Hail Hail for the VST holders!



The latest crushing brake on social integration north and south of the border must have hit the power brokers in football like a boot in the baws. It is no secret down here in Englandshire that clubs are screaming out for help-in fact the EFL,which represents the club’s in tiers two to four-has been handing out the begging bowl to the big boys for around £200m. Which was disdainfully rebuffed,of course.


Mind thyself. Or,we are not communists,after all…


The leagues down south have already started,of course. As such,if the worst comes to the worst,they will have to be stopped,and a solution found on final placings. And it may well be that those leagues don’t get that far,just not enough games to make a decision. The dreaded null and void.


My concern,if I was in charge of English football outside of the top tier would not be how long the government lets games continue,nor when that comes to a grinding halt. It would be how many clubs have already filed for administration/bankruptcy before then and are unable to fulfil their fixtures. And I don’t think it will only apply to “the diddy teams” like Swindon or Bristol Rovers. There’s some big boys in the second tier who are already living on borrowed time,and if I supported the likes of Blackburn or Birmingham or Middlesbrough,I’d be taking up golf.


And you can add Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday to that list,just as a start.


Meanwhile back at the ranch,the lower tiers in Scotland haven’t yet started their leagues. Aye,there is some flurry of activity around midweek games,probably using them as pre-season warm-ups. If those clubs-and let’s face it,some of them have a smaller annual income than a decent electrician-have to play around 45 or 50 games a season with no chance whatsoever of a pound at the turnstile,what chance have they of paying a wage and win bonus all round?


So that’s the lower tiers in both countries,both sides of the borders,taken care of. I genuinely don’t believe people when they say-aw,life will never be the same again-I mean,come on. But I’ll betcha football life won’t. Remember the wee scouser lad with the famous comment?


Accrington Stanley? Who are they?


The game in the UK is in deep peril. Only clubs with owners who have deep pockets are likely to come through this. It ISN’T just going to be those diddy clubs that go to the wall. There’s gonna be some high-profile casualties. But in Scotland,we have a specific and particular problem,that our clubs rely so much on ST sales,footfall,match day income.


Most of the fans have stepped up to the plate and effectively donated the purchase price of their season ticket to the club that they have spent a lifetime supporting,and they are to be commended for that. I guesstimate our income for the current season,outwith transfers,will be c£55m. About 60% of that will have come from our heroes,the folks who collectively stepped up to the plate and saved the club. Same as Fergus did,the VST holders have saved our club.


Hail Hail indeed.


I couldn’t believe what I was reading yesterday,that Celtic and Aberdeen have both been fined for the indiscretions of their players in August. Aye,it’s only £8,000 with £22,000 suspended,but it’s about precedent.


I remember being at the infamous Rennes game in 2011,and we were right next to The Green Brigade. I know what was sung that night. It wasn’t what the match commander Eddie Smith was encouraged to report to UEFA,which wasn’t in his remit to send,nor of UEFA to consider. He wasn’t a UEFA official,after all.


Still,we got an £11k judgement and a summary which was literally begging the club to appeal it. They didn’t,because it suited them to play the GB as the bad guys.


And it set a precedent,we effectively pay UEFA a tax to host their games since!


The club may well have bigger issues to deal with-see above-but that’s no excuse for letting a snide one sneak under the radar. We should fight that judgement,simply because we know our history.



Above article by BMCUWP,who is genuinely concerned.

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You are correct, it is a very worrying time for football in this country. Regarding the lower league clubs, a question I have not heard is how do the lower league clubs, meet the costs for Covid19 testing, the cleaning and sanitation of stadiums and pay their players, without income at the turnstiles or ability to sell their games, without having their own club tv stations?
I can see many smaller clubs going into administration and liquidated. I have always been in favour of amalgamation of smaller clubs, as I feel our population cannot sustain so many clubs. In an ideal scenario, we could have a Highlands and Islands United, Fife Kingdom, Angus United and Borders United.
Four new larger clubs to replace around 15 or so current senior clubs. May not be popular initially in these regions, but could be the only way that these areas could maintain senior fitba teams. Grim times ahead.


Gooooooooooooood morning all.


Good Morning all. Worrying times indeed for football. Let’s not forget ‘Dundee City’, although easier said than done! But, it’s a nonsense having two major football clubs in the same street.


