Celtic 3 – 2 Livingston



I think there were a few of us somewhat puzzled and perturbed when the Celtic side for this clash was revealed. With no Forrest,it was clear that Frimpers was playing wide right. But was Elhamed playing right back in a four with Taylor on the other side,or was it a back three with Taylor wide left? Was Christie playing as a striker alongside Ajeti,or was The Yeti up front on his own? No Edouard,and no defenders on the bench?


Honestly,Neil-this management lark is hard enough without chopping and changing for every game. And by the way,it looked like the players weren’t sure of the formation either.


But to the game,and it started well enough with the ref turning down a possible penalty for us. To be honest,my thought was naw,but my second thought was that it was the type of penalty we get awarded against us-and that we can’t complain because them’s the rules!


Livingston went straight up the pitch and got a penalty of their own-the kind that we know we never get! So a goal down and backs to the wall and only fifteen minutes on the clock. No panic from the troops though,as they soon got back on level terms.


McGregor was playing in a more advanced role on the left,and he received the ball from Ajer prior to whacking it into the top corner. Aye,it took a deflection but it went in like a rocket. A couple of minutes later,CalMac took a pass from Taylor before playing it inside the fullback for Taylor to run onto. From there,GT did what he has so often done,a touch and square it low across the box.


Ryan Christie was the grateful recipient this time,with a straightforward finish.


The half kinda petered out after that,minor chances at both ends but neither keeper was being called upon for a world beating save. At that stage,a third goal should have sealed it and set us up for a more comfortable win,but it wasn’t forthcoming. Well,not until seven minutes into the second half.


Ntcham was disappointingly anonymous on the day,but he made space in the centre circle,flicked it forward to Christie. He took a touch,saw The Yeti attacking the centre backs and laid it perfectly into his path.


First time from twenty yards,what a peach of a finish that was!


And that should have been it,score a few more,pressure off,or do we conserve energy for Thursday? NL introduced the subs from the 75th minute,five of them in ten minutes,but if anything it seemed to disrupt our flow,even if they were like-for-like replacements. It certainly didn’t give us the impetus that fresh legs are expected to do,and a few minutes later the midfield and defence were caught napping completely when Sorriano picked the ball up and slammed it past Barkas from about thirty yards.


That put us into panic mode,I think,and really the only team that looked like scoring after that wasn’t us! But we held our nerve to take the three points.


I thought it was a poor performance too much of the time,and I firmly believe that the tinkering has something to do with performances like that,which we see too often. But it’s worth remembering that we are unbeaten domestically in 2020,so maybe I can settle for that and not worry so much.


Another thing to think about is the two goals we conceded. Do we get penalties like that? Not in Scotland we don’t,and as for the second one,well…


Now,he didn’t half hit that ball-but he’d been hitting our players just as hard all day without referee Duncan blinking an eye! And he wasn’t the only one either. One booking that mob got,I think. I’ve been banging this drum for as long as I’ve been supporting Celtic,in pubs and clubs,supporters buses and on various sites like this one.


It cannot continue. It penalises us for The Wearing of the Green,but more importantly,it jeopardises the health and safety of our players. And I wonder how many players have knocked back the chance to join us because it is an open secret in Europe,not just Scotland. I remember a quote from Willie Wallace,that at other clubs everyone knew they could get away with a lot more against Celtic. And that it was only when he started playing for us that he realised just how much more!


It has to stop. We’ve lost many a player in the past because of this-Jock Stein,for instance,cried at the mess of the 18yo Brian McLaughlin’s knee after Willie McVie trashed it. Frimpers seems to be the main target at the moment,and I know that if a wee pal of mine was on the receiving end,it wouldn’t happen twice.


The club have to get this sorted. Apart from anything else-like players not wanting to join us,or simply leaving because they can’t take any more-it will shortly drive up their insurance premiums.


That should concentrate their minds wonderfully.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Noel Skytrot

I never saw the match so can’t comment on the performance i’m just happy we got the three points as Livingston are usually a tough nut to crack. Next up Hibs.


That’s a fair reading of the game to me Bobby.

