Beggar Thy Neighbour



In the middle of a health and economic crisis of unprecedented dimensions for the country,it’s always nice to know that we are all in this together. Of course,the on-field rivalry is undiminished no matter which neck of the woods you are playing in and the fight for three points is every much as intense as it has ever been,but there has been something of a coming together throughout the game,a consensus that for it to survive we need to look out for each other.


Or so those of us with our rose-tinted glasses thought. That utopian fantasy was blown out of the water yesterday by the revelation that two of the biggest clubs in The English Premier League are already drawing up plans to force through changes to the structure,and none of it is designed with any thought for anyone other than themselves and the other big teams. Their plan is to reduce the EPL from twenty teams to eighteen,a move which will beggar the teams denied promotion in the year that it is pushed through. In fact,their plan envisages worse than that-because they propose to maintain the lower three divisions at 24 teams each.


That means the domino effect of two of the minnows at the bottom of the fourth tier being forced out of the league altogether. But it isn’t their problem,they can shrug their shoulders in the time-honoured “I’m alright,Jack” or CGAF,as we say nowadays. They also propose to scrap The League Cup. Worse,they want to drop the Community Shield,presumably because they can’t be bothered with it as the proceeds largely go to charity. Not their problem. CGAF again.


So what’s in it for them? Well,they won’t be reducing the price of their season tickets to reflect the loss of two home games,that’s for sure. And they’ll still be expecting the TV companies to pony up as before. But the four matchdays being dropped from the calendar,as well as a few free midweeks from dropping The League Cup,means less stress and strain being put on already overworked and overplayed footballers,so that’s a good thing isn’t it?


Well,it would be if that was their plan. But of course it isn’t. Not at all. The football calendar will still be every bit as crammed full of matches as it ever was-because part of the great plan is to fill the gaps with more and more European matches,a highly lucrative source of income for the teams at the top of the pile. So of course it comes as little surprise that the two clubs who are jointly behind this proposal are indeed members of the elite,the clubs with most to gain. They don’t give a XXXX for the two did teams who are dropping out of the league completely,and they certainly don’t care for the future of the two clubs condemned to the EFL Championship instead of getting a shot at the filthy lucre up for grabs in the EPL.


At the moment,only Liverpool and Manchester United have put their names to this proposal. And they should hang their heads in shame for doing so. But others will be quick to sign up to it,you can be assured of that. There are football clubs the length and breadth of the country who are looking at business plans and wondering how to survive until the fans can make their reappearance,clubs in The EPL who can only dream of European income,and teams in the lower leagues that can only dream of the EPL. But of course,that will not be of any concern to the giants,even those who have been in those lower leagues in my lifetime. And that’s nearly all of them,bar Arsenal,Liverpool and Everton.


This isn’t a blueprint for the future of the game,don’t be fooled for one minute. They don’t care about the future of the game. Their only concern is to preserve the closed shop that they operate in,and in fact to make it even less inclusive than it is now. It is about getting and keeping as much of the crock of gold as possible for themselves. And there’s the thing-it’s not that they have subverted The Beautiful Game because of a crock of gold. It’s taking a further step away from everything that football fans love about the game,and driven entirely by greed.


They have turned The Beautiful Game into a crock of shit. The greedy selfish basterts who run the game now deserve each other.


Above article by BMCUWP. Still a few days of the international break for you all to send us an article. Mail it to MAHE

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big packy

BOBBY, great article, as you know im in the middle of the big two, 19 miles from old trafford, 17 miles from anfield,., would not watch them if they were playing in my back garden, if the terraced houses were not there across from anfield, you could see across to birkenhead, do liverpool care about tranmere rovers, not on your nelly, same at old trafford, stockport county around the corner do they care about them,,ditto.


Morning Bobby. Thanks for your article.
Man U and Liverpool proposal is exactly why I don’t want Celtic anywhere near that league. Total greedy bastards. I’d rather see a genuine community club than a corporate behemoth.
Our club’s greatest victory is that it has thrived in a hostile environment to become a major cultural icon for the Irish diaspora in Scotland and around the world. This status is not to be monetised by the TV networks. It’s not the board’s to sell.
If the SFA had any balls and a bit of vision, now is the time to reset the game. Reduce the no of senior clubs, have a 30 game league season. Of course, the success of any system adopted depends on trust between the clubs, which is non existent; the legal shenanigans recently proved that.
When the triple whammy of Covid, Brexit and Govt incompetence hits over the coming winter, football clubs will fold. Fans will be skint and unable to bail them out.
Most folk will have too much to deal with to bother about football.
Sorry to be a Jeremiah, but that’s how I see it.

bada bing1

El Hamed feeling unwell, getting tested today,So what happens if he tests negative? Like Christie has?



