St Johnstone 0 – 2 Celtic



Blinkin’ flip,this was a hard shift. For far too long,we huffed and puffed and got nowhere. One of my mates was panicking at 60 minutes,while I’m evoking The Spirit of 1988.


Fuxake,Paul. We play to the full ninety and beyond,cool yer jets!


Well,I must admit that even I didn’t see this coming with a minute of normal play.


It’s not that we played badly,I’d be surprised if anyone can mention a player who didn’t try his heart out,do his best,etc. I’d be surprised too if anyone actually achieved more than a 6/10 rating. It was just one of those days and nothing we did worked.


Wee Frimpers was heavily marked-and nailed often. So that’s him out of the equation. Ollie,covering for Broonie who was a booking away from missing the huns game,was booked early and that f….d him,frankly. CalMac tried to hold it together but Eddie and Mo just weren’t firing,individually or collectively.


Elhamed was great going forward,but he’s supposed to be part of the back three,and got caught out of position too often by a St Johnstone team who hit every weak spot hard.


Make no mistake,St Johnstone matched us right across the park for ninety minutes yesterday. It’s not that difficult to defend with your backs to the wall,I suppose. It is much more difficult to actually do something with the ball. And apart from hitting the post,they never came close and I don’t think they actually tried that hard in our half. Everything was about their half,what we could do,how to stop it.


Enabled by a referee,it was anti-football.


In a situation like that,up against it,there’s only one response-and that is the classic-Is that the best ye can dae? This was a team playing for a draw,hoping for a breakaway,little interest in football. So NL took off Eddie-who is not the Eddie we know,for whatever reason-and put on The Griff. Didn’t take too long to announce his return-though in truth,the assist and the credit should go to Kris Ajer.


Just as the St Johnstone defence have decided that he’s lost the ball and charged out,he delightfully rolled his foot over the ball and flicked it wide. A superb cross later,Leigh Griffiths made the perfect comeback with a header bang in the corner,and with more power than I could kick a ball when I was in my twenties.


Welcome back,son. What kept ye?


Canny beat a last minute winner,eh? Just as I was saying to the lads,fuxake we never chucked it in The Centenary Season. Blah blah. Happy days,and The Polish Paddy broke clear on the edge of the area,only to be halfed in two by the centre back. IMO,a red card offence,as he was clean through on goal. Paddy has obviously learned very quickly that we don’t get decisions like that,took the break of the ball and hammered it past the keeper.


I have been impressed by this lad’s ability to keep the ball and hit the net every time I’ve seen him. We have a player here. But more importantly,yesterday we got a result. A result which was a formality on paper and looked unlikely with five minutes left.


This season will not be about style. It will be about winning. Hide the needles in case you are tempted to put them through your eyes. You can reminisce about The Beautiful Game. You can dream of it happening again. This season is about winning. And Tavernier (pen) again tells you all you need to know.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Noel Skytrot

Three points, get this transfer window out the way, then the next game. I think we might be seeing more games like today’s over the season.


Hear Hear, definite Red on Paddy lets see if the SFA dish out any punishment. Also lots of late hit fouls, When we win these games is the time to complain about the lack of protection or at least drop hints. Don’t wait until we lose to complain.


Morning all from a rainy Renfrew.
Well Bobby, you suggested it was a tough one to write and hard to swallow but I reckon you’ve called this bang on!
At season’s end the true value of the finish to this game may prove to be invaluable, especially as they were never gonna drop points at home, and for me that’s more important than playing well! I’m not prepared to accept any accusations of only wanting to beat the Huns…I just want to beat everyone and be Champions again, this season more than ever, even more than’97!
C’mon 90 Minute Celtic!! HH!!!!


And I hadn’t considered the tackle on Paddy as a red but in retrospect it’s probably a decent call. The ref has the sense to book the player before the game finished so I’m not sure any disciplinary panel will be too hasty in having a second look.


McCaff I didn’t know the ref gave him a yellow. There should be a demerit system when the ref gets a call like that wrong that was a brutal tackle and he gets to hide behind giving a yellow

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM yes should have been a red, but heyho he scored a peach ,BTW if its true about diego laxalt, welcome to celtic.H.H.



It must be a challenge to do a Celtic match report these days.

I predicted we would play well and would win 3-0; the score was close, the manner in which we won less so.

