t’s only really now from today onward that the season has finally and firmly begun in earnest for many a player and manager.
That window tends to distract the unfocused, uncertainty hovers over every club until the official slamming shut, and today while we will be happy with our business there’s fans out there will be crying into their cornflakes this morning having lost their star for less than what the support deem acceptable.


Although the wished for left sided centre back never arrived we did manage to bag ourselves a player that looks a bit of a coup on paper to be honest.
Diego Laxalt will take over the left flank and replace Greg Taylor no doubt, and I think its fair to say we have got ourselves and upgrade here folks.
The chap certainly wanted to come, always a bonus, plus he was a closet admirer who woulda thunk it.
Lenny will be delighted with this upgrade and soon there’s a good chance we will also.


Fiinally here we are, playing pool assembled (easily the best squad in the land) and now begins the task of getting the best from the options available, exactly what the gaffer gets the big bucks for.


Finally we have replaced KT, if only for a season but I don’t think anyone would mind if it helped deliver the big prize.
This should also allow us to vary play on that wing, perhaps begin swinging it in, something that we seem to have moved away from.
A dangerous left winger may also become double teamed just as we are seeing happen to young Jeremy on the other wing, and the gaps that double press leaves can be exploited by a tuned in team.


Finally we know for certain Odsonne will be with us to spearhead this campaign, something I didn’t think would happen myself so I will give a hat tip to the PLC for strongly resisting the temptation to cash in in order to achieve a bigger goal.
In doing so they gain a little respect.
It’s now up to our main man to motivate himself, and ideally fighting for his position will bring out his best side.


Finally ‘our talisman’ or perhaps ‘our lucky charm’ Leigh Griffiths in back in the Hoops with a wee spring in the step, hopefully desperate to bring unprecedented success to the club and more importantly the fanbase that has accepted he is a flawed character, but he’s our flawed character with one hell of a knack for finding the goal just when we need it.
Having the Griff motivated a during would be fantastic, and a success story considering many though his last transgression the last.
This excites me no end.


Finally we see a transfer strategy that has deviated from the plan to reflect the reality of the situation, that we need ready made players for the here and now, not more punts that one in five could be said to succeed. Our signings have been excellent, the correct age group, most from bigger leagues which intrigues, and some of the correct resume, stature amd character to have a positive hopefully inspirational impact upon the dressing room.
Again hat tip to the PLC.


Finally, we are in the position to go on and find some form now to match the points. I know this has been vexing the support bigtime but a team in transition needs to get to know the sum of its parts ie each others strengths and weaknesses before it can truly gel. I could write an article about how we shouldn’t have faced such changes this year but we are where we are and as such must deal with the reality of the situation.
Putting yourself in Lennys shoes he clearly wanted a new left back with more to his game than Greg but has only just got him, only now can begin the training ground routines which will result in goals later in the season.
Plus now he knows Odsonne is staying for sure, making him one half of a partnership like last season will be very tempting.
Now the departures and arrivals have ceased a settled starting eleven should emerge with specialist subs ie closers such as Sorro and Nir plus goal getters like Leigh and Patrik, maybe even Tam Rogic.


Finally, the team have the chance to show me, you, and the world exactly what they are about with the upcoming derby game and lay down a marker. As a support we are hugely varied in our opinions on the team right now with no one camp able to claim success.
The fact we collect the points keeps the glass half full folk going but each discounted performance leaves the glass half empty Tims with more angst and ammunition.
This derby game offers the chance to firmly nail colours to the mast for we all know we wont be considered truly tested until we face them. This despite dispatching two Euro teams that had many worried and a Hibs team that showed its a good outfit by winning against at the weekend, helped by future Celt Nisbet.
A scrappy draw would be the spoiler though, continuing this purgatory of not knowing what type of team we have under the hood, fearing when the question gets asked we get an answer we don’t want.
The current anxiety levels surrounding the footballing department may be considered irrational by some as we are delivering on paper, but with one big statement win we could replace that anxiety with ecstasy, taking the momentum in this historic title race.
It’s an opportunity we should take advantage of.


Finally, enjoy the rest of your day. By Mahe.

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I sent tomorrow’s article to MAHE about three hours ago. It’s already out of date!


Jim, you’re right, but helps make the choice I believe.


Bobby, I will write a quick article on this event instead for tomorrow, cool?



Can do,certainly can’t ignore this one.


What a shitshow. And how many more now?
Duffy needs isolated and can’t play. A little good news



Another problem is the after-effects of any respiratory virus. It will take longer than two weeks to get over this,no matter how fit the player(s) affected are. Two months is probably optimistic too.

Athletes simply cannot function at anywhere near capacity in the immediate aftermath.


Well legally the squad must quarantine two weeks which puts the derby game off I believe


It’s a massive FUBAR. If Eddy has the virus chances are other squad members as well as staff will have it also, hope this isn’t the case. Thankfully a lot of young healthy individuals are asymptomatic albeit it doesn’t stop them spreading the virus to others.


Irrespective of other players & staff having negative tests don’t they still have to isolate for the mandatory period? If it is just the 1st team squad will the SPFL demand Celtic play against Sevco with a team of youngsters?



I think the regular testing that players get means that the mandatory isolating doesn’t apply to those who test negative. Though I’d certainly prefer a cancellation,if I’m honest.



