Liquidation, Litigation, and Losing the Plot !



It looks unlikely that we will be able to celebrate Hallowe’en this year in our usual way-shutting the curtains and pretending we aren’t in! Nor even,at this rate,Valentine’s Day next year by treating our most dearly beloved to something romantic in the hope that she doesn’t notice that we got them at the last minute from the 24-hour garage round the corner.


And people wonder why I’m still single…


Of course,as Celtic fans we will still be able to celebrate in the first instance the eighth anniversary of the huns officially entering liquidation and in the second instance the ninth anniversary of Jelly and Ice-cream Day. But our joy has been tempered greatly by events since,and really had we been paying attention,not putting our faith in judicial process where the rules are hard and fast and allow little room for manoeuvre and instead paid heed to precedent,we would have,should have,realised that the huns would get away with it. And that somebody else would get the blame.


THE EXILEDTIM and others warned us on CQN and elsewhere that it would happen. A THING OF BEAUTY told me quite clearly at the time that I was a bloody idiot if I thought that Scotland and its legal and judicial system wouldn’t be closing ranks against any prosecution of the guilty. And I know that they don’t take any pleasure in being right,that they too wish that the law had been applied in this case without fear or favour.


Yet it was blatantly obvious that rules were being casually ignored by Rangers under David Murray for years before these events took place. Who can forget the ludicrous appearance in court by Andy Goram in the late 90s where his brief showed documentation to the court that his client was paid £1000 a week by his club? Or the ludicrous claim in an interview by David Murray-in the face of criticism of the performances of Ronald de Boer-that he was only at Ibrox for the equivalent of petrol money,waving the contract in question to the assembled reporters? I said on both occasions that there must be two contracts at least for each player,and that I wondered how many others this applied to.


And why? Well,we soon found out.


In 2004 the losses at Ibrox were so great that Murray announced a rights issue for £50m which was so popular with the hordes that his own company MIH was forced to underwrite 98% of it-except that MIH couldn’t afford to do that and had to add the £49m to the already burgeoning debt owed to HBOS. Since even that gargantuan sum was only about 5% of the total owed it really was a case of In For A Penny,In For A Pound.


The £50m didn’t last too long and a mere two years later,along came Walter Smith riding to the rescue of his beloved and beleaguered club,and on a white charger too. The spend initiated by him to challenge a resurgent Celtic under Gordon Strachan was eyewatering and amounted to around £30m in fees alone. This was money that Rangers could ill afford,and indeed most of it came via an increased overdraft from,as usual,his fraternal buddies at HBOS. And since the club couldn’t afford to pay the associated wage bill for such expensive players,Murray simply upped the ante on some tax “avoidance” schemes which he had initiated under the heady days of Dick Advocaat.


It still wasn’t enough to prevent Gordon leading us to a trio of titles though,and by this time it was imperative that the money starts rolling in to pay the bills.


The only way to do that was by playing in the lucrative Champions League. And the only route was by winning the league. And since the last few years had shown that Celtic were more likely to do that,another few goalposts had to be moved. Witness the intervention of the referees as they really went to town on the questionable interpretation of the laws of the game,depending on which teams they were in charge of on any particular day.


And even at that,they only won two of their three successive titles because we threw them away in the final stages. But it was enough to keep the wolf from the door-but for one momentous event. The financial worldwide meltdown in 2007/2008. This was a game changer for Murray and Rangers for many reasons. It wasn’t a good time to have a huge amount of steel stockholding tied up in a deep recession where there was little call for it,nor in his new pet project of commercial property-where there was even less. And it wasn’t a good time to have debts to a bank,not when your debts vastly outweighed your assets. Worst of all was that the bank itself was a busted flush and was duly taken over by Lloyds Bank-a bank which had no fraternal relationship with him,and which wanted their money back.


But worst was the debt at Rangers-exacerbated by an HMRC investigation into the avoidance schemes which they declared to be simple evasion. Illegal,and likely to lead to imprisonment-but more to the point,a bill for £49m including interest and penalties. It was this,more than any other event,which led to the decision by Murray to get out of Dodge,selling the club to Craig Whyte for the princely sum of £1. And it was this,allied to an abject failure to qualify for Europe in McCoist’s first season in charge,which led to the events of February,June and October 2012


And how we all laughed. And celebrated like there was no tomorrow. The problem with that though is that for all of us there will only be one day in our lives that there is no tomorrow,and that’s a day which can bloody wait! Since then,the losers in this scenario have done better than the winners,and I’m still at a loss to understand how and why.


