A Culture, A Cause, A Calling.

The Celtic Support were promised a Generation of Domination.


Many of those who closely followed the events surrounding the demise of Rangers FC (RIP) bought the domination promise. Most appear to be in complete denial of the incoherence of their actions, given the history of cheating in the Scottish game.


Virtually nothing was done to improve the administration of the game.


Evidence of wrongdoing was uncovered and presented by the Resolutioners, to little apparent substantive effect. The evidence was ignored by game’s vested interests and tragically by many informed supporters.


Truth lives in the present. It doesn’t expire or go away. It can’t be ignored permanently. Truth has an uncanny knack of rearing it’s ugly head at the most inconvenient time.


The majority of the support were induced to chase the seductive high of domination, not reform, transparency and accountability.


Raking over the coals tends to upset the apple cart.


Let’s be clear, every country suffers from corruption, not just Scotland.


Scotttish football will only begin the healing process when some form of meaningful dialogue happens between sincere parties, who have no personal/political/institutional or financial interest in the toxic OF model.


Transformation built on restorative justice not recrimination and domination. For that to happen there needs to be recognition and ownership of our individual and collective failings.


Healing isn’t on the agenda of the OF cartel. Maximising profit and reducing costs are the key performance indicators. Social cost is collateral damage.


Against this backdrop it’s necessary to call out and highlight the support’s stubborn refusal to see the incoherence, and naivety of the OF dependency.


Football in Scotland isn’t just about an obsession with an illusory culture or cynically commandeered religious doctrine. It’s an instrument of institutional control, exploitation and profit.


The problem is that people are so heavily conditioned that they seem incapable of listening to and facing the truth.


Most media commentators are blinded by their opinions and bias. They habitually resort to varying forms of distortion when the incoherence of the the OF is highlighted.


That distortion is often subtle and damaging. It’s disguised as analysis, but it’s a thinly veiled identification with the favoured half of the OF.


The irony is that the failure by the media and institutions to investigate the failings of the OF have led to disproportionate misery among the supporters of the Ibrox club.


In many ways these failings are just a part of the human psyche. The problem is rooted in the psyche. We are often so hopelessly externalised that we cling desperately to the “Culture, Cause or Calling” that offers respite from internal emptiness and insecurity.


Often any discussion that questions that “Culture, Cause or Calling,” is seen as a threat to the integrity of the individual and his/her meaning. As a result many resort to defending themselves against the perceived attack. It’s a primitive conditioned reflex. It operates in the unconscious.


The PLC and institutional investors are conditioned to believe they are just business people. Profits are paramount. They are obsessed with fragments and measures and ignore the big picture. Sporting integrity is a commodity, readily and profitably spiced up by prejudice and misery.


To varying extents the support are conditioned to believe they are born green or blue and not damaged by their exposure to the OF. Life often revolves around bragging rights and perpetuating a rigid, damaging belief system.


Supporters seem completely oblivious to the irrationality of their behaviour. There is no cognisance of the fact that the labels Taig and Hun are acts of violence.


There is a misplaced belief that Celtic or Sevco domination will provide the supporter with the security and control he/she craves.That’s an illusion, nothing is permanent.


The pleasure of a football victory is often very short-lived. It quickly results in a painful hangover.


The moment the League or Cup is won, a fear of defeat is generated. Pain and pleasure are different sides of the same OF coin.


That fear is elevated to panic levels in the media hyped insanity of Glasgow’s OF divide. It’s a tragedy and means many of us spend too many years not really living but addicted to an expensive and debilitating drug.


And so the negative cycle perpetuates. We embark on a lifelong forlorn journey of recapturing those exaggerated pleasures.


It’s a money generating cycle, an ego based illusion. It falsely promises joy and security but only delivers conflict and misery.


The divisions between Celtic and Sevco are very often mirrored by internal conflict within the ranks of both club’s supporters. That lack of cohesion within the support is symptomatic of a business model that thrives on exploitation.


