The Not-So-Magnificent Seven



Yesterday seven months exactly since any of us attended Celtic Park to do what many of us have spent most years of our lives doing-turning up and cheering on The Bhoys.


The actual ritual of the day involves so much more for most of us than the mere two hours that we spend in the ground,of course. There’s the social interaction of meeting up with our friends and family beforehand,discussing likely team selections and formations,pointing out that this player or that one is out of form or in need of a rest,or that one or this deserves his chance. And then dissecting the game afterwards of course.



And all done over a pre-match meal or a beer or six. And maybe more afterwards. It’s a day out,an event in itself. And I’ll tell you,I’m missing it-and I only get to about three or four games a year! Heaven knows how the regulars,the fans who rarely miss a game,are coping.


We need our fix! If it was heroin we were addicted to,we would be getting more sympathy and assistance with our addiction!!! Sadly,the situation doesn’t look like changing anytime soon-except possibly for the worse if restrictions are tightened on fans gathering to watch the matches on TV in the pub. This is one for the authorities in government and in the game to sort out between them,I’m certainly not going to use this platform for political point-scoring. MAHE and I both agreed from the start to try to,as much as possible,keep political comments away from the site,and we think it was one of our better ideas.


So what has happened since the day we thrashed St Mirren seven months ago-with their goalkeeper getting my Man of the Match award,btw? Well,Monday saw the culmination of an interesting transfer window,and one which I freely admit to having called incorrectly. I’ve always thought that our modus operandi meant that if a top player gets within two years of the end of his contract and showed no sign of renewing,he would be sold to the highest bidder. It didn’t sit easy with me,but I could understand it as it didn’t make sense to continue to pay wages to a player who wanted to leave,and whose value was on a downward spiral.


We had a number of players during the summer who ticked those boxes,and while I thought it would suicidal to sell them all,I genuinely thought that two of Eddy,Ryan,Kris and Ollie would be out the door.


I have to congratulate the board on this one,as in particularly trying economic conditions they have stood by the manager,the team and the fans. On top of that,they have invested a fair amount in new signings. A £5m goalie,who is first pick for his country,Greece. The Yeti,another £5m and looking like a snip up front and an absolutely lethal finisher on the evidence so far. David Turnbull,at 21yo,perhaps the best midfield prospect in Scotland,who will be a bargain at the £3m paid. Additionally we have three players on loan,the returning Mo who will hopefully stay injury free this time,Shane Duffy as the rock at the back,and Diego Laxalt from Milan. With the exception of David Turnbull,these are all seasoned internationals who have been around the block. No projects,none. Not this year.


To help pay for some of this,we lost a number of players whose contracts weren’t renewed. Craig Gordon,Jonny Hayes,Simo being the most high profile ones,but also the likes of Calvin Miller for instance. We took in a fee for Eboue Kouassi and Benyu amongst others,as well as Jack Aitchison on the last day. Add in some of our younger players going on loan-along with such as Shved and Boli-and overall I think we’ve probably cut the roster by nearly twenty players,certainly a dozen nett anyway,even including our new signings.


Certainly not a bad window then,as I said. But what about on the pitch? Well,let’s not make our reference point that game in March-let’s make it the calendar year. Since the debacle just before the start of this most wretched of years. In Europe,we lost the ones that mattered,then realised that they all matter and won the remaining ones that matter! I have to say that the jury is still out on this one,and it hasn’t helped being rewarded for our presence in Pot One of The Europa League with probably the strongest teams available in each of the remaining three pots. But we can only beat who is in front of us,so it’s a case of shrugging the shoulders and getting on with it.


At least we will be spared the patronising crap from opponents telling everyone that the atmosphere is the best they’ve ever experienced!


Domestically though,we have been peerless. With seventeen wins and two draws from nineteen games. And granted that I was raging at both of those draws,the laws of probability are against winning them all-though we won 25 on the bounce under Martin O’Neill,right enough. We have a delayed semi-final of the cup at the end of the month,which will hopefully set us up for a crack at a fourth successive treble,and while we are clearly in for a hard fight to retain our title this season as we strive for The Ten,we have a good chance to put a nail in the coffin of our opponents in the race in ten days time.


And cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst their most die-hard fans,and that’s the SMSM and the MIBs.


Of course,we have a few injury problems to contend with,as Jamesie will be out till mid-November and The Yeti might not be back till around then either. And the news about Eddie on Tuesday night and Ryan yesterday are tough blows too. But we are in a good place comparatively and all we have to do is to play to our abilities. and keep the eyes on the prize. So,a not so magnificent seven perhaps,as we are still locked out. But a very good nine,with hopefully a wonderful eight in front of us,perhaps even pulling off a fifth successive treble.


Aye,that would do nicely.


Above article by BMCUWP. If you have something to say,say it here. We will put it up as Article of the Day. Mail it to MAHE

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I hope you are right about 5 trebles in a row that would be some record
I know you said no politics but Ms Harris gave a very good account of herself in the American debate tonight
The next Dem ticket with her and Michelle Obama would work for me ,not likely but a great team to get America back on a solid footing on the world stage. And a refreshing change to listening to old men

Noel Skytrot

I think we’ve had a good transfer window, particularly in terms of the players retained. Does anyone know why Shved who is a good player never got a chance to highlight his footballing skills? I scratch my head at that one!!


Morning All (Login)



Good Morning all. Fair summary of where we are at Bobby. I confess, though, that you lost me a tad with:

“So,a not so magnificent seven perhaps,as we are still locked out. But a very good nine,with hopefully a wonderful eight in front of us…”

Gie’s a clue, please – ta. 🤔🤣




Very interesting wander round the first quarter of a season with no fans. You must feel for those who are missing their days at Celtic Park, you can’t envisage a change any time soon.

It has been a very welcome change in our transfer m.o., so much so that I believe big Pedro was asked to do his job as CEO and left the squad management to Nick Hammond and Lenny, as I’ve said this window had DD’s fingerprints all over it… it was an insightful interview he gave to The Athletic.

Mahe @ October 6, 2020 9:32 pm


“We must now become better than the some of our parts and quickly.

It was a situation I feared, this policy of being just better than Rangers, comforted by the “fact” we can out muscle an improving Rangers financially at any time, was flawed in my book”

I’m not sure the first part is true, merely becoming the sum of our parts should be enough if we are essentially still neck and neck after a quarter without hitting stride.
I don’t know or read enough of our rivals to know if they are also in first gear, have found second gear, or are considered to be performing at a maximum level, perhaps you could help there?

On the second part, if you put aside any rights and wrongs, and your job is to fashion a rivalry with a team you could be much stronger than, then what we have seen in staying ahead but within touching distance of them makes perfect business sense.
But that’s business not football, for in business that 40m would be shared out as profit with a pat on back.
And the fans can’t be told directly your modus operandus.
So how do you sell it to the support?

We got a continuous barrage of soundbites that made many a head nod and say aye that makes sense at first but over time they just could not stand up to scrutiny.

Hard to get the players we want but strengthen in January.
January’s a hard market as no one will let them go but we will have a good summer.
That’s the market we shop in, very hit or miss.
Every penny goes back in.
Couldn’t afford Martin.
The Resolutioners are happy.
Never seen the 5 way.
Plus many more.

I wonder how many now would simply accept these soundbites, even if proven crap, to be part and parcel of Peters job, selling the club, league and Old Firm, trying to keep all the fans onside milking it to the maximum?
And how many think that’s not Celtic class?

Apologies for the delay in getting back, you make some very interesting points so well worth a response.

Firstly better than the some of our parts refers of course to Celtic pulling together as a team, we have seen very little evidence of this so far this season and with much harder challenges, starting as soon as the international break is over, we will need to see this.

We had a good window that’s for sure, we had a good core of players at the beginning of the season, but let’s face it, outside OE and we don’t have top quality players. We are going to achieve little as a disparate collection of “good” players, especially if they are playing below their recognised level.

On the second part, this is a huge issue for me, yet most Celtic supporters don’t seem in the least concerned.