Though THE EXILED TIM and A THING OF BEAUTY wouldn’t be too long in explaining it to me.


Firstly,although Rangers had to spend four years out of the top division,they haven’t been too financially hamstrung by events. They shouldn’t even have been allowed back into the Scottish League at all,as they relinquished their place due to liquidation and clubs like Spartans and Whitehill Welfare were ahead of them in the queue. Three years ahead of them,had the existing regulations been applied. They are now continuing to outspend us,even as we all wonder where the money is coming from-because it sure as hell isn’t coming from the usual football sources like season ticket sales,merchandise,etc.


Yet,as usual,the authorities don’t want to know.


So Rangers are effectively carrying on as usual,without heed to financial regulations within the game and with the tacit approval of the authorities and of course the media. While all those pesky debts-alleged at the time to be c£140m at the time in 2012-vanished like magic.


Murray did even better,managing to get rid of the £140m Rangers millstone to a patsy-who hilariously duped him!-AND negotiating with Lloyds to cherrypick the best parts of his MIH empire for peanuts while handing over the keys to the rest of it,costing Lloyds-and by extension,the TAXPAYER!-an estimated £850m at the time. And bearing in mind he had already walked away from a £49m debt to HMRC,that beggars belief.


The administrators of the original Rangers did very well too,Duff and Phelps running up a bill of c£6m in eight months before handing over the reins to the liquidators,BDO,who in eight years since have probably sucked the carcass dry by now,leaving nothing for the creditors,small or large.


Someone,of course,had to be blamed for this shameful and embarrassing episode in the history of Rangers FC-because even though they are undergoing liquidation and have been since June 2012,there is a continuing official narrative that they are the same club! Step forward anyone who wasn’t David Murray,including the chaps from Duff and Phelps,Craig Whyte,Charles Green and Imran Ahmad-who refused to return from Pakistan,stating that he wouldn’t get a fair trial in Scotland.


It is to the shame of our country that no-one could refute such an allegation,and subsequent events have proven him 100% correct. In fact,the shitshow which resulted from all this is a stain on the Scottish justice system from the top down,the only saving grace being that the defendants may have been bounced into court by a bent system,but it was no kangaroo court that they entered. All defendants were exonerated,and the resultant legal claims are pushing the cost of the investigations towards and probably beyond £100m.


I hope you are adding all this up,btw.


And meantime,what about Celtic? What did they know and when did they know it? How did they react at the time,and since?


Well,they certainly knew about the financial chicanery over Southside long before it came out on Timternet. Brian Quinn is alleged to have warned David Murray around 2002 that his schemes were illegal-and the subsequent ones considerably more so,of course,and for far greater sums. They certainly knew that the spend under Smith in 2007 was unsustainable unless it achieved Champions League qualification to pay for it and they certainly knew about the chicanery of the refereeing fraternity.


They did the square root of sod all about any of it,allowing those three seasons to be stolen from us,and with them the c£50m bounty that we should ourselves have been receiving from the Champions League.


They did nothing about the reform of Rangers and their placement back into the league structure in 2012 despite absolutely clear information available that it broke League rules on entry qualifications. They did even less about the ridiculous notion of no sporting advantage being achieved by the decade or more of financial doping nor the ludicrous suggestion that players could be imperfectly registered,as arrived at by the infamous Lord Nimmo Smith “investigation” into events,nor about them being allowed to keep not only the trophies “won” during that period,but all of them from the year dot,in clear contravention of phoenixing laws.


Since then,they have done very little at best to reinforce our advantage over our despised rivals and if anything have supported them every step of the way,even to the extent about lying about events to shareholders at an AGM.


I could go on,of course. For there’s a lot more. But as soon as it became clear that they were being allowed to phoenix and return as “the same club with their history intact” in 2012,I knew that it was time to agree with another thing that THE EXILED TIM and A THING OF BEAUTY said at the time,that the fallout from this is going to damage us long term more than it will damage them. What is worse,with no disrespect intended whatsoever to the two fine gentlemen,is that the intervening years have shown that MAGS and AWE NAW were absolutely correct when they told us that we are not only supporting one half of The Old Firm,but that by doing so-even if we hope for better days and wiser leadership ahead-we are complicit in it.


