St Mirren 1 – 2 Celtic


You are probably getting a bit bored reading my reviews of the matches by now,after all I’ve been doing it for,oh,two years.
You know what? I hope to do it for another two years,and in fact another hundred and two years. Talking about Celtic,bloody hell,that’s not just where we come from,it’s who we are.
Last night wasn’t,that was garbage.

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It was a hard watch. Can’t wait till Miikey Johnson gets back to run at and take on defenders

Noel Skytrot

I never saw the game due to working on the streets of Glasgow til 10 bloody 30 pm, so i’ve no idea how they played but suspect it wasn’t great. I’ll hazard a guess and say St Mirren sat in and went with the low block and we huffed and puffed. Three points secured, Livingston next.

Awe Naw

Last nights game had that feel of the unexpected Saturday morning shift you had to undertake because one of your colleagues fucked up during the week as that’s exactly what it was.

Noel Skytrot

Awe Naw,
regular occurrence for myself, colleagues with a head cold getting hysterical thinking they have Covid. Warmers

Awe Naw

Apart from Shane and Broonie we have no bullies in the team. We need more bullying in midfield and especially up front. It’s high time that opposition defenders were as worried about getting injured as our front players obviously are. Hopefully that will improve when the window closes. A nice new wage increase versus a few weeks being mollycoddled.

I though ATOB summed it up well last night.

Noel Skytrot

Catching up on last nights post game remarks and can see NL commenting on how having no supporters is having a slight effect on the team. I’ve been banging on about it for a while and not many of my peers have responded, what do you think folks?

Awe Naw


yeah sure it has a major influence but it can also disguise a poor performance with a good atmosphere and it works both ways. It’s definitely less of a change and possibly a slight advantage for players who are more used to empty stands. Neil must love it though as it make his post match comments easier. I think if there would be more rumbling from the stands he might not be as gushing.


Very grateful for the 3 points last night.
Saint Mirren set up was perfect for nullifying us.
Goodwin has them very compact and organised defensively. We seemed clueless of how to penetrate their two banks of five.
Christie was the only player in our team who was attempting to create anything inventive.
Our wing backs were like having two men down.
I sincerely hope that this is the last time I see Greg Taylor in a Celtic shirt. His direct opponent had his easiest game of the season so far, and that is straight from the nephew’s mouth.
James Forrest on the other side was slightly better, but not the player we know he can be. Great headed goal, but not much else.
In a coaching sense, this team has been slowly regressing since Brendan and his coaching team fled to Leicester.
Shane Duffy could be our best signing for years. The guy should be in the middle of the back 3 every week, like he played last night.
Work needs done on the training ground on tactics.
Over to Neil Lennon and our coaches at Lennoxtown.

Noel Skytrot

Awe Naw,
both valid points.

I don’t think GT is a bad player, just not a Celtic player, mate.


I disagree with you. Greg Taylor is rank rotten.
His confidence is shot, because he knows he is not good enough. I am beginning to really dislike him. He makes me angry now, watching him. Forrest on the other side is really starting to annoy me too. The manager sees it too. What does he do about it?

Noel Skytrot

fair do’s. When he was at Killie I thought that he was an alright wee player, but then again, Kilmarnock is not Celtic. In agreement with the LB position needing to be addressed and JF has went off the boil even though he scored a nice header last night. I know managers choose to rotate squad players, but I wish NL would get a settled team out. It drives me up the lum.

Noel Skytrot

BMCUWP/ Mahe, are you still accepting articles from posters to the site?

Billy Bhoy

I’ve just heard Lenny on the radio say the “shape” was better last night than at Dingwall when we won 5-0.
Christ, my stream must have been a lot worse than i thought!

I thought it was dreadful. I was actually wanting the FT whistle to sound round about the 80 minute mark.

If we’re going to play 3 at the back then we need 3 players who can comfortably play that role. On last night’s evidence we have one – big Shane. The Taylor experiment has been a total failure for me. He offers absolutely nothing. The sooner MJ is back the better.

