Celtic 3 – 0 Hibs



Comfortable enough yesterday against,on paper,our most difficult domestic opponents to date. It was hardly a game where any of us would have settled for a draw beforehand,of course-especially after the MIB assists that the huns got earlier in the afternoon. This was all about the three points,but the performance was about much more than that.


I’d go as far as to say that by and large,this was our best performance of the season to date. We needed it,and the players stepped up to the plate.


Injuries probably forced NL’s hand for much of his team selection,with both Jamesie and Jullien absent from the squad and Eddie still not back up to speed. This left us with a back three of Ajer,Duffy and Bitton with Frimpers and Taylor supplying the width on the wings as well as additional cover at the back. The midfield duo of Broonie and CalMac were either going to be augmented with Mo or Christie-whichever one wasn’t supposed to be helping out The Yeti up front. For me,it looked like the latter dropping back with Mo working as an auxiliary striker.


Broonie,CalMac and Christie really worked well together in the first half,though Christie was replaced at half time by David Turnbull. To be fair to the young fella,he slotted in superbly. He will be pushing for a place of his own soon enough,I reckon. And Ajeti and Mo worked well together too,which might give NL some more food for thought.


There were a few moments though when we really didn’t cover ourselves with glory,and they all came at the back. Ajer was guilty too often of being caught by the press and doing what he always does,which is try to turn round on to his right foot to either play it back to the keeper or across the pitch to Duffy. Nir Bitton was guilty of being caught up the pitch,not getting back,and really Duffy cannot do the work of three men if the three are meant to be in different places at the same time-though this game won’t be on his highlights reel either.


Fortunately Frimpers and Taylor in particular were there most of the time to help out,Frimpers in particular motoring like a Tesla in Manic Mode to cover the ground in each direction when required. In fact,Ross Jack took off his marker at half time after a call from the NSPCC about child cruelty,such was the hammering the wee fella was giving him. He promptly did the same to the newbie too! Once he improves his final ball,which I think only means putting on the brakes for a split second,he will be unstoppable in his current form. Though we all know the ways that defenders have been trying to stop him since Day One.


As well as bringing on Turnbull,NL also used the rest of his substitutes to give players a rest and others some game time. Eddie,Klimala,Ntcham and Soro all getting a go,albeit the latter three were barely on long enough to warm up.


But to the goals then. CalMac picked up the ball to the left of the area and fired it into the opposite corner from 25 yards. A goal which we know he has in his locker,having seen it so often,but no less a peach for that. Only eight minutes on the clock too,and just the start we had all been hoping for.


The second one,half an hour later,was more of a team goal,and much of the credit goes to Ryan Christie for it. He is at times too trigger happy in my opinion and inclined to shoot on sight. In fact,if he could strike it as accurately and powerfully as CalMac,I’d be fine with that! This time,he seemed to slalom into the box,surrounded by three or four defenders who couldn’t get near him. He slipped it to Frimpers who gave it inside to Mo. His shot was saved by parried out. Straight to The Yeti who needs no further invitation in that situation.


Sadly that was the last we saw of our new predator for the day as he went off with what seemed a muscle pull. Let’s hope he got the ice pack and the magic sponge on it right away! But Eddie isn’t a bad replacement,even if as I say he isn’t up to speed yet.


We started the second half much like the first,but Hibs weathered the fifteen minute storm where we looked like we could score at will but just couldn’t work the magic. In fact for the next fifteen minutes it was Hibs who took the game to us. But that changed with just over ten minutes to go when Turnbull picked up a ball in the central area and played an absolutely delightful ball for Mo to burst clear and finish from just inside the box.


All in all,a great many things to be happy about with,as I say,perhaps our best performance of the season. The defence is a mixture of the new and the makeshift,with a new signing and an injured absentee,and trying to adjust to the new system. I’ll cut it some slack while we work on the fine tuning. In midfield and up front though,we clicked really well and I hope we can continue that.


Man of the Match is definitely Frimpers,he puts a smile on your face every time he gets near the ball.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Morning all & Packy.

Better late than never Mahe!