I remember way back in the seventies the Tories talking about “the unacceptable face of capitalism”. Of course this no longer exists – business is a-moral, as long as you stay within the law and the framework, if not the spirit of the rules and regulations of your business, anything goes.

Ruthlessness, deception and indolence once seen as undesirable traits are now glorified as strengths in the business world.

You would think that in sport in general and Celtic in particular that our executives would march to the beat of a different drum. It is not the case, your far from exhaustive list proves that, fooling the Celtic support to enrich themselves. Or as you suggest are Celtic supporters content that this is the world we find ourselves in, that we may have a ruthless, callous bastard but at least he’s our ruthless, callous bastard.

The fact is the evidence is overwhelming that we are dealing not only the most callous of businessman at Celtic but those who involve themselves in the black arts, as Brendan Rodgers found to his cost. Far from Celtic class in my book.

Auldheid a little time back asked what is the point? What is the purpose? [of Celtic], a glimmer of light has appeared in this transfer window, we can only hope real change is afoot and our fellow Celtic fans are on the deludemol and not accepting of our decade of corruption.

Hail Hail



The not-so-magnificent seven is the seven months we’ve not been allowed in. The very good nine is the nine months domestically unbeaten this year. The wonderful eight to look forward to between now and the end of May could bring us The Ten,a fourth treble and then a fifth.

Big Audio Dynamite

The brilliant Bonny “Prince” Billy – I See A Darkness



FGS I wish I hadn’t asked now…🤣🤔

Thanks for the clarification, I think.




You should be grateful,oul’ son-I hadn’t quite thought that through.

I managed to mention four,five seven,eight,nine and ten. If I’d thought about it,I could have drawn more attention to our six new signings too for a running flush!

Hi all & Packy.

My god the transfer window has just closed and already we have a prediction from Noel Whelan that Celtic will try to sign Snodgrass in January.

give us a break for a few months!


Just got an e-mail from a pal,who admittedly I usually only see at the hootenannies though we keep in regular touch,asking if the following was a dig at PAUL67 on CQN?
“This is one for the authorities in government and in the game to sort out between them,I’m certainly not going to use this platform for political point-scoring. MAHE and I both agreed from the start to try to,as much as possible,keep political comments away from the site,and we think it was one of our better ideas.”
Somewhat puzzled,I mailed him back,and he explained. So for the avoidance of doubt-No,it wasn’t. I was as guilty as any when I was on CQN for replying to political comments,but we just decided to try to avoid that on here. Even if some get through because,of course,it’s not easy to avoid the subject entirely,particularly not nowadays.



Noel Whelan? The MSM are scraping the bottom of the barrel now…

bada bing1

Breaking News: Alfredo Morelos is reported to have NOBID- 17/18 18/19 19/20




bada bing1

Who ever thought opening up Universities was a good idea, should be strung up

The Open University is world class at distance learning. The traditional Unis could take a leaf from their book where possible.



There is nothing wrong with a bit of the oul political discourse, I’d go as far and say that most would probably enjoy it. However, imho, CQN allowed a few very loud vocal supporters of one political view hijack the entire debate ,and again imo, some were very obvious plants spouting a political dogma. Those challenging their ideas or those who had the temerity to point out the faults in their arguments were called a lot of ‘naughty’ things and of course verbal retaliation soon followed and bedlam ensued and CQN has been diminished as a consequence. A few moderators would have soon sorted that out, why it was allowed to continue so long is a mystery.
I have seen nothing like that vitriol on SC. Most here, if not all, may disagree with an individuals stance but its done in a reasoned polite manner and very very rarely does name calling come into play, something both Mahe and yourself as well as the contributors should be very proud of.

I think it would be nigh impossible not to involve politics on any issue worth discussing given the current flux the world is in and that includes our own wee footballing world.




Couldn’t agree more and I think most of the posters here agree also. Everyone has utilised the site for its intended purpose,and that’s why we’ve not had to delete posts purely for being political.


Chairbhoy you rascal.
Although much to do I just cant leave you hangin 😉

On the second part, take for instance every penny back goes back in.
After a while it was shown to be crap, but then the message dropped was aye that was then the business model changed.