We need a settled and functioning team by October 17 as the 4 Glasgow derbies are going to decide the destination of the title this season for the first time since 2012.

The Gombeen Man

“They (Celtic)set up camp in the opposition half for so much of the night but, despite an incredible 27 corners, lacked finesse, invention and drive when it mattered most. A late surge in which the Morton goal led an almost charmed life was very much too little, too late.”

That’s a quote from the Daily Mail from the home defeat against Morton in the League Cup in 2013. Even Virgil Van Dyke couldn’t save Neil’s team that night.

Last night’s performance was so similar.

Neil hasn’t changed. His selections are perplexing and whatever coaching goes on at Lennoxtown produces a laborious, predictable style.

We’ve had warnings about the attitude to/at training before. The fact that a player slipped off to Spain recently, the decision to take the squad to Dublin in the week of a Sevco game?

On the subject of Dublin. DD’s other club Shamrock Rovers play the mighty AC Milan in Tallaght tonight (ko 7pm).

Rovers were saved by the supporters who formed a Members Club and paid a monthly DD of €40 and paid off debt.

Australian based Irish accountant Ray Wilson later invested €1m and in 2019 DD invested €2m.

The supporters own 50%.
The reminder is split 25%/25% between DD and Ray Wilson.

Paddy Power have provided a few interesting banners for the game.

I wonder what Ibrahimovic and the Milanese will make of Tallaghtfornia?


Good morning all!

Watching the game last night and my first beef was again the poor defending for St Mirren goal… we should really not be conceding pathetically like this…

Regarding Greg Taylor… he’s a decent player but needs to step up a few gears to become a more proven left back… concern is he looked out of puff in the first half and if you’re playing as a wing back , you need to have a “Ferrari” engine , not a “Lada”!

How many flying tackles on Frimpong are going to be correctly awarded with a RED CARD??!???!! … shocking thuggery again overlooked by Ref who looked pissed to get out a yellow card … usual disgrace by MIB

Upwards and onwards to Saturday… home advantage should really see us go for a more convincing win … 4 or 5 nil should be the aim…
Then watch how Huns capitulate at Hibs… October always a good month to lay down marker for rest of the season!

HH 💚🍀



With pleasure,sir. All offerings gratefully received.


Just seen the banners in Tallaght for tonight’s match.
That is one feckin massive riddy.
An embarrassment for Shamrock Rovers and Irish football as a whole. Childish, petty and hopefully removed before tonight.
Cannae go Paddy Power. Arsehole of a company.


I know that was far from the match review you expected,but it was all that the performance merited. More than,in fact. But my sister knows her stuff.


A thing of beauty

Woeful and a million miles away from where we need to be. I am continually baffled by the decisions Neil Lennon makes.
Back three: why change this? It takes time to bed in a defence so how about we give them that time to build an understanding before we play sevco. The less I say about Taylor the better. I could have done what he did tonight and I am not exaggerating.
Midfield: Ntcham received a lot of plaudits on here after Saturday. We all know he needs to play regularly to get the best out of him so what does Neil do? That’s right, drops him. Now mahe spoke of how Pressley said he needed to play every week as he got older and brown is the same. Now I don’t remember if Elvis was contributing as little as Brown is just now but tonight confirmed what we all can see. He is not in the team on playing merit. His booking is an example of the issue he now has. He was forced to body check a guy on the half way line because he knew he was goosed. Dear oh dear. From then on it got steadily worse. The sight of him doing a benny hill on the edge of the box as the st mirren guy cut in second half was funny, except it wasn’t. If that’s not on twitter tonight I’ll be astounded. Ryan Christie delivered two great balls tonight and won a penalty. But if you shoot all the time, take every Free kick and corner your bound to get some thing right. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. My advice to Ryan is stop playing for yourself and play for Celtic.
Up front: Edouard gets the same advice as Christie. He’s been poor since the return and was very poor tonight.
Klimala got no service at all. He needed to come on when we brought on Ajeti so his pace can exploit a team as they push forward in the latter stages of tight games.
Wrong team selection again tonight neil and you only got away with it because the opposition are poor. Sort this out or sevco will do to us again what they did last time they played us at Celtic park.