Many point out that writing off the quality of our opposition is unfair and that things will get better.

Yesterday, however belated, would have been a good time to see a upturn. As it happens, we are going to have to do it against better opposition, who would be surprised if we did?

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Man @ 10:30 am,

Actually wasn’t recommending the book as such, just thought it was interesting in the light of the dialogue.

The content of the book is facinating but it has certain aspects that are contentious. It was really the reminder that death and re-birth in this life is an ancient concept practised by the most enlightened and wisest over the epochs.

Having said that the insight into the “sacred mysteries” and the connection to the Catholic Eucharist is interesting. No doubt, “incense” and “wine” would have been a heady blend in the original Churches. Yet his theory on psychedelics is a stretch, many of the “woke” generation believe the use if psychedelics in enlightenment is crucial and no doubt the book is aimed, at least partly, at that audience, but for me the insights, history and science is interesting enough. Won’t know unless I read it.

The idea of Stoics getting enlightened through psychedelics, while not impossible seems counter intuiative to me. That they took part in ceremonies of death and re-birth seems very likely.

I’ve a good friend who can’t read. All he has to do is look at a a flower or a tree and it tells him everything.

True story as BP would say,

It’s incredible in what guise our blessings come, when I’m, let’s call it “in the zone”, the connection with nature and the universe is quite incredible… you daren’t describe it to people, they think you are quite daft. It’s an individual thing that many are open to, yet difficult to share.

I’m so happy for your friend.

Hail Hail


Without trying to sound like a cheerleader for the ‘Tic, maybe, just maybe those two injury time goals ARE the upturn we’ve been waiting for. Lenny’s reliance on the same old same old was highlighted pesterday for good and bad. The starting 11 mix up didn’t produce much to write home about and as Bobby pointed out there were no real failures but the catalyst for change was the guys who’ve taken a bit of stick…Christie and Brown, Griffiths for different reasons and Rogic who some people would be glad to see go, Klimala has been a threat but only in certain types of game! Changing half a team in a desperate attempt to get something from the game showed Lenny it’s good to be brave sometimes. But more importantly for me it showed that Celtic should never accept second place and if the players understand that lesson it was a superb victory!


Oglach @ 1:24 pm,

Aye the history of the wild geese is an interesting one. Read a good book about the Battle of Aughrim recently. The Irish were opposed by a combined English, Dutch and Scots force. They, the Irish, only had a small contingent of French troops fighting with them. Allegedly the bloodiest battle ever fought in the British Isles.

My families Clan chieftain is a Spaniard his ancestors having fled to Spain after the failed Clan rebellion of 1608 where we burnt ‘London’ Derry to the ground and slaughtered it’s inhabitants. My own ‘ancestors’ fled to Sligo to escape the wrath of the English and spent a number of years there before ‘quietly’ returning to Donegal. Although that never quenched our ardour for a bit of ‘rebellion’ numerous family members being ‘Rebs’ over the preceding years

Fascinating History CSC

Yes, it must have been carnage, need to read more on the real history of that era.

My son started the ancestery thing a few years back, he got his DNA and was surprised to find a small Spanish element in there, I had to explain the Spanish Irish connection.

Hail Hail


McCaff @ 8:18 am,

There is absolutely no reason not to be a cheerleader for Celtic… in fact I hope I’m asking to borrow your pom poms before too long.

You have always struck me as quite a realist, in an optimistic sense of course, when it comes to Celtic.

There are those who seem blind and those, who for me, seem willfully blind to obvious issues at Celtic Park.

That is always different from supporting the team on the pitch.

You are right though, using quality players and possession to wear a team down and use substitutions to win you the game is of course a viable tactic.

We will give Lenny the benefit of the doubt that it is more judgement than luck as his record speaks for itself.

The real tests lie ahead and there is no doubt we have the squad.

In fact, I’m very happy with where we are in that regard but the window is still open and “the man” may still be behind the curtain, so I’ll keep my powder dry on that until tomorrow;)

Hail Hail




Morning bhoys/ghirls
Another 3 pts in the bag although it is hard to watch.2wk break before the next game,onwards and upwards to the 10.
Score predictor has been updated.
Follow link at bottom of page..

The Gombeen Man


You might find the attached of interest?

The word enlightenment means different things to different people. In a practical sense it’s something that means, to me, dropping the weight of much of our conditioning.