The real tragedy is that we unwittingly pass the baton on.


They promised domination and they delivered domination.


What they didn’t tell you was that both sets of supporters were the targets of their domination.


None of this is coincidental. They’ve got you exactly where they want you.


“To be alive is to be addicted, and to be alive and addicted is to stand in need of grace.”

— Gerald May M.D.


The above by The Gombeen Man. As usual its sentinelcelts@gmail.com to contact us.

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GMan well written,I have often wished That I had not gotten my son and now my grandsons hooked on Celtic. Not for the football but the external baggage that goes with it


I’m afraid you’re pissing into the wind GM.
Less than 25% of Celtic fans are aware of the extent of the cheating since Murray took over at Ibrox, and even less care; especially given our trophy haul since 2012.
To me and you, it’s outrageous that our beloved club has overtly and covertly obstructed honest men and women from getting to the truth. I often wonder what they have to hide.
To be honest, I think it’s far more outrageous that our whole country is being run on very similar lines to Sevco. All bluff and bluster. No clear or effective communications. Dodgy, onerous contracts to dodgy pals. Squirrels galore, best if there’s a bit of Rule Britannia thrown in, and then when their total incompetence is exposed, blame everyone but themselves. The resemblance between the two institutions is uncanny. Apologies to Private Eye, but do you think that the shady men behind both are related? Bet there’s at least a fraternal connection. Funny that!


As my Red Clydesider father used to say, “Imagine Glasgow was not half blue and half green, but 100% red. We would live in the strongest city on the planet.”
The same applies to Belfast.
Great read TGM. 👍


Good Morning all. Superb leader The Gombeen Man, very thought-provoking and incisive – thank you. I can certainly recognise much of your description in myself, for better or worse. How we overcome this state of mind (mentality) is the difficult part.
An equally excellent post from Ger57.
Sets us up nicely for, hopefully, a good result – and performance – this afternoon.
Well, off to Jedburgh shortly to celebrate 40th wedding anniversary, as arranged by daughter. Hope the cottage has WiFi 😉😉



Two best cover versions ever played on SentinelCelts.
Radiohead doing Manchester bands Joy Division and The Smiths.
Radiohead, best band on the planet!

Awe Naw

What was said by Ally McCoist to Lenny at the “shame game” ? Which resulted in a football national summit between the OF only and The Scottish SNP government. Salmond and MacAskill. Was Rangers perilous situation discussed ? Were the commonwealth games discussed ? Was the improper registration discussed ? Was Lord Nimmo Smith present ? Was the now ditched unnecessary OB act a squirrel ?

Was Paul McBride QC writing a tell all book ? He certainly needed the money. Died with 200 quid to his name and no will.

Why was there no need for a national summit after the Hibs cup win ?

Those in a position of power who opposed Sevco dropping back into the SPL or only one division. Where are they now ?

Those in a position of power who consolidated the stance of Sevco dropping back into the SPL or only one division. Where are they now ?

Why did Frank Mulholland QC sign the arrest warrants unexpectedly and against all legal counsel that will now cost the Scottish taxpayer 60m quid at least before retiring to an award of a CBE ? Was it job done ? and why does the crown want to dampen any further queries prior to his decision ?

So what did happen to the 11 year old Celtic fan who was arrested for racial chanting at the last OF game having been cliped on ny one of his own?

Who gives a fuck what´s todays leaked line up ?

