Glasgow Celtic. What is the point? What is THE PURPOSE?

“ Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding”. (The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran )


Painful as the defeat to Ferencvaros was on Wednesday night one outcome as sure as night follows day when something painful happens, is folk start thinking.


Dangerous stuff.


The thinking starts during the game and depending on the events on field causes emotions of despair (their early goal), hope and joy (our equaliser) and anger (their winner.)


However, the emotions gradually subside (unless there is another game on hand to take us back on the emotional roller coaster) and in that space the game of pass the buck begins. It’s El Hamed fault, Christie is rotten, no strikers ffs, what is the manager playing at? He’s lost it, he’s lost the dressing room, that’s Edouard’s offski , Lennon is useless as a coach, he has to go.


Then it goes up the ladder to The Board/Peter Lawwell and ultimately to Dermot Desmond, the “Thought Commander in Chief”, for all failing to prepare once again for Champion’s League qualification. Its Ground Hog Day or watching repeats of The Shawshank Redemption except Celtic never escape after doing the hard-working equivalent of crawling through shit for most of the game.


I get amused watching it all until I realise I’m doing the bloody same, all over Twitter like a rash to express my thoughts and feelings in what is a judgement frenzy based on opinions that do not take all the various factors at play into account because NO ONE KNOWS ALL THE FACTS AND FACTORS. (so we make things up).


In the modern world thoughts that were once confined to a few in a pub after a game, proliferate like a virus via social media with no social distancing. Unlike our current unwelcome virus visitor , thoughts are already in the heads of supporters just waiting to be coughed out, mostly with unintended but painful results that nevertheless stimulate the kind of post-match frenzy only now subsiding as a more reflective mood emerges: which brings me to the point of this article that asks


“What is the Point of Celtic, What is THE PURPOSE?”


The purpose of the article is not to answer the questions posed (how the feck would I know) but to get what is a community who gather under the Celtic FC totem pole to think about their answers and maybe – stretching it a bit I know – even get a consensus on the answers. Celtic means different things to different folk at a personal level but at a higher level, do we all, starting from The Board, as the embodiment of Celtic (dare I say the spirit made flesh – I just did) have an agreed purpose, and are Celtic as a whole and as that embodiment serving it?


To kick things off I draw on responses by John Reid from the 2008 Celtic AGM when addressing questions raised by The Famine Song.


John Reid’s Statement at Celtic AGM 2008


Why did you decide to speak out about ‘The Famine Song’ and is it important that the club make sure that our supporters protect the integrity of Celtic’s name?
I spoke out about it because this is a pretty vile song and I don’t think that any reasonable person who has read the words of this song can see it as anything other than a pretty vicious, racist song.


It combines racism and sectarianism and goes beyond a lot of other things that we have seen in the past. That’s one of the reasons why I spoke out and I also come from Irish and Scottish descent myself, so that’s the main reason.




We are proud of the fact that we have Scottish origins and Irish heritage and we are never going to deny that. We will defend that and that is not a cause for shame, it’s a cause for recognition and celebration.


Indeed our very name ‘Celtic’ is about the unity of the Scottish and Irish people. It stands against those who would divide, discriminate, and oppose those two entities. And because we start from that basis of the unity of peoples then we have always been open and inclusive as a club.


That’s why traditionally we have never discriminated. That’s why our board, our shareholders, our footballers and our footballing heroes come from all sorts of different backgrounds, religions, ethnic groups and do so internationally.


That’s why I said last year that whatever differences we have when we come into this club we leave them at the door because we believe truly, in a Scotland that is one bit of many cultures and is way beyond now being Scots and Irish.


That is our stance, therefore we have to speak out when we see racism or sectarianism being practised and of course, if we are going to do that WE HAVE TO PRACTISE WHAT WE PREACH.


We have to be careful, from our own point of view and that’s why I am absolutely delighted that our fans in recent years have had accolades from the world football authorities, from the European football authorities and let me say when I point out that there may be a minority who are transgressing our own rules, that they are our own rules.


I don’t know any Celtic fans who have been chanting racist slogans or anything of that nature, so I am not comparing like with like here.