To become ‘lighter’ psychologically and not be so constrained by the ‘weight’ of what we’ve been told.

We don’t seem to see life as it is until we do…Or until an experience of suffering strips down much of what we valued

The internal voice that labels everything, fixes everything, judges everything. Primarily judging and condemning ourselves. Always condemning, looking for a mistake we’ve made.

Does it dawn on us that the collection of thoughts, memories and experiences that we believe constitutes me. We’ve really made up?

The reputation that means so much. How we see things, our personality is really just an entity that we’ve created?

We all seem to accept that if we we born in another part of the world we would be much different. So why be so encumbered by my limited experience?

What happens when that bubble begins to burst? Can we just patiently stick with what’s happening?

Sometimes the things that we see as the biggest obstacles are really doorways to life.

Yesterday’s game didn’t offer an opportunity to forget about things until the 89th minute. The runner’s high, the powerlifter totally focussed on raising the bar are all examples of natural ways to escape the ‘me.’

The fact that we spend so much time creating ‘the me’. The job, house, family, status, traditions, religion, ethics and spend so much time trying to escape ‘the me’, is one of life’s paradoxes.

Meditation/prayer (like food/alcohol/many drugs/exercise) increases the activities of the neurotransmitters. Dopamine is interesting. It’s the pleasure centre in the psyche…Plenty of work has been done on this…

Science is increasingly acknowledging the link between the seen/unseen and the influence of consciousness.

The work of David Bohm and the Implicate/Explicit Order interests me. He worked beside Einstein in Princeton and Oppenheimer in California before settling in London.

He worked with Krishnamurti for years too…All interesting stuff on an International break.

The nature of the Unlimited is unlimited. We just can’t grasp that. But it’s fun and offers a way to literally enlighten our day to day experience (and keep us occupied).

The more we acquire externally and internally.It seems the more blocked we become to reality.

Somebody once talked about ‘rich men and the eye of a needle.’

Maybe my friend who can’t read sees that?

Till later,

Awe Naw

never a red “definitely a booking”

Ossie Ardiles CSC

The Gombeen Man

Great read BMCUWPS,

Do you think the ref would have blown up for a foul on Paddy at if it had still been 0-0?

Something tells me we’d have been taking a Free from outside the box.

Really pleased for Griff & Paddy.

Bizarre results in England too.

I’d better get going the government here have been advised to go to Level 5 Lockdown. Everything but the schools and colleges and essentials etc.


Excellent match summary BMCUW. I reckon you were going through the same emotions as me. I was calm at 80 minutes. Just knew that a winner was coming. That finish from Patryk Klimala, is the type of goal I have seen Robert Lewandowski score often. Maybe Boniek is correct?
Good day for my son, backed Griff first scorer, 2-0. Nice £85 return. He has become a big fan of Patryk Klimala 🇵🇱💪😊

Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite

Klimala was then barged to the ground – The Scotsman

Every single day!

A thing of beauty

At work but keeping an eye on the laxalt move. I think he’s exactly what we’re looking for and more importantly I’ve never known a Uruguayan player that takes any shit. Just what we need against the hammer throwers and refs in our league.


Good morning all from Govanhill.

Awe Naw

The 3 5 2 worked at the end of last season because we had two up front. That made more space available for Ed. Since the start of the season we have been playing 3.6.1.

The 3.6.1 … I´m not buying Christie as the striker malarkey has helped all our opposition this year

Leigh needs to get it sorted and pronto and if we are going to play 3 5 2 then it has to be a 2 not a one and a half pish.

I like the look of Turnbull and I hope that Rogic and he can offer something different from what we have been used to so far this season.

As always I trust Neil Lennon.

Big Audio Dynamite

So, Douglas Ross was running line at Ibrox again yesterday!? Honestly, keep your eye on this, it’s astonishing the amount of their games he does.

He’s basically getting to pick the games he wants to do!

bada bing1



Unique angle from yesterday, I wonder if Red Card Ross,would have flagged and got St J player sent off,shocking tackle.


I see, from The Herald this morning, that Sevco claim to have sold SPFL TV rights in India.

Does anyone know who sanctioned them as an agent to do so and why? What commission are they on and why did all the clubs to whom Rangers owe money and titles, approve of this?

Answers on the back of a Masonic tea towel please!