A great read Bobby, no arguments from me on your take on the match.
Especially pleasing for me were the goals. Lovely strike from CalMac and good timing. But goals 2 & 3 were beauties in the sense that they were TEAM goals. Full marks to the scorers and the assists. It’s good to have both types of goals in our arsenal. Not just individual flashes of brilliance.

I wish every team would play a positive game like Hibs. i hope they beat every other team apart from us!


Good Morning all. Very pleased with both the performance and result yesterday. Other than those mentioned already by most folks, I thought the much-maligned Taylor played well – If only we could get midfielders going beyond him for a return ball (and looking to do similar) with one-twos, maybe, just maybe, we could see a big difference. Anyhow, a very enjoyable match all round.


Great performance. If we play to this level, no team in Scotland will beat us.
The defence was caught out three times, Duffy wrong sided twice. But hey, one new signing, one stand in, and one that many want rid, didn’t concede to possibly the second best side in Scotland. Also, not bad for a team that’s not adequately coached, and with no tactical nous.
Going forward, Frimpers is just awesome. He really scares defences with his pace. Our non existent tactics released him down the right wing several times. I’m confident that he will deliver more telling crosses as the season progresses.
I hope Ajeti’s injury isn’t serious: it’s great to have a 6 yd box poacher. He needn’t start every game, but what an asset to the squad.
Our midfield recycled the ball with more zip yesterday, and that created more space out wide. Greg Taylor made several runs down the flank only for the ball to be turned inside. Broody missed a chance to release him.
That’s one of the five sorted with some style; four to go, starting Thursday.

Noel Skytrot

Good result yesterday. I noticed that Bayern and Man City got hosed at the weekend. Just for perspective, it doesn’t matter what players or resources you have at your disposal, it happens. Maybe some of the supporters on social media sites should remember that we can’t always win nor put on the style. A critique of the team is healthy but some of the things you read on there are mental.


Great analysis of the match BMCUW.
Hope we can carry the form onto Europe on Thursday and go on a long winning streak domestically.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sarajevo will be missing their no10 and playmaker, Rahmanovic, after he was booked in the last round. He assisted for their goal against us last year.


BAD. 12.46
Excellent news.
If it’s a suspension, that’s good, I’m never comfortable being pleased, if it’s an injury.
There are one or two honourable exceptions though.
I was just checking the odds there, Celtic are 2/7 to beat Sarajevo with Skybet.
I’m not sure I would be rushing to put 70 quid on us to win 20.
Sevco are 11/10 to beat their Turkish opponents.


Agree with the match analysis. Lots to be pleased with not least young Turnbull putting in an assured performance. All our goals were well worked efforts. I do disagree with Lenny stating that was one of the best performances during his tenure as manager – errmm 🤔, Nah pass marks Lenny a great improvement on recent showings but we were not that good’
Still concerned with the defence. Neither Bitton or Ajer are suited to the role, imo, and it shows. Big Shane maybe taking a little longer to settle in than i’d have hoped but as i mentioned yesterday he is probably still coming to grips with his defensive buddies going on walk about albeit we saw a glimpse of why we brought him to Celtic – a last ditch throw you body in the way of a shot also like the fact that on occasion he just ‘blooters’ the ball up field to clear the lines – old school proper defending. ⚽😎

bada bing1

Seems Sarajevo game is not live on TV…


Scottish Cup semi-finals:
Hearts vs Hibs, 5.00pm October 31 (Premier Sports and BBC Scotland)

Celtic vs Aberdeen, 2.30pm November 1 (Premier Sports)


Good summation.
I thought we played well for about 70% of the time.
On Christie i thought his assist for the first goal was better as on the second he was running into too much traffic and should have released ball earlier.
He was actually appealing for a foul as he got clattered by one of the defenders.
This is a habit he has developed in last year.
On the first goal he had his head up and played an excellent pass.
Mo’s quick control and shot was the difference with Ajeti’s predatory instinct.
The defense still looks vulnerable to pace and lacks positional sense.
Duffy showed bravery in that block and is a leader so hopefully we will improve on flaws with time.
Ajer should stick to straight forward runs as whenever he turns to recycle ball he put’s himself and us under pressure.
Nice to see Taylor getting praise.
If our mids passed to him and attacked forward channels instead of staying rooted to spot it would give him more options for final ball.
Frimps is what we have been crying out for as a guy who disrupts defensive lines with his pace and willingness to take people on without fear.
Turnbull’s heads up approach and early ball’s also made a positive difference.
The one area we still need to work on is compacting space and positioning without the ball.
To often they were able to run into space in middle third and play those long balls unchallenged.
A more compact and positionally set formation would make this more difficult.
Yesterday there was talk of 6/7 second rule for player by Guardiola’s Barca to win ball back but in our ball fixated team often more than one guy would chase leaving gaping holes so would prefer us to go to a patient positional set and force opponents to work harder to advance ball.


