Riga 0 – 1 Celtic



Last night was like having needles stuck through my eyes. Not only did-as I expected-we go with one up front,he also messed about at the back. I’m not sure that Eddie was fit enough for last night,if he was then that is a bigger problem,because he barely broke into a trot,and we had a player on the bench in The Yeti who is on fire and champing at the bit.


Klimala too would have been a better option than an either injured or disinterested Eddie. I hope it’s the former,because on the 17th,I sure don’t want a disinterested multi-million pound striker. One of them in Glasgow is enough for me,thank you,and I’d rather neither was anywhere near us.


But after last night,am I right to wonder about a guy who has never previously let us down? Hmmm…


With three at the back,only one is a central defender,and he has been here for five minutes,and the lack of understanding showed. But with five in the middle-all of whom have been here for four years minimum-it showed too that familiarity can breed contempt. Every single one of them seemed intent on either making themselves or the recipients of a pass look bad. Or not covering their area,so that the poor sap nearest to the few breaks by Riga looked like he was the fall guy for it.


Yes,it was that bad.


I don’t want to see a performance like that again,and I don’t want to see a line-up like that again either-even if I did say before the game that any win will do. That was a howler.


That the man of the match was a substitute says it all. Step forward,wee Frimpers. He’s probably still on a fraction of the wage of our highly paid primadonnas,and has yet to let us down after a mere year in the first team.


I wish I could clone him.



Above article by BMCUWP,with apologies that it isn’t a proper match report. The match report would have been much less pleasant.


To the game itself,oh dear.

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Noel Skytrot

In my opinion we lack a midfielder who can turn or open a defence with a pass. McGregor is a good player but lacks this. I think of McStay or Nakamura, players who had the capacity to open teams up who are playing in their own half. We need to have more urgency in our forward play not this side to side then back passing nonsense. Looks like Brown and Forrest are injured and may have to sit out some matches.


Celtic are in the entertainment business, that was far from entertaining

Sol Kitts

Forrest sitting out some matches? Up to the point he got injured last night, I didn’t realise he was playing. We only started to look threatening when wee Frimpong came on. At last, someone willing to run at defenders, not afraid to lose the ball sometimes, and willing to work at getting it back. However, what’s the point of all his hard work getting to the byeline, getting the ball across the box, if we only play one striker? And he’s constantly surrounded by 4 defenders? We can all see this, but the man who can change things sits on the bench staring into space. Won’t make a sub till 70 mins, unless someone gets injured. Imagine if Jamesie hadn’t got injured, we would have had to watch that level of ineptitude till 20 minutes left. Then Lenny would probably have brought on Scott Bain……….

Noel Skytrot

Morning Sol. JF has been absent for most games this season and while I would never write the captain off, he’s not been at the races. There appears to be a lack of energy throughout the team. A question I ask myself is it maybe that some players feed off the supporters energies and with that missing they’re struggling? Is it the formations? Is it just we’ve not hit form yet? All very rum.


I’m not sure you will agree will Neil.
I just hope he is saying something different in the dressing room.🗣️ On the Match with Neil Lennon following #RIGCEL. #UEL https://t.co/ehO1MU8whm

Sol Kitts

These are professional footballers. It’s what they do for a living. While I don’t doubt that the crowd can lift the players, there is no way that they should be using the lack of atmosphere as an excuse for that kind of insipid performance. Far too many players shirking responsibility, playing a sideways or backward pass instead of looking to attack.
Most of the team should be happy that there have been no fans in the grounds this season – they wouldn’t need to go on social media to understand what we think of their performances if the stadium was full.

A thing of beauty

Just nipping out to work but rest assured I do not agree with neil. Why would I? He is talking baloney. He said he thought we were excellent. Enough said.
Also he is very clear to talk up Ajeti and Elyounoussi. I think we can all read into that that Eddie is for the off. On the back of last night it’s probably for the best because that level of effort was disgusting.


That’s an interesting post match interview, JNP, you have to wonder why he sees things so differently from the rest of the support.

Especially in the light of the interview Dermot Desmond gave to The Athletic.