Afternoon All (i.e. Login)




Have we signed emdy yet?



I like that you mention St J’s approach yesterday.

15 minutes in I thought they will tire and we will dominate, as in constantly have the ball under less pressure , and so it proved.

I didnt think it would go to the wire and had resigned myself to a draw and buckets of post match angst, so when we did score from a pure football goal, my neighbours and further beyond would have been in no doubt about what team I supported.


The Gombeen Man

I’ve posted this before but Gibran was obviously enlightened.

“And a woman spoke, saying, Tell us of Pain.
And he said:
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.
And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;
And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.
And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.
It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.
Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility:
For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,
And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.”

Back on the ground I’ve wondered if Gibran meant the tender hand of The Unseen Fenian. 🙂

Awe Naw


Peter Lawwell has never even had an Indian.

I suppose if it beats throwing leagues away and tugging the forelock when it comes to title stripping anything will now be allowed


Not official yet, but looking good for Diego Laxalt for our problem left wing back position.

A thing of beauty

Reading this Kahlil Gibran stuff and it is amazing the coincidences life throws at you. I was talking to a friend on a totally unrelated matter. She quoted him saying:
Love knows not its depth till the hour of separation.
I’d honestly never heard of him before. Small world.
Really excited about laxalt. Just hoping we get him signed and we don’t get any of Pedro least minute we tried shite.


A left footed, strong tackling, pacy, high endurance, experienced, Uruguyan wing back, who plays in Italy and for Uruguay national team.
What’s not to like?
Like yourself, I am very excited by this boy.
Just get it done Pedro.


ATOB…careful when you use laxalt and shite in the same comment….they look very closely related!!💩💩💩


Is Laxalt gonna be our new Number 2? 🤔🤣🤣🤣


I think they must be forging links with the Wee Agra People

& they can sing “No No Poppadoms, No chapatis to sadden my eye”


Milan News Agency saying Laxalt to Celtic on loan confirmed 🤞
Hope it’s accurate.

A thing of beauty

Garry 352,
Let’s hope so. I’m sure my work are not paying me for watching the internet all day 😂😂


Notice he has never won a winners medal. Hopefully hungry for a few at Celtic.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM,,atob and garry, hope we get this guy looks the real deal,.BTW went to morrisons in speke this morning and got 6 bells scotch pies, lubbly jubbly, i hate calling them scotch pies, when i lived up home it was a mince pie😎


Good afternoon BP.
We always called them Scotch Pies in Glasgow.
A mince pie was what your mammy made for the family, sized like a steak pie, or the ones you got at Christmas, with currants and raisins.

big packy

GARRY your a sassenach 😎.meat pies or mince pies in lanarkshire ask jim, in fact if jim agrees with you, its another barrel of guinness on its way up to dalmuir 😎


Jim is a Lanarkshire bhoy.
I am sure the Glesga bhoys will agree with me 😜

big packy

GARRY OK, the lanarkshire bhoys will agree with me, I hope😎😎


Hiya Lhads, going to have to disagree with both of you! We just called it a Pie. Full stop! It was the default pie. As opposed to Steak pies, pork pies, sausage rolls, bridies etc Later on they came out with curry pies and macaroni pies.

big packy

JIM yes your right, I knew we did not call it a scotch pie😎


Garry, my mother used to make a lovely currant cake. Years later I heard it called ‘a fly’s graveyard’ 🙂 Thank goodness I didn’t hear that as a youngster, it would probably have been enough to put me off it!


We called currant pies, deid fly pie in Partick.
I refused to eat it till my mammy reassured me that it contained nae deid flies. 🤣😂
Great funny childhood memory you just gave me Jim. Thanks 👍

big packy

JIM, my cousin peter was my best man at my wedding in 1980, dont think he had ever been been as far south as lesmahagow ,anyway took him in to liverpool ,it was lunchtime went into the local bakers, what do you want peter i said, he looked at the hot pies and sausage rolls, and said ill have a bridie, peter i said they are not bridies they are pasties, dont care what the english call them im having one, well he took a bite out of it looked at me and said, FFS this has got tatties and carrots in it its feckin horrible, peter i told you it was not a bridie 😎 another true story😎


Let me settle the “pie” debate. Pie is 22 divided by 7. When it “meets” up with a radius and is multiplied by 2, it becomes a circumference pie.

Celtic Math Class

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