The more this season is going on, the more I feel that ten in a row is a burden on our back. Much as I want it as much as anybody else, I cant wait until we have got it and we can move on. A new captain, a new manager and dare I say it – a new CEO!
TIAR is holding back our progression.

Of course it’s probably all wishful thinking whilst we still have the biggest bogey of them all – Dermot Desmond!


Morning bhoys/ghirls
Score predictor standings have been updated.

cosy corner bhoy

A very good summation of what I watched on Saturday in the Irvine No1 CSC ( don’t think there will ever be a No2 in that locality🤗 ).
Came back well from the kind of decision we never get to take a lead and as per….ended up nail biting time.
When we say make changes we mean try leaving Broonie out not change the back three every game
Cohesion, Concentration and Understanding come from practice on the field. Get it sorted with same three for at least three in successive games of at least three in numbers
A very relieved CCB on way to golf?

Weet weet weet

A login post
Duffy, are you sure

bada bing1

Just seen an official looking document doing the rounds, 2 week lockdown is happening


Afternoon All



bada bing 1,

From when?

Not seen the news as working.


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CT- new restrictions in next 48 hours


bada bing 1,

Thanks, mind made up, pub after work 🍺

The only question is do I finish at 4 or 5pm?



Those penalty decisions on Saturday,as explained by Mark Clattenburg in the DM re handball.

it is an offence if a player handles the ball when making his body ‘unnaturally bigger’ unless he is making a deliberate action to play the ball.

So,Ajer wasn’t a penalty? Looks that way.

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CELTIC and Aberdeen have been slapped with £30,000 fines each by the SPFL for Covid-19 breaches.

League chiefs announced today that £8,000 will be payable to the SPFL trust within 28 days, while the remaining balance will be suspended pending any further coronavirus rule-breaking this season.

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Bolingoli’s fine should cover it



Balbriggan was a shocker. But bearing in mind that the comment comes from a government who earlier this year were actively promoting a memorial to The Black and Tans,I think they should STFU.



That is a good summary of the game. I wondered about what formation was being used….was it three or four at the back? The goal that we lost vs STM seems to me to be a consequence of that type of confusion. Namely is Frimpong a winger or a wingback, and ditto is El Hamed a CB or a right wingback? It looks as if neither player knows his role in the formation. This is very clearly a coaching issue and, sadly, typical of other areas of the team as well.

Despite our short comings we are still mounting a challenge for the title and I suppose that if that continues most will be happy. However, I feel recent performances are forerunners of impending disaster when we face better teams than those at the bottom of the SPL. The manager usually opines after a game that it could have been a wider winning margin. We hear this consistently from him but he seems to miss the obvious, namely, that we are not winning by significant margins as the norm, not the exception.

Simply put, there is no way we should be scraping one goal wins versus Livi and St M in back to back games.

IMHO, there are problems throughout the team. As already mentioned defenders are confused by the switching between 3 and 4 at the back. In midfield, regardless of whether we play 5 or 2 and 3, they fall short in terms of covering our defence and creating chances. It is all down to players not being shown their role in the team plus the constant switching between formations. It is manic in nature.

Unless the above changes, we can forget Europe this season. Ferencvaros proved that. Bringing in more players or a psychologist or a Holy man will not fix any of it. In fact, any of these acts are really a shirking of responsibility, or, at best, a hopeful punt.




Cheers,mucker. I thought the formation was a shambles,and it happens too often. We should be bedding players into a system,not sending them out as a ragtag bunch with little clue who is playing where.

As you and others have pointed out,we get found out against mediocrity,never mind a half decent side.

That’s not coaching,that’s a dereliction of duty.

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Grandparents can look after school kids under new restrictions, what can possibly go wrong? Fk me


Morning folks,
Re the game, again I didn’t think we played well but showed our quality when needed. What a third strike.
However some things need asked.
Will the Captain start every game?
Why not a partnership up top?
What lessons were learned over this 3 game mini spell?