I definitely don’t have any confidence in Holyrood bailing the game out up here. They have shown no inclination whatsoever to do so thus far,and I don’t see that changing. If anything,there seems a positive glee at the travails that the game is going through at the moment.

Maybe they’re still pissed off at being forced to overturn the OBaF Act,only explanation I can think of.



While I’m appalled at the lack of urgency from government to ensure that as much of the game as possible survives,it’s difficult to criticise them when the big clubs themselves clearly CGAF for anyone except themselves. Frankly the FA should have both clubs and Rick Parry on a disrepute charge for even suggesting this course of action.


David Conn in The Guardian is suggesting that the idea deserves further investigation at the very least,but Martin Samuel is scathing about it.



That will be four absentees from the team,simple as that. They will be classed the same way as injuries and suspensions are classed,just your Donald Duck that they happen at the same time. There’s nothing that we can do about it except hope that they are the only ones,and certainly no point in hoping for a postponement.

Apart from Anthony Ralston,I can’t think of another right back in the squad,especially as Frimpers will be further up the field. And I think we are struggling for a centre half if we lose one of Jullien,Ajer or Duffy.

bada bing1



Parts 2 and 3 should be on your sidebar.


And yet there are some ‘Celtic’ supporters who still advocate our joining the EPL (Should the opportunity arise). I’d rather we did a Belfast Celtic and retired with honour than sell what ever is left of our heritage and souls to join English ‘elite tier’ football.



It’s a conundrum,mate. I’d love to get out of Scotland,away from the masonic cabal who wreck the game for their own ends. Watch the standard of refereeing on Saturday as an example,the huns will be hitting our back three with flying elbows and seriously kicking lumps out of them as we don’t have cover there.

But EPL? Not for me. The game in England is all about money and mind thyself,the most self-interested sports league anywhere. I’d take a European league,maybe,otherwise we will just have to hope that someone at our club finally takes a stand against the thuggery and different application of refereeing standards up here.

Not really holding my breath for it,mind…



At this rate,Kenny’s gonna have to do his team talks via Zoom.

The Gombeen Man


Hopefully they’ll call it and get Shane back. They play Finland on Wednesday, so he won’t be back until Thursday.

Not sure if there’s been any further developments in the last couple of hours?

John Kennedy at CH? Neil in midfield?


I called the American Man U/ Liverpool plan The HarlemGlobetrotterisation of football on Twitter in response to ex SPL CEO Roger Mitchell’s support of the agenda.

Video Celts spotted the exchange which Roger left abruptly so with apologies for the adverts if you want to follow the discussion look at

The Harlem Globetrotters were an Amercan basketball team who Hoovered up the best of basketball talent and took it around the world playing regular teams for entertainment.

Great entertainment it was too with Meadowlark Lemon the Messi of the day but funnier, but it wasnt sport.



Good stuff,mucker. I loved The Harlem Globetrotters when I was a kid,but it ruined my enjoyment of basketball forever. As you say,it wasn’t a sport,in the same way that WWE isn’t a sport.

We’ve long said that football will eat itself,and this latest idea is just the latest step in a long road which probably began when the English League decided to scrap gate-sharing. While I could understand it to a certain extent-why should a club who invests in its stadium have to give away half of their income to clubs who don’t?-it would have made more sense for a 75 or 80% split for the home team.

Then as now,the big clubs ignored that there are 22 players on the pitch,and only half of them are theirs.

This won’t end until there are two European leagues of 18 or 20,mainly from the bigger countries,with a token smattering from smaller countries simply to hoover up TV money from there too. Me,I’d say leave them to it-ask BT how their viewing figures for European games are holding up over the last five years or so.

Because they aren’t. And people would soon lose interest in that Utopia of a European league too. Then where do they go?


Football doesn’t know if its a sport, a business, or entertainment.
Certainly moving away from the sporting aspect, with dominant entities sharing the spoils.