We aren’t all the same, but we have to make sure that that is evident to everybody. That’s the nature of Celtic Football Club.


I searched for the above as my memory told me John Reid said there what Celtic stood for, but does it set out Celtic’s purpose?


Purpose is defined as:

“the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”


and if our purpose in 2008 is one of seeking unity and not division ,should we not be asking ourselves


a) Is that still our purpose?
b) If so what have we done since 2012 to fulfil that purpose when the perfect opportunity arose to do so?
c) Have we been successful in meeting the 2008 purpose or has it been jettisoned for other purposes and if so what are they?


Come next spring if the current season does not come to another premature end, whether we win ten in a row or whether we do not, what will be our purpose then? Now is the time to start thinking about that and that thinking should be starting with the “Thought Commander in Chief”( I bet you were wondered “wtf?” when I gave Sir Dermott Desmond that title earlier ) taking the lead.


In an ideal world that would see the opening up of a dialogue with all who constitute the Celtic community, not just an internal discussion between those on The Board who have lost our trust, perhaps because of a perception that their purpose for Celtic and the support differs?


In taking such a lead they might actually start a process of rebuilding the kind of trust sustainable long lasting good relationships are based on. Given the way Celtic supporters have paid up for games they are not guaranteed to watch and helped keep Celtic the business afloat, the very least they deserve is to be involved in such a meaningful dialogue. (in business speak in my day it was called Strategic Planning / Alignment of Activities with Purpose)


Under such a dialogue approach to review the future point and purpose of Celtic, perhaps we should go back to the original purpose from Brother Walfrid for guidance.


“ ‘A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed.’”


It certainly can be argued that today The Foundation fulfils that purpose, sustained by the effort of the support, where Foodbanks are the modern day equivalent of dinner tables for children and the unemployed , but does Celtic the business meet the same underlying principle of charity at the core of Celtic’s original purpose?


Charity is defined as:

  1. Benevolence or generosity toward others or toward humanity.
  2. Indulgence or forbearance in judging others.
  3. Charity in Christianity is a theological virtue defined as love directed first toward God but also toward oneself and one’s neighbours as objects of God’s love.


I suppose the question is where in Celtic’s business purpose does charity as defined above sit and does the Celtic business model promote it?


Celtic are a great club because they are supported by a great community but is it not time to consider how to build more on that strength and less on the strength of the incorrectly named balance sheet, that only causes imbalance.


Over to Dermott Desmond, Thought Commander In Chief!


Above article by Auldheid. Grateful thanks as ever,and much to think about there!

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Auldheid many many thanks for the article.
I guess everyone will speak for themselves as you’ve asked and as is only right, although Im sure some would struggle to define Celtic in mere words.

What I currently see I don’t like, and where they have taken the club is not where it should be imo. When we were given the great club comments by our Thought COC, plus 49 quid tickets, “THE” phased out after a season, no official acknowledgement our rival had died and with it the dreaded Old Firm, all of those actions went against our club charter which states we will disassociate ourselves from bigotry.
Charter dismissed might be okay for some but not for me.
Obscene wages and unbecoming behaviour cement the feeling this board aren’t good Celtic people at all.
Our purpose now under this board is clearly to raise funds for them, turn a profit while paying well.

I envisage the club as a unifying institution for the community, but primarily as a platform for some of the fantastic athletes the Celtic race spawns. That is not to say exclusively Scots and Irish, no not at all, as variety is the spice of life, and along those lines we are now seeing the Ireland born sons of Polish immigrants joining the local GAA teams, who were always going to play a big part in helping integrate foreign refugees or migrants. Likewise the local Glasgow immigrants should be able to have access to that platform, perhaps one days their sons would dream of donning the Hoops.

So a football club of the people I guess would sum it up best, where we focus more on an entertaining style of play, bringing through the globe’s youth with that style of play ingrained, a respectable amount of profit to charity as well as providing facilities free of charge for good causes.
There’s more but that would be a great start.