“I know when we appointed Lenny there were Rangers fans who thought we were handing them the league, but we felt that he had done an extremely good job at Hibs and he was a Celtic man true and true. I have quite a few Rangers friends in business, all very nice people who subscribed to the former viewpoint. However, I did have a wager with a few of them, so I owe Lenny a night out.

“You underestimate Lenny at your peril. He’s a very intelligent individual, he’s got great awareness and integrity. As far as analysis is concerned, he doesn’t shy away from performances. I’d a discussion yesterday with him about winning 5-0 at Ross County. As a headline, 5-0 looks great, but it was terrible, it flattered us completely. Ross County hit the post twice, they held the ball for long periods and had many shots. We should have won but 2-1, not 5-0.

“Lenny is up for that, he’d give you that same analysis. That’s what I like about him, he’s not camouflaging underperformance. When we’re succeeding, he’s looking where it came from and it’s the same with poor performances. He wants to play entertaining, attacking football, and, like Brendan, it’s possession football. It’s about being able to consistently deliver that Celtic brand of football”…

…“Lenny was always on our radar. Lenny has been a work in progress for us. He’s been that person we have kind-of tutored and he’s learned along the way. The advice we gave him he’s now realised was good advice, and he’s matured and everybody’s allowed to make mistakes. None of them were fatal.

“So we took him back in even though some of the fans thought it was a retrograde step. But you learn more from mistakes, it can change your personality, your modus operandi. We saw that with Lenny and he has repaid our belief in him.”

It is interesting that Lenny was very much more realistic in his post match interview with Ross County. When he can afford to be.

The Ferencvaros game and other set backs he was prepared to chuck players under the bus.

The second part is more interesting, are Celtic via the Manager exactly where DD sees the Club or is this the “Chairman’s” infamous vote of confidence?

AToB @ 9:22 am,

OE was brought in with the promise of European football and a big league move.

M. Dembele got his move despite the Manager wanting him to sign a new contract, his appalling behaviour got him his move, encouraged either directly, non-directly or to my mind both, by our CEO.

Why wouldn’t Odsonne try the same!?

Hail Hail


Good Morning all

Ideal opportunity to rest Broony for next 2 SPFL games: he is only 1 booking away from suspension… Plus, it will benefit him and the team, imo of course.


R – Ajer Duffy Jullien El Hamed – L

Frimpong Ntcham McGregor Elyounoussi

Ajeti Edouard



Ajer Duffy Jullien

Frimpong Ntcham McGregor Elyou El Ham

Ajeti Edouard

A tough watch with the desired result.

Onwards to Sunday.


The Gombeen Man

With under 53 hours to go before we kick off against Hibs…by kicking sideways or backwards.

The busiest person at Lennoxtown is likely to be the newly installed club psychiatrist.

First in line this morning is sure to be the Great Architect of the 5WA. Pedro’s immediate concern is the likelihood of bounced Direct Debits (DDs) on the Installment Season Book plans.

With the respite of not having to watch the team in person. Christmas not too far away and the all too predictable chaos on the park the exasperation of Pedro’s Blogger this week might make more sense.

Second in line is our very own Preferential Direct Debit, Dermot. The Moustachioed Great Architect has been busy distracting the Stockmarket/Shareholders and the underwriters of the 5WA, commonly known as Season Ticket holders about a move to England.

It’s human nature to want to run away from a mess.

The Murray years, the EBT’s, the liquidation, the shafted creditors, the continuity lie, Charles Green, Whytey, Duff & Phelps, collision…

Celtic’s part in that ongoing fiasco will have to be faced.

The queue outside the Psychiatrist’s Office will be Socially Distanced of course. Each standing 2 metres sideways apart.

Noel Skytrot

Sol, yep, don’t disagree with your comments. I just can’t fathom out why a team of talented players are falling way below the usual high standards they’ve set.

Noel Skytrot

The Gombeen Man, masks as well, don’t forget the masks.lol

Sol Kitts

They need to be set up with 2 up top. Why Lenny persists with 1 up is beyond me, especially since every time we revert to 2 we suddenly look more threatening. Even poor SPFL standard defenders can cope with a lone forward, they just crowd him out. No wonder Eddie looks uninterested, every time he gets the ball he has 4 defenders suffocating him. He needs someone running off him, posing a different problem and drawing defenders away.
Like I said, we can all see this, so just what is it with Lenny that stops him doing so?