What a bloody shambles. We would have been better to have paid Murray’s tax bill ourselves and somehow got an unbreakable commitment-from a totally untrustworthy snake of a man-to live 100% within the means of his club as well as the letter and spirit of the rules. It would have angered me hugely at the time,but not as much as the cumulative events of the last eight years and more of this shitshow of deception and disdain from our club has done. And it would have saved the taxpayer around a billion quid,which could certainly have been used better elsewhere.


Liverpool have The Spirit of Shankly. What have we got?


The above by BMCUWP.

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‘If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it’

Mea Culpa

Did that really happen in 2012?
No mention of it in the MSM.
Stay safe out there folks

Noel Skytrot

A criminal conspiracy involving thieves and liars that goes to the very top of many Scottish institutions, anyone with a bit of savvy can see this for what it is. Rangers FC are now in liquidation. The current customers of the tribute act know they’ve been lied to but would never admit this as they would have to admit to having been conned and made out as backward eejits, many of them are. The moneyed men at Celtic are ball deep in the aftermath and our domestic dominance is placating the supporters from asking some serious questions regarding their role in all of this. As much as I have admiration for Auldheid and the Res12 agitators I’ve stated on other forums in the past that in my opinion their brilliant efforts would be scuppered, ultimately that’s what has happened. Hopefully this may change in the future. With the amounts of money, ego and reputations involved it was always going to be a shut the door behind you number, not forgetting the hiberniaphobia that is still prevalent in Scotland and its institutions, this was always going to be a no go. Mags if your reading, I used to scratch my head at some of your comments regarding the clubs treatment of the supporters throughout this entire event, I get it now, yet I still pay in due to my emotional attachment.

Awe Naw


I found Kenny MacAskill´s opinion piece in The Scotsman very interesting indeed yesterday.

I am trying to figure out his reasoning behind it. What was his impetus ?

He refers to the “admission by the Crown of a malicious prosecution in the case involving Rangers’ administrators is quite extraordinary”

Now The Crown is basically the British establishment. The Divisibility of the Crown ensures that different regions within the Commonwealth can operate their own laws but still come under the auspices of Westminster

In Scotland, criminal prosecutions are undertaken by the Lord Advocate (or the relevant Procurator Fiscal) in the name of the Crown

He then completely exonerates past Lord Advocate’s Eilish Angeolini and Frank Mulholland who covered this time period.

So in his mind if he is being truthful the decision was taken either below or above the level of Lord Advocate.

I think we can safely say that it was taken above and that this extra cost to the taxpayer and is not the work of some rogue masonic operators within the Scottish Crown.

I would be interested to know where he thinks it emanates from and more interestingly why he omits that from his opinion piece.

Kenny MacAskill throughout this period was a high ranking SNP MSP from 1999. He was
Cabinet Secretary for Justice (2007–2014) so you would think he would be more inclined to divulge more details of what happened under his watch.

So MacAskill was in an elite position to be informed of all the back deal shenanigans with regards MIH under Sir David Murray and the cost to the taxpayer as highlighted in today´s main article but has always kept his counsel on it. He is being deliberately very selective here. In comparison the tail end of the Duff and Phelps damages is a drop in the ocean.

His boss at the time Salmond referred to Rangers FC as being a “part of the very fabric of Scottish society” ergo the decision came from Salmond or from above Salmond. He certainly had no problems with it. Salmond needed votes.

In April 2020, MacAskill called for the office of Lord Advocate to be split – similarly to the English and Welsh system of Attorney General for England and Wales and Director of Public Prosecutions – in response of the trial of former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, to avoid potential conflicts of interest, Now did MacAskill call for this to help or hinder Salmond ?

Is a cornered Salmond now trying to gain leverage by using any tools at his disposal to get himself in a more powerful position or is MacAskill trying to bury him ?

If you look at his career timelines. Nicola is not a fan.

I think a few FOI requests … which will be refused would be highly illuminating

bada bing1
Noel Skytrot

Awe Naw, interesting stuff there. Is that the same MacAskill who in 2011 claimed the league cup final was a showpiece for Scottish football when throughout the match the odious Famine Song and the Billy Boys was audible throughout.