I agree that a Dundee City team could be a force. Politically, it could encounter opposition, in the City of Dundee. Another solution, could be a purpose built Dundee stadium that the two Dundee clubs could share. Possibly adjacent to the Kingsway?

Awe Naw

Glasgow United Dermot will need the sheets changed daily.

Noel Skytrot

Morning all. Worrying times indeed for every football club with the way things are and as a few of you have pointed out clubs in every league might not make this and could go bust. Can the SG help? i’m not so sure as they will be looking to direct capital elsewhere, nhs etc

As for the Dundee comments, my brother in law is a Dee , they and their Arab neighbours are as passionate about their clubs as we are and would strongly oppose any amalgamation of the clubs into one club. I went to the game a few years back known as the Doony when they sent Dundee United down to the championship and it was mental, real passion for their clubs but on a lower scale from ourselves. I get what posters are saying and it would probably make sense but from what I’ve seen they would fight any effort of this occurring.

I know your a big music fan and thought I’d ask you yer opinion on the likes of Van Morrison and Ian Brown’s comments about the fake pandemic?


There’s just no way all of our lower league clubs will survive the pandemic, if fans are not permitted into games. There will be a reduction in the number of senior clubs. What should the football authorities do? What can they do? I’m not confident at all in the ability of the SFA/SPFL to manage the game through the crisis. That requires leadership, imagination and some dynamism, none of which have ever been in evidence. This crisis will expose the rank incompetence of our football leaders.
what should Celtic do? What can Celtic do? There’s a history of each club acting in its own narrow interest and fuck everyone else. I can’t see even a pandemic changing this.
I’m amazed at the lack of discussion about this.


Morning all from a bright and dry Renfrew, I hope this finds you well.
Everyone seems in agreement that clubs will be lost to the pandemic. I tend to agree but the lower League clubs have better chances of survival purely by dint of the fact that over the years they have adapted to reducing crowd numbers and rely purely on Supporters’ spending, rather than TV money, to keep them going. The hardcore in these wee clubs from Committee men to the faithful inherited community-based fans are no different to the supporters’ of Celtic and the big boys who have put money in to VSTs. My feeling is we are more likely to lose a Hearts or a Dundee than a Berwick or an Alloa.

Weet weet weet

To Mr. Genuinely Concerned of Swindon

It’s going to be very difficult for Celtic to appeal the fine as Aberdeen cut the legs off from us before we had a chance to consider it:-

On the 15th August it was reported that “Aberdeen and Celtic are ready to fight their shock SPFL Covid-19 charges. unSport understands that both are stunned at the club charges – and will contest them next month.

There is no limit to the SPFL’s punishment powers, although points deductions or forfeited games are highly unlikely.

Last night both clubs received private support from fellow Scottish teams who are baffled by this SPFL charge.”

However, once the SFA settled on a small fine, rather than player bans s they could have implemented, the Aberdeen Board changed their tune:-

2 days ago- “Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack said: “It’s a fair outcome that demonstrates a common-sense approach.
“The SPFL have recognised the enormous efforts we have made to develop and adhere to robust procedures and protocols.”

Anything Celtic say after that climbdown, will just look churlish. The principle was abandoned because Aberdeen have 8 players who were given suspended bans. You can bet if they appeal, those bans will not remain suspended and Aberdeen could not afford to do without 8 senior players for 2 or 3 games. We could and can get by without Boli Bolingoli and risk a ban for him, but we would be alone on standing on a principle here, as all the other “sympathetic” clubs have abandoned us and, to cap matters, Stevie Gee has opined that it is right to issue fines to the clubs for individuals.


Noel Skytrot

Re Van Morrison and Ian Brown. I am always perplexed that people actually care what musicians / actors etc opinions are. Most aren’t the brightest to begin with.

Speaking of the dim witted i see there are reports that Leeds have made a final take it or leave it offer to Sevco of £20 mill for Ryan K*nt.
So combined with the ‘alleged £16 mill bid for El Burro if they knock back the £20 mill for K*nt that’s £36 mill Trigger’s Broom FC will have refused!! Nah i think not. I need to check if the ‘exclusive was penned by either V Morrison or I Brown


I do not know anything about Van Morrison’s views and don’t care much for the man or his music nowadays. I am a huge fan of Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher. I agree with them on their views of ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘New World Order’. However, I am in disagreement regarding their refusal to wear masks. I think that is a very selfish stance to take.


Good afternoon all from the Star Bar.