Noel Skytrot

Sol, i’ve as much as a scooby as anyone else has.

The Gombeen Man


Yep I forgot about the Dick Turpin masks or maybe Ned Kelly’s is more appropriate?

Maybe the Latvian League is an option?

Look after yourself.

bada bing1

St Johnstone game moved to Sunday October 4,12.00 ko,live on Sky

bada bing1

Midday ffs,after a game on Thursday night…

Awe Naw

Morning all

I’m with ATOB … Lenny doesn’t half need a pair of specs if he thinks we were good last night!

If Edouard is not match fit, why not play Ajeti or Klimala … Lenny is taking the piss by playing Christie up front as well …

We do not have much time before the transfer window shuts and it’s imperative we have a strong first XI with a decent second XI to fill the same position / role …

In addition it’s high time Lenny has a settled plan A (say 3-5-2) and game change plan B (say 4-2-3-1) depending on opposition… enough of tinkering every other week … only tweak if player is injured or needs a bloody rest!

It’s a squad game and we’ve plenty of games in which we’re playing catch up (including last seasons Scottish Cup)

I’m in 2 minds about seeing Huns getting into Europa League groups … if they’re in … good distraction from league …. if they go out … they got to sell players ( assets) with little revenue coming in ….. that becomes a sort of win win for Celtic … however we need to ensure our squad is still capable of producing the form that has seen us excel domestically and in the Europa League last season … NO MARGIN FOR ERROR

Right …. let’s remain focused and onwards to weekend game against a difficult Hibs …. Glasgow is still green and white 💚🍀


The Gombeen Man @ 9:58 am,

Very well observed, never thought of the Direct Debits.

Celtic PLC were very quick to suggest there would be supporters back in jig time when pushing ST sales. They also were very smart to bring attention to the waiting list – sign up or lose your seat.

Fholk will be looking at exactly what they’ve been “sold”… for instance, is a pensioner really going to keep paying out with little chance of attending Celtic Park when members of their family are struggling through this pandemic.

It could well be the reason for the irrational and premature call for supporters back at Celtic Park… by the masters of smoke’n mirrors.

The idea that “few strands” of Celtic’s business model remain, as a reason to risk a spike in Covid cases with all the subsequent issues is a nonsense.

Celtic PLC knew how important UCL football was for Celtic Football Club this season, their failure to prepare borders on negligence…

“So I don’t think the quality of football has deteriorated. What we’ve got to learn is to cope with the pressure of playing in Europe. That’s what I’d say and I think that’s a psychological thing rather than a competitive thing. If you talk about the matches we lost in the past couple of years in the Champions League, they were lost despite us dominating possession, or whatever other measure you want to use – except goalscoring.

“And that is something I think is more of a psychological blockage than our football capability. That is something management have recognised and we will do something about it.” – DD, The Athletic

…IMO it was not psychological, well not outside the psychology of the “inner circle”, it was the usual indolence, penny pincing and incompetence

Celtic PLC, like many organisations in the leisure sector needs to adapt and change. The idea that the Government is going to risk deaths to shore up a highly successful business model, that makes a lot of rich people richer in this climate is a non-starter.

Trying to pressurise the Government to do this, when Celtic have been ill prepared and ponderous in their reponse to the pandemic is quite simply embarrassing.

Hail Hail


Morning all from a very bright Renfrew…maybe an unduly harsh match report, Celtic went away to a difficult place and won the game. As I posted last night Riga are difficult to beat on their own patch so we should try to look at things a bit more objectively. That’s not to say the performance was of an acceptable level, it’s frustrating watching the same flat play we’ve endured so far. There’s been a lot of chat about formations and how to get the best out of our players. At the moment we’re playing a lone striker with the midfielders and wide men overloading the last third of the pitch. This is stifling play as there is nowhere to run into, probably the reason Klimala doesn’t play! Our wide men don’t go long often enough (although Frimpong did last night and Saturday and we got the rewards). The ball is recycled across the midfield with what seems like no purpose. It might come as a surprise to a lot of people but that is exactly how we’ve played since Brendan’s second season. This isn’t a situation that just happened this season, maybe it’s harder for me to watch as I’m usually at games therefore have a different perspective as you see different things and where everyone is at any particular point in a move.
I don’t know the answer to our issues at the moment and nobody on here seems to either but this article might be of interest….