I could make other examples but essentially many of the support will do mental cartwheels to justify their acceptance and continual coughing up, which is what its all about.
I mean grab a Tim right now and say both OF boards have cheated what are you gonna do about it, most will say nothing.
My theory was that going to the game with your pals and family etc and then living the ups and downs of the national sport gave a sense of purpose to many a life, offers legal quality time with the people you care about, and in general was something to do and talk about which everyone needs.
So the positivity felt by attendance and experiencing first hand negated the off field negatives such as no FFP and bent refs.
For many a year this was the accepted status quo, and folk were in general happy with this.
If a few porkies were told then ah well, we got to see the games and the highs and lows will be talked about from here to heaven come.
If the new Rangers needed to be the old one for the show to go on then so be it, just keep the show rolling because the alternative is too bad to contemplate.

This has been blasted away by Covid.
When the VST was first put up for sale the guys of the whatsapp group paid no worries and the phrase Celtic must be protected was typed a lot, so it figured in a lot of decisions clearly.
Nothing wrong with the above although I would point out a custodian accepted the job and recompense to protect so it shouldn’t fall on the average mans shoulders.
However Im not so sure all of that group will fork out again at max price if attendance is seen as improbable.
I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to work out there wont be support in that number again, and chances were the renewals would taper off a bit seeing as the quest for ten will be concluded.

So what we will have (if this current situation continues)is a fanbase that accepted the flaws within not only the set up but their own club to keep the show rolling because the joys of attendance and all the pleasures it can entail lights up many a life,,but yet that attendance is taken away from them.
What do they do then?
Without on pitch affairs to focus on will off field affairs become the focus?
It sadly looks like that is a no.
Auldheid asks what is Celtic and what is it for?
Its entertainment for ‘the locals’ and a bond with home for the expats in my humble opinion.

However as much as I portray the support as passive, I do believe there are lines which if crossed would force them to act. Cheating per se as we know is not one of those lines.
Forcing through a move to England may well just tip the fans hand.
At a time when most of the nation wishes to sever the ties with them, one certain moustache seems to believe the support will fall down on their knees for the EPL greatest league in the world gold.
I dont think they will and I believe if polled the support would opt to stay in Alba for the meanwhile. Dermot is counting some very big chickens trying to push that move through, an ‘oven ready package complete with world famous derby’.
The support are very fractured , probably on purpose, and have shown an unwillingness to rock the boat, but Engerland may just be a bridge too far.

It was clear that post the ten campaign was going to be interesting as it should herald natural change, but it takes on even more significance in that we now know league change is desired and possibly on the table. Keep an eye on the football pyramid down south for when it starts to collapse we will enter that gap. DD will bankroll us next year if need be to wait on that happening.
If the support dont want that, best tell him that now.

Interesting times. Hail Hail


Scotland’s under 19s friendly game against England was abandoned half way through the game as Scotland under 19 coach Billy Stark was informed that he had tested positive for Covid 19.

You really couldn’t make this sh*t up. An absolute farce. All international games, at any level, should be called off immediately.

PS. Should have added – all the best to Billy.




And best wishes to Billy,hunskelper! A decade late in joining us,but better late than never.

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Naibalance, looks like a scene from the Man With 2 Brains



Naibalance, looks like a scene from the Man With 2 Brain cells.
Fixed that for you.

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O’Donnell without a club after leaving Kilmarnock, a couple of weeks ago got a 3 month contract with Motherwell, playing RB for Scotland ffs

bada bing1

El Hamed MOTM from left back

Noel Skytrot

Scotland are dire but its good to see all of the Celtic players doing well for both teams.


I hate international shutdowns. Bore the nipples off me.


Still,could be worse-I could be actually watching the game. Nae goals,nae fitba’.


I’d sign the 2 Israeli full backs. 🙂


One shot on target in 120 minutes. I feel for anyone who sat through it.

bada bing1

I thought the look at me referee was ridiculous at the penalties

Puff puff

The walls have big green ears .