Regarding the away support and undesirable behaviour, when Scottish football wishes to join the modern world it will find that technology could be a huge help there, but in this Covid ridden globe, perhaps being in densely packed crowds to gain cover is a thing of the past.
In a socially distancing world, control of tickets and monitoring those inside might just become a lot more normal and actually important for the continuation of spectating.
Its hard to see us going back to that norm at the minute.
I didnt get the feeling the club ever wanted to address the situation either, by allocating highly visible fans to self police or tightly controlling away tickets.

Post ten, is when the real show begins. We get to find out, and guide if possible, the direction and intentions of the PLC for our club.
Another bunch of fat cats, and it will be sod that.
For a club of our history, a membership scheme of some sort to give fans a tangible sense of control makes a lot of sense. Bayern have set the benchmark, and the template is there is be copied.
If Scottish football had any sense it would seek to adopt the 51/49 model we see in Germany, as most clubs are already so dependant on fans it would safeguard the future of the game.
Without some out of the box thinking, the game will slowly wither. Serving up this poor fayre with its veils of secrecy and jobs for the boys attitude is the easiest thing to do, as its already there and no body needs to lift a finger.

The fans might just have a bit of the Kieran Tierney syndrome we discussed midweek, in that he had to be saved from himself so much did he wish to serve the club.
Although almost at the end of this board’s reign, hope so and it feels like it, I and others should encourage them to communicate with the club with the aim of guiding decision making. The amount of people that woke up last week unhappy with lots of questions about the club was huge, but I dont think any ever told the PLC that they were concerned when they were handing over their season ticket money for the 15th year in a row.
There was mega questions over who is buying the players, yet just handing over the cash and saying nothing only helps encourage the notion this is acceptable.
I will be urging all to take up the pen and/or attend as many meetings maybe join committees when we are faced with a new set up and a clean slate.
The folk that get that great club united with its fanbase again, and on a course befitting our stature will be heroes in my eyes.
I hope I see that fulfilled while alive.

Thanks again pal.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Morning Bhoys, Chairbhoy thanks for reply, if Eddy has missed the last 2 games,he should have been withdrawn ,and had treatment at Lennoxtown IMO HH




I know we aren’t really in a position to slag anyone off-seems most people we know voted for our own prick in power-but how anyone can consider voting for this eejit beats the bejaysus outa me.



Hope it worked. Have fun. I’m off to that London shortly-family stuff-so keep an eye on things,there’s a good lad.



That’s a powerful article,fuelled by your usual mix of righteous indignation,disdain and no little insight. MAHE’s response is equally considered,and you both deserve the credit due for time well spent,and for sharing your insights here.

My own response to it will have to wait-see above-but since the chances are that I’ll be more sober than is usual for a Friday evening,hopefully they will make some sense for a change. Mind you,don’t wait up!


Auldheid .. Hope your well .. Great Article.

My take on Celtic is simple .. who Gains.

What is point or purpose of individuals gaining, but not the Club.

The entity that is Celtic cannot gain under a PLC model.

With a different ownership model only the Club should gain, which is the entity that is Celtic.

Who owns the Assets of the Club .. The Club should own it’s own Assets.

The Assets of Celtic should be put in Trust, so they cannot he bought by one individual or company or country as is the case with Man City and PSG.

And if the Only the Club gains then we as Members and Supporters contribute to that.

We then have a structure to create the greatest football Club in the world, for all its Members and Supporters to enjoy.

If individuals gain, then the Club comes second.

The Club is greater than anyone of us and everyone of us.

Change is coming .. The only question is will the Club ultimately gain, or will individuals gain.


Morning all and Packy.


I wish Celtic was a Co-operative. De-listed from the stock exchange. One member one vote. With a mission statement (Strategy). Directors voted on/off by the membership. Professional management appointed by the board with clear performance related conditions.


Excellent article, as was Mahe’s post.
Given me some food for thought and much to think about. Bravo bhoys. 👍





So say most of us. Some have been a long time arriving at that conclusion but God loves the prodigal!

It’s a major reason why we set this site up,to give the disaffected a place to voice their thoughts without being bullied into the ether by the corporate hangers-on.

But none of us knows how to achieve our goal,and that is the big problem.


Agreed Bobby, the problem is getting from A to B (whatever that is) nobody can force Dermot Desmond and the other major shareholders out. Any reformed set up requires them to sell up.
Unfortunately DD & Co. don’t come across as being altruistic.