The Gombeen Man


Yep, ” The magic that lies ahead.”

The ST campaign is obviously a joint venture with Sevco. A pre-season bragging rights contest.
It was very clear that after the lifting of restrictions the virus numbers would percolate up.
Folk were given some respite.
The prospect of full stadiums was remote and regardless the OF sold their ST.
The Get the Ten, Stop the Ten marketing campaigns.
All very tasteless.

I read elsewhere yesterday from a poster ” folk have ponied up.”
Have they? What % pay by DD?

Given the cavalier nature of the sale there must be a concern.

Strands of business?

A key strand is player trading.
What suitable bids have came in for players earmarked for sale?
Is there a drop off in this?
What’s the issue?

Time will tell..

Till later.


Simply put we were ‘pish’ last night and have been for most of this season. There are no excuses we have been knocked out of the CL by a team whose resources are miniscule in comparison to ours, and as we all know it’s not the 1st time this has happened in the recent past. Riga should have been put to the footballing sword last night given our footballing resources despite Riga’s recent decent home results. Another certainty we need to face up to is the next organised semi decent team we meet are going to pump us. At the moment, as many have already mentioned, we are a collection of individuals rather than a cohesive footballing unit. Luckily our next game is at home – now Hibs away with our current form would have been a real worry.

As far as people stopping paying for the VST via direct debit – how does that stand legally? I’d imagine Celtic would have that tied up contractually – don’t pay next thing solicitors letters and debt collection agencies at your door. Hands up who thinks our PLC wouldn’t do it🤔

The Gombeen Man


More than a club surely?

Especially in the teeth of a pandemic?


Oglach, of course the Club are covered as you suggest, though, would they be prepared to enforce T&Cs if they lost enough customers? My guess is there won’t be too many cancelling while we’re still winning but if after the 17th we look like we’re unable to compete with The Rangers then people might think again. I pay my SB on a 4-monthly installment plan the last payment of which is October, if there are others like me there’s no point in cancelling as it’s less than a quarter of the ticket price.
Here’s the relevant T&C section…

“Payment by Instalments to Club or finance partner. If the Season Ticket has been purchased by instalment payments payable to the Club the Season Ticket cannot be used while any instalment is overdue. Attempted use in such circumstances may lead to deactivation or confiscation until outstanding amounts (which may include an administration charge) are paid. If outstanding sums are not paid within a reasonable period, the Club may terminate the instalment arrangement and either require payment of all sums due or terminate this agreement and seek to sell the Season Ticket to a third party for the remainder of the Season. The Holder may be subject to legal action by the Club to recover any losses incurred if the Club is unable to resell the Season Ticket. Non-payment of instalment payments due to the Club’s nominated finance partner under a finance agreement between the finance partner and the Holder may also lead to deactivation or confiscation of the Season Ticket. In addition, failure to pay the Club or finance partner, as the case may be, may affect the Holder’s rights to purchase tickets for home and away matches, the Holder’s ability to renew the Season Ticket, pay by instalments in the future or join the Home Cup Ticket Scheme in the future. If a Holder is paying the Club for the Season Ticket and/or any othertickets by instalments and an instalment instruction is not honoured, an administration charge of £10 may be payable by the Holder to the Club for each instruction not honoured.”


Good afternoon all & Packy.

The fact that Riga have a decent home record doesn’t make me feel any better. It doesn’t make last night’s result acceptable. We should be hammering teams of their stature. 5-0 ? We learned nothing from last night’s game because it was Riga. We play the same leaderless pish back here in Scotland against teams with the same game plan as Riga.

Riga? give it a rest! Talking them up doesn’t make me feel grateful that we scraped through.


Riga may have parked the bus but it was hardly the first time we have faced such this season.
That we have shown no sign of tactical alteration or improvement in combatting is a worry.
The only thing we have become adept at this season to date is making excuses.
It’s looking ever more likely we will need a lot more before the season is complete.