Big Audio Dynamite

I take almost zero interest in fitba outside of Celtic, so haven’t a clue what’s going on in other leagues, but i’d be willing to bet none of them are as big a sham as ours. Then you have utter dobbers like Paul Lambert spouting absolutely shameful stuff- almost daily now- in the papers and on on tv …what chance the truth surviving?

We even have some of our own referring to them as “Newco” why!? (orders from above?)

Big Audio Dynamite

I see thems are claiming Aribo has an ankle strain and will be missing a few weeks. Mmmmmm!

Noel Skytrot

Bada, saw that earlier, an Umbro top. Lol

Awe Naw


Yes. The same guy who was targeted unfairly by London Metropolitan police in 1999 before the Scotland game in 1999.Missed the match and was released at the full time whistle without charge.

Salmond has been attacked by The Crown and with Sturgeons full approval for what they consider his past indescretions. His dalliance with the Russians an interesting side show compared to breaking up the union. The attempt to destroy him which failed came clearly from the top.

MacKaskill since the last election is now a SNP Westminster MP.

Salmond is clearly looking for a return to action and MacAskill selectively choosing the recent Duff and Phelps case while ignoring anything and anyone incumbent in the house of Lord’s who may be RBOS related demonstrates that it’s aimed at Holyrood and not Westminster.



The McAskill stuff is definitely unusual,as SNP members don’t usually break ranks. I live in hope of a schism. I’m no fan of Salmond,but he’s not known for bearing grudges.


Awe Naw


I wonder if we have any East Lothian constituents who could question him on this at his surgery.

Why not bring it up in West minster that’s where the directive came from, well the house of Lords. Clearly all Salmond supporters have been marginalised by Sturgeon.

An ineffectual highly redacted and specific opinion piece in a friendly newspaper is inconsequential and intended as a wee jab at the relationship between House of Lord’s and Holyrood. Salmond clearly wants to maintain that relationship obviously as he has ambitions to return.

It leaves you wondering how much does the present SNP government really want independence from the uk?



I don’t think the SNP has any representation in The House of Lords.

Awe Naw


No it has as a party always objected to the upper house as policy.

My point being that RBS is very well represented


No sorry, not buying that article.
You made all that up. It is unbelievable fiction.
That would be the reaction from someone from outwith these shores, who had not followed the story of the downfall and death of Rangers FC.
It is unreal when you read the circumstances of their demise, and their resurrection. Seems like fantasy fiction from Brigadoon.

Noel Skytrot

Awe Naw, I’ve noticed that from time to time he’s been criticial of Sturgeon and the Scottish Government regarding the possibility of losing their core support for independence due to inactivity and the shenanigans with Salmond. It pains me to say this as someone who was an activist over a long period of time that I’ve no trust in any political party. Anyways, thats interesting stuff Awe Naw but I try to steer clear of conversation involving any political party. HH


Awe Naw.
That’s great stuff from you, this morning.
As far as I know Salmond and McAskill are on the same page.
I’ve wondered out loud, for a while, now if certain SNP politicians are happy been politicians, rather than supporting independence.
How anyone can support the HOLords is beyond me.
There are still 92 hereditary peers and of course, it’s full of politicians who were voted out by the electorate, so undemocratic.
The fact that Jeremy Corbyn still nominated people for it,was a huge stain on his Socialist credentials for me.
SNP are cute about it, they know it’s a big vote winner up here and allows the perception that they are to the left.
Where as for me, Tories, are off the scale rabid right wing, Labour/ Sir Keir Stamer are JohnMajor esc tories.
Lib Dem are Theresa May esc Tories, so all of that makes SNP appear to be to the left, which, for me, they are not.
Did i ever tell you I really dislike them all.😂😂
Any way thank f** k the football is back tomorrow.
What odds come 5 o’clock, that Dallas is the talking point.


#SerieB: #Lecce have officially announced the permanent signing of Scottish midfielder Liam Henderson from #HellasVerona. #SerieA #Calcio

Noel Skytrot

JimmynotPaul, young Henderson must be having a great time in Italy. I’d imagine it would be a fantastic experience for any young footballer.


I agree, that’s why I posted it.
I love when young people, in general, never mind football, take a risk and it works out for them.