Altruistic –
“showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.”

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the article, here’s a few ‘thoughts…’

Thought is basically conditioning. It is made up of our limited knowledge and experience and it reacts to life by regurgitating the past. Thought is rarely fresh, or inspired. It rationalises, justifies and factionalises.
It creates images (same root as imitation). It’s prone to self-deception and produces incoherent, unintended results.

Celtic, Sevco, Christianity, you and me are all images. Thought creates an image, which we identify with. That image is full of judgements and misconceptions.
It’s ridiculous really.

We endlessly strive to increase our knowledge to support or deep rooted conditioning.Quote from the enlightened and worship the knowledgeable. Always seeking, trying to dominate, never content, honest, never free.

Virtually everything that surrounds us is the product of thought. Our homes, communities, culture, values, principals. Thought created religion, politics, wars, sectarianism, racism, our notion of God, language, definitions, technology, science, the educational system, nations, the unfolding ecological disaster…Virtually all we know.

Until we face the truth about our individual and collective thought or consciousness and stop running after pleasure and the inevitable pain that it brings we won’t break the cycle of the failed ideology, blame and misery.

Individually and collectively we are violent, self-centered and selfish.We identify with our opinions, causes and groups. Our minds are closed and we spend most of the time in the pains of the past or fear of the future.
That’s one reason why the pandemic is taking such a toll on mental health. Without our distractions and entertainments we’re lost. We are tormented by the past and the future.
Our thoughts are rarely in the miracle of the present.

Dialogue is an alien concept to most of us. It’s all about me and my opinion. The belief system that’s using me, my family, my club, my politics, my solution.
Every thought seems to begin with the concept of I.
That’s why charity based around thought won’t solve the problem.

Most of us will never came across the choice
-less simplicity of love. It’s present 24/7 but tragically most don’t seem to come experience the truth.

A hundred in a row doesn’t come anywhere near a second’s exposure to choiceless, thoughtless love.

As they say, the rose shares it’s perfume with all.
The rose doesn’t make choices.

We often are stuck in duty and dependency.
We’re conditioned into duality, factionalism and conflict, such ugliness. We’re never fully alive.

What comes after thought and it’s conditioned reflexes?

Silence. Thoughtless silence…Where might silence lead..?

Great post Auldheid, suspending our opinions and entering dialogue is key.
Much the same way as the hunter-gatherers sat around that Totem pole.
No leaders, authority or agenda just a common purpose

Till later,


The Gombeen Man, On a line by line basis it would be hard to argue with you. But the overall picture you paint is very bleak.
From a personal point of view I would need to bring God into it. An adult understanding of God, not the Catechism version I learned in primary school, But I will leave it there my friend.

The Real McCoy

Afternoon all 👋🏻🍀


Great article Auldheid.
For the PLC it is merely a vehicle for profit.
Made easier by having a captive audience and little competition.
Soundbites and slogan’s with a nod to our founders are used to keep emotional bonds of fanbase intact.
When the carrot of EPL riches was dangled the PLC had no problems collaborating with the police against their own fans in an effort to ditch our history and be more palatable to the anti Irish history of the English.
TV and a newer type of glory hunting fans would increase profits hugely allowing our Thought Commandeer in Chief the choice to sell for a massive instant profit or sit on a steady stream of easy income.
For the fans first and foremost it is a righteous and joyful cause being attached to our proud forefathers who stood up and persevered against great injustice.
The joy was amplified by legends like the Lisbon Lions,Jimmy McGrory,Paul McStay,Lubo,Henrik who got our hearts raising with beautiful football.
Many of our legends gave us reasons to be proud even in the darkest times and the spirit of Brother Walfrid and the founders with their endeavors gave us a cause celebre.
The fans have endured and defied a dishonest society who tried to break them and failed.
Proud and defiant are Celtic supporters.
The future should hopefully see the demise of this parasitic PLC and allow the next generation to follow a club that lives up to its proud origins with a football team that plays with the defiance and joy of our historic legends.
The tempering of expectation and belief for the sake of easy profit should be consigned to the dustbin.
Membership scheme made up of the proud and defiant would be a fitting tribute to our glorious ancestors.