9 points was the target, and 9 points we got, so pass Mark’s.
But the lack of cohesion has some concerned. We will all forgive looking bad now if we look good when it counts but by Jove that had best start soon please.
Latvia and Riga should be a good test but I thoroughly expect us to come through this test with some to spare.

And then onto our Leader and his words to The Athletic.
I found the tone to be,, well I could picture the eyebrows raised and finger being pointed, an element of daddy knows best.
But does he?

So again he clings to the OF by namedropoing them every chance, but the EPL bling bling is again catching his eye.
I was thinking that is such a huge decision is it not proper it be voted upon?
Can anyone say with ease the majority of fans want to dump Scottish football for the EPL?
I’m not sure it would pass a vote.

I would accept it as it would see us leave the SPHell evils behind plus give a great platform to conquer the world.
I also believe our rival would be forced to change its ways once a fearless press pack and eyes of the world are upon them but it’s a great exchange for the lucre.
Its fanbase would be forced to change.
And as such the city could in theory become a much better place, as a by product the nation.

However Brexit and Bojo etc are another spanner in the works. At a time when the nation wants to distance itself from England, Dermot would tie up with them.
If Scotland cedes more issues.
Theres always the potential for away fan trouble.
I wonder if Dermot was telling those who want his shares to take a hike in a roundabout way. I wonder if he has thought through the complexities of moving down south.
I wonder can he open his mouth without saying their name.

Onwards to Thursday.
Hail Hail

bada bing1


Unique angle from Saturday



DD is not stupid,but I have no idea why he persists with this particular narrative. He should treat that other lot the way that actors traditionally do Macbeth.

Don’t mention by name!


Mike in Toronto

This move was reported to be happening previously, but Man City have confirmed signing Celtic youth Josh Adams for their academy

This is worrying … Celtic now aspire to being a feeder club for big clubs….but if kids wont sign for, or stay at, Celtic … can it even be that ….



The lack of a clear path from youth to first team is a problem for tge club. Youngsters will look at Dembele and see that, even with a lot of skills, there are few opportunities to play in the first team.

Regarding the exodus to Bayern and MC, I hope that the club is conducting exit interviews to determine why these clubs are able to entice our talent. What is tge package on offer?



I think Christie has shown his value to the team. He is one of the few creative players that we have but there are rumours he wants out of the firing line that is the SPL. On Saturday he received a shocking challenge from Sibbald of Livi. This was a straight red but only received a yellow. The club needs to pursue this, as Sevco do, and highlight the issue. The club has a duty of care to its employees.

I hope that the compliance officer looks at this and upgrades the punishment to a red, or is that not possible if a sanction has been applied?



Rebus I was under the impression of a yellow given thats that. Could be wrong.
Ryan is a cracking player who could do with a top coach to get the best out of him.
I doubted Stuart would make it in the EPL but he clearly has, so Ryan could also imo.

Another kid lost, the club should be looking at this agreed. Good enough for the big boys not for us? Or is it money? Either way, investigate what’s going on at youth level.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I actually rate Christie … I think Calmac and Ntcham are the best passers of the ball we have, but RC gives us a bit of urgency and drive from middle of the park that the other two dont …

the problem is none of them are great defensively or positionaly … so, if all three play, there is no coverage for the back 3 … and if you play a 3-5-2, at least one of the mids has to slot back to provide cover, when one of the 3 breaks forward ….

Further, I’m still not convinced that we have a good enough back three to play a 3-5-2, which would allow us to play all three … we are week defensively on the left side with Ajer, in particular, getting turned and going to ground far too often…

of all our mids. Scott Brown is best at dropping back and covering the back three (which is supposed to happen when one of the three pushes forward)… but SB does it so haphazardly … he moves back, then he moves out wide,then he is pressing the front man …must be a nightmare to play beside because you never know where he is going to be, which must make it hard for his fellow midfielders to know where they are supposed to be …

I would like to see Soro get some game time… he is the only mid, who seems (from what I am told, more than what I have seen) to be a more defensive minded mid.