Fan’s are looking for different things from the game just like life.
Just being entertained may not be enough for some who wish for a level playing field with enforced rules and regulations.

Football clubs are asked to act in good faith to one another by their governing body, however no one ever thought you ask them to act with the same good faith towards the supporters.

The real stakeholders of the game must accept the decisions of others, however poor they may be, and with every such act a little of the beauty from the beautiful game disappears.

One day they will realise where the game is, is not where it should be. Just like the planet.
And they will slink off rich to let someone else deal with the mess.
Just like the planet.

Hail Hail

bada bing1

El Hamed confirmed as having Covid19

bada bing1

RB Salzburg got 3 positive and allowed to recall all international players



So that’s us with three positives and another in isolation,no word yet who the latest Irish player to test positive is,and another ten or so on continuing international duty?

Bloody hell…


I notice too that the SFA have used the classic Scottish get-out of Not Proven in the disciplinary case against Gerrard for his comments about Clancy. Presumably they didn’t fancy their other mainstay of Balance of Probability.


The SFA have had to get a £5 Million pound business interruption loan from the government as they’re skint ..

bada bing1
bada bing1

Seems Arsenal are saying KT had Covid in August….

A thing of beauty

Good article bmcuwp. I hate the daily mail but martin Samuel is a speed journalist. I agree wit’s his take on it and rest assured there will be a personal sweetener for Parry to sell the lower league clubs down the river.
This is getting silly now. We will be lucky to have any players left at this rate. Disgusting from fifa to play these stupid games. We will have to accept it and if by some miracle we manage to win I will regard it as the single biggest result in my lifetime. Bar none.

Puff puff

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Dinner smells wonderful .


No sprouts?
Not a proper dinner then 😉

bada bing1

NL’s team selection, and especially the use of the 5 subs will be vital now on Saturday


Great article Bobby

The rich only looking after themselves as usual… trouble is they carry a lot of sway with the majority of EPL clubs… most would agree to the abolition of the League Cup (most play their kids in any case) and as you state… no financial gain for winning Charity Shield…

If this was Scotland … I’m pretty sure Celtic PLC would be inclined to ignore the League Cup to allow less games particularly with number of European fixtures (domestic and International)…

Regarding Slippy Gerrard, what a surprise… NOT… SFA a shower of cunts, nothing new

Covid … really disappointing that we lose Christie for Saturday’s game when he’s tested negative… feel for the Israeli lads… as usual, Celtic with more International players are affected the most…

I hope we put the knuckledragging bastards to the sword come Saturday… beating them whilst losing some of our better players (so far this season) would be a huge blow to their egos and the SMSM will have a meltdown…

Hope everyone keeps safe and well during this testing time


Puff puff

Smoked salmon on French , light garlic toast
Brussel sprouts
Carrots and swede
Yorkshire pudding
Cranberry juice
Roasted parsnips
Spicy sweet potatoes
Stuffing and gravy
Mashed potatoes
Turkey .

Lots of red and white wine
Pumpkin pie
Freshly picked raspberries



Ive only been at one Thanksgiving,London in the early 90s. I was seeing a girl from Minneapolis and we got an invite to dinner at her friend’s place. Four of us including the friend’s husband,and enough food to feed The 5000!

This is me…



They aren’t even trying to pretend it’s a sport anymore.Rack up the income and watch more follow,that’s their entire raison d’etre.

Puff puff

Yes it’s a bit over the top Bobby
my girl has been up since 5am preparing food
but my 2 bhoys and girlfriends will do some damage ..
A great day to all be together and talk about life
really .



I’m sure you’ll all have a ball,mate. I couldn’t quite,not that day,as I had only the night before sweated out a dose of flu. Battered my appetite,which was a shame as I really love my grub.

Big Audio Dynamite

If we didn’t already know football is a farce we know now. If I was an international football player, I’d retire immediately and head straight home to my family …wouldn’t you? Mmmm!

Puff puff

I know the feeling Bobby gone of those stores to . McCaff was invited so that was the other reason we got so much grub …that bhoy can eat and drink btw .

Big Audio Dynamite

And FIFA going ahead with these games all over the world, putting 000s(?) of lives at risk? if you were in charge of International football what would you do right now? Exactly! None of this makes even a lick of sense. We are to believe that they don’t mind putting all these people at risk, and even after some have tested positive they are still going ahead? Honestly, stop the world, I want to get off.