Excellent article and I couldn’t agree more with the call for inclusion in the discussion now.
As you know better than many ( most, anyone) the shroud of the Club’s involvement or lack of in Res. 12 hangs over those charged with taking us forward.


Good morning troops and hope all are well today.
God bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

StevieNaive, welcome to the blog, if I haven’t already said hello.


Unfortunately nothing apart from hard cash will induce DD to sell / relinquish his shares. Would he be willing to offer them for sale to the Celtic support? For instance small shareholders (non preferential) are offered the opportunity to increase their own share holdings as well as current ST holders before his shares were offered for general sale? Could we, along with the Celtic trust etc garner enough support and more importantly money to buy enough of the shares to allow us real voice within the club? A huge crowd funding effort from the fans to buy the shares on behalf of the rank ‘n’ file support? Probably not imho.

Again, unfortunately, it is a mere fantasy. Why would DD sell his shares to us peasants? It looks as if they will be heading in the direction of his son so once again we will have a dynastic style ownership model.

bada bing1

Steve Niave- how’s Elvis?🙄


At least when Brett Desmond inherits his dad’s shares, we will have a bit of glamour, in the form of his wife Andrea Corr. 😊👍



I don’t know what she ever saw in the son of a multi billionaire. It’s a real head scratcher🤔


A few of us have brainstormed regarding the future of the club, still do regular.

The dynastic model, giving Desmond Junior who will be referred to as just Junior from now on, will not cut it for me and would spark off fresh attempts to wrest control of club I believe.

While it may seem an uphill even impossible task there are some very smart and resourceful folk working on this, who have the huge advantage of being not interested in swelling their bank balance, of being real genuine Celtic men, plus their integrity is not in question.

Those things may not sound that important, but when it comes down it, they are exactly what is needed in order to garner trust with the support, the support who are the beating heart of our club.

He who controls the support, can control the club. When ten is gone, I expect people to emerge with aims and ambitions.

All of us are going to step up, some just don’t realise it yet. Without a ten, the PLC don’t have much to cling to or offer.

Fresh broom incoming.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, AULDHEID, great article, for me celtic is more than a club, its a way of life, you are born into it.H.H.



I sincerely hope you are correct about the new broom and it’s not one of the Trigger variety ! At the end of the day only hard cash heading his way or the prospect of losing a large amount of it will make DD consider relinquishing his shares.


This just in, allegedly, ” Sevco are interested in bringing Paddy Roberts to Ibrox on a loan deal” I sure they are as should Celtic be. But Paddy playing for Sevco – nah it couldn’t happen – could it? 😟😧😱


I’m not usually one for going back but Kayal and Paddy are two that would probably help us short term,need zero bedding in, and I think would bust a gut to earn a long term contract.
I would nibble. Paddy would make James step up.
Kayal and Broony rotate.


Jealousy will get us nowhere. 😜😂


Garry, Cheers. I’d forgotten how much I love The Corrs singing Breathless!

Packy, check out the drummer. (The drumming!)


Well you never know what the day might bring.
I was out in East Kilbride having a coffee with my wife when I glanced a Lisbon Lion out of the corner of my eye. He caught me looking at him and approached the table. He spent 5 minutes standing talking to me as if he knew me and talked to my wife, whose from Aberdeen, and launched into a story about Swalex just so he could deliver a practised punchline.
Having made my day he approached the next 5 tables uninvited and engaged them in chat. He quickly worked out if they wanted football talk or general and he gave them what they wanted.
He would have toured every table in the place if his “minders “ had not returned, shaking their heads and saying “Typical!”

Yes I’ve just been Bertied


I would prefer to see Nir Bitton as our defensive holding midfielder. Kayal and Paddy, no thanks.
Patrick could never play a right wing back role.
Rather Jeremie Frimpong given that role.

big packy

HEY you ghuys why didnt you tell me me my counrtry were playing tonight, shame on you, i remember when we had a team to be proud of ,wee wullie henderson, wullie johnston, john greig, ronnie mckinnon ,the greats of the scottish game, had wee wullies picture on my bedroom wall for years, and we went down to wembley and beat them englanders 9-3 with big frank in goal, well i think we beat them 9-3, it could not have been the other way round could it ,the old memory might be playing tricks here😎


I love this song by the Dundalk family band.