A thing of beauty

An expansion on your post from the other night. Like Ger 57 says very few of the Celtic support who attend the games are aware of the cheating that went on and Celtic’s refusal to call it out. All football exists on rivalry. When Man U had no decent competition with Man City, Liverpool were their rivals and probably always will be. Barcelona are not the club they are without Real Madrid. The fact that the team we have to beat to win things operated under religious apartheid does not make the supporters of their rivals bigots. That appears to me to be the crux of what you are saying. That I am different from a Man U or a Barca supporter. They want to dominate their rivals and have the bragging rights purely on football and I ( and the rest of the support) want to triumph because we’re beating the proddies. Utter bunkum and actually insulting. It is a cause and a culture but it’s identifying with our own cause and culture. For goodness sake it was Tommy Burns who said it and a more ecumenical man you could not meet. If my father and his father follow Celtic because it gave them a sanctuary where they could express their feelings and culture that’s what it is. They and I and thousands of others continued to do that. We do not go there to express hate for anyone. It’s insulting the way that you use the actions of this board to tell the paying support that they are mugs and bigots. If we don’t go and the club founders what does that achieve? I will be around long after this board is gone and maybe we will get some new ideas from people who see us as able to survive without relying on the ibrox mob but we will still need rivalry. It’s what all sport is built on.
Can I just address the term hun as an act of violence. Really? I have plenty of friends who support our rivals, they are not Huns. I also see people at Celtic park and away grounds who I would determine green Huns. Hun is a mindset. It is a person who thinks they are superior to other people in life and football but have nothing to back it up. Full of bluster and little knowledge of anything including football. Ask them about other teams or games they’ve watched and they won’t know because they’re only interested in “the rangurs.” That’s a hun. A green hun is a person with no respect for their fellow supporter and does not represent us and our support in a positive way.
Right off out for some exercise. I thank you TGM for giving me the impetus to drive the pedals a bit harder. Mugs, bigots ffs. 😡😡


Many congratulations Friesdorfer, to you and B.
Neither of the two of you look old enough to have been married 40 years. Enjoy mate. 👍💚


Good morning all from sunny Govanhill.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the reply. I’m sure many parents have tried to steer their kids clear of the toxicity of the OF but it’s got to them through society or school.
At least they’ve had the benefit of the last few years.

Ger 57,
Yep I know but I can only call it as you see it.
25%? Maybe? Some are more aware than others but the conditioning is so deep it’s easy just to go with the propaganda of 10.
It’s much wider than the OF as I mentioned above.

Your Dad saw through the illusion and planted a seed that’s apparent in your posts. Freedom is a state of mind and it comes naturally when we drop the conditioning and realise our intrinsic worth.
E still mentions your trip over with R.

Thanks. I guess it’s an individual thing, personal transformation.

Thanks for your reply. I hope you enjoyed the cycle. Different opinions, different solutions. Nobody has all the answers.
Nobody listens to my waffle in this house, so I don’t blame you.

Off on my jog.

The Gombeen Man

Oops missed Awe Naw,

You’ve consistently stayed with this for as long as I can remember. Fair play.
If DD could get Celtic, Sevco and Shamrock Rovers into English football…The jackpot.

Till Later.


Cheers Garry 🍀🍀


My mother was a devout Catholic and huge Celtic supporter. Before every Glasgow Derby match involving Celtic and Rangers, she would attend morning Mass and pray for a 0-0 scoreline, and peace to prevail in her city.
She was a nervous wreck whenever my dad or I were attending an Old Firm match.
The murder of Mark Scott, affected her very badly.
Dermot Desmond would have been on her intensely dislike list, only because hatred was not a word in her vocabulary.

The Gombeen Man


My mother too.
The fear involved in the OF is palpable.
It’s a shame to see the division monetised for the benefit of the elite.
My parents wanted me free from that, can’t speak for anyone else.