Riga parked a bus?
Actually it was two open topped ones with their drum corps. Who played as well as their team! ie. Rubbish 🙂

The Gombeen Man


V12, Celtic’s finance partner have 4 and 10 month repayment plans for SBs.

Not suggesting this is a road folk might go down but personal finances for many have taken a hit.

I’m sure if people have difficulty the club will do the right thing.

I saw highlights of Dutch and Belgian league football last night with spectators, so hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

bada bing1

The lack of trust in new signings is baffling, Soro,Turnbull, Klimala recently why sign them at all? Better putting youth players on the bench, they have the same chance of getting a game.




Shocking last night, Hh.


Sitting here with BMCUWP and some of the other Swindon Shamrock CSC

None of us know how to turn off his Guinness intake valve?

Awe Naw

You can´t back out of a contract once you have signed it. I think expecting the PLC to do the “right thing” is wishful thinking. The pandemic was well and truly upon us when the VST was first muted. It also sets a precedent so that will never be countenanced. The VST subscribers knew exactly what they were signing up for. I would be amazed if any of them were daft enough to attempt to ask for any kind of refund based on their personal situation.

What is the APR that V12 charge ?

Celtic PLC is in a better financial state this year than it was this time last year. What´s the panic ?


On the Riga performance I said at half time we were pedestrian and it didn’t change that much second half but reflecting on DD’s reported observation that we have outplayed European teams who beat us for the want of a goal when the opportunity presented itself, it is a truism that goals change matches and performances and last night, in spite of the pedestrian build up we had chances where I asked myself why didn’t that go in?

Bitton tried to place a shot because of a defender in front but failed to connect with enough power to beat the keeper. There was a ball across the 6 yard box asking to be put away and Eddy was not in sight. Ajeti would have been there was my thinking.

There was the chance when Ajeti came on where the Riga defender turned the ball away straight into the goalie’s arms and the keeper had a number of good saves where had the shot had more power or better direction we would have scored.

So I guess I’m saying we were pedestrian but for a mistake (which we are prone to) we were never going to lose. Sure that kept the anxiety level high, particularly knowing how error prone we can be in Europe, but in terms of not losing keeping the ball, boring and annoying as it certainly is, reduces the oppositions chance of winning and 1 goal wins it for us.

Necessity they say is the mother of invention and last night it invented a boring pedestrian performance with a marbling of anxiety.

Frimpong was the creator of the best chances including the winner because he attacked the defence and as Rebus I think commented, worked his socks off to get the ball back if he loses it.

The problem is we do not carry ANY real attacking threat on the left, McGregor did not drive forward as he did at Livi, Traynor carries no attacking threat compared to Frimpong (or Forrest) and perhaps it is an attacking left winger we need rather than an attacking left back to get better balance?


Awe Naw, is this you? 😂


The Gombeen Man

The ‘Club’ will undoubtedly do the right thing – what is right for them (PLC) that is and not individual or collective Celtic supporters. Remember this is the same bunch of charlatans who handed over the private personal info of Celtic supporters to the Police without being legally obliged to do so. If there are substantial sums of money involved ‘ the club’ will, imho, undoubtedly go after those supporters who they deemed to have reneged on contractual obligations. Albeit it would be somewhat hypocritical to do so after letting Scottish footballing authorities and Rangers 1872 (Liquidated) steal tens of millions of pounds from the club and sit by and do the sum total of heehaw about it, that is apart from assist in the miraculous resurrection of the entity that cheated the club.


Mackiebhoy, Remind Mick he is job seeking! The wee soul 🙂

Big Audio Dynamite

Under no illusions about our sluggish(Feeling kind) start to the season but, aren’t we actually unbeaten domestically since December 2019? When I was growing up, I could never have imagined I’d witness us be so dominant results wise …it was unthinkable against what the dark side were prepared to spend! So, even though we are not glittering at the minute, I am trying hard to remember what we are always up against, what we have achieved, and what I hope we go on to achieve.

This season, of all seasons, definitely isn’t the time to wrap the club in negativity. In fact, if there was EVER a time the team needed our backing, you could argue it is right here, right now. Said it a million times, when Celtic and it’s support are united, nothing in this country can touch us! Our enemies know this and do everything in their power to sow discontent …don’t let them!!