Excellent article,
The purpose of Celtic should always be what it was intended to be, a club for people in poverty, people in need, people who have little in their lives through no fault of their own, for the oppressed.
From the amount of money P.Lawwell takes out the club each year to ticket prices, it is wrong, what about people in families who can’t afford season tickets, merchandise strips or the rest of it?
The club shouldn’t forget these people, i know we do a lot for charities etc but i hope we can one day, start to lower admission prices, to allow poor people in to see Celtic.
Celtic is a magical thing to be a part of & those who run it need to keep it real, it’s not about the Champions league, it’s not about 10 in a row, it’s about giving hope to people who have none, this is why we were formed, it’s why i fell in love with the club as a child.

Hail Hail



Rather have Frimpers also when he’s on this form.
Curious to see how we line up post break.
We all want 3 5 2 but Imnot sure it’s gonna happen.
The Eddy thing is strange, a tad concerning actually.

Hail Hail

big packy

JIM, id rather watch the band😎😎


What do you think of big Bitton in the holding midfielder role?
The position he will probably play for Israel tonight.


Packy, your memory is getting even worse than mine. Try to remember and keep taking the multi vitamins.

Big Audio Dynamite

Have been thinking for the best part of a decade, what have we become? Did the Celtic I had in my head & heart ever exist? Was it just an illusion, part of how we just accept the world we are presented with, or maybe just maturing and seeing things for what they are? We all put Celtic up on a high pedestal, but the financial ruin of our rivals has begged more questions about who we are, than it has about what they did …we knew they were wrong yin’s.

So …

Are we just part of a double act? A double act that is kept on life support because it’s the best money making scheme in our national sport. It is just impossible to shake the feeling we are up to our ears in the greatest swindle, football in this country has ever seen.

The only funny thing about this is the role reversal, as they now have got themselves convinced we are now the “Establishment” and they are now the downtrodden underdogs! 😆 Its a funny old world, it really is.


Former Irish Manager Brian Kerr on Shane Duffy’s performance – Bulgaria v Ireland.

“Out of the back four, Shane Duffy looked nervous in possession when he was trying to set up the play. Neither of the full-backs played as well as maybe we’ve seen them playing at their clubs and that would suggest that maybe it’s a bit different for them now playing in a four at the back rather than a five at their clubs.”

Duffy himself has admitted to making a mistake that allowed Bulgaria to score. Albeit the move leading up to the Bulgarians goal was the only decent bit of football witnessed in the entire game. I didn’t want Shane to play in the Eire games but given that he has admitted he is a ‘bit match rusty’ another 90 mins in a competitive game will work to our benefit .


Garry, absolutely not.
He has been tried there time and again, while ok for domestic will not help us progress in Europe.
Doesn’t have the athleticism required imo, or the bite in the tackle, Fanatic would probably say his positioning is poor.
Average player, decent all rounder and squad member. Not a starter in my eyes.

Hail Hail

big packy

JIM, take them everyday otherwise id fall apart😎


Disagree sorry.
The best passer of a ball in our squad. Better in the tackle than you give him credit for. Positionally better than Calmac or Broony for holding midfielder role.
Watch him tonight against Scotland.

big packy

who is frimpers by the way, does he play tennis😎

big packy

on the scotland debate if we have one😎 flower of scotland is the worst dirge ive ever heard in my life, most of garrys songs are rubbish but even garrys songs are better than flower of scotland 😎😎FFS bring back scotland the brave😎


Were you ever in the pub in Coatbridge that Willie Henderson and Alfie Conn ran?
Celtic supporters bus left from it.
Two great guys, Willie and Alfie.


Good afternoon all from the Star Bar.


Scots Wha Hae or Caledonia for me.
Cannae go Scotland the Brave.
All better than GSTQ which used to be played as our National Anthem when I attended Scotland games in 70s & 80s.

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