September 16, 2020 10:29 pm


I almost agree 100% with ATOB, apart from the fact that we played 3-5-2 last night. The rest spot on.


Hope you are good mate.
Can I ask what you see in Greg Taylor that makes you think he is decent?
Giving me horrible flashbacks to players like Roy Kay and Brian Whittaker.
Never a Celtic player. Watching him and Forrest, is becoming extremely dangerous for my blood pressure.
BTW Spurs need to bump that prick Mourhino asap.

The Gombeen Man


Yep. Bookies and drinks companies should be nowhere near football clubs or jerseys.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the mentions guys.
I realise that we were playing a back three. I just added GT in there as I didn’t want to go in too hard on the boy as I’d have been there all night. It’s been said by yourself and others. He’s a trier but not a celtic full back.
Can I just add that the fact that neil is saying he is happy if we don’t do anymore business but he’ll have a chat with Peter Lawell and Nicky Hammond now Bolingoli is away. Really neil? This is another reason why I didn’t think you should have got the job. You’ve been neutered. Any manager watching that utter shite last night should be banging the door down demanding a left wing back and a left sided centre half. What’s wrong with you? Speak up man.


Greg Taylor is rightfully taking most of the flak for doing exactly the same as his teammates and shuffling balls inside and backwards with no discernible purpose .
For me it is clearly obvious that the McGregor/Brown partnership is truly shit and a big reason we do the sideways and backwards shuffle.
McGregor has mastered the art of flattering to deceive with his 3 yard sideways and backwards passing followed by him standing still and watching which allows him to shirk responsibility.
Brown gives energy but his positional and game sense combined with an aging body means he is not up to the position he occupies.
How Ntcham is made to sit on the bench and watch both constantly play so poorly is baffling?
Of course the 500lb gorilla in the room is a coach who consistently picks the same players irrespective of form.

A thing of beauty

Agree. We have a terrible balance in midfield. When we had Christie, Ntcham and mcgregor we were a lot better. But still no dig in there so we really need a proper defensive led when it’s necessary. If Soro is not going to get a shout by now he’s as well leaving. Well only make this decision in a years time and have wasted a wage.

Mike in Toronto

I didn’t see the whole game yesterday, but in the bits I did see, I saw at one stretch eight (might have been 7 or 9) sideways/backwards passes in a row, and all to people who were stationary. A primary school team could defend against that …

as for Taylor, I feel for the kid. Do I think he is a world class player? No. Do I think he could do a decent job for us? I do. Do I think he was better for Killie? Yes. Because, he was better coached, and Killie play better football (given their relative lack of skill). A few times yesterday, I saw him move the ball up the wing, pass it inside, and move ahead looking for the quick pass (what us oldtimers used to call ‘the give and go’)… but I didnt once see it happen.

Klimala was another one who I thought, made some intelligent runs… but I didn’t once see the quick ball played into him… this suggests that his type of player doesn’t really suit the game we play … if he can find space to make the run (even in a packed box), then he isn’t the problem… the problem is the guys who cant anticipate or see his runs in order to make the pass in time…

again, I didn’t see the whole game, so maybe when I wasn’t watching, things were better….but I have my doubts…. just picking 11 guys to start does not make a coach.

To me, NFL acts like someone who has been put in a role for which he is simply not qualified… deep down, I think he knows it…but, if he acknowledges it, he will have to do something…. so, instead, sometimes we get ‘the players dont want to be here’, but more often we get ‘we were brilliant’… personally, I dont think either was true…

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, where is he by the way?? only seen their goal and my stream went down, doesnt look as if ive missed much ,why the feck does neil keep changing the team, i enjoyed the ross county game, everyone played their part, then last night he changes it, on the taylor debate he is a good kilmarnock player..HH.