Take Care,

Bluegrass Celt

Great article and so true in every respect. Unfortunately too many of the Celtic support have an obsession with 10iar . A 10iar to be better than the 9 that the team that died got. I mean , it’s not that getting 10 is a world record anymore. If anything, we should have been celebrating the first team to achieve two 9’s in the football world ( well I hope I’ve got that bit correct)
We’ve got Lenny in charge cause “we want him to lead us to the 10iar “ even though his tactics and team selections ( especially his seldom producing, four starters on the team sheet, favourites) are knocking me into a coma.
The ten , in my opinion is an albatross around our necks and preventing us from becoming a well coached European standard team. I’ll be glad when this season is over.
Celtic should’ve been blowing teams away in Scotland and doing reasonably well in Europe but we are not. The trouncing of Sevco have become a thing of the past. We now live in fear of dropping points against them that we are calling in a psychologist when we should have went out and brought in a good managerial team. One that was capable of becoming the Ajax of Scotland .
Sorry for the rant 😔


Agree 100%.
I do not understand the obsession with winning 10 in a row, to beat our own record. Celtic are the only team playing in Scotland today who has won 9 in a row. Twice now we have.
The desire for 10 is almost an endorsement of the same club at Ibrox myth.
Mind you, we have many in our support who are bigger ‘Old Firm’ fans than they are Celtic supporters.

bada bing1

Wonderful tribute to Pat Smullen on The Opening Show



Provocative stuff,even if well considered and discussed. That doesn’t necessarily mean I agree,certainly not with all of it! I prefer to think of myself as someone who loves his football club,and have done for over fifty years now,without being blind to its faults.

Or to be precise,the faults of those who have somehow taken charge. But then,”twas ever thus,as I don’t remember boards doing much that has been to my liking in that time. So,I prefer to think of it this way.

Our club has been hijacked,we are held hostage-simply by our love of the club-and we are waiting to be rescued while doing as much as we can to facilitate that. And not much bloody chance of us suffering from Stockholm Syndrome either!



Mr and Mrs FRIESDORFER!!!!!!

Bluegrass Celt

Garry @10:39
I thought I was alone 🤣
I remember after watching a cup final win, me, my three sons ( two sb holders) and my 61year brother in law nearly got into a serious rammy with each other in Merchant city. I happened to mention Res12 and got told by the four of them that I was a “bitter old man” who should give it a rest. None of them had a clue what it was about. They’d all heard of it but weren’t interested.
Made my blood boil that day. Now I’m not allowed ( by their mother) to discuss it ever again.
It drives me nuts the amount of ignorance that goes on amongst our own supporters. Right up DD and Peter’s street I may add.



Is using the term ‘Hun’ an act of Violence🤔 I do not believe it is. As ATOB has already pointed out a ‘Hun’ to many of us is merely a reference to a particularly obnoxious supremacist, racist , sectarian bigot who happens to use Rangers (Liquidated) and Sevco 2012 as a vehicle to voice their hatred of everything different to them – in particular Irish Catholics. Again i am sure many of us have close friends who are ‘The Rangers’ supporters and that in no way could be construed as a ‘Hun’ despite their following the team playing out of Ibrox.

I often wonder if the ‘Old firm’ is the cause of the sectarian schism particularly in the West of Scotland or is it just symptomatic of Scotland’s refusal to deal with the real underlaying cause which, imo, is deep rooted in the psyche of the Scots. One doesn’t have to look to far to see examples of it from elected representatives.

bada bing1
Big Audio Dynamite

Friesdorfer, 40 not out? Amazing! Enjoy your day.

Garry, is there anything they can’t do? In a league of their own, pal.

Am I reading this right? …DD says the current team would beat MO’s team that went to Seville!? Because, wait for it, Greg Taylor is fitter and faster than Larrson?? Does he really think we are all thick!? Never mind, don’t answer that! And Dermot, you do know you’re allowed to say our name, without linking it to THEM, you doughball.

With people like him in charge of our club, it is almost a certainty I will eventually walk away from football altogether. Sad

Big Audio Dynamite

Just win today, Celtic! 🍀💚

Noel Skytrot


Judas- hun, in fact a hun bastard.
Ian Ferguson-the same
Durrant-see above
Rae-hun, the usual standard of hun but a right ugly hun.

Your right about the WASP attitude, but for me being a hun must include being a person of certain character, mostly of the tosser variety.

Celtic 2-0 for today.

