side so i am curious to see what unfolds in the coming weeks.
Being the habitual creature’s they are i expect that signings will be made in the knowledge that outgoings will bring a substantial profit in our dealings.
Fear is a terrible inhibitor of success and our PLC constantly make decisions based on such so no surprise that it has permeated throughout the entire club.

big packy



Elhamed or Douglas left, Duffy on right, Jullien in middle. Nobody criticises Virgil Van Dijk for being a very right footed player who plays as a left sided central defender.



Re Duffy. If we do sign him I see him as a direct replacement for big Julie who, imho, flatters to deceive. Just can’t see where the £8mill CB is. Too easily distracted, gets involved in niggly wee vendettas, often ragged dolled by big industrial strikers, true on his day he can be a decent defender and adds the odd goal but we need a strong presence in the defence to organise our sometime haphazard style of defending. That as well as intimidate opposition forwards – none of the current squad do this. Now i know Shane Duffy is no Franco Baresi but i for one believe he is just the type of defender we need. An added bonus of course being he is a Celtic Bhoy from Doire so knows the score.
The Sampdoria defender may be our go to for a left footed central defender all down to Teflon Pete’s willingness to splash the cash with the Italians reported to want around +£8mill for the guy.



Mike in Toronto


I’m in agreement with Mags. (On that note …. have people just decided to ignore his posts?)

Our Board intentionally undermine our team if it looks like we could be too much better than the zombies. But we also can’t be too far behind them. It is always reactive to what/how the zombies are doing. Hence, the seeming schizophrenic nature of our transfer dealings.


I’d bet money that SB gets pushed back into a CB role sooner rather than later. Kills three birds with one stone: saves us having to buy a left sided CB (I know he’s not a left footer, but he is the greatest player ever, and can do anything… including leap tall buildings in a single bound), gets him out of midfield, and keeps him in the team for every minute of every game (is it in his contract, or does he have compromising photos of certain people?)

big packy

thought the blog was broke there, if yeez dont come on ive got hundreds of true stories to tell 😎😎


OK Packy! 🙂

I don’t know much about Barry Douglas so I looked up his history in Wiki. One thing it says about his style of play is that he is very good at set pieces. Could help solve the corners problem. Although you would think that is something that could be addressed with good coaching!


Celtic have missed out on a bye into the play-off round of qualifiers for the Euro losers league.

Celtic had hoped to seal their automatic place in the final round of qualifying matches with a gimme but were not pulled out of the hat in Nyon this afternoon.

It now means we will have to face one of the winners from the Champions Path in the third round, which will be drawn tomorrow afternoon.
Tirana and Ludogorets were the lucky(!) pair to nab the bye.

Potential opponents for our next dose of European embarrassment 😁

Inter Escaldes or Dundalk

KuPS or Slovan Bratislava

Linfield or Floriana

Skonto Riga or Tre Fiori

Djurgardens or Europa FC

Flora Talinn or KR Reykjavik

FK Sileks or Drita

Astana or Budućnost Podgorica

Ararat Armenia or Fola Esch

Connah’s Quay Nomads or Dinamo Tbilisi

* Bet ya it’s Linfield🙄😏

big packy

JIM, barry who😎😎


Packy, Barry Douglas – a transfer rumour – he plays for Leeds Utd. He used to play for Dundee Utd but i can’t remember him, typical of me!

He’s a left back.

big packy

JIM, to be honest with you watched the game yesterday, cracking picture on hesgoal, but turned it off just before jamsey scored, so missed the goals, it was doing my nut in, same as wednesday H.H.


Mike in Toronto
Mags puts his point across well in his unique style.
As you know i live in the US and fear has constantly been used to dictate this countries policy.
Our PLC tread a well worn path.

big packy

JIM, yes remember him now👍 havent spoken to you in ages mate, how you keeping,are you still living in larkhall.


Larkhall? LOL 🙂 To be fair, let’s not forget the McStays came from there!

big packy

JIM, do you fancy a true story,


Go for it Packy.


What are we to make of the decision to retain the same team and formation as against Ferencvaros? I have to say I am puzzled.