A quick glance at the market values of the two teams last night shows a ratio of 19:1 in favour of Celtic! No other club in Scotland comes near to Celtic’s evaluation. We have both quality and quantity in our squad. Whilst football would be a bore fest if the more valuable team always won, an uncomfortable pattern is emerging……..most of us sense it. The performance last night is far from an exception. Think of the performances against Killie, Dundee United, not to mention Ferencvaros, and the season has just started. Yes, we secured three points last night but we all know that our recent performances, if continued, will eventually result in draws and losses that will see the league and cups disappear over the horizon. Even when we ultimately churn out comfortable wins such as 5-0, we give up a significant number of chances to the opposition. Why else would our keeper be the MOTM on that occasion!

Although we do need a better LB, this has been a good transfer window. A dominant CB and leader brought in, a poacher who can score added, a good keeper added, and a promising Scottish midfielder added…….who can really complain? Yet despite all of that, our performance is just as likely to be terrible as it is to be decisive. Add into the mix, the continual changing of formation plus the poor use of subs and you have the ingredients for a disaster about to happen. Incidentally, the LB problem could have been solved more cheaply by acquiring the Rosenberg LB, Birgur Meling for around 1 million euros. He has played three games for Nimes and has 1 goal and 2 assists.

The underlying problem is very clear, at least to me. We have the highest quality squad, we have depth in the squad, we have brought in new players to address key problems identified from last season, we have promising young players making a case to be picked………..everything is good BUT we are very much less than the sum of our parts. What is most depressing is that the problem will not be addressed….at least, not this season. We shall start to see the effects of this negligence as the transfer window closes and the January one opens…….key players will leave because they can see that they are not developing at Celtic.

In addition, it has started to rain.



Whilst agreeing with a lot of the comments I’m not sure that Calmac is as ineffective as is being portrayed. I’ve not looked but I’m sure his stats will stack up favourably. The weak link is undoubtedly in the wide areas. Is it possible that Calmac is taking pressure off Taylor by squaring inside or going back as he neither trusts Taylor to execute his duties properly or knows his confidence is so low that he decides not to stretch him with a pass beyond the defending full back? As I said last week it’s very easy to criticise, criticism of Lennon included in this, but if we look beyond the play and look at the why it either lands at Lennon’s door or Lawell’s door. Now, for a Club the size of ours to have ONE left-sided defender in the squad must surely be the responsibility of the Board!! I’m pretty certain Lennon must have made the board aware of the shortcomings of Taylor and others, including the guys he’s suggested don’t want to be here!
And that doesn’t excuse Lennon or the players for substandard performances, or inexplicable lineup changes, as per last night, but there’s got to be a fair amount of disharmony behind the scenes at the moment. We replaced Duff with Strachan, the cameras never pan to Kennedy on the line, we’ve seen plenty of Lennon in the dugout, who is in charge , who is making decisions, why is there disconcert, if there actually is?
We all know that things aren’t as we’d hope but we’re still winning. We need to build confidence on top of the results. I think from the weekend Rebus was the only guy to come on and ca’ canny after the 5-0! Fair enough but I think after scoring 5 against Ross County were entitled to expect similar against St Mirren. Picking the finishing 11 from Saturday, or certainly the team that allowed us to comfortably get the subs on, is how it was done in the old days!! HH


Hi Garry

I’m surviving … still no job … architecture industry is fucking dodo!

Regarding Taylor … it reminds me of when we initially signed Ryan Christie … lightweight, ineffective, loaned out … then he came back stronger and is now a main stay … Taylor needs to improve and challenge himself to be worthy of playing from start … he can offer crosses and has a few assists already so I’m not keen on knocking the lad … not just yet mind!