Afternoon All,




All good points,of course. But it would not be correct to impose the suspended part of a punishment simply because of an appeal against it.

The main reason for my gripe on the issue-I think faster than I type,so I forgot to mention it!-is that the clubs were punished for breaking a rule that didn’t exist at the time,and was only adopted retrospectively. That is completely wrong.



Howdy,fellas. Looks like another day in the house for me,the weather’s bowfing


Just got sent this in a mail.



Speaking of season ticket revenue, I read a report that Sevco have 1.6 million left in the bank, of which 0.6 million is ring fenced.

A quick fag packet arithmetic calculation suggests that, based on the annual operating expenses for 2019 at 65 million, then Sevco need around 5 million per month to breakeven. Having a total of 1 million available is a long way short of that. It begs the question, “are Sevco trading while insolvent?”

I have a solution that would ease their troubles. Celtic should buy Barisic for around 2 million including paying the total fee up front. This solves our LB problem, weakens them, but keeps them afloat for a while longer.

I expect there will be bargains to be had out of Ibrox in the next week.




What the man in the street said was true. However, when one of the largest, if not the largest contributor to your exchequer, is stamp duty, you should realise that the foundations of your Economy are built on sand.

Throw into that mix low corporate taxes and you have a Dodge City Economy that was bound to result in a fatal gunfight.




A million quid left on annual operating expenses like theirs is like me being down to my last tenner,and no visible means of getting more.

Oh dear,never mind.


Further, as my brain catches up with my typing, ironically the final innovation of the Celtic Tiger was to find a new way to crash the Economy!

Thankfully, the Govt had the smarts to maintain the emphasis on innovation, so the ship will, ultimately, right itself.


Noel Skytrot

correct, but they have pull with people and can influence people with their opinions and music, which is mental. It annoys the fuck out of me when you have people who’ve a right few quid and can probably isolate themselves in comfort, spout shite, while the rest of us take risks. Personally for me, its a kick in the balls when you’re in the frontline most days and you read all these mad people talking pish. On Sevco and the transfer business, yer right, it’s nonsense.

Garry, I’ll need to read into the Great Reset and see what that’s about. Thanks to both of you for responding and I hope you and your respective clans are well.



Before the financial meltdown,I had frequently questioned how the big banks,insurance companies,etc could ALL be making bucketloads of money by selling each other the same products in a merry-go-round. If a product is worth a tenner,but after changing hands ten times is now valued at £100,there’s a dangerous game of pass the parcel happening.

And when the music stopped,such as the Irish banks as well as RBS,HBOS,Northern Rock,etc,were left with a parcel of shit.

Although RBS buying ABN-AMRO a few months before didn’t help…

Noel Skytrot

Jullien not travelling to Riga, maybe carrying an injury?

Mike in Toronto


re: SAVING Celtic

Did the Club need to charge the same price as in person tickets, in order to keep Celtic operating? Did people need to pay full freight in order to keep Celtic alive?

I haven’t done the math, but I suspect that Celtic could have SURVIVED with considerably less than full ticket prices. Wages could have been deferred, players could have been sold, purchases scaled back … and Celtic would have survived.

My sense is that people handed over too much money because, once again, ‘we NEED to do the 10’… which translates to ‘we NEED to be ahead of Rangers’…..

As we have seen, tying our horse to the Old Firm cart isn’t the road to salvation; it is the slow road to irrelevance.

Mike in Toronto


They are clearly counting on (i) Morelos money, and (ii) Euro money, to keep them going until the end of the season.

but, they are playing a dangerous game… if they push too hard on Morelos, and it comes down to the last minute, they could be forced to accept a cut rate deal, as the consequences of not selling him (or, perhaps, Kent) could be disastrous for them.

Common sense would tell you that Morelos is likely to go, and will get them enough money for a while, in which case, I dont see 2020 ending up like 2012 for them, where getting papped out of Europe meant administration.

However, we have seen how their greed and arrogance has led them down dangerous paths in the past…. so, there is always hope.