Awe Naw

Fred Goodwin ex Sir
Sir Tom McKillop
Sir Angus Gossart
Sir David Murray (as customer)
Gavin Masterton (Former head of RBS)
Sir Peter Burt
Sir George Mathewson
Peter Cummings

etc etc. etc



Few Lords amongst your list,and many times you are confusing RBS with BoS/HBOS. Murray banked with BoS/HBOS,and Masterson was there at the time. The others,as you correctly state,are RBS men who would have had no dealings with Murray at the time.



When you put it like that,it DOES seem like I’ve been having too many of your doobies!

Awe Naw
Noel Skytrot

I’m thinking of turning my spare room into a wee place for memorabilia to be kept, first port of call, a replica of the European Cup, price £750, ouch. Does anyone know if there’s a company in Scotland who does this?


Possibly more like, you have been hiking up the Kilpatrick Hills with me, collecting some wild growing mushrooms, of the magic variety, then sitting down to write an article, after consuming copious amounts of said ‘shrooms.
Unbelievable mate, innit.
Brilliant writing and very well researched M.
Excellent 👌



Oh,I don’t doubt that they were all interconnected. And their joint interest in banking would have been purely coincidental and a mere bagatelle compared to their main common interest.



Oh,that stuff is way beyond my tolerance levels!


One of my favourite Celtic goals, of all time, just a pity that Judas scored it.

Awe Naw


the gist of my posts are

Why is MacAskill being so selective and who exactly instigated the Duff and Phelps prosecution and why is their identity being protected? I am only merely suggesting the establishment Sir=Lords=House of Lords. if that information was to surface it would be like the proverbial boy with his finger in the dyke deciding to go home instead. All MacAskill is doing is urging the wee boy to go home on behalf of Salmond. Salmond doesn’t want the boy to go home he wants the instigators of that prosecution to hear that he is being enticed to do so. Anybody who pays taxes should be demanding to know who is costing them so much.

It is just part background information to your article. That’s why I brought it up


One of the things that has been missing from the narrative since 2012 is a sceptical legal appraisal of the steps being taken. Yes, we still have the Scottish Football Monitor, we have Auldheid, we have various football blogs where amateurs like James Forrest and Andy Muirhead can express our disdain for the way events have turned. We also have the relatively untrustworthy writings on the johnjames site, but nothing like the Random Thoughts blog provided by Paul McConville.

It baffles most amateurs, like myself, as to how a Prosecutor could lose a case, far less be successfully counter sued, by an administrator who sought to sanction a player purchase, against the interests of the creditor, for a club entering administration. And I have yet to see any detail of the views expressed as to how or why the prosecutions were wrong, far less malicious. Successful prosecutions of tax avoiders are rare as they are expensive to mount and find proof hard to come by, because Capitalism is designed to allow shell companies and offshore accounts to disguise illegal activity. But, in most cases, the prosecution is quietly dropped. Rarely are the villains emboldened enough to prolong the battle by counter seeing for damages. An apology and an official clearance are usually significant enough rewards to encourage them to carry on with their piracy knowing that the regulatory bodies are weak and underfunded. The villains have bigger and better lawyers than the prosecution.

The long, slow build up of the Big Lie narrative was willingly aided and abetted by every Scottish Media outlet, including the medium that employed Gerry McCulloch, now at Celtic, who willingly followed that narrative too. It wasn’t Masonic influence in that case (they were willing prostitutes rather than financially seduced or intimidated virgins) but it is hard to escape the conclusion that high level forces did operate to influence the legal outcomes.

I was never in favour of tramping the Old Rangers into the dirt and oblivion. Tempting as this sounds, it was highly unlikely to find widespread favour outwith Celtic fans. In fact, I always favoured keeping them in the top division and letting the Premiership clubs, the ones most deprived by their cheating, sit in judgement against them. Maybe it would have turned out the same way but I will always argue that handing them over to the tender mercies of Jim Ballantyne and co was the equivalent of Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the matter, while handing them over to the, in this case, friendly rather than angry mob.

I genuinely don’t believe that the Masons are as influential as they once were but , regardless, some person or group was important enough to not just keep this mob from being adequately prosecuted but to actually reward them for their villainy and for being unsuccessfully prosecuted.

It will be interesting to see if any of the old club’s unpaid creditors see any of the money that will head into the villains’ pockets.


Have you ever been to Abingdon Oxfordshire?
The birthplace of my favourite band currently performing.
Great to listen to at this time of year, shroom season.
I need to visit Abingdon, and Oxford university soon.