A thing of beauty

From yesterday. You’re right about sky and the difficulty in selling the EPL nowadays. I have had sky since 2000 and used to watch all the football I possibly could. Now? I watch very few games and certainly do not waste my time on Crystal Palace v Burnley etc. I said to mahe that turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. I think with this new deal we are about to see turkeys turn into sheep and do as their told. I still don’t see that they would invite Celtic to the party though. I just don’t see how it works for them. We’d be a threat within 5 years and they won’t want that.



It’s not so long ago that the troops and I would make sure we had a good seat for a Saturday lunchtime or evening game,and they would do the same for midweek games too.

Couldn’t tell you the last time we bothered,unless Celtic were on. When pubs are scrapping their subscriptions it means that we aren’t the only ones.

Think about it-one pub in Kilwinning with Sky,and Swindon is rapidly heading down the same route.


Do the indigenous people of North America celebrate thanksgiving? 🤨

Puff puff

Oglach .. cant talk for all but they do around here .


That’s an interesting lead BMCUWPs, it seems that there are those that are maneouvering to take positions in the FAPL. Man City the other day, Liverpool and Man U in the American alliance as Auldheid points out.

At this stage there will be more heat than light generated so how the cards will fall is anyones guess.

One things for certain, if there are any morsels falling from the PL table that Celtic PLC can get on the end of, they will be straight in there. It could be a pivotal season.

I haven’t seen much discussion of it here but the CSA have issued a statement.

An open letter to Ian Maxwell and the SFA !!!

PostMon Oct 12, 2020 12:11 pm

My plan for today was to write once again to SFA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell, but since Mr Maxwell doesn’t answer my emails I won’t waste my time. People like Maxwell and Rod Petrie think they are above the everyday football supporter, that’s always been the case in my time, they think the ordinary everyday football supporter is here to provide them with a comfy chair, both at Hampden Park, and while flying all over the world, and all the trappings of grandeur they think goes with their positions within Scottish Football.

I would like to ask Mr Maxwell why he has sat back and let FIFA/UEFA dictate to professional clubs that they need to let their players fly all around the world during a pandemic which has killed over one million people so far. Obviously the most successful clubs provide the most of these players, and therefore are most at risk, and that club in Scotland is undoubtedly Glasgow Celtic FC. We have now lost the services of at least three first pick players for Sunday’s Glasgow Derby, and we still have Wednesday night’s games to contend with.

The players involved health comes first, that goes without saying, and that should always be the case. So why should we increase the chances of them catching the virus by letting them meet up with teammates from all over the world? Celtic have stated quite clearly that they have tested our players over 2,000 times without having one positive case, so when our players leave the relative safety of Lennoxtown, we end up with a massive problem, and none of it our own doing.

The SFA/SPFL have lost the confidence of Scottish Football Supporters, that’s if they ever had the confidence. You Mr Maxwell, and your colleagues have sat back in your comfy seat and did absolutely nothing to aid the clubs in Scotland, well maybe with the exception of one club, the newest one in the SPL. The silence coming out of Hampden is deafening, there were teams playing all over Europe last night with supporters in attendance, have you put any pressure on the Scottish Government to have fans inside stadiums in Scotland?

I’ll make one last point Mr Maxwell, and it’s got nothing to do with the pandemic, although it seems like a virus. In this historic season when Glasgow Celtic are attempting to write even more history by winning Ten in a Row, it seems that every attempt will be taken by the SFA/SPFL to stop us doing that. The appointment of John Beaton as referee is a complete slap in the face to Celtic and our supporters. Beaton does not even try to hide where his allegiances lie. The last time he officiated at a Glasgow Derby, he had a shameful display of bias against one team, and after that match, he received the full backing of the SFA.

Mr Maxwell, you and your Brethren can try all you like, but you will not succeed in your quest of stopping Ten in a Row.

At first reading I was wondering what is more embarassing, the format, the content or the tone… after re-reading, definitely the tone, it sounds like the ravings of an organisation that want to ingratiate themselves to the most crass of Celtic supporters and does not care how unprofessional they look.

However the content is without doubt the worst aspect, even if it’s less embarassing than the tone, it is unashamed, uninformed cliche. Whose self contradictory gibberish is devoid of actuality, structure and fact.