Mike In TVLawyerland….you continue to make the assumption that we are paying to uphold an ‘Old Firm’, a term I use in inverted commas as it’s a redundant term imo. Instead of asking BMCUWP his opinion on why people paid up why not ask the people on here who paid up. You’re guaranteed to get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth which will allow you to make a decision based on facts rather than conjecture. As I posted last week these paying to keep the The Rangers afloat or paying only for The Elusive Ten are becoming tiresome adn repetitive. Have you considered the reasons that EVERY other club in Scotland who offered the VST has had a proportionately similar response to Celtic’s? That would give you an indication that supporters are invested in their team and are prepared to support them at this time. Perhaps if the Covid situation lasts longer we will reassess our personal points of view and financial positions next season, and by that I mean supporters of every club not just Celtic, but for the moment many thousands of supporters have backed their club purely through their love for it and the fear it could be damaged if they didn’t step up.


Love your Barisic suggestion. Have been saying for ages that we should put in a cheeky bid for the Croatian. He would thrive as a left wing back in our 3-5-2 preferred formation. Would prefer Bakker of PSG, but that looks dead.

bada bing1

Noel- CJ has a back injury, LG in the squad

Noel Skytrot

Bada bing,

McCaff, i’ve parted with the best part of twelve hundred pounds for VST’s and the Adidas clobber, and haven’t saw a ball kicked in real time, why? Its certainly nothing to do with subsidising William, but more to do with the deep emotional attachment my father and myself have for the club, people might think we’re crazy but for me it’s a personal choice. Some have a deep affinity for their faith, their family or whatever else, but I have the same for the club as many others do, that’s my reason and to be honest, I’ll do the same next year if needed. Each to their own I suppose.


Noel, I’m in agreement with you. I’ve never paid a penny to Celtic to maintain a n ‘Old Firm’! Every penny has been to see and support my team.

Mike in Toronto


I get that you dont like the term ‘Old Firm’ism’… but, If you have a narrative that explains the last 10 years/Celtic’s reaction to Res 12, and the fans reaction to Celtic’s conduct that better explains things, I’m open to hearing it.

Just like I was for the better part of the last decade when I was saying that our Club’s behavior didn’t make sense legally, unless they were involved with Res. 12…but, as far as I know, no one has come up with a better explanation for the events of the last decade….and I’m pretty confident that my view that Celtic knew of Res 12 from the outset, and acquiesced in it, which largely determined their conduct since …has been borne out ….

and, if DD is to be believed this week, (and he should be, just like he should have been in 2012), Celtic are still tying their cart to the Old Firm horse ….

And to suggest Celtic are no different than any other club…. we’ve been through that before… didn’t fly the first time… wont fly the second….

The TV deal wasn’t negotiated by the CEO of any other club… and doesn’t contain clauses with guarantees of games between Ross County and Aberdeen….

and fans dont get worked up in the lead up to games against St. Mirren in the way they do for Sevco (nor do they pay the same amount to watch the games)

Sure all clubs were cheated … but not every other club was wrongfully deprived of titles (and Euro money to the extent that Celtic was) …. and no other club had the financial and institutional strength to fight this …

and I’m not a shareholder in any other club ….so no other club had the obligation to me that Celtic did and does…

I get the sense that most fans would like to just pretend the last nine years didn’t happen (except the part about winning trophies and beating the zombies), and focus on ‘the 10’, and pretend that Celtic are a stand alone club (although PL tried that in 2012 and got slapped back into place by DD )… and that is their right.

But, surely, I also have the right to post it the way I see it ..

and Auldheid and I disagree on many things, but there are few on here who have done more than him to help our club, and if he tells me I’m all wet, I”m going to seriously take on board his concerns… but, even last week, he cited one of my post with approval … which tells me that I am likely still on the right path…might not a popular path, but I still think it is the right one.

Mike in Toronto

Did I break the blog? Or is nobody talking to me anymore?



Do you mean 5WA rather than Res 12, although there is a degree of cross-over?

Mike in Toronto


I meant 5WA… but, typing and thinking at the same time are obviously not my strong suit.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one here!



Noel Skytrot
I do not mean to denigrate the Dundee footie loving public, and I did mention that it would not be easy, however imo there is certainly a case for a combined team from this city bearing in mind the population. As Garry said, perhaps an alternative would be a ground share in a new stadium. Dundee are seeking planning permission for same on the outskirts, but there is a way to go on that.

big packy

MIKE, of course people are talking to you its just a slow day on the blog, JIM, get on here and start posting, just because i have some problems at the minute does not stop you from posting, we have solicitors letters going out to you know who, and the police phoned us this afternoon with an incident number, a six digit number ending in zero, we only called them on monday 😎, but in all fairness they have enough on their plate at the minute, so thats packys quick news😎 whats your news.H.H.