So Spurs getting the return of the welsh wizard … I’d be happy if we swapped Bale for Maureen … C U N T of a boss …. anyways hoping it injects a new lease life into the team after a pathetic display in loss to Everton

BTW … well played Leeds to take game to Liverpool last weekend … great viewing than the shite at the Lane


I actually agree with AToB & Fan-a-Tic … why did Lenny not play Ntcham instead of Broony last night … Broony is getting slower and slower and this was a game he could been rested… Calmac has been bollox of late …. again maybe he could do with a rest too …. why have a squad and not rotate to keep EVERY player on their toes?!

The game is now about fitness and pace which Celtic have been underwhelming so far … to be honest … I feel that’s the same for my other team Spurs ….

Nothing worse than the manager picking his favourites over form players

Mike in Toronto


Personally, I think NFL is on a hiding to nothing. If the stories are true (OF nonsense, and ‘youre selling my best players), he left last time because he knew the score …. he is an OId Firm coach, including all that that entiails… did he get support after the shame game? Not a btd… to date, what was said to him to set him off was swept under the carpet….and he knew last times that, in his words, they were selling all his best players …. why? to balance the books… and to not be too far ahead of Rangers (because they need to be close to stoke the rivalry).

I dont think NFL is a stupid guy… far from it.

But he is an old style MO’N manager (thinks tactics are a breath mint)… his limitations as a manger have been shown at Bolton, and Hibs… and in the return to Celtic.

Personally, I think he was hired because he is ‘one of us… he gets us’ nonsense… which means, he sells OF tickets… which, really, is all Celtic care about, and, as a result, all they have to offer.

Personally, I had hoped NFL would not come back as coach. Personally, I think he is a very poor coach…(, but, I think he does have a decent eye for a player … he would be a good head of scouting, perhaps….. . ), and after Bolton and Hibs, I think he would have struggled to get a job anywhere close to Celtic’s level .. and, more importantly, the last time the job seemed to take way too much out of him (he didnt look to be in good health at the time… and I dont mean this as a shot … but the stress of the job seemed to be taking its toll on him…and, his recent rant about players suggests to me that, once again, he is feeling the pressure ….

and, as you say, I am sure that NFL wants a decent left back …. there is always pressure between coaches (who want best most expensive players to win NOW because they might not be in a job next week) and management (who, are supposed to be looking at the longer term) … and, at Celtic, I think it is worse because I do think our club ‘have dumbed it down’ so as to allow our rivals to become relevant again (it is what sells tickets) … but it has to be frustrating as fuck for NFL … but he knew what he was signing up for when he came back.

Do I blame the guy for taking the job? No…. he is probably getting paid much more at Celtic than at any other job he might get…. so, he does this for a few years, and he takes care of his family… I think a lot of us would do similar….

but, that he takes the job for that reason, or the fact that he ‘gets us’… none of these things really qualify him to be the coach …sure his record is good … but as Rebus said, outside of 4 clubs, we play teams every week with an average salary of about 5% of ours …. and, for the most part, when it mattered (Europe, where the money is), we have stumbled….


We can debate the details of tactics, team shape and selection all day long but the biggest reason, IMO, for puzzlingly poor performances is the application of the team. A lack of exertion and aggression are evident in every game

There were signs of life last night from the back three (pushing up or at least encouraging those in front). McGregor started to make probing runs in the second half and was our key tackler late on. Christie can’t be faulted for effort. Ajeti put in a shift

The biggest worries last night, apart from the goal, were:

1. Brown being shrugged off by Erwin after Ajer’s error
2. A saints player running across the whole box near the end to get to a loose ball while 4 Celts stood gawping

There is a problem in that dressing (remember Lennon’s post Ferencvaros outburst). I think the longer serving players walk on eggshells, make sure their stats are good and they remember how Rodgers made them feel 10 feet tall.

