Unleash the Men for the Ten!

Today’s game is big for many reasons, and after the break most Tims will be itching to see the Bhoys run out again, but we aren’t just excited for that or the three points on offer, its also the chance to glimpse our new guys, together, in action.
The transfer window might have a bit to run, but effectively, our season starts properly today, having now taken care of our transfer business.
It’s on now in earnest.


I think its fair to say none of us would have wished for, or envisaged, the team needing big surgery in the actual ten season, but here we are with our new (this season anyway) quartet to form Glasgow Celtics new look spine.
I find it exciting and I doubt I’m alone. Its rare all four positions are replaced at once, rare for a bigger club anyway I believe, but in such a momentous year no one would ever decry reinforcements, especially of quality.


And they do seem quality in fairness, maybe showing the transfer strategy has either been tweaked or reactive to our needs at this time, but again there’s no complaints.
An old colleague had a saying “You’re better looking at it than looking for it” that has always stuck with me, and I’m reminded of it now after seeing a flood of bodies incoming, when I had envisioned a very settled eleven focussed solely on delivering the big one this campaign.
Needs must however and if this is what the footballing department felt necessary then we must all trust their judgement on this one.


Many will take the three points for granted today, whether right or wrong, more concerned with seeing new signings plus how we will set up.
Will there be a new system to match the new spine?
Will the partnership to deliver ten begin tonight (with a bang) ?
Will there be a debut goal?
What will the actual (not virtual) fans in the stadium do when there’s only a couple hundred altogether?
Talk to the players personally?


As for a new system, is it not the perfect time to begin?
Three at the back, five in the middle and a couple of strikers took the title last year, it’s time we brought it back.
All eyes will be on the Big Derry man who will probably fancy sticking one in with the nugget, the odds are currently 11-4 showing the bookies reckon he will fancy it also.
I fancy him on the left side, big Jules in the middle, with Kris on the right, if he is in the right frame of mind. Should he not start there, that I would see as a sign he is moving on or at least is trying to.


Looking at our fixtures with three games in eight days it would be crazy to play the skipper all three, so chances are he plays today and sits out midweek to return for Europe.
At least thats what I would do, especially now we have a replacement, and Lenny cant talk about a work in progress or not upto speed. Turnbull is ready to play.
If Neil gives Scott time in all three games it would worry me, as I would deem it very unnecessary. Lenny may also feel protective of Turnbull thinking I will play him alongside the Captain for his first few games, but the lad knows what he is up against and doesn’t need babysitting.


Ajeti will surely want to keep banging them in, and if he is going to forge that partnership he mentioned upon signing then it should start today. Anything else would set alarm bells ringing, departure and formation wise.
All of us want two strikers and I think the team is crying out for it.
If we intend to face our rivals with a duo up top then lets get them accustomed to each other starting now, they haven’t had much time together on the training ground.


Neil himself had some questions hanging over him, and here he is afforded the perfect opportunity to get the train back on track plus earn a chunk of breathing space in facing three small domestic clubs. If his team impresses these next 7 days we all breathe a little easier, perhaps while acknowledging it is one hell of a strange season and the twelfth man isn’t there anymore. The negative vibes that followed the last couple games had all but dissipated, helped by fresh faces arriving and overshadowed by current events, which our Lurgan leader can be thankful for, he must build on that.


All in all, games just cant come quick enough and after a sputtering start its time to really put it into gear and make some headway.
These three games afford nine points first and foremost, and that must be the target for it is eminently doable.
If we cant beat Ross County, St. Mirren and Livingston then we aren’t going to be Champions.
Beating all three well and in style would be the mark of Champions and show we are in it to win it.
New signings shine, new system found and fans passion reignited all in a week? Stranger things have happened but if we are going to start kicking some ass with a swagger, right about now would be the perfect time to begin.


Predicted team,,
Mo Elyounoussi


Predicted scoreline 4 zero.



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September 14, 2020 2:43 am


I was just weird anyway. Being a Clash and Bob Dylan fan didn’t make any difference!

Mind you,throwing Queen into the mix probably didn’t help…

September 14, 2020 5:56 am
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