From Twitter.
Hopefully more stations will show it too.

⚽️ @FK_Sarajevo 🆚 @CelticFC 🍀
🏆 @EuropaLeague Qualifier
🏟 Olimpijski Stadion Asim Ferhatović Hase
⌚️ 19:00 CPT (GMT)
📺 @arenasport_tv

Broadcast in the following countries: 🇧🇦 🇭🇷 🇲🇪 🇷🇸

More Channels will be announced as I get them

#SARCEL https://t.co/5lph1I1vxA


It is amazing how one’s outlook is uplifted by a good result. However, as any manic knows it is unwise to swing too far towards either euphoria or depression.

Whither Jack Ross intended playing the formation that frustrates Celtic or not….that plan was blown out the water by the long range strike from Calmac early in the game. It made for an entertaining game with both teams going for goals. This is exactly the kind of game that suits Celtic against domestic opposition because we have better players. Whatever the reason, Ross deserves credit for the way that his team played Celtic. He used the long ball to try to either catch our CBs on the turn, and to exploit our attacking wingbacks. Boyle and Nisbet were the perfect foils for both of these tactics. Ultimately it failed although it did cause some anxious moments.

Was Christie injured or was he simply rested? Either way, the introduction of Turnbull was a positive move for all except Hibs and Luca Connell. He looked as if he had played all of his career with Celtic. As in his previous cameo, he lofted the ball over the opposition defence……..something that has been missing from our play.

All in all, a satisfying day for the players and the manager just before the test on thursday. I suspect we shall see a return to the tactics that have frustrated our game so far this season……..namely, two defensive lines and a lone striker up front. All the signs are that we should win this game but we have been here before, and recently. Sarajevo had the weekend off to prepare for this game as did Ferencvaros. When will our limited FA afford Scottish teams the same consideration?




In fairness,it wasn’t just the good result that lifted the mood-after all,we are undefeated domestically this year and so we have had a few of them. For me,it was the performance,and we truly haven’t had too many of them recently.

On top of that,some individual performances,both of players performing to the standards we know them capable of,and of the two newbies in Turnbull and Ajeti. If we give the minor defensive failings-after all,the defence was a mix of the new and the makeshift-as we kept a clean sheet,I have to say I’ve not enjoyed watching Celtic so much since the Cluj game last year when we mullered them 2-0.

And there were a number of reasons why I particularly enjoyed that one!


Edit gone,so “give the minor” should read “forgive the minor”



Dons fans might just get a train home in that case. If there’s no extra time.


i originally read it as Ed gone.
And pretty sure he will be.
Last 2 games he has looked like he is in avoid all contact mode.
Considering the brutality he regularly faces i cannot fault him..

bada bing1

Any Celtic minded pubs,in St Andrews



I’ve been saying the same since spring when it became clear that he wasn’t going to sign a new contract.

And for me,his recent performances are either down to carrying an injury or to being a tad miffed at still being here. Now,if clubs have made realistic offers for him,he might have a reason to be miffed-but if none have,then it’s down to him to change their minds.

And he can’t do that on current form.


Also would be surprised at the outlay on Ajeti,Turnbull and Barkas unless the board were confident that a sale would cover that amount plus profit as per past transfer windows especially in this season’s Covid determined circumstances.
With a potential injury lay off for Ajeti they may have to compromise and sign another which probably means more than Ed being sold.





Best bet for that might be BURNLEY78 on CQN.

If you meet him,ask him why he calls himself that please. I was at that bloody game!