Craig 76

Remember folks all naps to be selected before 1st race 12.40

Mike in Toronto


Brilliantly written. That is the Sentinel Celts I was promised!

For me, My support of Res 12 wasn’t just about football. Celtic has given me so much joy and meaning. And supporting Res 12 was my way of repaying that debt … my way of giving back to the club I loved something in return for all it has given me.

But football, particularly in Scotland, isn’t confined to the pitch. In my experience, there is no such thing as a 90 minute bigot; there are only some who hide it better at times. So, Res 12 was not restricted to football.

It was about making Scotland a better place. It wasn’t going to Change everything, and it wasn’t going to happen overnight. But, it would have exposed Scotland’s dirty little secret. Sure, I would have loved to see titles stripped, but that wasn’t ever the point for me.

We (the older generation.. of which I am sadly now a part)have left a pretty shitty mess for next generation to clean up. No wonder Greta Thurnberg is so angry, and treats our leaders with such contempt.

We are all busy with our lives, so rarely do we get the chance to make a real difference .. but, with Res 12, we had a Once in a lifetime chance make Scotland A better place for the next generation

At some point, our children and their children are realize that they are still effected by the same ills that have plagued us, if not worse. And they are almost Certainly going to learn that we had a chance to do something about it.

And when they ask us, ‘what did you do?’, what do we want to be able to tell them?

Big Audio Dynamite

If you need any proof of the utterly impossible position we have been placed in by the club’s custodians, read Bluegrass Celt’s post @11.12, that is generally the reaction I have had too. People are just interested in beating a team in blue …it’s that simple!

The question I keep asking is, what happens when they start winning stuff!? I fear that will be the end of my involvement, at least financially.

That’s almost a decade I have been saying …they have put us (The woke) in an almost impossible situation. Shame on them!

Get ready for another 100 years of the “Old Firm” for the suits, it’s the only show in town!

A thing of beauty

So neil Lennon reckons we need a psychologist to help our players do better. My goodness neil, all that mentoring from the Irish raj and Peter Lawwell has taught you well. Accept responsibility for F. All.
How about they provide you with players soon enough to be ready to play our important games and how about you go and learn how to coach said players. Maybe then if that doesn’t work we might need to involve outsiders.

Awe Naw

Some people might say my life is in a rut
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What you see is what you get
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You choose your leaders and place your trust
As their lies wash you down and their promises rust
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The Gombeen Man
I praised your thoughts and ability to express them the other night and today’s superb leader has endorsed my opinion of you. An excellent read!
But unfortunately it has left me feeling the same as I did the other night.
My intimacy with Celtic started a wee bit later than most on here although it was always in our house, always. I wasn’t 2 years old when we won the European Cup but I remember my mum telling me how she watched the game and screamed with joy at our victory, her cousin played for us that day! My old man was a horses and pub man, not so much fitba although he did take us to Scotland games through the 70s – and one Celtic game that I can’t even remember who we were playing!
My group of close pals outside school were into Superhero comics, I never was, and music. When I got a wee part time job and started earning my own Dosh and increasing my circle of friends I started going to Parkheid! At 16 years of age my proper love affair started with Celtic!
By 1988 the magic of Celtic was truly opened up to me and thousands and thousands of others as they proved they were more than just an ordinary fitba club. Their on field heroics that incredible double-winning year proved to me Celtic could be everything I wanted them to be. After the terrible tradegy of Hillsborough my team stepped forward and again proved they were more than an ordinary fitba club. I sat in the main stand with my girlfriend, now she’s my wife, and to this day still feel the emotion of that day as we helped the people of Liverpool on their journey back to a different normal.
These two incidents stand above any I have experienced in forming my love for Celtic. The Centenary season showed what can be done when a group of men want something enough, they’ll work together, fight together and make sure it damn well happens…how many times in that season were we beaten, out of the game only to fire back to victory. That’s My Celtic, My Club. That’s the Club I tell my son about. And as for the Liverpool game Celtic proved life is more important than fitba and I am proud to have been a tiny, tiny part of it!!
So, The Gombeen Man, it now comes to the point where I unfortunately have to include the name of Rangers which I had managed to avoid until now! They are not my reason for loving Celtic, past or present. They are not the reason I renewed my season ticket this year. They will never be the reason I support Celtic. My love for Celtic is down to Bobby Murdoch and the Lisbon Lions, Paul McStay, Billy McNeill and the Centenary Squad and Celtic FC and the Supporters who continually show the football world through their charity and political awareness that we are unique, we are indeed more than a football club!!