The article took a bit longer than usual to write,and the McAskill comments were one of the catalysts for it. There seems little doubt that the prosecution of Salmond and the cover-up since has brought some of his previous supporters out of the woodwork. People who feel marginalised by the current SNP leadership.

I think there will be a closing of ranks on this,as usual,and in the fullness of time-prior to the next election-some serious attempts to deselect dissenting voices like McAskill.

And yes,your comments on it are entirely valid. Including that I’d suspect that some “cross-bench” Lords are very much pro-SNP,just without a party whip.





Abingdon is a bit further outside of Oxford than you think. Doesn’t have a train station either,thanks to Dr Beeching. But Oxford,aye.

Awe Naw


I think the other clubs view it as the Old Firm rather than separate entities and would be warned off by our own as Res 12 outcome indicates due to our vested interests and their immediate need for financial handouts.

I felt like the article above points out that the laws and statutes should have been applied at the time but they behaved like Cummmings and Johnson are presently which is not very edifying.

It was commercially viable as the “Journey years” proved.

All I hoped for was the opportunity to modernise the Scottish game. That was never even countenanced.

bada bing1

Additional measures in Lanarkshire coming,wee Nicola just said


Cases here in Clydebank are rocketing. It is rife in all the schools in Clydebank, Drumchapel and Knightswood. The schools and pubs were opened too early. This has disaster written all over it. Grim times.


Universities resume this week in Glasgow. Freshers week could be a disaster waiting to happen.



The administrators didn’t so much sue for “malicious prosecution” in which there were no grounds for it-like the aborted signing of Cousin-as for the manner in which it was done. This included invalid search warrants,plod accessing personal/professional mails and files and more importantly the dreaded long stretch lock-up over the weekend as they were repeatedly huckled to Scotland on a Friday.

“The long, slow build up of the Big Lie narrative was willingly aided and abetted by every Scottish Media outlet, including the medium that employed Gerry McCulloch, now at Celtic, who willingly followed that narrative too. It wasn’t Masonic influence in that case (they were willing prostitutes rather than financially seduced or intimidated virgins) but it is hard to escape the conclusion that high level forces did operate to influence the legal outcomes.”

No way anyone with any knowledge of events can argue with those conclusions,except perhaps that those high level influences might themselves be influenced by a fraternal association.

bada bing1

The Tories have forced the BBC to stop broadcasting the daily Covid update, public service broadcaster my arse



My family are a bit pissed off with my reluctance to pop up for a visit-it’s not as though I’m doing much else,is it?

But I have serious concerns about additional lockdown rules being brought in there which would make staying with my parents or visiting/socialising with other family and friends impossible,if not illegal. Not to mention the strong possibility that Swindon is in line for a localised blanket lockdown a la Bolton,Blackburn,etc.

Even getting there in the first place is a difficulty as I cannot book a train more than three weeks in advance,which would mean me leaving almost immediately,and the prices are about four times those I usually pay. Buses are similar,with the added difficulty of the Swindon-Birmingham route being discontinued,adding about ten hours to the trip to go via the few remaining from London.

Annoyingly,when I was last home in mid-Jan,I was talking to my sisters about this outbreak as it would affect their employment. If I knew about it then,how come the government took another two months to waken up to it?

Noel Skytrot

Garry, I hope yer well along the road on the Bank. I got a text from St Tam’s saying that someone has tested positive for it, I hope the child, their family and the other kids are all okay, including your wee granddaughter. Worrying times, but it was coming and more will follow.


I truly detest having to pay my TV licence, for North Korean news.
My wife doesn’t want me to cancel, though, as she says, she want to open the front door without worrying.
I would cancel it. in a heartbeat.

bada bing1

The broadcasts are a vital source of information during a national crisis, she has kept party politics out of it,it’s a scandalous decision, from a corrupt organisation.



Presumably a hun version of this. Check the price.

And they will still be making a profit from the sale. Just goes to show the eye watering mark ups for stuff sold in the Celtic stores and other outlets. I see the ‘iffy Adidas’ kits are making an appearance on the likes of Ebay. Brand new Celtic tops going for £15.00 yet cost close to £60 in retail outlets. I wonder if they are better quality than the Sevco kit – probably🤔

bada bing1

Bmcuw- by the time you got up here,the place will be in lockdown…

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