Great post match analysis Bobby!

Gutted for Ajeti… guy has been amazing and will be a blow if he’s not back for game v Huns

Frimpong should be the benchmark for all younger players coming through … play without fear and play with passion and joy … that boy will go places in that coming years with the Dutch national team and one of the big guns of in England or even Spain … I bet Henke is keeping watch at Celtic!

I’m still passed off with the VAR nonsense yesterday watching my English team Spurs denied win by ridiculous handball decision… might as well end the game now… it’s so frickin simple … is it a deliberate or an accidental handball … not this “hit arm” : point to spot … 🤬



The business model seems to be that if a player doesn’t renew his contract with two years left,he’s a goner. In the case of Boyata,his form at the time didn’t merit a new contract,and PL was caught unawares by BR refusing to sell him in the final year-as PL hadn’t sanctioned any replacements.

So,looks like Ajer,Christie and Eddy and we are just waiting for offers.



Howdy,stranger-and thanks! Aye,the new handball rule is a nightmare. Though it isn’t new,as most countries adopted it last season-and there was uproar over it in Italy at the time,as I recall.

It needs sorting,for sure.

bada bing1

BMCUW- I was at the home game v Burnley,glad I missed the return…



Yes, it was a good performance as well as the result. I intend to enjoy it until the next game which is even more important.

Hope you had a good weekend.



Come in Packy, your time is up!



The home leg was plenty.


Howdy folks.
Apologies for the later posting though Im assured before nine AM Greenwich Mean Time is technically but imperfectly posted 😉
Three nights in a row I sat on sofa after dinner either to watch, type, or make calls, and three nights in a row my eyes just closed and I found myself waking up on said sofa way after bedtime. Last night after making it into bed I realised the article needed posted as I was drifting off!

Anyhow, Im delighted Neil seems to have learned that your form players should start, a basic but important principle.
Worried about Odsonne but will cross that bridge when we come to it.
I thought Mo was kinda lost but came onto a game, and Turnbull looks like a Ryan type of player so we can switch both.
Thats game one of five negotiated well, we need to keep that up.

I must get something off my chest. Last weekend I clearly got the regular Celtic TV package, and my comments about co commentator Darren O Dea irked a few.
Yesterday my stream was the Virtual Season Ticket.
Talk about night and day.

The commentators were dapper and professional in their approach, clearly ready for the occasion and overall it had a very BT sports feel to it which is not surprise when the production company had that gig, so it was always a case of bringing that level of production over to the internal market. It was well done and enjoyable.
The week before the regular CTV package was abject. I dare say I could put in a better show.
Some flaws include, you dont see the commentators ever, just voices even at halftime, which is just a still picture usually with a bit of chat but mostly ads.
I could go on and on, the issues with CTV are well documented and any expat knows first hand what its like.

So we see one product for home market one product for the rest and they are vastly different in quality.
There is a difference in price yes but would the abroad Tim accept a fee hike for a proper set up,,yeah I would say so. In places like the USA they have commentating and the entire presentation package down to a tee in 4 ot 5k or whatever K we are at,, and going from that to what is essentially basic quality , one step above Celtic Fans Tv hosting the games is not going to impress many or be conducive to growth.

In accepting that the club needed a better level of production for the internal market , the external market has had it confirmed once and for all that our product, which like I say has been slated for many a year, is essentially not very good but it must be provided so we get the bottom rung on the ladder. Its not good enough. We are in unprecedented times so it probably wont get solved but the expats deserve a better package and would finance it.
Rant over.

Happy day of the Moon
Hail Hail


Mahe, let’s hope someone at Parkhead reads your post.


Mahe, give Packy a shout. He listens to you and Sol Kitts. 🙂


Shout out to Big Packy!
Impressed by Brendan’s team yesterday I was.

Gonna try and get some stuff done today. Air quality good. Laters.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Are you guys using the Gutenberg Editor ?


I don’t know if anyone noticed this yesterday,and I meant to mention it in the article.

McLean was reading to his usual standards-one rule for them,one for us-and we had a clear free kick on the edge of the box. Hibs worked it into our half and McLean gave them a free in a fairly dangerous area for a more innocuous challenge than the one he ignored. So far,so not unusual. We are well used to this.