I think a walk up the Campsies with a few bags of cans is just what those bhoys need 😉


Mike In TVLawyerland…you touch on many points covering a whole spectrum of scenarios and issues.
Firstly, during his previous stint and subsequent departure you make no mention of bombs, bullets, assault and being attacked whilst at his work! People did prison time for some of these incidents. The Hearts scumbag got away with it due to a flawed legal process involving point-scoring against fitba fans. Bearing all of that in mind I’m surprised he came back but he’s obviously done so on the understanding that the Club have his back, just musing here but perhaps his understated pitch side management forms part of own battle with his demons!
Secondly, he stepped up when BR left, did what was required and put himself in a position for consideration for the job. The circumstances around his appointment are as usual the subject of much discussion and all of them lead back to cost! But, Celtic would not have appointed him if he didn’t tick the boxes and up to then he did!!
He’s struggling at the moment, as are the team, and his decisions are being scrutinised to the nth degree as they should be, but he’s there and he’ll be there til season’s end unless HE walks!!
I fear we’ll put up with more performances like last night but I also expect we’ll improve as the season progresses.

Puff puff

We’ll be jumping oot the windy when we win .
Right back to watching the glorious Huns tanking the red imps with Steven and his best assistant coach in the world (can’t remember his fuckin name )

The Gombeen Man

Rod Petrie probably has a wry smile on his coupon as the bold Pedro’s inspired appointment of Neil looks increasingly careless.

Pedro has a long running resentment against Petrie.Neil’s personnel problems at Hibernian were ignored in February of 2019.

That was after Brendan left, the background being difficulties with the CEO.

Pedro and his pals revel in resentments. Pedro’s favourite blog almost unfailing mentions Martin O’Neill after a setback. Today’s Leader is the latest. O’Neill was also mentioned in the Leader the morning after the Boli Bolingoli story broke.

The support are being led up the garden path.

For months you’ve been sold that football has moved on and corners aren’t that important…Tell that to Shane (Shaun) Duffy.

The dogs in the street know that Neil is limited as a coach. He suffered appallingly but his coaching and selections are poor. So is his decision making and management of people.

He is a fall guy, a victim. His profile and suffering appeals to the Old Firm mentality. He sells tickets and infuriates the mirror-image bigots on the southside.

The PLc believe without the bigot buck Scottish football isn’t much better than the League of Ireland or the Norwegian league.

Lose the OF bigotry and supporters might weigh up whether the football on view is worth the cost?

It isn’t a matter of blaming Neil.The Board and Sevco have a toxic product to sell. Neil is part of that product.

When will the penny drop that the people keeping this farce going are the SB Holder’s that buy tickets?

Don’t blame the PLc if you bought into this with knowledge of the 5WA and the Murray years.

The OF conditioning is addictive. Ultimately it’s a drug that relies on ignorance and fear

The only compensation this season is that the only schmucks that have to watch the games, home and away, are the Executives…

Conveyed luxuriously, of course, in their Parks of Hamilton, Executive Carriage.

Celtic’s strategy is precariously balanced on one pillar…

…Sevco screwing up more than they do.

🇦🇫🍉Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

Oh dear. 🤣😂🍀✌


Does the result in Gibralter mean that Slippy G is 5 times the coach that Brendan was?


Howdy folks.

I wondered last week is it results or performance that calms the Tims, it’s clearly the latter.
It would be easy to sit and slate Lenny but you seen my pre match comment that the lineup was wrong, and so it proved.
I just dont know what it will take to let our Captain sit out a game. First name on the teamsheet.

The Gombeen Man,
All in agreement with that post. However two things, the Tim’s wont stop going under normal circumstances, that must be accepted even when shown Res12, Paul Larkins documentaries, malicious court cases, deaths that arent deaths, imperfectly registered and probably my own personal favourite engine room subsidiary.
Any waiting on the support as a mass to act will probably be unfruitful therefore any strategy must incorporate their attendance as a fact.