The Gombeen Man


Celtic PLC have a proud and compassionate tradition when it comes to the management of debt.
Surely any SB Holder in difficulty could point to the continuity of the Ibrox Club and retention of 54 titles as evidence of the PLC’s compassion?

Nope I doubt it too.

It wouldn’t be the Cause or the Culture Calling…

Awe Naw,

No idea of the interest rate. Aberdeen and Chelsea are also looked after by V10. I’ve a feeling they look after corporate stuff too.
V10 replaced Zebra after they went belly up. Hopefully V10 paid us upfront.

Till later,

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, why are we celtic supporters because we were born celtic supporters, our fathers our grandfathers and our greatgrandfathers supported celtic, its in the blood, although i have lived down here in englandshire for over 40 years celtic is still in my heart, just as much as it was when i lived in lanarkshire, but also if you watch celtic you want to be entertained, as i was going to watch the lions, that last night was not good entertainment, in fact ill go as far as to say if i had paid money to watch that like a lot of good decent celtic fans did and probably scrimped and saved to do it ,id want my money back, that was a poor show,,there is something not right at parkhead at the minute, dont know what it is, but it better get sorted sooner rather than later, ok rant over, where is my best mate😍


Unbalanced would be another way of putting it.
Predictable potency should be easy enough for a decent coach to negate.
If Frimpong is now our only service for the attack then double teaming him will be the norm.
One guy to slow him down the other to win ball or force him to negative areas.
McGregor has shown no signs of taking that responsibility and Mo can’t from his seat on the bench while Christie has become selfish and aimless.
Have been saying for ages our central mid’s are unsuited to their role but with the lack of assignment given to players it could be attributed to the whole team.
I use the term team loosely as there is no real sign of such.



I hope friday finds you well. We are in isolation since my daughter in law felt unwell and was tested for CV19. We must remain in isolation for two weeks or until she gets a negative result. We live in strange times.

Last night I did not call NL a dud. I related a story concerning another coach, who, I believe was not up to the job. However, I do believe that NL is not a particularly good manager, despite what he has achieved for the club. Why do I think that? Let’s leave the current performance of the team aside for a moment. His managerial record outside of Celtic is hardly impressive. At Bolton he had a 23% win record and at Hibs it was 48%. Yes, I know the situation at Bolton was dire but you have to admit that these are not the kind of career stats that should get you the Celtic job. At Celtic and at Hibs he left after blowouts with either the players and/or senior management. There must have been other reasons why he was given the job second time round. What those were, I can only guess. What I can say is that the manner of his appointment was disgraceful and certainly unprofessional…..a very bad reflection on the club.

We were told that amongst Lenny’s strengths was his ability to motivate players and his ability to spot a player. Yet he still lets his emotions rule his head when he publicly rebuked young Mikey Johnson for not diagnosing his injury correctly and staying on the pitch. Also, he has blamed the players for poor performances when his game management has been suspect. Lately, there was the if you want to go, just go comment. As for his ability to spot a player, the jury is out on that. Why will he not play Soro, Turnbull and was hesitant to blood Klimala? The same was true with Taylor when it was clear to all that Bolingoli was an inferior player. Now maybe, just maybe, he did not sign those players. Who knows?

Now let’s look at the performances this season. Whilst we have no god given right to win or trounce teams that have a fraction of our value, in most cases we should expect to secure easy victories. What has happened? Single goal victories over St Mirren, DU, and Livingston, plus a draw against Killie. That is four games out of seven in which we under performed. What does that suggest to you?

Nobody will know better than the CEO (and hence the Board) what is going on behind the scenes. But something is not right. Have the players lost faith in the management team? Do certain players simply want to play elsewhere? Has there been a bust up between players and management, or management and the Board? Or is there something else at play? Again, I do not know but I do not doubt that the Board knows the real issues.