So Broonie questioned both decisions,why’s that a free and the other isnae,or words to that effect. He clearly wasn’t too impressed by the response-because I say so?-and could be clearly lip read saying…

Wow. Wow. And shaking his head.

Given the alacrity with which the MIBs flash him a card,McLean ignored this act of dissent. Because he is one booking away from a suspension!

So,apart from wondering who will be wearing the armband next week,there’s an example of what I warned about in the summer. That no team playing Celtic in the following game will receive a red card,short of an axe murder,and that the MIBs are well aware of suspension thresholds.



I can’t answer for MAHE,but I refused to touch any settings even when I could get into admin. If I don’t know what it means,I leave it alone!

Awe Naw


I am trying to figure out why the Edit button for comments comes and goes.

Would I be right in asserting that it is because plugins are being played with ?

Edit is now back.


“Plugins are being played with”?

Awe Naw

Test 2

big packy

HI JIM and MAHE, mahe ,yes brendan is a good manager👍JIM , i will be on on saturday its a special day, im still reeling from the poster this morning who told me to get a life on e-mail, im living in the past he said, the present celtic team would beat the lions, oh my god im getting to old for this,.LUV YA TO BITS BUDDY



Usually the post says that the edit facility is there,except when I try to use it I get a box below,in red,saying this post can no longer be edited. Just FYI


Packy, there is no question The Lisbon Lions would do better than our current crop. One thing I would add. Jock Stein, with our current crop, would probably win the Europa League, at the very least!



I get Celtic TV and have done so from its inception as a radio service only. The first year was free as I recall. From a commentary perspective, the best was right at the beginning when they had Bertie Auld and Jim Craig on. Each would analyse Celtic’s performance in a critical manner and not the sycophantic nonsense that most of the current crew present. Most do not appear to have made the transition from sound only commentary to that for video. It is show and tell even when the viewer can see what they describe.

However on Sunday, I could see Stubbs and wee GS giving their opinions at halftime. No still pics. GS is value for money but Stubbs had nothing interesting to offer.

The quality of the video has improved but the pricing has climbed rapidly. I pay almost $40/month on the pay monthly model as opposed to an annual subscription. I want to bail if performances cause more pain than it is worth.

Frankly, pricing, although I can easily afford it, is at the limit for me. As a fan, you are expected to pay a premium for a service that is inferior to other streaming services, such as DAZN which covers many sports live, including the CL, Europa and the EPL…….all for $20/month. OK I get that volume is less for CTV but to pay double for less is a big ask.

I assume that Sarajevo is available live?


Awe Naw

It’s going to be an interesting weekend. All teams will know by Thursday night whether they will be receiving UEFA cash this season. They have until midnight on Monday to complete any business. circa 15 million each for Scotland’s last representatives and the small matter of automatic CL qualifying places in 2022. I do not believe that our transfer dealings are dependent on us qualifying for the EL or not. It’s an irrelevance. I do hope that sevco lose and have to sell to make up that shortfall. Two or three of their best players punted oot the door pronto and that we keep Ed for another year

big packy

JIM, thanks for that, thought i was on my own😍




Awe Naw 7.49.
You are correct, Thursday night is massive in how the season pans out.
I’m with you in wanting Sevco out.
I reckon they need those millions badly, we need them too ( the millions ) but not to the same extent.
If they are put out expect a fire sale, if we are put out, expect to lose at least one major plsyer.

big packy

JIM, look no offence to the younger ghuys on here, ive been watching celtic now for nearly 60 years, the present celtic team are a good side but not a great side, if i could break it down, the lions were the kings of europe, the seville team were very close, the present celtic team is nowhere near that standard, but we live in hope👍



WTF? There’s a good chance that whoever it was posts music links on here,because nearly everyone does. Is that not living in the past?

Poor,whoever it was.


Packy, we can all be guilty of nostalgia. But we are where we are TODAY! We compare our current squad with our local rivals as THEY are today. We also compare ourselves with ourselves from a few months ago, not so much decades ago. That is history now. A history we are proud of, but still history.