In one breathe castigating the the SFA for taking too little action in the face of a pandemic “which has killed over one million people so far.” In the other insisting the SFA should be pushing supporters into stadiums. How pushing supporters to attend the contagion cauldrons, that the SPL Stadiums would become alleviates this pandemic is beyond logic.

Moaning about the referees and the SFA assisting Rangers. Seriously, how petty, small minded and defensive does that sound.

When the policy of Celtic being miles ahead of all Scottish competition, making the referees an irrelevence, changed to downsizing, where were the CSA?

When the SFA, SPL, SFL, Celtic et al were ensuring there was a continuity Rangers to take the place of the Rangers that went burst where were the CSA?

When reform was on the cards and changes needed to be demanded of the SPFL during the votes to end the season, where were the CSA?

To use bigotted terms like “Brethern” is quite simply reprehensible for an organisation who claims to represent the “all inclusive” Celtic support.

Having long been accused of bedwetting in relation to Celtic it seems strange to see so many forthright Celtic supporters and Board apologists laying out their green and white kylie sheets.

Hail Hail



I read it earlier,and had similar thoughts to your own. Who am I to judge,I’ve put some right tosh onto public forums for years!

However,your questions re “where were the CSA” can all be answered fairly simply. It is a breach of their Articles of Association to be critical of the club.


BMCUWPs @ 11:10 pm,

Having read a lot of your tosh down the seasons:)))

And not been short of the odd invective and vitriolic comment or remark myself down the ages I can see where you are coming from.

However I’d be amazed if you ever had done so in a professional capacity and I certainly haven’t.

I also think it is quite possible to criticise, indeed maybe necessary to, without being overly judgemental.

It is interesting that the CSA has that stipulated in it’s articles of association, though I’m not surprised, I knew that traditionally Celtic “owned” the offical CSCs.

From my perspective that makes this “open letter” all the poorer. The CSA seem to be in the most brittle of glasshouses. Using a rebel rousing, old firm monologue and claiming to include the ordinary “Scottish Football Supporter” is quite frankly delusional.

Scottish Football supporters in my experience have little time for the myopic old firm fan and their bigotted ways.

Hail Hail



The problem the CSA has, and the reason why Maxwell does not respond, is that the SFA are not accountable to the CSA. They are accountable though to Celtic and its other members.

Celtic are accountable to their shareholders and the process for doing that is to place resolutions at the AGM. Even if they get outvoted and with 10 significant shareholders holding 75% of the shares and the balance of around 1800 to 2000 small shareholders holding the rest, a resolution that the 10 do not want passed will not pass.

However in the process of placing a resolution, the case supporting it has to be articulated and Celtic have to respond, which is accountability, particularly if past responses can be shown to have been disingenuous at best.

That is why persisting with Res12 is important, to show shareholders and supporters alike that they can get answers if they are organised (and persistent).

To be fair to both CSA and CST I am unsure if making Celtic accountable is their raison d’etre , in which case an organisation with that specific aim needs to be established.

Social media enables that to be done with a small but dedicated resource, the latest resolution that Phil McGiolla Bhian announced proves that even in the midst of lock down and a pandemic it is possible to set out a case, garner support and turn that into over 100 printed requests that Celtic cannot ignore. Those requests were lodged on 8th September. Their receipt was acknowledged and Celtic are checking their bona fides with the Registrar and will respond at some point ahead of AGM if in fact one takes place and I understand it is not written in stone that it will have to be in November as it has in the past.

Once the weekend’s game is out of the way and the hoo ha dies down more can be said about the new resolution itself and the lessons learned in the pursuit of Res 12 and what needs to be done to create a Celtic Supporter group whose sole aim is to bring Celtic to account. Do that and the SFA will follow.

Accountability, accountability, accountability! Res12 was always about that, which is why the SFA and Regan tried to portray Res12 as “old firm” rivalry. The last things these guys, who have run out of money requiring a loan as an advance on UEFA money to continue to operate, want is accountability – as do Celtic.

Margaret McGill

Celtic to the EPL is the end of the huns and their cheating ways.
\Same reason HRMC caught on by 2012
10iar is the end of their 150 year Scottish venture also.
Not happening
Meet me Jesus…..where I can die easy