Glad you have people working on your behalf,mate. More expense of course,but worth it.

big packy

BOBBY, weejoan will get there in the end, she is determined,,thanks for your concern.H.H.

Mike in Toronto


Just hang in there.

For the first time in a decade, neither Messi or Ronaldo are nominated for the Player of the Year. hard to argue against DeBruyne or Lewandowski, but I wouldn’t have had Neuer in my top three.


Big Packy
Hang in there, you are doing all the right things. It will all work out fine.

big packy

FRIESDORFER, cheers buddy👍,


Mike In TVLawyerland…firstly, of course you have the right to post the way you see it, and I would never deny you that right. But to infer those who purchased VSTs this season in lieu of attending games do so to maintain an ‘Old Firm’ is to my mind disingenuous.
You used the term ‘Old Firm’ in a way that was pointedly used as a term that implied that supporters who had paid for a VST subscribed to the notion or belief that there is no point to Celtic without the other half of the Old Firm. My belief is that Rangers died in 2012 and have been replaced by another club operating out of the same stadium with the same group of supporters with the same set of beliefs about themselves and their club and the same prejudices towards other parts of society. I don’t subscribe to the notion or belief that we need them to survive. I do, however, believe they in their current form are our biggest rivals in Scottish football and as such desire to beat them with every part of me. I’d go further and say I’d be happy for this incarnation of the club to go exactly as the last one went…doon the Swannie!
DD’s willingness to ‘jump into bed with them’ makes perfect sense, even if we don’t like it, as Celtic and The Rangers as a double act are infinitely more marketable than yin or t’other separately. As THE major shareholder he is perfectly entitled to maintain this stance as ultimately it improves his worth…and yours too, I might add. Likewise the TV deal, of course the value to Celtic improves if The Rangers are involved in the scheduling, we know this and would be foolish to disregard it. I don’t subscribe to the notion or belief that we need them to survive. Your detailed answer veers off the subject of VSTs by introducing Res 12/5WA, both handled very poorly by our Board, but not relevant to the point I was making about the willingness of supporters to renew their season tickets.
Regarding ‘The Ten’ it has never been done before and that is reason enough for me to want it. Celtic’s history is full of records and one-off trophies, and this would be another record to add to the collection. Notwithstanding that I want Celtic to win every game they play in simply because they’re my team. If there’s another supporter or fan out there who doesn’t want to win everytime they play, well they’re not really fans are they?
Finally, I don’t suggest the Board or DD have acted in my best interest but they have acted in the best interest of the plc. I don’t support their actions or their behavior but I do enjoy supporting my team, whether it’s in the stadium or on the telly.

Weet weet weet


A thing of beauty

McCaff and Noel skytrot have given sound answers similar to what I would have said myself when it comes to your assertion that we are old firm fans. What I would like to add is that I have had a season ticket since 2000 and have watched Celtic since I was 11 years old. I attended more games in every season that sevco were not in the league than any years that they were. I will do the same if they go bust again. I am a Celtic supporter and because I and others like me support them they exist and will continue to exist. You choose not to support and seem to be hell bent in an end game where Celtic don’t exist because that is what would happen if we all withdrew our support in the manner that you and others have. That may suit you but it certainly doesn’t suit me or my family. To each their own I suppose.


Hiya Packy, I have to admit it’s a bit frustrating when a pal is getting hassle and there’s nothing you can do to help. Other than listen & sympathise. I continue to hope it all turns out OK for you and Joan.

I am keeping myself busy. Because of the lockdown & restrictions I have spent a lot more time in the house. It opened my eyes to dozens of things needing my attention in the house. So for the past few weeks I have been dealing with repairs & renewals. Chucking things out. Cleaning all the corners I usually skip. I’ve spent around 600 or 700 pounds! But I’ve probably saved that amount since April by staying in a lot more. 🙂

Onwards & upwards.

big packy

JIM, as long as we are both ok thats all that matters, a friend in need is a friend indeed,,luv ya to bits buddy👍


Oh dear. Seems the huns have had to release another statement after Slippy was cited by the SFA for his comments after the Dundee Utd match.


Margaret McGill

“Ye’ll have somebody’s eye oot w/that!”
“Look both ways or ye’ll get kilt!”

You have to listen to your parents when you’re a kid as your life depends on it.
Unfortunately when you grow up you get burdened with all the other shite they taught you.