Hmmm,based on our latest testing schedules. I doubt anyone would have been in for one yesterday or today.


Og, twitter claiming game on without him.


Recall all those on international duty — precautionary measure of course.

Awe Naw

AID PACKAGE Rangers prosecutors were paid £250k by Scottish Government for their botched takeover probe
Douglas Walker
6 Oct 2020, 20:24Updated: 6 Oct 2020, 20:34
THE Scottish Government awarded prosecutors a £250,000 grant for their botched Rangers takeover probe, we can reveal.

The Crown asked for additional funding in the fraud investigation – which it later admitted was “malicious”.

The cash was paid but charges against ex-Gers supremo Charles Green and Duff and Phelps administrators were dropped.

The Crown’s public accounts state £2million was received from Holyrood in the financial year 2014/15 but that wasn’t broken down case by case.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser blasted: “It’s astonishing that the SNP thought they could keep the reason for this funding quiet.

“If so much public money was indeed used for this case, why are we only finding out about it from a newspaper investigating?”

Green, 67, will receive a payout and apology from the Lord Advocate James Wolffe.

Fraud charges over his 2012 takeover were dropped two years later.

The Crown has also admitted Duff and Phelps executives David Whitehouse and Paul Clark should never have been arrested.

They’ve been awarded £600,000 for legal expenses but want a £21m payout

Fellow administrator David Grier’s demanding £2m and £9m from Police Scotland.

Ex-Ibrox owner Craig Whyte was found not guilty of fraud in 2017.

A Crown spokesperson said: “COPFS received additional in-year funding where the costs of casework could not be absorbed within the original budget.

“The costs of individual cases are not separately disclosed.”

A Government spokesperson said: “The allocation of resources within the COPFS budget are for the Lord Advocate in his independent role.”

So if any of you have been following this then this is the SNP Government asserting that Frank Mulholland QC CBE was solely responsible for this prosecution. It´s amazing to me that nobody is asking him why – where did this singularly career ruining decision emanate from ? In his line of work you don’t sign NDA´s you get CBE´s



The whole thing stinks,and has from Day One. Fortunately for the “brains” behind the operation,it is likely to be too embarrassing for the SNP Government to formalise an inquiry into it.

But when you throw the Salmond case into the mix too,it makes me wonder if they are the only two cases?

Margaret McGill

Covid will decide the league
You betchum red rider!
CCE saw him twice
Once in Birmingham UK once in Newark NJ
Both pish
Auldheid “noticed” is measuring

Awe Naw


The CBE was recommended by the SNP government, his predecessor can apologise as it wasn’t on his watch. It´s his job to ONLY apologise without comment for a “malicious” prosecution brought about by the COPFS. It will be the normal stitch up. Credit to them though as they don’t even need to make an attempt to hide it any more. They now know for sure that we are even more reticent to look under the murky bonnet either. From the board to the turnstile

Margaret McGill

Scottish taxes mostly from the hard working classes funding hunnery …… omg…. stands back in amazement



Aye. Typical one party state behaviour. Aided and abetted by the usual suspects.


Covid is seriously ripping through the Whitehouse right now. More cases than New Zealand.
Miller has it now.

Said it before and I’ll say it again, we won’t forget this year in a hurry.



NY Times names sixteen,plus at least another seven that it doesn’t name. Not including military/security personnel.

Margaret McGill

suicide by stupidity hopefully



Auldheid “noticed” is measuring

Quantum Mechanics not being an area that I’ve any expertise in, I had to Google and found the video in this link helpful. in respect observed behaviour changing the behaviour. It also made me laugh. Philosophically but in agreement with what I read in QM and agreed with philosophically nothing has any meaning bar that it is given and that not the beginning of measurement?

It seems you are coming at the subject from a mathematical scientific aspect which you are experienced in and me from the more philosophical perspective. Next time you are over we need to share our thinking.

I remember reading a report from The Templeton Foundation that tries to bring science and theology together, where a number of contributors brought their experience to bear on reality and existence of a God. I loved the conclusion which was they could not arrive at one other than to say that they thought something somewhere was monkeying about with everything.

In the little reading I just read I saw that conclusion being expressed although not in those words in relation to the various experiments exploring the issue.

Food for thought.


This WH is the modern day Lord of the Flies

Margaret McGill

Jokes are the best at explaining things

Heisenberg and Schrodinger are driving one night and they get pulled over. Heisenberg is driving and the cop asks him “Do you know how fast you were going?”

“No, but I know exactly where I am” Heisenberg replies.

The cop says “You were doing 55 in a 35.” Heisenberg throws up his hands and shouts “Great! Now I’m lost!”

The cop thinks this is suspicious and orders him to pop open the trunk. He checks it out and says “Do you know you have a dead cat back here?”

“We do now, asshole!” shouts Schrodinger.

Margaret McGill

Kill the pig!
Kill the pig!


Bollox to the rules!


Wiltshire to Rangers rumour.

bada bing1

Because of the Covid outbreak with french eddy and the possible effect on other Celtic players, Celtic will have to forfeit the game 4-0.
It’s normally 3-0 however rangers were also awarded a penalty

bada bing1

Who thought international, and European games were a good idea right now?