Firstly, the formation is clearly the wrong one as the second half vs Motherwell revealed. However, was NL attempting to demonstrate that he was correct on Wednesday and everyone else was wrong? Or, was it excellent man management by not singling out individuals for the debacle? After all, he needed to do some damage control after his emotional outburst after the game.

Sadly, we shall never know and our view of it will be shaped by the conclusions that each of us have already drawn about the manager. In my book, he has entered Deila territory and not just for the result on Wednesday. Anyway, enough of that, events will unfold.

On the game itself. The first 40 minutes were a repeat of the Ferencvaros game to no surprise. I was reminded of the definition of insanity, namely, doing the same thing and expecting different results!

Forrest and Calmac rescued both the Celtic banner and the manager’s position when they performed a Ferencvaros on Motherwell. They scored in a breakaway and against the run of play. Motherwell had sussed that nothing had changed in the Celtic team and that their efforts would peter out at the 18 yd line, or from crosses into the box to a fictional striker. The Well saw their opportunity and flooded forward to apply the coup de grace, or coo’s arse. Think how you felt when Tokmac toe poked their winning goal! The Motherwell players got to experience that just before the halftime talk from their manager.

Of note, or perhaps, ironically, Barkas saved a certain goal from the same position that he conceded the winner versus the Hungarians. And so, despite being holed below the waterline, the Celtic ship righted itself and continued to bob along to the desired harbour on the distant horizon.

Second half, having made his point, the manager showed that both he and the fans could be simultaneously correct, by bringing on a sub….Klimala. Clearly, Christie had been punished enough. After all, a couple of shifts out of position did Lewis Morgan and Mikey Johnson no harm at all. Christie responded by showing why it is important that we keep him at the club.

Although Klimala did not score, his arrival caused the Well defenders to earn their salaries just as Kabamba did to Ajer and Julien. What a discovery! A striker causes concern in the opposition half. Unsubstantiated reports suggest that Craig Levein, whilst watching the match, saw a light bulb go on above his head.

Still until the second goal went in, this author was on the edge of his seat. Who would make a mistake? Had the Gods thrown away their green and white scarves? Then through the frozen mists of footballers’ sweat Ajer discerned the outline of the Yeti lurking in space.

Three to nil looks good in the history books. Words like emphatic come to mind but it hides the truth. Did it wash away the disappointment and shenanigans of Wednesday? Not one little bit. Does painting over rising damp, solve the problem?


big packy

OK lets go as you know my dad and his family are from croy, us kids went there every other sunday after mass, to visit my grandmother, barbegs crescent in croy where the holy cross chapel is, JNP will know it, anyway i degress 😎 was sick of seeing the green white and gold and celtic scarves everywhere, so ive always liked the red white and blue dont ask me why😎 ah i thought had a brainwave, ill start the first rainjurs supporters club in croy ill be famous😎anyway advertised in the the local paper, the croy sentinel is that not a coincidence😎did not get one reply, i was heartbroken not only that i had to hide my rainjurs scarf and tammy from my grandmother, if she had seen that i would have been kicked up and down the road to kilsyth, phew glad she didnt ,and if my father had seen me wearing a rainjurs scarf i would not be here now😎😎 another true story


This is what wee Clare the Tim was singing to Voguepunter in the back of his taxi. 😜



Morning folks.
Hope all are well.

Rebus you’re final point is one I intended to make, that the storyline flattered us.
Again we were lacklustre and there is little sign of cohesion or plan.
This won’t end well but as Batman realised you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the enemy.
The next five league games determine the season imo.
Find some flair and pizzazz, new guys hit the ground running, and a decent derby result all will seem a lot better.
Amble on disjointed and a bad derby, , ,,

I find our start incredible, almost as if this season was a surprise. We need half a team and the manager has split the support already, team thrown under bus after first defeat, and again can’t close deals that have been around for a month.
Imagine if we actually were professional.

I’m booking a vacation. Screw it.

Hail Hail


This is what VP was hoping she would say.


( Does painting over rising damp, solve the problem?)
A perfect description .


Packy a true story? I suspect there’s a few porkies in there somewhere!


Big P is known for his love of sausage.


Fan-A-Tic, that explains it!


Good afternoon all from the Star Bar.


Was that a random Lisbon Lion in the video? 😊


Fan a Tic
Is that a yoofamism??? 🤣😂

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