A thing of beauty

Spoken from the heart. Good man, well said.
My team for today assuming big julienne is fit.
Julienne Duffy Ajer
Forrest Christie
Turnbull ntcham McGregor
Edouard Ajeti

I am thinking Christie can be the new Thommo. Now there was a hunskelper (apologies to TGM.)

bada bing1

Duffy 130/1 to score in both halves Ladbrokes…

Awe Naw

The reason why Hillsboro was stifled and still is and for so long is to protect the establishment. The exact same reason why Sevco continually get “haunders”. To think that it is just our PLC that is pulling the strings here is just being naive. Hillsboro was blamed on the Liverpool hooligans and the self engineered “football national summit” in 2011 was branded the “shame game”. It’s all very intricate and well organised and planned i.e it’s always us to blame. The Celtic community is why I support Celtic. My family that were continually discriminated against and learned and ensured that I didn’t need to go through as much the discrimination that they experienced. I had to know my 13 times table as the lad wi the handshake would only know his 10. Unfortunately for me as you see on here everyday it’s very incongruous to learn Mathematics, Physics and Geology to university level and maintain the Catholic faith no regrets I was brought up with without having many personal and public battles with those I loved the most. I adore them I have so much to be thankful for. They made me what I am through love and devotion. That´s you guys by extension, whether you like it or not. That’s how I was trained if you will. A fanatic but not just a Celtic FC fanatic football wise but politically also. I have taken my stance cause it´s pimps for me here in Germany. I am not asking any of you to adopt Who the fuck am I to do that ? my stance but just to be more aware that the Celtic PLC cannot be part of the establishment or cooperate with it when it´s main aim is to profit, especially from our misery. Treble trebles is just a temporary poultice.

I am asking them through protest just to play fair, be honest and open and accountable towards my community that’s all WE I hope are asking for. It’s only a demand to them .. and to you it’s a cajole from a fellow family member who is becoming more frustrated admittedly… that’s what makes us more than a club in my book and its dwindling far too much to my liking. Has it gone ?

I remember being in the Jungle when the Arabs humped us. A midweek game in the pouring rain. Thousands possibly tens of thousands stayed on behind after the final whistle long after the final whistle singing Celtic .. that was the “old board” and we were shite. The defiance and love so palpable that Jim Mclean’s post match interview was only about the magnificent support.

That used to happen often we were defiant. Sadly for me no longer. A seat and a bog to pee in isn’t sufficient recompense.

Anyway games soon starting

Better stop dreaming of the quiet life
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Struggle after struggle, year after year
The atmosphere’s a fine blend of ice
I’m almost stone cold dead
In a town called Malice

Today´s offering



What chance do we (NAPSTERS) have FFS




Bobby, BAD
Cheers Bhoys 🍀🍀


Friesdorfer, Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! Hope you have a grand day. 🙂



Damn,talked myself out of that one!


Afternoon all & Packy.

Packy how’s the garage conversion coming along? Must be getting well ahead by now hopefully. I bet Joan’s at high Doh with it all. But it will be worth it. 🙂


B.A.D. Congratulations on the addition to your family, little Leah. God love her. 🙂

bada bing1

Awe Naw- a pal worked on the Hillsborough Inquiry, based in Warrington for the full duration, about 7 years,he’s an ex cop,and the majority of staff were the same.When interviewed for the role,the first question was ‘are you a Mason?’,if you were,you were barred from any job involved in the Inquiry.So the establishment knew exactly where the root of the problem was.