and then we have the Turnbull problem… I haven’t seen enough of him, but I’m getting the sense that he is possibly a replacement for Christie (if / when he leaves)…

therein lies a key problem…. too many players for the same role … while no one really to fill key roles …

having said all that, I think a decent coach would be able to have his players playing with a common strategy, which might let us cover up our deficiencies a bit more than at present …

but I dont have a sense that NFL really knows what to do ….. the old ‘get good players, and let them go out and play’ system clearly doesn’t work in the modern world …. except in the SPL (but I did say in the modern world)


Afternoon all, I hope this finds everyone well!
Just a quick point before i head out to training…the reason, I think, the young Celtic boys are being lost to the Scottish game is the structure of youth football in the country. There is no real competitive path to Senior first team football. The criticism must be aimed at the Governors of the game for allowing firstly, the Resrve League to be cast adrift then make such a Coo’s Erse of its’ reintroduction!
All in my opinion of course!




Shame to see Josh Adams leaving,adding to other departures to bigger academies than ours. But how about this for a reason for it?

If you don’t make it into the Celtic first team squad at an early age,the career plan is a season on loan at say Stirling Albion followed by another one at Hibs. Free transfer,try to pick things up at the likes of Inverness CT or Ross Co. Struggle along on wages that you could have got with a decent trade.


Sign for one of the bigger academies,multiply your wages by five. Have clubs like Derby Co or Forest begging to take you on loan. Show your value to your parent club or other decent sized clubs. Sign for Leeds United as they win promotion. Made for life in your early twenties.

That’s a no-brainer. Our club need to do something to stop this being a regular occurrence.


Come in Packy. Your time off is up!

big packy

JIM im offski, weejoan phoned me this afternoon at 12, i was supposed to keep the dogs out till 2 for the builders, so no distractions, the next door neighbour had kicked off about the garage being made into a dog grooming room, all hell broke loose we have spent a lot of money on this project , weejoan is suicidal at the moment, police arrived but they said its a civil issue, dont know who to turn to ,take care buddy you know i love celtic but this is something else, JIM, luv ya to bits buddy

Mike in Toronto


hard to argue with much of that.

But, in the end, that has been the case since the EPL TV deal in 1991(?), and we have seen that bubble grow and grow. So, it is not like our club has not had the chance to develop an effective business model to combat the growing disparity.

Before, we were going to do an Ajax … that is, develop players and sell on for big profits… but that becomes less and less likely if we cant develop young players …. we become even more of a niche market ….

if we cant develop our own players to break through, then we have to shop for players like OE who are on better than what we can develop, and are good enough that in a year or two will be good enough to move on for big bucks …. but, who are willing to come to what is increasingly a back-water SPL ….

we dont half make it hard for ourselves.


Anyone else think that Sturgeon will close bars and restaurants for a short period including October 17?



Pretty sure that there are no restrictions on a garage conversion in England,though running a business from home has always,IIRC,needed approval. Should be a cinch.No need to panic,mate.


Packy, bloody Norah!
to be honest I thought it was just a case of Joan working from home. Using the garage. When you mentioned ‘builders’ I was thinking you were putting some plumbing in and furnishing/decorating to suit. So why the big fuss? Will the garage look like a business from outside with signage etc? If so, you would need planning permission.

big packy

BOBBY, cheers pal, we have sent all the paperwork to the council planning department, and they say its ok, but weejoan is a worrier, thanks for your concern👍

A thing of beauty

Some good stuff today guys. I think most of us are concerned that we are less than the sum of our parts. Nothing wrong with questioning what you are seeing. We are not sheep.
Keep calm and seek some legal advice to make sure you are allowed to run a business from your home.
Lockdown is coming, no doubt about it but I listened to an expert on the telly this morning who said as long as the schools are open lockdown won’t work. He was advising that the government protect the vulnerable and everyone else should observe social distancing etc. That would be my preference.
I was listening to A Celtic State of mind podcast this morning and they are looking for musicians to appear on the show. I’m not sure BP and JTT are their type but I did think of BigGeorges Fan Club from CQN. I watched a bit of their show on Facebook during lockdown and they’d fit right in. So BGFC if you’re looking in……

big packy

ATOB,BOBBY, JIM, tomorrow is another day, thanks for your concern, luv ya all to bits


Good luck Packy. Send my love to Joan. Prayers will be said pal.