Point two is somewhat ironic considering the above, however in the position football finds itself, especially lesser leagues, is very perilous and so is the expectation that all support bases will continue to support their teams financially if attendance is off the table.
Both OF fan groups had a big incentive to cough up this year, and most fans all over probably thought stuck in the house so may as well watch. But theres only so many times you can go to that well, and if Brexit causes further job losses up north the well dries up a bit.
I think it’s safe to assume there will be a reduction in next years take up of VSTs either through backlash at losing ten, economic tightening of belts all over, no huge incentive ie ten so fans turn to dodgy streams more or group settings, and or the fact we arent a very good team at the moment despite dominating donestically.
This could possiy be reversed with a bit of a name manager and reasonable spend, but even then I cannot see us getting the same level of fan backing we just seen.
Halting and deciding the league early would also leave a bitter taste in the mouth for many who will feel once bitten twice shy.

What we may find is that change is forced upon the game. Not by fan power but a changing landscape in a virus ridden world. What we are seeing cant continue long term possibly medium term, fans are vital as Lenny said.
If some clubs go under the reshuffle we almost had in summer would then come about.
If some clubs cut costs to a bare minimum ie play all kids on 200 quid a week the league loses even its Mickey Mouse credibility.

The future is very uncertain for the SPhell.
Time is ripe for upheaval. I believe its coming.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFGHAN ,hope you and yours are well,,take care buddy.H,H,

big packy

on a different topic, the pubs and bars on tyneside need to close 10 pm till 5am, ffs dont these assholes in the government realise people can drink and mix from 11 am how does that work.

🇦🇫🍉Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

💚 BP & Joan 💚 We’re surviving pal thank you 😁

big packy


Fairhill bhoy

CHALMERSBHOY-so sorry buddy but I have to cancel our golf tomorrow.I completely forgot that I had booked a long weekend in Edinburgh for me and the boss.We will definitely get a game soon buddy before the dark nights draw in.Sorry again 🏌🏻🍀


Fairhill bhoy
No problem mate,
Enjoy your weekend

Sol Kitts

Last night’s performance was so lethargic it was almost comatose. No energy, every time the ball moved forward it was done so ponderously that St Mirren had time to get everyone (and it really was everyone) behind the ball. When the ball went forward to the edge of the box, it was passed straight back. I don’t know what was worse, the team’s performance or the stream I watched it on. Every 30 seconds it repeated itself. It happened so often, and our team’s play was so predictable, that at times I couldn’t tell if it was the stream or the team that was repeating itself.
What happened to us pressing inferior opponents? Getting into their faces? Playing at pace, and not being scared to take a chance?
I really hope that Lenny can sort things out, get them firing again, but in this 10 in a row year, we shouldn’t need to be relying on hope. 🥺


Some updates on our opponents next week.
From Lewis Twitter, a journalism student.
Riga vs Tre Fiori kicked off around 20 minutes ago

Game is currently interrupted though due to a light in the stadium breaking, with the glass smashing.

Game interrupted once again. This time due to a ‘lamppost’ (would assume it’s floodlight) failing

Will be interesting to see what is to happen with this game.
The game between Riga and Tre Fiori has now been suspended due to poor weather.
Riga manager has said that tie against Tre Fiori will ‘99% not continue’

The game will either be played tomorrow or be given to the San Marino side according to Kristaps Blanks
It appears that Riga are discussing about playing the game at a different stadium tomorrow. The Daugava stadium
Negotiations are underway, nothing has been decided as of yet

The San Marino side also have a flight home tomorrow. If it cannot be played they will be given the tie by the looks of things

A thing of beauty

Celtic plc,
Rather than a simple oh dear, maybe you could get an alternative viewpoint to the concerns raised today about the team and the manager.


I will get bad Karma for laughing at someone’s misfortune.
Burnley have just knocked out Sheff Utd on pens.
9 out of 10 pens scored, the player who missed…. The loathsome hun McBurnie.


Tommy Burns on BBC Alba @ 9.00 🍀

Awe Naw

Check out this podcast Lifting The Lid On John Delaney’s Excessive Spending As FAI Boss by The Last Word with Matt Cooper on GoLoud.

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