Virtually supporting Celtic huddled round your laptop is the right thing to do. We are unable to make our way from every street in Glasgow to proudly sing the news, because other people have the right to live, so the VST is a life saver in more ways than saving, or seeing something of Celtic. Yer man, from Bridgeton who picks and edges his way up Springfield Rd on match days past the waste ground that was once a chapel, has parked the electric trike, that was bought for him by the Celtic Supporters Association. He was never into the online dissection of Celtic anyway.

Winning at St Mirren, at a ground where we rarely win well, is not good enough for some, but it was light years from Tony Mowbray and type A ‘regression’. Neil Lennon reshuffles his pack and has probably never read a word written on the internet, or from those living through, and totally failing to actually enjoy the best years in the history of the club. The dissident fan, who may regret it for the rest of their life – invincible trophy laden bowls of cherries versus vacuous meaningless tabloid cliche.

Neil has spent freely with three weeks of the market still open, he’s assembled so many good players he doesn’t know a best team yet, he’s been shuffling since Nice, and with a universal diaspora, somebody’s favourites are bound to get left out. More players, more opinions and if you’ve listened to the Celtic cynic, he’s already lost his dressing room so many times, he should be wearing wayfinders as his footwear of choice. Only the fools underestimate Neil Lennon but sadly there are too many in the Celtic support still comparing Irishmen with Irishmen, discerning Celtic fans however know there’s more to managing our club, than the tale of toothy grins.

Missing the physical match day experience influences thought, brothers are pining for brothers making do without, an actual Celtic atmosphere and oxygen derails unity and focus. Neil Lennon gets Celtic, much better than some of the natives. Jock Stein lost six from seven league cup finals but fortunately he only had the letters page in the Celtic View to dig him up.

Today isn’t about VST’s, it was about the same as it’s always been, a miraculous ship called Celtic, which keeps aboard only those who wish to help circumnavigate and remain a conquering minority, that wins over and over.

“ Top the league Ma “ CSC

Hail Hail

big packy

HI JIM was just about to e-mail you, yes its coming along but slowly, she had to groom a dog in the house this morning not ideal ,she finished the dog at 11 then said to me, take me for a drive just anywhere, i need to get away from the house for an hour, well i drove her round the cheshire hills for an hour and a half, not long got back, she feels better now, i dont, that cost me a quarter of a tank of petrol😎 how are you today.



Ryan Christie couldn’t lace Thommo’s boots – a sad fact. Didn’t Henke once say it was difficult not to score when Thommo was constantly firing in defence splitting passes and accurate crosses?

Now as you pointed out Thommo was an actual Hunskelper – slapped Ricksen’s (RIP) lug during a game.

Celtic FC Legend Alan Thompson

Todays useless fact: He is still the only player to be capped at senior level by England while playing for Celtic

The Gombeen Man


I forgot to add my congratulations. Have a great day and hopefully you have access to a VST.


Cheers M. Thanks again for the platform.
It’s not the intention to provoke but prompt a little self-enquiry.
That’s why it’s good to read the replies and digest everyone’s opinion.
We’ll make progress by being open and willing to change.

It’s a real positive that quite a challenging article has been met by considered and insightful posts…That’s a credit to you both

Anyway back to the fitba.

Till later.

Fairhill Bhoy

FRIESDORFER-40 year’s eh👍
Congratulations and have a great day🍀👏


Packy, I’m fine thanks. These jobs we take on around the house always take longer! But not being a skilled tradesman I just pay up and say thanks at the end. Thankfully every major job I’ve had done has lasted well and it was worth it. 🙂



Ah,my use of the word provocative was meant as in ushering in some thought from other posters. Not physically provocative.

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