I’ll mail him,sure I have his addy somewhere. Though not on this laptop,as I haven’t finished setting it up again yet!


ATOB, I gave up playing about 7 or 8 years ago. I have too many dentures now! LOL 🙂

As you say BGFC are terrific, I enjoyed them at the last hoot (about a year ago just now!)

I reckon AWE Naw could do a turn. Maybe McCaff?

Awe Naw

First name on the team sheet if fit always.

Neil Lennon CSC



Not sure he has looked fit all season so far. Miles off the pace so far.



From NY Times…

“President Trump questioned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish that her replacement on the Supreme Court be chosen by the next president, suggesting without evidence on Monday that Democrats had concocted a quote provided by Justice Ginsburg’s grieving family.
“I don’t know that she said that, or if that was written out by Adam Schiff, and Schumer and Pelosi,” Mr. Trump said during an interview on “Fox & Friends” early Monday, referring to three top Democrats, Representative Adam Schiff of California, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.
“That came out of the wind. It sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal, or maybe Pelosi or Shifty Schiff,” added Mr. Trump, interrupting one of the show’s co-hosts, who had tried to interject that the quote had been verified by journalists.!

Mike in Toronto


Just reading back. Hope you get that settled. but your neighbor sounds like a bit of an idiot. with Covid and all, people need to be helping each other, not creating more trouble for each other.

I went through something similar recently. Over the summer, My neighbor told me they were building an extension on their deck. I said no problem… turns out they covered the entire property in a deck, and surrounded the entire property in a 10 foot high solid wood fence (way above code!!). The neighbours have taken to calling it The Great Wall of China, or the DMZ, or even the bunker (as in Adolf and Eva).

I could have called the city and had it removed, but, I simply told the husband that their fence was 3 feet above code, and that it needed to be cut down. They said that the wife wanted privacy and they wanted the fence to be the same height around the whole perimiter of the property so it would look nicer. I explained that since we live on a hill, and they are above me, a fence that is 7′ on the other side (which is higher) would mean a fence that is almost 10 ‘ on my side. And if everyone did that, by the time you got to the bottom of the hill, the fence would be 20′ high! There were other things that didn’t meet code, but, they didn’t hurt me, so whether they were up to code or not, I’m not going to be a snitch… live and let live, sort of thing. So, eventually, the husband agreed to cut the fence down to close to the proper height.

Having said that, an almost 7’ high fence still looks like shit .. but next spring, I’ll just plant a row of sunflowers along that side to cover it up …

the funny thing is I thought I was being a nice guy about it by speaking to them, and trying to get it worked out, rather than calling the City….

but, since then, the wife is now refusing to speak to me …if she passes me in the street, she wont even say hello …….and her dad’s a Celtic supporter! Who’d have thunk it?

big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO, cheers buddy, this woman is mentally unstable, we have had the same problem with her for 30 years since her husband left her, why did he leave, she stabbed him with a large kitchen knife,,and that is a true story..H.H.

Mike in Toronto


Shit! Okay …I’m not going to complain!

Seriously, the worst bit about my situation is the kids (3 and 6, I think) next door are nice little kids, and it was nice to be able to see them and chat with them when we were in the back …. we’d play catch over the fence, or just chat … sometimes, we’d turn the hoses on and have water fights …just have a bit of fun… now, I can sometimes hear them, but I cant see them, so cant even really chat with the kids. Shame, really.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
You do what is right for you and wee Joan, pay no attention to your neighbour. Why people can’t just rub along together I will never know, especially in these difficult times. If your neighbour doesn’t like it, that’s her problem. Best of luck, mate, hope all goes well.😎😎


Our talented youth signing for other teams was inevitable once Neil became the coach.
The pathway was already difficult for youth but appointing a coach who is openly disdainful of youth.
This more than his tactical paucity was the reason that i found his appointment baffling especially in the present football financial climate as rearing our own was the only viable option of improving our team as we cannot compete financially in such an expensive market.

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