Here I go out on a limb and merely state my opinion. I think that after the results against Cluj, Copenhagen and Ferenvaros, the Board know what kind of manager they have and the associated opportunity losses. He will not be given free reign on the transfer front. I suspect that the major spend is over for this window and the next if NL remains in situ. A small spend on a LWB may happen if his club want it but that will be it. Purchases have been made on the basis of future resale. Ajeti, Turnbull and Barkas were made on that basis. Duffy is a loan and thus there is no long term commitment of finances.

I could go on but I suspect that it will not shake your opinion on the manager. At the end of the day, regardless of how one feels about him, NL did not appoint himself. The fault for that lies elsewhere.



Morning folks and happy Friday.
God bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

I’ve kinda decided that we arent making a partnership outta Ajeti and Eddy because Eddy is for the offski.
Probably pair Ajeti and new guy.

Chairbhoy, some interesting comments re the entertainment industry changing and Celtic needs to.
We dont have a board prone to change although I think they would love one certain big change, the EPL.
Another reason I thought they would walk was being forced to change the model now, but seems Dermot is staying.
What changes can you see ?
I think we are very limited in options.
Next years VST will not get the same take up unless priced differently or different tiers for instance option to be in ballot to attend should be more expensive than staying at home watching on TV for season.

I think most entertainment will go the streaming route, as will we, but outside of that not sure what else we could offer.

So essentially we move from park packed with season tickets holders as our bread and butter, to thousands upon thousands logging in as our bread and butter.
Theres less money in streaming, which means downscaling?
Will the Hotel and Training centre be scrapped now to help cover falling revenue. Let’s face it a hotel isn’t needed at this time.
The packed Kerrydale woulda brought in a few mill a year as would the superstore, they are gone now.

The current climate suggests short to medium term moving away from foot traffic imo

Hail Hail


Mackiebhoy welcome aboard.
I wish I was there. Enjoy yourselves.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


full head of hair bud ..nearly 🙂

Sol Kitts

As.i discovered a long time ago, BMCUWP has his Guinness intake valve set at no limits. Wouldn’t have him any other way 😎. I found the only way to slow his Guinness intake is to get him onto malt whisky. 🥃🥃🥃

Awe Naw

The Netherlands has recorded its worst day for new cases, confirming 2,777 new ones in the past 24 hours, according to health authority data. That made Friday the second consecutive day to rank as the nation’s worst after 2,544 cases were recorded on Thursday.

The rise is part of a broader second wave that began in late August. The prime minister Mark Rutte has said the public should regain a sense of urgency about following social distancing rules to slow the virus’s spread, and the government will order regional measures as needed. Schools and bars remain open, with masks required only on public transportation.

Mike in Toronto


Players come to Celtic, presumably, after seeing/hearing about our famous crowds, and raucous European nights… and, I suspect, to have those Euro nights put them in the window so that they can get a move to a bigger club and/or a bigger league…

then, they come and the reality sets in … we have a Boardroom whose ambition seems to be, at best, to be a bit ahead of the zombies (although, if I am being honest, I think our Board would be okay being just a bit behind the zombies…48-52% sort of thing)…. and the European thing isn’t panning out the way we would like…

With respect to NFL, to me, he just doesn’t look like he really wants to be here this time around …

He left last time with good reason … felt he wasn’t being supported… plus the stress on him personally …I fully understood why he left, and wished him well when he did…

So, why did he come back? I suspect he has a family to feed, and, coming off the back of his time at Bolton and Hibs, wasn’t likely to get this sort of chance anywhere else… so, he did what he had to do to put food on the table (we all do it sometimes) … but I dont get the sense that he is nearly as passionate about being here this time around …. (I am sure that, his prior run ins with authority have mellowed him somewhat… but my sense is that it is more than that ..)

and Celtic fans have been commented on by some of the top players in the world… so I am sure that the chance to experience that is a draw for players … so, the absence of fans, I’m sure, is a problem for some of the players who came here hoping to experience that atmosphere, before moving to to greener (if you will pardon the pun) pastures……

I will admit that this is my read … dont have any inside information, and I”m not saying it is gospel…just my take ….

but if players are promised steak, and then realize they are getting sizzle…. that is,if players come in and sense the lack of ambition from the Board, and an less than 100% happy management (although no manager is every 100% happy), I suspect that they, too, must struggle to stay completely motivated….

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